Lelu Liebes Nahaufnahme Arschloch Verzieh Muschi Verbreitung

Lelu Liebes Nahaufnahme Arschloch Verzieh Muschi Verbreitung
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I woke up with the light smell of cum on my face and quickly realizing what happened the night before. As I went into the shower, the urge to masturbate was incredible and it took all my willpower not to do it. I tried to think of something else, but I kept coming back to last night. Eventually I got out the shower and started getting dressed, where I unconsciously started looking for a pair of panties, when it hit me that I couldn't wear any since he took them the night before.

I put on a dark blue skirt that was longer than I usually wear due to the no underwear situation. Then I put on a long sleeve shirt and a jacket which I buttoned up (something I also rarely do). The feeling of my bare breasts touching the shirts fabric was very unusual for me, not to mention the feeling of not having any panties as well. I finished off the outfit with full length stockings and heels which I usually wear to work. The stockings did little to ease my mind of the fact I had no panties.

I was already sufficiently wet by the time I got to work and had to go to the toilet to clean up my wetness.


The rest of the day went much the same, with my mind wandering and getting myself wet and needing to clean up regularly. I was getting desperate to cum now, but something in my head kept me from doing it, knowing I would be going against his orders. After a less than productive day, I eventually got home and changed into a skirt and shirt.

I was getting used to the braless feeling, but every time I sat down, I would be reminded that I'm not wearing panties. Then around 6pm, he called me. He simply said, "I'm coming over in about half an hour, I want the door unlocked and you naked and kneeling at the door when I get there". Then he hung up before I could get a word in. So I waited about 25 minutes before I got undressed and went to the door. I unlocked it and looked through the window to see if anyone was outside.

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I didn't see anyone and thought maybe I should just wait there until I see someone before I go to kneel. But the thought made me feel like I wasn't doing as I was told, so I stepped back a few feet from the door and kneeled on the carpet.

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I was getting very wet again and kept having to wipe the wetness with my hand. After what seemed like an eternity, but was in fact more like 15 minutes I heard someone coming up to the door. It swung open and in he walked with a lady around his arm. I was speechless as they walked past me, with him giving me a pat on the head as he did.


I still had no idea what was happening, but was still incredibly turned on by it. I heard them sit down on the couch and talk softly. I was still kneeling and wasn't sure what to do. Thankfully after a few minutes, he called me over. As I was getting up, he quickly said "no, crawl". I got back down to my knees and started crawling towards them.

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I looked up to see them both smiling and looked back down until I got to their feet. I looked up at them again, waiting for him to tell me what to do next. After whispering something into her ear, he told me to lie down on my back and masturbate for them. As I was lying down and getting my hand onto my soaking pussy, he added that I have to ask for permission if I wanted to cum. I nodded and began rubbing my slit for them and after a short while, put two fingers into my warm, wet pussy.

I kept fingering it and after a short while, I moaned to ask if I may cum.

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To my disappointment, he said no and to keep going. I had to slow down and ease up on the pressure I was fingering, but I kept going. After another few minutes, I again moaned to ask if I may cum, to which he again said no, but this time also to stop and kneel again. I reluctantly did as he ordered and as I got up, I saw them making out and her stroking his hard cock. I was extremely jealous and wanted to say something, but thought better of it. I just kept watching as the kept kissing and whispering to each other while she carried on stroking his cock and he was rubbing her pussy inside her skirt.

Then he told me to take off her panties, which I did while he kept playing with her pussy. Next he told me to put them in my mouth, which I again did without question.

I could taste her juices on the panties and I was sort of turned on at their scent. I kept watching them as she came down and undid his jeans and took out his cock. She proceeded to suck it while glancing at me every few seconds. I tried touching my pussy, but he simply shook his head as if to say I shouldn't, which made me even more wet and by now the wetness was running down my legs at quite a rate. After a while, I heard him groaning while she moaned.


I realized that he had cum in her mouth at this point which once again got me jealous for some reason. He then told me to put on the thong that was in my mouth, so I stood up and took them out and slid them on.

They were quite tight, but I didn't say anything and kneeled again. Then he told me to close my eyes, open my mouth and tilt my head back. I did as he ordered and heard her stand up and come towards me. Next thing I knew she was spitting the cum into my mouth and as it was happening, I heard him say to keep it in my mouth.

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When she was done, I looked at them as they got dressed, still horny and confused. Then she approached me again and put a business card in her thong which I was still wearing.

She winked at me and they headed towards the door. Just before they left, I heard him say, "you are allowed to cum now, as many times as you want. But only as long as you keep my cum in your mouth.

Once you swallow, you aren't allowed to cum anymore". With that he closed the door and I heard them drive off. After a short while, the shock wore off and I got onto the couch. I took off the tight thong and looked at the card she left.

On it was her name and phone number and on the back was written, "I could use a slave like you, call me if you're interested in a Mistress". A million thoughts once again raced through my head as I began to rub my clit, making sure to not swallow the cum, which was still salty and warm in my mouth. I came very quickly, but I was still horny, so I kept at it for the next half hour, cumming 5 times by the time I was spent and swallowed the now diluted cum.

Now totally drained, I fell asleep on the couch as I was. Comments appreciated and let me know if you want more