High School Schlampe verführt einen verheirateten Mann

High School Schlampe verführt einen verheirateten Mann
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Hello everybody, the following story happened when I was 14, I am now 29. Let me introduce myself as "Jack" for privacy issues. Since a very early age I've been very shy, specially around women. I did not penetrate a girl until I was 18, even though I don't consider myself to be bad looking. Sometimes girls would hit on me when I was in high school but to be honest I was too shy to make any moves on them.

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I have been playing soccer since I was 8, I love the sport ant that helps me keep in shape. I still play it occasionally from time to time, though with my job it becomes difficult to find time for myself nowadays. My aunt was really nice and she was the type of woman who liked to take care of herself.


She always looked good, no matter what the situation was. She worked out everyday and took care of her diet so as you can figure out, she was really good looking even though she was 33 at the time. She had been married once but never had any kids so this made her look even better. Her body was curvy with thick legs, butt and breasts along with a really slim waist.

Her hair was dark and long enough to cover her breasts. She had these plump lips and a small thin nose. Her eyes were brown and never would you see her face without make up. She was outgoing and not afraid to speak her mind. Now that I think about it I think she always liked to look sexy. Sometimes she would spend the night at our house and dress up in skimpy clothes right before going to bed. She would walk around with tight cotton shorts and tight blouses around me and my dad.

My mom didn't care, in fact she was not jealous at all. For instance one time I found out that my parents had had a threesome with another lady that my mom knew from work. I won't get into the details of that but suffice to say that they were having a little reunion among friends, they were drunk and they thought I was asleep when I headed into the kitchen to grab some water when I heard my mom say something about a lady named Veronica that had a shaved pussy and how my dad came all over her 'that one day' as she said, she just laughed and I was shocked to hear such a thing.

I just walked back to my room instead of interrupting their conversation. One day my mom arranged for me to go spend the night at her house, since we were going up to the mountains early the next day. She did this because she wanted to leave early in the morning and we only had 2 restrooms in our house for me, my dad, my mom and my sister (who was 10 at the time), so she figured we would consume less time if I spent the night at her house and get ready over there instead.

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It was a Friday evening when my aunt came to our house. I was watching TV when she came through the door and the smell her perfume filled the room. She said hi to my mom and said hi to me. She was wearing this black skirt with this matching business jacket. They headed to the dining room and talked for about 3 hours before we left to her house. Once at her house she told me to make myself comfortable, that if I should help myself if I needed anything.

She told me I could order pizza since I hadn't had anything to eat and I probably wouldn't like anything she kept in the fridge, because all she had was diet food. So I ordered some pizza and I started watching tv. My aunt meanwhile was in her room minding her own business. The pizza came and I started eating while at the same time watching tv.

I was almost done when my aunt surprised me when she came out of the room into the living room wearing only her skirt and bra. I took a good mental picture of her black bra which I still remember this day and how her breasts moved up and down as she came. She headed into the kitchen and I paid careful attention at her big butt and how it moved. This gave me an erection, and I concealed it by putting a pillow over it. I saw her from the corner of my eye drink some water and she started coming back.

She just walked past me saying "I'm gonna take a shower" and gave me a glimpse at her beautiful figure once again. She closed the door and about a minute later I heard the shower go on.

I had not had any sexual experiences at the time so the thought of naked women got me hard, and the thought of my aunt naked made me even harder.

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I had masturbated to her a million times but I had only fantasized about her, I had never seen her walk around just wearing a bra and skirt. This had me really hard and all I wanted to do now was relieve myself. I was afraid to masturbate in her house, let alone when she was in the house, but the fact that I was so hard that it hurt and so horny I started thinking about doing it.

I waited about 5 minutes before I decided to pull my dick out and start stroking it. I was sure she wasn't going to come out while the shower was running so this was my indicator. I laid back on the couch with my right had on my cock and started stroking slowly progressively going faster. I lasted maybe 3 minutes before I exploded like I never had. Load after load came out of the tip of my penis and my cock started getting flaccid again.

I reached for the napkins that were on the coffee table and cleaned myself with the same napkins the delivery woman had given me.

I threw the napkins away in the trash bin and continued watching tv as if nothing had happened. My aunt was still in the shower when I had the urge to go pee. I did not want to bother her so I just held it in.

About 20 minutes later I heard the shower go off. Not long after that she came out wearing a towel on her head and another one over her body. The one towel covering her body was only big enough to cover just beneath her pussy and squish her breasts hard enough that you could see some of the skin come off the top. Again my aunt seemed so oblivious to the fact that her nephew was in front of her and she was naked only covered by a towel.

I could not get an erection since I had to pee so bad. She headed into her room and I told her I needed to use the restroom. She told me it was OK and that she wasn't going to use it for a while. I rushed into the restroom and pulled out my penis to pee. I felt such a relief when I let it go that I let out a moan. I looked down on the floor and saw the garments that my aunt had been wearing only minutes ago.

I made sure the door was locked and picked them up. First I picked up her black bra which was on top of the rest and saw just how big it really was, I smelled it and it smelled like the same perfume when she walked into my house.

Next I saw the skirt on the floor and saw the thong inside the skirt. I went for the thong and pulled the strings apart giving shape to the thong as she would be wearing it. It was a black see through thong and thinking about my aunt wearing this made me harder.

I was really curios and took the thong to my face, I smelled the part where her pussy went and it smelled fantastic. The smell of her pussy fluids was fantastic, I had never known what a woman 'smelled' like and this was the first time I knew. I wanted to masturbate right there and then but I did not want to risk looking suspicious spending half an hour in the restroom just taking a leak.

I put everything back like I found it, washed my hands and started watching tv again. About ten minutes later my aunt came out of the room still wearing the towel on her head and the other one on her body. She went into the restroom again and this time she left the door open. She took the towel off her head and started combing it slowly. When she raised her hand this allowed the towel on her body raise up a little bit, giving me more of her thighs.

I tried not to look to much because I didn't want her to turn around and see me starting at her. I could not understand why my aunt was being so casual in front of me when she was almost naked. She had to know that I had seen her legs, part of her breasts and stomach. Maybe it was because she liked being watched, or maybe because she knew I was a teenager and it turned me on or maybe she just though I was mature enough to handle it.

She did her hair into a ponytail which I thought made her look really cute and brought a little bag over to the love seat next to me. She asked me what was I watching as she sat down and I told her I was watching Predator. She asked me if the movie wasn't a little too scare for me to be watching and I told her that I had seen it plenty of times. The little bag she had brought with her was a manicure set. She started doing her nails as I continued watching tv, or at least pretend to be watching because I was more interested in her legs than TV.

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After she was done doing her hand nails she brought the coffee table closer to the couch and put her feet on top. She was almost in the fetal position with her knees together doing her toe nails. This position gave me a hint of a baby blue material over her vaginal lips. She was too focused on her nails so I took peeks every now and then to take a good look. "How's school?" She asked without turning her head towards me.

"umm. good, I guess" I replied while taking another look at her long thick legs and getting a peek at her panties. "You still in the soccer team?" "Yeah I am." I answered. "How's that going?" She asked and I knew she was trying to start a conversation with me which meant that gave me a chance to keep looking at her without the fear of 'being' caught staring at her.

I saw she was filing her toe nails to her beautiful feet. "Going good, I might make captain of the team." As I felt my penis getting harder but I tried to control it since my aunt was in front of me.

"Have a girlfriend yet?" "nah" I said as she raised her head and saw me trying to look at her between her legs. We made eye contact and my face must have turn beet red when she caught me staring. I just turned my head to the tv and pretended to be watching. "Oh how come? You're a handsome young man" She said without protest or saying anything about me staring at her.

"I dunt know… I just haven't got one I guess" "Hey Jack" She called out and I turned my head towards her and she paid no attention to me. This time she had her left leg stretched out and her right foot over her left knee, which meant her legs were spread a lot more and now I could clearly see her baby blue panties.

They were so small I could almost make out the shape of her right pussy lip. I knew it was her lip when I saw the skin of her crotch slightly darker to the rest of her thigh. I was so nervous and horny then that I felt my heart racing. "Can you get me the lotion that's in the restroom? It's on the top of the sync. "Yes, I'll get it auntie" I headed to the restroom and go the lotion she wanted. I went back and walked up to hand it to her.

I was closer to her so I got a good view at her long smooth legs and the beautiful white skin that she took so much care of. I got another good look at her panties and I couldn't control my erection anymore. My dick stood up and I just handed her the lotion and sat back down as quick as possible, which I must admit now, it probably looked suspicious. My dick was so hard even sitting down couldn't conceal it.

So reached out for a pillow to put it on top and when I reached for the pillow my aunt saw me. She saw me reach for the pillow and put it on top of my dick. I was so embarrassed that she had seen me and just tried to ignore it but my red face must have said otherwise. "What's wrong Jack?" She asked "oh. uh… nothing. why?" "Did you get an erection?" She asked. I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed that she was asking me such a question that I did not know what to respond.

I felt it was better to lie and deny my erection but I knew she knew I had one so there was no point. "umm. yeah aunt, sorry" "Well there's nothing to be sorry about, it happens to guys all the time." I did not respond or say anything I just kept watching tv. "Was it because of me?" She asked "Huh?" "Did you get an erection because of me? Come on Jack, you can be honest with me.

I won't tell anybody, I promise" She said with a smile as we made eye contact. Again I did not know what to say but since she affirmed me I could trust her I thought maybe it was better to come clean. ".yeah." I said quietly. "Well I'll take that as a compliment" She said as she laughed. "It's OK Jack, guys your age get erections for everything." She said. "Well it's getting late Jack, we better go to sleep, be sure to be up by 6 tomorrow" she said as she stood up and held the towel with her right arm.

"We have to leave early. Good night" as she headed to her room. I was happy to see my aunt leave because I needed to cum now but of course I didn't want to get caught. I continued watching more TV and then turned it off. I just kept listening for signs of her being awake.

About 20 minutes later I decided it was time to get off. The couch was a bad idea since her apartment was kind of small and if she came out and turned on the lights she could easily see what I was doing.

Instead I headed into the restroom, locked the door and decided to masturbate there. I was only wearing my shorts and boxers so all I had to do was pull my boxers down and start stroking my cock. To my surprise her panties and skirt where still in the same place where she had left them so I picked them up and brought the black thong to my nose, sniffing that same smell I had not long ago.

As I masturbated with my other hand I kept smelling and staring at the panties. Then I brought the same pair of panties to my cock and started rubbing them on my head. I made sure I was rubbing the inside of her panties where her pussy touched. I wanted this to last so I held myself off before cumming and instead took my time thinking about her long thick legs with the pair of baby blue panties that she seemed to careless to show me.

Maybe she didn't spread her legs for me, but the thought that she might wanted to show me a little more just for my pleasure made me even hornier. I kept rubbing the pair of panties on my cock, slowly and faster, until I felt my orgasm kicking it. I removed the pair of panties and set them aside on the sync and shot all over the toilette.

My penis went down and I peed. I cleaned up the toilette and left the panties where they were so as not to leave any 'evidence' behind.

I headed back to the couch and just fell asleep with the mental images of my aunt still sitting on the other couch showing her legs. The next day I woke up to the call of my aunt calling out my name and the smell of some fancy fragrance in the room.

I opened my eyes to see that my aunt was taking a shower and left the door half open. "Jack wake up, we have to leave soon!" "I'm awake" I said while trying to keep my eyes open. I had my morning wood and realized I slept facing up, which meant my aunt probably saw my erection when she walked past me to get into the restroom.

"I'll be done in a little bit!" She said while I thought about taking a peek inside the restroom. Sure enough there was my aunt taking a shower facing to the side and I could make out the silhouette of her perfect body through the steamed glass. She was washing her hair and I could see just how big her boobs really were.

This sight guaranteed with my morning wood guaranteed my penis was hard as a rock. I wanted to masturbate yet again but I obviously I had no chance of doing it without getting caught. Instead I headed into the kitchen to grab me some milk and cereal and hoped my erection was done by the time I was done eating.

I could hear my aunt still taking a shower while I ate. I finished eating and about 10 minutes later I heard the shower go off. "Ok I'm out! Get ready we haven't got much time" What pissed me off is that she was rushing me but she decided to take a nearly an hour to take a shower while it was her second one in less than 10 hours.

" I'm ready aunt" "OK you can come in now" So I headed into the restroom and there she was in the same 'outfit' I fantasized about. Just a white towel over her body barely covering her pussy, though this time I was sure she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She stood up in front of the mirror and started combing her hair. "Hurry up, we're late already" "Right now? You want me to take a shower right now?" I asked "Yes, right now.

Jack I'm sorry to be rushing you and all but we really need to get going. Come on take your clothes off and get in the shower. " I looked around as if I wasn't sure as to what to do but after all, she was my aunt and this was her house so I tried to be polite and just do as she said.

I took my shorts off and then my boxers while my aunt was staring at herself in the mirror. "See it's not that hard. I've seen you naked plenty of times, there's nothing to be ashamed of" Well she was right, but the last time she saw me naked was when I was 9, before I hit puberty and definitely before she decided it was ok to walk around the house half naked with my hormones raging.

I still had my boner and I had to pee so I let my aunt know I had to pee. She just said to go right ahead and I opened the toilette seat and I put my left hand on the wall in an inclined position in order to make my penis point down more. (A note to girls: This happens every time a guy wakes up. Our dicks get really hard and we have a hard time peeing since the penis is so hard it's either pointing at the ceiling or at the wall.

And no, it's not easy to point it down when it's hard like that because it can be painful. So this is why guys get themselves in an inclined position over the toilette seat in order to pee and aim better. Every guy you know has done this at one point or another, whether it's your brother, cousin, dad, or any male you know) I was of course still embarrassed but at the same time a bit excited being naked in front of my aunt, with my dick still hard.

I wanted to protest or just wait for her to get out of the restroom but she kept rushing me in such a way that I really had no choice. I turned my head when my aunt extended her arm in front of me. She just said ".oh…" as she saw my erect penis while I was still peeing.

I tried to move it away from her but it was useless since I was still peeing and did not want to pee all over the toilette. She saw my attempt to hide it from her and maybe the fact that my face must have been red from the embarrassment.

She grabbed a towel that was on top of the toilette. "Sorry Jack. I didn't mean to look, but I told you it's ok.

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" ".yeah it's just that." I whispered "It's just that what ? Go on tell me, you can trust me" ".it's embarrassing" "Oh please there's nothing to be ashamed off, plus it's not the first time I have seen an erect penis nor is it the first time I have seen you naked. Go on hurry, get in the shower" She said as if she hadn't seen anything and wrapped the towel around her head.

So I got in the shower and unfortunately my penis was still hard from the memories of her half naked and her seeing my erect penis.

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I was in the shower when she told me she was going to be right back, I just told her OK as she left. About 5 minutes later she came into the restroom again and this time I heard the hair drier go on. Of course I wanted to masturbate but my aunt was right outside and I knew she could see what I was up through the glass.

It became even more difficult not to masturbate when I was washing my penis, but somehow I managed not to jerk off. The problem was that I was still hard and my aunt could see me again, but this time she would know that I was hard because I was aroused not because I had to pee.

Worse yet, when I got done with my shower I had forgotten to bring a towel when I was done. "Aunt can you get me towel?!" I spoke out loud since she had the drier on. "Sure hon hold on!" as I heard the hair drier go off and I turned the water off. I heard her walk outside and came back with a towel. "I'll just leave it here." She said and continued drying her hair. There was no way for her to hand me the towel since the shower was closed off on all sides, the only way she could hand it to me was to slide the see through door open and hand me the towel.

Instead I was going to have to step naked and wrap the towel around me. At this point I was more aroused that my aunt had seen me naked, which is why I still had my dick really hard. I also remembered she had seen my erect penis and telling me it was OK so I didn't think much about it and just stepped out of the shower with my dick pointing straight forward. My aunt was already dressed up in a green tank top and a pair of tight kakhi shorts that made the shape of her round butt stand out.

I shook off some of the water and asked her where the towel was. "Right there" as she pointed to the toilette and saw me naked again. "It still hasn't gone down?" She asked. This time I acted more confident and just answered her "no".

She just smiled and made eye contact with me. I took my time drying my hair so as to give more chance to my aunt to stare at me. I saw her peek a couple of times at my cock so I decided to take my time as much as possible. I proceeded to dry my chest, back and my groin area. I grabbed my cock, pulled it up and dried the area between my penis and my sack.

After that I decided to wrap the towel around my waist. Wrapping a towel a towel around your waist while having a hard on is difficult. I grabbed my 7 inch cock and laid it against my belly, which then I wrapped my towel around.

I don't know whether my aunt saw me or not since I was not staring at her but I'm pretty sure she did. I asked her if I could brush my teeth while she did her hair and she told me that yes it would be OK, that she was going to be done pretty soon. I headed to the living room where I had a back pack with my stuff and looked for my toothbrush.

When I bent over the towel came undone so when I stood up I re-arranged it again, but this time I thought of leaving just a hint of my cock pop out of the top. I headed back into the restroom where my aunt was still doing her hair and brushed my teeth. I was standing right next to her both of looking at the mirror, me getting a peek at her cleavage and her doing her hair. I bent over to spit some of the toothpaste in my mouth and when I stood up I caught my aunt looking at my cock and she gave out this guilty smile.

I pretended like I didn't know what was going on and looked down at my cock and saw what she was smiling about. I played it off like it was a mistake that my cock had come off and I left it like that. My aunt turned off the hair dryer and left it on the sinc.

"That is so silly Jack" She said. "What?" I asked "Your." she pointed at my cock head popping out of the towel "penis coming out like that." "I'm sorry aunt I just can't help it." "I've told you it's fine. It's just that I think it looks funny.

How can you be like that for so long though? You've been hard for almost half an hour." I just didn't say anything because I was too embarrassed. "You know you could've relieved yourself while you were in the shower, I wouldn't have said anything. I'm your aunt and I'm telling you it's ok to masturbate. Boys your age do it all the time and so do girls, it's perfectly normal." She said as she grabbed deodorant and raised her right arm pit.

I saw my face on the mirror and was red, red from embarrassment and hornyness. My hand was rather shaking instead of brushing my teeth.


Here was my aunt telling me it was OK to masturbate and her attitude told me it was OK for me to be naked in front of her. "I only do that in my house" I said, of course I was lying, I had just masturbated to her panties in the very restroom we were in the night before.

"Well you can do it here too if you want, just lock yourself in here and help yourself. I don't want you walking around in front of everyone like that.

I don't mind if you do it here, trust me." She said as she finished rubbing deodorant on her armpits. "ok" I responded as I finished brushing my teeth and we both headed out the door. I looked for the clothes I was going to wear in my backpack and when I found everything my aunt was back in the restroom. This time she was putting lotion on her skin. I was in the living room when I dropped my towel to get dressed.

I grabbed my pair of cotton boxers and put them on. I then put on my pair of shorts and then my shirt. I was going into the restroom to leave the towel in there when I saw my aunt rubbing lotion on her breasts. She still had everything on, she was just going underneath her blouse and underneath her bra to rub lotion on her huge breasts. This did not help out my erection at all, instead it made it even harder to manage. I just left the towel in the dirty clothes hangar and walked out. I was getting my backpack ready when my aunt came out and I stood up.

Of course I still had a bulge in my shorts that was easily noticeable. My aunt took notice of this and called me out. "Jack!" she said almost sounding angry "why are you still like that?

You cant go out like that, people will notice" "I uh. uh. I don't kn." I stuttered when she cut me off "Listen come here" she said as she sat down on the same sofa she was spread her legs 'for me' the night before.

"I want to talk to you" she said in a careful voice. I walked up to her with my dick still hard and sat down. "Listen, I just want to tell you that what you and I are going to talk about is between me and you OK?

That I am your aunt and you can trust me in everything OK?" "Ok" I said shameful looking at the floor. "Why are you still like that?" She asked "I dunno I just cant help it" I said quietly "Well I mean why did you get like that?" "I don't know.

I just." "come on jack, you can be honest. Is it because of me?" ".yeah." I whispered. "That's fine Jack, guys fantasize about women all the time. You know I studied psychiatry and I know about this.

Now tell me what is about me that made you like this." ".well today when you woke me up." I stopped. "What happened when I woke you up?" She said as she got closer to me and I could smell even better the smell of her lotion, she grabbed my hand and the soft skin of her hand made me really aroused.

".ummm. you were taking a shower and the door was open. and uh… well I saw you through the glass door." "Well I left the door open so you could hear me and how did you see me? Everything is blurry through that glass door." "…well. yeah but I could still make out the shape of your body." "OK. Is that when you got hard like you are now?" She asked.

".yeah. and." I screwed up by saying 'and' "And what Jack?" As she caressed my hand. ".well you know yesterday." "Yes I remember that, but I didn't expect to get you like you did. I mean only my legs where showing." "…uhh. well I saw your panties as well and so I've been thinking about that too and that's why I've been like this since I woke up. " She just laughed and said: "Well I didn't know my panties where showing. I didn't mean to show that." And I saw her faced blushed.

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"Well listen jack, I'm OK with you thinking about me like that. As a matter of fact, most boys do think of their aunts, or siblings naked, so it's perfectly fine." There was a short pause between us when she said: "Tell me… have you ever seen the body of a naked woman?" ".just in tv and the internet." I said.

"That's why it's such a turn on for you. Let me ask you something else: Have you ever had sex with someone?" ".no." I said shyly "Ever had any sort of sexual experience besides masturbating?" "…no…" "OK I think that's what your problem is Jack, you're still an inexperienced boy and that's why you get hard so easily.

You need to stop being so shy and get you a girlfriend so you can let your hormones out." Again there was a pause between us. "You want to take care of yourself?" I did not know what to say. "Ok, you want me to help you out a little bit? I can show you a thing or two but you have to promise me you're not going to tell anyone" I did not know what to think back then. I was just a 14 year old boy with a raging hard on and my aunt was giving me a sex talk and now she was offering some 'help'.

I did not know what to say so I just said "Ok". My aunt left go of my hand and told me to stand up, which I did. She spread her legs and put both hands around my hips and forced me in front of her. My cock was now just inches from her face and I as nervous as anyone could be.

She grabbed my face and made me look down. "Listen you have to promise that you won't tell anyone, otherwise we'll be in deep trouble. OK?" "OK". I said as she let go of my face, but I was still looking down at her cleavage. She caught me off guard and she just pulled down my shorts and my boxers as fast as she could without saying anything.

"Well you have a nice penis, I don't know why you still haven't been with a girl" She said as she looked up and she surprised me when she pulled out her right tight straight out of her blouse and bra and exposed it to me. She knew I was looking and pulled out her other breast and now both breasts were hanging out.

They must have been DD's and they had this huge pink nipple on them, her areola almost pale because her skin was really white. I could not believe the thought of my sexy aunt showing me her tits and I just stood there paralyzed. "You like them?" She asked. ".yes." She then grabbed my cock with her right hand and put her left hand underneath my sack. "Boy you're hairy" She said as she smiled She massaged my nutsack while stroking my penis at the same time.

Her soft hands felt fantastic on my dick. She started out slow and gradually stroked faster, never breaking eye contact. I was just staring at her beautiful breasts and I wanted to touch them but I thought she might be offended so I just left it at that before ruining the moment.

It must have been 2 minutes when I felt like cumming and my aunt took notice of this. She pulled my nutsack down and stroked my dick faster and faster. "come on big boy" she said right before I came and she just continued stroking faster and harder and finally breaking eye contact. She pointed my penis down at her tits and I shot all over them. Load after load landed on her big white breasts and she seemed not to care.

My penis went limp on her hands and she just kept stroking it this time really slow. "See how easy that was? Well let's go clean ourselves up before we leave." She said as it was the most normal thing on earth. I was paralyzed, happy and excited about what had just happened. My aunt stood up with her tits still hanging out and headed into the restroom. I followed right behind her with my boxers and shorts on my knees, I must've looked really goofy walking like that but I didn't care back then, I had just gotten my first handjob and I honestly didn't pay attention to that.

She grabbed a tissue and cleaned up the mess I left on her breasts. She stood up in front of the mirror while carefully cleaning herself up. I peed while not losing track of her cleaning up her tits. She was well aware I was watching her and made no attempt to cover up or protest. She just kept cleaning her breasts with the piece of tissue in her hand. Her breasts were absolutely beautiful, big, round, pale I took a good mental picture because I was sure going to masturbate just thinking about her breasts.

"I hope you enjoyed it Jack" She said "Oh I did aunt" "Sex is good hon. When you have sex you'll be so happy, trust me. If you are going to have sex with a girl though just remember to always wear a condom, you're way too young to be having kids and remember not to be shy around me OK?" "OK" I said and she put her tits back in her bra and blouse.

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After that I just grabbed my backpack and we headed into her SUV. We made our way into the restaurant where all whole family was supposed to meet. The rest of the day went uneventful and neither one of us gave any hints as to what had happened, though everything was still in my mind. That had been my first sexual experience with another girl. Of course I masturbated to that image in the following days, the thought of her spreading her legs with her baby blue panties, taking a shower and her giving me a handjob with her big pale breasts hanging out.

Actually I still masturbate to her to this day every now and then.