Pigtailed babe ass fucked by black guys

Pigtailed babe ass fucked by black guys
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THREEWAY CALLING Amy King had just started college and a new job. She had led a very sheltered life before college, since her high school was girls-only and she didn't have much of a social life. Her father was a contractor and had done some building repairs for a group that prepared fossils and artifacts and built exhibits for museums and was able to get her an interview.

Wanting to study anthropology, Amy was thrilled to have the opportunity, but was disappointed when she found herself in an extremely dull position behind a desk entering credit card charges into a computer program and ordering office supplies for her jerk of a boss.

There was nothing to the job, so she wound up roaming the Internet most of the time, watching movies and fantasizing about a fuck buddy she had picked up at a party at the beginning of the semester. She may have been sheltered and introverted when she walked in the door of that party, but that all changed, almost from the moment that she had met Ben… Ben was, in one word, a perv.

He was a perv who knew how to light her fire. There was nothing serious about their relationship; they never really talked, unless it was to beg for more, and no one really knew about them, which was fine. Neither of them was interested in dating the other, or anyone, and only found excitement when they heard about each other's outside sexual escapades. She had quite a few fantasies that she fully intended on fulfilling by the time she left college.

She wanted to have a threesome with another girl, and one with two guys. She wanted to be tied up and left naked to be ravished at her keeper's pleasure. She wanted to be surprised by a glory hole. She wanted to be pressed up to a cold tile wall by a stranger in the bathroom of a ratty bar.

More than anything, she wanted to be caught doing something naughty and then ferociously fucked by the person who caught her. The fantasies that weren't starring Ben were often starring one of the guys that worked on the projects downstairs: a handsome artist named Joe. On one particularly boring day at work, Amy found herself to be particularly horny.


The workers downstairs were working on creating a dolphin exhibit for a nearby museum and her manager would be shut up in the office all day with the boss and a prospective client. She didn't feel like roaming around online and had left her homework at the dorm. She decided to text Ben and see what kind of entertainment he could provide… A: wuts the kinkiest thing uv evr done? B: hey sexy.

fucking a tranny high off my ass on mescaline in a forrest is gotta be up there. A: o my :p so if u culd be here with me right now with me wut wuld u do? B: I wuld insert myself firmly into that godly pussy of yours. A: come on stud. im bored. im horny. im alone. inspire me ;) B: I wuld shove u up against the wall and hold your arms above your head Now this was going somewhere. B: id suck on ur neck and shove my leg between yours.

id bite down as you grind your pussy on my thigh and begin to stoke my cock. She could feel her pussy getting wet. She couldn't wait to act this out with Ben when she got off work. B: I throw u on2 the bed and pull u on top of me, raking my nails down ur back as u ride me like a bronco She was ready to go, so she set the office line to voicemail, left a sticky note on the manager's chair saying that she was out to lunch, and brought her cell with her to the bathroom.

She didn't have to worry about being interrupted. The boss' office had it's own private bathroom for the people in the meeting. The downstairs workers had their own bathroom too, and rarely came upstairs anyway. She straddled the toilet in one of the stalls and pulled her skirt back so that she could slide her panties to the side, and slowly slipped her finger in her slit.

With her other hand, she held up her phone to keep reading. B: I start rubbing ur clit and pinching ur tits. as u begin 2 climax u lean forward and I start sucking ur nipples while u bite down on my neck. after u cum I flip u ovr and fuck u up the ass as hard as I can Amy began slowly circling her clit, spreading her juices and getting herself wound up before the big show. Before long, she was thrusting her hand into herself, biting her bottom lip and struggling to keep her eyes open so she could finish Ben's story.

She was breathing heavily and was too distracted to notice the bathroom door swinging open. She thought that maybe she should take a picture of herself to send to Ben, or maybe take a video. She was too distracted to even see an eye peek inside the stall door that she had neglected to lock.

Maybe she should call him up so he could hear her moaning while her hand slapped in and out of her wet pussy. She was far too distracted to hear the intruder creep back to the door and bolt it shut. B: I reach around and rub ur clit until ur screaming and then I cum deep inside u… Amy dropped her phone as the stall door slammed open and Joe pulled her upright. He slammed her up against the wall and grinned wildly, as if he was seeing Amy properly for the first time.

He looked up and down her body before roughly pulling her light pink blouse over her head. He kept it around her wrists to restrain her and bunched her skirt up, tucking it into the side of her underwear as he got on his knees.

He lifted her right leg over his shoulder and gently kissed up her inner thigh. He looked up at her before he reached the top and ran his hands up the back of her legs, eventually squeezing her ass. He expected her to look scared, or at least apprehensive, but she pursed her lips mischievously and he was filled with hunger.

He dove in, tongue first, devouring her pussy. He licked quickly then slowly then quickly again, shoving his finger up her hole. She writhed on top of his face for what seemed like hours, clenching her jaw and breathing heavily through her nose so that she wouldn't scream and alert her boss.

Joe had a thought and surprised her again, lifting his other hand and slowly sinking a finger in her asshole. She jumped a little and shivered. He stopped moving, just holding her there until she settled down.

Then he started up again at full force, pounding each of her holes with his hands and running his tongue up and down her slit and sucking on her clit. Amy was breathing more and more heavily, and soon felt herself swell. She came violently; her whole body trembled as her juices sprayed all over Ben.

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No, not Ben. Joe. Ben wasn't here right now, except in her mind. Joe was rock hard. He stood up quickly and spun her around. He pushed her down to the floor and bent her over the toilet, tying her to the pipes with her shirt, and left.

She was thrilled.


It was like her darkest dreams were coming true. Her one worry was that he would leave her there without giving her more. All concern for her job was gone. She couldn't care less if her boss walked in right now to see her ass in the air. All she wanted was more. She looked down at her phone, cracked from falling on the floor, reflecting her shining face. Soon enough, the door swung open again. She heard the bolt click, but this time two sets of shoes walked towards her.

She looked up to see Joe's best friend and co-worker, Brad, looking down at her in wonder. She'd never paid Brad much attention before, but now she saw him plainly, and wanted nothing more than to "know" him better.

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Joe untied her and pulled off her shoes, throwing them and her shirt across the floor. He tore off her skirt and her now drenched thong. Then he quickly stripped and laid down on the floor, pulling Amy on top of him. He spit in his hand, smiling up at her, and stroked his bare cock before thrusting it inside of her. She gasped and whimpered. He began pumping into her. His hands gripped her hips and she placed her own on either side of his head. In and out, first slowly and gently, then faster and harder.

She looked up as Brad walked around to watch her tits bouncing up and down with every thrust. She gazed into his eyes, pleading for him. She let her eyes wander and fixed them on the bulge in his pants. Joe stretched Amy's pussy with his throbbing cock and groaned. Brad couldn't take it anymore and stripped down. Amy raised her torso, sitting upright on Joe, and reached out for Brad.

He stepped forward, still tentative but excited, and closed his eyes with a sigh as he felt Amy's lips wrap around him. Her head bobbed back and forth as her body was lifted up and dropped down. She grabbed Brad's leg and moaned. She had no intention of letting him finish this way. She wanted him somewhere else. She took one last lick and pulled back. She put her hand on Joe's chest and spoke for the first time. "Wait." Both Brad and Joe's eyes snapped open. She stroked Joe's face and looked up at Brad.

She smiled at him and pressed herself down again on Joe's chest. Brad had never thought seriously about having a threesome before. Not this kind, at least. He'd definitely fantasized about two girls before, but when he really thought about it, it seemed like a lot of work. It was probably a lot more awkward than what he saw on his favorite websites. He'd never thought about two guys and a girl though, but the way Amy was laid out with her ass sticking in the air, practically begging for him, he didn't even give it a second thought.

He circled Amy again and got down on one knee. He placed one hand on her waist and used the other to align himself, lubed up with Amy's saliva, and thrust himself into her. Joe and Brad pumped in and out of her. It was awkward at first, but soon they were moving in time. The feeling of having both of her holes filled exhilarated Amy. As she arched back against Brad, Joe tilted his head up to suck on her breasts. She moaned and then inhaled sharply as Brad bit down on her neck.

The sounds of slapping and moaning and panting echoed against the tiles.

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The boys started thrusting with fervor, more and more quickly. Brad let out an animalistic growl and pulled Amy back towards him, his hand wrapped around her throat. He reached his other hand around her waist and used his finger to quickly rub her clit.

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Joe ran his hands up and down her thighs, leaving red trails from his nails in their wake. Amy reached back and held onto Brad as the three rocked in unison, and found it more and more difficult to remain quiet. As Joe gave one final massive thrust into her, using all of the energy he had left, Amy cried out.

The two came together and Amy collapsed. Brad thrust into Amy from behind, faster and faster, grunting as Amy finally let out a scream of pleasure. He wasn't ready yet; he wanted more and he wanted her to cum one more time.

He did all he could to hold himself back and pulled out of her and stood up. He pulled her up and faced her towards him.

He kissed her roughly as he pushed her back to the sink. As she leaned back, Amy saw Joe slide back and sit against the wall, his chest shining with sweat and rising and falling as he panted after all the exercise. He winked at her and looked back up at Brad. Brad stared down at her and dove into her, driving in and out of her pussy. He did all that he could to go slowly, and pressed his thumb again on Amy's jelly bean, her sugar plum, her… love button.

He smiled and thought of all the ridiculous words for the clit that he'd heard. The only word that fit Amy was "jewel." He shone it with his thumb and finally came. He hoped she was on the pill, but it was too late now.

Amy felt herself get filled with his semen and barely gave it a thought. She could only smile and grab onto the sink as Brad pulled out and pushed his fingers into her until she came once more. When they were finished Brad leaned against Amy. She ran her fingers through his hair as Joe finished getting dressed in the background. Without a word, Brad stepped back to clean himself up and get his clothes together.

Amy did the same and walked over to the door. Brad smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek before he walked out. Joe gave her a gentle nudge on the shoulder. "Let's do this again sometime," he said with a wink, and strode proudly out the door. Amy poked her head out the door, and all of a sudden remembered where she was. Her boss must have heard them.

The walls weren't very thick. She snuck around the office and found a note on her desk. She exhaled with relief as she read that the meeting had been moved to a restaurant and that they wouldn't be back for a few hours.


She walked back down the hallway and pressed her ear to the door to the staircase that separated the office from the workroom downstairs to make sure that Brad and Joe were gone. She swung the bathroom door open again and found her cell phone.

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She lifted it to her ear to see if it was still working. "I thought you'd forgotten about me," Ben said, having heard Amy pick up the phone. "What did you think?" "You," Ben laughed, "are a bad, bad girl. I was expecting a dirty phone call, but that was a surprise." "It surprised me too," Amy said with a smirk.

"I can't wait to see you tonight. Maybe we can go to a bar to find a friend." Ben couldn't believe he had found someone like her.

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"We'll have a little reenactment."