Nackte geile kerle

Nackte geile kerle
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Charlotte's commute to work is only a ten minute walk, but to be sure that she makes it to the restaurant on time, she always leaves thirty minutes before her shift. Being more conventionally attractive, it's pretty common for a few people to stop her for a quick fuck on her way, and it would just be rude not to let them.

On this particular day, she made it to work three and a half minutes before her shift. She walks in the front door with her purse strapped over her left shoulder and a line of cum running down her left thigh and the top third of her calf.

As she walks in the front door, the chef glances up at her, and returns to cooking. It's a fast paced style of cooking called "teppenyaki", where the chef is surrounded on three sides by a very hot table to cook on, which are surrounded by another table for the customers to eat at, which are, in turn, surrounded by stools for the customers to sit on.

Adam needs to add a lot of style and flair to his cooking to keep the customers entertained while listening for the customers to tell him what they'd like him to cook next. Charlotte's job there is to handle the serving of anything the customers want that isn't hot, like drinks and salads. She walks past the table, which only has three customers right now, and walks through a door into another room.

She grabs her name collar off a nearby hook and clips it around her neck, signs in, and walks back out to start serving customers. After refilling a few waters, getting a couple drinks, and bringing out a salad, she asks a customer who just sat down if he'd like something to drink. The man looks her up and down and starts to stand up as he asks her about the drinks available.

Seeing the customer start to stand, she rotates to face the table and leans over slightly, sticking her butt out. She starts listing off the various sakes, wines, and cocktails that are available as the customer slides his cock into her.

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She braces herself with her hands on the edge of the table, feeling the heat coming off the griddle lightly warming the underside of her breasts. As the customer slides all the way in, his left ball sticks slightly to the cum line on her left thigh.

The customer thrusts into her repeatedly as she finishes reciting the drink menu. "Do any of those sound good to you?" The customer grabs her wrists and asks if she has any particular recommendations. Noticing the grabbing of her wrists, Adam quickly grabs a nearby glass of herbs and uses a jabbing motion to empty it onto the griddle between Charlotte and himself, just as the customer pulls her wrists backward, causing her to flop forward.

As the tips of her nipples touch the surface of the griddle, Charlotte's eyes widen significantly in response to the sudden searing pain. Her body's weight compresses her breasts against the griddle, causing Charlotte to let out a very unprofessional high pitched shriek from the pain. The customer is now holding her down, pushing her into the griddle so she can't get back up, holding her wrists behind her back with one hand. He quickly grabs her hair with his other hand, using his grip both to pull her head back and to pick the charred ends of her hair up off the griddle.

As she shrieks, the other customers all take notice. She now has an audience watching her get fucked as her breasts sizzle. Adam passes a few strips of seared beef over to one of the customers and adds a salmon fillet to the griddle. "I- I'm partial to th- the moscato personally.", she manages to sputter out. A few seconds later, the customer stops thrusting, just keeping his cock leaned all the way inside her pussy.

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After waiting for a few seconds, the thrusting resumes, but with an extra wave of impact on each thrust. Another customer must be fucking the ass of the customer fucking her. This second customer must've noticed the fucking because of her shriek and decided at that point to join in.

The nerves in her breasts are all dead at this point, so all she feels there is an aching tingle, making the unbearable heat against her face, neck, and the rest of her chest so much clearer to her. "I think I'll just start off with a water", the customer responds, as Charlotte feels him squirting several shots of cum against her cervix.

Now that she's full of cum, she tries to lift herself up off the griddle, but the customer continues to hold her down. He's no longer thrusting, but she can feel the shock waves of the second customer behind him still thrusting into the first customer's ass. "I'll get you a water as soon as you let me up," Charlotte informs the customer, as she breathes deeply to try to better withstand the pain.

Shortly after the thrusting shockwaves stop, the customer slowly pulls his cum covered cock out of her pussy, making a "shlup" sound from the shifting of all the sexual juices.

As he takes a step back to sit back down at his stool, where the other customer's cum starts to pool around the crack of his ass, he lets go of Charlotte's arms. With her arms free, she presses her hands into the table, to push herself upright, but the skin of her breasts is stuck to the griddle and she drops back down. Seeing this, Adam grabs one of his larger knives from behind the counter. As Charlotte makes a second attempt to push herself upright, he takes a single swing of the knife to separate the waitress's breasts from her body.

She stumbles back, drops of her blood landing on the griddle and table in front of her. There appears to be less blood than is usually seen when a woman is debreasted, probably because of all the cooking to the area causing her blood to thicken. Even still, some blood begins to flow down from her wound over her abs. Charlotte looks over at her breasts on the griddle.

Adam has already managed to pry one off the griddle with his spatula and flip it. Her nipple is blackened and she can see the herbs stuck to it.

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Adam is working on freeing her other breast from the table. Charlotte glances down at her chest, feeling a cold and empty tingling where her breasts previously were. She looks up again and sees that everyone is once again just paying attention to Adam doing his job of cooking entrees for them.

Charlotte's dizzy, having trouble concentrating, and her vision is a bit blurry. Charlotte stumbles slowly into the back room and carefully fills a glass with ice water. Feeling her decreased coordination, she uses two hands to bring the glass to the customer, one supporting it from underneath, and the other holding it from the side. As she approaches, she can see one of her breasts, nipple up, sliced into perfect half inch squares on the customer's plate.

The center square of the dish, the longest of the slices, has her nipple perfectly centered. The customer has already eaten a couple bites of outer slices. Her other breast had been thinly sliced and drizzled with a thick white cream sauce.

This second dish sits in front of a woman who had just come in and is enjoying her meal. Continuing her duties, Charlotte offers a drink to this new customer and does her best to keep herself composed and professional. She still has about five more hours to get through before her shift is over, at which point she'll need to figure out what to do with the rest of her body if no one else decides to take what's left.

As she walks into the back room again to get the woman a water, Charlotte suddenly feels a cool liquid against her side. Turning sharply, she sees that her manager, Kevin, is pouring olive oil on her reddened skin.

Before she has a chance to speak, Kevin explains "When burned like this, it's best to keep the skin moisturized. Olive oil is a pretty good moisturizer.

Oh, and I called Jim to come in and cover the rest of your shift, so once he gets here, you won't have to worry about serving drinks anymore." "Th-Thank you.", Charlotte slowly sputters. She's still in shock about the whole thing. It shouldn't be so big of a surprise since something like this happens to everyone eventually.

She's certainly been on the other end of this process plenty of times before as well, the first ever being when she helped her parents cook her sister for Thanksgiving one year, and the latest being just a few weeks ago when she sucked off one of her neighbors in the stairwell of her apartment building, sliced off his dick as he came, and pulled him up and into her apartment to torture and butcher.

That still didn't fully prepare Charlotte for her debreasting. There are plenty of times in the past when she expected to be dismembered and cooked, like on carnival rides, or all the times she's been kidnapped, but at some random day at work isn't when she expected it to happen.

She also knows that this means she's not going to get to live much longer. All of the things she's wanted to do, but will never get the chance to do, float through her thoughts as she continues doing her job, her mind not completely on her tasks. Her thoughts shift a bit to what to do with herself once Jim gets there. There's a butcher nearby that she's purchased meat from plenty of times in the past. The butcher is always super friendly and Charlotte finally decides that donating what's left of herself to her would be a good choice.

Once Jim finally arrives, puts on his name collar, and signs in, Kevin pulls Charlotte aside. "I want you to stand next to Adam and follow any instructions he gives until we close today." "Even though I wasn't supposed to stay until closing today?" "Yeah.

Since you're titless now, it's your last day anyway and live dismemberment always brings in a crowd. If you manage to survive until closing time, I'll snuff you and butcher what's left of you for tomorrow. Until then, Adam will make sure you give a good show and that you taste great." "Oh, okay.

That sounds great." Charlotte slowly turns to look towards Adam, who's busily slicing a piece of cooking meat at top speed. Kevin starts to walk passed Charlotte and smacks her hard on the ass, leaving a bright red hand mark "Hurry over to the chef!" The added jolt of adrenaline gets her to do exactly as she's told, walking at a brisk pace over to Adam's side, where she quietly waits. Right after Adam finishes serving the sliced lamb to one of the customers, he turns to Charlotte, massages her rump with olive oil and herbs, motions to the griddle, and commands her "Sit." Charlotte looks over at the hot surface with widened eyes, watching the steam rise from it.

The memory of the searing pain of this same surface against her breasts is still fresh in her mind. She moves her hands to cup the air where her breasts used to be and clenches the muscles in her now oiled rump.

"Charlotte.", Adam interrupts her hesitation.


"Right.", Charlotte slowly takes a step over to the griddle, faces away from it, takes a deep breath, and hops backwards onto the griddle as she slowly breathes out. This helps her handle the pain a bit, but it's still excruciating against her rump.

She feels Adam lift her legs up, pushing her onto her back in the process. Her upper body is mostly on the table, so it's not getting cooked. Adam pulls Charlotte's legs apart and slips his cock into her. Her butt cheeks are pressed against the griddle, but she's just far enough over that Adam's balls don't quite reach the hot surface on each swing as he thrusts.

The feeling of being fucked on her back causes Charlotte to reach for her tits to squeeze them, but they're not there anymore. The sex would've helped distract her from the searing pain if she still had her tits. While fucking her, Adam continues to massage the oil and herb mixture into her flesh, slowly coating her entire body. Meanwhile, one of the customers grabs Charlotte's neck and pushes their wrist against her chin, cutting off her ability to breathe and causing her head to push back off the edge of the table.

Charlotte is looking directly at the customer's pussy, only about an inch from her face, her lips parted and moist. Charlotte opens her mouth as the customer presses her pussy lips against Charlotte's face lips and releases her neck. She instinctively begins to lick the area just below the customer's clit in a circular motion. Charlotte also reaches her hands up to grab the customer's ass, holding her cheeks tightly, to give herself more stability against her so she can eat her pussy that much better.

This also has the effect of separating the woman's butt cheeks, giving Charlotte a good view of her anus as the head of a penis closes in, presses against her, and ultimately enters the woman's rectum, blocking most of the light from reaching Charlotte's eyes.

With each thrust, the man's scrotum smacks against Charlotte's forehead. All the excess stimulation helps distract Charlotte from her buns cooking on the searing hot griddle underneath her, the nerves in the region completely dead at this point. After a while, she can feel Adam filling her pussy with his cum.

After squirting a few times, he starts thrusting again. On her other end, Charlotte is now sucking on the woman's clit and making light circular flicks against it with her tongue. The other man's balls press against Charlotte's forehead for a few seconds, pulsing a few times as their contents empty out into the woman above her. On the final pulse, a drop of cum is pushed out of the woman's ass and lands on Charlotte's forehead. There are a few more drips followed by a glop as he slowly pulls his cock out of her.


That last glop lands on Charlotte's right eye, removing half of her ability to see the woman she's licking. Charlotte finally brings the woman to orgasm, who squeezes her thighs tightly around her head as she does so. Once the woman finishes, Charlotte stops moving her mouth and releases the woman's butt cheeks, expecting the woman to back away from her, but she keeps her pussy pressed against Charlotte's mouth.

After a few seconds, Charlotte tastes the familiar warm salty taste of piss filling her mouth.

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She swallows quickly to keep up with the incoming flow. Once the woman finishes, Charlotte finishes licking her pussy clean before the woman backs away from her. Adam finally lets go of Charlotte's legs, lowering them slowly on either side of himself.

Keeping his dick inside her, he puts his arms around her back and lifts her up off the griddle. "Hold on.", he commands, and she keeps her arms around him as he lets go of her with one hand. The nerves in her rump are quite dead at this point, but she feels a series of sharp stinging sensations right at the edge of where she can feel nearest to her rump. Finally, with two clean swings, all the slices of her ass drop onto the griddle in two perfect lines.

Charlotte can hear some cheering behind her. Glancing around, the place has more people than can sit in all of the stools. A few more tables have been brought out and put against the sides of the room with more stools, but some people still need to stand, and every eye is on her.

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A few of the side tables have people fucking on them. Adam fills some plates each with a few slices of Charlotte's rump, passing them out to hungry customers. The end of Charlotte's large intestine is now exposed. Adam pulls it back before resting her pelvic bone against the griddle and slowly pulling his dick out of her, squirting her pussy full of a second load of cum as he does.

A few more cuts and he pulls her pussy out completely. Charlotte's ovaries sizzle as they flop onto the griddle, and Adam's cum bubbles a bit as the whole section cooks. This almost completely severs Charlotte's legs, so while her pussy cooks, he slices off what little is still holding them on and starts cutting them up for individual servings to cook.

Very little is done to her pussy besides the cooking itself, with the whole cum-filled organ being served to one customer. Charlotte "sits" on the chair for quite a while, waiting as she watches her legs get cooked and served piece by piece.

Various customers come over to fuck her mouth or the end of her large intestine (which she has no feeling in). As people use it, more of her intestines slowly detach and unravel. Once the separated section is long enough, people start storing the end of her large intestine in her mouth whenever neither are being used, causing a few dozen loads of shitty tasting cum to drain out of her large intestine into her mouth.

A few women try to use the end of her intestine as a dildo, but the first two can't get it to stay rigid enough. The third woman to try squeezes along the tube a few times to push Charlotte's poop to the end of the intestine, where it can help the tube keep its shape. This works, and the woman succeeds in reaching orgasm using Charlotte's intestines as a dildo. Once pulled out, there was a small amount of poop against the woman's thighs, which she ignores as she reinserts the end of the intestines back into Charlotte's mouth.

This causes some of that poop in the end of the intestine to fall into Charlotte's mouth. It's not one of the last tastes she'd like to have, but at least it's a familiar one.

At some point in the process, Kevin brings over a small meat grinder which Adam uses to grind Charlotte's feet, which he mixes with a few spices. Adam then stuffs the ground mixture into Charlotte's intestines, cutting off segments for sausages as he does so. Once he runs out of foot meat, Adam grabs Charlotte's right wrist and pushes her hand through the grinder.

Not expecting it, Charlotte lets out a scream of pain, after which she hears a few of the customers chuckle a bit. This makes her feel embarrassed, as she's representing the restaurant while working, so it's very unprofessional of her to scream like that.

When Adam repeats this with her left hand, Charlotte does some deep breathing to avoid letting out any screams as the gears tear her flesh into tiny bits. Adam does the same with her hand meat as he had done with her foot meat, adding herbs and filling segments of her intestines to make more sausages. As Adam continues, he cuts portions of meat from her arms, one piece at a time, going directly from the girl to the grill.

This is far more painful than the butchering of her legs was and takes a lot of concentration and focused breathing to get through. Once she's had her arms completely removed, Adam carefully works to remove her rib cage without damaging any of her vital organs. The meat around her ribs is cooked bone-in, and separated with each rib on a separate plate while the customers can watch her heart beating and lungs inflating and deflating with each breath.

She can't really move much, and what little she can move keeps getting used by the customers who wish to fuck her mouth. Adam next pulls out Charlotte's right eye with a spoon. The pain is excrutiating, and the visual is weird as one side of her vision is forcibly moved forward, disjointed from the other.

Adam cuts the optic nerve, causing her eye to drop onto the griddle. He repeats this with her left eye, leaving her blind.


Customers continue to fuck her mouth, but she can no longer rely on her vision to help her provide the customers with better orgasms.

She continues to swallow their cum, pussy juices, and piss as these fluids enter her mouth.

A few guys aLso try to fuck her eye sockets, but they're unable to get more than the head of their dick into the hole, so Charlotte winds up cleaning her blood from their dicks when they switch to fucking her mouth. The next slab of meat Adam slices from her are her abs, which are removed in several segments, followed by some of her organs.

There's not enough feeling left for Charlotte to identify exactly which organs are being pulled out of her, but she's certain they aren't her heart, lungs, or stomach, as those would have very immediate side effects upon removal.

Adam supports her upper back with his arm as he cuts slabs of meat from her lower back. As he moves up her back, he disconnects her pelvis and segments of her lower spine. He continues upwards, cutting off slices of her shoulder muscles to cook. As Adam finishes serving Charlotte's shoulder muscles to the customers, she hears Kevin announce that they will be closing in about an hour. Charlotte is surprised that she's so close to surviving the day, and thinks she might last long enough for Kevin to snuff her after everyone's left.

Adam cuts out her diaphragm next, removing her ability to breathe, before removing a large segment of her thoracic spine, allowing her last few torso organs to rest on the stool around her head.

Adam finishes serving Charlotte's sliced diaphragm and just as his hand wraps around Charlotte's heart to cut that out next, she finally passes out from the lack of air.