Sinful brunette honey Giovana with big natural tits demonstrates fucking skills

Sinful brunette honey Giovana with big natural tits demonstrates fucking skills
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Paula pulled up outside the motel room, it was late and dark, the sky full of heavy cloud which promised a storm later. Paula felt tired and stiff as she had been driving for several hours. The thought of a hot shower meant Paula just quickly grabbed her holdall from the trunk as she rushed for the door the first spots of rain started to fall softly from the sky.

If she had looked around then she might have noticed the man standing in the bushes, the white skin of his hand and face reflected what little light there was in the gloom. Paula needed to give the door a shove before it opened stumbling through the door way with her overnight bag in hand. A need to pee meant she dropped the bag on the large bed. Paula didn't see that the door hadn't closed properly, she simply took a few things from her overnight holdall then taking her wash bag she went straight for the bathroom.

Turning on the shower first Paula then quickly stripped off her clothes, jacket, t-shirt and bra followed by shoes, pants and thong ending in a heap on the floor. A quick look in the mirror as Paula admired her still firm natural 36d breasts with dark pink nipples, they always got her plenty of attention from men before jumping in the shower.

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Meanwhile outside the dark shape emerged from the bushes, a quick glance left and right to ensure no one else was around before walking silently to the door. Unheard by Paula the door was pushed open and then closed, the man looked around the room and heard the shower going.

His heart was pumping fast as the adrenaline flowed around his body and his cock began to stiffen in anticipation. He thought about bursting into the bathroom, then decided against it, too much risk of something going wrong with all those hard surfaces, he wanted to enjoy what was coming next. No need to hurry let her get nice and clean before the fun starts he chuckled to himself. In the shower Paula let the warm water flow over her body soothing her tired muscles, she remembered her need to pee and let one hand travel down to her shaved pussy, she rubbed her clit a few times with her fingers before sliding her hand over her pussy.

Her clit tingled and she knew it would need further attention after her shower. Paula wouldn't normally do this but she spread the lips of her pussy and with a gentle push let forth a stream of yellow piss in the shower. It felt good and just a little naughty to let go like this and as the flow stopped Paula rubbed the lips of her pussy a few more times before reaching for the shower gel.

As she soaped up her body her nipples were already hard. Paula spent some time soaping her breasts, squeezing and pulling on her nipples. She turned round and let the warm water run down her back and ass.

Taking some shower gel she soaped her hands before caressing them around her slightly large ass and feeling naughty she pressed her little finger against the puckered ring of her anus. Applying some pressure her soapy finger slipped into her warm anus easily and she started to stab her little finger in and out the tight ring of muscle.

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Paula then moved her other hand to her clit and started to rub around it in slow but firm circles. Paula could feel an orgasm building, she would allow her a small orgasm just to take the edge off. So taking her hand from her ass Paula slipped two fingers into her very wet pussy and started to twist them around and she slipped them in and out.

Her other hand continued to circle her rock hard clit but at a faster pace. Paula started to gasp and was almost bent double when her orgasm finally erupted, her breasts shock and her legs trembled as she rubbed her clit with slow firm strokes.

Paula smiled to herself and admired her rock hard nipples. She quickly finished her shower and started to dry herself off. Clearing the misted up mirror Paula looked at her body and thought not bad for a 33 year old. She combed her dark shoulder length hair and smiled again.

Paula could be described as beautiful, her nose was a touch large and the jaw line was no longer defined but when she smiled her whole face lit up and with her sparkling blue eyes made her very striking. Wrapping a towel around herself Paula got ready to leave the bathroom. When he heard the shower stop he quietly removed his own clothing, she would be in for a surprise he thought to himself, as he stroked his to its full stiff length.

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Glad he had taken some viagra earlier he marvelled at how hard and big he looked, he rolled a condom on and then held his throbbing cock against his stomach. He really would fuck her up he smirked to himself.

He now stood to the side of the bathroom he guessed she would walk out and go straight towards the bed where her bag still was, she wouldn't see him standing on her left.

Paula walked out and went straight to the bed not looking either way before she could loosen the towel he struck from behind.

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Grabbing round the mouth his momentum pushed her face down on the bed. The weight of his body knocked the air out of her lungs. he held his hand tightly over her mouth and hissed in her ear" If you make a sound I'll fucking kill you bitch, just one sound and you're dead bitch understand" Paula tried to struggle but he was too heavy "Understand bitch" he hissed again.

Paula gave a slight nod of the head which was all the movement she could make. Keeping his hand over her mouth his legs now straddled her butt and Paula could feel the hard cock pressing into her back. He tugged the towel away so naked skin met naked skin. Paula was struggling to breathe as his large hand covered her nose and mouth. He reached down and felt between her legs and was instantly amazed at how wet her pussy was. "You're enjoying this aren't you bitch" He sneered.

Paula moaned incoherent protests into his hand. Moving his cock he positioned at the entrance to he pussy and thrust hard. Paula mumbled a scream as his cock stabbed the outside of her pussy.

The man grunted as his cock met resistance. It was difficult to aim properly when you couldn't see the target. This time using his finger as a guide he plunged deep into Paula. She grunted at the force and depth of the penetration. Once he had bottomed out the man starting thrusting into her pussy with regular strokes.


"I'm going to take my hand away ok? But if you scream I will fuck you up good . Understand bitch?" Paula nodded again. He kept his other hand on her back to stop her lifting up as he slipped his hand away from her mouth.

If Paula thought this would give her some relief she was wrong although her head had turned to one side the man immediately pushed her head down into the bed. The man now had extra leverage and really began to thrust hard and deep strokes into Paula's body.

"Urnngghh I'm coming bitch .

Take it .Take it all bitch" he groaned as the spunk rushed from his balls and filled the condom with his spunk. Collapsing on top on Paula the man breathed heavily into her ear while still making slow thrusts, he was elated at his orgasm but disappointed that he had cum so soon. It was then Paula realised that his cock wasn't going soft.

This more gentle thrusting combined with Paula's clit rubbing against the bed started to make her feel good and she felt the first tingle of an orgasm coming on until the man suddenly pulled out.

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Paula wanted to scream don't stop instead she lay there wondering what would happen to her next. The man carefully removed the condom and tied a knot in it then "Stay there bitch I ain't finished yet" he growled at Paula.

He got up and retrieved a second condom giving his cock a few strokes before rolling it on. "Okay bitch get your ass up, I want doggy style" he said before slapping her ass hard. Paula squealed and quickly got on her hands and knees. Admiring the ass in front of him he rubbed his hand over the fleshy mounds looking at the dark puckered ring and the puffy lips. He spread the lips and saw the pink sticky insides.

Grabbing Paula's hips he pulled her to the edge of the bed so he could remain standing. Lining up his cock he lunging forward and went balls deep. Paula gasped at the harsh penetration. "Shut it bitch" the man sneered. And continued to thrust his cock hard and fast into the soft velvety pussy, his hips slapping against her rounded ass. This time he wasn't going to come so soon he was really going to fuck this bitch. Taking a hold of her hips the man stabbed his cock harder and deeper into Paula.

She grunted as she fell to her elbows, her hard nipples now rubbed against the bed and the tingle in her pussy began to grow and grow again. The man continued to pump Paula hard but then suddenly pulled out as he needed to rest. Paula hadn't realised how close she was to cumming and betrayed herself by whispering" So close .please keep fucking me" "What was that? . You dirty bitch ,,you are enjoying this" and then he thrust his cock back into Paula's pussy reaching round he roughly rubbed her clit.


This extra stimulation was enough for Paula and she felt the orgasm building within her body. As Paula came much harder that she had expect she cried "Ohh yesss I'm cumminngg" The man felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and knew he wouldn't last much longer he pushed Paula off his cock. He stood there panting as Paula writhed on the bed, her hand between her legs prolonging the pleasure of her orgasm.

As she calmed down the man leered down at her, Paula was looking but not seeing as she remembered what had just happened. The man grabbed one of Paula's large tits with their hard nipples giving it a good squeeze. Then he thought why should I do all the work getting on the bed the man motioned for Paula to get on his still hard cock so he could play with her tits while she fucked him. Paula hesitated "now bitch" he snarled and Paula straddled his cock and slowly lowered herself down.

Too slow for the man, who pulled her down by the hips. Mashing her hard clit against his curly pubes. It felt good to Paula and she started to fell that tingle starting again. "Work it bitch.ride my cock" the man shouted as Paula started to grind her pussy around the stiff cock impaling her body. This felt good to the man he was glad he was wearing a condom otherwise he would have blown his load by now. As Paula continued to grind her hair covered her face and the man grabbed both her breasts pulling and rolling her nipples.

Paula was getting close now she was building to an even bigger orgasm she pressed her body forward and the man reached up to suck and chew on her hard nipples. Paula had both hands free and this was the moment she had been waiting for, the tingle was getting stronger deep in her body, so close she reached out. The man was sucking on each hard nipple in turn it felt good to Paula and the pleasure went down to her clit rubbing against the man feeding the tingle even more.

With a speed that belied much practice the man never saw the blade as it went through his neck and throat, a quick twist and a steam of blood shot up the wall, some blood bubbled around his mouth but he couldn't scream as his head fell back on the pillow, such was the precision of the cut.

This was what Paula had been waiting for her ultimate pleasure in seeing another dirty pervert die between her legs. Her orgasm exploded through her body as she continued to grind on the cock which hadn't yet started to soften. It soon would as the blood ebbed out of the body.

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Paula slowed her grinding on his cock, the man's arms had dropped off her breasts and she let the pleasure wash through her body. There was no need to hurry Paula had plenty of time to arrange things. Carefully removing the condom and picking up both before putting them in her bag these would be disposed of later.

She also pulled a few pubes from the man as they may come in handy another time. The blade was carefully pulled from the man's neck, this was a knife used for gutting fish and was wickedly sharp. It was Paula's favourite weapon and was treated with care and reverence. The knife was put away and would be cleaned later.

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Paula enjoyed this time especially as it was important to take her time and make sure she didn't forget anything, the towel would need to be taken and disposed of far away. First she carefully cleaned his cock and pubic area to remove as many traces of her as possible.

In another compartment Paula retrieved a condom full of spunk this was emptied over the body, a few pubes were dropped on the bed and a sharpened screwdriver, stolen from another man, was inserted into the wound this was twisted around a couple of times to get some blood over it.

Paula didn't want to kill everyman, she actually did like sex but those arrogant fuck wits who thought they were God's gift to women but in reality were anything but that. These are ones Paula selected and would tell them about her 'rape' fantasy. They always fell for it and would book a motel room somewhere out of town, nice and quiet. They would phone her with the details and Paula would go along the excitement building in her from early in the day.

The rain was falling heavily now so there would be no trace of her vehicle in the morning in the morning or whenever the police would be called they would jump to the obvious conclusion that this was some gay sex trick that went wrong. The media loved that too it would send people off on the wrong trail and give Paula time to disappear.

The rain was falling heavily when she left the motel, which would mean there would be no tracks of her car left, as she pulled out of the motel and headed south Paula wasn't Paula anymore, she was Lisa now.

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Lisa would dye her hair a different colour and lie low somewhere far away until the itch began again.