A primeira punheta do dia

A primeira punheta do dia
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Witchy Bitchy Vampire When I met the girl in the shoes store, I had no idea what was going to happen to me in the next forty-eight hours. If I had done, I might well never have gone as far as offering her a drink after work. I was still on summer vacation so I wasn't too worried about hours but the fact that she never stepped outside her shop in full daylight, arrived at work before dawn, and generally left after dusk, though from what I learned later it wasn't necessary, was rather disturbing.

Her paleness gave me the impression she was a vampire and what a beautiful vampire she was, but we all know vampires don't exist don't we, at least that's what I thought at the time. I was in for a rude awakening. That day, I was out looking for a pair of new sneakers and I'd already tried several shoe shops but to no avail. It was getting late in the afternoon and I was about to give up when I found this strange little corner shop with just the mention "Shoes for all" over the door so I thought I'd take a look.

I opened the glass door, which gave off a small ting as it hit the bell above it, and walked inside. As I looked around I could feel a strange but powerful atmosphere. The walls were deep red with all kinds of footwear on shelves everywhere. There were one or two customers milling around but when I entered they seemed to have noticed me and slowly walked to the door and left giving obscure excuses like "It's not quite what I was looking for" or "I've got to get back to the office but I'll be back tomorrow".

What was even stranger was the fact that the sales girl didn't seem to worry about it. When she saw me enter the shop she grinned and it was as if she was controlling the whole situation. She had long jet-black hair almost blue - or was it a trick of the light.

Her white deep transparent blouse was showing her firm round breasts, as for her short but very tight black skirt contrasted from her white thighs above the beautifully curvy shiny soft but firm calves. Her ankles were very thin thus accentuating her calves all the more. As she sauntered over to me on her high black patent stilettos, I was beginning to feel warm. She had almost golden hazel eyes and bright ruby lips.

Her cheekbones were high, which added tremendously to her general sensuality. As she neared me, she purred softly in a deep but very feminine provocative voice.

2 'Are you looking for something in particular?' 'Actually, I was looking for a new pair of sneakers;' I coughed in an embarrassed voice. 'I think I can help you if you'll just take a seat for a moment.' 'My shoe size is…' She interrupted me. 'I know, just wait there, I'll only be a moment,' she continued to purr, as she walked to a far shelf. I watched her as she bent down to pull out a shoebox from the very bottom of the shelf.

As she did so, her skirt rose up on the back of her taught muscular thighs making them even more inviting than they already were. I could feel the sweat pearling down my face and was wondering if it was the salesgirl or just the sticky heat of late summer. All the same, I thought it very professional of her to have guessed my size just by looking at me. She turned as she got up again and swayed back to me slowly with the box in her hands.

'Here!' she said in her warm soft voice, try these. As I opened the box, I discovered a pair of blue and white sneakers exactly how I'd imagined them to be. They were the very ones I wanted. I slipped them on and they fitted perfectly. She smiled at me with an air of satisfaction so I decided I'd take them but I couldn't just leave without knowing more about her.

I found it most uncanny that not only she'd got the size right but also the type and colour. My mind was made up. I had to ask her out hoping it wasn't too bold of me.

After all, I'd only known her for about five minutes, but somehow, I had a feeling she'd accept. 'Well it's very sweet of you but do you always ask out the sales girls who serve you in shops you enter for the first time?' 'No!

In fact that too is a first time.' 'Okay, I close the shop in about an hour when it starts getting dark come back then and we'll go to the pub across the road if you like.' 'Fine, are you sure your boss won't mind?' 'I am the boss.

This is my shop and I decide what goes on here,' she said in a superior manner. I was surprised by her stance but the idea of the pub did seem very appealing and I was amazed she'd accepted so quickly so I acquiesced and decided I'd go back to my car with the goodies and come back then.

I paid and smiled at her. As 3 she smiled back I couldn't help noticing the whiteness of her teeth, they really did gleam. 'I'll see you in an hour then,' she said with a slight lilt in her voice.

'Right, one hour, when the sun goes down,' I confirmed. I turned and walked out with my shoebox under my arm and the thought that the whole situation appeared to have been a little too easy, but what the heck, I had a date for tonight with an extremely attractive woman and it may prolong itself all night, it was up to me to keep her interested.

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ An hour later the sun was down, a superb full moon was shining in the western sky making the whole scene quite romantic though I had no idea how unromantic the evening would finish.

However, for the time being I was just looking forward to a cool fun time with an extremely attractive woman though maybe a little pale for my habitual tastes. Still her body 'plastique' was more than eye-catching and I was sure I was going to enjoy myself. We'd start with a drink in the pub she mentioned then probably go and have a meal in a steakhouse somewhere after which everything was possible. I had it all worked out. As I approached her shop, I had an weird feeling but I put it down to nerves.

I Hadn't been out with such a beautiful girl in ages and I was at the end of my vacation and was feeling a little nervous about this woman having accepted a date with me that easily so it was obvious I wasn't in full control of the situation. Still I knew that as the evening went down, I'd become more and more relaxed. I opened the door and stepped inside. A cry came from the back room. 'Just a moment, I'll be right out, just locking up the back and I'll be with you.' Now how did she know it was me, it could have been a last customer trying his luck even though the closed sign was up.

Thinking about it, why wasn't the front door locked? She was probably waiting for me to come by I guess, but it still I found it strange that she knew it was me. 'Your wondering how I knew it was you, aren't you?' She said with simplicity.

'As a matter of fact I was.' 'I don't have any more customers at this time and I knew you'd try the door even 4 with the closed sign up so it couldn't have been anyone else,' she continued as she appeared at the door to the back room. But then how did she know I was asking myself that.

I just took a glance at her and was amazed how beautiful she looked. That put the last question right out of my mind. I hadn't remembered her like that and she was still wearing the same clothes as an hour ago.

Her blouse was stills as full as it had been earlier with her firm breasts and her black tight leather skirt showed her magnificent legs in an even better light. I hesitated a moment then just smiled at her gazing continuously. There really was something strange about her. 'Shall we go?' She suggested. 'Why not?' I said coming out of my daze. She took out a bunch of keys and locked the door as we stepped out into the moonlight where suddenly she seemed to shine, and we started to cross the road.

'You'll see it's a lovely little pub. They do good grub at lunchtime too, but I hardly ever get time to go over there so I catch up for a drink most evenings. Afterwards, we can go to the steakhouse down the road if you like.' Now how did she know that that's what I had in mind?

'Yes, by all means,' I agreed. 'Okay then, let's go.' We walked across the road and entered the pub. It was dark and cosy with quite a few people already there. I suggested she sit in a corner and I went to the counter to get the drinks. The barmaid looked at me for a second as she poured out the pint of bitter I'd ordered with the gin and tonic for the girl. 'Is this for you and the vampire?' She asked. I was taken aback by her remark but I didn't show it, I just asked her what she meant.

She answered by a "just be careful, that's all". She then asked me to pay for the drinks and let me go back to the corner. As I arrived, it occurred to me I didn't even know the sales girl's name. 'My name is Carina. Carina Ray actually,' she purred softly. And you? 'I'm Charles Mason but you can call me Charlie, everybody does.' We drank in silence as I looked around the bar. It was a lounge bar with wall-to-wall carpet, soft red lights on the ceiling and wooden tables around the walls.

After a couple of drinks she told me she was from Milwaukee and had immigrated to London in England because of the people. She preferred English men and women to yanks as she put it. Personally I didn't mind, being British myself but I thought it sad for her fellow Americans. As we got to the steak house, her attitude seemed to change.

5 'I'm famished,' she claimed. I was pretty hungry myself but when I saw her sit and literally eat her steak completely rare so voraciously, I started having doubts about her. 'Do you always eat meat that way or is it just that you were particularly hungry tonight?' I inquired politely.

'I love meat and especially when it's full of blood but do excuse my behaviour I'm just not myself at the moment.' 'You're all excused. What happens next?' 'Well, I was thinking we'd go back to my place for a nightcap, what do you think?' She asked.

'That's fine with me.' We finished the meal with no more interruptions. I paid and we left. She didn't live very far and when I suggested taking my car, she refused saying her house was just a couple of blocs away. We walked five minutes and I must admit that the fresh air did me good.


It was the end summer but the night air wasn't as warm as it had been a few weeks earlier and after the hefty meal and the drinks including the two bottles of red wine we'd downed, it was good to take a bit of a night stroll.

When we got to her house, I was quite surprised to see a Hitchcock type of mansion. Dark, tall and gloomy but it didn't seem to worry her. She walked up the steps to the front door, put her key in the lock, and opened the door.


At the same time, the outside lights came on and gradually the house appeared to be more appealing. I followed her inside and we went straight to a large living room full of what appeared to be renaissance and tropical hunting trophies. There were paintings, candelabras, statues, and tapestries everywhere. On the floor at one end of the room was a large lion's head and skin. Several savannah and jungle animal heads were staring at us from the walls they were hooked on.

We sat down on a deep but soft and very comfortable sofa. She looked me in the eyes and slowly approached my face with her lips, closed her eyes and kissed me softly.

I couldn't resist. I opened my mouth and entered hers searching for her tongue with mine. We kissed like that for about a minute. I started fondling her breasts as I felt her hand on my rising penis. I was hard in a few seconds and I knew I wasn't going to leave until we'd had sex. All of a sudden, she pulled away.


'I'm forgetting my manners as a hostess. What would you like to drink?' She 6 asked grinning at me. I must admit, I was surprised by the suddenness of her question though it didn't distract me too much from my former thoughts.

'I'll have a Jack Daniel's if you have some.' 'Certainly!' She said as she retired to another room. A few moments later she was back with a tray, on which was a glass of Jack Daniel's and one of red wine, only now she was wearing a black negligee and high heels slippers.

The mere sight of this extremely attractive young woman wearing such erotic clothes rendered me breathless. She slowly bent forward and passed me my drink as I was looking through her transparent nightie.

Her thighs were soft but taught making the curves stand out. I could feel my manhood growing fast as her warmth and perfume penetrated my senses. I took the drink and brought it to my lips. She drank her wine as she sat next to me again.

She put the glass down and started to unzip my pants. I helped her to go faster and a few seconds later, we were panting together as we kissed intensely. I pulled her down horizontally on the couch and felt my penis penetrate her deeply as I played with her clit at the same time. I started to come and go as she screeched small squeals then gradually, I could feel I was coming. I was circling her clitoris in a clockwise direction and going faster and faster as I was shafting her at the same time.

I hadn't made love for several weeks and I knew I was going to come fully. At the same time she screamed out with pleasure as my semen was racing into her. It was so good, I felt complete, and my phallus was at its best, as for Carina, I could feel she was blissful, her orgasm had lasted almost thirty seconds. I'd never seen a girl's thrill last so long but this one was certainly something. As I was pulling out, I felt a very sharp pain in the side of my neck then it dissipated into a warm feeling of moving fluid.

I realized that she was bighting me and drinking my blood. Carina was a vampire My intuition hadn't deceived me and the barmaid was right. She pulled away closing her eyes with delight licking her lips as she breathed. 'Well honey what did you think of that?' She asked not seeming to care very much about the way I felt. 'I must admit I wasn't expecting it.

I continued in a casual tone. So you're a vampire, are you?' 'Yes!' She answered with a wide grin on her face still licking my blood off her lips Do you want to see something? I didn't know what to expect but I was curious so I complied and got up and followed her. We were still naked but I didn't worry about it. 7 She took me by the hand and we walked out of the room along a corridor and down some stairs to what appeared to be a cellar.

I was beginning to cringe a little but I was too excited by this strange woman to coward out and turn back so I followed her to the bottom of the stairs where we stopped in front of a heavy black arch-form oak door. The atmosphere was till warm and it didn't bother me that I had no clothes on in this strange cellar. She took a large key from inside a vase standing on a side shelf next to the door and introduced it into the lock.

As she slowly opened the door it creaked as if it hadn't been oiled for years. It probably hadn't. We stepped inside and there I discovered the most eerie and outlandish sight I'd ever seen.

The room was very large and dark although a reddish glow seemed to radiate everywhere. It was quite warm and damp and as I moved further in, the sight became most revealing. Naked men rolling around in the most lustful way covered the entire surface of the floor. They all seemed to be in a daze but most of all, they appeared to be very pale as if their blood had seeped from their bodies.

We stepped further and further into the room and Carina looked at me with a wide grin. 'Well, what do you think?' She asked in an easy casual way. It was as if she was asking me what I thought of the new wallpaper she wanted to order for her kitchen.

She didn't seem to think this was serious. 'Are they your slaves or something?' I enquired anxiously. 'Yes, if you like. They all belong to me but I'm getting bored with them. I'm looking for new blood and not only.' 'What do you mean, not only?' 'Well actually, I'm looking for another vampire who'd like to share my immortal life.

Could that be you?' I wasn't really shocked by her question, just surprised. I'd seen a lot in my life already and could take most blows but I was inquisitive about this strange and uncanny situation. Nevertheless, I felt as if I had been expecting it somehow. I just didn't know what to answer.

I certainly didn't want to end up like these chaps and I wanted to get out of there fast, yet on the other hand, the idea of immortality, appealed tome greatly. The problem was that I just didn't know what I was getting into or even if all this was really true. Maybe she'd drugged me, or something and I was dreaming the whole thing.

I didn't know what to think. 'Could I think about it for a couple of days?' I asked not convinced of what I was saying. 'Of course you can.' There, I was really baffled. I didn't think she'd let me out of 8 there but as we started walking back to the door, I felt I had to ask the question that was burning my lips. 'Don't take this in the wrong way but what makes you think I'm not going to go to the police and tell them about this place?' 'In the first place they wouldn't believe you, and in the second, even if you did bring them here, you wouldn't find anything.

I can make all this vanish in a few seconds if I want to.' I don't know why, but I believed her. As we stepped outside, she locked the door and put the key back into the vase. We slowly started back up the stairs and she continued to talk. I couldn't help it but I had to turn around and as I did so, I noticed that the door had disappeared completely and all that was there was just a stone wall.

'Surprised?' She asked nonchalantly. As you see, she continued, there is no door and all you saw was what I wanted you to see. You too can have that power. The other reason why you won't go to the police is because, deep inside, you are one of us but you don't know it yet.' I wasn't really sure what she was talking about but as we entered the large living room again, she offered me a special drink. 'Try this,' she said as she gave me red liquid in a tall glass adorned by a mysterious gargoyle.

I took it to my lips and tasted it. There was no mistake it was blood. I couldn't believe it. She actually had me drinking blood. 'Is this human blood?' I asked in an uncertain way. 'Yes, do you like it?' Actually, in spite of what I knew about blood from personal experience, it had the usual metallic taste but it seemed soothing and most refined. I found that I quite enjoyed it, and that started to worry me seriously. She looked at me and I realized that she could read my mind. 'Don't worry about it Charles, you'll get used to it and no, you won't end up as a slave.

If I chose you, it was because I recognized you as one of us,' she purred as she came nearer to me. I could sense her perfume as before and her soft warm breath was brushing my face. 'Come on now, you enjoyed it last time so why not start again?' I put my glass down on the coffee table in front of the couch, noticing that I'd downed half the content and was now feeling quite oozy. I pulled her towards me ands kissed her inside her open mouth searching for her tongue while she was playing with mine.

I was beginning to feel horny again my manhood was growing fast and I knew I was going to come quickly. We'd been naked since our last coitus and the room was quite 9 warm but not enough for me to sweat and yet, I was.

Her body was on top of mine as we panted together in rhythm. My penis was hard and long and rubbing against her clit. I put my fingers on it as we continued to kiss. I circled it slowly then sped up the rhythm until I could feel her veins pulsing. Her eyes were closed and she was moving with my fingers pressing on her spot and moving around faster and faster.

She started to screech then let out a scream of delight. She rolled over on all fours and I penetrated her from behind thus going deep into her vagina. I started to move in and out at a pacy rhythm. I could feel my cum beginning to move as shivers ran down my spine and my head was going from hot to cold and back again.

My phallus was deep inside her when my semen rushed out fast into her cavern. It lasted almost twenty seconds; I'd never experienced such long and amazing coitus before. Hell what a show. It was awesome and so tremendous I was lost for words. Was this going to become usual if I became a vampire? Again, I had the feeling she was reading my thoughts. 'Yes, you will experience even greater joy when making love once you really become one of us.

Do you want to try now?' I was taken aback and didn't know what to answer but I'd always been one for experiences so I decided to go ahead and forget the couple of days I'd asked for. 'What do I have to do?' She stretched out her arm and simply told me to bite her in the vein.

I held her arm steadily and bit hard into her major vein going from her wrist to her elbow. She gave out a small shrill and then closed her eyes again seemingly enjoying the experience. I was literally drinking her blood and loving it.

After about thirty seconds she pulled away and gazed at me with delight. 'My dear Charlie, you are now a vampire. You are now kindred. I'll explain what that entails.' 'Great, then I'm a vampire. I said without really believing it.' 'Not so fast, there are rules.' 'Oh!' I said a little anxiously. 'Nothing bad I hope.' 'No, but you must stick to them.

You must drink blood, preferably human at least once every twenty-four hours. Avoid the light of day when you can but it doesn't matter if you go out when the sun isn't too bright as long as it isn't for too long. Avoid garlic if you can as well as great quantities of running water it creates electric current and it can interfere with your metabolism.

Garlick fluidifies the blood and you don't need that. 10 'Hey, are you saying that I really am a vampire and all that stuff we see in movies and on television is true?' 'Some of it but don't worry about it, you'll find that you're fitter and stronger than you've ever been, so make the most of it.' 'What about a stake through the heart?' I asked innocently.

'My dear Charlie,' she started in a mocking way, 'anyone who gets a stake through the heart will hardly survive it so that doesn't just apply to vampires.' 'Yes, I suppose you're right,' I agreed feeling a bit ridiculous.

I was beginning to feel anxious about the whole situation. I'd enjoyed sex with a beautiful woman who turns out to be a vampire. She digs her teeth into me and drinks my blood then invites me to do the same with her.

Then she announces quite calmly that I too, am a vampire. I wasn't really taking this seriously until I saw those naked men in her cellar then the whole thing hit me. I wasn't living in an old Vincent Price film.

This was real. I needed a drink, a real one. I had to collect my thoughts. 'Hey, I need to think for a moment, could I have a drink, please, and I don't mean blood. 'Certainly!' She grinned and poured me out a Jack Daniel's as I sat back on her comfortable couch still naked but too deep in thought to worry about it. What was the rest of my life going to be like? Again, she showed her perceptiveness by guessing what I was thinking but then I started having thoughts about what she might have in mind.

'You're wondering about how you're going to live your life and you also want to know what's going to happen to the men you saw downstairs. You're also trying to read my mind but it won't work. I'm too powerful for you.' 'I can feel something,' I said trying to convince myself.

'I know you can. You can sense that my thoughts are on you but you can't actually read my mind whereas I can read yours. You'll be able to in a few years when you've practiced it as long as I have.' 'What do you mean by a few years, aren't I one of your kind already?' 'Of course you are but when you become as old as I am, you'll start to appreciate your new way of life,' she replied in a dictatorial fashion. 'And how old is that?' 'Four and a half thousand years.' 'What?!!!' I exclaimed almost coughing over my bourbon.

'Say that again?' 11 'I'm four and a half, give or take a few years, thousand years old, my dear Charlie.' I really didn't know if she was bluffing or just trying to make fun of me with nonsense. I gulped down my bourbon and asked for another. While she went to get it, I decided to dress since I wasn't sure about what would happen next and I wanted to be ready. Was she an escaped lunatic from some mental institution or was she really trying my patience?

She came back with my drink and an old photographic album. She sat down next to me now wearing a flimsy transparent negligee and flipped the album open as she handed me my drink.

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The first few pages were very old sepia photographs, evidently taken when Nicéphore Niépce (the inventor of photography) was still alive. To my dismay, sure enough there were pictures of her in ancient clothes and she looked exactly as she did today. 'Now if you want more proof, I have a couple of portraits of me upstairs one painted by Rembrandt the other by Botticelli plus a few more ancient pictures drawn and painted by lesser known artists.

They go back several hundred years. Milo used me as a model to sculpt his Venus and I was asked to model other great Greek and Roman goddesses. I worked with Phryné for a while and I was there when Hyperides ripped off her gown in front of all the judges who released her after she'd been accused of impiety. Need I go on? 'No, I think I've got the picture. So does that mean that I'm immortal too?' 'Absolutely, at least you will be once you've drunk the blood of a passer by.

Maybe a girl you pick up in a bar somewhere. For the time being, you're somewhere between the mortals and the immortals. You're in a kind of limbo. But if I were you, I wouldn't wait too long before drinking some human blood. Okay, my love, it's time for you to go now.

I don't want to throw you out but, I need some sleep and you need to find a donor. It's a bit late for the pub now but there are a couple of night bars down the road. Try those, honey.' She kissed me on the mouth pushing her tongue onto mine again and she slowly walked me to the door while we were kissing. I found myself outside as she softly purred goodnight and gently closed the door on me. I had no idea of what I was going to do next. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ I was outside in the street so I looked at my watch.

It was half past midnight and I wasn't sure where I should go. I started to walk down the road when I came 12 upon one of the night bars Corina had mentioned. The bright red sign above the door read, "The blood Cave", I couldn't help thinking how inviting this must be, but only for vampires.

I decided to step inside and see what I could pick up. Corina had left me no choice. I had to move forward. There was no going back to my original state.

The interior was dark with sparse lighting only around the bar itself. There a few people dancing slow rhythmic smooches, as for the rest, they were mainly spread out as couples around the sides in booths and didn't seem to pay any attention to what was going on elsewhere.

I stepped up to the counter where a girl was perched on a barstool with her legs crossed. She had very short blond hair. She was wearing a white see through blouse without a bra, and a very short black satin skirt and black high stiletto heels.

Her eyes were closed as she sipped what looked like a straight Martini while holding a black cigarette in her other hand. She was obviously listening to the soft lounge music coming out of the speakers above the bar. I approached her without hoping too much but I thought I'd have nothing to lose in offering her a drink. I sat down beside her and ordered a whisky. 'Are you alone?' I asked casually.

She opened her eyes and looked at me in a daze for a few moments. I'd never seen such deep blue eyes. 'Yes! Why, do you want to buy me a drink?' She asked nonchalantly.

It was obvious she'd had quite a few already, but I wasn't fussy. I just wanted to meet a girl, screw her and then bite her in the neck and suck her blood, so whether she was drunk or not, didn't really matter. In fact the less she was conscious of what was going on, the better. If I was to live as a vampire, I might as well do it properly. 'As a matter of fact, yes, I'd like to very much.' 'Dry Martini,' she said as she pushed her half empty glass towards the barman who was now in front of us, behind the counter.' 'Don't you think you've had enough Darlene?' He asked, looking at her insistently.

I didn't want to but in, but he wasn't going to stop me getting what I wanted. I didn't have to; Darlene affirmed it would be the last, so I paid for it telling her I'd see her home afterwards if she wanted. The barman, who obviously knew her well, wasn't enthusiastic about letting a perfect stranger walk his pet girl friend and probably best customer, home but he didn't say too much about it.

He just scrutinized me, a little too much for comfort in fact. I suggested to Darlene, we take a booth the other side of the bar and she agreed. 13 'So your name is Darlene?' I asked. 'That's right,' she answered lazily. 'And you are?' 'Charlie!' 'Like the one with the angels?' 'Euh, that's old.' I paused for a moment then continued.

'Yes but without his angels I guess I'm more attached to Demons actually.' 'Great!' She announced grinning and opening her eyes wide at the same time. She leant towards me bringing her face next to mine in order to whisper. She seemed particularly awake now and from the corner of my eye, I could see the barman scrutinizing me, at lest that's the impression I had but as I was to discover a little later it wasn't really me he was keeping a eye on.

As her smile opened up to me I noticed her gleaming teeth especially her canines. They were long and sharp. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe this bar was a hangout for vampires.

After all, Carina did recommend it. Still I too was one now so I wasn't going to let myself get sucked by any other vamp lurking around the place. I moved my face forward and kissed her on the mouth as she shoved her tongue onto mine and we kissed sensually for about a full minute. Suddenly her teeth came down to my neck and I just anticipated in time what was going to happen so I turned my head to the side and bit into her neck and started sucking her blood.

I could now see the barman perfectly. I was amazed to notice he was smiling then he looked the other way and continued to wipe glasses. He obviously knew she was a vampire and approved my action. He was probably used to her feeding off all the men she met.

As I bit into her neck, she tried to pull away being instantly shocked under the circumstances, but I managed to hold her and drunk quite a bit before she managed to move away from me. 'That's enough!' She yelled in anger. 'I didn't know you were a vampire.' 'I wasn't but I became on about an hour ago. A friend of yours no doubt, turned me into one.' 'Don't tell me Carina's been up to her old tricks again.' 'How did you guess?' 'Think yourself lucky, she usually keeps the men she feeds off and doesn't turn them.' 'I know I saw the cellar.' 14 'So, what now, my love, as they say?' She inquired suspiciously.

'You know you really hurt me just now.' The barman who had left the counter and was going round the tables picking up empty glasses, walked past ours as she spoke. He broke into the conversation. 'Serves you right,' he interrupted. 'Oh go to Hell!' retorted Darlene. 'I'm on my way;' he answered sarcastically while walking back to the bar. I asked in a corny manner as I turned back to her 'My place or yours?' 'Why not come into my parlour, little boy.' 'Why the insult?' 'It's not, only how long have you been a vampire?' 'About a couple of hours.' 'I've been one for six hundred years so you've got a long way to go.

I suggest we go back to my place, have a few drinks, fuck a little then we'll go out hunting and I'll teach you how to become a real vampire. Corina should have done that already but she's too busy with her witchcraft to teach you anything about vampirism. Incidentally, That's why I didn't sense you as a vampire; you're not fully fledged yet. You have to drink human blood before calling yourself a vampire.' I'd noticed she was the way she kicked me out all of a sudden and that intrigued me somewhat.

It's when I looked up at the sky and saw the full moon that I guessed. I knew a bit about these things. However, what intrigued me now was the way in which Darlene had sobered up so quickly. And that last remark was very pertinent. 'Aren't you forgetting something?' I asked with a hint of victory.

'What? May I ask,' she inquired impatiently. 'You were drunk a few moments ago, at least that's the impression you gave when I entered the bar. And now you're sober.' 'Your blood has stimulated me and I'm back to normal.' 'And you say I'm not a real vampire. Well maybe we should go now, don't you think?' I suggested feeling a little less victorious. We left the bar while the barman look on in disapprobation and we went to Darlene's flat. Her dwelling was small but clean.

There were only a couple of rooms other than the kitchenette and the bathroom, which harboured a shower, washbasin, and toilette. The living room was decorated with light red wallpaper and had red wall-to-wall carpet. In one corner was a large flat screen television set with a VCR and a 15 DVD player on a shelf underneath. At the opposite end of the room was a comfortable red couch. The bedroom door was open and I could see a large soft bed in a dark red decor.

Only a vampire would have such an interior. As I'd finished looking around I just caught the glimpse of Darlene throwing off her skirt after having pulled it over her head. Her blouse was already on the floor. She still had her high heels on though, and they made legs sexier than ever.

As I looked at her, she grabbed me by the neck and kissed me fully with her open mouth. Before I could say 'Vampire' she had me on the couch undoing my flies and taking my pants off. She was a real tigress and as she continued to play with my tongue mixing our saliva my penis was hardening at such a rate that I was glad to be naked for comfort's sake. It was so hard and thick that it just wouldn't have gone back into my pants. I could feel my juice start to move up but I managed to hold onto it as she plunged onto my rod with her open mouth.

I went for her clit and started to play with it in harmonious way. I began to circle clockwise while I was concentrating on my own pleasure but I quickly gathered that she had completely abandoned herself to her own ecstasy. As I was going faster and faster, so was she with her mouth closed on my penis.

I knew I would come but I really wanted to penetrate her cave. However, I was going to come and I didn't have the time to pull out and reengage a vaginal penetration so I let myself go.

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My cum was racing as she was shrieking with pleasure then finally she really screamed with intense satisfaction fast and furious between her teeth and her tongue.

She pulled away from me and looked glary eyed but full of passion. 'Are you ready to start again and this time penetrating me properly?' She asked ravenously. I wasn't sure what to answer. Generally after having had sex, I need at least twenty minutes to get back into the right state for it once again but there, I was literally feeling just as hard as before and I knew I wanted her all over again.

'Why not?' I asked impatiently. 'Take me doggy-style then.' She rolled over and I penetrated her from behind without waiting for her to settle. She screeched a little and then generously opened herself up to me while I was shafting her.

'Yes, come on I can feel it,' she groaned with her eyes half shut. I could tell by the way she was holding her head back like last time. 'I'm coming and faster than last time, yes yes this is the big one.' 16 'Oh yes, I can feel you and I'm on the verge of - AAAAAAHHHHHHHYYYEEEESSSSS, oh Hell what an orgasm!' I didn't know how to express myself after that second coitus which lasted almost twenty full seconds.

I never had sex like that before. Not even with Corina although that too was sensational. 'I didn't know I had it in me.' I admitted with slight of surprise. 'I did. Vampires have much more developed senses and they can see, smell, taste, hear and touch therefore feel things in a much more profound way. Your sperm have increased tremendously since you became a vampire even if it was just a few hours ago.

So yes, your performance was radically better than it ever has been.

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And it'll be even greater once you bite a human. ' I was flattered by the compliment but I still didn't know what was in store for me as a vampire. I took a quick look at my watch and noticed it was almost five in the morning. I was still on vacation but not for long. I was starting work again the following week, in other words three days later. Was I going to be able to go out in broad daylight and how was my life going to change? I know what Carina had told me but I was anxious all the same.

'It'll change for the better and yes you can go out in daylight as long as you've fed.' She announced out of the blue while she was strolling towards the shower.

I'd forgotten a vampire could read thoughts. However, I wasn't yet able to. I guess I'd have to learn. 'It's five in the morning.' She said turning on the shower.

'We'll take a shower, eat, and then sleep all day. Tonight, we'll go out and I'll teach you to hunt and feed. Corina should have done that but she's a bit special and doesn't bother about teaching newbies.' 'Very well. I appreciate it.

So what exactly do we do now?' I inquired a little worried. 'As I said, shower, then we eat, and if you want to stay here all day, you're welcome.' I now knew that tonight would be another day. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ 17 After having woken slightly thirsty, Darlene told me that my condition would change gradually and eventually, I'd get used to it so I didn't worry too much but I did know that I would soon need fresh blood.

I asked her to tell me about Corina, since she knew her so well. I wanted to be filled in on that extraordinary ancient vampire. 'Actually Corina isn't as powerful as she makes herself out to be. Oh yeah, she is four and a half thousand years old but other vampires have been known to outwit her several times in the past. She practices Black Magic and that's where she gets most of her power from rather than pure vampirism.' 'So she's a witch and a vampire then.' 'And a bitch at times!

In some places she's known as the Witchy Bitchy Vampire but it doesn't seem to bother her so she's often ignored in our circle of friends.' 'And what about that barman down at the night bar, does he keep an eye on you, is he vampire too?' I inquired innocently. 'No! He's not a vamp but he does look after the place for the owners who are they themselves vampires.

They wanted someone outside the kindred to tend the bar in order to keep an eye on what was going on. Sometimes, if we don't feed but start to drink too much alcohol, it shows as you probably noticed last night.' I was learning everything I needed to know about my new life but I was impatient to experience it so I asked Darlene when could I start to feed.

'Right now, if you like,' she answered with enthusiasm. She told me that in general, newcomers to the kindred were reticent about beginning their new life and had to be boosted into it but I seemed perfectly prepared for it so why not go ahead. We left her flat at about six. Although it was already dark outside, it was still early to go to the bar but there were plenty of people out in the street from whom I could feed without arousing any suspicion.

Darlene had explained to me that we vampires had the power of hypnotising people into forgetting what they'd been through so all I needed to do was take just enough blood from a passer by in some corner street and then make him forget his slight ordeal. It seemed like fun actually. As we strolled down the street, we came upon Corina's Shoes for all shop. I couldn't help looking towards the entrance and lo-and-behold there she was locking up.

She looked up at us and winked with a smile at Darlene, I knew what it meant but I didn't react. We crossed the street and as we were approaching the Blood Cave, a young couple arrived from the other direction.

The bar was closed at this time but on the door was written the opening hours. The young man read them out and 18 suggested to the girl that it would be a nice place to come to later that evening. I looked at Darlene and she looked back at me as she was holding me by the waist. We had the exact same idea. The couple walked past us and went on towards the pub.

In my mind I willed the two young people to go to the toilet when they got there. I realized then that I could read their thoughts. They entered the lounge bar as Darlene and I followed. She went straight to the ladies and I to the gents just behind our prey. Luckily for me, there was no one else in there. As the young man went towards the toilet bowls, I turned him around and bit his forearm quickly and sharply. I drew blood for about thirty seconds then looked him straight in the eyes and willed him to forget.

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I turned and walked out marching steadily towards the bar where Darlene was waiting for me with a wide grin on her face. 'So you did it, well done.' She was pleased and so was I. 'Did you suck the girl?' I asked excitedly. 'Ssshhh ! Not so loud and we don't say suck but feed. Yes I fed off the girl, just enough to sustain myself till later-on this evening. Tonight, you and I are going out on the prowl to have some fun. But first let's have a drink.' As I ordered I saw the young couple come out of their respective lavatories without seeming perturbed in any way.

I could be proud, I was now a fully-fledged vampire, and the night was still young.

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This was just the beginning of a very long life and I was sure that I'd be able to make the most of it and realize great things in the years to come. There was one thing that intrigued me though and I had to ask Darlene, who was now settled on a barstool with her red leather skirt rising up to the middle of her thighs while drinking a cold beer. 'If Corina's that old and has done so many things in her life, how come all she's got to show for it is that tiny shoe shop?' And what about you, you've been around a while and I don't mean to be pompous about it but you don't seem to have much either.

'We're all quite rich but we don't show it for obvious reasons. I've got several properties in Europe and Corina is extremely wealthy and owns a few companies. Her old house is one of several. She even has a private jet but she doesn't like people knowing exactly what she's worth.

She's bitchier than most of us about it in fact and that's why she's called the Witchy Bitchy Vampire. Loki_Grondwitch !