Sex appeal round assed chick widens long legs wide open and feels how fat dick of pal begins enterin

Sex appeal round assed chick widens long legs wide open and feels how fat dick of pal begins enterin
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The walk' continued. 'I will ring you soon' I said, and pecked him on the cheek, then he turned and quickly kissed me on the lips, 'naughty' I said, but leaned forward and kissed him back, just a peck, then a bit more. I moaned softly and pulled away, 'next time' I said, 'I'm not a first date kind of girl' We both giggled this time. 'bye' I said 'call you soon' and walked towards the car park, looked back and waved and headed off, feeling slightly lonely now, but aroused and excited?

Now the story continues……………&hellip. Walking back to the car I felt like a bit of a dumbass, here I was, out dressed as a girl, on my own.


'yup, on your own, asking for it in the middle of a forest, just asking for it' the voice in my head reminded me, 'could have been raped or worse, dumbass bitch' the voice added, just to be sure I got the message. Ok, I have done it plenty of times before, never been 'read', or at least no one had said anything…………but…maybe…&hellip.its what I wanted.


Maybe I wanted to be 'caught' or worse. 'well, you sure are going about it the right way' said the voice again…………&hellip. Skip forwards one very boring week at work, and I mean boring.

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Dull, whining customers, time dragging, Trying to sort tax returns, car mot, the list of crap goes on……yup, boring. I couldn't stop thinking about last Sunday, a) how stupid I perhaps was, and b) the guy. The guy who was actually quite nice, ok very nice, ok and yes he has a nice dog, and thankfully he didn't rape me, 'despite your best effort' said the voice (of reason?) in my head.


So, do I phone him? If so, then what?

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A proper date………hmm, maybe a meet again on the chase (the local forest as last week), or I could invite him round……………………&hellip. Ok, so thinking about him got me excited, well my peeny (one of my ex girlfiends nicknamed my cock this, as she said it wasn't quite big enough to be called a penis) was stiff when I thought about what might have happened or might happen yet, the condition of my panties ranging from sticky to quite damp with those thoughts.

Also stretching my hole with my new dildo whilst imagining may have helped too, I found myself wondering how his cock would feel in me, how it would feel in my mouth, what would his cum taste like…&hellip.mmm, I shivered, aroused, sticky panties again.

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'Hi, is that Ashley?' 'Hi, yes, is that Charlotte?' he replied, 'hiya, yes its me, thought I'd better ring you' I giggled, 'just in case you thought I'd forgot' I added 'I was beginning to think you may not want to see me again' he said, pretending to sound hurt.

'just been busy' I replied, in more ways than one too, I thought. 'do you want to meet up again?' he asked, 'maybe same place?' 'ok, sounds good' I said, '2 o'clock, in the bottom car park' 'cool, I'll be in a blue merc' and he gave me the reg 'see you then Ash' 'see you Sunday' he said and hung up Saturday evening would have dragged, but I had work to do. Long hot bath, shaved my legs and all the other necessary parts, silky smooth, my peeny looks so cute when im all smooth I think, applied my favourite belle d'opium body lotion, and selected what to wear.


Brown boots again, but my gorgeous new Italian leather ones with a slightly higher heel, but still sensible (ish) for walking, black skinny jeans, and my cream cowl neck, this time though I selected my favourite fantasie bra with some slightly bigger boobs and matching thong, topped off, I thought with my red coat, a bit tartier, but not trashy. I spent a few hours doing housy jobs, then started to get ready for my 'date', moisturizing again and getting made up, red lips this time, im sure you can guess why!, hair done nicely, perfume to match the body lotion, as I put my bra on and pulled my panties on I started to feel quite nervous and excited, damp panties again!

By the time I had finished dressing I was feeling pretty horny again, and looking forward to meeting Ash, thinking about what might happen…… He was already there when I arrived and waved as I got out of my car. 'no jess today?' I asked as he got out to join me, 'oh she's here' he said as she bounded out of the car, 'cant get out without her it seems!' 'how are you today gorgeous' he asked pecking me on the cheek. 'fine hun, you?' as I slipped my arm around him and we walked off.

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I was beginning to feel quite light headed in a nice kind of nervy way, after all I suppose this was our first 'proper date', first date nerves I told myself.

We stopped after a while for a rest, although jess didn't seem to impressed with our lack of interest in the whole throw me a stick game.

He turned to face me, looking into my eyes, ' I really like you Charlotte, and I would like us to be more than friends, no pressure or rush, I just really……&hellip.fancy you……' he added, 'sorry if that came out awkward' he blushed, bless! 'I feel the same Ash' I replied holding his gaze, then, he leaned towards me and kissed me, pulled back and then leaned in again, this time kissing me more urgently, I parted my lips and felt his tongue in my mouth, I moaned and kissed him back with equal fervor, our tongues dancing and exploring each other.

He nibbled my earlobe (which drives me mad horny) and then started to kiss my neck, 'you smell gorgeous' he whispered. 'mmmmmm, oh yes, please do that' I moaned 'it makes me so …………&hellip.' 'so what?' he asked mockingly with raised eyebrows , 'you know what&hellip.' I almost panted.

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By now my peeny was oh my god hard, and I could feel a dampness in my panties. His hand strayed to my chest, struggling with my coat buttons, 'wait' I whispered and helped him undo them, I pulled my coat open for him, moved closer and let him touch me, 'im sorry they aren't real though' I breathed, 'they are real enough to me', he whispered back, they feel beautiful, like you', we both giggled at that, 'sorry, lame schoolboy comment' he said, I smiled 'don't stop, just touch me please' he moved his hand lower, I straddled the bench and felt his hands wander over my bum, tracing the cleft with his finger, trying to reach my magic place, me touching the bulge in his jeans, 'hello' I whispered, feeling his straining hardness, 'look what you've done' he said.

'Ditto' I thought, 'lets find somewhere quieter' he said. We walked on, touching and feeling each other, becoming increasingly aroused, looking for somewhere off the beaten track which would afford us some privacy.

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We came across a small clearing suitably of track, and stopped, facing each other, kissing again, tongues entwined, me moaning softly, I managed to undo his jeans enough to get my hand inside, his cock was so hard, dripping precome and felt beautiful, 'mmmmi I moaned stroking his shaft holding the length and moving my hand up and down, his hand in my panties stroking and twisting my peeny, I was practically dripping with excitement now, and needed relief, 'oh god' I whispered 'don't stop, bring me off hun please&hellip.' he continued to play with me, as I put my tongue in his mouth, probing as he stroked my peeny faster, building me for my orgasm which came quickly, squirting on his hand and in my panties, I trembled, 'oh god, oh god, ohhh……&hellip.mmmm'.

He held me tight as I came down from one of the best orgasms I have ever had, quivering and relieved.

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'your turn' I said, after buttoning my skinny jeans up, wiping away some of my spilled juices, hoping that the stain wouldn't be too obvious! I knelt in front of him, looked into his eyes while undoing his jeans enough to get his beautiful straining cock out, I ran my hand up and down, pulling his foreskin back, admiring his length, I kissed the tip, still looking into his eyes, then slid his knob into my mouth and played my tongue over the tip, swirling around, tasting him.

Then I started to suck him in, then out, gently twisting and pulling his cock, sucking the length in and out of my eager painted lips, his breathing became ragged, he moaned as I sucked harder and faster, I stopped 'come in my mouth Ash, please' I whispered and resumed my cock sucking, as he moaned and gently stroked my hair, harder and faster I sucked and twirled my tongue, I cupped his balls, heavy with sperm for my willing and eager mouth, I felt him stiffen and his balls contracted as he started to pump his semen into my mouth, god, there was so much, I managed to swallow about half, the rest dripped from my lips, dropping onto my top and jeans, as he finished climaxing in my mouth, I sucked the last drops from his manhood and then licked the remainder from my lips, looking up at him, I smiled, 'that was lovely' He gently lifted me to my feet again and kissed me, 'that was beautiful, I don't think I have ever come so much' he said.

'next time I want you to fuck me' I whispered in his ear, 'and I have never been fucked before, you will be my first, and I'm desperate for you to have me Ash' To be continued again!