Dubai gay sex movies He gets some man meat from both blowing them

Dubai gay sex movies He gets some man meat from both  blowing them
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She tried to talk but had trouble with my cock in her mouth. She looked up at me with her light blue eyes. She looked beautiful in her complete nudity. The bed was soft, and the lights were dimmed, but not enough to stop me from being able to gaze at this lovely little doll sucking my cock.

She was my cousin. But, in order to tell the story of how we got to this point I have to back up. My cousin had moved out to California to attend Stanford University after graduating in 2012. But, wait; let me back up even further. My cousin, the whole rest of my family, and I had always had something of an interesting relationship. We were a close family.

But I was a quiet guy with all girl cousins, so I kept to myself. Over the years all the families remained close, even though I didn't have any real close relationships with anyone.

I remember when I was young, my older sister and my cousins use to dress me up and put on pretend weddings with me and my cousin - Hannah - who is just a bit younger than me. It was all just good fun, and I guess really some form of light comedic abuse for us.

This was the sort of dynamic between all of us, in short, I was the only guy. As I got older, obviously they stopped dressing me up, but we kept that same close-yet-distant relationship.

And my cousins -at least some of them - grew into attractive young ladies, nonetheless, I never thought of any of them sexually until I stayed at their house for a weekend. Wait… let me first explain, I have six cousins, all girls, three from my uncle (my mom's brother), and three from my mom's sister. During this story, I was staying at my aunt's house.

In the early school year of 2009, I was a junior in high school and my parents had gone out of town, leaving me to stay at my aunt's house with my three cousins: eldest, Alyssa, middle, Hannah, and the youngest was Carly, only five at the time. At the time Alyssa was 24, had just graduated from college, but was taking a year off before going to Chicago University for grad school. The first day wasn't too eventful; we ate dinner and watched a movie together.

But during the movie Alyssa kept putting her foot, and even her hand a few times, near my cock and I thought she even stealthily removed her panties, I couldn't even believe that though.

After the movie, I just went to the basement to watch TV until I went to sleep. But the second day would get more…stimulating.

It was Saturday morning, we all ate breakfast. After breakfast, the girls worked on schoolwork. I was in the basement just watching TV when Alyssa came down and told me, "Nobody is home, so if you need anything just let me know". I just said, "Okay".

Alyssa then sat down next to me, asked me how I was doing, and began rubbing my thigh in a compassionate, caring manner while smiling at me pleasantly. I just told her I was doing well. She said, "Good,"in a friendly voice and smiled at me.

I remember she reminded me of a nice, young, girl-next-door teacher all the students loved. She began rubbing a little higher until she was rubbing part of my cock and my thigh. She felt my dick get rock hard the second she made contact and just smiled. Alyssa moved her hand up even further to where she was just rubbing my cock while staring at me smiling all the while. She had a pair of those sexy, tight yoga pants on.

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It was the best camel toe I had ever seen; I could see her whole pussy. She was spreading her legs and moving closer. Then she kissed me, parted her mouth, put her tongue in my mouth for less than a second, got up and walked up stairs, shaking her ass the whole way.

She came back down about ten minutes later, and I had my boxers around my ankles and was working myself. She pretended she didn't even see, chuckled, and said, "Want to watch TV together?

No one will be home for a few hours.

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It's just you and me, so we can do anything you want." I don't remember all the details, but I'll never forget how awkward watching TV with my boxers still down and only a tiny, thin blanket covering my erection was.

I don't remember what we were watching when she casually said, "Do you mind if I get naked?" I must have looked at her like twelve hits of acid had just taken effect, but I knew my answer. I was nervous, but I was also so turned on and wanted her naked.

I tried to act casual, so I told her, "Sure." She stood up, stared at me staring at her, and began undressing. She was wearing a t-shirt and tights that originally tempted me beyond control to relive myself.

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She removed her shirt. Her stomach was a tiny bit chubby and her boobs looked perfect. Nice and large and round, the type of titties that create awe. I could hardly believe they were real, especially once she removed the bra. She looked like the ultimate woman, I felt like a child next to her. She was a beautiful, mature woman, and she was my cousin. She then removed her sexy yoga pants. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was completely shaved. I loved the look of a pussy when a girl is standing; all you can see is the tiny, little slit.

And right before me was the sexiest, most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. "I always prefer being naked.

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I'm sure you prefer me that way too, huh?'" I didn't know what to do or what to say, I just nodded my head honestly. She then told me to get naked too; she told me I'd be much more comfortable.

I was a mindless zombie, I don't know if I said anything. I remember stripping off my shirt and kicking my shorts off the rest of the way. This was crazy, I had only a week earlier turned sixteen at the time; she was twenty-four, smoking hot, and my cousin. She told me I had a big cock, this I already knew because I had seen all my friend's cocks and mine was the largest.

It even just looked too big for my small body. I thanked her, and told her in all honesty that she looked like a goddess and was the most breathtaking work of art I'd ever seen; I told her I loved her.

She seemed moved and kissed me on the lips lightly. "Do you want to play truth or dare?" Alyssa asked. I decided to just be free, play willingly, and allow myself to enjoy this very fortunate situation. "Yes." "Okay, truth or dare?" She asked me in a sexy, feminine voice as she looked at me with her sexy bedroom eyes.

"Truth." "What have you done sexually?" she asked. "I guess nothing really." I had actually done a little, but mostly with my friends at sleepovers while playing similar games, most notoriously the nervous game. "But you're so cute, and you have a big cock.

You need to plow some girl with that cock. You need to make a girl suck it, then put it in her pussy, make her cum, and if you're lucky you'll find other places for it too. It's a lot of fun, little cousin." She called me cute, kissed me on the forehead and said, "Let's keep playing.

Truth or dare?" she asked me. "Truth." "Do you want to have sex with a girl?" "Well, naturally." I paused. "Truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to touch my cock." "Love to." She placed her hand around it.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you have such a monster." She stroked it a few times and said, "Let's play something else. We can call this game," she paused and gave me a devious look, "you do anything you want to me and we see what happens… Want to play?" "Yes." I could not then, as I cannot now, even begin to describe how turned on I was.

"Come over here and get filthy and kinky with me. Remember, anything you want. I won't say no, no matter what you do to me." She stood up and moved to the love seat. She spread her legs, and I had to touch her. I told her to roll over and she did.

Now on her back, I began rubbing her thighs. I'd rub up to inches before her sweet cunt and then start the process over. I began to kiss her bare thighs right up to her pussy. I was rubbing her nice big booty. I placed one finger in her pussy, she quivered a bit; I put two fingers inside of her, she let out a moan. I fingered her tight wet, moist pussy while she laid on her stomach, moaning. After fingering her from behind, I rolled her on her back.

Simultaneously, I noticed two things that worked me up: my cousin's sexy feet, and how much I wanted to make out with this sexy woman. I started with her feet. I sucked on every toe. Then I licked the soles of her feet. I moved up to her breasts and sucked each nipple. I looked my beautiful older cousin in the eyes and she read my mind. She leaned forward and began gently kissing me. Our kiss grew more and more passionate.

She was sucking on my tongue and I was hers. Then she said, "Let me spit in your mouth." That got me so turned on.

Of course I let her and she really spit quite a load of saliva in my mouth. Then I spat in her mouth as much saliva as I could, and she loved it. Then I ate her pussy. I licked her as she lay on her back. Then, she sat on my face as I ate her wet dripping cunt and she came on my mouth. I had seen girls squirt in porn but I had no idea they could in real life.

She wasn't an extreme gusher, but she was a very, very light squirter. I was licking her pussy, making her moan when she said, "Try my ass." I told her to roll over and stick her ass in the air. I began giving her a rim job. I knew I needed my dick sucked. So I put my cock in front of her face and she took it in her mouth.

Then I squatted over her face, put my cock in her mouth, and fucked her face thrusting downward, my cock going down her throat.

I was feeling freaky so I told her, "I'm going to tea bag you. I'm going to rub my balls all over your face, and then you're going to lick my ass hole. And, I really want your tongue up my ass as far as possible. Okay?" She said okay. I started fingering her as she sucked my balls and stuck her tongue in my ass. She was moaning load and getting wet. She began begging me to fuck her. "Please just put that massive, sixteen-year-old cock deep inside my twenty-four-year-old cousin cunt.

Use my pussy to make yourself cum, and I'll swallow every drop, please, please. You're going to love this so much. I'm going to show you the best time of your life. Let us do this; I love you, sweety." She kissed my face sweetly and straddled me. She sat down and with a moan took my virginity. She began to ride me, and I knew I couldn't possibly last. I told her I was going to cum, and she just asked me if I wanted to cum inside of her or in her mouth.

I told her I wanted her to swallow my cum. She smiled, lightly moaned, and whispered okay. I removed my cock from her pussy, got in front of her, put just the tip in her mouth, gave it a few good pumps and shot a huge load in her mouth. She opened her mouth, showed me, and swallowed. Now I had to lick her pussy and get my cock re-energized so I could fuck again. I began licking her pussy and her ass. I told her to toss my salad, so she leaned me back on the couch and spread my ass for her tongue.

My dick was hard again, and I was ready to really fuck her now. She grabbed my now hard cock and said, "Let's go upstairs. Do you want to take me in the kitchen, or tie me up in my room?" she paused. "Actually… let's go get kinky in my parents room; they have a little sex swing we can use." We made our way up stairs, but I decided to just push her over the counter in the kitchen and spread her legs.


I forced my cock in her pussy; she yelped and told me to let her suck it first. I let her put my cock in her mouth, then bent her over, stuck it in her pussy and fucked her hard right in the kitchen of my aunt's house. I told her, "Let's go to your room so I can tie you up." She agreed.

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I tied her hands to her bed post and left her legs free. She leaned back and grabbed her legs the best she could while tied up. I got between her legs and began sticking my tongue in her ass.

I asked her if she had ever done anal, and she told me no. She uttered to me she had thought about it, it really turned her on, she had fingered herself in the ass, and gotten fingered in the ass from her friends during their lesbian fun. I was going to ask if I could fuck her ass, but I decided to just lick it for a good while.

Then I stuck my dick in her pussy, got it soaked with her juices. She moaned as, next, I put the tip of my cock in her tight virgin ass. She moaned and squirmed, I then reminded her, "Anything," and kept pushing my dick in her tight ass. She yelled, "Yes! Take my ass." She found ecstasy as I finally bottomed out and my balls touched her ass cheeks.


She yelled, "I've only ever fingered my ass! It hurts. But take my ass virginity!" I began pounding harder and she pleaded for me to stop. I paused, but she did say anything. "Please!" "Remember, anything?" "Okay!" she yelled.

I continued pounding her ass steady and slow. She began to enjoy it. I increased the speed and intensity. She was moaning loud and telling me she was going to cum. She started rubbing her pussy and squirted all over my stomach.

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I kept fucking her until I had to cum. "I'm going to cum. This time I'm just going to cum in your ass," I told her. "Yes, cum inside my big booty" she moaned out in pleasure.

I did, and it would not be the last time.