Amateur stud showing his feet and tugging his cock

Amateur stud showing his feet and tugging his cock
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As you recall from Part one of this series, my old Army buddy, Steve, and I introduced my attractive wife Cindy to the erotic excitement of a threesome. As most of you also remember from the earlier story, Cindy was a nursing supervisor at the nearby university hospital at that time of her introduction.

She was five foot five and a trim 125 pounds, hazel eyes, and shoulder length light brown hair. Although she would never be described as buxom, her breasts were suitably proportioned for her slender figure and she had a particularly nice ass, curved and luscious, and deliciously long legs. As it was, after her pleasurable introduction, Cindy became somewhat obsessed with the threesome concept, anxiously demanding that we invite Steve over at every opportunity.

This arrangement was certainly fine with Steve, and he was certainly enthusiastic to participate. Our passionate threesomes continued on for almost a year when a major problem arose: Steve had been promoted within his firm and reassigned to a new office in Charlotte.

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Once that happened, our contacts with him tapered off significantly, with only an occasional long weekend and a particularly enjoyable sex-filled week at the beach at Nags Head. Even worse, when Steve became infatuated with his cubicle mate in Charlotte, Megan, the trips to Chapel Hill ceased altogether.

Oh well, where was I going to find another playmate for my insatiable wife? It would have to be discreet, considering her increasingly more important position at the hospital.

I did not wish to involve a man from my logistics firm, for much the same reason. Then something happened that changed that concept and opened up a new and full range of possibilities. Here's what happened. I was working on a complex and seemingly insoluble shipping problem one Friday morning when Bill Watson, walked into my office and slumped into my guest chair. "What's wrong with you?" I asked. "You sure seem right agitated this morning.

You've been in a foul mood all week." Bill was an engineer "on loan" to us from another firm in California. Our company frequently needed engineering work, but we didn't have sufficient work to dictate hiring a full-time engineer on staff. Further, our engineering needs varied significantly from one project to another.

Although Systems Engineers were most frequently needed, we occasionally required Transportation and Civil Engineers as well. Consequently, we decided to contract with other firms to "borrow" their engineers as needed. We would have short term contracts, anything from two weeks to as much as three months. Bill was a Civil Engineer and on loan to us for an eight week period and was at the end of his fourth week.

"I'm just so fucking horny," he murmured. "I ain't been laid since I left San Diego." "Sorry," you're not my type, " I joked. "Well, why don't you just go and get laid. I'm sure there are plenty of possibilities." "Not all that many," he said with a sigh. "Besides, you gotta be careful out there. Too many nasty diseases.

Man! I'd sure hate to contract something and carry it home to my wife." All of a sudden my mind was working in overdrive! I leaned back in my chair and said, "Hmmm. Perhaps I can help you after all," I said. Bill looked at me with a somewhat puzzled expression.

"How's that?" "How about if I arrange for you to meet a mature, very attractive woman, five foot five about 125 pounds, hazel eyes, light brown hair, nice breasts, fantastic long legs.

. and she absolutely loves to fuck and suck!" "Oh yeah, and just where are you gonna find such a woman for me?" he asked, still a perplexed look on his face.

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"Easy," I answered, "At home." "What? What do you mean?" I got up from the desk and closed my office door, giving us a little more privacy. Returning to the desk I provided Bill with a detailed description of Cindy's obsession with threesomes and suggested that he might enjoy helping my wife with her sexual fixation. Bill's eyes stared in absolute disbelief and his expression was one of pure bewilderment. "Well, what do you think? Are you game?" "Ahhhh," he stammered, "Are you really serious?

I mean, are you really serious?" "Of course," I replied. "I enjoy watching my wife with other men. It's a tremendous turn on that thoroughly arouses me. Don't you ever fantasize about your wife fucking another man, sucking him off and swallowing his cum?" "Well . Yeah, I guess I do." He paused for a while and then continued. "Just so that I'm sure what you're suggesting, you're encouraging me to fuck your wife." I nodded in agreement.

He paused for a few seconds more and then continued. "Ah . you said threesomes. . Do we take turns with your wife? Do we fuck her at the same time.

You said that she would want us at the same time" "One after the other or both at the same time." I answered, "She likes it both ways." " .And blow jobs?

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Does she want me to pull out or come in her mouth?" "Oh, come in her mouth, of course. She'll keep sucking until your balls ache!" I chuckled. "Otherwise, just do anything you want to do. She'll more than keep up with you." I cautioned him that everything that occurred would remain absolutely discrete, secret, and confidential. We finalized arrangements and I suggested that he come over to our house at seven that night.

I immediately called Cindy at the hospital and gave her a heads-up. She was excited, eagerly anticipating an evening of sexual decadence with a new playmate. That evening, Bill arrived precisely at seven. I wondered if his dick was already getting hard in anticipation of what would soon occur.

I'm sure that the abstinence and passage of the weeks away from home had left him perpetually horny. As I opened the door, Cindy stood beside me wearing an attractive, but fairly conservative white silk blouse and a moderately short skirt.

She was in her early forties at that time, but she looked fantastic and her legs looked fabulous, as always. "Cindy, this is Bill. Bill, this is Cindy, my wife." "I am glad to meet you, Cindy.

Your husband is certainly lucky guy to be married to such a beautiful woman!" "Why, thank you for that kind complement. I'm pleased to meet you too, Bill. My husband says that you are working in his office for a few more weeks?" "Oh, yes. . But, your husband said that all work and no play was becoming injurious to my health and told me that the two of you would be able to solve that dilemma." Introductions being complete, I guided everyone into the living room as Cindy easily initiated a sprightly conversation with a series of thoughtful questions.

Over the next few minutes of free-flowing conversation I noticed that Cindy was openly flirting and I smiled a quiet kind of smile. I knew that Cindy was taken with my selection of a new fuckmate for her. She crossed and uncrossed her legs several times, allowing her skirt to tantalizingly ride up ever so slightly. Bill was sitting in an overstuffed chair opposite Cindy and stared, seemingly captivated by her shapely legs.

"Well, I think that it's time for us to get even better acquainted," she said after the pleasantries were exhausted. I watched in complete admiration as Cindy walked up to Bill, drew him up from his chair and placed her arms around him.

drawing his pelvis firmly to her and hugging him. As she kissed him I smiled and excused myself saying, "I think I'll go and fix us some drinks." I slipped into the hallway going to the kitchen, but stopped to watch what transpired.

Cindy took Bill by the hand and led him back to the couch. Immediately she gave him another long kiss, obviously probing with her tongue. At the same time she began rubbing his bulging cock through his khakis with her hand. Bill hesitatingly responded to her actions by fondling her breast while they kissed.

I chuckled and continued on to the kitchen to fix a bourbon and water for Bill and me and Cindy's favorite of bourbon and Coke. Again, I stopped at the entry to see what progress had been made while I was gone. Cindy's blouse had been pulled from her miniskirt, her bra had been released, and Bill was anxiously caressing her now exposed tits. "You're slowing down, Cindy." I commented as I walked back into the room, "I expected that you'd have his cock in your mouth by now!" "Well, if that's the case," she said with a wicked grin, "I certainly don't want to disappoint you." Cindy smiled at Bill and began unzipping his khakis to get at his obviously stiff dick.

"Let's see what treats you brought me, Bill" As I walked toward the couple, Cindy gently slipped off of the couch, knelt down in front of him, extracted his throbbing cock and leisurely begin to trace her tongue up and down the length of the erect shaft. Bill looked up at me with a huge grin and then looked down at my wife. "Oh man," he groaned, "This is a whole lot more than I ever expected!" By then, Cindy was gradually and unhurriedly sucking more and more of his cock into her mouth.

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I sat on the overstuffed leather chair opposite the couch in order to better watch the sexually charged action, quietly sipping on my bourbon. I watched as Cindy's tongue sensuously swirled around Bill's swollen cockhead and then as she slipped her lips steadily down the shaft.

Her head slowly bobbed up and down as her mouth engulfed more of his erect cock. Finally she took it to the hilt and then withdrew and took the full measure again as she sucked long and hard, slowly but surely building a consistent tempo.

Backing off again after a few moments, Bill's saliva drenched dick surprisingly seemed to have grown even more rigid as she opened her mouth wider and resumed her deliberate sucking action. He gazed upon my skillful cocksucking wife with admiration and mounting erotic pleasure. As in a trance, Bill leaned his head against the back of the couch, groaning in lust as my wife quickly brought him to the very edge of a massive orgasm.

She would occasionally pull her lips off, smile, and vigorously masturbate him hard several times before plunging her mouth back over his pulsating cock. After several minutes, Cindy briefly stopped bobbing her head up and down on his shaft and looked at me, "Well, don't you want to join us?" I smiled, knowing that the Bill couldn't take much more of Cindy's spectacular cocksucking skills and that I was certainly aroused by watching them.

As she directed her attention back to Bill's cock, I slipped behind her and released the snap on her miniskirt. I dropped her skirt to the floor and then jerked her filmy panties down. She obediently lifted each leg in turn, allowing me to remove them as she continued to avidly suck on Bill's cock.

With her panties now removed, I crouched down and gently began to lick and probe her delicious pussy with my tongue.

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I knew that Cindy was thoroughly enjoying this: A stiff cock in her mouth and a firm tongue probing her slash as she rotated her hips and ground her cunt back against my mouth.

After a few moments I eased back and slid my own throbbing cock into her sopping wet pussy, quickly establishing my own steady rhythm. Just then I saw Bill stiffen his legs and watched as his stomach muscles quivered in response to his approaching climax.

I knew that he had just about reached the point of no return as she pumped his cock faster into her mouth, energetically sucking on it with her lips. "Oh fuck, Cindy! I'm going to cum in your mouth!" moaned Bill.


Cindy briefly quit her sucking his cock to look up at him and say, "That's why I'm doing it, Bill. I want you to fill my mouth with your delicious cum!

I want you to squirt your delicious sperm in my mouth!" Bill quickly reached that point of no return as he stiffened and went rigid. "Arrrggghhh!" he groaned, " Oh, fuck! I'm cumming! Oh, don't stop Cindy!


Oh, fuck yes, go on! Go on! Oh fuck, that's so good! Oh fuck!" With that Bill reached his first orgasm of the evening, flooding my wife's sucking mouth with his warm, sticky sperm. I kept pounding away pumping Cindy's clenching pussy and soon she began softly moaning.

Her eyes were closed in sheer ecstasy and her face was contorted in lust-filled delight. "Oh, fuck me!" groaned Cindy. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me!

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Oh yes!!!!!" I was quickly at my own limit and knew I couldn't last much longer. I abruptly groaned and exploded, squirting my load of semen into Cindy's hot and moist pussy. My own orgasm continued as I clutched her body and the cum from my climax gushed into her. "Ahhhhhh!!

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Do you feel my cum Cindy? Do you feel my cum filling your pussy?" I squirted my milky load inside her, spurting into her already soggy pussy. Cindy could only scream in response, convulsing and writhing as a second and then a third crashing orgasm surged through her body. Even after I had stopped ejaculating, I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her as she moaned in erotic delight. Bill watched in delight as my frenzied fucking had caused Cindy to experience her own series of overpowering climaxes.

Exhausted, I pulled out and collapsed back on the floor, watching as Cindy crumpled forward on her elbows. I was amused as I watched as her juices and my semen slowly seeped down her thighs. Temporarily satisfied, Cindy wiped her mouth and stood up, stripping off her blouse and bra. She demurely sat back on the couch, and primly crossed her legs, the perfect example of a proper . though completely nude .nursing professional.

Briefly satisfied, we took a break and sipped our drinks. I refreshed our drinks as the three of us casually chatted for some significant time. The conversation inexplicably revolved around Cindy asking questions about Bill's family. Even so, she probed Bill for the details of his sex life with his wife.

Bill became increasingly detailed in his descriptions, heightening the sexual tension in the room. As Cindy crossed and uncrossed her legs, I smiled in understanding that she was aroused and anxious to get back to some serious fucking. Finally, she said, "Okay, Boys, let's adjourn to the bedroom." There was no hesitation on our part as we accompanied her to our bed room and the waiting king-sized bed.

In the bedroom I watched as Bill knelt behind Cindy and placed his cockhead at the entrance to her waiting slash and firmly gripped her hips. I sat on the edge of the bed, mesmerized by the sight of his rigid shaft slowly sliding deep into my wife's anxious pussy. When his cock was completely engulfed all the way into Cindy and he began to rhythmically fuck her, I moved around, directly in front.

I scrambled onto the bed and thrust my cock to her waiting mouth. I was completely aroused as I watched her small tits quivering back and forth from the harsh thrusts Bill gave her while she struggled to keep my cock in her mouth. We enthusiastically fucked for a few minutes when I made a suggestion. "Bill, let's switch!" Bill reluctantly eased his swollen cock from Cindy's pussy and quickly took my place in front of her.

Even though he had been interrupted, he was also anxious to feel her exciting lips on his swollen cock. I got behind her and slid my own rigid shaft into her now well-fucked, yet completely insatiable hole. Once again I was fascinated to switch my attention between watching my cock slide in and out of my wife and enjoying seeing her luscious lips sucking enthusiastically on Bill's dick. This went on for several minutes as we switched back and forth between her mouth and pussy a few more times before we decided to finish her off.

Bill finally reached his climax and gushed another flood of cum into her completely drenched cunt. Seconds later I reached my orgasm and spurted my creamy semen into her anxiously sucking mouth. Restoration took us a little longer at this point in the evening, yet we eventually lay Cindy gently on her back on the bed.

I immediately spread her luscious thighs and firmly grasping her hips, beginning to eat her pussy still oozing with her juices and the combined cum provided by Bill and me. She moaned lustfully while I licked and caressed her and Bill alternated between deeply kissing her and teasingly sucking her velvety tits.

As Bill continued his pronounced assault on her breasts, Cindy reached up and gently massaged his balls as if to magically restore his supply of sperm. I was totally aroused again and realized that I didn't want to wait any longer before plunging my cock into her cunt.

I placed my rigid shaft on her sodden pussy lips and teased her by rubbing the swollen cockhead up and down the length of her slit. Satisfied with my arousal, I plunged my dick into her pussy and quickly established a steady paced, thrusting tempo. After a few moments Cindy responded by demanding that Bill to put his cock back in her mouth. "Give me your cock, Bill! I want to suck your balls dry!" She wailed. "Fuck my face, Bill! Give me your cock!" As I heard her lewd talk and watched as he began to ram his dick down her throat, I knew I couldn't last much longer, even in my weakened state.

Cindy's pussy felt so warm and wet and the sensual visual effect of watching her sucking Bill's cock was just too much. I felt my nuts tighten and the sperm start to surge up my throbbing shaft as I tried to hold back as long as I could. Just then Bill moaned, "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck! Oh, fuck!" I was holding Cindy by her squirming hips, pounding my cock in and out of her swollen and throbbing pussy.

Bill had moved across her body and grasped the headboard, straddling her face and fucking her mouth in such a way that I couldn't actually see his cock. Even so, I could visualize his dick sliding in and out of her mouth, lodged between her luscious lips firmly wrapped around it.

And then he came. I watched intently as he unleashed a flood of cum in my wife's mouth. Just as he started to release his load, Cindy felt another orgasm begin to take control of her body.

Her own uncontrollable orgasm began just as the first stream of cum from Bill's cock hit the back of her throat. Breaking her lips free, she screamed "Oh! Oh! Oh!. I'm cumming!!! Yes, yes. YES!. Fuck me, fuck me harder, I'm cumming. " Her words muffled by the cock that Bill jammed back and was spewing streams of hot, foaming cum in her mouth.

As she tried to speak with Bill's cock filling her mouth with semen. cum escaped her lips and dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. Not wanting to miss a drop she quickly wrapped her lips back around Bill's cock to enjoy the rest of his sperm offering and to keep her pledge to "suck his balls dry." Seeing my wife get off like that and watching Bill's cock pump more semen into her hot sucking mouth while she swallowed it all, not to mention her cum covered face took me over the edge too and I filled her pussy with a huge and totally unexpected blast of cum.

"Oh fuck, Cindy! Oh fuck, here it comes!" At the end of the evening, there we were. The three of us. All in our king sized bed, naked, sweaty, and totally satisfied from our overpowering sexual experience. Not surprisingly, it took us a while for us to recover and regain our composure. Finally, Cindy said, "Bill, I love your wonderful cock. But, I want you both to fuck me some more!" We once more took turns enjoying her mouth and pussy until both Bill and I realized that we just couldn't get it up anymore.

Bill left around 3:00 that morning and asked if he could join us again before he returned home in several weeks. Cindy and I both agreed that it would be nice to get together often and Bill and I double-dicked her for the next three weeks. I also knew that I had devised the perfect solution for providing a steady stream of horny cocksmen to fill Cindy's insatiable pussy.