My homegirl giving me dome

My homegirl giving me dome
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COUSINS our story - Chapter 1 BACKGROUND TO OUR STORY……&hellip. Romance, incest, male/ female, softcore This story is a biography, based on fact (as best as I can remember events that were unexpected, special and unforgettable) with interwoven fiction.

It covers a number of years BACKGROUND TO OUR STORY……&hellip.


It was 1992 when my family moved to live close by to my cousin Lila. My name is Jonathon but my family has always called me Johnny. Our mothers are sisters. Lila's mother is about one year older than my mother. Lila and I are only children.

We attended different schools. Lila attended a private girl's school. I liked visiting Lila's house because it had a big swimming pool, and room to play ball. My mother and I would visit their house and Lila and her mother would visit us. Lila and I became quite close. We seemed to like to do the same things.

Our story: …………………… MEETING LILA My first meeting with Lila, that I could recall, was memorable or unforgettable, probably both. Formal……&hellip.definitely not!

Casual……&hellip.not even that! It was not long after our move, and in the summer break, when my mother took me to my Aunt's. A few minutes after greeting us my Aunt went to the back door and called for Lila to come.

As I turned around a a figure raced into the house, put her arms around my neck, kissed me on the cheek and said "hi Johnny……I hope you like swimming".

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From my initial glimpse, I felt there was something different about Lila. The first most noticeable thing about her was that she had been covered in water most of which had rubbed off on me.

Her long dark hair was dripping water. My Aunt told Lila that she had made my clothes wet, as well as dripping water on the floor. "Johnny won't need his clothes until they leave&hellip. they will dry." she responded. When she stepped back from me I could see what really was different she was completely naked!! Also, she was brown all over. On first opportunity, I whispered to my mother…&hellip. "I thought she was a white person like us!" Instead of replying to me directly, my mother simply said "Well………I see Lila has an all over suntan from the swimming she does." My Aunt explained that swimmers were not needed because there were lots of bushes around the fences and pool.

The pool area was very private. Lila commented……&hellip. "I don't like bikinis on anyway." AT THE POOL Following Lila's unexpected greeting, I felt completely at ease as she took my hand and took me to the pool. As we moved off my Aunt reminded her to use the sunscreen, with an extra good coating for me, as I was so white. At the pool, Lila told me to take off my clothes and she would do my sunscreen first. With no sisters, the only female I had ever been naked in front of, was my mother.

Nevertheless, somehow I felt that it was quite normal. After all, Lila was standing in front of me naked, and it did not appear to worry her that I was a male. My eyes traveled up and down; keen to take in the vision right in front of me. I thought that she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. "I'll help if you want' Lila said pointing to the sun lounge for me to lie on. To start, I was on my tummy. Lila poured the cream on to my back. The feel of her hands moving over my body was something I had never experienced before it was so good.

Next I had to roll onto my back. Looking along my body, she said "I haven't seen a boy's Willie before………only my Dad's…………………but I know all about them!" According to Lila, I needed plenty of sunscreen on my chest as it could burn easily. As she moved lower down she poured extra cream onto her hand and said that as my Willie stood out from my body it needed lots of protection. She picked up my Willie, by the head with one hand, and then put her hand with the cream around it.

She rubbed up and down a couple of times until it slipped out of her grip and flopped down. I could not believe how nice my Willie felt when Lila had it in her hand. I was hoping she would rub it some more! "Does your Willie ever get hard and stick out in front of you?" she asked. I told her that sometimes it did, but that it was only in the early morning, before I had been to the bathroom.

Lila told me that some girls at school had told her that their older brothers' Willies would often stick out. Then it was Lila's turn. As she only needed a top up on her back and shoulders she said that she could stand for me.

She turned for her back to be done. I stood for a bit just looking at her. I had seen my mother naked plenty of times but I had never seen a girl. From the back, her body was so beautiful and smooth, with a beautiful curve at her waist.

I noticed how long her legs were. Probably, she was as tall as I was. I had never rubbed cream onto any bare body let alone a naked girl. I could not believe how much I liked doing it. When she turned around she said that she would have some extra cream on her chest just to make sure.

In the process of doing her chest I slid my hands across her nipples. As I finished she said "rub over my nipples again…&hellip." Taking my hands with hers she placed them on her nipples, "like this' she said, and moved my hands in circles. Removing her hands from mine she said………"keep going for a bit……& feels real nice." ANOTHER SURPRISE With the sunscreen job finished, Lila took my hand again and said we had to go to the bathroom before we went swimming.

Her Mum had told her that she did not want anybody weeing in the pool. There was a building facing on to the pool area with a table and chairs. She took me in to a small bathroom, inside, at the back. "You go first" she said. I did not know quite what to do. I was standing there naked and it seemed I was expected to go while this naked girl watched ………&hellip."I've never seen a boy do a wee……&hellip.hurry up so I can go." Lila said.

I had no choice so I moved close to the bowl, pointed and started. "Oh…& shoots out a long way" she exclaimed. I told her that I could shoot it a lot further than it had.

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"You can? ……… will you show me later? …&hellip. Now it's my turn……&hellip.did you know girls have to sit down? ………& wee does not come out like yours…& watch me!" I watched closely. I saw it …&hellip. but could not work just where it came from.

As we started for the pool Lila asked ……&hellip. "if you want to wee again let me hold your Willie for you!!" I said ok, but was hoping that I did not have to go again. SWIMMING Holding hands we jumped in the pool together. Not long after that our mothers arrived at the pool with towels around them.

When they removed their towels they were both naked. Although I had seen my mother naked on many occasions I was fascinated by the fact that my mother and Aunt were very much alike in appearance. I found it hard to take my eyes off the matching triangles of black curly hair they had. Even their breasts seem to match. On coming out of the pool Lila laid on the sun lounge while I used the towel to dry off. I could not take my eyes off Lila, flat her back on the lounge- especially her lower parts.

In the place where I had a Willie, she had a crease with beautiful little hills on each side. I was fascinated by it. I had never seen anything like it on my mother, but I guessed it must have been covered by all her hairs. Again I wondered how Lila did a wee. I could not see anywhere that it could come from. Maybe I could ask Lila ……… maybe she would show me!! We continued jumping and diving in and out of the pool. It thought that it was a good idea not having to wear swim shorts.

If we had wanted to go to go inside we would have had to take off our swimmers. Then put wet swimmers back on. Later Lila's Mum sang out and told Lila to bring me inside out of the sun. LILA'S ROOM Lila took my hand and said that we would go inside and play some board games. As we were leaving the pool she said ……… "Leave your clothes……& won't need them." So, still naked I followed Lila into the house as though I was use to it.

When we went inside to play board games we just sat around naked. Lila had lots of board games. I always thought that girls liked to play with dolls but I could not see any dolls or any girly dress-up things.

She did not seem have any 'girlie' books. She liked those that had lots of pictures and explained things about the oceans and the land, about how different things worked. I was fascinated by how inquisitive Lila was. She asked her Mum lots of question and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything Just as Lila did not like bikinis, it appeared that she preferred not to wear any clothes at all, unless the weather was cool.

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It did not take me long to get use to being naked especially when it was so warm. My mother did not seem to take any notice. I guessed Lila's Mum was use to her running around with no clothes on. However Aunt insisted that Lila was dressed for dinner. She said that Lila's Dad liked to see his daughter dressed in something nice and pretty. Daytime was one thing dinnertime was different. CLEAN UP At the end of the day my Aunt said it was bath time.

Lila grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her into the bathroom. As we were all ready naked, and water was in the bath, Lila said to me "hop in" and quickly followed herself. Aunt sang out and told us to wash the chlorine off each other and make sure the bottoms of our feet were clean. This was another new experience for me - sitting in the bath with a naked girl opposite. Lila told me to pass the washcloth and she would do me first.

"Show me your Willie again" she asked. She picked it up, looked at it closely, turned it over and had a look at the back………&hellip."It stretches at lot and is very floppy." She commented.

When my Aunt came to check on us Lila asked her why my Willie looked different to her father. Aunt told her it was because I was circumcised.

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Lila wanted to know the why and the how. Aunt explained that I had an operation when I was a baby. Lila picked up my Willie again. Aunt pointed to a reddish mark behind the head and said that was where the foreskin had been. Lila now had many more questions. Aunt told her to look up the encyclopedia and she would explain anything that she did not understood. As we leaving to return home Lila asked if I could come again for swimming.

Her Mum looked at me and said that if I wanted to come, I could come for the day. My Mum could drop me off and collect me again late afternoon.

Lila edged closer to me and held my hand. When I said 'yes', she gave it a squeeze. As we moved to the car Lila put her arms around my neck, kissed me on the cheek and said "she you soon Johnny". REMINISCING At home I lay on my bed thinking about how much fun I had had at Lila's. Not only was this the first time I had had a girl playmate it was a naked girl.

My only other contact with girls was at school. Then I only saw them in class. I wondered how many girls were like Lila. The ones at my school seemed be completely different. I really liked Lila. I liked the way she greeted us as if we were regular old friends. Of course we were family, but I had not seen Lila since we were very young - my Mum told me. I liked the way she took my hand.

It made me feel as if I was in my own home. I liked my Aunt too. It was almost like having another Mum. In fact, I remember sometimes I called her 'Mum'.

When I closed my eyes I could visualize Lila running around the pool edge and the wobble of her naked bottom. She was like a fish in the water. She loved to run and dive off the pool edge - something I had only expected boys to do. In fact, I was looking forward to visiting with Lila again.

I would not even have to take any clothes. I could just wrap my towel around me to go in the car. ANOTHER VISIT TO LILA'S The next time we arrived at my Aunt's Lila was just as excited. I received the same hug and kiss from a naked Lila saying ……&hellip. "I can see you're ready……&hellip.lets go swim." She took my hand, pulling in the direction of the pool. Lila lay on the sun lounge and I rubbed sunscreen all over her body.

We swapped places and she did me. AT THE POOL Next she reminded me that I was going to show her how far I could shoot my wee.

She took me around the side of the poolhouse&hellip. "let me hold your Willie………&hellip.shoot onto the grass." …&hellip.………"hold it up a bit" I told her. Lila was amazed at how far it went. She wiggled my Willie from one side to the other……&hellip. "It's just like using the hose……&'s finished………&hellip.

do I shake it now?" On the way to the pool Lila said how much easier it was for a boy he could just pull Willie out and shoot anywhere! She had certainly seen how my Willie worked. I noticed that Lila liked to watch my Willie. As I moved around it would bounce up and down and swing from side to side. I quite liked the feel of it, particularly when it started to stand up a bit.

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At one point, it stuck up more than 'a bit'………It stuck right out. Lila said "look how much your Willie is sticking out" and insisted that I let her mother have a look at it. Lila's Mum looked and said that she thought I was going to be "well equipped" and that it was normal for boy's Willies to 'stick out', some times.

We had been swimming for a while when my Aunt arrived. She simply had her towel draped over her shoulder. I found myself taking more interest in looking at my Aunt, naked, than before.

I was even more fascinated by her triangle of dark hair contrasting with her pale body. On finishing her swim she wrapped her towel around her top.

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She told us to follow her to the house in a few minutes and we could have drink and cookies. Arriving at the kitchen Lila and I sat down at the table. MORE THAN DRINKS As my Aunt started to get the goodies for us I noticed her towel start to come unhitched and slip off. She caught the towel then put a hand under one breast, pushed it up and wiped with the towel.

She did the same with her other breast then placed the towel on the cupboard top. She was now completely naked in the kitchen and so close. I could not stop myself from staring at her breasts, then her triangle and back again. When she brought our drinks to the table Lila pointed to her mothers pubic hair and said "I'll have hair like that soon ……won't I Mum? …………&hellip. touch it Johnny …&'s real soft." I looked at my Aunt…&hellip."feel it if you like Johnny" she said as she moved closer to me.

I put my hand on top of her triangle it felt bouncy due to a mass of curls. As my Aunt had said to 'feel it', I let my fingers slide through the curls it was just so soft and smooth to my touch I certainly had never felt anything like it before.

And then it happened! . In a flash my Willie shot up and stuck straight out. I was glad I was still sitting at the table otherwise it would have been very obvious. Then Lila put her hand on her Mum's breast………" And, I'm going to grow breasts like Mum …………you feel them Johnny ……………&hellip.they're real soft too." I looked at my Aunt again …&hellip."It's ok if you would like to feel them Johnny." I put my hand up but I was not sure where to touch there was just so much!

My Aunt took hold of my open hand and placed it flat against the side of one breast and slid it over the front and across her nipple.

Everything was so soft and smooth it was a bit like having my hand on a balloon. As my moved back away from her nipple I felt sure that the nipple had become a lot bigger! As we left to go to Lila's room I was able to hide it by keeping close beside her.

When there Lila asked why my Willie was sticking out. I said I did not know it had not happened just like that before. When my mother picked me and asked how my day was I just said…… "good'. In reality, it had been another day of the unexpected. I really enjoyed playing with Lila at the pool, even though we were not allowed to stay in for long. Lila's Mum was very watchful that we did not stay in sun too much, and we kept applying sunscreen. We continued swimming until the water became too cold.

Although the days were still warm - it was the cold night air, Lila explained. I was now, nearly as brown as Lila all over!! SWIMMING FINISHES With swimming finished, Lila liked to spend some time at my house. I had a large collection of lego blocks plus a book of instructions.

She loved to make things that would work. We could spend hours working out how to make one model. For Christmas that year Lila received a new game Monopoly. The one thing she particularly liked about Monopoly was that it rarely ended it quickly. With only a short Christmas school break our play time was restricted to after school visits or weekends. It was not uncommon to spend a week on one game. Our mothers did mind that we spent a lot of time on the game. They thought it would improve our Math especially mental arithmetic.

One day Lila asked me whether I would stay over at the weekend it was now warmer and we would soon be swimming again. By staying over we would have a lot more time for Monopoly. Also, she would have someone to talk to at night. I said that if I stayed, then she could stay with me the next weekend.

Lila thought that it was a good idea - she had a spare bed in her room and I had a spare bed in mine. So, together we asked our mothers. They agreed. It was arranged that as both our school buses stopped at the same bus stop, we could walk together, to whichever house, on Fridays. If we were not picked up on Sunday we would walk to the bus stop on Monday morning.

STAYOVER On Friday, Lila hurried from her bus, took my hand and we headed off to her house. She was keen to continue with a game we had all ready started. It did not seem long before my Aunt sang out said it was time to get cleaned up and changed. Also, she thought we were now too big to get in the bath together. She told Lila to have a shower and I could follow.

Lila took my hand and said to her mother "I want Johnny to come in with me…………I can wash him and he can wash me." Her mum replied "I think you and Johnny are too old to be showering together………&hellip.but ……&hellip.I suppose it's ok………&hellip.just don't play." SHOWERTIME We had our clothes off in a flash.

With the water on we were quickly in to the shower. Lila picked up the soap bottle and poured some over both of us. She rubbed it all over me then started on herself…………"Johnny……rub it over my back" she asked. We were soon both covered in soap. With her arms around me Lila put her chest against mine and slid backwards and forwards. With the attention my Willie received it finished the cleanest part of me. With Lila giggling so much, I was not aware my Aunt came in until I heard……&hellip.

"Lila………what are you doing!! . I bet that's not Johnny's idea ………&hellip.get washed off………quick!" I knew future showers with Lila were going to be lot's of fun. As instructed, Lila dressed for dinner. It was the first time I had seen her wearing a dress. I told her that she looked very pretty. After dinner, we returned to the bedroom and continued the game until bedtime. The more time I spent with Lila, the more I liked her.

I never thought I would like playing with a girl I thought girls only played with dolls. LILA'S STAYOVER Again, on Friday, I waited for Lila's bus to come. She grabbed my hand and we started for my house.

A lego build had all ready been started so we were quickly at work on it. My Aunt had called in earlier and left clothes for Lila. As the weather was warming Lila had been given specific instructions not to leave the bedroom naked. I wondered how long it would be before she forgot about that she just liked to be naked. And I really liked looking at her naked. My room was a large room, somewhat isolated, at the back of the house.

It had been an earlier extension, my mum had said - with a bathroom a short way along a hall. When it was shower time Lila said to my mum "I'm taking Johnny in for a shower." I was surprised when my mum said "ok". So off we went. Lila was up to her usual fun but she knew to keep her giggling quiet. After dinner we were back working on the model.

Lila loved the lego. If we realized we had made a mistake she was quite happy to pull down and rebuild the wrong section. My mother called out that it was bedtime. I had my usual bed and Lila had the spare, further down the room. Lila sat on her bed, pulled off her nightgown and put it under her pillow. Not only did she like to run around naked she liked to sleep naked. I lay for a while thinking about how good it was to have Lila staying with me. SLEEPING TOGETHER Then I heard a voice whisper in my ear………&hellip.

"can I get in with you………&'s scary down there in this big room?" I felt Lila slide under the covers and cuddle up to my bare back, then………&hellip."I don't like the feel of your PJ pants ……slide them down." With help from Lila they were quickly off. She pushed them with her feet out and on to the floor ………&hellip."that's better I can now feel your warm body against me……&hellip.I have never been in bed with a boy before!" I loved the feeling of her naked body as she pulled closer with her legs sliding between mine.

I had never felt anything like it before it was wonderful. ……&hellip. "I like you a lot Johnny …………do you like me?" She whispered to me. I rolled over so I could just see her in the near darkness. "Yes…… I like you lots and lots" I told her. "Would you like to cuddle me real close?" she said as she wriggled closer again.

Next, she said that if I promised not to 'unlike' her, she would kiss me on the lips and cuddle me whenever I wanted. I was quick 'to promise'.

With our bodies touching from head to toe, I liked being kissed. With nothing said, I knew Lila was going to sleep the night with me. I liked cuddling so much that I thought, maybe, I could ask If Lila could stay with me all the time. We had just woken up when my Mother came into to find out how Lila slept in a strange room. Then she picked up my PJ's off the floor and asked what I was wearing. Lila said "nothing……&hellip.they did not feel nice against my skin so I made him take them off." Mum asked where Lila's nightgown was.

Pointing to the other bed she said………&hellip." Under the pillow……………I was not scared while sleeping with Johnny all night." That was my introduction to how Lila dealt with things.

She was upfront about everything and told her mother (and mine) exactly as it was. My mother's final comment was…………"well…………I hope you both slept well…………&hellip.

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Johnny ……&hellip. push Lila's bed up closer to you so she won't feel scared!" Continued………&hellip.