Türkische wilde fuck sesli

Türkische wilde fuck sesli
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"You must be Briana, please come in!!!" Emma Varney said enthusiastically while ushering the eighteen year old into the living room of the nicely appointed two story brick home. "This is my husband, Bill," the sixty something woman offered with a nod. "Did you have any trouble finding the place?" "Uh, no, not at all," Briana answered softly.

"Your directions were perfect." "Good," the older woman said while motioning for her to have a chair. "You understand exactly what Bill and I want?" she asked quietly while giving the young woman a stern once over.

"I believe so," Briana replied. "Well, just to be sure, let's go over everything one more time, just to make sure we understand each other," Emma said evenly. "Uh, that's fine by me," Briana replied while fidgeting in her seat. "Bill, get us something to drink," Emma ordered without even looking at her husband.

Bill Varney quickly hopped to his feet and hurried off to the kitchen without so much as a word. "That's better," Emma said a little more easily.

"Now, dear, please take off your clothing so I can see exactly what you've got!" The trim little blonde stood up, and with her face turning a bright shade of red, slipped out of her cut offs and teen shirt, leaving her standing there in only her pink panties. "Oh yessssss," the older woman sighed.

"You'll do very nicely, very nicely indeed!" Just at that moment Bill returned with a tray of ice teas and nearly lost his balance staring at the young beauty.

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"Just look at her, Bill," Emma said softly. "She's got a little girl's chest with such cute little pink nipples!" "She's going to make a wonderful baby!" Emma motioned the young woman to come to her, and after gently kissing each of her pert little nipples, casually slipped the pretty little panties down past her slim hips into a pile around her ankles.

As soon as they got a glimpse of the young girl's vagina they both gasped and sucked in deep breaths while they stared at the smoothly shaved little labia.

"My god!" Bill moaned softly.

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"I'm gonna really enjoy this, I truly am!" "From now on you can call us mommy and daddy," Emma said while leading the naked young woman into an adjoining bedroom that had been set up as a nursery. Her husband trailed along behind while ogling the little blonde's tight tushy as his cock slowly began to stiffen. "This way, dear," the older woman said softly while helping little Briana up and onto an over size changing table.

"You have a lovely body," Emma said a matter of factly while running her hands up and down the firm young flesh. Now on her back with her legs spread apart, Briana closed her eyes and gasped in surprise as Emma casually fingered her bare pussy with a very insistent finger.

"Bill, hand me the baby oil," Emma said to her sweating husband. "Thanks," she offered while squeezing a generous dollop into her hand. "Now, dear," she said to Briana, "I'm going to oil your vagina to prevent diaper rash." Briana nodded that she understood and gasped even louder as the warm oil covered palm pressed against her bulging vulva.

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She began to massage the girl's little organ until all at once her hips bucked forward as an express train like orgasm slammed into her groin with unbelievable intensity.

"Ohhhhhhh, mommy!!! She moaned loudly as her tiny pink puffy nipples stiffened like twin little erections as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her trembling body. When she finally began to come down from her climax, Emma coaxed her ass off the table, and then with purposeful efficiency, diapered the young woman with a plastic throw away. With her legs still a little shaky from her cum, Emma helped her off the table and guided her over to a large easy chair where she curled up in the older woman's lap and quickly fell fast asleep while nursing on a large rubbery nipple.

The two seniors sat quietly together while Emma rocked their little "baby' gently in her arms. "Do you think she's ready?" Bill asked hopefully.

"Mmmmmm, let's give her another fifteen minutes or so," Emma sighed while thoroughly enjoying having her nipple sucked on by the little cutie. "Well I'm gonna get ready!" Bill said emphatically while standing up to remove his clothing.

Emma turned to watch her husband strip off his things and immediately felt her pussy drench itself as her hubby's fat hard pecker popped into view.


"Good god," Emma moaned. "How on earth will it ever fit in her little vagina?!?" "Don't worry," Bill replied with a grin. "It'll fit, I can guarantee it!!!" Emma closed her eyes for a moment while trying to picture her husband's massive cock splitting little Briana's pussy wide open.

Her reverie was interrupted, however, as her little tit sucker mumbled under her breath, "Mommy, I'm all wet…&hellip." Bill carefully picked up the little youngster and again placed her on the changing table. With her huge breasts still hanging out of the bodice of her dress, Emma quickly removed the soaking wet diaper from her daughter before washing her groin area with a warm damp cloth.

"Thank you, mommy," Briana cooed. "You're such a good mommy!" Emma smiled down at her little girl and whispered, "It's time for mommy to taste her little girl, are you ready!?!" "Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mommy!" Briana squealed.

"P-please hurry!" The older woman pulled the young girl's ass to the edge of the table, and after sitting down on an available folding chair, leaned her mouth forward between Briana's open thighs until it contacted her gaping organ! "Oh my god!" Briana gasped as her mother devoured her little slit and clit. Emma lifted her mouth from the dripping pussy and asked softly, "Do you love having your mother suck your vagina, dear?" "Oh, mommy!" she cried.

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"Please make me cum, my pussy feel soooooo good!" The older woman quickly returned her hungry mouth to its appointed spot, and with devilish precision bored in on its tiny little target. In only a matter of a few moments the young girl was thrusting her hips forward as another brutally satisfying orgasm left her shattered and stunned! While she was now gasping for breath, Emma wiped her face with a towel before stripping off her own clothes.


Her huge heavy boobs and fat ass dominated her rotund body, but it was her super hairy pussy that first caught little Briana's eye. "Mommy?" Briana asked softly.

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"Yes, dear, what is it?" the older woman said while spreading her legs to give the young girl a better view of her pussy. "Are you going to let me suck your pussy?" "Of course I am, darling," Emma replied while cupping her fat tits. "Are you sure you want to?" Emma asked softly. "Of course I do!" Briana replied eagerly. "Are you ready for another surprise?" Emma asked. "What is it, mommy!?!" the wide eyed young girl asked.

"Your father wants to give you this," she answered while pulling her husband into view with his huge cock. A long low groan gurgled up from deep in Briana's throat as she ogled her "daddy's" fat dick. "Ohhhhhhh, mommy!" she gushed. "Can I please!?!" "I promise to be a good little girl!" "What do you think, Bill?" Emma asked softly.

"Do you think she deserves it?" Even though they were only playing an elaborate game, Bill was so excited that he nearly forgot his lines! With beads of sweat pouring out of his forehead he managed to stammer, "I-I think so, what about you?" "I guess so," Emma replied with a chuckle.

"Are you ready, dear, are you ready for your daddy's big erection?" The young girl automatically spread her legs wide apart and in a provocative manner thrust her hips forward in a very lewd display of extreme sexual need! "Well I guess she is," Emma said softly while guiding her husband between the young girl's slim thighs.

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"Okay, dear," the older woman said softly, "your daddy's penis is pressing against your pussy." "Are you sure that you're ready?" The young girl nodded vigorously and waited impatiently for penetration. "Okay, Bill," Emma said quietly.

"Fuck your little baby's pussy!" Even though she was far from being a virgin, Bill's incredible thickness shocked her into a vicious orgasm only seconds after entry! "Sweet jesus in heaven!" she shrieked as inch after inch of fat pecker plowed into her helpless little pussy!

Now sure that Bill was doing fine on his own, Emma climbed up onto the table and after taking her place over Briana's face, lowered her super hairy muffy directly onto her open mouth! Bill's head rolled back and forth on his shoulders as he watched his wife's fat pussy being devoured by the hot mouthed little slut while he drove his eight inches of cock meat in and out of her tight little slit!

Emma closed her eyes and cupped her huge chest while little Briana's hyper active tongue scraped back and forth across the head of her super engored clitty. "Omigod!" she moaned.

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"She's a wonderful cunt lapper, I-I'm gonna cum!" By now Bill's pecker was acting like a battering ram in Briana's soft pussy. As each of his powerful thrusts bottomed out deep inside of her, the hot pussied little whore thrust back in kind, meeting each and every stroke with equal fervor!

Now humming along like a well oiled machine, all three of them hopped on the Orgasm Express for a non stop trip to the Land Of Cum! It was Emma who first felt the tell tale signs as the walls of her cunt trembled just prior to going into total and complete convulsions.

Only seconds later both Briana and Bill's organs spasmed out of control as they too were whipsawed into climaxes that could only be described as shattering!!! Bill's cock shuddered mightily as it jettisoned load after load of hot jism deep into his "daughter's" out of control cunt while her avid tongue brought her shaking "mommy" to an exquisite cum of her own. Finally spent and unable to move even a muscle, the three tired participants lay together panting like over heated dogs, but with small smiles covering their happy contented faces!" THE END