Sexy men When he leaped up on the table I noticed the coach wrapped

Sexy men When he leaped up on the table I noticed the coach wrapped
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I continue teasing your nipples for a little while. Listening and feeling your breath speed. The heaving of your chest. The deep gutteral moans escaping your lips. I feel the excitement building in my loins. But still I caution myself to patience.

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There is still quite a bit that needs to happen until I get my release. Good thing I'm patient. I release your nipple from its confines between my lips. They are so hard right.

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There is a definite flush to your upper chest, too. Another wonderful indicator. So nice of you to advertise your desire. I decide that I will leave the examination of your torso and legs until you are on the bed. I'm sure that your arms are getting tired right now, along with your legs getting a bit wobbly.

You have been enduring this quite well. "Hands behind your head.

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Move your hair up and away from your neck and shoulders, pet. They are next on my list." You comply. Again no verbal response, but I did tell you to keep quiet. Nice that you can follow directions is an extremely aroused state. I move behind you again. I begin looking at your neck and the delicious curve it has to your shoulders. Oh how I wish to bite you. Well, there is no reason on my part to hold back.

I start to run my fingernails from the outside of your shoulders up to your neck. This isn't a light brush, but a light scrape. I need to see how you easily I can mark you. There's no pain, but you definitely feel a light scratching as I run them along. Then I start to run them down your back. Up and down, slowly but surely. While doing that, I start to run my tongue against the center of your neck. Just a light lick, with occasional flicks.

Then I draw back a bit and start to blow a bit on the area moist with my saliva. Immediately you shiver. An 'Oooooooo' escapes you. And then the reaction I wanted.

Your shoulders, your back, your arms, your ass, and your legs all start to expose little bumps. Goose flesh rapidly engulfs your body. Oh my, but you will be fun. Between the little I did to bring about that reaction, to your rather extreme ticklishness, I'm almost grinning ear to ear in my good fortune.

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I immediately want to expand the response. I start near your neck on your right shoulder and start to bite my way to the outside. Just a little nip here and there.

Nothing to leave a mark, but enough to know that my teeth are now starting to get in on the action. Every couple of bites, I hold myself there, enjoying the feel of you between my teeth, reveling in the warm flesh and the sweet taste.

You are starting to noticeably shudder now, almost uncontrollably, as I reach the outside of your right shoulder. Then I start on the left side. I need to keep you in balance.

I stop running my nails along your back, but they don't stay idle. I read down and with a hand on each cheek, I start fondling, caressing, squeezing your ass. For too long I've dreamt about this feeling. Now, I get the experience. A soft purring sound escapes my lips while I still have ahold of some of your shoulder in my teeth. I know you can hear it. I hope that it has the proper effect.

I want you to know how excited I am. More importantly, I want you to feel it. My breathing a bit ragged, my heart thudding in my chest, my face a bit flushed, my hands and mouth full, and my erection throbbing against your back.

I release my right hand from your ass and reach around. Slowly I start to run my fingers against your mound, relishing in the slick moistness I find there.

I probe against it delicately, searching for your button. Time to provide you a bit of release before we continue. I move my face to your right ear, my left hand to your right ass cheek, and let my right hand continue a bit of insistent rubbing.


I start to rub my cock against your right arm, appreciating the feeling of some motion for myself. "For so long, I have dreamed of this night. Always realizing that it might never come. Having you here, as my pet, to have and to hold and to use and to enjoy. I actually believe that my anticipation and excitement of the actual culmination is beginning to overwhelm me.

I must admit, this is a rather unique experience. Normally, I'm so in control, so careful to keep in check. But after having aspired to this, to have you here, in my hands, so excited and so enticing, I find myself fighting to keep contained." I increase my ministrations on your mound. You gasp a bit at the increase in pressure and feeling. "I find that right now, after enjoying not even half of your body, I have a need.

An overwhelming and desparate need to have you cum. For me, right now." And I carefully slide one finger of my left hand inside you. I just let it wiggle a bit, while I enjoy the warmth that surrounds me. I'm trying to overwhelm all your senses at once, so that the overload will trigger the orgasm.

"Can you do that for me, pet. I want to watch you cum knowing that my hands, body, and voice were the ones to trigger it. I need to know that you can cum for me when I want you to, when I need you to.

So, do it, pet. Lose control. Show me that you can do this, on command and without a whole&hellip." And then you start to shudder and jerk. Your legs start to give way. I was waiting for this.

I immediately gather your around your waist and gently lower to the floor. Gutteral moans and hisses escape your lips. And almost gruff and husky wail follows.

I remove the blindfold to see your eyes tightly closed. Your breathing is very erratic. Your face and chest are a dark pink. Your nipples are solidly rigid at attention.

Oh my, what a wonderful display. I give you a few minutes to recover. I just lightly caress your face. You open your eyes and start to give me wonderfully subdued smile. You are a bit tired from the exertion and it shows in your eyes.

But they are oh so bright. You have an expression on your face like an incredible new door has opened for you and you're starting to walk through and experience the sun on your face for the first time.

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At least that I what I see in your face. I assume I have a look of smug self-satisfaction on mine. "Wonderfully done, pet. Nothing I enjoy more than a pet who will follow my orders.

Especially that order. And almost on the dot, too. But, to be fair, I probably am more to blame there than you. This is my first time, after all. I have no frame of reference for you or your reactions.


Just guesswork at this point. I just hope I can get better." "OH. MY. GOD. SIR." over articulating and punctuating every syllable. "OH. FUCK. SIR. I'm at a loss.

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I have no idea what to say. Well, except: THANK YOU, SIR." You are so intense right now. Eyes are wide open and bright.

A light sheen of sweat on your body. Every little bit there is shudder as an aftershock hits. All in all, I'm chalking that one up as a success. "Hold on to me." Your arms go around my neck and shoulders as I lift you over to the bed.

I'm willing to bet that the legs aren't going to work well. I lay you on the right side of the bed, right on the towels, of course. "Just lay here and relax a bit." I grab the water bottle from earlier and hand it to you. "Drink this. I think you've lost some fluids that need replenishing." as I break out in a big toothy grin. You just lay there. I admire the view. No words, but there is quite a bit of tension starting to build.

My excitement has been building steadily during the entire episode. It keeps building and I think that I might be near my limit. I may need to alter my initial plans now. I want to indulge myself with you. I want you to start catering to my needs, my wants, my desires.

The selfishness is starting to creep in. You've had an orgasm. I've just been teasing myself. I want. I want. I want. After all, what is the point of a pet but self lavishment and fulfillment. You are a mess. A lovely glowing mess. Your face and hair plastered together. Your chest starting to show some normal breathing patterns. You thighs and lips a wonderful sticky gooey testament to your enjoyment. But you are looking a little warm around the edges.

I walk over and drop the temp in the room a couple of degrees. It will take a little while for it to take effect. You follow me with your eyes with a hungering adoration. I shiver a bit when I see it. Oh how I need to see that.

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It warms me. It excites me. It hardens me. Enough. Time for me. "I've decided to change course a bit. Time for some physical pleasure for me." Your hungering stare increases. A bit of a glimmer of excitement starts to show. Good. I'm quite excited at the prospect myself. "I think its time for you to bathe me." A smile develops on your lips. You are definitely looking forward to this. Your eyes a shimmering pool of desire and lust, to see me, to touch me, to cleanse me.

"This will be one of your normal duties. Why should I wash myself if I have a pet so eagerly awaiting to perform herself? Does that seem an acceptable job for you." Huskily, throatily, deeply hoarse you respond, "Yes, Sir. Please can I bathe you?" "Can? Well, I would assume you can perform the requisite operations. The word 'can' implies a judgment on your fitness, capability and capacity.

It is, however, completely and utterly inappropriate for a permission request." I see the wheels turning in your mind. I love that you are not stupid -- not by any stretch.

You have more degrees than I do, and a quietly keen intellect that I treasure. You pick up on the remonstration quickly and easily.

"I apologize, Sir. I misspoke. Please, Sir, may I have the honor of bathing you as a part of this initial training?" Magnificent. Absolutely wonderful. Clear, concise, contrite, polite, respectful, succinct. No silly interstitial grunts of pause or confusion as you try to think. So eloquent. But most of all, I think I enjoy the sincerity most of all. I know there is a certain amount of self-gratification that you expect to receive. But I believe that you also want to do it to help me.

To pleasure me. To ease my life's burdens, if but a bit. But the hunger and anticipation in your eyes is manifest. Such desire to finally see my body. To get your hands on me. All of me exposed to your eyes and ministrations. You are turning into quite a revelation.

One to which I'm starting to get rather attached. "Time for you to undress me. Nice and slow. No need to rip my clothes off. Keep your hands and mind on the removal process. No unrequested extra touching. Yet." I smile. "Yes, Sir. Anything for you, Sir." "Shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and underwear. That order." "Yes, Sir." "Carefully remove them, fold them and stack them out of the way. This isn't a teenager's bedroom with clothing scattered everywhere." "Yes, Sir." You start with my left shoe.

Untying the laces, then removing the shoe. Then the right. You place them on the floor next to the dresser. Then you remove each sock, carefully, fold them and place them on the bed. Then my shirt. You hands are trembling as you try to undo each button. So careful to not injure the fabric. A little clumsy, but I attribute that to the excitement and your quivering hands. As you reach the bottom, you carefully lift the shirt tails to remove them from the confines of my pants.

There's a look of concentration on your face as your hands reach around to my back to tug. Adorable. You free my shirt, undo the last two buttons, and then slide it from my shoulders, down my arms, and over my hands. You return the shirt to right-side out and carefully fold it. You place it on the bed next to the socks. Now the belt. You undo the belt, and then immediately start to undo the pants. "No, pet. Remove the belt first.

Belt before the pants. Should have mentioned that. Remember the modified order." "Yes, Sir," you reply, compliantly. You completely remove my belt, coil it, and place it on my shirt. You return to the latch of my pants.


Another button. You extract it from the hold with aplomb, and then slowly, judiciously attempt slide the zipper down to its new resting place. It takes a couple of tugs and you find you need to hold the top of the pants to gain purchase. Finally, it glides down. You grasp the waist of the pants and slowly slither them down my legs. I notice that your eyes are staring fixedly at a certain portion of my anatomy.

I quietly chuckle to myself and silently hope you won't be disappointed. I'm only moderately erect now. Not flaccid, but not full. The pants are now gathered around my ankles. I don't move. You need to call the next shot. "Sir, please lift your left leg." I toy with lifting my right leg to see if you are either paying attention or if you would attempt to correct me.

A nice idea, but not tonite. Someday I will take that opportunity to see if you will merit praise or a punishment depending on how you decide to handle the issue.

I simply lift my left leg. "Thank you, Sir." You slide my pants from bounds of my ankle to off of my foot. "Sir, please lower your left leg and raise your right?" a bit questioningly, but a fairly straightforward request. No complaints from me. A complete appeal was made, and in the proper order. A rare find you are. I think I'll keep you. Left leg down. Right leg up.

You extract my pants, fold them, and place them next to the shirt. I'm curious as to your approach. Returning to face me, you lower to your knees, looking up an my eyes. I look down and shudder a bit at the view. A thoroughly enjoyable view. You on your knees, looking up expectantly to me. Desire and yearning evident in your eyes.

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You reach to the waist of my shorts and slowly, deliberately slide them down my waist. My cock bounces in front of your nose as it is released from what has been confining it.

You stop, gasp, flush. A low moan released. Your tongue tip exposed between your lips. You lick them longingly. So obvious is your desire to release my shorts and grab me in your hands and mouth. But you continue your job. While still looking at not my face. "Sir, please lift your left leg, then lower, then the right leg then lower." I don't move. "Pet." You look up at me.

"When making appeals to me, you really should look me in my eyes, and not just abjectly stare at my cock. That is a bit rude." You lower your eyes and sputter, "I'm so sorry, Sir. It's just that I've wanted to see it for so long that now that I see it, I'm a bit overwhelmed." "I can understand that, and accept it to a certain extent.

However, when it causes your outright disrespect, I need to draw a line. For example. Referring to my cock as 'it' is simply outright rude. My penis is NOT an it.

It is me. A part of me. One might even argue, it is the driving force of me. It is worthy of the same respect and care that you show my face. In fact, you may find that it might even be worth more respect." "Oh, Sir!

I didn't mean that in disrespect! I don't know how to refer to it. Oh, Shit! I'm sorry, Sir. I don't know how I should refer to that certain portion of your anatomy. Please, forgive me." "Forgiven, forgotten. By me, that is. Hopefully you won't forget. Call it by its medical nomenclature -- penis. Or if you prefer, from a more vulgar phrasing -- dick, cock, member.

Personally, I prefer to hear 'cock'." "I won't forget, Sir. I've waited to so long to see your cock, Sir, that having it now within licking distance… well, I find it difficult to keep my mind on track." When I hear the word 'cock' flow from your lips, my own jerks at the sound.

You see that, but don't overtly react, still trying to pay attention to my eyes. I enjoy hearing the word 'cock' from your mouth. Very much so. "Very well, continue." You repeat your request.

This time looking in my eyes. "Sir, please lift your left leg, then lower, then the right leg then lower." I do, and you remove my shorts and place them on the bed next to the pants. "How shall I stack you clothes, Sir? Opposite order from how they were removed?" "No. Order should be, from top to bottom, shorts, socks, pants, shirt. The order they go on." "Yes, Sir." You stack them and then place the folded stack on the dresser. I hear an audible inhale from you. You turn around to face me.

"What next, Sir?" "Sit on the bed here and face me. I guess I might as well let you leer at me for a bit. Take your time and enjoy the view" the last sentence rather dripping with sarcasm. "Also, you can walk behind if you so desire. No touching, though." "Oh, yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir." "Take your time, but I'm looking forward to the shower, so keep that in mind." I close my eyes.

I don't need to watch this. It really would only embarrass me. Instead, I think back to your body. Running my eyes over it. Drinking in your loveliness. I feel myself harden as I imagine you spread beneath me as a banquet.

Fuck, I want you.