Two hot girls a blond and a brunette are licking each other pussy in gym and got spanked

Two hot girls a blond and a brunette are licking each other pussy in gym and got spanked
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Pope Joan 2 Joan slept the sleep of chastity, although she knew that she was no longer a maiden, and deserved little satisfactory sleep.

She could not understand why she had such wonderful feelings throughout her body. Apparently it was God's desire, and he was pleased with her actions.

She spent the day, milking the cows, currying the horses, cooking and cleaning. She fed all of the animals and cleaned their stalls, while her father worked in the fields planting vegetables.

They broke for the mid day meal and sat together while eating. Her Father asked, "Joan, what did you learn at the church with Father Paul last eve?" "Father Paul read to me from a large book in Latin. I learned about God's design and the essence of man. He also taught me how man, should best serve God and what God expects of his children." "My daughter is such a wonderful student; and has a admirable mind unlike her ignorant father." "Father if it was not for your understanding and love for me, I would never have learned to read or write.

You are not ignorant and I love you." "Are you going to the church tonight little one?" "Yes father, if that would be convenient for you. There is much work to be done." "Of course my daughter, although I feel you deserve some enjoyment and rest.

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You work here all through the day, then study hard after dark. A girl should have some enjoyable times in her young life." "Believe me Father, the enjoyment I have received from God's love has been wonderful and fulfilling. My life has found new meaning and absolute pleasure. Are you remaining home on this eve? No, I plan to go to the public house and have a tall glass of warm Ale." "In moderation father.

Do not forget your last venture to the public house. You were unable to get out of bed long past sunrise." "Yes daughter, I recall. I will only have a pint or so." Father and daughter then parted company.

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Joan washed the dishes, swept the floors, and then went out to feed the hogs. He father returned to his planting. They would have a good harvest on the years end. Supper came and went. As night fell, Joan fed the fireplace and as the light danced on the walls of the room she wondered if Father Paul would elevate her with his phallus and essence. Taking a torch from its storage place, she shoved the end of it into the fire. The tip burned brightly warming her face. Leaving the house, she trudged up the path, in the dark toward the rectory.

Upon arriving Joan, opened the door and walked in. Father Paul was naked and laying on top of her childhood friend Lily, a postulate nunne-in-training; his phallus imbedded in her sheath. Joan stood there and watched as Father Paul continued to enter into and permeate her vagina, helping her temporarily ascend to heaven's gate.

Lily was much involved in Father Paul's God like movements, and was sinking her nails in his back, moaning loud and mumbling, "More Father Paul . more. Send me to see God." Joan sat in a chair, next to the bed of straw and watched as the Father's penis slid in and out of her friend.

Everything seemed to be very wet and coated with a viscous liquid, and a small amount of blood. Joan wondered if it would be better for her to withdraw, as Father was fully involved in her friend. "Joan", said Father Paul. "Please disrobe and join us in the bed. We can all do the Lord's work together." Quickly as Father Paul began to eject his essence into the young girl, she moaned loudly and began to squirt her juices, pumping them past Father's penis and onto his testicular sack.

She stated to the priest, "More Father Paul, please do more. I want God to love me." "God does love you my child, more than most women, who would refuse to share their sacred passage with the sons of the church." Joan shed her clothing and joined the couple on the bed of straw, which was covered with a sheet like covering.

Father rolled off of the girl as she lay in a semi unconscious state, moaning lightly. Joan took hold of Paul's phallus and began to stroke it as she had done the evening prior. It took some time and affectionate gestures of fondness, however when his penis again became tumescent, Joan lifted her leg over him and eased down on his lap, allowing his cock to impale her tight moist vagina.

She moved front to back, feeling the priest's huge member inside of her, thanking God in a little prayer for bringing such knowledge and pleasure to her.

She was full of cheer as she thought there would be more pain associated with another coupling, however she now understood that the pain was only in the beginning, and from that time on, only God's reward of pleasure would be provided. As Joan became more involved in riding the priest, her friend Lily awoke and crawled in behind her. At the priest's command, Lily began to lightly squeeze his testicles, and then slid a delicate finger into Joan's rectum.

This was a wonderful turn of events, thought Joan. The pressure of his penis was enhanced by her friend's finger. There were so many new things to learn, she thought as she began to squirt her liquid onto the priest's penis and testicles. Lily slid her hand on to Paul's penis and retrieved some of the liquid, spreading it on Joan's gloutos and thighs.


She then moved her face down and licked Joan's anal orifice, between her arse cheeks, kissing the priest's penis and Joan's slitten. Lily's tongue then slithered into Joan's rectal opening and sucked the surrounding fleshy area. Joan squirted again, and Lily excitedly licked up her juice like it was delicious gravy. As the priest moved faster into Joan's vagina, she moaned and said praying, "Oh my Lord, your humble servant Joan, beseeches you to help her receive pleasure and satisfaction from your plentiful bounty.

May I never invoke your wrath, or fail to satisfy the hope, desire, and expectations you have for me. Your will be done." Only a minute passed and Joan screamed, as she reached her sacred communion with God, and had a violent and disruptive orgasm.

Father Paul smiled as Joan rolled off of him and lay quietly next to him. Lily seeing that Father Paul's phallus, was pointing toward the heavens, lay down and paid special honor and respect to his penis, by slipping the large member into her mouth and sucking on the tasty meaty, shaft.

Father Paul blessed the girls and told them they would be granted a place at God's table for their service and aid, to a son of the Holy Church. Lily sucked him harder until he squirted his heavenly essence into her mouth.

As she swallowed the slippery liquid, she knew in her heart that she was truly doing God's work. Joan examined the phallus of the priest, and wondered why it was no longer hard. This was not the Lord's design. She asked, "Why is your phallus deflated Father Paul? It must be strong like a solders lance to complete God's work." "Joan.

In the first chapter of the known bible, known as Genesis, God worked six days and on the seventh day he rested." "As I'm doing God's work, I must rest also. He will soon give me strength to complete this days duties and tasks." Joan sat there praying, and massaging Father Paul's penis; to provide him sensual stimulation that he might pass on God's bounty.

After several long minutes, the member began to become tumescent again. Joan was thrilled and eager to complete more of the Heavenly Father's pleasurable work. When Lily saw the Father's foreskin retreat she became aware his penis was again becoming hard, and she knew God's incentives and rewards were at hand. She crawled next to Joan and assisted her in bringing the beautiful member to an immense state.

The girls stroked, and kissed and sucked the large phallus until Father thanked God and moaned loudly. As Joan sucked on the tip of the member, which in its present state was all she could cover with her sweet young mouth, Lily took the Father's testicles into her own mouth and sucked lightly, while she slid a finger into his anus filling it with enthusiasm, and energy. Father Paul was so pleased that he had decided to become a priest, and had not accepted a position working as the blacksmith's assistant.

As his fluids were boiling in his gonas', he advised Joan to stop drawing on his penis with her mouth and assume the stance of a female goat, or Capricornus. Quickly, as not to allow Father's phallus to reduce in size, amount and availability, Joan was on her hands and knees waiting for God's bounty to enter her.

Her sister in God's pleasure and love was kneeling next to her in the same position also waiting for God's servant to provide her with physical and mental enrichment.

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Paul knelt behind the two beautiful young girls of the Church, and examined their vaginas. He slipped his phallus into Joan's wet opening and began to move in and out, squeezing her hips so tight, until Joan moaned loudly cuming again hard.

He then withdrew and aimed his large member toward Lily's tight little slitten, shoving as hard as he possibly could. Lily, being new to the parish and to Father Paul's loving desire, began to reach her level and ejected her holy fluids on the Father's penis.

As she lay down on her stomach, Father shoved his phallus into Joan's vagina again and continued to rabidly spear her sheath, with zealousness, enthusiasm and almost fanatical fervor. He worked hard and moved his hips faster, his head rose to heaven, perspiration running down his forehead, face, chest and back, all the while praying to God for the gift of his two young devotes. Father Paul was shoving into the girl, and pulling on her hips bruising them. Joan was beyond enjoyment of the heavenly attention when she began to involuntarily discharge her sticky liquid once again.

Feeling her orgasm, Father doubled his speed and came hard. He knelt for a moment, as if he were in silent prayer, his foreskin, moisturized and soft, dripping with emollient oils and semen. He said, "Girls of God, it is time for you to return to your homes, and rest. You have both done the Lords work in an admirable fashion. Return on the morrow's eve and we will again be gifted with God's passions." Lily, being aware of the liquid forming on the opening of Paul's foreskin, moved her mouth to it and lovingly, sucked the few drops from the deflating member, then licked her lips and smiled at Joan.

The girls dressed, and then left the sanctum sanctorum. Walking down the cobblestone road, almost skipping together, hand in hand, giggling and whispering about their wonderful gift from God, they knew the priest had many things planed for performing more heavenly work and achieving their objective of exaltation.

They parted at Joan's door, and she slowly dragged herself into her Father's house. Peering into his room of sleep, she became aware he was not there. Well she had warned him of spending too much time at the public house, but he was a man and his choices were beyond her control. Joan climbed into her bed, not bothering to dress in a night shift. She laid there, her vagina still vibrating from the series of actions Father Paul, and God had provided, praying to the Heavenly Father for his love.

Sleep overcame her, bestowing the gift of rest, which she was in much need of. The following morning, Joan woke from a wonderful sleep, to find her Father was not yet home. She quickly dressed and walked to the public house. The owner let her in and told her that her father was in the back room, sleeping. He also told her to ask his father of the promise he had made.

Joan went back and awakened him, then helped him home. As he had so much to drink the prior eve, she put him in his own bed and allowed him to sleep it off, wondering about her father's promise. As she worked around the house, she sang little songs she had learned as a small girl. She was happy, as God loved her. At the lunch meal, her Father stumbled out of his sleep room, stating quietly in an alcoholic breath that he was hungry.

His vision still blurred from the consumption of the strong home made ale, he felt around in an attempt to locate the table. Joan a loving daughter came to his aid and seated him. She placed a cup of cold well water in front of him and bade him to drink.

As he sipped the cool liquid, he apologized, stating it would never again occur. Joan said, "Father, you have no need to seek my forgiveness, as I am a daughter and not a wife. The crops will take care of themselves for the passing of one day.


I will feed you then you can retire once more. On the morrow, you will be on the mend and again be well for your duties." "You are a loving a dutiful daughter Joan, always thinking of others, and never having concern for yourself. Since you were born and I lost your mother, you have been my guiding star and the destination of all of my love. Thank you my daughter for being such a loving person.

Your love of God has taught you well." Joan placed a bowl of thin porridge in front of him and suggested he eat, as it would lessen the effects of the alcohol.

The man sat at the table, his head propped in one hand a spoon in the other, occasionally partaking of the cornmeal mush, praying he would live to recall that the previous eve was less than desirable in nature.

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Joan sat and ate, occasionally glancing at her father with a look that did not bring him joy. He wished that he could be in the field, digging sod, as her disappointment was a hard punishment to endure. "Father, the innkeeper at the public house said to me that you had made a promise, last eve. What was you promise, and who was it directed to?" His head now beat rapidly, pulsating with a steady and pronounced rhythm, as if a company of the Kings solders were galloping their horses through his head.

"I'm not within my normal faculties my daughter. I will later attempt to answer your query when my validity and accuracy of mind will hopefully be better." He took another portion of the porridge, then removed himself from the table and returned to his bed. A light tapping came to the door, and Joan went to see who was calling.

A striking young woman twelve years Joan's senior, the widow of the Mayor's assistant who had been killed by a highwayman; stood at the door. Joan looked at her in bewilderment, and then asked the nature of her purpose. "Is Henry your father at home?" "What is it you wish of my Father?" "More so, it is what I wish of my husband." "I am afraid I unable to follow your line of thought." "Your Father and my husband; are one in the same." Joan looked at the woman not knowing what to say, and then asked her to enter.

When she walked in the door the woman looked around standing in the middle of the room. "You have kept a clean and comfortable house for your father." "Thank you Mrs. De Boise." "Now Mrs. Wellen, if you please. Evealen Wellen." Joan motioned for the woman, who now had her sir name to seat herself, and asked if there was anything she wished. "A glass of water would be very nice, thank you." Joan now almost in shock, obtained a cup of cool fresh well water and placed in front of her guest.

The young woman lifted the cup in a demure manner, gently placed it to her beautiful bee stung lips, and sipped the liquid as if it were the finest French wine.

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"May I ask," Joan muttered. "What occurred last eve?" "Let me prelude with a statement, which may explain much of your quandary Joan. I have been in love with your Father since I was fifteen, however when your mother became with child, your Father could no longer wait for my move into adulthood, and married her, primarily to give you legitimacy.

As I was devastated at the loss of your Father's love, my mother sent me to school in Normandy where my mind could be rid of his memories. At least that was my mother's theory.

During my schooling, I met and later married Mr. De Boise, a very intelligent Frenchman twenty years my senior. Due to a physical problem, he was impotent which left us incapable of producing children. Had I been aware you sainted mother had gone to her final rewards when you were born, I would have returned to your father in haste.

Other than your father, I have never been with a man; not even Mr. De Boise.


Last evening your father and I were consuming a considerable amount of Ale and began to reminisce of our past times together. I'm afraid he was stupefied by his inebriation and proposed marriage. As I have never lost the love for your Father, I accepted his proposal and Mayor Tilson, who was at the public house, married us immediately upon your father's demands.

Embarrassingly, our honeymoon was in the bedroom of the innkeeper. If you have ever been in love, or just felt lust for a boy, I believe you might come to understand the nature of my feelings for your father, Joan. I have no intention of attempting to replace the memories of your mother, but I sincerely hope we can be friends.

Your Father has done a commendable performance raising you and building his farm. You might believe I married you father for his property, however you would not be more mistaken, as Mr. De Boise, left me quite well off. I am very much in love with your Father and want to be the wife he deserves.

I would now ask if there is any reason you would not give us your blessings." Joan looked at her new mother with tears in her eyes, and placed her arms around her lovingly. They held each other both crying, for some time. When they finely broke their hold Joan whispered, "I bid you welcome to our family . mother." With that statement the two women held each other again and continued to cry only much harder. Henry's lone figure stood in the doorway to his room, tears welling in his eyes.

He was genuinely a happy man. To Be Continued .