Petite Allie Haze bekommt einen großen Gesichts-

Petite Allie Haze bekommt einen großen Gesichts-
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Girls Gone Wild With a Twist He watched her dance from the side of the stage, watched her whirl and grind to the music. He smiled. She was young, first year of college and knew just how hot she was. She turned around again, throwing her weight into the move, hips gyrating, hands rubbing down her own torso. Her breasts weren't large, but bobbed tantalizingly beneath the scant cover her red and white flowered bikini top afforded.

He nodded.

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Yes, she would most certainly do. The lights glinted off of her bare skin as she danced, blonde hair that would normally have extended to her shoulders forming a wild halo around her head as she turned. She came to rest in a provocative pose just long enough for the tresses to fall into a disheveled tangle around her head. She paused, brown eyes taking in the shrieking, screaming crowd, her smile wide with white teeth, lips spread with pleasure at the antics she saw below her.

She turned again, running her hands up and down her sides and torso, grinning all the while as the guys shouted louder and louder for her to take it off, take it all off.

She bumped and grinded, squeezing her own breasts before leaning forward and tugging at the upper edge of her bikini top and the audience went crazy instantly. The announcer stepped up behind her, rubbing his pelvis against the short, cut off shorts covering her ample bum.


She grinned even broader, pushing back against him and teasing her ass against his groin. Pulling her up to a standing position by her bare shoulders, he whispered something in her ear.

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She nodded eagerly and unzipped her shorts, revealing a pair of pink lace panties before wiggling for the benefit of the audience which roared its approval. He reached down and guided her arms up and over her head, then ran his hands down her arms and torso to her hips. She closed her eyes and leaned into him as he ran his hands back up and over her chest with slow impunity. Her grin grew broader when his hands found their way back down to her waist and slipped inside the open fly of her denim shorts.

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Sliding his fingers around the belt loops he jerked the shorts down, panties and all. Shocked and taken aback by the unanticipated and uninvited action, she froze where she stood while the clothing fell to the floor unimpeded, revealing her suddenly bare pussy to the frenzied crowd. The hundred men below her screamed their approval as the announcer pinned the shorts and panties to the floor with one foot.

Realizing that her clothing wasn't coming back up any time soon she stepped out of them and turned in a slow circle, not as embarrassed as one might have thought. Once she had completed her second turn and then strutted from the stage amid shouts and proposals of all kinds.

"And there you have it, gents, Veronica!" The announcer hurrahed the men, and the observer moved from his position onto an interception course for the young lady. Yes, she most certainly would do. When he caught up to her she was laughing around the corner, out of sight from the audience, her pelvis still bared for all to see. "Veronica!" He called as he reached her, glancing around to be sure they were alone. She turned fully toward him, taking a long swing from a long neck beer in her hands.

"Yea, look, I'm glad you wanna fuck me, but there isn't enough of me to go around." She started to walk away when he laughed. "Not that you wouldn't make a good fuck, girl, but I had something else in mind." He held up a hundred dollar bill. "You dance real good up there, but we both know you didn't win the prize." "I don't hooker." "I'm not asking you to, just to do what you were doing up there, in front of a camera." He held up his camcorder for emphasis.

"Pays five hundred bucks." She stopped, brushing back her stringy blonde hair while she thought it over. "I'm listening." She said finally.

Minutes later the saucy little blonde lay on her back in the middle of the bed in back office, one hand massaging her own pussy, the other tweaking one nipple then the other. He held the camera tight on her vagina, keeping the microphone close to hear her moans of self inflicted pleasure.

Eyes closed, pelvis tilted forward, she worked her own tender flesh hard and fast, fingers plunging between the surrendering folders of her labia. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes opened occasionally, brown pupils rolled up, breath coming in a series of gasps that failed to find a rhythm of their own. Her moans and gasps merged into a frenzy of pleasure as she worked her hands back and forth on both breasts and folded, wet vaginal tissues.

He pulled her hand away as she neared orgasm, and her eyes came open in shock and disappointment, staring up at him almost in pain. "Not yet, little one, not yet." He guided her hand up to her free breast, allowing her to work both of them while his free hand found its way down to her swollen, sloppy pussy.

He held his fingers against the yielding flesh and watched her arch her back and press her pussy against his hand. He began flicking her pussy with his fingers, back and forth, up and down until her hips were bobbing to the beat, then he plunged his fingers into the separating gap. She tensed and nearly screamed her pleasure, and he worked his hand in and out until she was gasping and her bare chest was quivering with a powerful orgasm.

Taking a step back he watched her afterglow fading through the lens of his camera, his smile wide as she moaned and trembled on the bed in front of him.


She sat up, hand covering her vagina, face red with lust, eyes swollen around the edges. "Fuck me." She commanded, grabbing his pants and tearing at the belt and zipper in her desire.

"Fuck me hard!" She had his pants unzipped and his briefs jerked aside to free his hardened cock.

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Grabbing it with both hands she pulled him toward her, rocking backward onto the bed. "Not so fast." He admonished, freeing himself and smiling down at her hurt expression. "First you've got to get me real hard." "Real hard, huh?" She sat back up, brushing her stringy blonde hair out of her face and licking her lips. "I'll make you hard." She grabbed the thick head of his penis with her lips so hard he almost though she had bitten him.

Then, pulling back slowly she let his now throbbing penis pop out of her mouth and then grabbed it again and sucked up and down as hard as she could. One hand holding his shaft still, the other massaging his stiff balls she worked him toward an orgasm of his own faster than he had believed possible.

"How's that?" She asked, allowing it to slip out of her mouth once more. "Ready to fuck me?" He opened his eyes and swallowed, smiling down at her in satisfaction.

He set the camera on the nightstand beside the bed and guided her around so that she was on her knees, ass up on the bed. Pinning her wrists behind her he forced her head down against the bed and spanked her playfully. She laughed and then giggled as he spanked her gently up and down her bare ass, legs and occasionally her sloppy, welcoming pussy.

Then he slapped her on her most tender flesh, hard. She inhaled sharply at the sudden, violent act and her face darkened with pain. Immediately following this undeserved punishment he plunged his right index finger into her awaiting vagina and turned her whine into a moan of pleasure. Hands holding her ass still he guided his swollen shaft to her yielding, welcoming cunt and plunged his penis in and then pulled it out immediately.

She jerked and glanced back at him, her expression telling of the lust she was feeling. He used one hand to guide his shaft up and down against her straining, quivering cunt, playing it around the outside until she was pushing back as hard as she could against him.

He allowed her to grab his shaft finally and guide it in, then pulled out quickly and rolled her over onto her back and resumed his gentle torture of her thoroughly teased vagina. Finally having had enough she tugged him to the bed, pushing him onto his back and climbing on top of him. Hand wrapped around his dick she drew it up to her pussy and gasped as she thrust her hips down onto his thick, swollen manhood.


He grunted and she nearly screamed and bounced again and again in her zeal. Head thrown back in ecstasy she continued to ride him as hard as she could, bare breasts bouncing up and down in her reckless abandon.

Snagging her ass with both hands he rolled the pair of them over so that he was on top and resumed the pumping action in earnest. Seconds later she orgasm-ed again, arms flopping above her head, body going limp with repeated sexual fulfillment. Cock still hard he pulled out of her, reaching into the back pocket of the pants he still wore and pulling the rag out.

Taking hold of her unresisting wrists he pinched them together and pressed the cloth over her mouth and nose. Instantly her fluttering eyes opened wide with shock and fear, but straddling her as he was, his weight and strength prevailed. Her pants of lustful pleasure gave way to gasps of sheer terror, her breasts trembling as her lungs filled with the powerful sedative. Seconds later her heaving chest settled into the steady breathing that accompanies unconsciousness and he climbed off of her, nodding to himself.

Yes, she would more than do. Spreading her limp legs from they had intertwined in her writhing he thrust into her once more, full and deep, holding her unresisting body to him while he worked himself in and out. He pumped, stopping only to suck a slumbering nipple, or slap its oblivious neighbor red with shame. Rolling her over he fucked her pussy from behind, then the side, then on her back once more.

Finally having satisfied himself with her nude, exploited form he pulled out and massaged the sperm out of his shaft onto her bare midriff.

Climbing up her body her continued to cum, opening her mouth and reaching full climax as a clot of white spewed into it. Rising, he used a towel to wipe himself off, then bathed both himself and the very young, very nude, very sleepy Veronica. Satisfied he rose and zipped up his pants, far from through with his now unwilling pleasure partner. Finding his duffel bag he pulled the gloves out and began to separate the leather cuffs from the precut lengths of rope inside.

Soon he had the ropes looped through a series of eye hooks he had placed in the rooms bare, heavy rafters visible overhead. Then, encircling her compliant wrists and ankles with the leather bondage cuffs he fastened each buckle and then lifted her off the bed.

Settling her to the floor beneath where she would hang only moments later, he spread her arms and legs and went to work. The young woman awoke to a sharp slap across her bare, tender pussy. He slapped her there again, just as hard and send another painful shudder through her suspended body. Arms and legs spread wide in an 'X' she hung above waist high above the plush carpet of the floor, securely bound with a heavy blindfold over her brown eyes.

She moaned and then groggily turned her head to one side, memories of her sudden and shocking abduction flooding back to her young mind. She screamed into the ball gag, and thrashed against her bonds, but could do little else than flail helplessly. He brushed back her blonde hair and gazed down at her nude, vulnerable body, bending down to kiss and lick her breasts. She struggled all the more, but could not dislodge him, nor prevent him from probing her thoroughly sloppy cunt.

He watched her young, lithe body tense, strong muscles flexing against gravity and the ropes until she finally had to stop to catch her breath. He continued to probe and tease her exposed, gushing vagina all the while, watching her breasts heave and bounce with her useless antics.

He smiled down at her, stepping around her legs and up between them slowly, brushing the inside of her thighs with his fingers and then his own bare thighs.

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He placed the thick tip of his now very hard penis against the folds of skin he had so recently stimulated and received the opposite reaction as before. She twisted her hips and tried to pull away, but he held her to him, teasing her most delicate skin as he had before. She screamed mutely into the ballgag, wailed and finally sobbed as he played his cock back and forth, in and out, all the while soaking in her angered, terrified reaction.

Finally satisfied that he had humiliated her enough he began to thrust slowly, methodically the way she had wanted him to do before, in and out, in and out. Her sobs persisted, head shaking, body thrashing until she finally gave in and allowed him to fuck her unimpeded. Nodding to himself he stepped back, pressing the head of his very erect prick against her asshole and stretching the tiny hole with his hands.

She wailed and shook her head violently in the negative, so he paused and admired her heaving breasts from his unique, dominant position. "You don't want me to fuck you up your asshole?" He asked, voice filled with mock surprise. She continued to shake her head no, though more emphatically.

"Would you rather suck me off, like before?" She hesitated a moment too long and he pushed a little harder against her asshole. She began nodding quickly, vigorously and he stepped back, circling around to where her head hung down between her shoulders.

Wrapping a short length of cloth around her bare, quivering throat he cinched it into a slipknot and bent down to whisper in her ear. "If you don't fuck me good, or try something stupid liking biting me, I'll choke you unconscious and rape you like this all night. Do we understand each other?" Again she nodded, though with great difficulty due to the fact that he was holding her head down by a handful of her long, sexy blonde hair. "Good, now try and scream and I'll choke you out, okay?" Another nod.

He unfastened the ballgag and tugged back on her hair, pulling her head down as far as he suspended arms would allow. Her pained gasp was preempted by the bulging cock he immediately shoved into her mouth. Gagging on the shaft she almost threw up as he forced it in farther than she ever would have done on her own.

The instant he felt teeth he tightened the slipknot threateningly and she relented, sucking hard. Nodding his approval once more he pumped his cock in and out, hard and fast, pleasuring himself with her bound, nude body in ways she could only have imagined in her worst nightmares.

He alternated from grabbing her hair and pulling her to him and using her nipples for similar handholds, jerking on the small but very nice breasts as hard as he liked. Suddenly he was cumming in her mouth, down her throat and he grasped both of her nipples, ordering her to suck it all down, swallow it all or he would tear her nipples off. She did as she was told, obediently licking his throbbing shaft nearly dry of the wet, white cum while he stood above her, eyes closed, his own breath coming ragged with ill-gotten pleasure.

"Good girl." He cooed as he pulled out, flicking the last stray gobs of sperm onto her face before clamping a hand over her mouth to prevent her from crying out. Jerking her hair once more he shoved the ballgag back in and fastened it tighter than before, causing the young slut to smile involuntarily up at him. Adding a layer of thick tape to the ballgag to assured her silence while he cleaned up the room and removed any evidence of his ever being there.

Once all of his belongings had been gathered he walked up between her legs, slapping her across her semiconscious cunt as hard as he could.

Her whole body tense and he repeated the process until she was hanging limply, bare skin around the closely cropped hair of her vagina and breasts reddened from the spankings. He continued the treatment, occasionally pinching and jerking on already swollen nipples until she passed out from sensory overload. Opening the door he looked both ways before returning to the dance floor and admiring the young body up on stage gyrating for the oversexed audience.

Fading into the shadows at the bottom of the stage he worked his way to a group of guys huddled around a table covered in empty beer bottles. "You guys looking for a good time?" He asked, knowing his identity would be concealed by the darkness. "Sure!" One of them replied, eyes never leaving the stage. "There's a kinky little girl back stage who really gets into a hard fuck, even likes bondage and all that." He pointed toward the sidedoor that led back to the room.

"I just got done and she told me that if anyone was looking for sloppy seconds she was game, and that she wants it hard, but that she wanted to be fucked just like she was, gag and all. She even acted like she didn't like it the whole time, I guess she gets off on that kind of thing."