Horny ebony babe swallows a massive load

Horny ebony babe swallows a massive load
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Playing golf is one of my passions in life. I find it extremely challenging, and I'm a pretty good player. I recently made a move that increased my opportunities to play, moving from the West Coast and its very crowded and expensive golf courses, to a small town in the Rocky Mountains that has several mostly deserted courses. My new favorite course is one that stretches miles through the canyons and plateaus of the high plains. It was designed to have many homes built on the fairways, but the economy being what it is, it's almost devoid of homes except for a couple of holes.

In fact, there are holes on the back 9 that are completely isolated. Many times I have played this particular course by myself without seeing anyone in front or behind me. I take my time, play two balls, and hit extra shots. It's beautiful for a golf junkie. Recently a female golfing friend of mine from the Coast was venturing east on a driving vacation, and made a stop near my new home.

Since she had her clubs with her, we decided to meet for a round at my favorite course. It was great to see someone from my former life, so we spent much of the front 9 talking about mutual friends, our lives, jobs, and anything else we could think of. Eventually, however, our golfing got serious. She's an athletic lady, and a terrific golfer, so our competitive juices came alive as we made the turn and headed for the final nine holes.

We were both playing inspired golf. She marveled at how much farther the ball traveled at altitude, and she had her A game going. Unfortunately for her, I was on my game, and was hitting the ball as well as I had all summer. By the par 5, 14th hole, I was up a few strokes and was feeling very confident.

I pulled out my driver and took a mighty swing, wanting to crush the ball and impress my friend.

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But the funny thing about golf, the harder you swing, the poorer the shot. In this case, I almost missed the ball and topped it so badly that it barely made it off the tee box.

My friend almost fell out of the cart, she was laughing so hard.

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When she regained her composure, she looked at me and said, "You know what that means, don't you?" I looked at my ball sitting only yards from where we stood, and noticed that it hadn't reached the women's tee. "You don't mean. ." I stuttered, remembering the joke I shared with my guy playing partners that if your drive doesn't pass the women's tee, you have to play the hole with your dick sticking out.

"Yep," she smiled wickedly. "You need to play this hole with your little guy hanging out! I'll even let you hit your tee shot again if you do." I didn't know how to respond.

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I just stared at her, trying to decide what to do. I knew we hadn't seen any other golfers in at least an hour, and that this particular hole was very secluded. Finally I thought to myself, why not. I decided to turn the tables on her and start to pull my cock out of my pants, figuring that she would realize what I was doing, and stop me.

As my hand started down my pants, she just started cheering me on. This really confused me, because we were just golfing friends and had never had any kind of relationship. In addition to being confused, I have to admit I was also a little bit turned on. So, I turned to face her and put my hand all the way down my pants until I had my now stirring dick in my hand. I started bringing it out of my pants with the one hand, and the same time I slid the front of my shorts down.

Half way out of my pants, there was still a chance that my cock would remain covered as I was quickly losing my nerve. I paused.

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"Come on, you can do it," she encouraged. What the hell.

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I brought it out, and at the same time lowered my pants so they were riding low around my hips. I let go, and just stood there in front of her with my male parts exposed.

"Now I get my shot again," I said. I picked up my driver and turned to tee up another ball. My friend excitedly yelled, "Wait", and rushed around to the other side. "I want to watch this," she stressed. My heart rate was way up, my palms were sweaty, and my dick was growing with excitement, but I was going to take this shot. I teed the ball up and tried hard to concentrate. The whole while, my friend was staring at my swelling prick.

Somehow I was able to hit a good shot despite the pressure and my swinging member. It went long and straight, and as I looked down, I noticed my cock was likewise. Giggling, we walked back to the cart. I started to pull up my pants, but she grabbed my arm and said, "Oh no! The entire hole." My face was now starting to flush, but I was also enjoying this for some reason. So I sat in the cart still exposed and waited for her to hit her drive. It went like that for the entire hole.

I hit my shots with my pants eventually around my ankles, and she watched and giggled. I knew she was enjoying the show. Somehow, with my second chance drive, I had an opportunity for a par, as did she. My putt was a 10-footer, and hers was slightly less.

Concentrating hard, I hit my putt true, and it tumbled in. I looked at her and said, "Let's make your putt a little more interesting." "What do you have in mind," she said with a grin. "Make it, and I'll play the next hole without any pants. Miss it, and you take off your bra, unbutton your blouse, and play with your boobs hanging out." I had always wanted to get a peek at her breasts and figured this might be my best (and only) chance.

"She squinted her eyes at me, thought about it for a couple of seconds, and said, "Sure, why not." Then she added, "You seem to like the idea," and nodded at my crotch. My still uncovered cock had sprung to attention at the thought of seeing her nearly topless. She turned, lined up her putt, and hit it confidently.

It was right on line, but then started breaking slightly left. It slowed, hit the left side of the hole, and for a split second it looked like the ball stopped and was deciding whether to go in or stay out.

My good fortune, it lipped out and stopped centimeters from the cup. "Praise the Lord," I yelped. I had pulled my shorts back on and we reached the cart, still in a secluded place with no one near. With her sleeveless blouse still on, she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, and with two quick moves brought it out her left sleeve hole. I applauded (golf clap, of course) the neat trick. She then deliberately started from the top and undid each button. As she worked her way down her cleavage was uncovered and I could see slight movement in her boobs as she neared the bottom button.

Finished, she slowly took each side of the bottom of the blouse and moved them to her back. As she did this, the two most beautiful breasts I have ever seen were exposed. Tanned and full, they hung down slightly because of their size. Her nipples were dark and small, two tootsie rolls just dying to be licked. But I resisted. I stared, but I didn't lick. She tied the ends of her blouse behind her back, and played the hole with those lovely boobies teasing me with every shot.

Somehow, I finished that hole (I'm not sure of my score), and we got back into the cart. I expected her to cover herself again, but she didn't. "What's next?" she asked with a wink. I blushed and stuttered and all that came out was, "A par four." The drive to the next hole was in a hollow that followed a dry creek bed.

For the first time all day, there was a cool canopy of trees covering the dirt path. We drove only a short way when I felt her hand on my leg, working its way up underneath my shorts and boxers.

I was a bit embarrassed as some cum had accumulated on the end of my cock, but she didn't seem to mind. I let the cart roll to a stop, and sat, enjoying what she was doing. "Let me make this a little easier," I said, and I sat up and pulled my pants and undies down around my ankles. She took my penis with one hand and slowly stroked it up and down.

The fingers on her other hand were playing with the tip of my dick, coating it with my own cum.

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Meanwhile, my hands found their way to her breasts, and I caressed and squeezed with vigor. My fingers went to her pert nipples and lightly rolled over them again and again, and they grew with excitement. Her lips went to my now swollen cock and her tongue played with my cum. Her mouth then sunk over my dick and she rhythmically bobbed up and down until I thought I would explode. She seemed to sense my excitement, because she stopped and said, "Not yet." She stepped out of the cart and started to move her hips back and forth, as if she were dancing to a song only she could hear.

Her hands moved slowly over her breasts, lifting them as she gyrated in front of me. Her hands moved to her shorts, where her fingers undid the top button, then eased down the zipper.

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With a wiggle, her shorts fell to the ground revealing sheer, light blue panties. She danced for me, hips swaying and her breasts moving slightly to the tune in her head. Her body was even more beautiful than I had ever imagined.


Hard athletic legs that moved up to an equally firm ass. A flat tummy with a shiny piercing in her belly button. And those breasts. She moved closer, took my hands and placed them on her hips, on her panties.

She smiled. I hooked my thumbs inside, and with no hurry, slipped them down. She was clean shaven except for a small vertical strip of dark brown hair. Holding on to the roof of the cart, she lifted her right leg and set her foot on the front of the cart, and with her left hand, started to rub her nearly bald pussy. Her body moved with her hand, and I could see her fingers starting to collect moisture. Still sitting in the cart, my hand and fingers replaced hers, and resuming the movement, rubbed her throbbing clit.

I felt her wetness and her body starting to tense. She broke from me and facing forward, entered the cart. Holding onto the roof with one hand, she spread her legs over mine and clutched my throbbing penis. Leaning down, she expertly guided my cock into her soaked pussy.

From on top, her thrusts were slow at first, but quickly increased in speed and intensity. She was holding the roof with both hands now, better to rise up and then plunge her cunt onto my dick. My hands were on her breasts, pinching her nipples, and working her exposed clitoris.

We moved together, as if we were one organism. We both exploded at the same moment, she with a moan and a groan, me with a cum load that dripped back onto my lap. We stayed like that for a while, she on top of me, legs apart, exposed to the world. We both were catching our breath when. . The unmistakable sound of a golf cart. Near by. Laughing, she jumped off me, pulled up her shorts and untied and buttoned her blouse.

I also quickly put my pants back on, and with a cloud of dust, we sped up the cart path.


We finished playing the final few holes, but I really don't remember much about them. I had other things to think about. That night we met again for dinner, drinks and a few laughs. And for dessert? Well, that's a different story.