Model babes booty bounces while her pussy is fucked

Model babes booty bounces while her pussy is fucked
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Chapter IV Linda and Cindy, and a little history. After work Friday afternoon, I stocked up on groceries, stopped off at the liquor store, and went home for a shower and nap before Linda was scheduled to arrive at eleven or so.

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Sure enough, Linda showed up around midnight, having made a quick trip home for some clothes and getting stoned to the gills while she was going and coming back. I was out of my shorts and had Linda out of her cut-offs and tube top less than five minutes after she walked in the door, and on her knees with my dick down her throat in about six minutes.

Linda withdrew her hot little mouth after a few deep-throats, and asked if I wanted to spank her? I did, but wanted to throat-fuck her, too. I didn't think she was going to get off on being spanked very much, but the idea of paddling that cute little ass was very appealing, so, I said yes, I would very much like to spank her.

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I sat on the couch, and positioned Linda over my knees. The way she was built, and as small as she was, she could rest her arms on the floor, and have her cute little bare ass upturned right over my lap. I started off with some light hand spanks, alternating from one cheek to the other, and Linda was giggling and saying that being spanked was more like being tickled.


After I had spanked her with my hand long enough to get her butt warm and red, I pulled her up and told her to bend over the back of the couch. I retrieved the paddle with no holes in it from the couch cushions, and rubbed it across Linda's warm red ass a little before applying the first lick. I put the first one right across her pretty little ass cheeks, just hard enough to sting a bit.

Then, I gave her four or five more, ending up with a fairly hard stinger right at the junction of her butt and thighs. By this time, her giggles had turned into sharp gasps and small yelps. While she was still bent over the couch, I applied a generous dollop of KY to her little brown starfish and entered her ass with my now raging hard dick.

She moaned and begged me to go easy, but the excitement of paddling her and the heat generated from her red little ass pressed up against me was too much.

I stroked into her up to my balls, and then continued a slow, in and out rhythm until I felt her start to push back against me. I continued to stroke into her, while she moaned louder and pushed down on the couch with her hands, attempting to get me deeper in her backdoor hole.

I felt her start to shudder and shake in the first of her orgasms, and drove into her harder, which put me over the edge and resulted in a lot of cum being pumped into her tight little brown hole.

I remained in her ass for a long time, and she was gasping and shuddering, still in the aftermath of a very intense anal orgasm. Much later, after we had smoked another couple of joints and finished off most of a bottle of wine, we got the munchies bad. Linda was parading around my small kitchen naked except for a pair of black satin panties, getting together Spam, cheese, chips, dip, canned black olives, a sliced apple, and anything else she found and could lay out on the table.

As we munched and I watched Linda's delightful little titties flop, she asked if I ever wondered about where or when she learned to give blow-jobs.

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I confessed I had not given it much thought, just assumed that she had natural talent, for which I was extremely grateful! She giggled, and took another drag off the joint we were sharing. Then she proceeded to tell me how she learned to give blow-jobs, and smoke pot. (Here I was forced to delete several paragraphs, due to underage content.

Suffice be it to say, Linda was taken advantage of in her pre-teen years by two slightly older cousins, coerced into performing sexual acts, and horribly molested.

Bear in mind, I do not condone any sort of pedophilia, but her story was relayed to me back in the early to mid 80s and I told it as I remembered it. She was well above the age of consent when our relationship started.) I cuddled her up and carried her off to bed, and we slept a pot induced sleep until she woke me by sucking on my dick.

Didn't take long to get me really hard, and I stroked in and out down her throat for what seemed a long time. She was swirling her tongue around my shaft, and every so often giving me a great sensation by doing a tongue flutter right behind my glans.

I ended up kneeling over her face, both hands wrapped around her small head, with my dick down her throat up to my balls. I really exploded when I came, so deep in her throat it felt like I shot cum on her tonsils. After that, we both had no trouble going back to sleep. When we awakened later that morning, Linda seemed slightly subdued and melancholy, and preferred to shower alone and get ready for work.

She went in early, and later called and cancelled that night, saying she didn't feel well. Without much to do, I got dressed and went out for a beer or three. Talked to some friends, danced with some ladies, and had a fairly good time 'til about eleven-thirty, or so. That's when Cindy walked in. I was OK with that, but about three minutes later, here comes Jackie. Rat shit! I danced with Cindy, and we drank some, but Jackie monopolized Cindy, and the conversation, and in general, was just being a little blond spoiled bitch.

Finishing my beer, I asked Cindy if she wanted a last dance, as I was about to head for the barn. Sure enough, Jackie had to jump up and say that I couldn't leave, I hadn't danced with her yet. So I got another beer, and the girls another drink, and went to dance with Jackie. I would have just as soon French kissed a rattlesnake. Jackie did her best to create dissention between Cindy and me. When I took her in my arms to dance, I tried to be distant, but she pulled me in close, and snuggled those big tits up against my chest, breathing in my ear and even licked my neck.


I knew Cindy was probably watching all this, so I told Jackie to settle down, and we managed to finish the dance. I grabbed Cindy up for the next dance as soon as Jackie and I got back to the table, and told her that all of Jackie's going on was not anything I wanted, or encouraged.

Cindy still seemed to be a little pissy about the whole thing. When I asked her if she wanted to come over to my place after she ditched Jackie, she asked if I had rather Jackie came over after Jackie ditched her?


I said I would just as soon face-fuck a bitch wolf with rabies as to have anything to do with Jackie. Cindy giggled a little bit about face-fucking a bitch wolf, and said she might come over if she could get rid of Jackie. I left, went home, and went to sleep on the couch.

Cindy never showed. Next morning, I woke up early, said the hell with women, and went fishing. I got back home about dark, and was cleaning fish when the phone rang. It was Linda, saying she was sorry about being a no-show last night, and could she make it up to me tonight? Super duper, extra special, all the way, extra pickles, blow-job?

Spank her ass over the couch? Anything else I could dream up, Linda was willing. She seemed really contrite about missing out last night. I said OK, I will come up with something extra perverted, and I would see her right after eleven. I went back to cleaning fish, and had just gotten finished when the phone rang again.

This time, it was Cindy. She was so sorry about last night, couldn't get rid of Jackie, hated to leave me hanging, sorry for her pissy mood, knew I didn't want Jackie, and could she make it up to me, tonight? I told her I had other plans, why didn't she spend her time with Jackie, since she couldn't get rid of her. I hung up with Cindy fairly upset.

Linda showed up right after eleven o'clock, and as soon as she was in the door, I kissed her deep, and started stripping her out of her waitress uniform. Naked, I hustled her into a warm shower, soaped her petite little body, shampooed and conditioned her short, raven black hair, and took her off to bed, still wet. I nibbled the water off her pert little brown nipples, kissed on down her taught belly, and spent some time tonguing her belly-button.

All this time, Linda was squirming in ecstasy, and occasionally emitting a moan or a gasp. When I had kissed and nibbled down to her bare pussy, I began to lick and tongue her lips and clit, producing more and more gasps, moans and expressions of pleasure.

When I had eaten her to at least two orgasms, I scrunched up her small body and entered her easily, in a missionary position.

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I continued to gently fuck her, and found that either she had gotten tighter, or I had grown some in the dick department. What with the extended foreplay, and the oral prelude, it wasn't too long before Linda was bucking away beneath me, having orgasm on top of orgasm.

I pinned her down to where I could get the most contact with her cunt, and drove home as deep and hard as I could, until I climaxed inside her for what seemed a long time. She actually screamed as one last, shuddering orgasm overtook her as I was cumming, as deep in her tight hole as I could get. I awakened late morning with Linda's cute little butt pressed up against me, and slid out of bed. I headed for the shower, and just as I got the water hot enough, was joined by a sleepy Linda.

She stuck her head under the spray, wetting her short hair, and vigorously scrubbed her face with both hands.

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"Hi", she said, as she turned to face me. We soaped each other, then rinsed and enjoyed the hot water spray for a few more minutes. I started running my fingers through Linda's pussy-lips and ass crack, and she wiggled back against my hand and moaned with pleasure.

I turned her so she was facing the shower wall, and then soaped her pretty little brown ass liberally. With soap for a lube, I pushed my now hard dick about halfway into her tightest hole. She squealed a bit, and then started to try to push back against me. I finally managed to sink my pole all the way up her tight little ass, then started a slow, easy fucking rhythm. We fucked under the warm spray of the shower until it grew cold, and I finally came deep in Linda's tight little poop chute.

We were both exhausted, and just lazed around for the rest of the day, 'til about two o'clock, when we both had to leave for work. I had to work a double that night, due to a no-show, and when I got home, flopped into bed and slept until I had to get up and go back to work.

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I didn't talk to Linda for a couple of days, and I guess Cindy was still pissy about the way our last conversation had ended. I decided to let Cindy call when she was ready, and not go crawling. Turned out, Cindy had been calling, but I had been at work.