Cogiendo a mi esposa y llenando la de leche

Cogiendo a mi esposa y llenando la de leche
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Quadruplet Connection Chapter Three Vanessa Sunday was like Friday in the sense that it was raining off and on for most of the day. Despite that though, Ashley and Jean decided to spend a little girl time together and informed Frank that they were going to go to the mall after lunch.

Frank was slightly leery of the pair going off by themselves after the events of Saturday, where Frank had explained to them both that he had had relations with them behind the other's back. Because of their bond, both women were inclined to forgive him and move on, although Frank was still unsure about what moving on meant, exactly.

He was sure that both girls would be chatting throughout their shopping excursion, and that he would be some of the subject matter, so he waved goodbye to Ashley's retreating car with a bit of trepidation. He looked to the west where, instead of the grey cloud cover directly above him, stood a dark grey front of storm clouds. He got a thrill as he always did during storms, and hoped they wouldn't lose power from that monster. He went back inside and shut the door, deciding that this might be a good day for reading, but first he decided to check on Vanessa, from whom he had not heard yet that day.

The music got louder as he climbed the stairs, with grinding guitar work and subsonic bass guitars all but vibrating Vanessa's door off its hinges. Frank knocked sharply on the door, but had to repeat it once before Vanessa finally came to the door.

She smiled broadly at seeing him, and opened the door wider, inviting him in. Frank stepped in and actually listened to her music from within her room, as opposed to not having a choice about listening to her music from outside her room, where it was quite muffled. The music player was on the bottom shelf of her television stand, and the speakers sat on the floor on either side. Frank was intrigued by the music, which surprised him, as he was always more of a rock guy, whereas this was blatant heavy metal, albeit without any screaming vocals.

He began nodding his head with the beat. "So this is what it sounds like from this side of your door!" he had to shout to be heard over the music. Vanessa stepped over to her bed and grabbed her remote, turning the volume down a dozen decibels. She then turned back to him. "Yeah, this band is called Doze. They're a bunch of stoners, but the guitar is brutal!" Frank laughed a little at her deion, realizing further just how little he had ever known her.

He decided to change that, especially now that her music wasn't grating on him. He looked at her frankly, and asked how she was doing.

She sat on the bed near its foot, and replied, "I'm better. Really. I used to just be in pain about Hadley being a complete asshole, but now I feel more like I'm free from a poisonous influence. It's&hellip. strange how my mindset changed." Frank nodded in encouragement, "It'll just keep getting better from here on out." Vanessa agreed. She was dressed as usual, although today she wore an additional pendant, a square one hanging next to the oval one she had worn a couple days ago, and her silver wristbands were missing.

She wore black skinny jeans and accentuated her legs nicely, and a low-cut t-shirt showed off her modest cleavage, in which her necklaces lay. Her black make-up was subdued today; just her lips and eye-liner were black, and not as thick as it might have been.

Her blue eyes shone brighter because of her lack of excessive make-up. Smiling at the attention she was receiving, Vanessa cleared her throat and asked if he needed something in particular.

"Well I did want to check how you were doing, but we could talk about a few things too, if you don't mind." "Not at all!" Vanessa went over and sat in her chair, while Frank sat on the edge of the bed. He sighed, gathering his thoughts about where to begin. "You know that I've been… with Jean and Ashley." Vanessa took a breath and nodded. "Do know why those events were precipitated?" "Well, I thought that you seduced them or something." Frank laughed, genuinely amused.

"No way, I'm not a seducer. Actually, we discovered that we have-" "A connection?" Frank drew back in surprise, his concentration broken. Vanessa looked very smug. "How did you know?" Vanessa reached out her hand and touched Frank's own. The sensation was there, as strong as it was when Frank's skin touched either of his other two sisters. Vanessa caught Frank's eye. "Because I've touched you before." Frank gasped as the realization came to him.

"It was YOU? You were the one who fucked me while I was asleep?" A wide smile grew on Vanessa's face and her hair flashed as she nodded her head. Frank closed his mouth and inquired after her reasons. She shrugged.

"I had gotten up to pee in the middle of the night and saw your door open. You had a hard-on in your sleep, I could see it under your sheet, and I got this sudden impulse to go in there and check it out. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was riding the cum out of you." Frank's eyebrows shot up at that last remark.

"I came inside you? Are you on birth control?" His sister shook her head and then shrugged again, "My period is usually later this week, so we will see what happens." She then leaned forward and put her elbows on her knees, her eyes locked on his own.

"After I left your room, I went straight back to my bed and masturbated. Your cum was leaking out of me, and the taste and smell of it helped me cum." Frank met her gaze, then leaned forward, grabbed the nearest leg of her chair, and dragged her as close as possible to him. Vanessa yelped a little as she scraped across the floor, and then smiled sheepishly. Frank reached out and drew a finger along her jaw, imagining sparks flying from where he felt the zinging of their skin touching.

Vanessa closed her eyes and leaned into his caress like a cat. "The next time you want to fuck me, just ask, okay?" Vanessa glanced down to where Frank's cock was bulging against his pants, then looked back up at him with a smirk on her face.

She proceeded to get up off her chair, swing a leg over his lap and plant her pants-clad crotch on his own. He leaned back, watching her, as she supported her weight with her knees on either side of his hips, and began grinding her crotch against his clothing-clad member.

It was somehow very hot to see his fully clothed sister grinding her open crotch against his rock-hard cock that was beneath his own clothes, her eyes boring into his own. Frank leaned forward again, his hands grasping her midsection and travelling north until his left hand covered one of her modest breasts and his right hand wrapped around the back of her neck and drew her face close to his until their breath mingled.

Her smooth neck was practically pulsating with energy that reacted when his palm embraced her spine; he felt streaks of energy flowing into his right arm. Her face looked different when he was mere inches apart from her, and her smell inundated his nostrils. He marveled briefly at how none of his sisters smelled the same.

Then Vanessa grew impatient and leaned forward the extra few inches to softly kiss his lips for a second, then drew back a bit. He let her do it, and then pulled her into a prolonged kiss, his left hand leaving her breast and wrapping around her back. A deep-seated whimper wrenched itself from Vanessa, and suddenly Frank realized that her face was wet, and it was spreading to his face. He drew back with a sucking noise, but Vanessa refused to allow him to leave, using both arms to pull him back into their wet kiss.

Her legs wrapped around his middle and they embraced tightly while they made out. Finally she had to come up for air, and when she did Frank pulled back. Her make-up was running again; tears fell in a single stream from each eye. "Vanessa… What's wrong?" She sniffed and touched his face and his arm with a hand, inciting the sibling bond again through her fingers.

"I've never felt love like this. Not this close, not for real." Her face screwed up again, fresh tears falling. "It is breathtakingly wonderful!" She fell back into their embrace, a couple sobs wracking her body.

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Frank caught her and rubbed her back while she got it out of her system. Afterwards, he drew her back by both upper arms and made sure she looked into his eyes. "We don't have to be this close if you can't handle it. I don't want to overload your emotions." Uncertainty flitted through her eyes so quickly that he wasn't sure it was actually there. Instead, Vanessa grasped the hem of her shirt with both hands and tore it off, revealing beautiful a-cup titties that still bounced when she moved, but seemed to add to her uniqueness perfectly.

She reached up and pinched her little pink nipples for him, the pleasure making her eyes de-focus for a second while she looked at him. "Do you like my little titties?" Despite her tear-streaked face, Frank got up from the bed and grasped them with his hands, and left one hand run down and caress her rib cage, following around with his hand to her back where it joined with her spine, and bringing it back around.

He kissed her once while he was exploring her body, then leaned down and smooched her collarbone, and then lingered at her left nipple for a second with his lips on her. He got to his knees and kissed her solar plexus, and then drew his tongue on a wet line down her stomach to kiss her belly button. Vanessa shuddered a little and giggled uncontrollably. "That's ticklish!" Frank chuckled some before coming up against her belt line, and unbuttoned all three buttons of her pants.

He then turned around her and pushed her back down on her bed so that he could gain access to her. He had to peel the skinny jeans off of her, but with her help he left them in an inside-out pile on the floor. Lightning flashed outside her window, but the music covered up any thunder that may have rumbled.

Vanessa was now only clad in purple panties and the two silver pendants she was wearing. Frank stepped back and quickly threw off his shirt and shorts, leaving him in just his boxers, and then crawled up on top of her. Her face reflected exactly how much she was enjoying this.

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A smile constantly teased at the corners of her mouth, contrasting with the greyed streaks of tear tracks on her cheeks. The pulse in her neck throbbed rapidly, and her breasts rose and fell deeply. Frank started kissing her again at the same time he began to grind his hard cock against her pussy, through both sets of underwear of course.


Vanessa gasped the air from his mouth as his member touched her, and moaned with approval. She grabbed his lower lip in between her teeth and pulled on it until it snapped back against his own teeth. "Have you… Ever eaten a girl out before?" Frank shook his head, but crawled backwards off of her, pulling her panties down as he went.

"I want to try new things, though." Vanessa smiled at his response and planted her heels on the bed so that her knees were high up and far apart. Frank got between them and planted a kiss on each of her thighs, as though in greeting. Vanessa held her breath as he went in with his mouth and kissed her pussy lips, which stood slightly spread.

She hummed in approval of his gentleness, and told him to keep it up until she said otherwise. Electricity seemed to arc and spark between his damp tongue and her damp sensitive folds. He licked up her outer labia and then down her inside labia, then experimented with licking each fold for a few seconds apiece.

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He glanced up at Vanessa's face, trying to get a feel for what she liked. She seemed to like it when he gently pushed his finger in, but there was no increase in movement or pitch of her voice while he licked her outer labia, so he did that less.

As he moved his finger in and out of her slowly, he moved his tongue ministrations up towards her clitoris, tucked away in its hood at the top of her folds. She gasped at that point, but smiled at his watching eyes instead of ramping up for an orgasm like he thought. "You've got… ugh… the right idea, brother. Try it like this…" She pointed out where and how she liked it, and Frank tried to emulate it as best he could. He ever so gently caressed her clit while he rolled his tongue in her vaginal opening, occasionally reaching as far inside as possible to taste her building juices, but returning to her opening and swirling.

He could feel his throat getting sore from tonguing her, but he could also feel energy inundating his entire head and neck area, with the slight impression of a heartbeat that wasn't his own. All of a sudden he felt the pitch of her voice change, and her hips began rolling and twitching.

Her breaths got more shallow but more quick, and she sat up a bit, a frown of concentration hooding her eyes as she nodded to Frank desperately to continue to do what he was doing. He picked up speed at his ministrations until Vanessa peaked, squeezing her eyes shut and falling back on the bed, gathering handfuls of blanket in her white knuckled grasp. Her voice had ceased; he could only hear faint vocalizations of exertion coming from her throat. Frank grunted as her thighs came together against his ears and attempted to pop his head like an overripe fruit, but despite how close he was to head-explosion, he kept up his stimulations as best as he could manage.

He could feel her energy stretching and discharging against his mouth and where his hands gripped her, almost feeling her voice echoing and vibrating through their sibling bond. Finally she dropped out of her high and relaxed her thighs, using one foot to push him away from her reddened crotch area.

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She breathed with her mouth open, looking at the ceiling, the tendrils of energy slowly slipping out of her nerve endings as her orgasm faded.

Frank climbed up next to her and placed his right hand atop her boobs on her chest and felt her lungs expand and expel beneath her ribs and flesh. She sighed at his touch, a smile reaching her sapphire eyes as she turned her head slowly to look at him. "This… Energy bond of ours… It's awesome, Frank.

I can feel your pulse in my chest now." "Yeah, I could feel your heart in my neck when I was eating you out. It's like we exist differently on higher levels and when we touch we can access each other's higher being." Vanessa nodded, biting her lip. She reached up and grasped his hand on her chest with her own, and moved it down and to the side until he was clasping her little boob again; its hard nipple poking at his palm.

He kneaded it for a moment, watching the focus in her eyes waver a bit. She scooted closer so that she could kiss him, their tongues writhing against each other for a solid minute. The cd in Vanessa's music player came to the end of its track and the music quit, leaving them with their own noises and the drum of the rain on the roof. Lightning flashed, rather bright, and a loud crash of thunder startled them both from their make-out session and they both looked at the window with surprise on their face.

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Smiles quickly took over their faces and Vanessa giggled a little. Frank smiled more broadly at that; he had never once heard Vanessa giggle cutely like that. Vanessa returned her attention of Frank and reached out with her left hand, pushing him over onto his back, and she slithered on top of him. Her slick slit pressed against his dick through his shorts, causing her to vocalize approval. "Frank, you should fuck me." Frank shrugged, "You're on top of me.


Maybe you should fuck me." Vanessa pursed her lips to stave off a vexed smile and reached down to his now-soaked briefs. She sighed with exasperation, got off of him, and yanked his underwear off of his legs, tossing them to the floor amongst the rest of her clothes. She then got a look in her eye as though inspired. She grinned evilly and held up a single finger, backing towards her slightly open walk-in closet. She stepped in, snapped the overhead bulb on, and slid the door shut behind her.

Frank wondered what she was going to put on for a moment before a realization snapped his back straight. He hopped off the bed and fished through their clothes for his phone, turned it to silent, and quickly fired off a message to Jean, pairing it to Ashley's phone too. Hey, do you mind if I sleep with Vanessa?? He waited impatiently for a response, hearing Vanessa rustle around in the closet. Finally, he looked down at his screen lighting up to a response from Jean.

Ashley and I don't mind! She's got the bond too! Thank you for asking though  Frank blew out his breath in relief. He was so very glad he remembered to include them in the decision; being turned on messes with his memory for some reason. He tossed his phone back amongst the clothes on the floor and sat on the edge of Vanessa's bed.

He didn't have long to wait. The doors slid open and the interior light clicked off. Vanessa walked out of the room wearing a full-body fishnet sheath, with the exception of her crotch, which was completely accessible. The rest of her skinny frame beneath her neck was covered in crisscrossed lines of fabric that somehow hid and didn't hide her form from his roving eyes.

She stretched her arms over her head languidly, arching her back and standing on her tiptoes for a second before releasing her held breath in a sigh and relaxing back to a loose pose.


Frank was struck dumb by this raiment, and the effect it gave her body. He didn't even realize that his cock had sprung back to full hardness and was now twitching with every heartbeat.

Vanessa closed her arms over her chest like a pharaoh and lowered her chin while raising her eyebrows at him. She turned radially back and forth, a miniscule motion that was incredibly sexy, while she batted her eyebrows at him. "Do you like this?" The ridiculous question was almost rhetorical, but Frank nodded absently anyway, entranced by her fluid movements. She slinked across the carpet toward him, placing her hands on his shoulders, pushing him back until his back touched the bed, and climbing atop him.

She gathered spit off of her tongue and rubbed it between her pussy lips, her exhalations carrying with them the slightest hint of her voice. She reached down with her slick hand then, and lined up Frank's cock with her entrance; his cock head parting both sets of folds before sliding beneath her pelvic bone and into her vaginal canal.

She was very tight, just enough to be noticeably tighter than Ashley or Jean, but that made sense because of her narrower hips and slightly smaller frame. Frank groaned at the entrance, and his hands went to her fishnet-clad hips to hold her down on him as she bottomed out. She squeaked a bit as he felt his cock come up against the end of her canal and push a little further, as he was a little longer than she was.

Vanessa leaned forward over him, her eyes shut and her hand pressed against his chest, her breaths shallow as though she felt like her diaphragm couldn't expand far enough because his dick was pushing up against it. Frank's dick felt like a lightning rod, gathering all the energy from the storm that was her insides. She began to rock back and forth on his hips, seemingly generation static electricity with each time his dick moved within her. "I feel… complete now… Frank, like you… belong there!" The words came out of her haltingly, as though she was being poked by something in a sensitive spot.

"You feel perfect around me, Nes, as though your insides were made specifically to hold me." Her eyes came open and she smiled falteringly because of the stimulation. She leaned forward over him, her long dark hair falling forward and pooling on his upper chest and around his neck.

She kissed him once, a drawn out, meaningful kiss that broke through the sexual haze that had clouded their minds. Vanessa imparted to him through that kiss, whatever vagueness there was was dispelled by their bond, that she was gratified that he was so good to her, and that this was a coupling of love between siblings, a love that could be found nowhere else.

Through the energetic vibrations between them, especially through Frank's cock being gripped by her vagina, he could feel and otherwise sense her swelling emotions. This coupling of love was unique and alien to her, but she took extreme comfort in it, comfort she had never experienced before with any boy or man. A tear ran from the corner of one eye as Frank realized the extent of the gift he was giving her, and gave her a return kiss that he hoped returned the feeling, that he was glad to be what he was being to her.

He never knew that such vague and otherwise inaccessible emotions could be so very powerful. She rotated her hips so that he slid in and out of her every rotation, and stayed pressed against his chest; her little nipples pressing into his skin while they rocked. Their breaths mingled again, breathing each other in as he bucked his hips to meet every downward rotation of her own hips. For untold eternities contained within minutes they continued thusly, their excitement building solidly and slowly.

The fine threads of her fishnet covering felt rough on his palm as he held her to him with one hand, while the other hand fingered the back of her neck absently; currents of their energies mixing and surging through his fingers and cock. Where her nipples scraped against his chest he could feel veritable sparks dashing between them. Vanessa leaned up a bit and got her hands under herself once more, moving her entire body with each thrust against him. She ground her mound against his pelvic bone with intent now, grinding her sensitive clitoris against him every time she slid over his slick skin.

A moan came every other breath, sometimes gritted out between her teeth, other times echoing out from an open mouth. Frank felt himself edging ever closer to his own climax, the blood racing through his veins as his energies mingled and mixed with his sister's.

Finally, Vanessa hunched over him with her eyes squeezed shut and her shoulders stooped, gripping his ribs with her nails digging into his skin. A lightning bolt seemed to flash through her, and she jerked, whooshing her breath out all at once with a shuddering moan. Frank wasn't far behind her, and he let out a straining grunt/moan as he began to fill her full of his semen. With her orgasmic energy flowing strongly through her and Frank's own peak rushing through every nerve ending he possessed, Vanessa's essence was plain for Frank to sense.

His eyes flickered, and while he could still see the writhing form upon him, he could also see bright white light surrounding and inundating her. He was even sure that the faint outlines of spread wings had coalesced behind her, as though they were growing from her back.

Time seemed to warp as her eyes opened and they were all but glowing with blue backlighting as they gazed at him through her orgasmic and energetic miasma, telling an entire series of book's worth of pleasure, love, trust, and gratitude that Frank could grasp only now. His cum was splashing against Vanessa's channel walls, being held up inside her by how tightly she was gripping him.

They both felt this as Frank's cock began to cease twitching within her, and Vanessa's own orgasm began to cool and recede. Frank's vision had returned to normalcy, although he couldn't remember for how long he had seen the vision in front of him, nor when exactly it had faded.

He knew that his twin sister was an angel; wrapped in a cloak of darkness she had manufactured to protect herself from the painful and frightening world beyond their house. Vanessa shuddered again, a ripple of electrified pleasure swooping through her on its way out, and then she leaned over once more, her hand caressing his cheek.

They kissed slowly, meaningfully, not knowing how to physically express their mutual feelings any more deeply. Vanessa drew back, some of her black hair clinging to her neck, the netting shifting on her body as she shifted most of her weight to where his cock was still buried within her.

"Thank you, Frank. That was… words can't describe." Frank grinned with contentment and ran his fingertips along where her hipbones poked out. "You're an angel, you know that? My angel." Vanessa's face took on a look of adoration at the appellation appended to her by her lover. She slowly leaned up so that he slipped from her depths, and laid down on his right side, snuggling up against his skin beneath his right arm.

He wrapped that arm around her as best as he could, and reached around with the other one and laid it on her lower ribs. He kissed her forehead. For a while, an untold amount of time, they laid there listening to the rain, reveling in the thrumming energy running between them.

For a moment, Frank was unsure whose energy was whose, but he knew that he didn't really care. He was with her, and he wasn't ever going to leave her. An hour later, the front door opened with a slam and both Jean and Ashley rushed in to get out of the rain, laughing at getting wet at the same time stressing about not getting their shopping bags or their contents wet. Jean swung the door shut and used her shirt sleeve to wipe the rain from her face.

"Is it ever gonna stop?" Jean asked her sister. "I don't know it's coming down super hard." Ashley replied, looking out the window from between the shades. Jean looked around with a frown and realized that the house was dead quiet but for the rain.

She looked up to the ceiling through which was Frank's room, and took her phone out from where it rested in her back pocket against her ass.

She sent off a text of greeting to her brother, but there was no reply. Jean looked up at Ashley, whose exposed cleavage was shining with moisture, but whose blue eyes asked a question.

Jean shrugged, and made for the stairs. At the top, both girls looked in Frank's doorway and found his room empty. They exchanged another glance and moved toward Vanessa's tightly closed door. Jean reached out tentatively towards the door handle and twisted it gently, allowing the door to open a few inches.

Peering through, she saw her brother and her other sister lying in Vanessa's bed, eyes closed, forehead to forehead, their chests gently rising and falling. Frank was naked, and Vanessa was all but, only clad in a fishnet sheath from neck to toes. Jean leaned back with a surprised look on her face, and allowed an anxious Ashley to have a look. She covered her mouth, which was evidently smiling, and pulled the door closed as stealthily as she could, returning her gaze to Jean's eyes. They both went to Ashley's room and closed the door.

"Well, I guess Frank has acquainted himself with all three of us!" Ashley giggled at Jean's comment, and then sobered up as she looked at Jean. "Are you going to tell him?" "Of course I am, the very next time I see him!" Jean said, her eyes shining as she smiled. Her right hand absently found its way to her belly and she stroked it with her palm and fingertips.