Teen uniform threesome Fighting For Affection

Teen uniform threesome Fighting For Affection
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Matthew Ryder sat in the lounge of his plush Makati apartment, contemplating the future both near and far. With early evening approaching, the invite to lawyer Tino Sala's dinner party occupied his mind heavily. Not the most gregarious or outgoing of young men, his father's cosseting of the growing lad for seventeen years was primarily to blame.

Indeed, socialising was a somewhat alien concept to Matthew. At least it had been, until the recent spell in England brought him out of his shell. But now, away from the bosom of his family and back in familiar yet unfamiliar territory, he'd quickly receded to the Matthew of old. And there were more far-reaching dilemmas for the young man.

As the days passed, he found himself torn between making a go of it in Manila where he had roots, property and security and returning home to England where he had four lovely sisters and a loving mother but little else of tangible value. And he could be fairly certain his four sisters wouldn't be around forever. They had their own lives to live. He could uproot back to England only to find they had boyfriends or in Jo's case a girlfriend.

Not of course that he could stand in their way of their futures. But unless there was some guarantee that every week would be like the one he'd just spent, he was reluctant to make the commitment. Glancing around the apartment, Matthew issued an elongated sigh as one problem after another presented itself. A further consequence of his father's passing away was the cessation of employment of long time housekeeper Mae-Lin.

It had been her choice, not Matthew's, who'd have happily kept her on, the decision facilitated by becoming the soon-to-be beneficiary of $17,000 from the old man's estate, a grand for each year of her employment. A nice windfall, it would enable her to live out a comfortable and perhaps overdue retirement. Yet judging on the state of the apartment, that was no help to Matthew who needed to find a replacement quick.

And then there was his immediate financial future. A quarter of a million dollars was fantastic to inherit when he turned eighteen but there were bills to pay, taxes to meet and other financial penalties. Besides which it wouldn't last forever. He could do with a new car, there was work needing doing around the apartment and he ought really to take care of his four sisters.

The stark reality for Matthew was that he needed to find a job, and fast. For the longer he left it, the less inclined he'd be and the more his credit would be stretched. But, for now, more immediate pressing matters were at hand, a combination of trepidation at facing an unfamiliar crowd mixed with the fear of the possibility of unrequited lust.

A long hot and relaxing soak in the bathtub helped to wash away some of the apprehension and a more confident character emerged from the bathroom. Posing before the full length mirror in the bedroom and adjusting the bow tie, Matthew resembled a young James Bond in the black tuxedo. He turned aside in profile, closed an eye and held his thumb and forefinger in a gun shape. Heather couldn't fail to be impressed by him, could she? A warm balmy evening, he elected to forego the limo and walk to Tino's apartment that stood on the marina, a stone's throw from the work-in-progress that would one day become Ryder Tower.

For now, it was a rubble building site surrounding a mesh of scaffolding and plastic that protected the metal and concrete skeleton from the elements. It was amazing to think that its completion would eventually secure his financial future. Deliberately late in arriving, the uneasy young man was anxious to avoid being sucked into small talk or worse, be caught out of his depth in legal mumbo-jumbo.

Yet the ploy had the reverse effect, his arrival immediately conferring upon him the unwanted role of the centre of attention. They were all anxious to pass on their condolences and wish him well for the future, speaking in tongues till his head was swimming.

Thankfully dinner arrived and they could fill their mouths with food instead of homilies. A small but select crowd, Tino had invited two fellow partners in the law firm, accompanied by their wives. In addition two young legal executives, one male, one female also represented the law firm. There was a respected yet crusty old judge and his equally crusty wife in attendance, the pair looking eighty if they were a day.

A business associate that, it transpired, had known Matthew's father had been invited along too, with pretty receptionist and potential love interest Heather making up the numbers. Matthew's early reservations were soon swept away on account of a deep swig of wine, followed quickly by another, and the favourable seating arrangements.

Tino had ensured to place his new top client next to Heather who was looking utterly beguiling. Her outfit was simple: a one-piece white summer dress with a red and green flower print pattern that hung off the shoulder.

Knotted at the apex of her breasts, it flared at the knee. She had elected to put her mane of dark hair up, held in place by two chopstick-like implements.

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Remembering his manners, Matthew pulled back the chair for her to sit on, rewarded with a reticent smile. Immediately across the rectangular table, in direct competition, sat highflying legal executive Connie Truong. Heather's opposite in more ways than one, her green chiffon gown screamed designer opulence. Her long flowing hair worn down the neck and back, Connie was the epitome of a strong-willed Filipina woman making a mark in this male orientated profession. Caught in the crossfire of conversation, Matthew felt a warm inner glow as each young woman vied for his attention between mouthfuls.

Why he had ever worried, God only knew. Occasionally he'd glance up to see Tino grinning from the head of table. The introduction of sex kitten Connie into the equation had given Matthew a real dilemma. Five two in heels, she was pencil slim and exuded confidence, the sort of girl that knew what she wanted and more importantly how to get it. Ultra-competitive in nature, she was quick to pick up upon Heather's paucity of etiquette and uncomplicated demeanour, using it to put the other girl firmly in her place.

Matthew really felt for poor Heather who was way out of her depth, though he was impressed at the dignity with which she handled herself. She was simplicity personified. Connie, on the other hand, was a true enigma, verging on schizophrenic.

She reminded him of Lucy Liu's character in Ally McBeal, a real firebrand Asian go-getter. When she wasn't toying with Matthew or verbally jousting and bitching with Heather, Connie would flirt unsubtly with the ancient judge who sat to her right.

It was true what they said about power, it was the ultimate aphrodisiac, though Matthew was not without appeal, with good looks to go with the bank account-to-be. For Connie would have done her homework and be aware of his heritage. Thankfully for Matthew there was the calming influence of Johnny Frio to his left to diffuse the overwhelming sexual tension and catty asides.

A thoroughly engaging man in his fifties with an infectious passion for live, he claimed to have known Matthew's father for well over a decade. As the wine flowed, so did the anecdotes, becoming ever more daring. The stories left Matthew both amused and dumbfounded in equal measure.

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Unbeknown to the young man, his father had been something of a player with the ladies over the years. Perhaps that was where Matthew's own latent sexual proclivity that had been unleashed in England came from. Yet it was another side to the multi-faceted Johnny that intrigued Matthew the most. A surveillance expert by occupation, he'd spent his working life among cameras, newfangled gadgetry and hidden lenses.

He claimed to have caught more philandering husbands and wives than the Manila angling industry had caught fish. Since Matthew himself had aspirations to be a computer and techno wizard, not to mention haviing a passion for watching, they found themselves getting along like lifelong buddies.

Taking the young man aside after pudding had been served and brandy was being passed around, Johnny made a disclosure that caused the younger man's jaw to drop. Apparently, prior to his death Matthew's father had taken a stake in the business. He'd had enough of the high speed and cut-throat world of property development and wanted out before it killed him, he'd said.

Sadly, he hadn't done so soon enough. Out of respect, the pair exchanged purse-lipped, dewy-eyed expressions for the departed. Yet Matthew's mind was firmly in the present and more importantly the future, anything but the past. He wondered out loud what his father's investment meant and could he perhaps become involved? Johnny's eyes sparkled.

"I hoping you say that, Matthew. I plan retire next five years. I no sons and heirs, need a go-getter to carry on business when I'm gone." "That's me," replied Matthew assuredly, gaining in confidence by the minute. Johnny smiled. "How 'bout we get together properly next week, yah, discuss things?" Matthew nodded enthusiastically.


There was no denying he needed something to occupy his time until the inheritance came and Ryder Tower was up and running. This sounded exactly the type of business venture he could throw his enthusiasm fully behind. As he mulled over the possibilities, Johnny gestured him closer. "What you think this is?" the expert enquired, holding between his thumb and forefinger what looked like a black sequin off a dress.

Matthew shrugged his shoulders and Johnny's eyes lit up like someone who had a real passion for what he did. Leaning right up close he cupped a hand around Matthew's ear and whispered: "It's a hidden camera." Matthew's exhaled deeply. That tiny speck on Johnny's fingertip was a camera? "Okay Matthew, hold out your hand." The wide-eyed youngster obliged, twisting his wrist and allowing Johnny to place the almost inconspicuous disc in the palm.

Immediately it turned from its original black to a matching Caucasian hue, virtually disappearing before Matthew's eyes. "Heat sensitive, you see," Johnny clarified with a grin. "It take on appearance of whatever it placed upon so as to camouflage it.

Good huh?" "Wow! No shit!" Matthew's enthusiasm caused Johnny to snigger like Muttley. Looking around for potential eavesdroppers, the surveillance expert once again whispered directly into Matthew's ear. "Earlier in evening I slip one of these things onto Connie's suspender belt." Matthew spluttered the wine back in the glass.

At that moment he had a funny feeling the two of them were going to get along just fine. It was strange, all these wonderful friends his father had, like Johnny and Tino, yet he'd been as cold in life as he was in death. Reaching inside his jacket pocket, Johnny removed a sleek black device that resembled a hi-tech mobile phone.

Switching on, the front panel illuminated in green and red though the screen was initially fuzzy and unrevealing. Sensing the reason why, the pair glanced down the room and through a set of double doors to the lounge where Connie sat alone on the couch, her knees pressed tightly together.

Just then they were passed by the doddery old judge who issued a nod of acknowledgement before heading off in Connie's direction. "Hello my dear," he heralded before she helped him sit down next to her. "This could fun," sniggered Johnny. Matthew glanced around guiltily, searching out Heather.

The last thing he wanted was to be caught as a Peeping Tom. Thankfully, she was with a group of women, still at the table and chatting merrily, busily engaged. She did, however, find time to issue a warm smile his way, though she made no move to come join him. Perfect. A few minutes passed as Connie and the judge made conversation and before the dazzling legal executive moved for the first time.

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No more than a shift of the backside, the hidden camera picked up the briefest flash of thigh and a hint of pink thong, transmitted back to the screen Johnny and Matthew peered over. The aged judge leaned forward and glanced up the room, espying his wife gathered with the other women, safely out of sight.

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He and Connie were alone in the lounge and evidently she realised it too. Reaching aside, she put cushion over her lap, upon which a set of legal papers from the judge's pocket was unfolded. To anyone happening to enter the room, it would appear that the pair of were discussing the latest developments in the judicial world.

Yet unbeknown to the pair, Matthew's and Johnny's eyes were locked to the screen. As Connie parted her thighs, the concealed camera picked up with picture-perfect clarity the legal executive's soft inner thighs and the whole crotch of the pink thong. The pair of voyeurs exchanged wide-eyes glances as a decrepit hand moved into view. Shielded underneath the cushion, a set of spindly fingers raked at the flesh of Connie's thigh, the screen darkening momentarily as the judge's palm caressed the suspender belt to which the camera was attached.

From their standpoint twenty feet away, Matthew and Johnny could hear quite audibly Connie's gasp as the judge's roving fingers found their way upward to the front of her crotch.

Angling his hand, the filthy old pervert pressed the thong fibre into the crack of what appeared to be an extremely juicy and highly aroused cunt. Connie purred and arched her back to try to get more digit inside, prevented only by the nylon barrier. Shifting position once more, the gown rode up her thighs as she hooked her thumbs through the waistbands at the sides of the thong. The judge uttered indecipherable mumblings as his bony fingers prodded the dampening crotch.

Drawing the thong down her upper thighs, as it moved towards the camera the screen went fuzzy momentarily and Matthew couldn't help but sneak a peek over. As he did, Connie slid the thong down a pair of angular calves and off the end of her toes. Reaching down to the floor with considerable effort, the ancient yet enthusiastic judge gathered up the triangular garment. A quick press of the moist gusset to his hangdog face as if inhaling from an oxygen tank, he groaned his approval before the thong was quickly secreted in a jacket pocket for later usage.

With the nylon barrier removed, Matthew and Johnny now had an unrestricted view of Connie's delicious pussy on the screen. Cleanly waxed, the puffy lips glistened with specks of arousal. The camera was so close it was possible to make out little bubbles fizzing just inside the luscious pink folds. Growling beneath his breath, the judge slid a hand up Connie's thigh once more. This time he enjoyed an unbarred fondle. The aroused girl quivered at the touch as the rogue fingertips toyed with the slippery slit and stretched the outer lips apart.

Grunting his approval, the judge pushed onward, index finger nestling inside the gorgeously tight yet malleable twat. A discreet glance over in their direction, Matthew noted the naughty legal executive close her eyes and nibble her bottom lip as her cunt hole was plugged with a twig-like finger.

With a dexterity that belied his years, the judge prodded and probed like a true pro, embedding the whole digit in soft wet snatch. As Matthew shot intermittent glances, he saw the old boy start to slobber on Connie's neck, mumbling obscenities and seemingly uninhibited by the threat of discovery. Matthew wasn't sure whether Connie was allowing it to happen for sexual gratification or as some kind of possible leg-up the legal ladder.

He suspected the latter which would be in keeping with what he'd learned of Connie during their short time at the dinner table.

Surely finding sexual gratification with a doddery octogenarian was beyond perverse. Either way, as the judge thrust his finger with purpose into the spread love tunnel, Connie came with an enormous gasp that carried across the lounge. On the screen in front of them, her juices bubbled and fizzed in the crack, some of the cunt honey dribbling onto the tops of her thighs. Matthew exchanged a glance with Johnny, a kindred spirit. The host's approach brought to an end their sideshow.

Johnny switched off and slipped the receiver inside his jacket pocket, standing hands in front of crotch like a guilty schoolboy. "We discuss business next week, yah Matthew?" "Oh definitely," the young man enthused, shifting position to cover his own rigidity. "What you two up to?" enquired Tino. "We just picking up where Matthew's father left off," replied Johnny. Matthew nodded in concurrence. "You watch Johnny, yah," observed Tino with a grin.

"He get you into trouble if you not careful, Matthew." Oh I sincerely hope so, the young man thought. Tino's intervention also brought to an end Connie and the judge's not-so-secret games. Grinning like the cat that got the cream, the old pervert lifted three juice-laden digits to his lips and sucked longingly, tasting Connie ingrained on them and mouthing his approval.

Connie elevated from the couch and sashayed sexily away, brushing past Matthew with a guilty expression before heading for the bathroom. He could imagine that, in the wake of the judge's spindly fingering, her pussy was nice and ready for a proper slab of thick throbbing cock. Imbued with sufficient verve from having downed three-quarters of a bottle of wine, Matthew moved off in pursuit, only to catch Heather's appealing look out of the corner of his eye.

She smiled sweetly, leaving him in a quandary as Connie's legs disappeared up the stairs. Turning on his heels, Matthew chose the righteous route, approaching the pretty receptionist instead and taking a seat nearby. Like good dutiful Filipinas, the other women quickly dispersed leaving the young pair alone at the table. "Sorry I got to go soon, Matthew," Heather apologised, and immediately he began to regret the choice. In an attempt to salvage the situation, he leant over and whispered in her ear: "Must admit I'm getting a little bored too.

Would you allow me the honour of walking you home?" Heather turned slightly, an ear accidently brushing his nose. Without thought, Matthew kissed the lobe tenderly, feeling the girl's body quiver and a tiny whimper fall from her lips. Moving down and driven on by Dutch courage and a newfound way with women, he butterfly-kissed along her soft neck before pulling away, looking rather sheepish.

"Sorry, I don't know what came over me." Heather smiled and held a dainty finger to his lip. Taking his hand in hers she squeezed it gently. "Thank you for offering to walk me home, only I no able to accept your offer." Matthew fought to dispel the huge feeling of disappointment. "You see Matthew, I not rich girl like Connie. I not able to afford to live here. I live other side of city so too far to walk. I get bus home, yah." Matthew issued a smile of relief.

It wasn't the brush-off he'd feared. "The bus? No, you leave it to me." A quick word with Tino and a phonecall later and the limousine was waiting outside. Heather looked over, stunned and embarrassed as Matthew beckoned her. Despite her reservations, she climbed in nonetheless as Matthew held open the door in a gentlemanly manner. As they waved goodbye to the remaining guests, Matthew caught sight of Connie's bemused gaze, trying hard to convince himself that he'd made the right decision.

Heather was bubbly and fun, coy and demure all at the same time, whereas Connie was, for want of a better description, a gold-digging slut. Not that that the slut part was completely without appeal. During the journey they chatted breathlessly. When Heather enquired of his family, Matthew told her of his sisters in England and how he missed him. Heather too came from a big family, she revealed. As they swapped stories, it struck Matthew how much they had in common.

Both her parents had died prematurely, tragically swept away in one of the tsunamis that strike the islands once every decade. And though his mother was alive, she was on the other side of the planet.

Matthew told her of the fun he'd had in England, or at least the abridged version. Incest, buggery and underage sex was hardly the best way to impress a potentional girlfriend. Heather issued a consolatory smile before revealing details of her nearest and dearest.

"The twins, Mia and Tia, they just turn sixteen and left school though they still no find work," she imparted with regret. "And Elise, she thirteen and still at school.

She bright but struggle to find work too, I fear." Matthew issued an inward sigh of appreciation at the revelation as Ned Flanders might say, the trio sounded scrum-diddly-umptious. The wanton sigh might have persisted had it not been stifled by Heather's lips meeting his.

The kiss was tender and full of passion. Mmm, perhaps he had made the right decision after all. As she pulled away she confided: "Sorry but I wanted do that all evening, Matthew." Matthew lolled back breathless and content in the voluminous seat as the limousine passed through unfamiliar streets and into a quarter of Manila his father had warned him to avoid. Drug-ravaged working girls hung around on street corners whilst teenaged tearaways revved bike engines. Graffiti spread like poison ivy wherever a wall stod idle.

He hoped the limousine was bullet-proof. "It not so bad as it look," Heather defended. They pulled up outside a ramshackle bungalow and kissed once more before Heather eased him away.

"Thank you Matthew for bringing me home safely. I no want to disturb my sisters so I no ask you in. I hope you understand." As the powerful engine rumbled to a halt, the front door opened a crack and the curtains twitched. "Looks like they've already been disturbed," Matthew observed wryly. Heather smiled uneasily. "You know what young girls are like." Matthew did, only too well: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy were testament to a young girl's curiosity.

And from the looks of things, these three girls were a pretty little bunch also. One had fearlessly ventured onto the step in her nightgown to check on the big car and to catch a glimpse of Heather's latest suitor.

"Go back inside," she chastised, before turning back. "I have early start in morning. I see you soon though?" Though Matthew was disappointed he was not inconsolably so, particularly when she suggested sheepishly: "Perhaps we meet for lunch tomorrow? You come into the office, yah?" He agreed and they exchanged a parting embrace before her generously proportioned bum bobbled down the path, shooing the errant sister inside.

Leaning over, Matthew asked the driver to take him home where second prize awaited - or was it first prize? Early that week he'd invested in the webcam and microphone after the girls in England had pooled their money to do likewise.

It wasn't the same as being there not by any stretch of the imagination but at least it meant they could stay in contact.

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Beth's bright idea, so far she'd been the main user. Dazzling her brother with slow seductive stripteases or regaling him with erotic tales, Matthew soon found himself masturbating with carefree abandon on the other side of the screen.

Eventually, she'd done the same, pushing those delicate brown fingers up that beautiful hot cunt with purpose, and reliving their amazing times together, until both exploded in earth shattering orgasms. Meg had been more strait-laced during her one and only webcast, a sign perhaps that she was either guiltstruck over their incestuous liaisons, or that she'd found someone else. She didn't say as much, chatting about her day and all manner of silly stuff, but Matthew was perceptive. He suspected she Marco were more than just friends.

Nonetheless, it was a pleasure just to see her pretty face again even if it wasn't on his cock. In her webcast, Amy combined a little of Beth and a little of Meg, starting off by telling Matthew about her day at school before ending up stripping naked.

Growing aroused, Matthew told her to pinch each nipple and imagine they were his fingers on her tight young body, Amy, still busily discovering the joys of sexuality, was set off on an irreversible path, rubbing her clit frenziedly to orgasm. And yes, her breasts had grown since his departure, Matthew revealed, leaving his youngest sister in rapture.

Jo's brief appearance had consisted mainly of filling her brother in on her relationship with shopgirl Caz. Only, to Matthew's dismay, she left out all the juiciest bits! She did, however, promise her brother something special for next time. He'd looked forward to that and hopefully now was the time to make good on the pledge.


However, it was Beth's pretty coffee-coloured face that appeared on the screen within the screen, Matthew clicking twice so that the image expanded fully.

"Hi honey," he heralded into the mic. "Hi babes," she responded. "How are yoo-hoo?" Wound up with sexual tension first by Connie then by Heather, Matthew found himself needy and in no mood for small talk. "Show me your tits," he growled.

"Only if you show us that lovely cock, BIG brother," she bartered, licking her lips seductively. Us, thought Matthew, sliding a hand in the fly of his boxers and unleashing the semi-hard appendage, wiggling it beneath the webcam's lens. "Awww, it's still asleep," Beth observed. He feasted upon the brief sight of her dusky bra-clad breasts as she lifted the blouse teasingly then let it fall to gain maximum teasing effect.

At that moment, appearing on the screen also, Jo sidled up behind her sister, resting her chin on the younger girl's shoulder. "Mmm, it is asleep, isn't it? What do you think would make it harder?" Jo enquired. Matthew pondered then grinned. "Seeing you two kiss," he replied breathily. "But I'm straight," Beth protested.

"Is she hell?" dismissed Jo with an evil grin, nuzzling the younger girl's ear. "She's been with more slutty girls than you have, baby brother." Shrugging her off, Beth maintained with a pout: "Have not." "Have." "HAVE NOT!" "Hmm, she doesn't seem too keen to want to kiss me," Jo mused.

"What do you think I should do, bro?" Matthew exhaled, cock jerking and needing little more incentive to inflate to its full and impressive potential than the threat of coercian. Slowly he drew back the foreskin and stroked gently, unveiling the bulbous purple tip. "I think you should make her kiss you, Jo." "Hmm, do you now.?" the older girl pondered with a devilish glint in her eye.

With that she grabbed Beth forcibly, a girlie catfight ensuing. They rolled one way then the other, Beth's heightened screeching blaring out of the mic.

Yet being older, stronger and far more spiteful, the tomboy was able to overpower her demure little sister quite readily. Beth squealed and mewed as she was pinned down beneath Jo. Matthew watched enthralled as Jo adjusted, pressing her lips to Beth's, the younger girl twisting and struggling to get her head out of the way. At the same time, Jo's spare hand slid the length of Beth's thigh, gathering up a length of skirt hem until her palm rested upon the crotch of Beth's little white panties. The kiss was long and dramatic sounding, prompting Beth to splutter and gag.

"Oh she tastes just divine," Jo enthused, causing a tingle in Matthew's loins and a dollop of precum to spill out of the eye. Matthew sighed as the pair grappled once more and Jo forced herself on the younger girl.

Using her superior strength and a strong knee to the groin, Jo prised Beth's thighs apart, the crotch material of the knickers stretching and gripping tight to Beth's pussy. As it pulled taut, the fibres rubbed against the crack, causing Beth's plump cunt lips to swell. Beth issued a token struggle but it all was in vain as Jo held her firmly down. "What should I do next, bro?" she enquired.

Matthew exhaled, aroused beyond belief. "Suck her tits.bite them," he ordered, so carried away in the whole charade he was on the verge of cumming all too prematurely. With a tug, Jo tore her sister's blouse open, buttons popping out like tiddlywinks to reveal Beth's slim brown torso. The lacy black bra had a front clasp, allowing the petite girl no opportunity to retain a semblance of modesty as she was wholly dominated.


A grinning Jo complied with her brother's request, leaning in and prompting Beth to shriek merry hell as her nipples were attacked, first sucked, then chewed vigorously. "Ohhhhhhh," the younger girl wailed. "Stop her, Matthew.please." Matthew was in no mind to allow that, fist blurring around a rock hard manhood.

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"Now show me her lovely cunt," he mouthed hoarsely into the mic. Jo took hold of the upper hem of the panties and tugged upwards. Beth yelped as the material stretched and tightened like cheesewire into her cunt, causing the swollen labia to spill obsenely from the sides.

The fabric was strained to breaking point and stained from the girl's seeping pussy juices, gathering in gross proportions as she was forced to submit to lust. "Oh please tell her to stop, Matthew," Beth pleaded. Jo looked across for direction. "Should I let her go?" "No way," Matthew roared. "Show me her pussy." Jo pulled at the panties so hard that eventually they tore at the crotch, coming away in her hand to reveal Beth's beautiful timmed black-haired pussy in all its glory.

With an evil grin she sniffed at the gusset of the frayed knickers. "Oh my Matthew, your little sister is such a stinky-cunted little slut." Matthew sighed wistfully, slowing down the masturbation so as to savour the moment. "What are you, Beth huh? Tell Matthew. Tell Matthew what you are Beth!" Jo commanded. "Noooooo," Beth appealed from beneath her sister.

"TELL HIM!" ordered Jo through gritted teeth as she took hold of a nipple and twisted it mercilessly. Beth screamed but held her lip, shaking her head in denial like a crack spy determined to take a top secret to the grave. "Tell him you little bitch," Jo spat with venom, twisting the other nipple one way then back again. Beth yelped and thrashed around helplessly.

"Oh God Matthew, make her stop." "Never!" he boomed. "Unless you admit it." With Beth maintaining her silence, Jo took both hard teats between thumb and forefinger and pinched and twisted, pulled and squeezed until finally her younger sister's resolve was broken. "Ow-eeeeeeee, please nooooooo. Okay, okay. I'm a dirty little slut." "Louder," Matthew ordered. "Oh no, please, okay. I'M A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!" Upon hearing the admission, Matthew was forced to stop wanking completely for fear of an early bath.

He really was being treated to something special tonight and a reminder if one were needed of exactly what he was missing in England. Without further prompting Jo repositioned on top of Beth so that her knees were either side of the younger girls head, her body across Beth'd in the 69 position.

Her jigglesome arse on Beth's face filled the webcam's boundaries. Though he couldn't see for backside, Matthew could hear the exaggerated slurps from Jo's tongue on Beth's cunt and Beth's tongue on Jo's cunt, picked up on the mic.

Coming up for air, Jo revealed: "My my, your sister''s a wet little slut tonight, Matthew. Hmm, what should I make her do next? Shall I make her lick my arse?" "Oh fuck yesssssss," Matthew hissed at the screen, then louder, baying: "Lick her arse Beth, you slut." "Lick my arse, bitch," Jo added with ferocity.

Beth's face contorted like she'd eaten a rotten apple but grudgingly or not as the case may be she lifted her tongue to Jo's nether regions. The tip glided gingerly around the rim, leaving a trail of saliva on the fringes of the brown knot.

Jo sighed with joy, wiggling at Matthew. Steeling herself, Beth pressed her tongue to the centre and dabbed it back and forth.

Jo's subsequent squeal of delight could be heard halfway to Manila. Gradually becoming accustomed to the acrid taste, Beth circled and pressed the tip to the brown bullseye, the knot puckering uncontrollably. Reaching up, Beth took hold of Jo's buttocks and prised them apart as wide as she could, the hole at the centre yielding unwillingly. At the same time she forced her tongue right up the middle.

Letting go, Jo's arse clamped shut and sealed tight over the pointy tongue tip. With her free hand, a no longer so reluctant Beth went straight for Jo's cunt, fitting her whole four fingers inside.

She jabbed back and forth as her tongue worked slowly free of its anal imprisonment. She continued to lick and lap eagerly, teasing the ring and sending Jo into ecstasy.

Complemented by a dozen rough fistings up her elder sister's deeply aroused love tunnel, Beth made Jo cum like never before, coating her face in a spray mask of pussy juice. Sadly, so engrossed were the pair in one another's cunts that they missed Matthew's crowning moment. It took the horny young fellow by surprise too, arriving with the intensity of a triple coronary. The rope of cum shot ten feet in the air, clearing the laptop, whereupon it banked then arced downward and sploshed on the TV screen some twenty feet away on the other side of the room.

He had to look twice to believe it before slumping back breathless on the couch. He continued to watch as Jo's tongue brought Beth, the last to cum, to a glorious climax, leaving all three's lust totally satiated.

Issuing a farewell to the girls, he promised to see them soon. They chorused that he would, and only wished it were in the flesh. Matthew agonised for a few moments before promising he'd do his utmost to fix a holiday soon.

But was it more than a holiday he craved? On the other hand, the introduction of the lovely Heather into his life complicated matters. Her refusal to get carried away on the first date merely added to her allure. Then there were her teenaged sisters who surely needed a man's guiding hand.

And maybe sex kitten Connie Truong might yet provide a kinky avenue worth exploring. Then there was the business opportunity offered by Johnny Frio.

And Ryder Tower. When he thought about it, it was tougher to leave Manila than he'd envisaged. One thing was for sure, Matthew Ryder was going nowhere in the short term until his inheritance came through. So in the meantime he might as well make the most of what the Philippines had to offer. And over the coming weeks he certainly intended to.