Spy Cam Fucking With Tempting Amateur

Spy Cam Fucking With Tempting Amateur
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This is a True Story and there will be many parts as these events continue to happen. This is my first story so i am welcome to tips and comments. please rate and let me know if its worthy for a sequel,thanks guys. It was like any other Saturday afternoon.

I was sitting at home watching T.V. when i got a text from Jordan. "You doing anything tonight" I texted him back and said "Not shit" "You wanna hang out"? "sure" We texted back and forth and decided he would come over and we would sit around and play video games, eat junk food, and just be guys.

I had 4 hours until Jordan came over at 7. I took a quick shower and then stood in the mirror looking at myself. I was an average 16 year old boy, 5'9, skinny, brown hair, and blue eyes. Jordan was more than average. He was 16, also 5'9, muscular, blonde hair and blue eyes, one of the most gorgeous boys iv'e ever seen. I walked to my room and slipped on a pair of grey boxer briefs and threw on some clothes and waited for Jordan.

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Around seven the doorbell rang. I ran upstairs and let Jordan in. We chatted then went downstairs to put his bag in my room. He opened his bad and took out a porno DVD. I was excited even though i was gay and it was a straight porno.

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Jordan poped it in my DVD player and we both sat on my bed. As i was watching a blonde girl getting fucked by a hot muscular stud i realized i had a raging hard-on in my pants. Jordan must have also noticed as he said "you like this" then nodded towards my crotch.

I said "yeah", "you?". He then grabbed his crotch and rubbed it and said "fuck yeah". We sat there for about a minute or two until Jordan asked me if i wanted to jack off. I was all for it. Jordan stood up and undid his belt and pulled off his basketball shorts. He was wearing a pair of Hanes Blue boxer briefs. The sight of his bulge almost made me blow my load right then and there.

I did the same and we both sat down in our boxer briefs and continued to watch the movie. a minute or two passed until Jordan reached down and pulled his rock hard cock out of his Boxer briefs fly. It was the ohttest thing ive ever seen.


6 inches of hard dick. He grabbed onto it as if it was about to run away and started stroaking it. At this point my heart was beating faster than the throbs on his cock. Jordan noticed i was staring at his boy meat and said "hey, youve got one of these too, why dont you stare at your own." I laughe and said "ok".

I completely pulled down my boxer briefs and grabbed my 5 and a half inch cock and started jerking off.

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I was completely focused on Jordan masterbating and almost missed it when he said my favorite line, then line ive always wanted to hear, "If you touch mine, I'll touch yours". I instantly complied. We both walked towards eachother and grabbed eachothers cocks. It felt amazing in my hand. So soft and warm. Our eyes both met when he said "suck it" I said "no, im not gay dude" "so, we are just experimenting" "are you sure this wont be gay?" "yeah dude, just suck it" I got down on my knees and grabbed a hld of his cock and started kissing it and licking the tip.

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His precum tasted like heaven. My head bobbed up and down and i slowly sucked his boy cock. I deepthroughted it as well as i could until i felt his soft and young pubes on my nose.

I kept sucking and was listening to him say, "oh yeah, ohoh yeah!, suck me!, suck my big cock, oh yes, you love my dick in your mouth!, oh yes" He got louder and louder until i started feeling his cock tense up in my throught. I knew He was about to cum and i was ready for it.

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I grabbed onto his bare butt and squeezed tightly and pulled his crotch towards my face and heard "im cumming, Im cumming, oh yes ,oh yes, suck it, oh!. My mouth filled with his young and sweet boy necter. i kept sucking until his cock was soft. I swallowed every last drop of his cream. I stood up and grabbed the side of his cheeks and pulled his mouth to mine.

We passionatly made out as my tounge licked every inch of his mouth and sucking on his tounge. At this time my cock was rock hard and i was uncontrolobly dry humping his crotch. I wasnt sure if i was going to cum or not everytime our cocks touched.

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I pulled away and said "your turn". He got down on his knees quickly and started sucking on my cock that was now dripping with pre-cum.

He sucked and sucked, I moaned and groaned. I pulled him further aead and slowly pushed him to the floor. I rested his head on the side of the bed and continued to let him suck on my boyhood.


I put my feet on the floor and my hands on the bed and started thrusting into his mouth. I was now face fucking him and it felt like nothing i had ever felt before. i fucked and fucked his mouth until my hips were sore. I pulled his head up and i sat down on the bed. I grabbed the back of his head and started pushing down on it.

my cock went straight down his throught and i could feel every detail of his throught. I grabbed his hair and pulled harder and harder as i felt that i was reaching orgasm. I moaned and grabbed his head and shot my load down his throught. i came for what seemed like a whole minute.

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We both jumped back on my bed starring at my celing silently. I looked over and said "Are you sure that wasnt gay?"