She gets bored with the massage so she prefer to fuck

She gets bored with the massage so she prefer to fuck
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Introduction Jennifer Howardson was the VD of a respectable IT company. To work she wore a dark grey suit, that exposed her legs from the knee downwards. She had dark stockings, and black high-heeled shoes. What nooone saw was that she had a pair of white strings with accompanying bra.

Her hair was golden-blonde, and a bit curly when free. But to work she had it in a tight knot, with two pins through. She had discreet make-up, and quite big, round sexy boobs, not very visible, as the suit didn't have that much cleavage. Generally her appearance was like any sexy business woman. Alyssa Fontaine was a extremely popular adult entertainment star.

She had it all, cute face, sexy body, and big boobs. She had starred in over 60 pornmovies and had posed for numerous mens magazines, several times, and had a dozen websites dedicated to her. But now, at age 27, she was getting out of the business, having been in it since the day she turned 18, as a webcam girl. Porn producer Jimmi Sax had seen her webcam show, and soon after Jimmi became Alyssas manager. Both bisexual women, they soon got together, and with their money, they bought a big mansion.

Jennifer and Alyssa are one and the same. She knows how to disguise herself, and it would be nearly impossible to see recognise her as the VD for GTtech Inc. if you would see her in her other life. She is Jennifer Howardson usually in daytime, and Alyssa Fontaine all other times. Her real name, Victoria Park, is forgotten long ago, as she staged her own death when she turned 19, with the help of Jimmi. Jennifer Howardson is a very effective VD and seems to think about everything else than sex.

Alot of the guys in the company complain about this to each other sometimes. Chapter I Jennifer Howardson stepped graciously out of the taxi outside the big Gttech skyscraper.

She walked through the glass doors, into the lobby. She smiled at the guy behind the lobby counter, flashing her ID card. Tommy (the guy behind the counter) stared after her when she walked away, checking out her sexy legs and ass.

He returned back to reality when the elevator doors closed behind Jennifer. She hit the button labelled 36, the floor of her office. Once outside, she was greeted by her secretary Monica, a fit young lady.

Monica was wearing a grey skirt, dark stockings and a white shirt and small frameless glasses, looking very secretary-like. She presented Jennifer todays work and appointments.

There wasn't so much to do today for Jennifer, so first she grabbed a cup of coffee from the coffeemachine, and sat down behind her desk. She gestured Monica to join her. "So, how are we today?" she asked. "Oh good, just good, Jen" Monica answered, and Jennifer could see a look of hornyness and dissappointment because Monica knew Jennifer would never even think about fucking a woman, as that was so no-Jennifer-like.

Jennifer chuckled to herself. "Monica, i believe i can trust you with something. What i'm about to say might suprise you." "Go on" Monica said. "My life is a lie. I mean this life. Jennifer Howardson is a lie. My real name is Alyssa Fontaine. I believe a girl like you have heard of that name, haven't you?" Alyssa said.

Monica gasped. All her fantasies, they were now within reach! Alyssa activated her intercom and said harshly to the guard that she shall not be disturbed, and with a click of a button she closed the shutters around her glass office, and began to unbutton her suit.

"You will find out, Monica darling, that i'm not so innocent as everyone here think." she said and leaned over the desk, meeting Monicas lips. Alyssa got up from her chair, and climbed upon the desk, wiping down papers on the floor. She was now wearing only her bra and strings and stockings, looking extremely hot.

She let her hair free from the knot, and it fell down over her shoulders, just too short to cover her breats. Monica starred at her in extacy, reaching down under her skirt. Alyssa began to open her bra. "You might not take off your clothes" she said softly to Monica.

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Alyssa was kneeling on her desk, Monica sitting a few meters away. Alyssa was now completely topless, fingering her erect nipples. She then abruply stopped, and ordered Monica to go outside and wait for her. Dissappointed, Monica did so. Once dressed again, Alyssa (as we'll call her from now on) walked out of her office, noticing that mnay guys were looking up from their computers as she walked down the corridor of cubicles and desks, towards Monicas.

Monica sat there, pretending to write something. "Since there isn't much to do today, let's go to my place and have fun" she whispered to Monica. "I'm sure my girlfriend will join us." "Sounds like fun" Monica whispered back, eagerly, still a bit moaning after what she had seen of Alyssa. Aloud she said "Seems like there's no appointments for you today, Jen, so try to come up with somehting to do".

"Ok thanks Monica, i'm sure i can think of something." she said in normal conversation voice. "Actually Monica, you can take the rest of the day off, thank you".

Then she whispered: "Meet me in the lobby in 5 minutes". Five minutes later Alyssa came out of the elevator into the lobby. She couldn't wait too see what Monica could do, but she controlled herself.

She saw Monica standing by the glass doors that led out to the street. The women greeted, and went out of the building. Outside waited a taxi that Alyssa had ordered for, they got in, and Alyssa said the address to her city apartment to the driver.

Once there, she said to the taxi driver: "I have a deal for you. Either take the pay, or." she produced a thick porn magazine with herself on the cover ".or take this." The taxi driver looked at the money Alyssa had in one hand and the porn mag in the other.

Then he saw the covergirl and exclaimed "It's Alyssa Fontaine! Miss, i'll have the magazine. Just don't tell my boss!" He eyed her boobs for a second, then greedily took the porn mag Alyssa was offering. Thanks to Alyssas exceptional skills in disguising, he didn't recognise her. Monica and Alyssa got out of the cab, and the driver immedialetly drove off, and they saw the taxi breaking, and turning into a small alley a hundred meters away.

"There we saved some money" said Alyssa and blinked with one eye to Monica, and they went into the building right before them. Once inside Alyssas apartment, she said to Monica: "I'm just going to change here, then we'll take my limo to my mansion.

If you want, you can enjoy yourself in my bedroom. It's right around the corner," and tossed Monica another copy of the same porn mag she had given to the taxi driver. Delighted, Monica walked into the bedroom. The room was nicely coloured in a shade of orange, with a double bed and a bedside table with a ordinary lamp standing on it. She removed her shirt and skirt and stockings, standing almost naked in just bra and strings.

She lay back on the bed, opened the magazine, and, while taking in every inch of Alyssas exquisite body, reaching under her strings, and submerged a finger in her pussy. She was already wet. Then she totally removed the strings, and began to slowly move her index finger up and down along her wet cunt. She then moved her finger to her mouth, and licked it.

Then she pulled down her bra, and began to tease her nipples. Alyssa was just sooo sexy! She put down the magazine for a moment, and looked in the bedside table drawer.

There she found a skin-coloured vibrator. She switched it on, and touched her pussy with it. She didn't need the magazine anymore, as she was very near the first orgasm. She submerged the vibrator more and more into her hole, putting the vibrate effect up even more.

Oh it felt so good! She picked up the mag again, and continued to touch her nipples. And then she cummed. In that moment, Alyssa stepped through the door, delighted to see her guest entertained.

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For the first time she got to see Monica naked. Her tits were not even half the size of her own, but nonetheless beautiful and round. Her body was very fit, and her pussy was small, pink and at that moment, very wet, and shaved.

"Oh Alyssa! Long have i dreamed about fucking you! And at last, it seems to come true!" Monica half moaned, and half shouted, she was in the grasp of her powerful orgasm. "Not yet, hun, but it will! This was just a taste of what's in store for you in the future!" Alyssa teased. She was now wearing a dark red skirt, and a dark red halftop, her navel exposed. She had fishnet stockings, and black high-heeled leather boots. Her golden hair was like a frame for her beautiful face, falling a little bit over her shoulders.

Alyssa walked towards the bed, nipples erect and pussy wet by the sight of Monica lying there almost totally exposed. Once at the footend of the bed, she softly spread Monicas legs, sat down on her knees, and beagn to slowly lick Monicas wet pussy.

Her tongue went up and down, out and in, teasing. Monica moaned, and masaged her boobs and nipples. Just before she came, Alyssa moved up towards Monicas breasts, and removed the bra that was still on, though not covering the boobs. She then slowly began to caress Monicas tits with one hand, and her pussy with the other.

Not long after that, Monica crossed the edge a second time, and cummed. Alyssa went out of the room, and returned with clothes for Monica. They were a sexier version of Monicas old skirt and shirt, and a pair of fishnets, and high-heeled red shoes.

The new skirt was black, and the new shirt was dark grey. She also brought black strings and a black bra. When Monica had dressed, they went outside to a garage. There stood a black limo, and on the drivers seat already sat a female driver. Monica couldn't see her face. Alyssa led her into the passenger area of the limo, and they sat down on a black couch inside. Later they arrived at Alyssa Fontaines and Jimmi Sax's mansion. It had a big garden, grass on the frontside of the garden, and a little more vegetation behind the house.

The house was quite big, not very big as there was just living two persons. It was pale orange. The frontdoor opened, and Jimmi Sax walked out.

She was almost as hot as Alyssa, boobs just a bit smaller, she was a bit shorter, and her hair half the length of Alyssas. Jimmis hair was almost toally black, just long enough to cover her ears. Her face was quite young, but she was 30, 3 years older than Alyssa.

She had perfect red glossy lips, and cute eyes. She was wearing a white bikini, but with a handkerchief used as a skirt. She was looking extremely hot. "So this is the cutie that you have brought with you from work! Not bad!" she said as they came nearer, referring to Monica. "I've just been relaxing in the pool". She and Alyssa hugged and kissed, then Jimmi hugged Monica and in the process she reached down under her skirt, and found out Monicas strings were becomming damp.

"Monica, this is my manager Jimmi Sax, Jimmi this is Monica Eastwood, my secretary." Alyssa announced. "Let's get you a room. I presume you will stay here overnight." "I'll be delighted!" said Monica eagerly. "Actually, Jennifer Howardson and Monica Eastwood will have a week off from work." Jimmi and Alyssa showed Monica into a room. Actyally it was a small apartment, with a small cupboard, bedroom and a big bathroom, with a shower that took up almost the half of it.

It also had a bathtub.


"Meet us in the sitting room in a halfhour," Alyssa said to Monica. "Just make yourself comfortable here". Alyssa and Jimmi walked to the sitting room, which was a big room, mostly with red furniture. It was the central point of the house, from where you could go to the second floor, to the kitchen, to a corridor leading to various rooms, to the backyard, and to the dungeon. One wall was almost completely dominated by a 58" plasma TV, and the walls were red, with some paintings hanging here and there.

Well not paintings, photographies of Alyssa and Jimmi, in various positions. The area opposite the TV was occupied by a long sofa where Alyssa and Jimmi sat down on. It, following the colour scheme of the room, was red.

Jimmi took the remote control to the TV, and switched it on. It showed a view of Monicas room. Monica was undressing, ready to go to the shower.

Now and then she touched her pussy and nipples. She then opened the door to the bathroom, and the camera followed her. The camera system in her room was extremely advanced and movement-activated, so it could follow her wherever she went in the room. Monica turned on the water, and soon she had her hand moving towards her pussy.

She moaned, and massaged her pussy with a finger, letting it slip in and out. She put the shower up on a hook, letting the water rain down on her. She had her eyes closed in pleasure, as she teased her nipples and tits with one hand, and massaged her ass with the other. Her boobs were round and firm, nipples as erect as the could be. On the couch, watching the show, Alyssa and Jimmi kissed and licked eachothers lips and tits, which were not longer covered by bras.

Alyssas hand slipped into Jimmis bikinistrings, and down into her pussy. "Oooooh, i have longed all day for this moment. Youre so delicious, Jimmi!" cried Alyssa. "Not far as delicious as Monica, though she is something." She now moved onto Jimmis lap, facing her. She began to suck Jimmis nipples, moving downwards. Now Monica was soaping herself.

She was softly moving her soapy hands over her boobs, down to her pussy and finally her ass. Now she was nearly cumming! She moved a sopay finger in and out of her pussy, and then she orgasmed. Monica entered the living room, and Alyssa and Jimmi got up and greeted her. "You've settled fine?" Jimmi asked. "Yes. The shower is lovely!" "Good.

Now let's begin." Jimmi continued and pushed Monica down on the sofa. She began to kiss Alyssa, and removed her halftop. Alyssas lovely boobs were freed at once, she wasn't wearing a bra. Alyssa sat down on the sofa, and while Jimmi was removing her skirt, she began to unbutton Monicas shirt and removed her bra.

Alyssa was now totally naked. She felt Jimmis lovely tongue touching her pussy, which immedialetly turned wet. Alyssa was kissing and sucking Monicas tits, and Monica was touching her own pussy. Jimmi gave Monica a thick dildo, which Monica delightfully took. She beagn to move it in and out her wet pussy, now on the edge of an orgasm.

Alyssa was still passionately licking Monicas boobs, and Monica cummed. At that momnent, Alyssa left Monica to herself, and turned to Jimmi, who was kneeling naked on the floor, still kissing Alyssas wet hole. Jimmi climbed up on the sofa, and spread her legs, fully exposing her delicious pink pussy. "Monica, let's make Jimmi cum! Bring that dildo you have there, and that vibrator" Alyssa pointed at a vibrator lying on a table. Jimmi lay atop of Alyssa in a 69, both licking eachothers pussies.

Monica handed Alyssa the dildo, and she then moved so that she had Jimmis round and fine ass in clear view. She switched on the vibrator, and inserted it into Jimmis tight hole. Jimmi abruply stopped licking Alyssas pussy, and closed her eyes, and moaned loudly.

Alyssa and Monica were both fucking Jimmi in both her holes. Monica removed the vibrator, and started to lick Jimmis ass instead. Eventually she put in the vibrator again. Alyssa got out from under Jimmi, and asked Monica: "Want to go a bit more rough?" "Sure. How?" "Domination. We have a perfect dungeon for that." Monicas face shifted from pleasure, to fear, then to a longing smile. "oooh, i love domination games. Yessss.I will be your slave." "Good. I will be the Dom.

Alyssa, you're a slave too. I demand it." Jimmi rose up from the sofa and continued: "Get prepared. Slave Alyssa, i will begin with you". Alyssa was ready a bit taken aback, but when she saw Jimmi reaching for a whip that was hanging on the wall, she kneeled, and looked down and said "Yes Mistress." Then she and Monica got up, and without a look on Jimmi they walked to the corridor, and into a normal sized room.

"You're a slave too?" Monica asked suprised, when they had shut the door behind them. "Yes, i like to be tied up and dominated. Jimmi almost always plays the mistress. But let's not talk anymore.

We're not allowed to." She got a metal collar and put it around Monicas neck. She pointed at a chair, and Monica sat down. Then she got an another collar and applied it to herself. Alyssa opened a door Monica had not seen earlier.

Behind it there was a steep spiral staircase made from stone, and they walked down into the dungeon. The dungeon consisted of one large room, with 4 prison cells occupying one wall. It was quite empty, except for ropes and other domination equipment hanging on the wall. Alyssa walked to the middle of the room, where there were chains hanging from the ceiling. "Monica, tie my hands with these chains, then chain yourself to that ledge" Alyssa said shortly.

So Monica did, and soon Alyssa was standing chained like a X in the middle of the room, looking up because the chain from her collar was also connected to the ceiling, rendering Alyssa unable to have her head normally. Alyssa had also a ballgag in her mouth, so she was unable to speak anymore. Monica was chained with a short chain to a short ledge.

Soon Jimmi ascended from a different staircae, the one emerging in the living room. She was wearing a black swimsuit-modelled latex dress, high-heeled leather boots and fishnets. "So, my slaves, today you are going to be severly punished." She whipped Alyssa a single time with her whip, leaving a long red stripe on her stomach.

She then walked over to Monica and freed her from the ledge, and led her to a stonepillar in the room. Monica was chained by her hands and feet to the pillar, 10 inches above the ground. She had a ballgag in her mouth, too. She then turned to Alyssa again, and let the whip hit her again. Jimmi freed Alyssas collarchain, so she could have her head normally.

Alyssas face was filled with pleasureness and fear. Her nipples were erect once again, and her pussy becoming wet. Alyssa knew that Jimmi had put the house surveillance system to record everything that happened here in the dungeon. She always did that. Jimmi took the chain from Alyssas collar, and gave ger a hard whip on Alyssas ass. Then she continued with the normal whip. Alyssa now had many red stripes on her body, not to mention the stripe from the chain. Jimmi walked around her, and faced her breasts, her big, round beautiful breats, and gave them a hard whip.

She then took some clammers and put them Alyssas hard nipples. The slave grinned. Jimmi then got a new clammer and fastened it on Alyssas wet cuntlips. The springs in the clammers were strong, and Alyssa gave a moan of pain and pleasure. Jimmi took a thinner chain and fastened it between the clammer in Alyssas pussy and a hook a few meteres away on the floor. Alyssa followed with her body to ease the pain.

Jimmi walked to a candle and lit ti, then returned to Alyssa, and whipped her some more. Now all pleasureness in Alyssas face was dominated by fear and pain. What Alyssa felt was an incredible orgasm. She just loved to be dominated, her completely naked body in possession of another woman, was a big turn-on. Especially when the other woman was her girlfriend.

What went through Monicas mind when she saw Alyssa being tortured, and herself tied up to that pillar, was fear and pleasure. She almost cummed just by watching it. Jimmi released all Alyssas chains, and removed her ballgag.

Alyssa fell down on the stonefloor, exhausted. Jimmis whip hit her, and she kneeled before her mistress. "Did you like that, slave?" she heard Jimmi ask. "Yes, Mistress," she heard herself saying. "Good. But you haven't got the full punishment yet." Jimmi grabbed Alyssas collarchain and forced her to follow her. They stopped at a wooden table, and the pillar Monica was tied up to turned, so Monica could see everything.

Jimmi gestured Alyssa to climb up on the table, and lying down at her back. Alyssa did. The table was only ¾ of Alyssas length, so her legs and head went over the edge. Jimmi put bracelets on Alyssas hands, and forced them down on either sides of the table, and fastened them to the ground.

Jimmi then spread Alyssas legs, and put footrings on them, and fastened them in the same manner as the hands. Alyssa was now lying like an X on the table. Jimmi fetched the candle she had lit, and moved towards Alyssa on the table. Alyssas mouth opened in fear, as the first drop of wax dropped down on her left nipple.


The wax was extremely hot, special-made to be that. Drop after drop hit Alyssas both breasts and nipples, then when they were almost totally covered Jimmi moved down towards her pussy. The hot wax dripping down on Alyssas pussy made her cum again. She shaked and moaned and screamed in pleasure. Then it was over, and Jimmi released her from the table. She also released Monica from her pillar. Alyssas beautiful body was now red and covered in hard wax. "Mistress, can i go now?" She asked, though knowing what the answer would be.

"No. I still have something in store for you," was the answer. Jimmi wanted Monica to bring her a latex headcover and a ballgag, and to fasten them on Alyssa. The headcover had zippers for the eyes, and once Alyssas head was covered in the black plastic, she got the ballgag in her mouth.

Jimmi personally shut the zippers, and now Alyssa was both blind and unable to speak. Jimmi ordered Monica to chain Alyssa up on the wall, facing it. So she did. Now Alyssa was in her third X position, now on the wall, her back and sexy ass exposed. She heard Jimmi saying to Monica to give her a final hard whip.

Feeling the whip connecting for half a second to her back, and knowing who dealt the hits, made her cum a third time. Now Monica was tied up in the middle of the room in a X position. Jimmi whipped her long and hard, Monicas screams muffled by her ballgag. Finally she said: "As you're so new, i'm gonna give you mercy.

I just want to use you a bit more, then you may be released." Monica was on the edge of an orgasm, and so was also Jimmi. Jimmi fetched a lollipop, removed the plastic and sucked on it long. She then moved towards Monica, and teased her quivering wet pussy with it. She then inserted it, and that pushed Monica over the edge. Soaked in sweet pussyjuice, Jimmi continued to lick and suck on the lollipop.

Then she cummed too. After a while, Jimmi released Monica from the X position, and said: "I hope your body is in very good condition. I'm sure that what you are going to experience now, exceeds the pain i've delivered to you up until now." Jimmi said with a small grin on her pretty face. She got a fairly big steel ring, with hooks for chains. It's diameter was about the size of a steering wheel on a car.

She gestured to Monica kneeling on the floor before her to raie her hands. Jimmi exchanged the long chains that had tied Monicas hands to the ceiling to two very short ones, with just a few links. Those she fastened to the ring. She then gestured Monica to lie on her stomach on the floor. Monica did so, wondering what her mistress had in her mind. Jimmi got two ¾-meter chains and locked them to Monicas both feet.

"Now, the pain starts." she said quietly. She forced first Monicas left foot near enought the ring that was connected to Monicas hands, so that she could tie the chain from the foot to it. Monica felt a surge of pain when her leg was stretched in that position. Jimmi then repeated the same procedure with the other leg. Now Monica was lying on her stomach, her hands and feet both tied to the same ring, that was lying on her back.

She couldn't talk or scream, because she still had the ballgag in her mouth. Now Jimmi grabbed a chain hanging from the ceiling, and fastened it to the middle of the ring (the ring had a hook for this there in the middle).

Then Jimmi admired her work for a second, and walked to a shelf containing various domination tools. She found what she had searched for, a remote control with two buttons.

She pressed the one labelled "up". Slowly, the chain from the ceiling began to lift Monica upwards. Soon she was hanging a half-meter above the floor, with a face of pure pain. All her joints were aching. Jimmi got a mat of spikes, all a little below a half-meter, and placed it under Monica. The spikes were just touching her stomach, and they were extremely sharp.

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Monica got small pricks of blood where the spikes were touching her, and she immedialetly lifted up her stomach as good as she could. Jimmi walked up the stairs, out from the dungeon, watched Alyssa and Monica in their bondage, and closed the lights.

It was midnight. Chapter II 11am the next day the slaves had been freed from their bondage a long time ago (at 7am), and were now locked up in the cells. Monicas whole body was aching, but she felt as good as ever. Alyssas flesh was still red and wax-covered. Jimmi ascended the stairs. "Morning, slaves.

Today i will keep you in slavery for longer than i normally would," she said as she walked down into the dungeon. She was wearing a black latex whole-covering suit.

The slaves got to their feet and moved to the door to their cells. They kneeled. Jimmi pushed a button that opened the cell doors, and Monica and Alyssa walked out.

The only thing they wore were the collars.

"I have invited some friends over here today. They would very much like to see you. To fuck you." At the word "fuck" both slaves looked up, eagerly. Jimmi smiled. "Good then. Follow me." she said, and the slaves followed. They walked to the middle of the dungeon. There Jimmi stopped them, and handcuffed them. She then fetched a bottle from the big shelf. Alyssa knew what it was, and a wave of relief and pleasure crashed down on her.

Jimmi poured out some of the contents of the bottle, a think oil-like substance, and began to smear it onto Alyssa. She began at her shoulders, and worked her way down to the breats, which she teased a little. They erected immedialetly. Jimmi massaged Alyssas boobs forthen moved down over the stomach, and finally to her pussy. Jimmi smeared Alyssas whole body thick with the oil, then did the same to Monica. The girls felt the pian go away, and Alyssas red stripes slowly vanished.

The wax fell off. Monicas body stopped aching, and the stripes she had gotten vanished too.

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"Healing Oil." said Jimmi shortly when she saw Monicas inquiring face. "Now, slaves, go to your rooms and put on the sexiest clothing you can find. Then meet me in the hall and greet out guests." Alyssa and Monica were relieved to get out of the dungeon, and soon found their way to Alyssas room. There they went to the shower together, and washed off the oil that had done it's job. Alyssa had got back her authority, though they were both still Jimmis slaves. She softly touched and licked Monicas nipples, washing of the last bit of pain.

She then let Monica lick her nipples, and she had her fingers going slowly in and out of her own pussy. Damn this was nice after a night of pain! Alyssa then knelt down and began to lick Monicas pussy, and that was the last bit for her. Monica orgasmed hard, and her pussyjuice soaked Alyssas face and blended with the water from the shower. After the shower, Monica went to her own room, still naked and wet from the shower.

The girls had agreed to both wear schoolgirl uniforms, and she put on a pair of white thongs, white half-length stockings and a dark-blue miniskirt. She didn't put on a bra.

Then she put on a white shirt, and put her hair in a ponytail. She then put on blue high-heeled pumps. Alyssa wore the exact same outfit, and they walked down to the hall, where they found Jimmi in a black half-shirt and a black miniskirt, and black fishnets. The door was open, and they saw a black sedan drive up in the driveway. It stopped 10 meters away from the door, and three men in business suits stepped out. All three were well-built and handsome, and Alyssa and Monica recognised them at once.

They were the three big bosses for GTtech Inc. Alyssa had, without Monica noticing, applied her fantastic disguise skills on Monica. In her clothing, in her make-up, and in her new hairstyle.

Now there was no chance the big guys from GTtech could recognise either thier VD or her secretary. Jimmi whispered to Monica: "Slave, your name is from now on Chloe." "Yes mistress," replied Chloe. The three men were now at the door. "Hello Jimmi, nice to see you! And these are the girls? They look lovely!" He then recognised Alyssa Fontaine and cried "Alyssa Fontaine!

I can't believe this!" The three girls smiled, Alyssa acting very sexy. "Yes, she's my girlfriend. But today, she's my slave. So is the other girl. Chloe." Jimmi said. "They will do whatever you want them to." The three men whistled quietly. One of them had at once taken great interest in Chloe, and she was noticing this and blinked to him with one eye. "Let's go inside," Jimmi said, and they all walked in.

From the hall they walked down a spiral staircase, but they were not going to the dungeon. Alyssa and Jimmi had installed a small stripclub in the cellar, and that was their destination. Once there, the two slaves walked up on the two small stripareas that were higher than the rest of the floor, with a steelpole each.

Jimmi seated the guests, and let them get a good view of her ass in the process. The stripclub was quite small and light, so the men had unobstucted view of the two girls stripping. "Which girl you choose?" Jimmi asked the men. "I'll take Alyssa!" said the Director of GTtech, George Realwood, a competitive grin on his face. "Chloe for me!" said Ronald Harley, George's secretary. "How ironic" thought Chloe, dancing around the pole.

"Then i guess, you're with me" said Jimmi with a seductive smile to John York, Executive Director. George sat eagerly down in a chair very near Alyssa. Alyssa immedialetly began to slowly go in a squatting position, both her hands around the pole. Halfway, she rose quickly, and turned her back towards him, and lifting her skirt. He could se her sexy ass, and Alyssa slowly began to remove her thong. Once it was removed, she turned around, facing him again.

She teased with her skirt, flashing her wet pussy at him. She began to unbutton her shirt, but she was careful not to reveal her boobs just yet. She danced a bit with her shirt unbuttoned. Then she removed it, but in a manner so that she had her hands over her boobs.

The again turned her back at him, and removed her skirt. Now she was just wearing the stockings and the shoes. She removed her hands from her breasts, put them over her head like a circle, and slowly turned back against him. He gasped when he saw her so naked. Alyssa could see his hand massaging his cock under his pants. She smiled and said: "Wanna go private?" He jumped up on the stripscene, and followed Alyssa who had dissappeared behind the curtains behind it. Behind there was a room with a duoblebed.

Alyssa was already lying on it, teasting with her nipples, and smiling. George took off his suit and his shirt, and she could see his well-built body. He crawled up beside her, and they kissed. Alyssa climbed on top of him, and removed his pants.

His cock was big and ready for action. She positioned herself over it, and let it sink deep down into her steaming hole. Long ago since she last rode a cock! After a while of riding, she said to him to get up and lick her pussy.

She laid down on the bed, and waited for him to spread her legs. He knelt, and spread her legs and slowly began licking. She fingered her nipples and massaged her big boobs while he did. Oh it felt so nice! She was now very near the first orgasm. She sat up, and let him lick and suck her nipples and caress her breats from his sitting position at the footend of the bed. She slid her fingers into her wet pussy, teased her clit, then she came.

And she came hard. Her whole body shook, and George stopped licking her boobs. "Slave weren't you? Then make me feel good!" George said and stood up. His dick was very inviting, and she got down from the bed and knelt and took his cock in her hands. She massaged it, touched it with her tongue then massaged it some more. Then she took it in her mouth, letting it slowly slide in, then out.

She slowly moved backwatds, then onto the bed again. He followed her, and was soon sitting over her. She gave it a last long suck, and he came. His cum shot in white jets all over her boobs, and her face, and she tried to catch as much as possible in her mouth.

He seemed to have very much of the stuff, and soon the bed and she were totally covered. She licked up as much as possible, then with her finger.

Still, there was some left. Chloes man had already walked out from their room, and she called her over to her. "Oh Mon.Chloe, please can you lick this up!" Chloe softly moved her tongue over Alyssas body, over her breasts and her face, licking up every drop of Georges sperm.

She couldn't resist her pussy, so she licked that too. After a while, the girls rose up, and naked walked out to the stripclub. Jimmi and the other guys were there having a foursome, and the other girls joined in.

Later, when the men were gone, the three girls gathered in the living room. "Chloe, Alyssa, i'm now releasing you from slavedom." Jimmi announced, and the three girls kissed. They were all naked. They all went upstairs to a big bathroom. Chloe hadn't been there before. There was an enormuos jacuzzi already filled with water and foam.

The three girls climbed in, and submerged themselves in the hot water. The covered themselves in the foam, and Alyssa slipped her hand into Jimmis pussy under the water.

Eventually the foam vanished, and the girls began licking eachothers tits. Jimmi and Chloe were at Alyssas, and Jimmi slipped her fingers into Chloes tight hole. Chloes pussy grasped Jimmis hand, and Jimmi slid it in and out. They let go of some water, and the water level was soon just 10 inches. Jimmi and Chloe got a dildo each, and penetrated Alyssas both holes. Alyssa was in doggyposition, which gave the other girls access to what they wanted.

Jimmi was licking and fucking Alyssas pussy, and Chloe got her ass. Chloe used her tongue more than the dildo, and soon Alyssa cummed. That made Jimmi lick even more, and Alyssa switched positions, so she was again sitting against the wall of the jacuzzi. Chloe moved to her delicious tits, and Jimmi continued to tease her pussy. The week went by quite fast, with many threesomes and much lesbian action. Soon there was enough saved on the mansions surveillance system harddrive for a full-length porn movie, and Jimmi edited it and sent it out for distribution.

Alyssas regular pornproducer was delighted, and Alyssa Fontaines last pornmovie sold big. This was many months from their one week sexual come-together with Chloe. Chloe still came to see Alyssa and Jimmi sometimes, but not so often.

She had her own girlfriend, thanks to Alyssa who had gotten them together. Chapter III Once Alyssa and Jimmi sat and watched the dominationg session with Alyssa and Chloe as slaves. "I want to be your slave again, Jimmi.

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I want to be your slave until you release me!" Alyssa said suddenly. Alyssa got down from the sofa and knelt before Jimmi. Jimmi looked suprised a second, then smiled. "As you want, Alyssa!

From now on, you are my slave, and this mansion, everyhting you owned is now mine. I'm not your girlfriend anymore, i'm your mistress. You will do my every bidding, and you sleep in the dungeon. You will be punished hard every night. Until i release you. In this house, all your humanly rights are taken away from you, and i can give you to whoever i want. It is your choice, hope you are happy with it!" Jimmi said triumphially. I looked down and said "Yes, Mistress." Alyssa then removed all her clothes, now standing naked infront of her mistress.

Alyssa felt she had done the right thing, she wanted nothing more than Jimmi to own her. "Put on your collar and bring your handcuffs. Meet me in the dungeon." Jimmi said and rose up. Jimmi was feeling very happy, she had always wanted Alyssa as her slave, and she loved her. Alyssa stood handcuffed to a ledge in the dungeon when Jimmi entered.

Jimmi was wearing high-heeled boots, fishnets, and she had leather straps all over her upper body, that formed a dominating suit. The are around her nipples were visible, but other than that her breasts were totally covered. She also wore black knickers. She had a whip in her hand. She spotted Alyssa tied helplessly to the ledge, and walked towards her. She released her handcuffs, and dragged her by the chain from her collar to the middle of the room.

Jimmi fetched a thick roll of thin, transparent plastic. She ordered Alyssa to lie down on the floor. "Take a deep breath" Jimmi grinned. Then she began to roll Alyssa into the plastic.

It sticked to her body, and formed itself in accordance to it. Alyssa could not move even if she wanted to, she was so tightly packed. Her big breasts were pressed against the plastic, and Alyssa was already getting wet. So was Jimmi. Finally Jimmi covered Alyssas face with the plastic. Alyssa was now unable to breath, her eyes filled with terror. Jimmi smiled. Then, just at the last moment, Jimmi put a hole in the plastic covering her mouth with her finger. Alyssa skipped for breath.

"Did you liek that, slave?" "Yes.Mistress." Alyssa panted. Then Alyssa got a ballgag in her mouth, and Jimmi lifted her up in a standing position. Jimmi almost came when she saw the exquisite female body covered in plastic like that. She ripped the plastic so that Alyssas hands became free, and put bracelets on them.

She tied up Alyssa to the ceiling in a Y position, and gave her a hard whip. A Small bit of the plastic ripped. Jimmi whipped Alyssa again and again until all the plastic was removed. Alyssas pussy was now very wet, and Jimmi shoved a pair of fingers up in it. Alyssa moaned behind her ballgag, as Jimmi tickled her inside her pussy. Then she removed her hand, and pulled down the ballgaga and let Alyssa lick off her own pussyjuice.

Alyssa licked. When putting the ballgag back, Jimmi dragged it a few inches from her mouth and let it go. It effectively hit Alyssa in the mouth, reminding her her position. Now Jimmi released Alyssas hands, and cuffed them before her.

She led Alyssa to the table, and tied her to it, like before in a X. Then Alyssas legs were spread, and tied to the roof, so Jimmi had free access to Alyssas wet pussy. But Jimmis interests were at Alyssas big, round boobies.

She clammed them with a pair of nippleclammers, then she got two needles. When Alyssa saw that she said something muffled by the ballgag. Jimmi, looking dominant, ran the needles through the part of the nipples that were sticking out from the clammers. Alyssas body became tense with pain, then the tension slowly eased. Jimmi then released Alyssa from the table, and led her by her collarchain to the wall, where Alyssa was again tied up, facing it.

She was spanked and whipped sevely, her flesh becomming redder and redder. When Jimmi then reached down and stroked her ass with one finger, she came. Jimmi looked satisfied. "That would be all for today, slave." Jimmi said and released her from the wall, and ushered her into a cell.

Jimmi locked the door, and returned a minute later with a pink dress, which she gave Alyssa through the celldoor. "You must carry that at all times when in this house, and even outside, and when at work, under your normal clothing," Jimmi commanded.

Still ballgagged, Alyssa couldn't say anything, and she put the dress on her. It turned out to be a bunnysuit, made of latex. Her boobs were totally exposed through two big holes. Her pussy was also exposed. Jimmi gave her a pair of long, pink bunnyears, and she put them on. "I will be receiving my new girlfriend soon. She would want to have a look at you, and maybe buy you for some time. If she doesn't, i will punish you so hard you can't walk, if she does i could let you lick my pussy," Jimmi said.

Alyssa froze. A new girlfriend? But all she said was "Yes, Mistress." To be continued