Miami playgirl mia scarlett hardcore and blowjob

Miami playgirl mia scarlett hardcore and blowjob
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-Part I- I like church girls. I guess that's my MO. Won't every catch me though, that "good girl" tendency is the closest thing to a pattern they'll find. There's always a pattern though. Constantly plagued by it. Even if you never have a pattern, never having a pattern becomes a pattern, right? Maybe I over-think it, but that's what keeps me ahead. I definitely have one common factor in all my attacks though.

I never let them live. For a while, I never left DNA evidence, but it became too much hassle and not enough fun.

My face isn't in any database though, I'd be dead if it was. They found the first body yesterday. I used to burn the bodies, grind the bones, scatter the ashes, but then I got into spectacles. Found the girl with her legs, arms, and head cut off.

Put each piece at the corner of a pentagram, left the body in the center. I'm not satanic, just thought it would be funny. Me and god have a very personal relationship. She likes to play games. My current victim's older than I like 'em. But I need the money. Big ranch. Widow. Probably a gold digger. Neglected her security. Typical bitch.

I take a picture of her daughters and tell her I'm going to rape them when they come home. I won't, they're both at college. But I like to play dumb so that my toys get to feel like they have some sort of edge on me. I like fighters. She plays up all the "Don't you dare!" nonsense. I guess she wants me to stick around. I won't. I know that her neighbors are coming over for dinner, she's probably hoping they'll save her.

Four hours. One hour of looting, two hours of play, and then I'm gone long before they'll show up. Call them neighbors, but she's so rich that they live miles away. No hope of them hearing her scream. And I've watched them. They'll arrive right on time, like they always do. Good people. I don't touch the downstairs, ransack the upstairs. Not smart to try and pawn her stuff, so I ignore the jewelry. Find all the cash, take some food, some liquor.

Stash it all in my truck. Now it's time for some fun. She's not a bad looking old bag. Mid thirties, long brown hair, good complexion. Her body is tasty. Firm and mature, but not overripe yet.

She's got that elegant structure that women of her class tend to carry. Keeps herself in splendid shape, toned muscles with barely enough body fat to smooth it all out.

I'm telling you, she's really going to be delicious. I go back to the garage. The contents of the freezer are strewn across the floor. Makes it sticky and wet. Gross. I untie the knot I had put in the handle of the freezer, open it up and stand back. "Get out," I order. She gingerly exits, wary of the Colt .45 I'm holding. She adjusts the blazer she's wearing and then fixes her hair. Cute. She seems civilized enough. "Follow me, madam," I order cordially.

Turn and walk to in towards the kitchen. She thinks she'll make it out alive. She thinks I'm going to be a gentleman robber. Too many movies glamorizing villains, I guess. In her enormous kitchen, there's an island with a stove. I order her to climb on it. "Lay belly up. Good. Give me your wrists." She lays across the whole island and stove.

I tie her with metal wire. Hard to break, but possible if you're willing to slice yourself. More fun when things can be exciting. She obliges to letting me do her ankles next, I position her spread eagle. "What do you think's going to happen to you?" I ask casually.

"I don't know," she lies. White bitches always lie. Niggers and spics are more reasonable. "I'm going to gobble you up, my little piggy," I say. I search the drawers until I find cooking scissors. She looks defiantly at me while I stroke all over her body with them. Up her exposed shins, across her skirt, zigzag up her blouse, brush her neck, stroke her cheek. Her body quivers slightly, but overall, she keeps pretty steady.

I'm impressed, the woman has gumption. I open the scissors and put her nose between them and smile at her.

She keeps staring at me, doesn't say a word. She doesn't think I'm evil enough. I pull the scissors back, she lets the breath she had been holding go. I snip her arm to make her jump. She screams in surprise. It was just a small nip. Just to keep her scared. She's trembling more visibly now. I start cutting off her clothes. Do it rough. Cut her a couple more times in the tighter spots.

She screams each time and starts whimpering. Makes me get a little chubby. "Have you ever killed anyone?" she suddenly asks. I pause. That was interesting. I suddenly like her a whole lot more. She's taking an offensive, rather than pleading or complaining. It's a two part question. One, it makes her more personal to me, she's trying to get in my head. And two, if I say no, she'll feel a lot more relief. Let's see how this plays out.

"No. You'll be my first," I say with a wide grin. Her clothing falls to the sides. Black and red panties, black and red bra.

Looking for a new husband maybe? I nip her on the side of her stomach one more time before I set the scissors down. "Why?" she gasps as cut forms. "Because I need your money and you're so beautiful. I want to rape you, but it wouldn't be safe to leave you as a witness, now would it?" I grab her bra and yank hard.

Her torso rises generously until her wrists pull tight against the metal wire. She exclaims at the unexpected pain. The plastic hooks in the back snap and I let her torso fall hack agains the stove.


I shove the bra up, it's still connected by the straps, but loose enough to move out of the way now. Her breasts are a let down. I'd say they're a good thirty-eight C, but they're too saggy from having children. Ugh, they're gross to look at. Wish I'd left the bra on. I slap her hard out of angry disappointment. She oofs and then talks some more.

"But you'll probably get caught. Don't you have something to care about? What will happen when you're locked up?" "No. The only thing I cared about was my dog, Bingo. And he just fell off a cliff." This conversation isn't as fun as I thought it would be. I need more crying to get me hard. I touch her panties, but hesitate, thinking how loose and nasty her pussy's gonna be. Why couldn't she have a little daughter?

Even those collge sluts of hers would probably have haggard cunts. I need something fresh. Next girl I rape's had better be a virgin. Maybe a preteen. I pick up the scissors again and cut off the lacey panties. Ugh. Just as I thought, pussy lips spilling out. It looks loose. I wonder how much I can fit in there. Actually, that's a good idea. "What's you're name?" she asks, still trying to figure someway out of this. I'm tired of listening to her.

"Listen bitch. If you say another word, you're going to regret it." I haven't done anything too horrible yet, she'll take the bait. "I just want to-" "That's it!" I shout over her idiotic voice. I grab a pepper grater off the counter. One of those big wood ones that you turn to grind the pepper. One of those thick ones. I ram it into her disgusting pussy. She screams and it tears. I smile and start to get hard again. "I warned you. Now say something else.

See what I do." She keeps her mouth shut this time. "Good," I say. I decided I'm just going to fuck her asshole. I usually like to cum in their pussy, because then they worry about being pregnant. Not that it matters, they're all dead.

But I still like to see that look in their eyes. I'm still not hard enough to put it in though. It's about time I inflicted some serious pain on this old cunt. I grab the scissors and snip off the tip of her nipple. She screams in surprise and pain. I start working the pepper grinder in and out of her. I grab the tit I just mutilated and squeeze hard. Blood pours out. It's funny how much blood comes out of a bitch's tits.

It gets all over my hand. I wipe it on her face. "Stop! God please stop! Pleaseeeee! No more! Stop! Stop it!" That's more like it. My dick gets hard. Anal hurts. Especially if the girl's an ass virgin. But this bitch had to piss me off. I want to make her suffer bad.

Grab a chair to stand on while I fuck her, and then drop my pants. Before I stick it in though, I grab the scissors again. Shove them in, hold the handle with two hands, cuz it's hard to operate scissors under such great resistance.

I open them inside of her. Snip. Snip snip snip. She screams bloody murder. Nobody will hear. I pull out the scissors and ram my cock into her. "OH GOD! AHHHHHH! STOP STOP STOP! NO MORE! PLEASE! OW OW OW OW!" She starts choking on tears and mucus. I reach up with one hand and throttle her throat. Got the scissors with the other hand.

Snip. There goes an ear. Snip. A chunk of her cheek is missing. I take my hand off her throat and open the scissors wide. Put them on her neck. "UNNHHHHHHH," I moan as I cum. Feels good. Glad I didn't have to kill her to get off. Have you ever had a girl lose bowel control on your cock when you kill her? Feels so awesome.

But not this time. Maybe with that virgin, next time. "Mmmmmm, didn't expect to cum so fast with your old ass," I say. It's true. I usually take much longer. I've still got about an hour and a half before I need to leave.

Good. Gives me time to set up how her body's found. "Why…" she whimpers. "Why…" They ask "why" a lot. I try to come up with creative answers. "FOR BINGO!!!" I scream in anguish. "Bingo… poor poor Bingo… DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE?" I scream at her. "HE WAS MY FAVORITE DOG. NOW I ONLY HAVE TWO OTHERS. THERE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THREE. THREE!!!" She doesn't laugh. I don't know. It's funny to me, I guess. I pull my pants up and turn on the stove burners. Catches her by surprise.

She thought I was done. She doesn't scream at first. Just a sudden gasp and her body jerks away naturally, but she can't get far enough away. Gas burners, they're so much more efficient, right? Her skin blisters and pops. It melts down into the stove and hisses. Soon, there are several black scorch marks on her back. They dry up in the heat and flake into dust.

It really turns me on. She's barely breathing. I grab a bucket and put it under her asshole for easier cleanup. Then I take the scissors and hack at her throat. Not a clean cut, nah. Several stabs until she gurgles her death. That was fun. I'd love to have played with her more, like I usually do. I'd love to stay and play with her body. But like I said, I need to prepare her for the guests. I turn off the stove and untie her. Before I clean up, I take a fork and knife and sample one of the better cooked pieces of her back.

Too tough, needs seasoning. Human flesh isn't my favorite, but I make it a point to eat a piece of the victim whenever plausible. No sense letting their spirit power escape, right? I clean up. When the guests arrive, they enter the unlocked door after going at the doorbell for about fifteen minutes. The house is clean, the table is set.

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In the center is a large dish, covered by one of those fancy metal dome things you see in movies. I guess what I did with the body is pretty obvious.

-Part II- Now I've got some money, some food, I even siphoned the old bag's gas. Never take the cars, too easy to ID. Just in case I somehow left tire treads, I stop by at a local Pick-a-Part and pick up some used tires. Then I go to a swap meet and get some new shoes. Drive off into the coutryside and burn the old stuff. Don't like to leave loose ends. Even if they fond the stuff I burned, they won't know what the new stuff is.

I already picked my next victim. Funny. I used to refer to them as "targets," but these days, I know they're gonna be "victims." They never get away.

I usually try to avoid raping more than one girl in the same county, but we can go ahead and shock these country folk. Two psycho murders? Hah, they'll probably think I've claimed the place as my hunting ground. But nah, just this one and then I'm out. If one person dies, they look for a murderer. If two die, they start hunting for a villain. This girl though, I gotta tell you.

Sweetest thing I've ever seen. I'm gonna say, fifteen years old, I seen her at the junkyard. She was there with some eighteen year old looking kid, obviously her boyfriend. She was too pretty for the place. Too pretty to be with a loser like that. Fluffy red hair, light freckles, deep green eyes with that dark eyeliner that really makes them pop. She wore a tight pink tank top, and jean shorts that barely covered her ass. The tank top cut low and was lined with lace, it hugged her torso tight, so you could see the exact form of her ribs and slender abdomen.

God I love that. Perfect little 32Bs. A bubble butt that you could take a nap on. And a virgin too. How could I tell that? The way the little slut teased her boyfriend.

I watch girls, really carefully. Trust me, I've deflowered enough to be able to tell. Can't believe god gave me such a perfect mistress.

She must be trying to make it up for forcing me to fuck that nasty cougar. So after I picked up my new tires and kicks, I went to the local high school. The Greenwood Panthers. Cute. Love a kitten. I drive a couple miles away, find a hill, park on the side of the road in an empty area and bust out my telescope. Check the view. Perfect. I'll be back here tomorrow when school starts. Little slut should go here, if not, I'll find her. I drive around town, hoping against hope to find the whore.

I don't need to, gonna see her tomorrow, but it would be nice. And I don't wanna hang out where I'm gonna be tomorrow all day. No luck. But I do find a hobo. I give him a hundred dollar bill, one of many I found stashed in a sill safe box at the old bitch's house. He thinks I'm a saint. Maybe I am. Night falls, I howl at the moon.

I'm not gonna kid myself, I'm more animal than saint. But it's my attuition with our feral side that makes me more godly than any of those walking abominations.

If there were no government, we would all act like me. I fall asleep in my car while I consider places I can take her. I want to take my time. Days. Make it painful, make her beg, scream, and then submit. Mmmmm, sweet dreams. I set up the next morning, Watch the high school from the telescope. Don't bother watching the busses. Nah, she's too hot for that, I watch… Yup, there's her boyfriends car. Ah, yes… There's my little angel. A purple and gold cheerleading outfit.

Could she be a more perfect victim? She leads her boyfriend to a group of boys. I'm too far away to lip read properly, but I like to make up my own dialogue.

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"Hi guys! I'm a stupid whore who's gonna flirt with you right in front of my loser boyfriend!" she says as she shoves her tits out at the boys. They try to act cool, but keep glancing at her chest. "Hi slut! Mind if we stare at your tits? We all wanna fuck you! Can we tag team you?!" They say. "Sure you can!" she says, "not right not, because I'm still in my teasing stage and think I'm better than anyone because I'm a virgin, but in a couple years, I'll let all of you run me through!

No prob!" "Hey guys," her boyfriend speaks up, "I get to fuck her first! I've been trying to get in her pants for like five days now! I even took her to a movie once! I totally deserve it!" "Shut up loser boyfriend!" she smiles. "I only date you because you're harmless and have a car! Okay, I gotta go! I'm gonna flash my panties to my teacher so that he'll let me pass my next test!" They part ways. She wanders into the building. I lose track of her until lunch. She comes out with her boyfriend, they take off in his car.

That could work. I could pick them up during lunch. Shoot the boy, take the girl. Maybe. When they don't come back though, the school will call the parents that night. Not a good start. I want more time before they start looking for her. Not that it really matters. It takes two days before they'll put out an Amber Alert. I'll be gone by then.

Wait two more days. Watch and learn. Follow her a little. Follow her home, to her boyfriend's house, friend's houses. Spy on her cheerleading practice. I think that's when I'll do it.

She usually goes straight to a friend's house after cheerleading. Stays until late. Won't be missed. The trick is figuring out when to pick her up. I gotta get in that school. I wait until night, hop the fence, pick a lock. I've got a backpack of supplies and I'm in I'm wearing a ski mask, Just in case. No visible cameras. Figures. This is a pretty safe area. I have my plan. I wander around until I find the lo.cker room, let myself in. Go to the office and start checking through the drawers.

I find what I want. Lists of who's lo.cker belongs to who. I find the girl, her name is Alexis, I found that out when I followed her home. Some kid shouted at her from across the street.

Stupid kids. I rummage around some more until I find a spare lock. Looks like I'll be able to finish this off tonight. I go to her lo.cker, pull out the bolt cutters I bought and cut off her lock, I replace it with the new one. Now I just gotta find a somewhere to hide all day.

Ventilation system, that works. Dusty and not a fun place to sleep, but it's worth it. I climb in and get cozy. Take a sandwich out of my backpack and eat it before I go to sleep. Not gonna say I didn't get a kick out of watching little girls change all day, but time seemed to drag on. Like waiting for Christmas. Finally the last period of school clears out.

In about half an hour the cheerleaders will start their practice, beginning by changing into their cute little whore outfits.

They start to file in in packs of threes and fours. I see her, my little angle slut. The girls open their lo.ckers, Alexis tries to open hers. But her combo doesn't work. Won't ever work. She curses and starts slapping her lock against its metal door. "Go on, I'll be there in a minute," she tells a little gook whore. Her friend says okay and trots out with the rest of the squad. Show time.

I let little Alexis play with her lock for about five more minutes before I drop out of the vent with a cloth soaked in chloroform. I don't bother being tactful or subtle. I walk right up to her with the rag in my hand. "Having some trouble with your lock?" I ask. "Yeah, it won't open. Uh, who are you?" Girls are so stupid, so na?. Nothing bad has ever happened to her before. She lets me walk right up to her. "You don't remember me?!" I tease. I grab the back of her hair and shove the rag into her mouth when she opens it to scream.

I push her against the locker, cover her face with the rag real good. In a moment, she's out. I grab my backpack and unroll the duffel back I have stuffed in there. Shove her body inside and walk out to my car. I pass some of her friends. Nobody talks to me.

Gonna be a fun night. -Part III- She wakes up in a chair. We're in the top floor of a desolate barn that I came across. She's drowsy, but learns her situation quick. In a wooden chair, wrists taped to the arms of it. More tape around her waist and just above her cute little tits. And of course, ankles taped to the legs.

Only thing she can move is her head. I already fucked her ass, so it should be sore. Played with her cunt too, made sure she was a virgin. Now she's dressed in a black cocktail dress.

Looks so mature, in that cute way these sluts do. She opens her eyes and slowly starts panicking. Yanks at her arms, throws her weight from side to side. She's probably roll over onto the floor if I hadn't nailed the chair to the floor. Had that problem before, the bitch knocked herself out and I had to wait hours for her to wake up.

Oh well, learn from your mistakes, right? I stand up from the dusty wooden floor, she finally notices me about fifteen feet away. She starts to scream. I clean up nice, but I've learned the art of a terrifying appearance. Dirt smear on my bare chest.

Hair a mess. Ragged jeans with no belt or drawers. A dirty rag tied around my bicep, as though covering an imaginary wound. When I fucked her ass, she bled. Wiped some of it on my chin. But it's always the knife that gets her. I like knives. This one's a wood grain butterfly knife. Beautiful edge. I twirl it around dramatically. Other hand's behind my back as I approach.

The closer I get, the louder she screams. Screams and screams. This one's gonna have a nice soundtrack. When I get near enough, I flip the butterfly knife closed and punch her stomach up into her lungs. Just that right amount of force, perfect for shutting a bitch up. She heaves out every bit of oxygen she had then opens wide to catch a breath. I shove my the contents of my hidden hand into her wide mouth. She chokes. Struggling between trying to get a good breath and spitting out the handful of dirt, beetles and worms that I just forced into her.

Beetles taste as bad as they smell. I stand back and admire my work as she sputters and drools everything out. She works hard to get a hold of herself. I wait. Fold my arms and smile. "Who the fuck are you?" she asked quietly. Apparently she's done screaming, darn. "What a dirty mouth," I reply. I smile big, "Get it?" Laugh at myself. "Fuck you." "Alexis, such coarse language is unbefitting of a fine young lass like yourself." "Who the fuck are you!" she shouts.

"Where the fuck am I?" I kick her in the shin. It's not very hard because I'm wearing sandals, but she says, "ow" anyways. "You're in a safe place." "Why are you doing this? Let me go." I lean close and pat her cheek. "No." I turn my back on her and walk over to my duffel bag. I brought toys. Let's see, what should I start with? Hmmm… Perfect. "I hadn't even thought to use this," I chuckle at her. "Brought it for the chair." I approach her with my hammer and six spare nails.

Not very many, but I can pry more out of the floor if I need to. She looks at me blankly. She has no idea. "Hold very still," I say as I position a nail above one of her knuckles. "No! What the Fuck!" she screams. "What the Fuck are you doing?!" She jerks her hand all around frantically. Impossible to hit the spot I want cleanly.

I stand back and sigh. "Alexis.

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What are you doing? If you want we can start at your shoulder and work down so that you can't move anything." "Fuck you. Fuck off!" she says. "HELPPPPPPPPP! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! SOMEBODY FUCKING HELP ME!" she shouts. We're a good mile and a half from the freeway. Don't think anyone's gonna come. I walk back to my bag and grab some duct tape. I could just bring the bag closer, rather than having to walk across the room every time I want something, but I like to give the victim time to dread what I'm gonna pull out.

She'll learn to hate the bag more than me. It only gets worse. I come back and smash the back of her hand with the hammer.

She screams cutely. Her hand stands up and goes rigid in pain. I grab it and shove it onto the arm of the chair, then work the duct tape over the ends of her fingers. Now she can't move it. "See? You're gonna get pain anyways, but when you resist, I have to hit you with a hammer. Now your hand hurts AND you're gonna take a nail through your knuckle. What's the sense in that? Do you understand me Alexis?" "Fuck you!

Get the FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" "Tsk tsk tsk," I mutter as I position the nail. Her hand wiggles a little, but not enough. I slowly raise the hammer. "Stop, stop, stop, stop," she repeats. I hold the hammer high, pausing for effect. Her expression is beautiful.

Someone should videotape this, I swear. That grotesque twist of dreaded anticipation, fear, hatred, garnished with a desperate plea, twinkling in her eyes. "Stop, stop, stop." A tear dribbles down her cheek. "Please stop." 'Please' is my cue. SLAM! "NOOO-UUAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her finger pops off.

I can feel the bones separate. But it's still held together my skin and ligaments. Oh god, that's fantastic. My dick muscle spasms. Her screaming lips are so gorgeous. I press my mouth on hers. Careful not to slip my tongue, she might bite it off. I breath in and take her scream into my lungs. She's in so much pain, I don't think she even notices. I move from her mouth down to her neck, sucking and nibbling on her throat. It vibrates madly and she keeps screaming.

Some words slip out, they taste delicious. "OH GOD! OHHHHHH GODDDDD PLEASEEE! AHHHHHHH!" I make girls scream for god in ways they never thought they would. I bite down hard on her throat. Not enough to damage her, just enough to make a point. She suddenly gets rigid and stops screaming. Just sits and pants like a mutt.


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Alexis! Calm down, it's okay," I lie. "I just had to make a point." Tears and snot flood her face. "What the fuck do you want?" she weeps. "You know what I wand, dear." I love that tone. Some of them never get it, and that's no fun. She's practically waving a white flag with her tongue.

"Anything. Anything you want. I'll do anything." "Good. I'm going to cut off your other hand now." "NO PLEASE GOD!" "NO! NO!, NOT LIKE THAT!" I have to scream over her. I laugh, I said it that way on purpose. "I mean, I'm going to cut it free off of the chair. Calm down, Jesus. You act like I'm some sort of psycho." I see fear in her eyes. She obviously doesn't want to test me by commenting on what I said. I pull out the butterfly knife.

Before I cut off the tape, I take a good slice at her middle finger. Blood wells up and soon runs all over her hand, but she barely screams. The knife's sharp, she probably barely felt it. "For lube," I say, smiling. Cut her hand free. She doesn't move her hand. "Well?" I ask. "What… What about my…" "Your other hand? I don't see what you would need that for, darling.

Go ahead and be a slut for me. Please remember that I get bored easily." I reach out and slide the knife across the fabric covering her nipples. They're very hard and poking through the shear black. I have that effect on little girls. Her hand shoots up so quick that she almost punches me in the balls. I laugh. "Woah ho ho. Don't have to tell you what to do, huh? You're a complete fucking whore, aren't you?" The little cunt says nothing, she's staring at my pants button with determination.

"Alexis," I say as I pull her chin up with the flat of my knife. I look into her pretty eyes. Her mascara is a mess, but nothing could ruin those deep eyes. "Let me tell you how this goes. I ask you to do something, and you agree, okay? If I tell you you're 'a complete fucking whore,' you need to agree, okay? And I don't just want a 'yes,' I want you to vocalize how correct I am. Do you understand?" She nods slowly, "Yes…" I grab her hair and yank her head back and put my knife to her eyelid.


I'M JUST A FUCKING WHORE." "That's better," I let go of her head and back off with the knife. "Now tell me, Alexis. What do you want me to do with you? Slut." "I want you to…" she struggles. I give her an encouraging menace. "I want to suck your cock." I sigh in disappointment. She panics and starts trying to make it sound more interesting. "I want to suck you so good. I'm gonna take it all the way down my throat. Deep down. All the way to the balls." She's got my dick out now.

My pants fall to the floor, I step out of them. She starts stroking my cock with her bloody hand. The fresh blood feels warm. "I want to to fuck my face," she stutters. "I'm going to," I state. Stupid cunt, trying to save her virginity. I'll make my point after I cum in her throat.

She's rapidly jacking me off now, I step forward and cut the tape from her chest. "Do it," I order. She leans forward without hesitating and takes my love into her mouth. The first contact always feels best. "Mmmmm, good girl. Good girl, Alexis." I let her work for a few minutes before grabbing the back of her hair and forcing her to take more down.

"I thought you said you were gonna go balls deep, you stupid cunt." I pull her face off my dick. "What's your excuse." The bitch doesn't miss a beat. "Because you're so big!" she says with weak enthusiasm. "I'm sorry, I'll do it. I love sucking your dick." "Good girl," I like this one. I know how to pick 'em. Grab her hair again and shove it back and forth. My dick scrapes down her throat roughly, she makes those funny gagging noises and drools everywhere.

I'm all for abusing a mouth, but I want to cum and regular rape just don't do it for me anymore. But now we have a problem. If I hurt her too much, she'll bit my dick off. I can fix that. But I want to play with her before I do anything that drastic.

I guess it's as good a time as any to deflower her. I pull out. "Alexis. Stop teasing me, you little slut. You know what I want." "No, please, I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum. Please, fuck my face some more." What an audacious little whore.

I chuckle. "Alexis, I love you," I say. She stops talking and stares at me blankly. I give her a minute, but she doesn't figure it out. So I give her a clue. "Do you love me back?" Her mouth opens in a silent "Oh." So na?, so cute. She doesn't say it back though. I guess she needs to be taught better.


I whip out my knife and slam it down all the way into her thigh. She screams. I pull it out and stab the same spot again. "AHHH NO STOP STOP." Stab again. "NO DON'T STOP STOP" Again. "PLEASEEEE WHAT DO YOU WANT??" I pause. What a ditz. "I asked you if you love me." "YES, FUCK YES.

I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD," She screams and then settles down into a whimper over her mutilated leg. "Well fuck. If you had just said so, I wouldn't have had to make this mess. You're a stupid cunt, aren't you Alexis?" "Yes. I'm just a dumb cunt. A stupid stupid cunt. Please don't hurt me. I love you. I'm just a dumb cunt," she rambles. "Good girl. Alexis, my love. Tell me you want me to take your virginity.

Beg me to." "Please. Please, please…" she stalls. I wonder if she'll do it or not. "Please…" "Please what?" I ask. "Please fuck me. I love you. I want you to do anything you want to me. I'm your little whore. I want you to fuck me. Take my virginity. I want you to take it. Fuck me. Just fuck me." There we go. They all break. The trick is to be violent enough, quickly enough.

If you build up to it slow, they think you're sadistic. But if you bust it out on the fly, like I do, they really think you're crazy. They'll do anything you want because they're afraid of setting you off.

"Please let me go," she mutters. "Hah!" I laugh. "Please. When you're done, just let me go. I won't tell anyone. Just fuck me and let me go. I'll do anything you want. Please just don't kill me." "Alexis," I consol. "Anything I do, I do because you deserve it. Do you deserve to die? I'm going to rape you and I'm going to enjoy your flesh as much as I want. And then, guess what…" I lean really close and get right next to her ear.

When they have hope of surviving, they'll submit to anything. It's generally good to give them a glimmer of hope. I whisper in her ear, enunciating each word, "I'm going to eat you." Generally good. But sometimes its fun to just terrify them. "NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo…" she wails. She drops her head down. "No, no no no. Nooo.

Please. Please do anything you want, just let me go. Just let me go. Do anything you want, but let me go. In this state of shock and defeat, I spread her knees, she's not wearing any panties. What a whore. I rub my cock on her virgin vagina. I sweep some blood from her leg over and wipe my dick with it. Push in. I do it at an even pace, not stopping when I hear her moan in pain. I feel her hymen wrap around my dick.

Keep pushing. My battering ram busts through her gate. "UUHNNGHHH," she gasps.


I bury myself all the way into her. I almost cum right there. I hold it, pause for a minute to regain control. I pull out slow, then back in slow. Go slow to keep myself from losing my load, not for this bitch's enjoyment. Gradually, the feeling passes, and I start ravaging her. She starts her moaning, "Ow"ing, whimper that they all do. But with her voice, it's special.

And those lovely eyes tearing up, magical. Ahhhh, virgins. So tight. So innocent. They were meant for this. The only proper way to deflower a girl is rape. I tear into her pussy like a jackhammer.

No mercy, I want her walls to be ruined for the rest of her life. Well, if she was going to live, that is. I use my knife to cut down her dress.

Star at her cleavage, press against her skin and slide it down, like a scalpel. I don't go too deep though. Again, I don't think she even noticed. Her head is turned away from me as she weeps. The dress falls to her sides.

Those perfect little white breasts slam up and down as I fuck her like a wild beast. I grab one and hold it in place. I squeeze hard. Always wanted to try pop a titty. She shouts at the new pain. I drop my knife and grab the other tit. Squeeze them both with all my strength. She screams loud now. But doesn't talk or beg.

She's past that point. I'm hungry. I want to cum. Need to hurt her bad. Need for her to want to die. I grab the wrist of the hand with the nail in the knuckle.

I shake it savagely, but it doesn't move enough to cause serious pain. Damnit. I grab her throat and squeeze. I chould crush her throat right here. Cum while she dies. But I want to play with her more. DAMNIT. I NEED TO HURT THIS BITCH. I grab her nipple and squeeze them between my fingers, pinching and rolling them. Hope they pop.

But the don't. DAMNIT GOD. I NEED TO HURT THIS CHILD OR I WON'T BE ABLE TO CUM. "I've got an idea!" I shout out loud. The thought starts my dick dripping.

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I'll cum if I do this. Alexis looks at me, puzzled and terrified. I reach down and grab the knife. "nooooooo." she moans half heartedly. That won't do. Time to make her scream. And scream she does. I pinch her nipple with one hand and pull it out as far away from her torso as I can. Then I swipe at the base of her boob with my knife.

It goes about a half inch in. I have to saw. She screams and curses god. That's rude. Maybe if she acted differently, god wouldn't be punishing her. I'm halfway through. About to cum. This is so awesome. Titties are full of spongy tissue that holds a lot of blood. It leaks out everywhere. I have a sudden inspiration. My best ideas are always on-the-spot. i toss the knife away and shove my four fingers into the wound I made.

I tickle the insides of it and watch her upper torso spasm in an excruciating display of utter torment. I latch my finger and thumb onto her flapping tit. I jerk on it. Her skin tears a little. My dick swells inside her bloody vagina. Yank again. I comes off even further. Juices well up inside of my groin. I need this.

I pull hard. Put my back into it, give her everything I got. I hear a desirable shucking sound, similar to prying open an oyster, and her entire breast tears off of her chest.

As it breaks free, so does my cum. I unload a gallon or two, deep inside her. I swear that's what it feels like. I'll be surprised if her uterus isn't completely full.

One of those amazing orgasms that leaves you drained. I collapse on top of her, still holding her tit in my hand. She's still screeching like a banshee, but I barely notice. I'm so relaxed now. It's awesome. I lay on her a while. My love. I whisper it when her screaming lowers.

"I love you, so much Alexis. That was amazing. We're going to be together forever. I can't wait to eat you. You're going to be so delicious. I love you." I drag myself off of her and slump onto the floor.

I lazily try to calculate how much time until she dies of blood loss. I really need to bandage those wounds if I'm going to have any more fun. Part of me says, fuck it. Just let her die. Get a new toy to play with, this one's already ruined. I like that part of me. I curl up and take a nap.