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Asian teen girl bares huge boobs in cam show
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If this is half-familiar, it is because this is an alternate version of part of something I had on years ago, but never had wrote all the linking material for. THE BEACH-HOUSE JAMES THORNTON: When I came home at Easter break from my first year of college, the seasonal gathering of relatives was at my parents' place.

There were more relatives than usual, I think. My uncle Herb, my mother's brother, was there for the first time in a couple of years.

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He ran a restaurant in Ocean City that was only open for lunch and weekends nine months out of the twelve, but was a madhouse from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. Or so he always said; I was only in the place once, when I was seven or eight, and I didn't remember anything about it. Uncle Herb talked to me a lot on the Friday and Saturday before Easter, sitting on the porch and puffing on his cigars. It was peculiar to find out later that the only smoked when he was really relaxed.

This was probably a good thing, since he was the short heavy intent sort who makes the classic heart attack victim and he didn't need the tobacco on top of that. As it was, he came close to giving me a heart attack on Easter Sunday. Just as the food was being served, with a couple of dozen relatives around in all directions, Uncle Herb asked me about working in his restaurant over the summer.

I didn't want to, but I didn't dare to say no. I had planned to work over that summer, but I hadn't lined up a job yet -- I had expected to do that on the week I had off after Easter. So I had to say yes. Herb told me about the job for the rest of the afternoon, and it sounded worse all the time (worse that it was, actually). He told me that it would be a lot of hard work -- washing up, serving, preparing food for the cooks, even some cooking -- but at pretty good pay.

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The job included lunch and dinner in the kitchen on the days that I worked there. Herb was also giving me free rent in an apartment building he owned. That wasn't much of a plus, as it turned out. The apartment was tiny, and he wouldn't have gotten much for it if he had tried to rent it. He put all his summer employees in little places like that and rented the rest of them (not much bigger) to tourists by the week at outrageous prices.

The job was going to be from ten in the morning until six at night, six days on and then two off so the days off changed every week. And it really was going to be all summer: I started working the day after my classes ended, to cover the Memorial Day crowd, and the job ended on Labor Day, two days before my classes started again. SUZANNE ELGIN: My parents bought a beach-house down in Ocean City years and years ago, but it was never used very much. I don't remember a time when we didn't have it, though I probably should be able to.

Going down to the beach meant more to me back in those days than where we stayed when we were there. We were in the place for maybe three weeks during the summer every year, and maybe a couple of weekends here and there. It had three bedrooms, a big front room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom with just a shower stall and no tub. That was all right when I was little, but as I got older it seemed smaller and smaller all the time -- mostly because there was no way I could get away from my parents while I was there.

The summer that I was eighteen, though, which was in between my first and second years of college, was a totally different story. My parents were going off on a tour of England and Scotland with some neighbors, and I was going to get to use the beach-house without them.

I had to take along the neighbors' daughter, Joy Douglas, but that seemed to be all right, though I didn't know her too well. My best friend's parents were going west for most of the time that my parents were gone -- so it was easy to get Anne Shimura into the third bedroom. ANNE SHIMURA: It was not all so easy as Suzanne would have you think. For me to go took some fast talk and persuasion. My folks would deny that they are traditional -- they are third generation and fully Western -- but in a lot of ways they are protective of me still.

They knew the Elgin family quite well, but not the Douglases at all, and there's the rub. I did not know Joy much myself, since I had maybe met her twice. (Suzanne my mother knew, but three weeks spent away in Ocean City with her was a lot for them to consider.) My boyfriend of that time, Joel Kubolicki, would be out of town on a trip at about that time.

Before my parents went to Oregon to see my older brother and his wife, they made me promise not to tell Joel that my trip down to the beach had been planned and to let him think that I had gone with them.

They would be back a few days after him, a week before I was, and they would see about saying where I was if they decided to. They were concerned about their daughter's innocence, and did not want to put temptation in my way, as they saw it.

I did not want Joel to know just yet quite where I was, but for reasons just opposite to theirs. Joel and I had met in my first week at College Park, and we dated from time on. We got into petting fairly quickly, and on a night in March, a warm one for that month, he spread a blanket out behind some trees and plucked my little Japanese cherry blossom off. The grass at College Park might not have been the best place for that, but I was very happy to be plucked so thoroughly.

We had renewed our double exercise since then, mostly outdoors but a few times in his car, once in his bed when he was left alone at home. I did not reach a peak in his back seat, but still I liked to have him put it in. His hands and hips were strong, but I began to wonder how another man would be. In honesty, three months of being satisfied by a man was giving me a taste for it, and some strange stuff might well be better yet. I would have a bedroom of my own down at the beach, and I had an eye to sharing it with someone new.

SUZANNE ELGIN: The Shimuras shut up their house on Monday and they left Anne and her luggage at my place at noon. Anne and I put my parents' bags into their station wagon a few hours later, and we got the other set of parents and bags (and Joy) at six o'clock. I drove all seven of us to the airport and we ran a fire brigade, or maybe I should call it a disassembly line.

When they were seen off, Joy and Anne and I drove back, less squished, and we ate dinner and talked.

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We just about got high from the excitement of the trip and being left to ourselves and we didn't get to sleep until way late. On Tuesday morning we loaded the station wagon up again, now with our own things, and we hit the road. I made pretty good time, maybe because it was Tuesday. My boyfriend, Ricky West, helped us unload everything when we got to Ocean City but Anne's Joel was out of town and Joy's guy Gene -- well, I guess he was back at home, I never heard and I never asked.

I convinced Ricky after dinner that I was tired and that I needed to go to bed early, and alone. It was true that all three of us girls were worn out from the trip and all the talk last night. We necked some and I let him feel me up some, and I whispered to him that we would have three more weeks to come. He finally went off to the apartment he shared with three other guys.

But we didn't turn in right after he left. The conversation didn't run as late this time but it got more serious. Anne and I found out that not only was Joy a virgin, she was a "flaming" virgin, one of those who believe that everyone should know about their abnormal condition and disapproves of anyone who doesn't share it. Joy said pretty loud and strong that she thought any girl who slept with a boy before marriage was disgraceful, and if she had known we were that sort she wouldn't have been there.

It looked like it might be a long three weeks in that beach-house. ANNE SHIMURA: On Wednesday morning I put a dark blue halter on with some red shorts and I went out after breakfast to see what was going on around the town. It only took me a half-hour to find a guy named Carson Murray, with blond curls and a fringe beard, who seemed to have real possibilities. We walked around and we talked and around noon I took him back to the beach-house to explore those possibilities.

We were moving slow and building up on the couch, and I was trying to decide how far I wanted to go -- my conscience bothered me about going to bed with someone whom I really didn't know -- when Joy came out of her room and gave us two a dirty look.

It didn't mean a thing to me that Joy was a virgin -- I wasn't far from being one myself, at least in time -- but she was so intolerant of us. She looked as if she'd make some nasty crack to me, so I prevented her by putting down a hand to fondle Carson through his jeans and drive her off. It did that, but it kind of tipped the scales on how far I was going to go with Carson toward my bed. Suzanne came back with Ricky fairly soon. When they walked in, Carson had his tongue deep in my mouth and his right hand was on one breast and gently squeezing it.

She looked at us and grunted and just kept on into the kitchen where she talked to Joy. I was worked up by now and I decided to break off and cool myself and Carson down. SUZANNE ELGIN: When I came back in the middle of the afternoon, Anne was hitting it off so well with the fellow she had found I felt like throwing cold water over them, or at least telling them to move it into her bedroom. Joy was still in the house and she told me in the kitchen how outraged she was that Anne would carry on that way with someone she hardly seemed to know.

I heard the two of them get up then and go out the door. Ricky and I sat in the front room with Joy and sort of half-talked with her. Ricky started whispering in my ear about what a pity it was that nobody was giving those big boobs of hers the kind of hand and tongue action they deserved and that somebody should get between those long legs and drive his point home to her. He knew perfectly well what this kind of talk was going to do to me.

Pretty soon we left Joy sitting there alone while we went into my bedroom and shut the door. This was the first time I had ever been able to let Ricky work on me without having to think at all about how long we took, and the first time that we could use a bed.

I was amazed at how much difference time and a bed made. Ricky undressed me slowly and kissed everything that he uncovered, especially with my panties. His tongue got me so hot there that when he first stuck it into me -- long after I was ready for him -- I hissed like a hot iron, We took a long time over it and he brought me off in a big way.

We fell asleep together with my arms around him. When we went back out of the bedroom, Joy had gone back into her room alone. She stayed there all day except to grab a quick dinner, and later she talked a little with us (Anne and Carson came back) but still she turned in early. She was very uncomfortable. Ricky and I were not far behind her in turning in, but we found far better things to do than sleep, at least at first.

Though I'm happy to say that Ricky wore me out again in the best way -- from the inside out. ANNE SHIMURA: Carson and I walked down onto the beach and we sat upon a bench and stared out to the ocean and just talked. After a while we wandered along and ended up at the group house he lived in for the time he was in town. By then I had beat down my doubts on wanting him. He shared a bedroom with two double beds with someone else, but at this time of day it was no sweat to put "Do Not Disturb" upon the door and close it after us.

He put his hands into my halter from beneath and pushed it up until he cupped my breasts and then he put his tongue deep in my mouth. He dropped his shirt before he put his hand into my shorts, inside the panties, in the back and all the way down until he could put a finger up into me from behind. That finger made me squirm, and I was glad when Carson opened up the zipper on my shorts and let them fall down. I did the same with his cutoffs, and his big dong impressed me with the way it stuck out through his underwear.

I dropped my panties and I just left them on the floor. He pulled down on his shorts, and he looked much better to me than before. We sank onto his bed together and he used his hand on me to make me wet and ready for his shaft.

I was already prepared for him, but still it felt divine. I wanted to feel those big muscles against me; especially I wanted to feel one particular big muscle moving inside of me, way deep inside of me. I opened up my legs and raised my knees, and Carson entered me with care and grace. He was more gentle than my Joel was, but if he used less force he had his point. He was harder and maybe longer; surely longer-lasting in me.

That slow careful motion built me upward higher than I had gone with Joel, and the finish hit me harder, as did Carson at the end. The feel of his hot sperm shooting into me made me more thankful than ever for Dr. Santori, who was willing to have me pay for my own birth-control pilld without telling my parents that I was on them. After we rested we dressed and then went out again to talk with some other people who were staying in the group house. Then we went to dinner together and back to the beach-house.

Joy was more civilized now, but I was still annoyed at her. She turned in early now, as did Suzanne and Rick. I thought about having Carson screw me right there upon the couch and hope that Joy would wander in, but I realized my bed would be much better. It was, and it was better still than his small bedroom.

JOY DOUGLAS: When I got up on Thursday morning, I kept my cotton pajamas on while I fixed breakfast for myself. Suzanne's boyfriend Ricky walked in on me while I was eating, and I was afraid to ask him if he had just come over or if he had spent all night with her, as I suspected. I told him that I was going to spend the day out on the beach.

I had decided that I had been moping around long enough. I picked out a two-piece tiger-stripe bathing suit. It was a little tight on top, because my breasts had grown some since last year, but it was my favorite of the suits I owned, so I wore it anyway.

It might help me not feel so down. Ricky was still there when I came back out and he eyed me as I walked by. I kind of liked his doing that, though I would never admit it to him.

I walked down to the ocean and I spread my blanket out beside another one, which turned out to belong to a nice-looking fellow who came back from swimming not long after. He was a little hairy but he had a nice smile when he said hello to me. "Hello," I said, "My name's Joy." And his was Jim Thornton, he told me. JIM THORNTON: Two weeks after I started working in my uncle's restaurant, when I had Thursday and Friday off, I put on my swimming trunks and walked down to the beach at about nine on Thursday morning.

It was still deserted then, with nobody much in sight, so I just spread my blanket and went out into the water. I swam around for a while and I started to get tired.

When I came back to my blanket I found that my neighborhood had improved while I was gone. My new neighbor was 18 or so, a red-head wearing a two-piece striped thing that was getting a workout holding in her upper development.

I smiled at her as I came back, and said hello. "Hello," she said, "My name's Joy." And she looked like she might really be one, at that. She told me, as we talked over the next hour or so, that she was just finished with her first year as a student at College Park, same as I, though we had never met.

(Well, it's a big university.) She was sharing a beach-house with two other girls while her parents were off on three weeks vacation without her, she had been in town for two days, and she was feeling lonely. She suspected that the guy whom one of the girls was spending a lot of time with was somebody she had just picked up here, since she had never mentioned his name mentioned before, and didn't I think that was really improper?

Well, no, I thought, but I didn't give her a straight answer, just kind of talked around it. I told her that sometimes young people get a bit daring when they first get away from the supervision of their parents.

It was probably harmless, I said, and she shouldn't worry about them. They probably were not nearly as wild as she thought, I told her, and she shouldn't worry about their influence on her. Joy said that maybe she shouldn't go on like that herself, since she was talking to me, but I looked nice, and since I went to the same college she did I was somebody that she might very well have known. She thought maybe she had seen me there, but I knew I would have remembered her.

Even worse, she was saying to me, the other girl had gone into her bedroom with her boyfriend for a little while, and Joy wasn't at all sure that he really came over very early this morning. He might have stayed with her all night!

From all this I could figure out that Joy was a frustrated virgin, jealous of the other girls. She wasn't really comfortable with even admitting that she liked men and that she wanted one herself. Maybe I could get her used to the idea, and then the two of us could get comfortable together.

I started to have some thoughts about her that it might not be well to tell her about, at least unless I got to carry them out. She said I had seemed so sensible in my responses to her that she was getting to like me very quickly.

After we had talked for a while we went swimming together, and after that I managed to kiss her. She wasn't sure that she should let me, but I was such a nice temptation.

After the first couple of soft kisses, I tried to put my tongue into her mouth, but she was quite firm about keeping her teeth together. So I quit trying. For a while, anyway. A half-hour later she had relaxed enough that I caught her off guard and got in. That was very nice but nothing beside what I would really like to do to and with her, I thought to himself.

I could see myself peeling that tiger-top off and using my fingers on her breasts, then see how much I could make her nipples rise toward me. And then make her back arch up when I began to use my lips. I would love to take the stripes from her bottom, too, and run my fingers through her fur (and maybe use my lips there too) until she was willing and eager to go all the way. I wanted to have her athletic body naked under me while I plunged deep between her long legs. JOY DOUGLAS: His tongue darted deep into my mouth, and I found that he was very good at using it.

Much better than Gene, the boy whom I had been dating for the last year, though it was only in the last few months that I had let Gene do that to me. I wasn't sure I liked the fact that Jim had managed it in only a few hours, and that I was co-operating with him. The kisses got better, and I got half-worried about how easily and how much I was responding to them. I told Jim that he must think that I was horribly loose for acting that way, but he reassured me.

He said to me that it was only a natural way for the two of us to relax with each other and to enjoy the day. At noon we went to lunch together on the boardwalk wearing t-shirts pulled over our upper bodies.

Jim pointed out the restaurant that he worked in. We walked back to the beach holding hands, and then we had to walk a little to find a quiet spot after lunch, since the one we had that morning used was taken now by a couple with five little kids.

When we found a more private place we spread Jim's blanket, which was a good bit larger than mine, and lay down together on it. We didn't do as much swimming now. We did more talking and we started holding each other a lot. With the sun heating me up and, I think, with being able to see how Jim's body looked, my mind was running in directions I usually found it easier to avoid.

By the end of the afternoon I was glad we had found a quiet spot to lie down. Though lying down beside this boy, even if it was in public, was something that made me uneasy if I thought about it.

Jim's hands had wandered over everything that wasn't covered by my swimsuit, and even crept under the edges to touch one nipple and my pubic hair at different times while we kissed. My own hand had brushed his erection, but I thought it might start too much going to grasp and hold it. But just once I put two fingers down the front of his trunks to touch it. I wondered if the trunks distorted things, since the bulge in them looked much longer and twice as wide as I had been told it was supposed to get.

I wondered what it would be like to have that in me. This beach and this boy were getting to me, because I had never done that with my boyfriend at home. JIM THORNTON: Late in the afternoon we went swimming together and we both emerged breathlessly from the surf at the same time, my arm around her.

I looked over at her. I could see the pulse beat in her throat. Her dark lashes were spiky, her long hair slicked back, and her lips were a pale petal pink. My God, I thought in amazement, she's gorgeous. She was staring up at me, her arms wrapped around my waist as I dropped my mouth to hers. She tasted delicious--of mint and sea salt--as I ran my tongue across the seam of her lips. "Open your mouth for me." "I don't think that's." I slid my hand up under her soaking-wet hair and held her head in my palm.

"Good idea, don't think. This is in the way of an experiment." I took her mouth again, plundering the hot wet interior as another wave crashed down beside us. I felt the sharp edge of her teeth and pressed closer, feeling her soft curves against me. She whimpered low in her throat as I rubbed against her, but she didn't pull away; instead I felt her slim body sway into mine.

I had tempted her, or perhaps she was tempting herself, with the feel of my interest in her. Joy's arm came up instinctively to pull me closer. She tasted marvelous. Exciting. Thrilling. She gave herself up to my devouring mouth. When the next wave poured over us she held on tighter, her mouth still fused to mine as salt water ran down her neck and sheeted our faces. The kiss was like nothing she'd ever experienced before, it seemed--hot and dark and totally unpredictable.

My tongue demanded that she respond. And she did--wholeheartedly. After that, we spent less of their time in the water and more on talking and holding each other. Twice I slid a finger under the edge of her swimsuit. Both times Joy looked away from me, looked down, so that I had a chance to study her expression without her being aware of it.

She was a bit nervous, but then she relaxed and was visibly excited by what I was doing -- and I glanced away before she looked up again and could catch me watching her. I wanted very much to get Joy into bed.

I wanted to see the expression on her face as I thrust into her and broke her hymen and turned her into a woman. I wanted to look into her eyes at that moment, to see her eyes go wide as I opened her, to see her face fill with passion as I filled her inside. I wanted to see her face as I built her to her first orgasm at the end of a hard penis. As the afternoon went on it became more and more plain that Joy was becoming aroused, and perhaps that we were heading to where I wanted us both to be.

Nice progress, I thought. This was a cherry that was very ripe and ready for the plucking. At six o'clock, I suggested to Joy that we both shower and change, and I would pick her up at the beach-house to go to dinner together. She liked that idea very much. I thought about Joy a lot while I was taking a shower, and my thoughts were very pleasant.

I pictured how it would be to have Joy here in the shower stall with me, and how her breasts would fit perfectly into my hands. But in reality those thoughts were tempting my hands downward, and I had a better idea of what to do with what was there. I put on slacks and a shirt, and I decided to pack a little waist-bag with two items. One of them was another pair of swimming trunks. I got to the beach-house a little before the time that I had promised to pick up Joy.

She wasn't ready yet, and I met the two girls she was sharing the place with, and their boyfriends. SUZANNE ELGIN: Ricky got up early in the morning and left me there. When he went into the kitchen he saw Joy and talked to her. She told him that she was going to spend the day out on the beach. He came back and told me about the tight two-piece suit that she was wearing, and that got me thinking, and that meant we took even longer to get up -- or out of bed, he could get up just fine.

We spent the day walking and talking and swimming some. We ran into Anne and Carson during the day, and agreed to meet them at the beach-house at seven. The boys would each bring something for dinner and Anne and I would fix the rest.

The next I saw of Joy was about six p.m., when she told me that she was going to meet a boy for dinner. That sounded like a great improvement over the last two days. I was tempted to tell her that was quite scandalous behavior for her, but I kept my mouth shut. The fellow got there while she was still getting ready and Anne and I talked to him.

He was good-sized and kind of muscular, wearing black slacks and a yellow shirt. I told about the problem we were having with Joy, and he said that he was going to try to do something about it ; he had read between the lines from what she had already told him. I put out my hand to squeeze his crotch gently and I felt him start to get hard.

"You've got what it takes," I whispered. And Anne said, "I wish you luck." "I'll settle for something that rhymes with it," he replied. And just then Joy came out.

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JOY DOUGLAS: Jim got to the beach-house while I was still getting ready, and he talked to Suzanne and Anne. I waved at him as I went from the bathroom to my bedroom to finish. The bedroom walls were thick enough that I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they seemed to be talking quite a bit. As I walked into the room, I heard Jim make some comment about rhyming, and the girls laughed.

I wondered what that was about, but before I could decide whether to ask, Jim kissed me right in front of everyone and that got me flustered enough that I never got around to it. I had decided to wear a light yellow cotton dress with a low front. I had been thinking of wearing something that would cover me more, but then I remembered that he had seen me in less than that all day long. And I liked Jim and wanted to really impress him if I could. When he kissed me, he took my arm and he had me out the door almost before I knew it.

While we ate dinner, Jim suggested to we that we might end the day by going back to the beach, swimming some, and looking at the full moon. He told me that he had thought about that while he was dressing, and that was why he wore the waist-sack. He had packed his swimsuit into it then. If we stopped at the beach-house and he changed there while I put another suit on and took my blanket with us, we could go almost straight from the restaurant.

I said that sounded very romantic, and the perfect way to finish that wonderful day. JIM THORNTON: I used Suzanne's bedroom to take off my slacks and shirt in, and put on my trunks. That took me less time than for Joy to change into a pale green string bikini, and I waited in the front room for her.

I told the other two couples of my plans for the night, and they approved. Anne Shimura, the little oriental one, said: "Good. You have just what she needs to calm her down, if you can just give it to her." Ricky had gotten some beer in his belly, and he said: "Yeah, give it to her hard and fast!" We made him lower his voice, but I don't think Joy heard him through the walls.

I replied softly that I was not going to give it to her hard and fast, but long and slow, and give her all I could, every inch. The bikini was tight on her; I think it was newer.

Carson and Anne left with us to go to a movie. We had a lot of choices of places to spread the blanket, since the beach was deserted now, but less beach because the tide was still most of the way in.

We picked a spot that was close in and near the boardwalk. We did not get in a lot of swimming that night, since the water got cold quickly after sundown. We talked and gazed at the moon as we lay there on our backs.

But it didn't take very long before I raised my head and her lips met mine, nor for both of us to turn to our sides facing each other. Our kisses got longer now, and my tongue spent a lot of time in her mouth. I kept my arm on her back, pulling her to me, and after a while my hand touched the string on my bikini top and started to loosen it. Joy came up out of the fog of sensation she had been swimming in and said: "It feels so romantic here, and I'd really like to, but what if someone saw us?" I had expected her to object, and planned for it.

I told her that we wouldn't have to go very far to be under the boardwalk, where we could still see the moon and no one could see us. She hesitated because she realized that if we did, we could continue what we were doing more privately, but we might do other things too.

She was half-willing, caught between how she felt she should act and how she wanted to; between appearances and the reality of her urges. After a bit she nodded and we dumped things into the middle of the blanket and carried it up between us. I stuck one hand into the side of my bag and transferred something to the keys-pocket in my trunks. When we spread the blanket and lay down on it, we took up where we had left off, but more urgently.

I untied the string holding her top on and moved my hand under it, slowly lifting the top off and touching her as I did, from the middle of her back to the side of the roundness that was against my chest.

Then I drew away to set the cloth to one side. While she had let her breasts be exposed and touched, she told me, she had never been undressed before both back and front. But she didn't have time to dwell on that.

I put my tongue deep into her mouth at the same moment that I twisted the nipple of one breast. Joy moaned at this double stimulation. Her breasts looked a little larger exposed than they had when covered, and her nipples were large and brown. And hard already. I bent and used my lips and tongue on one of them and my hand on the other one. Joy drew in a sharp breath and arched her back just as I had imagined she would, but rather more quickly. I was having more effect than I expected.

This looked like it would be a good night. It seemed that I was right in thinking that Joy needed only a little work, in the right conditions (or maybe by the right person) to open up. "This feels so good, I hope you won't think I do this kind of thing all the time, it just is so wonderful." she babbled on. "No, I'm just happy that you want to do it now," I replied. "And it is wonderful." I shifted and kissed her while lying directly on her, right between her legs and cushioned by her soft mounds, with my tongue deep in her mouth and my hard penis pressed against her pelvis.

She was startled by this, but she accepted it. I am sure that this was the first time she had ever felt a man pressed against her that way. When I moved my hips slightly, she twitched in response and breathed heavily. Struggling valiantly for control, I dragged my lips from hers, pressed my mouth against her throat and felt her pulse flutter. Hauling in a deep, painful breath, I fought the urge to take her quickly and fiercely. Soon I lowered my body and worked on her breasts again, then kissed my way downward.

After I had crossed her beautiful flat stomach, I pulled her bikini bottom down slightly and nuzzled her pubic hair. She gasped and put out her hand to stop me when I reached for the string holding her bottom on. Then she took her hand away and whispered "All right." She really did not want me to stop.

While many girls balked at the idea of giving oral sex, or of real intercourse, I suspect that almost all wonder about what it would be like to have a man give them a vaginal kiss. I was willing to bet that Joy was one of these, and that if she were already excited she would be willing to have me give her one.

And I was sure that she would feel that she was remaining in control and could stop at any time. This was part of the plan, to give her what my lips and tongue could do for her and take her to the point of no return, and then to take her.

I drew back the cloth and resumed exploring her pubic hair with my lips. I put my tongue to her clitoris as I passed it, too briefly for me to do more than jerk at the touch, then she gasped when my tongue touched a different set of lips and parted them. I spread them with my fingers, then transferred my hands to caressing her nipples from time to time, then back and forth.

My tongue invaded as it had this morning, but there was no comparison in what it did to her. Here were the outer petals of the rose of flesh that I would follow to her defloration.

But in between those duties, my hands were at my raised hips, tugging down my trunks. For one brief moment both of my hands were behind me, opening the little foil package I had put in the keys-pocket of my trunks and palming the condom.

All this time my tongue was running through the groove of her folds and darting in and out and washing her inner walls as far up as I could reach. The sea-salt added a tang to the clean fresh taste that was natural to her.

"I've wondered what this was like, but I've never had anyone do it before. Oh, it's so wonderful," she babbled. My lips at that moment gripped her clitoris and tugged on it, as if I were performing fellatio on her tiny imitation of a penis, and she suddenly stopped speaking.

Then she went beyond coherent speech. My lips and tongue made her body arch to meet me, her mouth slowly opened and stayed that way, her eyes closed, and she gasped with the growing intense arousal. The sensation came and went in waves for her, as she turned her head at times from side to side and opened her mouth to draw deep breaths. As the passion grew to little peaks, her back arched and her breasts surged up, and into my caressing hands and my fingers that twisted the little peaks of her nipples.

Slowly I moved her legs farther apart, almost to the point that it would become uncomfortable for her. This allowed me to more easily place my tongue in her, and also to make her more vulnerable, in that it made it more difficult for her to move away or to decide to get up.

That it made her more psychologically vulnerable as well she would not be aware of consciously. It also made something easier which I had in mind for later on.

I built her up and built her up, almost to a climax, and then pulled away. When I went to one side I dropped the trunks off and quickly slipped the condom on. It was too dark for her to see either action, I think. "That was so nice, would you be willing to do a little more?" she asked. "Yes, definitely," I said and I kissed her on the lips again. By the time that she realized that she was tasting her own juices on me, she liked the taste.

I lay back between her legs, now positioned so that my lips and tongue and left hand could caress her sensitive breasts while my right hand returned to her labia. That hand stroked the outside and one finger darted in and out. She moaned under my attentions, building upward again. Dragging my mouth from hers, I planted kisses, passionate, hot kisses, all over her fluid body. Her body bloomed beneath my lips, her breathing seemed to echo in the hot darkness, and she turned effortlessly in my arms, welcoming all that I did to her.

Joy struggled to fill her lungs with air. She was drowning in needs she's never before experienced, needs she could not understand. Her hands fretted down my back, then lower, drawing me against her. My own breath was coming in pants as I stroked the inside of her thighs. Her warm flesh was as soft and slick as satin. My fingers combed through the nest of soft curly hair; my hand closed possessively over her pulsating core.

She breathed my name on a sob, a cry, writhing against my palm, clinging to me.

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Covering her mouth with mine, I slipped one dark, wicked finger up inside her. She was so hot. So moist. So ready for me. I moved my hips upward in stages as I spread her folds wide open with my fingers, and when I took my hand away the lips dropped back snugly around the head of my erection. I had penetrated her for less than an inch, but I was now in position to go all the way.

JOY DOUGLAS: I opened my eyes into his, now right over mine. I said: "I -- I've never done this before, I don't know if I want to." But the sensations from his erection on the inner surfaces of my labia were deciding me. My body was aching to be opened and filled and fulfilled by that wedge of flesh that I wanted to have driven deep into me. Some small part of my reasoning mind was also undermining my judgement, when I realized that I was not feeling him.

That contact was latex, not flesh, because he had also put on a condom when he drew away. That was what he had taken from the waist-sack. Jim touched my clitoris with one hand, and my hips jerked. His erection slid deeper into me, only a little in reality but it seemed much more. I felt that motion inside me, spreading my walls apart further in. He seemed at least two inches wide and about as thick. When I felt the contact on my hymen, my last doubts gave way.

I shuddered with the nervous tension and that made things worse again for me. The sensation, the temptation, of him was too much for me and I knew I would give him my virginity. I surrendered to his third invasion. "Yes, yes, I want you to very much," I said to Jim.


"You're mine, Joy." When his thumb caressed the ultrasensitive little nub again, I gave a little moan of surrender. My eyes, shimmering with need, gave him his answer. But he wanted more than that silent consent. "Tell me." With hands and lips he teased rather than possessed, aroused rather than fulfilled. "I want to hear you say the words." But I was beyond words. Beyond reason. "Yours," I managed. The single word reverberated in my head, but the soft, husky breath was barely audible.

Swallowing painfully, I tried again. "I'm yours, Jim." He had a fierce need to have his conquest and possession of me confirmed. But my ragged response plainly succeeded in shaking him to the core. He pushed forward and I felt the warm tube enter me. My body arched and twisted under his.

"Oh. Oh. Oh, yes. Yes, yes! I want you!" "Oh, my God!" he said. There was almost no resistance, only a moment's pressure and no real pain, and he was soon into me all the way. I had never been entered before by a man, but the way that he expanded me made me know that it was right and good. Jim slowly withdrew and slowly slid back. That smooth motion sent waves of passion through me. Having his erection move inside of me aroused me much more quickly than masturbation ever had.

My body went into an orgasm, then another and another. The first of my climaxes came with my eyes open wide and on his and that glazed look of ecstasy made him give me a more forceful stroke.

Soon he moved more quickly. This gave me less frequent but perhaps stronger climaxes. It was as if my body was trying to make up for my years of vinegar virginity and jealous lusts by wearing itself out now.

Jim told me later that while I was tight, my lubrication was very generous, and he could pace himself to give me orgasm after orgasm before that last burst of activity thirty minutes later. My legs wrapped around his hips and pulled on him at the end. His sperm shot into me for a long time; I could feel it even through the condom. We lay and talked afterward. When we dressed and Jim took me back to my beach-house at one in the morning and Jim kissed me at the door, I asked him to stay with me all night.

He accepted. I still wasn't sure how I felt about many things, including what we had done, but after being so close for a time -- intimate in more than one sense -- I wanted to have him stay by me.

My doubts and night-fears could perhaps be driven away by his comforts. ANNE SHIMURA: Carson and I left when Jim and Joy did that night. We went to a movie, then back to his group-house.

After coffee, he took me to his bed and took me in his arms and slowly undressed me. This time he lay beside and kissed and tongued my breasts. He lay between my legs and worked on them some more.

I could feel the soft touch of him hot upon my leg. He moved down then to put his mouth between my legs. This was a thing that I had never done, you see.

I was not sure at first I wanted to, but soon I knew I did. His fingers took me open wide, his tongue shot in, and my hips jerked. He washed the walls inside and squirmed until I nearly tore his hair out in response. He quickly brought me to a climax with his tongue that arched my back and made my hips press to his face.

Carson told me later that my hands gave him a thrill, that he was glad he knew I liked what he had done.

Carson stayed there after I had reached my peak and brought me partway to another before he moved up and into me to finish with his own release at last. When Carson walked me back to the beach house that night, I saw that Joy's bedroom was still unoccupied. This might be taken as a sign of hope for Joy. JOY DOUGLAS: When I woke, I found that the soreness in the muscles I had heard came with first intercourse did not seem to be there.

I looked at his nude body beside me in the bed, and began thinking of having more of him. Jim told me that it would not be wise, since he had not expected to need anything before going home again. Perhaps if I wanted to borrow something from one of the other girls in the house. I was startled by the idea, but I decided that it did make sense, so I went to Suzanne's room in my bathrobe.

SUZANNE ELGIN: Carson stayed with me and was in my bed (and me) by eleven. The next time I saw Joy was when she knocked on my door in her bathrobe at eight on Friday morning and asked me about borrowing some kind of contraceptive. Now that knocked me for a loop. I silently motioned her into my bedroom and walked to my dresser with her. Ricky woke up enough to wave at her, and she nervously waved back. "You used something last night, didn't you?" I asked her.

"Y-Yes, Suzanne, I mean he had a condom. But I wanted to do it again now." "You mean that Jim is in your bedroom." "Yes," she said in a small voice. So I handed her a tube of jelly and my spare applicator and she left. If she didn't know how to use it, and couldn't figure it out, Jim would know.

JOY DOUGLAS: Jim showed me how to use it. I had always avoided thinking about such things, I suppose. Once the jelly was in, I reached to hold and stroke his most interesting part. While it grew under my hand, he kissed me in a lot of places and distracted me several times, but it never went back down. When I brought him all the way up, I stared at what I had done and slid my hand up and down along the shaft.

Now that I could see his erection for the first time, I knew that it was as large as it had felt. I almost kissed it, but I was still a little shy there. I found it hard to believe that something like that had been in me last night, but I wanted it again, very much.

While Jim lay back I sat on his erection and felt it slowly go up into me. He held his breath as I came down and let it out as my tunnel swallowed him. At the very end, I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensation. I was less afraid now and the way he forced my walls apart was perhaps a little more exquisite. I moved my body slowly and luxuriously, but I still found that my first orgasm, which came quickly, took my strength from me. My appetite and other parts had more endurance than my knees, however.

I loved it when Jim lay beside me and entered me from behind while he caressed my breasts. And later I lay under him while he went (and came!) deep into me. I had my third orgasm of that morning when I felt his semen spurt out. SUZETTE ELGIN: Ricky and I snuck out in a few minutes and listened at Joy's bedroom door. She was not only having fun, she was very vocal about it. That got Ricky and I started, and pretty soon we were back in my bedroom and naked and I had my legs wrapped around him and locked behind his hips as he pumped into me.

This meant that Anne didn't know what was going on until she saw Jim Thornton and Joy walk hand in hand to the shower, with him just wearing the slacks from last night. ANNE SHIMURA: I did not know how much had changed for Joy until I saw Jim leave her room beside her in the morning.

They looked well paired to me with her red hair matched to that on his chest and back as he walked with her to the shower. JOY DOUGLAS: The way Jim's eyes looked at me in the shower made me want him again, as did looking at his body standing before me, and our hands made the desire stronger for both of us, but we had just satisfied each other so completely that our bodies did not cooperate very much.

My nipples hardened for a little while and he bobbed part way up, but that was it. After breakfast, I put on a long cotton t-shirt and we went to his apartment. While he got new clothes out, I walked around the place. It was very small; he told me it came with his summer job at the restaurant.

While Jim was in the bathroom changing, I sat on his bed and thought about sharing it with him. When he came back out wearing another pair of swimming trunks, I told him that. Jim drew me to my feet and kissed me and I could feel that he was thinking of the same thing. While I had told him that I wanted to wait a while to lie naked with him again and have him possess me, I think if he had joined me on the bed instead of raising me up, I would have changed my mind.

We spent that day together on the beach. At sundown we went our ways to change and meet again for dinner. Afterward we went dancing. We had tried during the day to not arouse each other, but the body contact in the dances was inevitable.

This night made me realize how much our dances are really ritualized and softened and cleaned-up mating dances. While I loved dancing with him, I was glad in a way that Jim had an early start in the kitchen on Saturday morning.

I wanted him very much and wanted to continue with an older and horizontal dance. JIM THORNTON: When we entered my apartment, I stood her beside my bed and kissed her, then took the zipper down the back of her sleek red dress and pulled the straps from her shoulders. As the dress dropped, I followed it.

My lips touched one nipple and then the other as she drew in a sharp breath. I was not surprised to find that she did not wear a bra tonight. My eyes had been on the way her breasts bounced freely as she danced, and I had wanted for some time to caress them with my lips and hands.

I took my hands from her hips and the dress fell to the floor. She stepped back from it and I stood up, holding the dress in one hand.

We kissed again and we moved together to put the dress into my closet. Then Joy tenderly undressed me, making the desire grow again for both of us. When I was totally naked, I lifted her in my arms and put her onto my bed.

I lay beside her with our bodies pressed together only a little less than our lips were. After a while, I lowered my head to her wonderful breasts again as my hands went to the waistband of her panties.

The panties, too, I followed down, though only to a little below what they had been covering. And then I went back up. I removed the panties from her legs and knelt between them. My hands spread her labia and my tongue entered. The mattress was more yielding than the sand, perhaps, or Joy was more sure now of what she wanted.

In any case, her passion built more quickly tonight, and I did not interrupt myself near its height this time. I brought her to a writhing, gasping, almost screaming orgasm with my tongue. Her hips bucked so that it may be only her hands holding onto my head kept me in place.

At the end she was exhausted and sated and very wet. JOY DOUGLAS: I reached orgasm from his tongue for the first time. My body reacted so violently to the invasion of his thick wet worm that I thought I might not want to think of sex again for a week. But I was wrong. He gently awakened my body again, then raised my knees almost to my nipples and got above me.

I was now spread wide open to Jim and pulled very tight at the same time. His position was such that he could kiss me and fill me with his manhood at the same moment. He held himself there and we stared into each other's eyes. I whispered: "I want you." Jim's tongue entered my mouth and met mine, and then he entered me below. I could not say if it was better this way than another, or better this time than before. It always seemed with Jim to be as good as I could possibly stand it.

But tonight was to be less simple than the night before. Jim went all the way into me and paused. Then he moved back out, as slowly as he could, so slowly that I could barely feel him move at first, but the sensation accumulated on the nerve-endings inside my tunnel. When he was all the way out and my labia had closed in disappointment, he entered me again at the same speed.

This was transmuting with time from teasing to a building desire, and when Jim was all the way into me, he jerked his stomach muscles. I felt his penis move, not sliding in, but toward his stomach. The motion was less than an inch, but the sensation was of adding that less than an inch to his thickness while completely within me, as if he could inflate at will there.

I trembled. He began to withdraw again, and after two more slow cycles and those sudden illusions of expansion, he had me trembling all the time. The passion that I exhibited, and that I brought forth from him in response, was such that one would think I was going toward my first full experience as a woman, instead of my fourth in 24 hours and my second that night.

When at last Jim speeded up his strokes, I built with him to a delicious conclusion. I slept wrapped around him. On Saturday morning he woke me with a kiss, and my response led to other things and we had to use more of the contraceptive jelly before Jim filled me again and left a deposit of seed far up.

ANNE SHIMURA: I did not see Joy now until Carson and I met them when we were dancing late that night. Joy was out all night long and came back Saturday, after Jim had gone to work in the restaurant. Carson stayed that Friday night beside me in bed. I very much wanted more of the oral love that he had shown before, and I wanted to see what I could give to him.

I told him that it was something still new to me, and he taught me the way to do my best for him. I did not take him all the way that night, because I wanted him to end in me. But in the next two weeks I watched him shoot upwards, and went a long way on toward taking his shaft deep down -- though not his sperm. JIM THORNTON: At the restaurant that day I was very cheerful, if a little less alert than usual. Joy met me at the back door when I got off at six.

When the cook saw her, he took away my dinner plate and gave me food enough for two in carry-out containers. So we ate on a bench with plastic tableware in the twilight.

We went to a movie that night and as we went back to my apartment, Joy suggested that we shower together. We stood naked in the water and kissed.

I put a hand around behind her and I slid one finger along her slit then put it inside her. She gasped and put more weight against me. She reached between my legs to lather me up, but her hand lingered for a long while.

Joy lowered her eyelids and glanced aside as she said: "You have done something for me twice now that I want to reciprocate -- and, well, I wanted to make sure it was clean." And she squatted in the shower stall, with the water falling off my body and her head, to hold my shaft in her hands and taste the tip with her tongue.

I thought that I was already long and rigid, but she made me more so, and made me throb as well. When she paused, I raised her up and held her body to mine.

I told her how she had made me feel, and suggested that we continue (or do something else) in a more comfortable place. She smiled at this. We dried each other with towels and lay across my bed.

Her hand, and then her lips and tongue, soon brought my attention back to fullness. She kissed the head of my penis, ran her tongue around it, then took the crown into her mouth.

Joy raised her head back to the tip, then returned, a little further this time. This time as she went up her hand circled my shaft at the place her lips had reached their furthest.

She slid her hand up and down using her saliva for lubrication. She went further down each time, extending also the area that her hand gripped and moved upon. When I was close to erupting, I warned her and she raised her head.

Her hand kept moving and as the first spout came up, her fingers squeezed the top of my erection. The jolt of pleasure was almost painful as I shot far into the air. She wiped me off with a towel she had kept nearby. I told her that she had perhaps worked too well for her own good.

I had to use my tongue on her that night and finish her off with my hand while my tongue was sunk deep in her mouth. But the next morning I gave her the full long treatment before going to work. JOY DOUGLAS: Lying on the beach in the sun with Jim Thornton was a wonderful experience every time that we did it.

But that of course we could only do a few times, on the days that he was off. Lying in bed with him and what we did there, we did far more often -- twice a day at least! But I wanted more of him than I got, on those long days on the beach without Jim, and I so wished that it were possible to have him possess me in the sunlight, in the open. I thought about it all of one day, and I found a solution of sorts.

That first night on the beach, when Jim was the first to make me a woman, was wonderful but it would not be the same again. Either on the open beach or under the boardwalk there would be too much chance of discovery, and we could only do either of those in darkness.

I told Jim what I wanted to do on the Wednesday night after we first met, as we lay in my bed after he had thoroughly satisfied me -- at least until the morning. I saw him smile at my idea, as the moon came in my window.

He whispered "Yes" in my ear as I drifted off to sleep in his arms. The next day, Thursday, one week from the day that we lay together under the boardwalk, I met Jim at the restaurant at six p.m.

I was dressed in a loose blouse and a pair of walking shorts; I had changed from my bathing suit a little while before. There was only an hour or so of sunlight left, so after we ate quickly, we went to the beach-house. There he boosted me onto the metal ladder that went up the wall and onto the roof, and clambered up after me. The view of the town was beautiful from there, as was the view of the approaching sunset. But as I stood there I began to have doubts, because I imagined that people whom I could not see would spot us and know why we had gone up there.

I decided to spread the blanket, the same one we had used a week before, on the side of the roof away from the ladder to be further from the mass of prying eyes. The sun and the wind felt very good on my body as Jim bared it, but his hands were much better.

The overture that he played on me improved by the week of practice -- very intense practice. When we were both naked, I reached for his skin-flute and took the end into my mouth. I did not soothe his savage breast, but I did not want to at all. The martial tune I played on his organ got his soldier standing erect, Our next movement had him rolling me over and playing an arpeggio on my happily non-virginal vagina with his fingers. Then I bowed my legs and he entered with his bridge, sliding like a trombone.

We made beautiful music together that day. Our sweet symphony continued for a long time, and as we reached a crescendo, I looked over his shoulder and saw a sunset almost as glorious as the way he made me feel. JIM THORNTON: We fell asleep there. For how long, I do not know, but when I woke up again it was dark, the little-over-half moon was high in the sky. I thought about how much had happened in one week, since I had taken Joy's virginity under the boardwalk.

I thought of how it had been1/4 Joy looked into my eyes at that moment and the look in them of her surrender was almost as sweet as the feeling of passing through her membrane. I sank into her slowly but fully and her tight tunnel had a powerful grip on me.

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Without her being aware of it, Joy's legs closed around me, drawing me in. This if anything completed her downfall. She was almost too tight. I had been to bed with other girls (or, in truth, I had sex with them, since a real bed had only been involved a few times), and indeed Joy was my third virgin. So I was certain that the tightness that pushed against was more than that, and more than internal muscles that had not yet learned to open up.

Joy, I was sure, was really built smaller there than most women, and the pressure on the head of my penis was almost painful, so great was the pleasure.

Even now, after a week and perhaps I had spread her walls as far un as I could, Joy was very tight and very sweet. The thought of entering her again still gave me a bulging erection. As the reverie ended, I realized that we were not alone on the rooftop. I could hear low voices from the other side of the roof, near the ladder leading up. I did not recognize the voices, but I could tell that one of the people was male and the other female. This narrowed the probable identities to a few, and made it clear that the purpose of the visit would not be far from that which Joy and I had shared.

I did not know who our neighbors were for some time, but the whispers and the small sounds told me what they were doing and where they were going. The clouds that drifted across the moon did not help me to see.


A head became visible, outlined by the lights of the town below. The mass of hair around it indicated that it was feminine.

When the moon broke free of its cover, I could see that the features were those of Anne Shimura, which meant that what she was delicately bending over was attached to Carson. She traced the tip of her tongue along the vein of the underside three times, then kissed the tip. Her breasts were outlined against the moon and I saw that her nipples were erect.

Anne's tongue circled the head and her mouth opened. Her head began bobbing slowly and she gradually sank, taking more and more of him. She swallowed several inches, an amazing amount for her rather small head, and then she held still -- still as far as I could see, though her tongue may still have been very active and I am sure that her cheeks were hollowed with a sucking action.

When Anne lifted her head I was impressed again by how far she had to go to separate from him. She lay on him, or perhaps beside him, for a moment. There were more whispers and sighs. Then the bodies shifted and I saw Carson's head and shoulders against the moon. I also saw his hands cupping Anne's buttocks and his head descending toward her lower lips.

He knelt to worship her there with his mouth. At first she rested on her feet and her shoulders, arching her back toward him, and I soon saw her body tremble. Then Carson lifted her up further and placed Anne's legs on his shoulders to give him easier access to her womanhood.

The cries that she gave now were not so soft. They shifted again, and Carson settled Anne back onto the roof again. He lifted her legs until her feet was almost behind her head, then lowered his body onto hers. I heard Anne tell Carson urgently that she wanted him to enter her. He made contact and slid deep into her in one smooth stroke, and I heard her give a shuddering sigh. He slowly entered and withdrew from her small body and she gave eloquent testimony to what he was doing to her.

He built her quickly to a climax, and met her there. As they lay together afterward, Joy said to me, "That was quite a show, wasn't it?" She had awakened about the same time that I had, though I had never known it. If Anne and Carson knew that they were observed, they never spoke of it.

They went back down in a while, and Joy and I followed them in time. ANNE SHIMURA: Joy spent every minute with Jim that he wasn't working, not coming home even for dinner since Jim got that free from the restaurant on the days he worked.

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We did not see a great deal of her. But the people in Carson's group-house didn't see much of him either. He spent every night with me, always equaling his performances of the first few days. The Tuesday that he went back home to Rockville was the day that my period started, so I didn't feel like doing much for the next few days.

Going from getting laid once or twice a day to three days with nothing got to me, and on Friday I went out again looking for something good in pants. What I found this time was named Donald Clay. He was tall and craggy-faced, and he got me so worked up on the beach that I took him right into my bedroom when we left there at four and we screwed until we fell asleep. He got me out of the wet swimsuit and stark naked in no time at all, then he got himself the same way.

I lay down on the bed with my legs open and my knees up a bit. He entered me fast with little more than a few touches on my breasts. While I would have expected it if I had thought about it, the sea-salt on his erection stang when it was surrounded by the tender tissue inside of me.

That gave me a jolt, and it didn't take long for him to give me a bunch more of other kinds. We got dinner at seven, but Donald had me back in my room only an hour later, preparing to take a shower together. I found out when we came back that Donald had a longer and thicker tongue than Carson. He was inclined to hold it stiff rather than wriggle it, but he had more practice at using it, I think.

He was more violent at thrusting than Joel had been, and he gave me faster climaxes, though not as good ones. On the other hand, he was almost insatiable. He plowed into me on Saturday morning, and again on Saturday afternoon.

He brought me to orgasm with his tongue at eight on Saturday, then he was pounding between my legs before midnight. On Sunday morning he woke me with a kiss between my legs, and then moved up. On Sunday afternoon my experiments at sucking him almost made me miss saying goodbye to Ricky.

On Sunday night I went back to those experiments, and this time I swallowed his semen. Donald gave me more orgasms in three days than Carson had in the last couple of weeks -- or maybe than Joel had in the four months since he popped my cherry.

SUZANNE ELGIN: Donald and Anne went out of the house for a while on the last Sunday we were in Ocean City, the day before we left. That was the day Ricky went back home, but he made sure to give me an extra-special treatment to remember him by. On Monday morning I was eating breakfast when Donald came into the kitchen dressed in his briefs and carrying his other clothes in a little case. I had a lot of trouble taking my eyes off that bulge, and he knew it. He started moving in on me.

At first I thought that I didn't want him because I was going steady with Ricky, and he had just brought me off so well last night. But then I thought that nobody would ever know, and having Ricky's dickie in me twice a day for the last three weeks gave me more appetite than I was used to, and it might take a while to taper off.

Then I thought that it would be disloyal to Anne to screw her boyfriend, but then she had only known him for a couple of days. Anyway, he got his tongue into my mouth, and then he got his hands under my blouse, and then we were beside my bed and he was taking my clothes off.

His tongue went around my nipples and he pulled my shorts down. He picked me up and sat on my bed and lay me down. When he took my panties down, he went right between my legs and proved to me that he had the longest and liveliest tongue I had ever heard of. It seemed like he made me come once a minute for hours and hours, but it couldn't have been for more than a half-hour and it was probably less than a half-dozen times. Though I'm not sure about the last.

After a while I was just a quivering mass who would do anything he wanted, and then he took off his briefs. The tongue was unreasonably long; what else he had was just big and broad. But his hips had a lot of power and he gave me three more orgasms before I felt his sperm shoot into me. I knew for certain why Anne was spending so much time with him. Trouble was, I swear he made me sore from coming.

ANNE SHIMURA: Donald got up before I did on Monday, and I wondered immediately if he hadn't gone to Suzanne's bed then. But he helped us load the station wagon, as did Jim Thornton when he and Joy showed up around noon. That suspicion about him boffing Suzanne right after leaving me, confirmed later, made me decide not to look him up afterward. I didn't have any real claim on him, of course ; I'd only known him a few days. But it meant that he would probably keep wandering if I did want to get serious.

Besides, he was (in two senses) a fucking freak. The way he kept me going those last few days meant that I was masturbating a lot for a while after. And the next time I got together, horizontally, with Joel, he said that I acted so horny that he knew I must have missed him a lot down in Ocean City!