Throated whore gets railed interracial and pornstars

Throated whore gets railed interracial and pornstars
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE ARCHITECT AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: There it is. The yellow bikini, next door.

It is filled with a very nubile 16 year old. And she is a sweetheart, too. He is in his upstairs in-home drafting studio. He designed and built it himself in an older home that he remodeled for his residence and work.

He is a mid-level architect for a very large construction company. It has worked out very well for the company and for him to do most of my work here. It is all video scanned and uploaded to the company's mainframe, which allows them to monitor his work and also to integrate it with the efforts of the other engineers working on the project. He loves the quiet here, and the View! His opening to the world is a very large window that he built in to not totally lose contact with the outer world while he works.

Unknown to him at the time was the coming arrival of his muse and inspiration two years ago. She was then fourteen years old, now 16. She was and is as cute as a bug's ear. He didn't notice her much the first few years, since he was new in the house and busy with the remodeling of it and the beginning of his career with the company right after college graduation. The first two years he worked in-house at the firm, but the noise and distractions there inspired him to ask to do most of his work at home.

So, after a three month trial, they agreed to let him to do this from then on. So, she was fifteen when he finally came to notice her and how cute she was. And when the parents found out that he was right up high above the mutual fence and could see her in the pool while he worked, they inquired of him as to whether he could augment and sometimes replace their attentions to her welfare as she swam in the pool and sunned on the deck.

He said that he would be glad to when he was not very busy in his work. So, they said that they would coordinate with him on that to not interfere with his job. She then came to know that he watched over her once in a while and didn't seem to mind. In fact, she now sometimes poses herself in ways to augment the view. And then looks up to him with a smile. He, of course, smiles back and waves when she is particularly fetching.

Then she waves back and that completes the circle of attraction for them. Neither of them seem to want anything more. It is sufficient for the time being. Her parents have invited him over for dinner a couple of times when they entertained the friendly types of the block. They are very gracious and generous at those times. Other than that they are the typical next door neighbors and didn't want to be bothered while in the security of their own home.

As to whether they know about his enjoying the view of their only daughter, he couldn't say. But, if they do, it hasn't become any kind of issue. Probably because he doesn't push anything and also since he was invited to watch over her there and would have had no knowledge of how things would eventually work out because of their age difference of about ten years. Perhaps it also could be because they know that he does keep a watch over her as she is alone in the pool area, sort of like a guardian angel.

If that is so, he feels honored. And in a way he does watch out carefully for her. You see, she is lightly crippled. He guesses that term is not socially acceptable, but it does best describe the situation. She looks fine from head to toe, but her lower legs don't do much for her. She can't stand up without aid. But, has managed to work out things so that she can get up and down on her own with the provided aids.

She even gets in and out of the pool without any other person's help. And though her lower legs don't flex, she is a powerful swimmer. Her legs with ankle floaters lock and she can flex her legs from her hips, and since her arms are powerful, she is like a tuna speeding through the water.

How her knees lock when she is standing and then flex when she is sitting in her wheel chair has eluded his understanding. Perhaps some kind of knee replacement surgery was done on her, with those modes designed in.

But, he has never been close enough to her bare legs to see. As a design engineer and architect, it does stimulate his curiosity, though. The local weather is sunny almost every day of the year, so he sees her outside on almost every day that he am working in his studio. She works on her school work out there, too. Always in her yellow bikini, by the way. She has a T.V. monitor that connects her with her classes.

She does her schoolwork and once a week, usually on Mondays, actually attends personally to take the tests and do any lab work that needs to be done.

It also allows her to keep a closer connection with the other students, than if she just did it all remotely. Her parents are not much into the holidays, but in each season they have a party keyed to the usual motifs of that season. These are for her and her friends, of which she has many. They are a very joyous and energetic group when there. And as far as he can tell, she is very much liked by everyone that knows her.

No wonder, she is just a wonderful girl. And no, I don't have a fixation on her.

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She is just the friendly little girl next door, whom lights up my day as I go about my duties. I am not looking for a relationship with any woman at this stage of my life, and probably never will again.


I was married for about two years to the love of my life. Our love and relationship died on our wedding day. It was both of our faults. I am obsessively horny. She is materially needy and shallow in her affections. She knew about me before we married, as we lived together. She hid the extent of her ways up to our honeymoon. She told me on our wedding night, as we were moving to our official first sex, "William, from now on we will only have sex once a week, and no more of the funny business that you so desire.

We are now a properly married couple and will act as one. I will not turn you down on your appointed days, but will only do what I allow then." I was furious with this proclamation and the deception that had led up to it. During our relationship, she had allowed me to do most anything that I wanted with her including anal sex. There was no complaint on her part at all. Now she intended to cut me off at the balls?

"Oh really! Why didn't you bring this up before?" "Because I thought that you would have called off the wedding," she replied with a very smarmy smile. "You bet I would have," I said with no smile at all. I then stormed out of the hotel and went elsewhere to think things over. I didn't see her for three days and then had very little interest in anything to do with her from that day on. She tried to regenerate things in a very ineffectual manner.

Evidently her heart wasn't in it, either. So, the marriage (?) limped along for some months and then was mercifully terminated. She was very sensible and fair minded about the dissolution.

And interestingly she is one of my 'fuckbuddies' to this day, again allowing me to do almost anything that I want with her, for a modest gift. She even hints at us getting together again and is a bit sad when I wave that thought off. I have filled my life with pros and semi-pros like Mary my exwife. It has proved to be a lot of fun and not nearly as expensive as having a wife. I make a very good salary, so can afford as much as I want, as often as I want.

And I want a lot, very often. While I very much admire Colly (Colleen) the girl next door, my more intimate desires rarely raise their heads in regard to her. She is just the cute girl next door, a pretty visual ingredient of my leisure moments. "There he is again, watching me.

He seems to be such a nice guy. And he obviously likes girls, by the number of them that come to visit him. Why doesn't he just come over and visit with me? I know he likes me.

And I am sixteen now, old enough for that to not be an issue. After all he is only 26 years old. That is not too old for me. My parents seem to like him, when he comes over for dinner.

He is very nice to me then. And very proper, too. Maybe a little too proper! I wonder if there is something wrong with me? Does my limitation bother him? I don't think so the way he looks at me when I lay down on my beach towel. I wonder if I should show more? Probably not. It would send the wrong message. What can I do to get him to pay more attention to me? The other guys seem to like me, but none of them have shown any personal interest in me. Am I not woman enough for them?

Or for William? I talked to mom about it, but she just says to be patient. What will be, will be. Boy is it annoying when she spouts off good sense. But, she and dad like him. Would they welcome his individual attentions to me?

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Hard to say. He is so far advanced in sex over me. How would he handle being with a virgin who wants to remain one? I want it all, but in its proper time. How can I draw attention to myself, without it going on too far? Should I show more skin to him?

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Maybe act more sexy? Or would that scare him off? Or get his attentions beyond what I want to agree to share with him? I just don't know what to do, or whether to do anything at all.

I guess I will have to think about it and see what happens." 'Looks like she is deep in thought,' he muses. 'Maybe plotting something. About me? Not likely. Besides, what would I do about it? I am not going back to being a virgin. I am having too much fun as it is. And I don't know her status, but I wouldn't want to lead her on to something that she is not ready for. I guess I will turn off the 'worry machine' and get back to work.' With that he waved at her and then turned back to his work.

There was a deadline coming up soon. He was on schedule, but he needed to keep up. Besides, Lorrie his shared receptionist was coming by today to take back some hard copies to the office for his personal storage. It was on her way to work, and I think that she is after me, anyway. If she doesn't watch it she may get me, too.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rings. Wow, does anyone actually use the doorbell anymore? Most just rush in or bang on the door.

I guess someone does. And it is probably Lorrie. I opened the door to…&hellip.Lorrie. And she was dressed to impress, too. She will probably have to change before she shows up at work. She isn't due there for another two hours and so plenty of time for that. She smiles and I invite her in. Yep! I take her up to the office, where she has never been before. Previous times, she just ducked in and grabbed the plans and left.

Not this time, though. She admires the room and the view. (She sees Colly next door, and Colly sees her.) "Nice view from here," she offers. "Yes it is," I cautiously respond. While I gather the work up, she peruses the surrounding room. Likes what she sees, too. 'Make a great master bedroom,' she surmises. 'That is if she can wrest it from his business sense. See about that,' she proposes to herself.

"This is the most that I have seen of the house," she amusedly says. "How about the grand tour?" "Yeah, sure. You still have time to get to work with this." So they move about the house and she is even more impressed as she sees more of it.

Everything is spick and span and as neat as can be. A lot of practicality, too. Men's colors, though. The last room that he showed her was the current master bedroom. It was sort of dark and decorated with dark monotone colors. 'Not bad for a dog kennel,' she thought. Then she gushed, "What a beautiful room, William! Is that bed really comfortable?" "Sure, lay on it and test it out," I said with a very bemused expression on my face.

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'Damn, if she wants it that bad, she will certainly get it,' I thought to himself. She flounced around on the top of the comforter and then moved so as to make certain physical attributes very apparent to my sight. I was suitably impressed. She then reached up and pulled me down on to her.

It all fell into place then. What comes natural, came naturally and in at least one case, unnaturally too. I particularly enjoyed the anal unnaturally. She took it like a champ, and like some girls really seemed to enjoy it. Although it sniggled in my mind that I once thought the same of my exwife.

When the excitement came back to normal status, I was left with that thought. She thought that she had made her point, with the hated anal none-the-less, and decided to leave while her body perfume was still active in his nostrils.

She hoped that he could still taste her anus, too. Might cool his desire for that the next time. And she fully intended for there to be one, and soon. She gathered up the documents and left with a 'Bye,' and a wave.

Shook her tush on the way out, too. Colly was aware of the timing of all of this and the implications, too. Maybe she would have to rethink everything if she really wanted to make her move on him. He is obviously used to getting the full treatment, so I guess I better do some homework on that, too.

She smiled at Lorrie when she left, which was very disconcerting to Lorrie. Colly's intention all along. I was blissfully unaware of all this maneuvering by the ladies. Just as well. The next week, as I showed up at the office for my bi weekly appearance on Monday and Friday mornings, Lorrie moved me to a closed room, with a security key and proceeded to give me a very proper, or make that improper blow job.

That was all I would allow her at that time. She hid her disappointment well. She smiled as she thought of the fact that she had quit her birth-control. All is well in love and war, you know. Maybe his inner sense picked up on that and that is why he balked at intercourse this time. Well, that is a challenge that she will engage, she thought.

That week, Collie had the last of her teenage parties. She had talked her parents into allowing her to attend the grownup ones from that time on. After all she was sixteen now, she reasoned.

They said that it would be OK, just sans the alcohol which would have to wait until she was twenty one.

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She reluctantly agreed. And this led to her plan of inviting William to the future parties, which would include people of his age, and hers……… She had no plans to include Lorrie! Her parents were OK with William attending.

They thought that they should have been inviting him regularly anyway. Lorrie kept inviting me to be with her, and I was trying to hold her off. It wasn't easy, since she was hinting at very attractive activities when I showed up. I was very hesitant over this, since I had been down this road before. It just seems that when a lady is tooooo accommodating before the marriage, that it forebodes trouble afterward. It certainly had for me.

I did have a very important piece of work to finish, and she knew of it. A very convenient excuse, you know. Colly was making fine headway on her extracurricular studies. She had passed Blow Job 102, with flying colors. She couldn't wait to try that out. At least it wouldn't impair her virginity like some of the other things she was learning about.

She really hoped that he was proficient in doing her orally, too. But, with all of the ladies that visited him, she was very confident that he would be. She was really amazed at the things that were going through her mind now.

'At sixteen! You got to be kidding!' Well, when a rival female comes into the picture, 'I guess so.' Her next strategy was to use William for transportation, when she needed it.

She was very careful to not overuse this, but it gave very precious private time with him. And her parents were in on this, too. Very much amused by it all, too. "This will sharpen her wits for sure," they mused together. They were very confident in William, no matter where this did or didn't move on to. On one of these trips, while driving down a secluded road, she decided on the spur of the moment to try to do a blow job on him.

He of course picked up on what was being tried on him, but pretended ignorance at her efforts and pretended that she was just being friendly. With her leg's problems, she couldn't be more assertive in this, so gave up. But, he lightened the mood by stopping on the way and getting mocha's which she loved.

She knew then that she would have to plan things better in the future, and a very desperate plan was forming in her mind. Her back yard pool area was private from all views except from in her house and from his second floor perch in his studio. He noticed that the bikinis began to shrink in size on her and that the tops were becoming optional. He smiled at her strategies, and her parents were hysterically laughing with her. Out of earshot, of course.

But, watching their beloved girl keening up her womanly wiles on him, was the reality show of the 'ages' for them. At least she didn't go without her bottoms. Well, she did once and flashed herself to him. Once, doesn't count does it???? All of this time, she was still keeping up with her other responsibilities. The exercise, the studying, the rest. She wasn't totally obsessed with him.

Oh, sure. She next made a large sign board that said, "Lunch Time." And flashed it every day that he was home at her lunch time. When he got there to share some time with her, she promised that she would always have root beer on hand for him.

It is his preferred drink, actually. And she knew just what brands to have purchased, MUG and IBC were among his favorites. Besides, he really did enjoy being with her, and he hadn't even remotely had any sex with her yet. Her determined assault was having some effects on him. He was losing interest in his other girlfriends. And he wasn't quite as obsessive about sex. Oh, he was still getting his once a week fix, but he often thought of her while it occurred. Evidently the ladies were catching on to this.

Some very nasty thoughts amongst them. And Lorrie was getting to be very rude with him. He was about to request another shared secretary if she didn't quit it. She knew of that threat and it kept her from the worst that she might do. Everyone it seems knew about the B.J. in the closed room at work, and she was on thin ice with the personnel director over it. Not William, of course.

He was a top flight engineer and not easily replaced. Lorrie was very replaceable, since there was always a lineup at the employment office of girls looking for just that kind of work. Especially with William's company, the pay wasn't bad, either.

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Colly did 'forget' to wear her top a couple of times when William came for lunch. She pretended that she didn't notice. He tried to do the same. This also caused muted laughter from the folks in the house as they observed this all. Once, William saw them in laughter and was more than a little stunned by it. But, they weren't having him hung up with his entrails being pulled out, so he guessed that things were OK.

Finally, 'her all stops pulled' plan came to fruition. She had waited for a day when William would be busy upstairs and her parents would be available in the house to pull this off. This was going to be dangerous, and she needed help to be very nearby. Just at the time when William would naturally be looking her way, she rammed her wheelchair into the bumper around the pool and dumped herself into the water with the chair following on top of her.

William immediately saw it, and rushed out of his house, over the fence and into the pool to save her. Her parents heard his cry for help and guessing what was happening, called for an ambulance. Even with all of her advance planning, it was a very close call. William got her out of the water and laid her on her stomach to get as much of the water out of her as he could, and then laid her on her back and began mouth to mouth resuscitation on her.

In her waning consciousness she thought, "Finally he kisses me. But, this isn't the fun that I anticipated." The ambulance arrived and whisked her away, with William standing there, forlorn wondering if he had had any part in this happening.

He turned and returned to his house, unable to continue with his work for the rest of the day. She was in the hospital for two weeks, starting with a lot of worry about her recovery. But, she had been very healthy despite the problem with her legs and so she recouped and recovered completely. When she got home, he gave her a couple of days to reacclimatize herself and then came over to visit.

He had not gone to see her at the hospital because of his fear that he had somehow been at least partially responsible for what had happened.

When he came into her room, her parents strategically removed themselves out of it to let what was going to happen, happen. He approached her very sheepishly, and when he bent over to give her a little hug, she grabbed him and held him so tight that he almost fell into her lap.

She wailed at him, "William, you saved my life. I was such a fool. It was so stupid. But, you saved me, William. I owe you my life! You can have anything from me that you want. Anything at all. It is all yours, William!" Her eyes were wild with feelings so deep that she could barely express them.

And he was deeply moved too. But, she didn't owe him anything and he let her know this. But, she wasn't accepting this and there occurred a repeat of her previous promises, "Everything is yours, William." He hugged her again and fled the room. He couldn't face her for days after that.

He just waved as he saw her on her blanket, evidently with no permanent physical damage. No baring of her form, either. Both of them were living as hermits.

He was getting his work done, but nothing else was going on, in his life. She was done with school for the summer and was just bidding her time until fall when she was to get much further involved in her college work. She was studying to be an Interior Designer, which would work well with his interests if they ever got together, but that seemed very unlikely now. A couple of weeks later, her parents had one of their seasonal parties, an adult one.

William was invited and did attend. It was all so very polite and friendly. But, some of the old feelings were very worn. And Colly happened to meet the twenty year old son of a family friend of her mother's. He had been away for years at private schools and now was approaching graduation at college. They seemed to hit it off, and William excused himself and went home. Colly remained very friendly with William, but her obsession with him seemed to have abated.

They still did things together, but those things were definitely friend's kinds of things. A year and a half later, Colly married Bertrand, the family friend's son and moved away. He heard little about them over the years, except for gossip over the fence from her parents, who still very much liked him and often still invited him to their parties. He even attended once in a while to his and their enjoyment.


Several years later, when William was forty-four and Colly was thirty-three, she came back to visit her parents. She had her fourteen year old daughter with her. And, Anastasia, her daughter took up residence on her own beach blanket by the pool. With a yellow bikini, wouldn't you know! Another pretty flower to light up his life.

He was by now a partner in the firm, but still carried his own load of work. He was still alone and still using his fuck-buddies to tide him over. On the second day of her visit, Colly came over to visit him. She rang the doorbell and waited for him to come down to welcome her. She was simply ravishing in her appearance. All of the past feelings came back in a rush, when she grabbed him and hugged him tight.

She waited for a response from him and when it came, she gave him the first proper kiss that he had ever gotten from her. When they caught their breaths, he led her to the couch and they sat down in each other's arms. She cuddled up and began to speak to him, "William, much has changed for me. As you notice, my legs are much better now. Medicine has found a way to work around the problem that I have had.

Also, I have worked in the Residential Design Unit of a very large developer for several years. It has been very satisfying. Then there is my daughter Anastasia, she is the light of my life. I don't know if you heard, but Bertrand passed away two years ago from injuries he incurred with his hang-gliding.

He was very nice to me, but it did not work out very well for us on a personal level." "William, I have missed you so much! I loved you, William.


If you had shown me how you felt, I would have waited for you. But, I now understand at least some of the issues you were dealing with. Can we try again?" "Yes, we can!" Eventually they married, as her parents had always expected and they went on to being a separate unit of his company and worked together as an architect and an interior designer.

And became very well known in their work. Along with their work, they also collaborated with the production of two more children, whom Anastasia tried her best to spoil.