Hot Marcel jacking his big cock just to get cum on his face

Hot Marcel jacking his big cock just to get cum on his face
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I meet a friend for breakfast on Sunday at Rock Fish for brunch. Our waitrss is a young 24 year old woman named Cheryl. She and her husband have been married a year, she is four months pregnant with their first baby. Her husband works two jobs, they have a new house barely furnished. I offered to furnish their house, she would need to perform a certain task with me once a week for a month. I would provide a contract, a place to meet, and she would not tell her husband.

" Are you ready, Cheryl?" I said, standing in front of the driver's side with the door open. She nodded and climbed in the front seat.

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She follows me up the steps as I unlock the door to the motel room. We walk inside and I tell Cheryl there is a short nightgown in the bathroom to change too. Cheryl tells me, she is nervous and wants to leave.

I said, " you are a pregnant, young woman and very horny?" Cheryl goes into the bathroom changing into the sheer short gown. She lays down on the bed, I make my way to where she is laying. I gently grab her left arm and whisper, " look, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to satisfy your craving being that your husband has not. If your husband were satisfying your sexual craving, you would not be here." I proceed to caress her hair telling her to relax with my deep voice.

Here is a man who is older much older than her dad and knows that she is very horny. My caresses begin to warm her up to my deep voice and she feels warming up from her forehead all the way down to her pussy. As I'm talking and caressing her moisture begins to collect between her legs. I tell her to relax and the baby belongs to her husband and won't be mine.Won't be harmed If she lets me make love to her.

I tell her I will be gentle and will not harm the baby she is carrying. She is trembling in fear and excitement as her heart slowly gives in.

She and her husband were so excited to become parents that she would do anything to save her baby. I ask her if she understood and she tearfully shook her head yes.

I let go of her arms reaching down caressing her pregnant stomach. nervousness racing through her veins as I said, " It has been a long time since I fucked a young pregnant woman." I slowly pull her nightgown up admiring her young pregnant body. Her small tits now bigger as they are primed for motherhood. Her pregnancy, enhanced her slender body. I bend down and pull her panties down. Her brown bush is moist as I lick my lips. I stand up and grab her swollen breasts.

As I grope her I said, " Young blonde women are my favorite." She feels weak at the knees as she lays there on the bed, pregnant and on display to this older man. lean in taking a nipple into my mouth. My warm tongue teasing her swollen nipple. I gently squeeze her swollen tits and start to aggressively suck her nipples. She shuts her eyes. With her pregnancy, she is experiencing a stronger sex drive and her body starts to betray her as my sucking sets her chest on fire.

Guilt mixes with the new sensations racing through her body. My warm mouth feels so good on her sensitive full breasts. She starts to tear up and whimpers as I continue to squeeze her breasts and lick her pink nipples. Her swollen nipples start to harden as I eagerly suck them. The thought of breast-feeding this big old man starts making her wet against my will.

I squeeze and suck one breast, than the other, slowly milking her. She cries out with excitement " Oh God," as she is determined to fight off her body's natural instincts. At that moment she was thinking about her husband. I never slowed down as I constantly suck on her tits. She is breathing hard and her pulse is racing. I caress her pregnant stomach as I continue to suck on her. She is losing her fight with her carnal instincts, then I stand and take off my sweat pants.

She is shocked, she has never seen such monster cock like mine, it has a huge head and encased in charcoal black skins with veins running on both sides of his monstrous organ. It is sticking straight from my body looking at her with a lustful eye. She is scared and trembling as my monster cock sways back and forth coming to the bed. It must be a least 11 inches and she is so shocked to see a man carring such weapon of mass destruction.

She sees my grey hairs all around my belly and around my huge balls. Her tits are sore as I laid her down on her back. She stays on the bed as I spread her legs wide exposing her hot wet pussy. My head disappears behind her pregnant stomach and then she feels a warm sensation slash through her moist pussy. I lift her legs onto my shoulders and went to work. She starts moaning as I buried my face into her yearning pussy.

She grips her swollen tits and quietly cries, " yessssssss!" as I hungrily start eating her out. It feels so good but she didn't want this to happen as she was thinking about her husband. I'm licking her very wet swollen pussy lips and shoving my tongue deep into her tight pussy as constant hot flashes shoot through her body.

She begs me to slow down a bit as I continue to run my warm tongue inside her warm wet cunt. I reach up holding her hands as my hot tongue finds her melting clit. She squeezes my hands tight as her body tenses up as I suck on her clit. She digs her heels into my back squeezing her legs together. She lets out a primal moan as a thunderous orgasm after orgasm starts brewing deep inside of her. I relentlessly run my warm tongue inside her slippery pussy as her stimulated clit is throbbing.

She thrusts her pelvis up to meet my tongue as she cries out, " yesssssss!" I hold her hands down as she lets loose with an intense orgasm.

Her wet cunt is contracting as I lick up her love-juice. Her body went into spasms as the wild orgasm has her writhing around on the bed. She can barely breath as I tastes her sweet tunnel of love.

Her heart is racing as I continue to eat out her quivering cunt. Drained, she stops squirming trying to pull herself together. I'm still licking her juicy pussy as she regains her senses. She grabs my head trying to pull it away but I'm stronger. She pleades with me to slow down but I won't. My hot tongue is lapping up all she has to offer as her drenched pussy starts to regain its form.

I push my thumbs into her slit peeling her pussy lips apart. She starts crying as I lick deep into her once proud young pussy and reboots her carnal passion that is deep within her. My warm tongue is penetrating her deeply and she can't believe her body is acting this way.

Her mind said your married but her body is begging yes satisfy it. She trembles as another hot flash rushes through her as her blood fills her erogenous zones. She didn't want me to know how much her body is reacting to my oral assault so she begs me to stop as she thrusts her pussy up to take my tongue in deeper. This big old man is sending this pregnant young woman into an erotic fit of desire at all cost.

She is trembling as her body is getting close and suddenly I quit. I stood up and she really " sobered up" as she stares at my monstrous cock, pointing straight at her small tight slit. Her mind is at it's crossroads. She loves her husband dearly and never cheated on him. He was her pride and joy and I never needed anything more, but.

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This huge cock with all the veins crisscrossing is unbelievable. It is so long and thick, Cheryl really wanted to get on her knees and suck it dry.

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She didn't know what to do as her marital instincts are battling her erotic desires. It is like an angel, my husband, is on one shoulder begging me to stop, and the devil, Mr. Banker, is on the other shoulder whispering in her ear, yearning to fuck her. Her marital instinct drew first blood as she spoke out, " please we can't do this." I grip my huge snake with one hand starting to rub it up and down her wet snatch.

The gigantic cock head is twice the size of her opening. Without saying a word, I definitely score one for my side.


I lean over her as her young pregnant stomach touches my stomach. I put my face right in front of her and said, " just relax and I guarantee you that my big cock will make you hotter than my tongue did." She reaches up taking a hold of the monstrous cock as I position myself aganist her small opening. She feels the bulbous head as I adjust for my length.

I continue to poke her with my big cockhead. It is knocking at her young cunt opening. She cries out, " Noooooooo!" as I thrust forward with all my might, allowing her slippery cunt lips to stretch and allow passage to my gigantic meat.

Her cunt feels better around my cock then I ever imagined. It is so soft, wet, and sooooo tight. I grab her hips as I thrust my cock all the way in, rupturing her tight narrow tunnel causing blood to ooze from her pussy coating my cock.

I place my hand over her mouth stifling her scream from the painful intrusen.

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I pull out my crimson manhood then ram it back in, as far as it can go. Her eyes roll back as she gasps at the unbelievable pain. Her cunt stretching open for my big cock. I rock slightly back and forth, allowing a little more of my big snake to slide into her burning pussy.

She bits her lip and moans as her hot cunt is struggling to adjust to my monstrous steel hard rod. I held her arms down I told her to raise her legs so that I could enter her without putting my weight onto her pregnant stomach.

She raised her legs her cunt spreads a little more as my massive cock passess her husband's depth penetrating deeper. She starts to whimper as my big shaft is stretching her. She starts panting, as the pain is mixed with pleasure sensation.

She wraps her legs around my butt squeezing as I penetrat deeper than she thought is possible. I'm thrusting slow and deep as her stretched cunt is taking me in with more ease.

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I look up groaning as her tight cunt contracts around my big cock. I whisper, " You have a very tight pussy," as I drive my rod deeper. I slowly thrust in and out as her climax is building. My massive cock is just what she needed. Her inhibitions are subsiding as she starts to enjoy the feel of my monstrous size filling her. She was not ready to let me know she is loving this so she just shut her eyes moaning quietly. I'm slamming into her faster and harder. She is moaning louder and louder as I drive all the way in with each stroke.

She gasps as I thrust hard and hold it. She realizes that this is the first time she has felt my balls slapping her ass. I start thrusting again as the adrenaline inside of her is going crazy. I hold her down slamming hard and deep inside her.


With every thrust she feels the warmth of my balls slapping her ass. The size of my cock is driving her to a continuous orgasm. Each stroke drives my cock deeper and deeper inside her.

She is enjoying her first experience with a big cock. The constant slamming in and out is all she can take and she screams, " Fuck me!

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fuck me harder. Deeper!" I open my eyes staring directly into hers. Both of us are sweating as I stop. I lean in pressing my lips against hers. She met my kiss, parting her lips for me. With that our tongues intertwined and we kissed deeply and as passionately as she ever has.

I pull myself up and hammer my cock home. She screams, " YES!" I slam inside her like a pile driver fast and hard. She bucks against me as I drive forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix . I buried my cock all the way inside her feeling her cunt tightly contracting around my cock.

I let go of her arms pulling back, withdrawing my cock from her obliterated young pussy. My rock hard cock shining with her juice and throbbing. The veins are sticking out as it is at it's maximum length and thickness. It is the most powerful cock she has ever seen.

Cheryl eagerly drops to her knees and starts to suck on my cock. She is double fisting me and still has plenty of shaft to take down her throat. She knew she can't deep throat me but she is going to swallow as much as she can. My large cockhead fills her entire mouth as she sucks my sensitive tip.

She pushes down hard as she allows my cock to slide down her throat and rest deep in her throat. She bobs back and forth continuously, only taking time out to lick up and down my long shaft. She licks and sucks my shaft for all its worth. I'm breathing heavy as she continues her attack. She has precum on her face leaving a sticky trail from the tip of my cock to her lips. Cheryl deep-throats me repeatedly and jacks me off at the same time.

I start to thrust back and forth, she lets go of my cock allowing me to fuck her mouth.

I hold the back of her head thrusting fast and hard. She is taking me down her throat deeper than ever. The massive width of my cock didn't allow for her gag reflexes to kick in as she is taking me down her throat like a pro. She grabs my ass with one hand and caresses my balls in the other as I bury my cock in her mouth. I start to moan and mumble as she feels my testicles trembling. With a hard thrust I send the majority of my cock down her throat and tenses. My cock seems to widen in her throat as she feels a warm sensation deep down her throat.

Only when I withdrew did she taste my salty thick cum and realize what happened. Cheryl has never swallowed cum before, she quickly decides she likes the taste of this big cock.

She swallows all she can licking up what she couldn't. I pull her hair out of the way admiring the sight of a pregnant young woman on her knees and swallowing the cum off of my cock. She continues to suck my cock, not for my pleasure but so she can get me to fuck her once again. My big cock is intoxicating to her and she wants to feel it inside her so bad.

As she continues to lick the remnants of her ultimate blowjob, she feels my cock growing hard again. She buries my cock deep in her mouth bobbing fiercely. As Cheryl sucks my cock, I grab her head stopping her and suddenly pulling my cock from her mouth. I grab her turning her around pushing her forward onto her hands. Cheryl is on her hands and knees, I spread her legs and kneel between them. Cheryl feels my cockhead pushing aganist her small tight slit, " Mmm, you're opening up nicely." My voice is rough.

" You're almost there, aren't you." " Ohh god John," She manages to whimper. She feels everything.the ridge of my head, all of the is if my cock is expanding.growing longer and thicker. I continue giving her long, deep thrusts with my entire length. " Fuck." She shuts her eyes and leans her head against the bed. " No,Cheryl." I said, pulling my cock out of her. " Look at me," I ordered. Damn, she is wet, wet and empty. " John." She moans looking back at me.

The second our eyes met, I thrust back into her fucking her rougher and harder. She came in seconds, nearly screaming. " OMG!" Try as she did, she can't stop hereyes from rolling into the back of her head.

It was the most intense orgasm she has ever had. I continue thrusting in and out of her hard. " That's it, Cheryl. Take it. Mmmm, yes." As her orgasm died down, I slowed.

" Now, just stay still and keep looking at me." I stopped after three deep thrusts, pulling her close to me. We stared at each other silently. I'm buried all the way inside her my balls laying aganist her thighs, my cock throbbing teasingly.

Then she feels it, I'm coming. I remain motionless. " Yes." I hiss. I brush my lips against hers. " There you go." The warm tingling sensation shoots through her pussy to her body. She came again.harder than the last time. Cheryl screams " Oh God.OOOhhh," panting trying to catch her breath, then everything went dark. After a few minutes, she opens her eyes.

Both of us had collapsed on the floor. I raise up off the floor and help Cheryl up. " Thank you, it has been a long time since I have fucked a young pregnant woman.

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A pregnant woman sends my sexual drive into over drive." I said.