Beautiful girl fucking on cam No Sound)

Beautiful girl fucking on cam No Sound)
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It all seemed to happen so nonchalantly. I admit I ran with a rough crowd when I was younger. Since I was an overprotected girl from a wealthy family, I was eager to rebel as soon as my teens hit.

There was such an incredible rush from doing illicit acts, I was instantly hooked! It started with trying cigarettes and shoplifting little items, and quickly turned to drinking beer, doing drugs, and giving blowjobs after class to the bad boys in school my parents had forbidden me to see!

By the 9th grade, I was skipping school most days and hanging with older friends who'd provide beer and pot. Often I'd hang at this one guy's house; he was a high school drop-out named Josh.

He had a filthy house that was probably condemnable, but that's where all his misfit friends would hang out to drink and party. I began hanging out there frequently. The first time I'd seen someone having sex there I was shocked.

Then I kinda got used to it. Sometimes I'd be one of the girls sneaking off to a bedroom to get fucked. One day, I left school in the morning and headed to his place, walking right in the front door as usual. A few people I barely knew were hanging out in the dining room, smoking a joint. I went in further looking for Josh and anyone else I might know. In the living room were several guys, most of them wearing wife-beaters and baggy pants and drinking beer even though it wasn't even lunchtime yet.

They were smoking a joint, so I sat down hoping they'd share some with me. "Where's Josh?" I asked no one in particular.

"Uh, Josh is a little, uh, busy right now." said one of them, a 6ft tall basketball player on the high school team. Then I heard moans coming from the den and figured Josh was fucking some girl. She was moaning extremely loud; it sounded like he was giving it to her really hard!

The guys started laughing nervously. I was the only girl in the room. The moaning went on as we smoked, and I couldn't help but feel my pussy start to get wet at the lewd sound of fucking only a few rooms away. I could also feel the men eyeing me up, tearing my clothes off with their eyes as I sucked on the joint. My parents constantly bitched at me for the way I dressed -- I was wearing tight, short shorts and a low cut tank top with a push-up bra and no panties.

"Hey Blondie, you like the sound of that?" said one of the guys across the room from me, a big black guy I'd never seen before. He gestured toward the den. I didn't really know what to say. It was indeed turning me on. "Uh, um, yeah." I stammered. "Yeah? Yeah? You do?" said one of the other guys, surprised. They seemed to be getting excited.

I cleared my throat nervously as one of them got closer to me. He handed me another rolled joint and told me to smoke as much as I wanted.

So I lit it up and smoked as the moaning continued for another twenty minutes more. More reefers went around the room and I accepted a beer somebody handed me. Finally, the moans quieted down. Soon after, a tall, blond girl with make-up smeared all over her face wearing a wrinkled denim mini-skirt and tube top ran from the den and out the house, cum smeared on the back of her skinny thigh.

The men laughed. Josh slowly wandered in, shirtless, wearing only his baggy jeans and drinking a beer. "Allllright my man, you give it to her good? That chick was screamin' like someone was murderin' her ass," said one of the guys near me. "Yeah, you know it, man. Bitch lemme pile-drive her while I fucked her in the asshole and everything!" laughed Josh.

"Oh yeah? We were just trying to convince Blondie here to let us pile-drive her!

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Eh, sweetcheeks?" a Latino guy behind me said with a wink. He patted me on the shoulder. "Yeah? This girl's a good fuck, I tell ya what," said Josh, pointing his thumb at me.

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I began blushing and looked down. "I fucked her before. Tommy B. said he fucked her too and her shit was nice an tight. And she sucks a mean cock!" "Yeah?

That true, Blondie? Fuck, she looks so innocent! What are you, like fourteen?" said someone else. "A little blond, blue-eyed angel!" said another guy. I smiled shyly, nervous and not knowing what to say yet trying to look cool around the older crowd of guys.

They started talking about me like I wasn't even there. My cheeks were on fire, my pussy still wet. "Look at her tits, they nice for such a young slut," said a muscular black kid who I think was on the high school football team. "Yeah, what are you, like a C cup, Blondie? Fuckin' nice tits, I'd suck 'em." "I'd rub my dick in between them, for sure." "I like those little shorts, too. Love how she shows off that camel toe, you know this bitch ain't got no panties on." I looked around the room and grinned, flattered by all the attention and feeling nice and horny from the sounds of sex earlier along with the beer and weed.

The guys were all staring at me, devouring me with their hungry eyes. There were seven of them surrounding me. Two black dudes, the Latino guy, and the rest white jocks from various high school sports teams. My hands fiddled nervously in my lap. "Blondie, if I pull my dick out now, you gon' suck on it?" said one of the black guys. I raised my eyebrows when I noticed a huge bulge in his dark jeans. The other guys laughed.

"You take it in the ass, baby?" said someone else. "I, uh, I tried it a few times, yeah," I said softly.

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"Fuck yeah! You a hot slut!" "You do facials? I love to see a sexy little bitch all covered in cream!" "Or a cream-pie, better yet! Nothin' like spermin' in a tight pussy!" "Or ass!" "Baby, come over here, keep me company." said the Latino guy, rubbing a huge bulge in his pants.

They all began talking excitedly at once about me and how they wanted to fuck me. My pulse racing, I sat there a few more minutes before the black guy pulled his huge, 11" cock out and started jacking it while staring dead at me. I shivered, amazed by the size of his meat and highly aroused as it was.

The room grew quiet.

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The boys were waiting to see what I'd do. Seconds turned to minutes. Finally, I got to my feet. They watched intently to see whether I'd run out of the room or stay. I walked over to the tall, muscular black guy and stood still in front of him as he sat on a tattered old easy chair.

He ogled my body up and down. Slowly, I began unzipping my short shorts. The boys erupted in loud cheers. I stopped right before I revealed my bald pussy slit, teasing them. A few others had pulled their hard pricks out. Then I reached into my shorts and cupped my pussy mound, dipping my fingers in my wet hole and fingering my clit a few moments.

Someone yanked my shorts down from behind and cheers erupted again at the sight of me fingering my bald, puffy cunt mound. Then I bent over, looking the black guy dead in the eyes, and started jacking his massive prick with my pussy juice coated hand.

He closed his eyes and groaned at the touch of my small hand on his shaft. His cock was thick as a soda can! I knew I wouldn't be able to get more than the tip in my mouth, so I bent over, ass in the air, and started pumping his steel dick with both hands while sucking hard on the big mushroom head of his cock. He groaned as I jacked him steadily. The guys behind me immediately started fingering my pussy and ass and pulling my shirt up to fondle my titties.

"Come here, get that shirt off," someone yelled, tearing me off the black guy's massive erection. My tank top was so flimsy that two of the guys grabbed it and started ripping it off my body!

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In seconds I was standing there in only my lacy white push-up bra. They surrounded me, grabbing my bare pussy mound and fingering my slit, rubbing my flat abdomen and pulling my tits from my bra. The bra was then ripped off and thrown in a heap across the room.

"Damn, girl, you fine!" "Look at this sexy little white ass! Perfect handfuls! Lemme get my cock in that." The boys were clamoring excitedly, shedding clothes and pumping huge, hard cocks. Some of their dicks were pointing straight up at their bellies, they were so excited.

I started to wonder if I was in over my head here? Then I was forced down on my knees and I looked up at a forest of pricks over my face, being jerked and waiting to be sucked down my tight throat. Josh put in a porno movie on the TV, the pornstars' moans filling the room and turning me on even more. I started shoving cocks in my mouth left and right and trying to jerk off handfuls more.

It was hot! I felt so sexy down on my knees, my tits bouncing and being squeezed and sucked, my pussy fingered by some strange hands! "Ah, fuck! Love that tiny mouth! Shit! You good at sucking cock, Blondie!" "Bet her pussy's just as good!" "And her ass!" "Look at those pretty pink pussylips." "You have to let us get in that ass and pussy, baby, you so fuckin' fine.

Now we're all turned on, all hard for your pussy." They fingered my pussy and ass eagerly while I slurped down as many cocks as I could, choking and sputtering from the rough face fucking, sometimes sucking two cocks in my mouth at once.


Then they began taking turns eating the hell out of my pussy -- ain't nothin' like having seven dudes crowd around you to eat you out from behind! I came four times on different tongues and fingers while cramming pricks in my mouth. My pussy was oozing wet from my multiple orgasms! While I was on my hands and knees on the floor with a huge black cock in my mouth, someone stepped up behind me and I then felt a cockhead rubbing against my pussy lips. I turned my head to see Josh, base of his cock in hand, grinning down at me.

He slapped my ass playfully and I felt his turgid cock poking into my cuntlips, practically inside me. I moaned at the feeling of Josh's prick beginning to enter my wet cunthole. With a hard thrust of his hips, he shoved his cock halfway into my tight pussyhole.

We both groaned. He held my asscheeks apart to help get his cock deeper inside of me. The men yelled and high-fived at the sight of my pussy getting fucked doggystyle, obviously all excited. I couldn't believe what I was doing!

It was thrilling. My heart pounded hard. With all the cocks around me, it was hard to think much about what was going on. I was in the heat of the moment, you know?

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Sure, I'd fucked a few guys already, but never more than one at a time. A couple different guys in one day, yes. But it was spaced hours apart! Josh's cock felt awesome in my pussy. He drilled me hard, his cock making squelching noises in my hole, his balls slapping against my thighs and asscheeks. It was hot! His hands gripped my hips hard as he thrust into me again and again, pounding me like a machine! My moans filled the room, adding to the moans from the porno movie.

Josh continued his manic pace for several more minutes before pulling out of my sopping hole. I was helped up and one of the big black guys lifted me up off my feet as I faced him.

Straddling his muscular body, I wrapped my legs around him and he impaled me hard on his prick while standing and holding me up. He began bouncing me up and down athletically while sucking on my tits. I moaned loudly in his ear. Someone came up behind me and started fingering my asshole. The boys were jerking off all around me, watching me getting penetrated hard on the large fuckstick.

I was soon pulled off the black guy so the next one could have a turn with me. This guy bent me over and fucked me while I was standing. I jacked dicks all around me while they mauled my tits with their mouths and hands.

It was incredible! My mind was in a daze, I still couldn't believe what I was getting myself into. The rest took turns fucking me while I was standing, each drilling me hard and fast for several minutes before letting the next guy have his go. I was starting to break a sweat! None of the guys had cum yet. One of them lifted me up and set me on my back on the couch, my legs spread wide. They began diving in between my legs, sucking and fingering my pussy and clit hard.

The feeling of three mouths on my pubic mound, slit, and tonguing my pussyhole sent me over the edge, making me convulse with a violent orgasm. My legs trembled and my body shook hard as wave after wave of pleasure crashed down on me. It seemed my climax went on for minutes! I felt a whole 'nother level of arousal after that. I felt like I was in heat!

Fingers probed my asshole while my pussy was eaten out. I knew they were eager to get in my ass! After I was reduced to a quivering post-orgasmic mess on the couch, they took turns in my pussy, bending my legs up behind my head to get as deep in my womb as possible. I groaned like an animal as they nailed me hard on the couch, making it creak loudly.

Then they positioned me on my hands and knees on the couch, my face resting against a couch cushion, and I felt a hard prickhead poking at my tiny, puckered asshole. I groaned -- anal was always intense! A couple of them spit in my asscrack for lubrication while others fingered my pussyhole and clit. The cockhead pushed at the entrance to my rectum, beginning to split me apart. Looking behind me, I saw it was one of the big black guys with a huge forearm sized cock trying to get inside me!

My cries echoed throughout the large house. The other guys who'd been hanging out in the dining room heard my cries and came into the room to see what was going on. They saw it was a gangbang and immediately started stripping!

I wailed as the black guy's huge prick started splitting my asshole open. He was moaning now, too. A few guys were waiting for me to recover from the shock of having my ass torn open so I would suck their cocks. The black dude was halfway in, my ass squeezing his member tightly, and I wasn't sure if I could handle it or not!

"Damn, this bitch is too tight! I don't think I'ma be able to fit my dick in her ass!" he yelled.

He was reading my mind! I winced as he painfully pulled his monster out of my rectum. He had only made it halfway. Someone else walked up behind me and started probing my ass with their fingers and spitting in my asscrack. Then I felt another cock stab at my puckered asshole, pushing forward, struggling to get inside my guts.

I shrieked at the pain of my rectum stretching around the invading fuckpole. The guy held my asscheeks apart roughly to get deeper in my shitter, groaning along with me as he filled me up. Everyone in the room cheered him on, encouraging him to pound my ass.

With a few more groans, I finally felt the dick slide balls deep into my rectum, reaching into my belly.

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The guys started clapping. I began sucking and jerking cocks again as the guy in my ass built up a steady pace in my ass, his balls starting to slap against my wet gash and thighs. It hurt less the more he penetrated me and stretched my hole. The pounding went on 10 more minutes before the guy in my ass finally grunted and shouted that he was sperming in my ass.

I groaned, feeling his thick member pulse in my rectum and then explode, jets of semen filling me up! Another guy was inside me as soon as he pulled his dripping prick out of my ass with a loud popping sound. I began howling again, my ass still so tight around the next cock shoved inside me.

The room was loud with the sounds of my animalistic, guttural moans, the groans of the men, the porno fucking, and the squelching of a hard dick in my little ass! "Oh, fuck, fuck yeah, you a good fuck, oh God, your ass is so fuckin' tight, girl!" They tugged on my blond braids while fucking my face with their cocks. I was loving it! It was intense, like nothing else I'd ever experienced!

And it was so taboo, so naughty, bareback at that -- that all made it even better! Never had I thought I'd be one of those girls who'd be gangbanged. Never! And here it was, it just somehow. happened! The boys were eager to keep fucking my holes, and it seemed they'd go on forever!

I was young, an eager cockslut, eager to suck down their pricks and let them fuck my tight holes. The power of giving others pleasure with my body was undoubtedly something I had become hooked on. After another load of sperm in my rectum, they pulled me up and then sat me down on the Latino guy's cock.

I straddled his lap, facing him, sitting down on his steel hard dick. His cock plunged into my womb and I started riding him hard a few minutes while sucking the boys off who'd jumped onto the couch, jacking their cocks by my face. The Latino guy was moaning, holding my asscheeks hard while I bounced up and down on his fuckstick. I shrieked when I felt someone come up behind me and rub their cock on my asshole. "What's a matter, baby, you ain't ever been fucked in both holes at once before?" said a voice behind me.

I shook my head, slowing to a stop over the Latino guy in my pussyhole. "It ain't no big deal, promise! You'll be fine -- your asshole already done been fucked an spermed in, so you nice and lubed up!" said someone else. The guy in my pussy held me close to his chest while the body behind me got closer, the dick rubbing around my puckered hole. I cried out when I felt the cockhead poke into my asshole, splitting it open while my pussy was full of someone else's meat!

Slowly he entered my ass, forcing it to take his cock. My rectum was so tight around his prick, even tighter with the guy in my cunthole! I let out a long howl as my ass was filled to the brim with cock while my pussy was stuffed along with it. My head was spinning, my mouth hanging open. "Uggggh, shit! She is so fuckin' tight! Jesus Christ! Fuck!" shouted the guy fucking my ass. The men slowly began thrusting in my holes, soon building up to a steady rhythm that was making me moan and writhe in between their bodies.

They were sawing in and out of my tight holes with their big, strong cocks! I felt like I was going to burst, I was so full of pricks! The room exploded with excitement at the sight of me being double-fucked.

It was incredible! My tight pussy felt even tighter with the cock in my ass, and my ass felt even tighter with my stuffed cunt!

"Ah, shit, I'm gonna cum, baby, I'm gonna sperm up in your tight pussyhole, here I cum, ahhhh fuck! Shit! Oh my Christ!" shouted the guy in my cunt, thrusting hard up into my womb one last time. His cock twitched violently in my pussy, making me shudder and start cumming, too! Electric jolts of pleasure surged through my body.

The guy in my ass kept up his steady pace while I rocked wildly between them, the boy in my pussy filling my unprotected pussy up with sperm!

The guy in my ass unloaded his cum in my shitter soon after, and when they pulled their cocks out of me sperm began dribbling from both my holes. I was then sat down on one of the black guy's cocks facing away from him, his cock impaling my ass hard.

My screams rang out through the house again with the feeling of his huge member splitting my shitter open. Even though my ass was full of cum and stretched out somewhat, his cock was enormous, my ass was no match for it! He bounced me up and down with his massive prick buried in my guts while I groaned. Then he pulled my back against his chest, my legs splayed wide, my pussy gaping open while he fucked my asshole hard. His balls slapped up at my pussy gash with his powerful thrusts. Josh stepped up in between my dangling legs, his rock hard meat in hand.

I looked up at him, moaning while getting fucked in the ass. He stepped forward, rubbing his shiny purple cockhead all over my pussylips. His cock was soon coated with the juices oozing out of me. I cried out when his cockhead parted my cuntlips, delving forward into my snug cunt. He groaned at the tightness of my pussy. The guy in my ass stayed still to let Josh get inside me. Then we were all groaning as Josh's dick sank into my sperm filled pussy.

Once deep inside me, they rhythmically fucked my holes, sandwiching me hard between their bodies. "Man, I can't even see her in between these guys, I only see her legs! I can hear her juicy cunt and ass gettin' fucked, though!" "Yeah, fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" The guys began chanting.

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"Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" to the rhythmic slapping of flesh on flesh and flesh within flesh. I felt another orgasm building up, knowing I was soon to explode while stuffed up with meat! My legs shook and I screamed with my powerful climax, my whole body tightening up. There was so much cock inside me, it was overwhelming! I felt like I was high on cock! They sawed in and out of my holes for twenty minutes before finally sperming in me nearly simultaneously.

It was the most incredible feeling I'd ever felt -- two big, hard dicks pulsing then spewing semen deep, deep within me!

I was so lost in the heat of the moment, I wanted them all to fill me with their cream! I was cock hungry enough to keep fucking them for hours! And so of course that's what I did! Throughout the afternoon, more guys showed up and they fucked me, too!

I estimated doing *at least* a dozen different guys throughout the day. Some of them spermed all over my face or chest, but most of them unloaded cum in my pussy and asshole.


They even tried to do a double anal fucking but I wasn't ready for that yet -- I had to beg them not to do it! For a moment I got a little worried that my first gangbang would never end! But I knew I was hooked on cocks forevermore. There was no way I could go back to just one guy after cumming on all those cocks and feeling all that cum in my holes!

It was just way too intoxicating. ~Until the next entry! Love, Jane P.S. I'm surprised Mom and Dad didn't say anything when I finally came home that evening with wet cum-filled shorts, no bra and some dude's shirt on!