Vorabend süße Orgie Party

Vorabend süße Orgie Party
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Candi knew she had to wake up and drag herself out of bed. Her head was pounding and her stomach felt queasy from drinking heavily and partying well into the early morning hours. As she trudged across the floor, her leg muscles ached and her jaw was sore. Still groggy, she made her way into the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror. She noticed the crunchy dried cum in her long dark brunette hair. Candi moaned under her breath and exhaled a long sigh.

It had been a long and busy night and she wondered if she needed to buy more condoms. It was already mid-afternoon on a Friday and she was scheduled to work that evening. On top of that, she still needed to pack for a three day paid jaunt to The Bahamas to accompany a very wealthy client. Candi dreaded going with him, but he had agreed to pay her a five-thousand dollar retainer. She raised her arms and sniffed, wrinkling her nose she realized that she reeked from the stale, musky, and pungent smell of sex and sweat.

Candi pulled her hair to her nose and besides the ammonia smell of old cum, she caught a whiff of acrid cigarettes and stale sweet marijuana. Walking over to the shower, she pulled the curtain back, and turned the water faucet to hot.

She noticed a dark shadow developing around her pubic mound, and said aloud to herself, "Guess it's time for a shave." Just then Candi heard her cell phone ring. ************************** Three young men, dressed in khakis and polo shirts, energetically bound through the door to their north Atlanta hotel suite.

They were joking and laughing as they carried and tugged their bags and suitcases inside the room. They quickly tossed everything haphazardly onto the furniture and beds.

Shorty, actually tall and slim, pulled back the curtain to look over the parking lot. "What time is our star supposed to arrive?" His squatty friend, Bob, dropped into a comfortable easy chair. "Chad is picking Pepper up at the airport and they should get here any minute, really." Shorty pulled the curtains closed.

"Alright then." Devon opened the room refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of ice cold Bud Lite. "I don't know about you two assholes, but I'm ready for a cold beer." The other two guys also grabbed cold beers from the refrigerator.

Devon, an attractive tall athletic black guy with a six-pack waist, flopped himself down in a large easy chair next to Bob. His chiseled biceps and forearms flexed as he twisted the top off the beer bottle.

With a snap of his fingers, he flipped the cap across the room into the wastebasket. "I didn't expect Pepper to be the first of our bunch to take this plunge." Bob collapsed into a large chair, propped his feet onto the coffee table, turned up the icy cold beer bottle and took a long gulp.

"Damn, it is hard to believe, I never thought he'd be the first, either." "And now, we're all going to be groomsmen," added Shorty and a momentary silence fell over the room as they all sipped their beer and blankly stared forward.

Bob jumped up straight in his chair. "Hey! When the fuck is Boyd getting here?" Devon was sitting back with his eyes closed relaxing. "He was leaving work mid-afternoon and I think he wants to surprise his fiancée." "Boyd is so fucking pussy whipped," Shorty exclaimed.

Bob laughed and shook his head. "Ever since our pledge days, Boyd was always falling in love with some chick." Nodding, Devon leaned his head toward Bob and grinned. "But he was always a great Kappa." "To Kappa!" exclaimed Bob lifting his bottle. Devon and Shorty both hoisted their bottles toward Bob, "To Kappa." The door burst open as Pepper and Chad bounded in with their bags.

"Aaaaaayyy!" Handshakes, hugs and friendly insults filled the room as the old fraternity brothers greeted each other. More beer was opened and after several minutes of boisterous laughing and chatting, they finally settled down, lounging around the room on the chairs and the sofa. Shorty leaned forward in his chair. "Are y'all getting hungry?" The guys not moving from their reclined positions all grunted out 'yeahs.' "Great!" said Shorty, "I've reserved us a private room at the Buckhead Saloon and then back here for strippers at nine." Bob shot up from his reclining position.

"Strippers!" Breaking into a big toothy grin, Shorty said, "I thought that would get your attention, Bob." ***************************************** Boyd left his office at the bank early that Friday afternoon.

He was dreading the six hour drive from Ocala, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. He had thought that he would surprise his fiancée, Heather, that evening and spend the night with her before catching up with his old college buddies on Saturday morning. Heather had told him that she was flying to see her mother in Houston on Saturday. Having not seen her in several days, Boyd desperately wanted the chance to spend a few hours with her before she left. Pulling his car onto the highway, he called her on his cell phone, eager to hear her sweet voice.

"Hey, Boyd." Heather's voice was haggardly hoarse. "Hey, babe. Wow, you sound tired." "Yeah, I didn't sleep well. I was running late and didn't shower before morning classes, so I was just about to do that." "Just think Heather, only two more semesters at nursing school, you'll be an RN and no more late night, waitressing jobs." "Yeah, I can't wait." "So, what time are you going to the airport tomorrow?" "Oh, about nine-thirty to catch my flight." "What a drag, that'll be about the time I get to Atlanta," he said.

"I sure wished that you would have been in town to meet my friends." "Oh babe, I'm so sorry, I know you really wanted me to go to your buddy's wedding with you." "Yeah, that would've been nice. You've never had a chance to meet my old gang." "Don't worry, it will happen soon enough," she answered.

A car trying to pass a large truck, cut very close to Boyd's front bumper as it swerved into his lane. "Yeah, well, I better get off my cell. Traffic seems to be getting heavy now." "Okay babe, I love you, Bye." The car that had cut in front of Boyd suddenly slammed their brakes for the slowing traffic. Boyd jerked in his seat and swerved the wheel to the right as he slammed on his own brakes.

"I love you too later." ************************************ Just before nine o'clock, the guys returned to the hotel room.

Shorty opened the refrigerator door to to make sure it was still well stocked with beer. "I guess the strippers will arrive soon." Unbeknownst to them, one of the two strippers had already pulled into the hotel parking deck. She picked up her cell phone and punched her partner's number on the speed dial.

"Hey, Sunshine," the other girl answered.


"Candi, how far are you from the hotel?" "I just passed Lenox Mall, should be there in any minute. It would be great to get some extra money out of these guys." "Yeah, they're Emeroids, aren't they?" "God no, not Emory alums, these guys were Georgia Tech frat boys." Candi assured her, "Get 'em drunk and horny and they'll spend every dime they have." "Awesome girl! Let's do it. Those engineers will have some serious money to spend." "Yeah girl, maybe I can finally pay this last semester's tuition." Sunshine watched as Candi pulled her silver Toyota pull into the parking space next to hers.

The girls got out, placed their bags on Sunshine's car trunk and began rummaging through them. Candi heard her cell phone beep. "Oh, just a minute, I've got a text." After answering the text, she opened her bag enough for Sunshine to peek in and held up some items. "I've got the lubes and the pink dildo." Sunshine peered over at Candi's bag then held her's open toward Candi.

"I've got some lube and condoms in my bags." The girls were both dressed in gray women's business suits that sported very short skirts, with stockings and heels. They could easily pass for young business executives in town for a convention.

With their bags over their shoulders, they both walked into the lobby as if on a mission. The hotel clerk looked up at them as they passed by the desk. Their eyes met and he gave them an acknowledging smile. Both girls nodded discreetly back at him before they disappeared into the elevator. After their "show," one of them would stop by the desk and leave him an envelope. Inside would be a sweet hundred in cash for allowing them past hotel security.

A few minutes later, the bachelor party guys heard a knock at their door. Wide eyed with anticipation they all glanced at one another.

Shorty got up from his chair and went to answer the door. He opened the door to see two very pretty girls, a blonde and a brunette, both in their early to mid-twenties, wearing business suits with very short skirts. "Is this the bachelor party?" asked Sunshine. Shorty had a wide eager grin on his face. "Yes it is, please come in." The girls entered to see several guys with excited and well pleased expressions. The guys greeted the girls with a 'heys' and 'hellos." "I'm Sunshine," then gesturing to the brunette, "And this is Candi." The two girls then checked out the two bedrooms, the closets and also the balcony, to make sure that the party was not an undercover police sting.

Sunshine, feeling confident that no one else was there, turned toward the guys. "Which of you is Shorty?" Shorty waved his hand.

"Me, that's me." "We'll need to be paid up front," said Candi. Shorty stuttered nervously, "Oh-oh, yeah." Sunshine placed her hands firmly on her hips. "Twelve hundred I think is what you agreed on with Lulu at the agency; eight hundred for the dancing and four for the show." Squirming in his chair, Bob whispered curiously, "The show?" Shorty nervously pulled the Platinum Visa card out of his wallet, handing it to Sunshine.

"Oh yeah." She took the card and opened her bag, pulling out her cell phone with a card reader attachment, and scanned the card. The room was dead silent as she waited quietly for the approval to appear on the screen of the cell phone. Sunshine clicked her phone off. "Okay, it's approved." "You guys just relax, sit back and watch." Candi's eyes peered seductively underneath the top of her eye lids, her lips pulled wide, creating dimples and a mischievous sexy smile.

She took a really small boom box out of her bag and plugged an MP3 player into it. "I'm glad y'all chose this hotel guys, 'cause they really sound proofed the walls here." She turned the music on. It was fairly loud, but not too loud and it produced remarkably good sound for a box that small.

The girls laid their suit jackets over their bags on the nearby desk and proceeded to start their erotic dancing. Erotically dancing with their hips grinding back and forth provocatively, they slowly started to make their way around the room. Rhythmically pushing and grinding their crotches toward the guy's faces, they began to tease them by quickly lifting up and closing their skirts, flashing them.

The guys were sprawled out all around the main room of the hotel suite, lounging in the chairs and on the sofa. Smiles adorned all of their faces as their eyes were intently focused on the two girls.

The smiles turned to cheers as both girls started to unbutton their white blouses. The two dancers started to grind even more provocatively, simulating sex thrusts with their hips. They occasionally would bend over to touch their toes and peek at one of the guys through their spread legs. Candi pulled her blouse off and tossed it over her suit jacket. She had not worn a bra, but that was no surprise as her dark nipples had been easily visible through her white blouse.

Candi's wide open twinkling eyes and smile lit her face up. She seemed to really enjoy her job. Her toned stomach and average size firm tits, made her a delicious sexy delight to behold. Sunshine soon joined her by going topless. She flung her blouse over to the desk and then undid her white lacy bra, tossing it onto Bob's head. The guys let out a rambunctious cheer as Bob blushed. Then to the delight of the fellows, Sunshine and Candi simultaneously, as if a choreographed routine, started to twist and pull at their gray skirts.

They unhooked the skirts and tossed them onto the rest of their clothes, sending the guys into another round of cheering. The two sexy strippers were down to only sheer lacy thong panties, thigh stockings and their high heels. They both slowly made their way around the room, grinding, and dancing until they both had put on a personal show for each guy.

"Who's the groom?" asked Candi. The guys laughed, turned their heads toward Pepper, and pointed. "Pepper!" "Pepper, huh?" Candi laughed as she walked over and straddled his legs as he sat in one of the easy chairs. "Pepper, now that's an interesting name." She actually thought it sounded very familiar somehow, though she could not remember where she'd heard it, she was sure she had heard it recently.

Still grinding her torso, she leaned over and sensuously ran her forefinger down his chest. "Okay, Pepper. Pull my panties off." The decibel level in the room exploded as Pepper's friends erupted into a very loud cheer. Pepper looked somewhat shy and blushed a little from embarrassment.

"Okay." He gripped her panties by the thin elastic waist band and slowly slid them down her legs, revealing a freshly shaved pubic mound. She raised one leg up, so he could pull the panties over her heels and then the other. With the guys cheering and watching, she took the panties from him and draped them over his head, spurring another round of cheering and laughter. Candi stepped back and Sunshine walked over, straddling Pepper's legs.

"Now it's my turn." More rambunctious cheering and laughter erupted as the guys were eagerly leaning forward in their chairs, watching the action.

Pepper repeated the maneuver he had done with Candi, and Sunshine draped her panties over his head also. She spun around with her ass in his face and bent over peaking at him from between her legs. She used her forefingers to spread her pussy lips apart for him to see her pink wet cunt. Pepper was speechless but grinning from ear to ear. As if he were out of breath, he finally uttered, "Oh, you look a little wet, Sunshine." She spun around and straddled him ultra close, whispering breathily in his ear, "Oh, I'm always wet baby." She began to grind on his lap.

Next to him Candi started grinding on Chad's lap. The girls knew their routine well. Over the next several minutes, they made sure each guy had received a lap grind from both of them. They allowed touching of their hips and thighs and even allowed the guys to play with and softly pinch their nipples. All the while, the guys kept consuming more beer. From the protrusions in their jeans the girls knew that the bachelor party boys were really worked up and horny.

Candi pranced in front of the guys poking her tits forward. "It's time for the show, boys." A loud "Yay!" vibrated and echoed across the room as the guys stirred ever more eagerly.

Candi shocked the guys as she took her arm and suddenly raked everything on the coffee table off into the floor in one semi-violent maneuver. Surprised, the guys all erupted into laugher.

Candi lay with her back down onto the table and spread her legs wide. Maneuvering together into a bunch in front of her spread legs, the guys all wanted a good look at her open pussy.

Candi was immediately turned on by their prying eyes. She felt her pussy get wetter and began to lick her fingers so she could finger her clit.

She realized that watching her masturbate had every guy there displaying erections that pushed even more in their pants. Sunshine stepped in wielding the large and well-lubed translucent pink plastic dildo. She dropped to her knees and gave Candi a long passionate tongue kiss. More of an 'oooh' escaped the guys' mouths than a cheer. Sunshine slid down between Candi's legs and began kissing and softly nibbling at Candi's shiny wet labia and clit.

With her legs spread wide and her juices beading up and dripping down her pussy lips, the group could all see how wet she was. Sunshine continued licking and sucking on Candi, and began to finger her own juicy pussy with her left hand. Candi could feel their eyes watching her as Sunshine licked and sucked on her cunt lips. The guys' awe soon turned to being completely mesmerized when Sunshine crawled on top of Candi and the two girls began a full on lesbian 'sixty-nine' right in front of them.

From the corner of her eyes, Candi noticed the guys still displaying the tell tale signs of excitement from their protruding hard-ons to their sweaty foreheads. She felt confident that they would be wanting to spend much more money before she and Sunshine left that evening. The girls moaned, licked and fingered each other for several minutes.

Candi had blotted out everything else and concentrated on how good Sunshine's mouth felt on her cunt when Sunshine slid the pink plastic dildo into her soaked and slathered cunt. The guys were mesmerized as they saw the dildo pushing Candi's drenched shiny labia apart and the wet juices running down the translucent pink plastic.

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Candi felt like she was going to soon cum. She was completely enthralled with arousal from being sucked and fucked in front of those men watching and cheering.

The girls loud sensual moans and heavy breathing filled the air in the room, leaving the guys practically hypnotized. After several minutes, the girls performed an Oscar winning orgasm performance. What no one but Candi realized, was that she had actually had an orgasm.

She often did during those shows with Sunshine. She had never admitted, though, to anyone just how much she loved to be seen naked and how aroused she got, having sex in front of people. The girls sat up with their chins and lips shiny and wet from pussy licking.

Their hair was a mess. "Well, guys that's it," announced Sunshine. "You paid for an hour and half, dancing and a show." Bob drooped his shoulders in disappointment. "Awe damn, it's over." All the guys moaned, disappointed that the show had come to an end.

The front of Devon's trousers was protruding like it would burst at any second. "What would it take to make this thing last longer?" Candi sat up eagerly and giggled. "Since you asked, we might could offer something." "Something?" Bob was so excited that he practically vibrated in his seat.

"What something?" Sunshine had gotten up and found a towelette in her bag to wipe her face off. "Well, if you'd like to pay for our time we could stay a little longer." All the guys beamed with excitement.

"How much and how long?" Bob asked exuberantly. Candi knew this was her chance to get a lot of extra money from these guys. "Do you each want a turn with both of us?" Except for Pepper, they all yelled in unison, "Yes!" Pepper waived his arms in protest.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! You have to leave me out." Everyone turned and looked at him. "I'm getting married, so I can't." Pepper paused and looked at the girls. "But if you don't mind, I'll just chill and watch." Candi answered him with a sweet smile. "Quite alright, sweetie" "Okay then, four," Sunshine said. Then she whispered in Candi's ear. Candi nodded and looked at the guys. "Eleven hundred for each of us, and you'll get girlfriend experience, covered of course, except we'll do BBBJ." Bob could not hide his exuberance.

"Whoa!" Sunshine stood naked with her arms crossed below her tits. "Pretty much anything is okay, except pain." "Let's do it!" screamed Bob. ************************************ After hours of driving, Boyd finally pulled into his fiancée's apartment parking lot. Exhausted from the long drive and frazzled from the stress of the congested Atlanta traffic, he was glad to finally be there.

He parked and looked around but could not see Heather's silver Toyota Camry anywhere. Still he got out and went to her apartment door and rang the bell.

After several buzzes and no answer, he decided to text her. 'hey babe wat's up tonite' In a couple of minutes she texted back, 'shopping errunds 4 trip - u?' 'nuthin relly' She texted back, 'gotta go - luv u, see ya next week' 'luv u too' He checked under her doormat and above the door frame for a spare key, but none was to be found.

Boyd, being a fairly patient man, decided to just sit in his car and wait until Heather returned. It had been two weeks since he had last seen her. For him, that meant two weeks without real sex.

Boyd thought about Heather. She was by far the best lover he had ever had in his meager experiences. He thought about the erotic things she always did to him. After looking around the parking lot to make sure he was not seen, he slid low in his seat and slowly began to rub his crotch. He hoped it wouldn't be too long before she came home.

********************************* Candi really loved working parties and groups. She eagerly looked forward to the sexual festivities that lay ahead. She had orgasmed earlier and the thought of fucking those guys made her sopping wet all over again. All the participating guys, except Shorty, pulled cash from their wallets and dropped it on the coffee table for the girls.

The rest of the cash, the girls eagerly divided up and stashed into their purses. Once done, the girls, still naked, except for stockings and heels from their earlier performance, were eager to get started with the festivities and each pulled several new condoms from their purses. They both had planned to try and get in a couple of more appointments before they called it a day. Candi, holding the unopened condom packages in her hand, looked around and smiled.

"Who wants me first?" Bob jumped to his feet almost before she had finished her question and blurted out. "I'm ready!" She motioned with her arm. "Lead the way, stud." Bob quickly headed to the bedroom on the right as Candi followed. Sunshine turned toward the other guys and shrugged her shoulders. Shorty shook his finger at Devon. "You're not going first!" Devon shrugged and turned his palms up in a quizzing manner.

"You went first the last two times we did this." "Shorty's right dude," interjected Chad, "You did go first the last two times." Devon smiled with a protesting gesture. "Oh my God, that was like two years ago when we were still at Tech." Shorty shook his head.

"No matter, you wait for sloppy seconds this time." Nodding his head, Devon shrugged and smiled. "Go ahead go first." Grinning from ear to ear and pumping his fist triumphantly, Shorty did a silly semi-dance move before grabbing Sunshine by the hand. "In here, babe." He led her to the bedroom on the left and closed the door behind him. Devon and Pepper broke out laughing and turned toward the right bedroom, opening the door just in time to see Bob's ample ass swinging back and forth slightly as he was up on the bed with his face buried between Candi's legs.

Bob quickly turned his head toward them in surprise. "Really?" Both Devon and Pepper leaned against the door frame. "We need a good show." Bob just rolled his eyes and buried his face back into Candi's sopping wet pussy.

Devon and Pepper stayed in the doorway watching Bob performing cunnilingus on Candi. Her legs were spread wide and rocked slightly in and out. As she moaned and breathed heavily, it looked to them as if she was really enjoying it.

Actually, she was. In fact, Candi was further excited knowing that those two guys were in the doorway watching. She also was impressed that Bob was doing a good job of licking her pussy.

He had a soft patient touch and his tongue seemed to stroke all the right spots, just teasing her clit the way she liked.

Candi thought Bob was a sweet guy and she had been entertained by his eager attitude. Bob pulled his face out of Candi's crotch and looked back over his shoulder.

His face displayed some annoyance that his buddies were still standing in the doorway. Candi pushed at Bob's chest with her hands.

"Roll over, Bob, my turn on you." He rolled onto his back as she crawled into a sixty-nine position on top of him. She was pleasantly surprised that his average length cock was actually quite thick. Candi went to work on it, licking up and down its length, nibbling at the head and then easily burying his entire pecker into her mouth and upper throat. Having deep throated much longer cocks in her experience, Bob's penis slid down quite easily.

Bob found himself in too much pleasure to continue to lick Candi's wet twat and he was trying to ignore the cheers of his buddies as they watched her take his cock into her mouth.

He squirmed and moaned in delight and it was a few minutes before he finally managed to start licking her pussy again. Candi still felt aroused by the cheering and by being watched as she performed fellatio, but knew she needed to move things along as she still had three guys to suck and fuck. She turned to Bob and asked, "Are you ready for me to put a condom on you?" Bob moaned and squirmed, "Yeah." She displayed her vast experience as she tore the package open in one smooth rip, taking out the clear pre-lubed condom and rolling it down Bob's cock in what seemed like a short, easy maneuver.

Her hands stroked up and down his cock, making sure the condom was on good and tight. Candi straddled Bob, sliding her already very wet snatch down onto his covered cock. Cheers rose from the doorway as the voyeurs looked on in excitement. A mischievous smile decorated Candi's face as she felt even more aroused knowing they were watching her cunt slide up and down on a cock.

Candi bounced herself on top of him, grinding tightly as she slammed her torso into his.


She constricted her vaginal muscles around his penis so she could bring him to a quick orgasm. As she continued her erotic assault on top of him, her tits bouncing in his face as he desperately tried to get a tongue on them. Candi's expertise as a professional fucktress soon had Bob on the verge of cumming. She heard him grunt and could see the pace of his breathing greatly increase and decided it was time to finish him off.

Again, Candi tightened her cunt muscles and released them, tightening again as she continued up and down on his cock. Bob spasmed. His soft belly tightened and he could feel the orgasmic explosion launch from his balls.

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Candi knew that Bob had just filled the condom with cum. She kept grinding on him, providing every bit of pleasure Bob could squeeze out of his after-orgasm. Then she slowed down and rolled off of him.

As Bob lay there spent, his cock in its condom wrap, going flaccid, Candi spread her legs toward the guys in the doorway. She spread her swollen juicy pussy lips apart and smiled at the guys. "My pussy wants to know who's next?" Devon leaning against the door jam, straightened up, and grinned.

"That'd be me." Looking at the very handsome, well muscled, tall black guy, Candi felt another tinge of arousal. She motioned Devon to her. "Bring it over here, big boy." While Candi was beginning to take on Devon, her partner, Sunshine, was in the other bedroom taking care of business with Shorty and Chad.

Lying naked on the bed, Devon moaned and groaned as Candi was giving him her best bare back blow job performance. She had Devon so enthralled as she licked and sucked his dark pecker, that he couldn't speak. Candi was enjoying the experience almost as much as Devon. Knowing that her ass raised in the air behind her, exposed her soaking wet swollen cunt lips to the guys watching, thrilled her immensely.

In fact, every time her tongue rolled up the length of Devon's rather large pecker, she cornered her eyes to make sure they were watching her. She adored the fact that they could see her lips wrapped around his thick erect cock while her juicy twat was exposed to them. Candi knew it was time to give Devon's swollen pecker a ride, so she reached over to the top of the nightstand and grabbed her stash of condoms. She thought that she would have loved to have had a ride on that cock without a condom, but the more prudent side of her knew that would not be a good idea.

Candi had another life apart from her escort job and catching a sexually transmitted disease could ruin all of her plans. She easily rolled the pre-lubed condom down Devon's thick swollen shaft and then crawled on top, straddling him.

She lowered herself down on him, allowing his big pecker to penetrate her excited juicy twat. Candi sat almost still on top of Devon as she allowed her cunt to adjust to his length and thickness. She then leaned down to his face, looking deeply into his eyes and began grinding hard on his torso. Devon moaned loudly. His swollen throbbing cock felt amazing with Candi's tight juicy twat wrapped around it. She demonstrated her vast experience with her twisty grinding moves and Devon realized he was probably in for one of the best fucks he would ever experience.

He let his head fall backwards relaxing gently into the pillow and savored the moment. The intoxicating musky smell of pussy and sweat filled Devon's nostrils helping to filter out any type thought from his brain other than what he was feeling between his legs.

His buddies standing in the doorway voyeuristically enjoying the show did not even register with him at that moment. Candi on the other hand was still mesmerized with ecstasy, realizing that her pink juicy cunt was on display, being filled with Devon's large chocolate pecker deep inside her. Her lips curled up into a mischievous smile as she looked back over her shoulder at the peering eyes of Devon's buddies. She then nuzzled her face into Devon's neck and began to sensuously nibble at his ear lobe.

A soft tickling sensation shot through Devon as it ran down his neck and down his spine. Devon grunted and moaned. Candi encouraged by that, continued nibbling at his ear lobe while her ass practically twirled in rhythmic motions. By then, Chad had finished up his interlude with Sunshine and joined the other guys, all squeezed into the doorway watching Candi's ever so erotic grinding on top of Devon.

They found themselves thoroughly entertained with her rhythmic grinding as her dripping snatch swallowed Devon's rather large erect cock and then let it reappear, only to engulf it over and over again. Sunshine, naked except for her heels and stockings kept trying to look over, between and around the guys to get a view of the action herself. Preferring to climax while on top, Devon grabbed Candi by her sides. "Let's switch up." He lifted her with his strong arms and she slid in underneath him.

Devon having crawled on top, pushed his pulsating cock into her sloppy wet pussy. As he started to push into her, his force splayed her legs out wider, causing her legs to fan out with each pelvic thrust. Once on top, Devon began slamming into Candi's aroused cunt.

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Her body shook with his every thrust that pound into her. Her voice moaned out with delight. "Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" ***************************************************** Very disappointed, Boyd decided to go over to the hotel to unload his things, and see his buddies. He planned to go back to Heather's place after that. He was sure she would be home by that time.

He pulled his car onto the highway and began driving toward Buckhead. Just as the gang were enjoying the new change in their voyeuristic show, there was a knock at the door. Totally hypnotized by the erotic scene before them, the guys were unresponsive. Sunshine poked Bob in his side. "Hey, didn't you hear the knock at the door?" "Knock?" quizzed Bob.

"Yeah, the door, dude." "Uh, Okay." Bob stepped over to the front door and peaked through the peephole. A big grin came over his face and he unlatched and opened the door. "Boyd! You crazy fuck!" "Aaayyy," yelled Boyd stepping into the room pulling his suitcase on wheels behind him. Bob, in his shorts and undershirt gave Boyd a tight hug. Boyd looked at Bob questioningly until he saw the blonde girl standing in the room in just her stockings and heels.

The other guys broke their attention away momentarily from the fuck scene which had them so mesmerized. They slapped hands and bear hugged their old buddy, who had just walked in the door.

Boyd looked over at mostly naked Sunshine. She gave him a little friendly smile and waved. Boyd turned to Bob with a curious expression on his face. "Oh dude, you missed the show," Bob informed. "There was some dancing and girl-on-girl action. Devon's just now humping on the other girl." Smiling from ear to ear, Boyd laughed.

"You guys are crazy, just like our Tech days." "WelI, hope you don't mind that we started without you." Bob laughed out loud. "Not a problem at all." Boyd then leaned over Pepper's shoulder to get a view at the scene in the bedroom.

"Oh shit!" Boyd grinned and patted Pepper on the shoulder. Boyd caught a glimpse of a girl's legs spread and splayed out wide, her feet pointing to the ceiling with his old friend Devon between them pounding away. He couldn't see her face, but did get a slight glimpse of brunette hair. Boyd turned back to Bob.

"I'm gonna leave my bag here for now and drive back over to Heather's apartment and see if she's back yet." "You haven't caught up with her yet?" Boyd shrugged. "No, maybe her cell battery is dead. But I'm sure she'll be back at her place soon. I'll wait over there for her, you know, so I can say I wasn't part of this crazy shenanigan." "Gotcha," Bob replied. "I'll most likely be back over here early in the morning." Boyd waved and laughed as he walked out the door.

Devon, pounding his hard pecker into Candi's juicy pussy could feel that he was ready to explode. Experience had told Candi that Devon was ready to cum, so she squeezed her pussy muscles tight. She had already had two vaginal orgasms with Devon in her, so she was more than happy to finish him up. Candi knowing Devon was on the brink of cumming, tightened her cunt muscles around his pulsating cock.

That was more than he could take and he exploded into an orgasm, filling his condom with his warm cum. Devon rolled off Candi, almost in exhaustion. Candi, shimmering all over in a sheen of sweat and her swollen cunt lips spread out and covered in a wet glaze of her own juices looked ragged out and ready for a break.

She knew she had two more guys to fuck. High-fives greeted Devon for his performance between Candi's legs. It was like old times at the fraternity house. After a while each guy had taken their turn with both girls.

The guys continuous drinking and having their cocks drained had left them tired and ready to get some rest. The girls had done nights like this several times and knew their night wasn't over yet. Candi slinked into the main room to find her clothes.

Sunshine was getting dressed and ready to leave. "She works hard for the money," Sunshine smiled and sang softly, mimicking an old song.

Candi had just slid her skirt on and was buttoning her house when she overheard something the guys said that caught her attention. "What was that name y'all said?" "Boyd," answered Pepper. Candi stopped and her face turned ashen. She had to catch her breath before responding.

She felt a rush of panic. "Who's that?" Bob laughed. "Oh, just our friend Boyd came by to drop his bag off while you were fucking Devon senseless." Candi felt a sickly sense of trepidation overcome her.

"Did he see anything?" "He just glanced over our shoulders while Devon was on top of you," Pepper said, "Why, did you want to have a go with him?" The guys all laughed. Candi just then noticed Boyd's suitcase sitting in the kitchenette area of the hotel room. Her heart was pounding fast. Bob shrugged. "He's engaged… pretty much, seriously pussy-whipped and in love, so he wasn't going to stick around for the show.

He's trying to catch up and surprise his fiancée." "Oh, okay," Candi muttered. She looked at Sunshine and nodded her head toward the door. "C'mon Sunshine, I'm ready to go." Sunshine laid a business card onto the kitchenette counter. "If you guys come back into town, give us a call, okay?" Candi looked at her and frowned impatiently.

She wanted to get out of there fast. Bob snatched the card and stuffed it into his pocket. "Sure thing." The two girls started for the door. Shorty waved his hand.

"Thanks girls!" Bob pointed at Candi and placed his hand on his heart, nodding his head he placed the agency business card in his pocket. "You were marvelous!" Candi smiled and waved her fingers as Sunshine pushed the door open and held it as Candi passed. Sunshine smiled and waved her hand back at the group. The old frat brothers, standing shoulder to shoulder, waved and yelled.

"Thanks!" As they were walking down the hallway Sunshine grinned.

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"You were right girl, those Techsters were big spenders, this is a good night." She then noticed Candi's forehead wrinkled and tensed, her lips were pulled tight and she looked pale. "Hey, you okay girl? You look like you've seen a ghost or something." Candi exhaled and increased her pace. "Yeah, I'm okay." Actually, she was not. Candi's heart was racing with panic. Arriving in the parking deck, Candi turned to Sunshine and pleaded.

"Sunny, can I come by your place and freshen up, my bf just got to town." Sunshine patted her on the shoulder. "Sure hun, of course you can." Candi sighed some relief. "Thanks so much girl." Candi flipped her hair and shook her head. "I'm gonna call the agency and tell them I need to take the rest of the evening off. Hope you don't mind?" "No prob hun, I'll get one of the other girls if I need to do another double." Candi pulled her phone out of her bag.

"I've got to send a text, I'll be just a few minutes behind you." Sunshine had just opened her car door and was getting in. "No prob." Candi stood by her car with her cell phone in her hand.

She texted, 'hey babe r u still up? i've ben out shppg & visitd a gf 4 awhil - goin home now. will miss u bad. wish u were in town. luv u.' Candi then drove off following Sunshine in her silver Toyota Camry. Her mind was spinning as she thought to herself. 'It will be months maybe a year before I have to meet those guys formally as Boyd's fiancée. I'll be finished with school and have a nurse's job by then.

I'll do a complete make over, cut my hair short and dye it blonde, maybe get a tattoo. They'll never know it was me.' ************************************** Sitting in a Krystal restaurant, Boyd had just finished his last little Krystal burger when he received a text from his fiancée, Heather, saying that she she'd been out with a girlfriend and was going back to her place.

He smiled and said to himself, "Alright." He thought, 'I will get to surprise her after all.'