Brutal throat fucking from a BBC

Brutal throat fucking from a BBC
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1. Country Fun 2. Good Morning 3. Clotheslined It was a couple days after mine and Kara's last 'episode' parents were gone for four more days on the cruise. We hadn't done anything since last time.

Well, sure, we'd had sex, but we hadn't done, you know…anything. We had gotten bored, sex only takes up so much time, and even with our common interests, we were running out of fun and new non-sexual things to do. She suggested a picnic somewhere out in the woods around my house, but we woke up kind of lazy that day and decided the back yard would suffice.

I went out to set up the blanket, while she stayed inside putting the food, dishes and silverware in a backpack. (We only wanted to make one trip…lazy). Wandering out barefoot, I saw the most level spot was underneath our oft used clotheslines, but when I spread the blanket on the grass, the wind promptly decided it had other ideas.

Grumbling, I clothespined the blanket on the line so it wasn't going anywhere, and took the few towels that were hanging inside. I was looking for either stakes or weights to hold down the blanket down. I settled with four 8 inch question mark shaped stakes that were normally used to hold a golf net in place. It was an old blanket, and I didn't mind putting holes in it. By the time I had that finished, Kara was heading out with the backpack. She looked absolutely stunning in a sky blue tank top and white jeans shorts.

She put the backpack down on the corner, and when she bent over to dig inside, she made sure I got a good view of her ass. "Your butt looks like a cloud," I joked, as she playfully shook it then promptly fell back and sat on me.

Laughing she started to get up, but I wrapped my arms around her stomach, and pulled her back for a playful kiss. "Gonna give me a lap dance?" I asked jokingly. "How about you give me one," she said, so I stood up and started to shake my own ass. Getting into it she stood up behind me, and started to cup my chest like I had boobs.

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Laughing, I reached both hands around to her ass, and pulled her closer to me. Still gyrating, she reached back and put her hands over mine. "Chlink, klink," I heard the cuffs lock as she slipped out of my arms and walked around to the front of me.

She must have pulled them out of the backpack; I wondered what else she had in there. I smiled, "you are good." "Silence!" she said, "yes mistress," I replied though still grinning. She reached back into the backpack and pulled out a hood. As she slipped it on, the visual world disappeared, and I felt her slide both my gym shorts and briefs down to my ankles.

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It was then I got a little nervous, we were outside, and surrounded by woods, but though my neighbors were fairly far away, they were still within wandering distance. Next I felt cool metal on my chest as she began to cut my shirt off. Good thing it was a lazy day and I still had on one of the ragged holey ones I slept in.

Soon I was completely naked, cuffed, and blind in my own backyard. Though nervous, I was also very excited, and my six inch cock was standing at attention. I heard her fiddling around with something in the backpack for a minute, then felt something tighten around my cock and balls.

She must have made a noose out of rope, who knew how long my new leash was. I stumbled forward as she gave it a sharp tug. I was forced to follow as she led me blind around my lawn. For a moment my heart stopped, was she going to take me to the front yard, in full view of the road? She led me around for about five minutes I guessed, tugging harshly all the way. Finally I felt my head brush past one of the five clothesline ropes before she ordered me to stop.

"Don't move from that spot," she said sharply, as I felt her run my leash back through my legs, and felt her pull it tight. I guessed she tied it to one of the clothesline poles. It came very close to forcing me to take a step backwards. She pulled my hood off.

I was halfway in between the poles, facing the one closest to the house. Kara had removed everything but a black thong. Smiling mischievously, she kissed me on the lips before giving my cock a short stroke and walking back to the backpack.

Wandering over with one hand behind her back, she put the other on my shoulder and started grinding against my circulation deprived cock. Finally she pulled away and attached a clothespin to each nipple. The clothespins were linked with a thin rope, with a larger rope attached to the center.

She tied that rope to the other bar some ten feet in front of me, and tightened it so it forced me to bend over.

With my upper body being pulled forward, and my lower body being pulled backwards, she smiled evilly at my predicament. She walked up to me slowly, her breast bouncing slightly with each step.


She stopped with her breasts dangling a few inches in front of my face and started softly caressing my cheek with her cold hands.

Suddenly she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me into her chest. My lips locked around her right nipple, and I began slowly circling it with my tongue. When I finished my circles, and finally started quick vertical licks over her nipple, she rewarded me by reaching down and slowly stroking my now slightly blue cock. The feeling was incredible. With my cock incredibly hard and sensitive due to the trapped blood, I could feel twice the pleasure as I normally could.

I was ready to cum in no time, or so I thought. The rope made summing much more difficult, and I knew if I were to actually orgasm, it would have to be an extremely strong one.

I had moved on to her other nipple, and she had moved on to teasing me again by grinding against me. Finally she decided her breasts had had enough, and walked away. I noticed that somewhere along the way she had lost her panties, and stood there mesmerized by her tight, flawless ass.


She returned with the hood, and I was soon blind again. I felt her remove the clothespins, and I felt the sharp pain that accompanied the return of blood flow followed by relief. I then both heard and felt her cut the hope that bound my cock and balls behind me, but keep the noose around them tight.

She ordered me to bring my hands down under my legs and in front of me. Easier said than done, though the moderate length of the chain connecting the cuffs made it fairly easy, the hood added a degree of difficulty. Without a terrible amount of trouble I managed. To my surprise, she suddenly kicked my legs out from under me and knocked me down on my ass.

I felt her raise my arms above my head, and tie the cuffs to something above me. It must have been one of the stakes that held the blanket down. When she was done, I struggled against it a bit, testing. There was absolutely no give. Stretching me slightly she tied my feet spread apart about a foot and a half to two of the other stakes.

All of a sudden I felt the magnified sensation of her tongue lashing the head of my cock. I moaned out loud, and had to bite down hard on my bottom lip to keep from making any more noise. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, soon I started to whimper, my balls straining against the rope to force cum through, but failing.

Every inch of me wanted to bad to orgasm, but it was physically impossible. Her blowjob was torture and bliss like I had never felt before.

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Imagine that incredible feeling just before you orgasm. Now imagine it lasting 10 seconds, a minute, five… I'm not sure how long she stayed down there, but just when I was short of all out screaming, she pulled off, leaving my super excited dick to still throb. The urge to cum still hadn't started to subside, as she removed the hood. Smiling, she walked circles around me, allowing me every glimpse I could afford of her fully nude, slightly wet, but perfect body.

Kneeling over my chest, she softly stroked my face, then reached her fingers up and began toying with my hair as she sometimes liked to do. Keeping me on my toes, she suddenly slid herself until her dripping pussy was over my face, and used her grip on my hair to pull my head up into her. Surprised momentarily, I paused before I kissed her clit, and started to tease her by running my tongue in alternating clockwise and counterclockwise circles lightly around the lips of her pussy.

Every once in a while I would give her clit a quick flick with the tip of my tongue causing her to inhale sharply as I resumed my slow circles. Deciding to change things up a bit, I started at the bottom of her vagina, and slowly licked up her slit towards her clit, taking extra time to run up and down it before going back down with my tongue.

After only a few minutes of doing this, she was already starting to breath a little heavier.


I shifted my head as close to her as I could get, and inserted my tongue into her vagina. I would run a slow hard circle around the inside before pulling out, reinserting and moving in the other direction.

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Every time I entered her pussy, I felt her thrust slightly into my tongue. Every time she did, a half moan, half ragged breath escaped her lips. Knowing she was excited, I decided to tease her a little more, flicking all about her vagina with my tongue, but always just managing to miss her clitoris. Every time I got close, she would let out a hopeful gasp, each time getting louder. I started strongly licking up and down her clit, putting all the pressure on it I could muster with her tongue.

She let out a surprised moan, the first time I did this, and they only got louder from there. I thought the neighbors would soon be down to see what the hell was going on.

She pulled my head even closer, time for the big finale. I sucked strongly on her clit, pulling it partially into my mouth, and started running back and forth over it quickly with my tongue. As I heard her moans start to turn to soundless gasps, signaling she was very close, I rolled my tongue into a tube and began sliding it over and around her clit. Seconds after it touched, she let out a throaty moan of pleasure, her hand clenched on my hair, and she began dripping like a faucet, washing over my face.

I continued to lick all around her pussy until she let out one last sigh and pulled away. Kneeling around my partially spread legs she started to give me a slow, but strong-gripped handjob. Quickly, I felt the restricted urge to cum rise within me again, but she kept her pace slow and steady. After about five minutes, she leaned forwards, and took me in her mouth, moving slowly all the way down and back up again, while jerking me at my very base with her thumb and first two fingers at a medium speed.

With the heightened sensitivity of my dick, this quickly started driving me crazy. Without the rope, I'd have cum long ago, now I thought it was never going to happen.

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Eventually, she started going down faster, only about halfway, while she jerked the other half furiously with her hand. This was absolute torture, no matter what, I couldn't cum. I let out a low scream that slowly got louder and louder, as the pleasure increased to an almost unbearable level. AaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHH! Finally wither her hand moving almost the entire length of my shaft, and her mouth going up and down less than an inch, her tongue crazily moving back and forth over my sensitive spot, I felt it.

I felt my dick strain against the ropes, I felt my balls tighten, I was going to cum, ropes be damned.

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Her mouth remaining faithfully on my head, I shot a full hard stream for several seconds, the relief, the pleasure was unbelievably intense. I shot several more strong streams deep into the back of her throat before I was done.

Or so I thought, when she carefully cut the rope, more cum started dripping out.

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Grabbing me, she gently wrapped her mouth around my head until the last of my cum had seeped out, and licked my head clean. With such a massive orgasm, my cock was already almost completely limp. After uncuffing, and untying me, her exhausted body crashed down onto my exhausted body. I managed to get my stiff arms up in time to soften her landing as she lay her head on my chest and began to doze off in seconds.

Naked with her on the blanket in my yard, I too forgot all my fears of getting caught, I was not far behind.