BigDenzel munching on shemale asshole

BigDenzel munching on shemale asshole
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Jon stood up, and quickly pulled his shorts up to his waste. His cock hung solemnly down his left thigh, even his freight could not shrink the thick member. He always had it flopping about him, always it seemed at half mast, always worried people might assume he had a boner, during times when he should not have a boner.

He walked to the bathroom, began filling the tub. And started to cautiously kick his mother's panties out of their tight bunch, into a more natural causal ball that she had tossed them in originally.

As he was toeing her panties, Jon's mom stepped into the bathroom, wrapped in the towel. Its two damp discolored prints of asscheeks and several yellow hand prints exposed in the bathroom's florescent light. "Get in the tub, Jonathan." His mom commanded quietly. "but mom, why would I get IN the tub when-" "You are to call me Mother, nothing else. And right now since you are proving to be less than a son and more of a little boy.

I'm going to call you Boy. And you better say please and thank you, boy you owe Mother respect and have not given any sacrifice of punishment." Jennifer was floating with such dark and powerful desire. She felt as though that she was listening to her own internal master. Who began to instruct her to commit to treating her son like a slave. To be his master, it was her true sexual fantasy and she was simply following that fantasies orders. "but, Mother isn't this the punishment for jacking off?" Jon pleaded as his mom glared down upon him, as he stepped back into the shallow tub as she had commanded, drawing the curtain slowly closed.

"Boy, I will decide when you will be punished and how. This is your duty as my son and I your master-your mother. You need to be taught to obey your parents. So this is the first time in a long time I'm giving you something you need to obey, but I realize from how disappointing you are being that you need a few courses of training. Maybe ill need help from your older sister too once she gets home, she was good at keeping you in line.

You seemed to respect her position as your elder and mature sister when you were kids. As a matter of fact I remember seeing you laying in that tub once while she bent over you and you seemed to be following her orders.

Even her dirty orders." "You saw that?" said Jon, shocked that one of his most tramatuzing and exciting moments ever as a child was witnessed and permitted by his mother. That she had allowed her daughter to degrade and deprave her son. Watching while her son was forced to sniff and lick his own sister's butthole clean. "yes boy, and if you don't address me properly I'm going to make that seem like a picnic. Your sister is older than you, when I am not present she is in command of you.

I used to hear here threaten you that if you didn't follow her orders shed come and tell me. I liked the comfort of knowing that ultimately I had the power over you and that you feared that I might know your secrets. That I might discipline you for them. To know that you were under my command, that was good to always know.

But it made me happy and excited to see that down the chain of command you obeyed your sister no matter what she said. I know that she can get you do anything if she's angry enough. SO I might just have to inform her about you snooping around her room.

I think I saw you pick up a pair of her panties. Does my son like panties? Did that memory come across your mind as you came all over my clean bathroom?" "Mother, please this is embarrassing me. I'm sorry but incase you forgot the bathroom was covered in piss already! I wasn't immaculate. It was literally sprayed floor to walls in piss." Jon pleaded, desperate to avoid what punishment loomed over his future with actual frightening severity. Everything Jon had once held as freaky and sexy now genuinely worried him.

He'd made a lot of mistakes and was careless with deeply personal things that could ruin him. Not only in the eyes of his mother who seemed to be circling in on some dark discovery. But his sister too who was capable for really unleashing fury on him. Of ruining his life by making known to all his friends something like his frequent incestuous jerks to his hunger for something nastier. "tell me now, son what is it that is your sexual fantasy? What made you cum was it your sister's thongs?

Was it your sister?? If so that is seriously disappointing and will need to be addressed via punishment with her deciding what will suffice." "Now son, you must obey me and assist me in my commands. Since I cannot see down there and need to be extra careful with a close eye on everything.

You need to shave my vagina, my perineum and my anus clean and smooth, you must not leave a single hair, aside from a neat patch of pubic hair in a straight line one inch wide above my vagina. Like the pictures your so fond of." With that she stepped to the tub and Jon sank down keeping his head below the lip of the tub.

This caused his lower half to stick out of the water and made his cock visible outline against his wet shorts. Jennifer came closer to the tub, dropped the towel and turned and squatted along the edge of the shallow tub wall, it was a wall just tall enough that his head could fit under it completely with a inch of two of space to spare.

But as his mother's ass hung off the edge it dipped lower and rested squarely on his lower chin and lip.

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Her pussy dragged its way up his chin and then her puckering shithole aimed him right in the eye. Dragging it had caused the morsels of brown shit to smear across its girthy circumference, it must have left drag marks along his chin and lip but he dare not say a word of discomfort. "Now, boy. Apply the shaving cream and shave me clean.

Start with my pussy" his mother cooly ordered. Almost polite but without any room for any other interpretation besides full obedience. "Well, boy. My son begin shaving you're mother's hairy vagina. It is an order and what you have to do. What sees to be the problem?" Jennifer peered down on her son, and saw to her juice commencing delight that her son had be stamped with her shit, brown wide rings from her asshole planted on his obedient face, some streaked across his mouth and lips.

She almost shot a jet of cum at the sight. Her son was going to become her toilet, the thought had her buzzing with delight and wicked satisfaction. He wasn't aware of it yet, but Jon was just a few steps away from true servitude. "Oh she said, looking at him with hungry despair and excitement.


Its too close you need a better look at my pussy and a better angle to shave it proper. She pushed forward so that her anus rose straight in the air and that her mass of dripping pubes busehed out beneath her pussy. "Now", she ordered her son, "shave it just like the picture. Rub it with shaving cream" Jon obeyed piling a small dollop of foaming shaving cream to his palm and began working it into his mother's dark bush, as it hung inches above his face.

Its smell of piss and delicious warm musk was masked by the fragant shaving cream. "NOW, boy shave it clean don't paly with it." Jon began shaving and stroke after stroke his mother's pussy became clearer and clearer, more and more devastatingly sexy. Fully exposed and clear of the black nest it hung now in plane view of Jennifer's son.

Jon would brush her heavy pussy lips with his pinky or thumb while completing the strokes with the razor. Careful to edge delicately around his obsession.


Which now with the mass of black curly hair mostly floating about his head, had regained his mythic status as the most sacred sight and thing he had ever beheld. And now was gently holding, and pulling upon it with grace and care. Jon's mom reached her hand between her legs and felt her smooth lips, rubbing them heavily and happily above Jon's open mouth. Hoping for something do drop in. Now, my anus. Jennifer commanded to her son. Jon started to massage the shaving cream all about her butthole its white become tainted brown.

The purple cord hung now slightly drawn further out and it slapped him across the nose as he worked. He cleaned and shaved his mother's wide brown butthole until it was free of all hairs, and all stubble. Now it shinned at him with glory and clean wrinkles. She brown streaks had been wiped away by his serving fingers, his lips too had been licked clean of any remains of her shit. "good boy," she said reaching behind her ass and spreading her cheeks with one hand swirling her asshole with the other inspecting for any missed spots, stopping to touch lightly the rubber cord, giving it a slight tug which caused her asshole to bulged.

"now that you're done with your first chore…I need to ask you about something, said Jennifer to her son, "Honey, while you've been helping prepare my vagina and my asshole for the week. I couldn't help but notice…" Jennifer paused, starting to rise but resting back down dipping her shitter and pisser just above her son's open and panting mouth.

Jon though that she must be able to feel my breath beating hot against her shaven holes, and wondered this intently until his mother continued with clinical clarity but endearing tenderness. "Honey I noticed that my panties have been played with." Jennifer stated and Jon's heart fell into instant dread. "oh noo…" Jon groaned. "that's right Jonathan, I've been studying them and have discovered that they are squeezed dry and clean.

Now they were soaked in my urine earlier today when I couldn't hold my piss. I know this because when I lifted them from my feet I remember seeing that they were dark golden. Like a sponge that soaked up my accident.

Now, if you had done me the favor of cleaning them and wringing them out that would be one thing, but I would still be concerned about you touching something that your mother had just urinated on. IF, I thought you were trying to be a good boy and perform chores for mother I might be proud.

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But…I know this is not the case. I know you lied to me. And I know that for some nasty reason you sucked the pee out of your mother's panties. After which I couldn't imagine if you spit it out, or swallowed it. I also know that you masturbated while playing with your mother's urine. Which is concerning." Jon didn't say anything. He just held his breath and shut his eyes.

Praying this was all a dream and he would wake up. But wen he opened his eyes he wasn't lying in bed.

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I was laying in a tub having just touched the most taboo and festish topping regions of his mother, but more as if he had no choice than if he wanted to. And now his biggest fear had just come true. His own mother had discovered his true desires.

And was now looking down upon him from above. "honey, I'm sorry but that is just unacceptable, and I really wish I could forgive you, but I can't and I have no other choice than to show to you how you don't actually want to drink your mother's piss.

That that is a gross, dirty fetish you need to be rid of. And I really wish I didn't have to but I really don't have a choice in the matter. I'm going to have to take extreme measures to cleanse you of your desires. Now lay back, and get ready for your treatment. Its either this or something you don't want to know. With that Jon lay back and his mother turned her rear to him again, and lowered it slowly above his face. "now open your mouth- you have to learn that when you really experience what you thought you wanted that it's not what you want.

That's the only way to finalize this. Like smoking, if you smoke a whole pack in one sitting you'll know you never want to smoke again. So I'm sorry to have to do this to you, Jon. But you're going to have to drink my pee until you no longer have the desire. However long that takes. And then we have to make sure that you never want to drink ANY piss ever again. Sorry honey, but its for your own good and education.

You are now officially my toilet, so you can see that being a toilet is no way of living. Now, " Jon's mother ordered, "now open your mouth and drink every last fucking drop.

She began to release a trickle of piss that collected on her lips and followed them down to the edge of her anus before dropping into his eyes, burning them with their salty sting. Then the trickle gained some fore and a pole of yellow frothing pee entered into his mouth, hitting the back of his thoat with authority.

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Then a chaotic spray hissed across his face in a wide fan. He couldn't gather it all in his mouth and much of it hit the floor of the tub, mixing with here pubes. "I said every drop honey, its essential that you follow my orders to a T." The fan of piss reducded to a trickle and again began to bead down the length of her cunt along her heavy pussy lips.

Collecting finally at the tip of the rubber rope that still dangled mysteriously out of her rectum. "Mother, there are a few drops on this thing pointing out of your asshole" Jon said, awaiting orders. Unsure if he was permitted to touch or even acknowledge this slightly familiar sight.

"Boy, honey.

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You are only allowed to refer to my anus as my anus. Understand? Anything else is a sexualization of what needs to be respected as its real form. So you are drinking my urine as ordered from my vagina, if a drop of urine remains clung to my anus you must consume it now. You may use your mouth. You have my permission to learn about how much you do not want anything from your mother, whether its her urine, the sight of her vagina or anus.

Anything down there that you are face to face with, son" "Thank you mother, thank you for helping me" but am I allowed to touch this rubber thing protruding from your anus?" "Son, I believe you've touched it before…a few years ago I noticed that it was misplaced in my drawer, you now have to learn about what it is and what it does and it too is going to become something that you must be trained to dislike.

It is a string of my anal beads son" With that, his mother reached down and tugged upon the string, the first ball slowly came into view as it emerged from his mother's widening girth as her whole asshole released its grip the ball slid out slowly with a statisfying plop. Her rectum closed again behind the ball which rested gently in her son's open mouth.

If smelled of shit and had the faint familiar taste of her panties stains, but was otherwise fairly clean. Jon's cock sprung to full length in his shorts, poking out the bottom of his shorts now and stretching free of the spandex cradle which held it, now it bobbed and throbbed right beside his mother who quickly sighed with disappointment and secret ecstasy.

See son, remember what I said about how it feels to have your private body on display for all to see? How bad that feels?

Well unfortuneatly for you, your penis is going to have to serve as a test tool for your development. Until your penis is no longer erect, not even the slightest bit you are not done with your service and study. I see that the sight of my anal bead emerging from my anus has aroused you, which can mean two things. That the anal beads arouse you in a way that must be changed, or that…your desire for my urine does not stop there.

And that you must be tested if you are aroused by your mother's feces, if watching your mother shit is a culprit you are in for a rough surprise. You will be require to eat my scat until you no longer want to. I really hope that watching me shit doesn't result in your penis being erect because you have a long road to recovery then, your desires are so dirty and filthy that you will probably enjoy eat every turd that I give you and force you to eat.

We shall see Jon's mouth was stuffed with the first ball as it decended deeper into this throat. While the next ball emerged it was clear that it carried with it a heavy coating of Jennifer's scat. The ball crackled and popped with thick brown shit as it slid slowly from his mother's heaving asshole and then finally as the widest part past scrapped slightly clean around its equator by his mom's stretched ring, then lobbed heavily from within, and it was caked in thick layer of scat that slid its way out behind the ball, tapering into a cone of hitchhiking brown shit that pancaked slightly as his mother's powerful sphincter pulled the cord back into her now heavily coated ring, as the shit covered ball retracted towards its origins and remaning specimine that waited heavily behind the brown wall that closed before Jon's eyes slowly.

As this gentle dance occurred the compacted shit was squeezed between anal bead and puckered shithole, leaving it now where to go but out along the sides of the ball like a squished burrito, its brown contents dropping heavily onto his nose and fore head, some cascading down onto the first ball that stuff his mouth.

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"hmm," Jennifer said. Your penis is inconclusive. It hasn't done much since you watched me poop out the first ball. I can't decide if it's the toy or the scat that you like. We will have to find out for sure.Now bite down upon that ball and hold tight with your teeth. Jon did as he was ordered as his mother slowly stood up releasing ball after shift covered ball from her yawning brown hole.

All in all 10 total emerged, shit slipped off them and splattered all along his face and chest. There was something still holding tension between his mouth and the end of the string which was still gripped by his mother's butthole. She finallypushed and out fell an enormouse anchor ball, releasing with it the rope of beads which fell coiled all along his face chest and head, coated all with sticky globes of shit.

Jon dared not move until he was given an order. ""now his mother said, we will be able to tell if it was the beads or my nasty shit, unfortuneatly this first lesson will be a hard one to start out on.


Ive got a big log in here still. Youll have to just bite the bullet so to speak and take it. She commenced to spread her cheeks apart and out emerged ad solid thick log that began to descend towards his waiting mouth.

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