Un trio con mi amiga del trabajo

Un trio con mi amiga del trabajo
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Aliza and the dog Al called me and asked me to come over. I drove over to her house and we went to a friend's house up in the hills.

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The place had a pool she asked if i mined if she went swimming i said no and she took off her cloths and had a swim suit on under then. Aliza had left Angle her daughter at her cousins. After about an hour Al got out of the water and asked me if i would rub some tanning lotan on her back. After i finished she said thank you and sliped her top off. She undid her bottoms so she would not have a line. A while later she went to sleep and while she was sleeping a large dog came up and started and yelled to help get him off i went to try to get him off but he grould at me so I left him sniffing her.

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Melissa also known as Aliza was sleeping so sound she did not feel it so he started licking her with his tounge I was watching close but because the dog was so large i was afraid to call him off. He move the chair with his leg and it droped to the ground.

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Al saw the dog alone. Then he started licking her pussy again Melissa seeing how big the dog was let him keep licking because she was afraid he might bit her. I saw that i could not help her. Melissa moved to a more comfortable position on her hands and knees.

At this time the dog must have decided he had enough licking and mounted Melissa he started trying to hump her.


He missed the spot severai times and spraying her with his precome and one time hitting her clit causeing her to jump. He finaly found her pussy at this time was small but long dick went into her pussy he shoved it all the way in just after he got in her pussy she started coming and he keeped up the fast pace it was faster than any man could. it swelled and not start go into her pussy she looked like she passed out at this froming coming so much.

His nott started to swell as he was pumping into here and I saw it disapper inside Al. She was coming to when this happened because I could see it dripping out he must have come quite a bit because it i saw her stomack swell from all the cume in her woom.

He stopped humping and just stood there for a little while.


After a little while the dog truned arounded so that thay were ass to ass I keep the dog still untill he was fianly able to pull him self free with a loud pop then it came out all over the ground. Just as this dog was gone anouther showed up he started licking her cume drenched pussy and I saw her come again this dog also licked her ass after a while he decided he had enough and this dog mounted her but he missed and his dick went into her tight butt and he started to hump her hard and fast I watched as his dick went into her butt as this happened his nott started to swell the dog starting pushing his knott into Al's butt hole and finaly logged in her ass and started to swell as the first had done the dog started coming he filled her butt with come it swelled her belly with how much come she had in her butt.

I saw it leaking out her butt when this dog was finished he turnd so thay were pussy to ass. I saw that her ass hole had not went down and was the size of a baseball .Al was still out cold from being fucked 2 time by 2 dogs I thought since she never let me fuck her i would do it. My dick was hard and because of all the dog cume i stuck my dick in Aliza's pussy and fucked while she was out again it was so good I came like i had never come before.

I got her back in the caqr and drove her home. After we got to her appartment i started to clean her up and as i was cleaning her up i noticed she was lacktating so I started sucking on her brests one at a time I heard her moan she said keep sucking my tits are so full of milk i need some one to suck them. It felt so good to her it turned her on and she asked me to have sex with her.

But she asked me to say with her so i did she said she need a shower and would need help so I helped her shower i washed her from head to foot stopping at her nipples and sucking each oneand her pussy i rubbed it so gently we got out and i dried her off she had me take her to her bed so i did and she even had me sleep with her and while she was asleep.

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I licked her pussy and ass and that made me so hard I put my dick in her pussy and even though she was asleep my dick felt so good in Malissa I made her come and that made me come to I had taken some stay hard pills so after i came i was still very hard so i put my dick in her ass it had got back to normal so at first it was a little hard to put it in but when I did get my dick in her ass hole it was so tight and the jucies from her pussy lubed my dick 15 or 20 minuts later i came a second time and it was so good when I woke up the next morning and saw she was sleeping so I started licking her pussy and playing her clit I could tell she was coming and kept playing with her and i sliped my hard dick in her pussy.

I went home and a few days later she call me and said she was pregnant I asked her what she was going to do she said she did not know because she did not Know how she got pregnant and did not know who whad done it. She said she decided to have the baby. But she wanted to see me she said she was sorry she never let me and her get close.

Because of wha happened the outher day she wanted me to move in wit her and help her raise her little girl. she said she wanted me to come over so I left she was wearing a sexy dress I had given her with some sexy clothing and no panties.

Al kissed me and even opened her mouth and stuck her Tung in my mouth she handed me a stay hard pill and we sat and kissed whale it went to work. after it went to work she did a slow strip tease to the music and when she was naked she undressed me. Al went down on my cock and sucked on it so it was nice and wet. She sat over my dick and slowly let it slide in to her pussy after about 4 minutes she changed to cowgirl and then she was coming so hard she had to stop.

She told me she remembered how I brought her home after the dogs raped and great care of her and she said she was sorry for useing me for so long. She said she wanted to be with me and never wit any one else