Norway daisi girls boobs sucking story

Norway daisi girls boobs sucking story
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PART ONE: FIRST TIME SHARING SARA Chapter 1 Before I even start getting into the raunchy details, there's a few things that you need to understand about Sara, me & our marriage: - First off, she was outrageously tall, attractive, & HOT - she was 5'10" (compared to my 6'0"), had long brown hair down to the small of her back with matching eyes; her breasts were firm, perky 34Ds; she had those big, full, pouty lips that were obviously made to be wrapped around hard cock; her legs were crazy long, firm, muscular & smooth, forming a wonderful ass with just the right amount of jiggle.

She was crazy sexy, & everyone knew it, including her. - During sex, it was JUST how every guy imagines fucking a porn star would be - every position imaginable was fair game; she really enjoyed rough sex, pulling hair & whatnot, and she was LOUD about voicing her approval; and she would always start things off with a wonderful sloppy blowjob, then surprise the shit out of you by suddenly deepthroating you.

It was always raunchy, dirty, kinky, and pretty wonderful. We had recently started to experiment with sex while tweaked on meth, and it blew our minds entirely; it was so dirty, without inhibitions - just pure, hot, rough was like we weren't married; it was as if we had just met.

Later, afterward, she commented that it was "like I was getting fucked by a stranger she'd just met at the bar an hour before." Her comment stuck with me, and I wondered what it would be like to watchher getting screwed by a stranger?

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I thought on it for several days, eventually concluding that the thought turned me on immensely, and I decided I'd like to try it. We had several male drug buddies that came over to smoke every few days, & judging from the way ALL of them always looked at her, I could think of about a dozen guys who would like to try it, too. A couple days later during the next twacked-out fuck session, I was pounding her from behind on the living room floor, with a handful of hair wrapped up in my fingers, when I chose to bring the idea up & gauge her reaction; so I slowed the pace at which I was thrusting into her, until it was so slow & gentle that it was only teasing both of us to madness.

"I thought of something the other day that might be fun." I said quietly while I slowly sank into her. She replied with a breathy, raspy "oh yeah? And what's that?" "What if we invited another guy to get fucked up with us & have some REAL fun?" She let out a quiet groan, then bit her bottom lip, smiled fiendishly and took the bait, "hmm.what kind of fun are you thinking?" I stopped thrusting into her, barely penetrating her labia, then leaned forward & whispered into her ear, "I've just been thinking.

and I've decided I would reallylike to get spun out of our minds & watch while some other guy fucks the shitout of you," and at that moment, without warning, I suddenly plunged my throbbing hardon into her completely. The sound she made in response was like a high moan-cry-grunt.

After a moment she turned her head a bit, showing another mischievous grin, and said flat-out, "God, know what? I'd probably do anythingif I'm high enough.

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and that really doessound like it'd be REEEEALLY fun." My cock twitched inside her. "You want to?" She nodded as she moaned, "mmhmm." "Do you have someone in mind already?" Another loud moan. "I have severalsomeones in mind right now, but I already know who I want to fuck me." Chapter 2 Jason (or "J-Rock") was one of our aforementioned drug buddies that dropped by periodically to sell us some dope, & sometimes just to get high with us.

He was in his late 20s, black, & one of many local gangbanger thugs in the area. He always flirted a bit with Sara, & she'd flirt back - relatively innocent initially, although I could see the lust in his eyes when he watched her. Sara had told me, during that wild sex session two days ago, that she decided that she wanted to invite him to have some "naughty adult fun". It was common for everyone to gather on our bed for a smoke session, which the thread of us did.

We loaded the pipe down with 60 cents all at once, quickly getting FUBAR; then J-Rock pulled out his dope bag & reaching in, broke off a BIG shard from the massive rock in the bag, & dropped it on the scale on the nightstand - the display read "0.8g", or 80 cents.

He picked it up, looked at Sara & told her to open her mouth; as soon as she did so, he reached forward and dropped the shard right on the back of her tongue; her face contorted as the bitterness hit her taste buds, and involuntarily swallowed the whole thing all at once. He then repeated the whole thing. The second rock weighed out to 85 cents. This one he dropped on my tongue, and I swallowed. Then he broke a piece for himself, ate it, reloaded the pipe, & we kept smoking, talking & laughing (and they kept flirting).

At some point, the mindless conversation hit the subject of sex, which instantly had everyone's attention. He nonchalantly brought up the topic of blowjobs, & Sara immediately launched into a spiel about how much she legitimately enjoys sucking cock, being sure to mention her ability to deepthroat.

"Nah," J said skeptically, "you'd have to PROVE that one," causing Sara to break out in one of her devilish grins.

"Don't dare me," she said, grinning. J-Rock adjusted as he sat, and accidentally brought our attention to the growing bulge in his pants. Out of curiosity that was not-so-innocent, Sara asked, " it true, what they say about black men and their cock size?" He laughed, "yup. We're all pack in' large in our drawers - mostly, anyway." At that moment she lit her last cigarette, and asked if I would run to the store for more.

I said sure, slipped on my shoes, and headed toward the front door, my wife following. "I'm gonna talk to him alone for a minute, pitch the whole idea of you watching us screw while you're gone - make it a bit less awkward. Haha! Hurry back!" It's a 5 minute drive to the nearest store.

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As I pull up to the store, my phone buzzes with a text from Sara, "he said that we're all adults and adult fun is just that - adult fun - so he's in! Hehehe ;)" I typed out my reply waiting in line at the counter, "awesome! This is gonna be HOT & soooo fun! Don't you two start anything before I get back! ;)" Her ominous reply came as I pulled out of the lot heading home - "hehehehehe ;)" Chapter 3 I made it to the door to our apartment feverish from excitement & anticipation.

My mind was reeling as I turned the key in the lock, I'd get back to the bedroom so we could talk about ground rules, comfort zones, & whatever, and THEN we- My train of thought was interrupted abruptly when, as I turned into the hallway leading to the bedroom, I heard something unmistakeable - the sound of Sara's voice echoed down the hallway as she moaned, "oh my God.yes.more." Instantly my cock was rock hard and throbbing.

The fuckers started without me, but it didn't bug me all that much - this was it! I opened the bedroom door slowly, taking note of the little changes that had happened while I was out - the ceiling fan lights were turned off, with the only light in the room coming from a small lamp on my night stand; the comforter & covers had been pushed off the bed to the floor, revealing our red satin bed sheets. I almost exploded on the spot from what I saw next: Sara, on her back on the bed, in the middle of a 69 with J.

His tongue was fluttering over her swollen clit, making her let out loud sighs & moans of pleasure, which were being muffled by the thick black cock that was in her mouth. J-Rock was pumping his hips up & down like a piston as he steadily fucked Sara's mouth.

Suddenly he moved & was now on HIS back.

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Sara crawled toward him, and I finally got a good look at his swollen, hard cock, just a split-second before it vanished into her mouth, and I was totally stunned - HIS COCK WAS HUGE! I guessed at the dimensions, but it looked to be 11" long, probably 3" wide or more, uncircumcised, as hard as steel, and literally THROBBING as my wife's lips wrapped around it longingly.

She bobbed her head up and down in a steady rhythm, letting her saliva run out of her mouth and down onto his length. After a few head bobs, the bedroom was soon filled with the loud, wet, squishy-sucking sound her lips made as she worked his monstrous cock.

He let out a few quiet groans, putting a hand on the back of her head, & grabbing a fistful of her hair; he started fucking upwards into her face, pushing her mouth down further over him, forcing her to take him deeper into her throat - then he pulled her hair, forcing her up again. She let out a lustful "MMmphfff!" every couple of thrusts. "Mmm," he groaned, "you fuckin' like that?" "Mmhmmphhf!" "You like givin' me head, havin' my cock in your mouth?

Down your throat?" "Mm.yeff!" "Your hubby's lovin' it too; you should see his white lil' dong, harder than it's ever been prolly. Does it get you off harder, lettin' him watch?" "MMHMM!" She was bobbing back & forth furiously now, as he thrusted his hips forward forcefully, matching her tempo. I watched as his throbbing, stone-hard tool grew even BIGGER, thanks to Sara's cocksucking skills that even porn stars can rarely match.

I quietly made my way to the recliner in the far corner of the room, stripping to nothing as I went, and I took a seat, laid back, and stroked my pounding cock while watching the show. After watching her swallow every single swollen inch of his rock for several more minutes, he finally made her slow down, and eventually stop, pulling his tool from her throat.

The suction she applied to his wet cockhead resulted in a loud PLOP! as he finally pulled free of her lips. "Unhh. I ain't never had my cock sucked like that! Mm.but right now I want some of that wet fuckin' pussy, girl!" Sara moaned loudly, "oh, YEAH!" With amazing speed, J-Rock rolled her over onto her back again & had positioned himself over her; she lifted her legs toward the ceiling & opened them for J, allowing him uninhibited access to her eager, soaking-wet pussy.

It was just then that I noticed that she was still wearing the same black thigh high stockings and silver, open toe heels she's had on with her red skirt and halter top (now crumpled on the floor). J was now pinning those heels against either side of my wife's head in an effort to get maximum penetration. He grabbed his pulsing hardon & started slapping it against Sara's already soaked pussy, resulting in yelps of pleasure from her.

"You ready for this dick?" he asked gruffly, lustfully, as he continued slapping his rod against her aching sex. "Yeah!" she moaned loudly.

"You want it?


You wanna feel my big, hard, THICK cock inside your little wet pussy?" "I fuckin' want it!" she cried out. Slowly, gently, he eased the top of his cock past her labia, only barely starting to enter her, then he stopped.

She whimpered. "You sure you want this cock - ALL this cock?" "Uh-huh, yea!" "Cause there ain't no comin back once I'm buried in ya; your husband's cock won't never feel right again after you've had this in you." Then she looked up at him with a screaming, fiery, primal lust, her eyes blazing, and part-cried, part-moaned, part-screamed, "I fucking WANT IT! I want you to gimme EVERY HARD, THROBBING INCH of that beautiful, massive cock, and I want you to fuck the shit out of me, RIGHT NOW!" Hearing that come from her drove me crazy, & made me groan, "Oh my God!" My cock twitched with excitement as I pumped it hard.

I still couldn't believe that I was just chilling in a recliner, watching & listening to my wife literally begfor this dude to fuck her senseless.

I'd never been so turned on. They whispered to each other for a brief second before Sara said to me, "Baby? He's just worried that you won't be into it & might get upset because.well, let's just be honest here - your cock is pretty fucking big, but his is really HUGE, and-" I cut her off, "Really? THAT'S the big hangup? J, first of all, I brought this idea up to HER, so OF COURSE I'm into it - have you even seen how hard I've gotten??

Secondly, I've never seen her so desperate to get fucked before! Seriously dude, *I* want you to fuck her stupid!" "Sooo." He replied, with one inch still inside her, motionless, "I can do whatever I wanna do to her?" "Long as she doesn't say no, you can bend her over the balcony right now." "And if you haven't noticed, im ONLY saying yes right now." She added.

Without saying another word, and in one fluid motion, he thrust his massive cock forward & sank every one of his 11" deep inside her quivering pussy. She let out a long, loud groan of mindless ecstasy as he penetrated her completely, until at last he was completely buried inside her.

Her pussy spasmed around the behemoth intruder, racking Sara with an overwhelmingly intense orgasm. He slowly pulled himself out of her, leaving only a couple of inches inside, and then suddenly PLUNGED back inside of her, hard, and started pumping in and out of her. The next several minutes are somewhat blurry. She started screaming for more, urging him to "fuck me like you hate me", and next I knew, she's on all fours, facing me, while he's plowing fiercely into her from behind - smacking her ass, pulling her hair, & pinning her arms behind her back.

I'm going totally wild by now, pistoning my hand on my dick, while my wife is looking me dead in the face, moaning while she's telling me how amazing J's cock feels, and that she's never been fucked so goodbefore. J-Rock smacks her ass as he slams her, and starts talking nasty to her, "You're a nasty little white girl, you know that?

You're a dirty little slut, craving that cock, huh?" "Oh GOD, YES!

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I'M A FUCKING FILTHY, COCK CRAVING CUM SLUT! FUCK!" Sara's body is slammed with a powerful orgasm, causing her to involuntarily buck against J, pushing against his cock & trying to pull it deeper into her.

"Where you want me to shoot my cum at? Cause I'm about to erupt!" J asks, pounding her frantically. "YOU PUT THAT CUM WHEREVER YOU WANT IT, DADDY!" "Fuck yea! Gimme that fuckin' pussy, slut! And look at your man & tell HIM where you want me to dump my load! Tell him how my dick's stretched that pussy! Tell him you want this hard black dick every day!" And she did. She told me all he told her to, and more, and she fucking meant it. And I LOVED it.

Finally, after two and a half hours of having his way with my wife, making her do whatever he wanted, and turning her into a total slut, his body locked up, he gripped her shoulders, pulled her back, and plowed as deeply as he could into her as his cock began to spasm, twitch, and finally started pumping a massive load of his thick, hot, sticky cum inside her pussy.

After he pulled out of her, she flipped around, taking his deflating cock in her mouth yet again, and used her tongue and lips to clean the mixture of their fluids from him. "Fuck, girl!" He shouted after recovering for several minutes, "You makin' me wanna get you high as fuck EVERY DAY! Ha ha!

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I'ma bring an 8-ball tomorrow, just for YOU, then we'll see what you do!" After a bit, J left to give us some privacy. Sara & I smoked a few more bowls while we discussed how each of us felt about the experience we just had. Obviously, we both felt pretty good about it, because it didn't take long at all before she was sucking my cock to erection, and I was sliding my rod into her abused, swollen, pussy, getting J's sloppy seconds.

His massive cock had stretched her so badly that my own dick wasn't having any noticeable effect on her. I felt his hot cum dripping inside her. Finally she gave in, and she gave me deepthroat until I finally exploded down her throat. I had no idea I was opening Pandora's box.