Oma mit enkel im bett

Oma mit enkel im bett
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  Camille loved sex Camille Stephens' sex life started early, when she was just thirteen. She fancied her big brother's best friend Calvin, who was sixteen, so she was happy to drink the three cans of beer he gave her, which made her feel very dizzy, and then let him kiss her and fondle her breasts over her t-shirt. She hadn't expected him to get on top of her, or put his hand inside her knickers, but she was too shocked and confused to struggle and just let him do it.

It hurt when he pushed his stiff dick inside her, but then it was okay, and by the time he had finished, she had decided that she quite liked it.

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She hoped he would do it again and was upset when he ignored her after that. She was a beautiful young girl and was rapidly developing bigger than average boobs which the boys stared at all the time. She soon realised she could have pretty much any boy she wanted.

After school, they would literally queue up in an abandoned workshop on a nearby trading estate, to kiss and grope her. It wasn't long before she let them put their hands down her knickers and push their fingers inside her.

It felt good. Each afternoon, she would decide which one she liked most; a different one most days; and make him wait till last. The boys quickly understood that whoever went last got to fuck her, standing up, against the wall.

Not surprisingly, she was very popular with the boys, and the girls all hated her, calling her a slag, and a cheap little slut.


She didn't care; she was enjoying herself. When she was sixteen, her class went on an educational field trip, which included staying overnight at a converted farmhouse and barn in the countryside that was used by all the schools in the area. Camille decided this was the perfect opportunity for the kind of fun the teachers wouldn't approve of. The boys slept in a dormitory at one end of the building, and the girls were at the other. There were two male and two female teachers to chaperone them, and they slept in rooms next to each dorm, to 'stand guard' over them.

They were all told, in no uncertain terms, that any student caught trying to gain access to the wrong dorm would face immediate suspension and other dire consequences, including his or her parents being summoned to the school by the Principal to be told about it.

Camille didn't care, she had her plan all worked out long before everyone was sent to bed that night. An hour after lights out, when all the other girls were asleep, she climbed out of her dorm window onto a flat roof, and then down to the ground via the low boundary fence. She ran across the yard and completed the same process in reverse, standing on the boundary fence and scrambling up, ending up outside the window to the boys' dorm.

She tapped on the glass with her fingernails. Almost immediately, a surprised face appeared from behind the curtains. She gestured to the young man to open the window and she climbed inside. All the boys were awake, and most of them had already had Camille at least once, so they had a pretty good idea that someone was going to get lucky.

She sat down on the nearest bed and counted all the boys in the room. There was fifteen of them. "Whose is this bed?" she asked in a whisper. The boy who let her in put his hand up. "You're first," she said, starting to undress. "Everybody get undressed and line up. You all get a go tonight." Nobody needed a second invitation, and there were a lot of hoarse whispers and stifled giggles, amid a flurry of discarded pyjamas and frantic masturbation, as everyone jockeyed for position.

One at a time they got on the bed, and took their turns with Camille, all in missionary position.


This was the first time she'd ever had sex lying down, and decided she liked it better than standing up; it was much more comfortable, and it felt much better because the boys could penetrate her more deeply. Most of them came in her very quickly. Some of the more experienced lads pushed to the front, took their turn early, and then went to the back of the line to have another go at her.

In less than forty-five minutes, the fifteen boys had fucked her a total of twenty-one times. They had all had her at least once each, and all of them had cum in her. She kept count. With a contented smile, and a very full and sticky pussy, she got dressed again. Unfortunately, the boys were all in very high spirits by this time, and had disturbed Mr Wheeler, the teacher in the nearest room. He was the gym teacher; a tall, stern man, and they were all wary of him, though all the girls thought he was very good looking.

He burst into the dorm and caught Camille before she could escape out of the window.

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He marched her downstairs to the shower room, where he ordered her to wash herself thoroughly inside and out. He would wait in the corridor for her to finish, and then he was going to 'sort her out', he declared.

She sniggered at his double-entendre, wondering whether it was intentional, but he just glared at her, and pointed in the direction of the shower room. As she stepped out of the shower with nothing more than a flimsy towel wrapped around her, she was startled to find Mr Wheeler had come into the shower room and was now stood by the bench where she had left her clothes.

She was half-naked, and blushed. He beckoned her towards him, and she stood in front of him, eyes down, waiting for the reprimand.

"Well, let's see what's getting the boys all worked up then, shall we?" he demanded. She was too stunned to react. Surely, he didn't mean…? Did he? He grabbed the towel and pulled it away from her. Instinctively, she covered herself as best she could, but as she stood looking down at his shoes and imagining him leering at her naked young body, a thought occurred to her.

This situation could be used to her advantage. Slowly, she looked up at him, straightened up, and let her arms fall to her sides, letting him see her in all her glory. She recognised the lust in his eyes. Pervert! she thought; but held his gaze for a moment. Then she glanced down at his groin and back to his eyes. "What are you going to do to me, Mr Wheeler?" "Teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" he said, aggressively. She dropped her gaze again, staring at his groin, looking for any sign of a reaction to her nakedness.

She was sure there was a slight bulge there now. "Kneel down," he ordered, unzipping his trousers. "You know what to do, I'm sure." She reached up and pulled his dick out. She was right; he was semi-erect already. She began to masturbate him slowly. She had only done it to a couple of boys before deciding it was too messy when she was still in her uniform on her way home from school, so she wasn't sure if she was doing it right.

His groan, and the rapid stiffening suggested she wasn't far wrong, anyway. "Suck me." She gulped. She had never done that. She took the head of his dick in her mouth and sucked on the tip, not having any real clue what to do. He grabbed the hair at the back of her head and pulled her backwards and forwards, so that her lips travelled up and down the length of his shaft a few times.

She got the idea. When he let go of her, she carried on. It was an interesting experience. She liked the feel and taste of this big hard dick in her mouth and was aware that it has having a real impact on him. His breathing had changed; it was more rapid now, and he was moaning under his breath. "Use your hand as well." She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and, after a few moments, she got the hang of using her fingers and mouth in rhythm together.

He groaned aloud, and she felt a little drop of stickiness in her mouth. Her jaw was aching when he told her to stop and stand up. He fondled her firm young breasts, squeezing them, and tugging her nipples gently until they were hard. She liked that. She was feeling turned on, now. She wanted him to fuck her. He would be her first real man. "Turn around and bend over." She turned her back to him, putting her hands down on the bench and flexing her back to push her bottom up towards him.

He put one hand on her lower back, and she felt a finger enter her. After a few moments, he pushed two fingers into her, the tips pushing down on her G-spot as he moved them roughly in and out. It felt good, and she moaned a little. She was getting wetter. He moved closer, and his fingers were replaced by the tip of his dick. Putting his hands around her waist, he pulled her towards him, sliding her on to him.

Fully inside her, he began to fuck her rapidly, in little stabbing movements, suddenly switching to slower deeper thrusts, and then back again. He was good.

Better than the boys. "Put your hands up on the coat rail." She reached up with both hands, and found it gave her some purchase to push her hips back in rhythm with his thrusts.

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His hands cupped and squeezed her breasts and nipples, sending little electric shocks down to her groin, as he fucked her harder and deeper. The head of his bone-hard dick was rubbing hard against her G-spot. She realised she was going to cum. Her inner muscles fluttered and rippled. She had never cum during sex before. Mr Wheeler's hand drifted down her firm slender body, searching out and finding her clitoris.

He was the first man to touch her there, but he knew exactly what to do.

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In moments, she was crying out and moaning in ecstasy as she came with a dick in her for the first time in her life. Her legs buckled, and she held on tight to the coat rail, as Mr Wheeler held her up and fucked her even faster. Suddenly, he stopped and ordered her to turn around and kneel down. He pulled her head back by her hair, turning her face up towards him as he masturbated for a few moments. Then he pulled her down on to him, grunting loudly as he spurted in her mouth.

Holding her head still, he fucked her face, forcing her to swallow his spunk. The thick, creamy texture was a revelation to her. The taste was unexpected, but not objectionable. She liked giving head, she decided.

He stepped away from her and zipped up his trousers. Camille stood up, wiping her lips on the back of her hand, and looking directly at him. "Will you be telling the Principal and my parents about what I've been doing tonight, Mr Wheeler?" she asked, trying to make her question sound genuine and innocent. "That won't be necessary. I think you've learned your lesson." "Oh yes, Mr Wheeler, you've taught me a lot tonight.

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Thank you. I enjoyed it." She grinned at him, cheekily. Game, set and match to me, she thought. No way are you ever going to tell anyone what you've just done to me! Which means I get away with my gangbang, too!


He glared at her and stalked out of the room. She got dressed and crept back to her dorm with a very happy smile on her face. Slowly, a plan began to form in her mind. Later the next week, her class had gym with Mr Wheeler, who made a point of avoiding her gaze all lesson. As the bell sounded and everyone headed for the door, Camille sidled up to him, with a mischievous smirk on her face.

"I've been thinking all week about what you did to me at camp, Mr Wheeler", she whispered. "Shhh," he hissed through his teeth, looking round quickly to make sure no-one was close enough to hear. "Go away!" "Aww, don't be like that, Mr Wheeler. I thought you enjoyed doing those things to me. I know I did. I thought you might want another go." They were the only ones left in the gym.

"I knew you were trouble," he said, glaring at her. "What happened was a mistake, and if you ever tell anyone, I will deny it. No-one will believe you, and you will be disgraced.

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Now leave me alone, and never mention it again. Go!" He pointed towards the changing rooms, dismissing her. She stepped forward with her head down, but turned with her back to the door, blocking his way, and looked him in the eye. Her cheeks were burning with embarrassment, but she knew she wanted to do this.

"I'll do you a deal." She put her hands on her hips, to show she meant business. "I will never say a word to anyone, as long as you have sex with me after school every day and teach me everything you know.

That way, you get your rocks off instead of going to jail for being a pervert, and I get the kind of education I really want. What do you say, Mr Wheeler?" He looked her up and down with a hungry expression on his face. On her eighteenth birthday, the beautiful, curvy, and very experienced Camille went into business for herself, building her own website to promote it.

She did well enough working with local clients, but she was ambitious. Three years later she had earned enough to move away to the city. She scrapped her own website and paid an expert to set up a professional one for her, promoting her in future as 'Lady Stephanie: discreet and sophisticated escort to the rich and famous'.

She provided a 'full-service'; charged one thousand per hour and ten thousand for a full night; and always had a waiting list of eager clients. She became so skilled that her tips often exceeded her fees, and she was routinely invited to all the best functions, galas and events, always to be seen on the arm of some wealthy and influential man.

Her aim was to be rich enough to retire by the age of thirty-five, so she could settle down and have a family. She was soon well on the way, as many of her clients were commercial bankers, stockbrokers and financial advisers, who were delighted to help her invest the money they had spent buying the right to fuck her. She enjoyed earning her money as much as she looked forward to eventually spending it. Her 'after-school' lessons weren't the only ones Mr Wheeler had taught her so well.

She remembered him telling her class one day that "the best job in the world is the one that pays you to do what you love doing most". He was right; Camille Stephens was living her dream. [/u][/u]