The Brady Bunch parody Rocks

The Brady Bunch parody Rocks
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Little Piggy - The Awakening Laura Peel was her name. Her father always called her Little Piggy or LP. He said it was because she always ate her meals without reserve. Even with strange food. She may have waited and watched her parents at first but as soon as they made the first 'mmm' sounds after tasting it she would clean her plate of food. She tried everything they did and it became a habit of hers.

She's 18 years old and just taking classes at the local college. Everyone in her high school was going as soon as they turned 18. The college was a cross between a vocational college and a four year college. They had a rule that no one under 18 could attend and some of LP's classmates from high school had to wait until the next semester to start. But, not Little Piggy. Her birthday is in August and she went right from high school graduation to freshman in college. When she was young she would always ask her parents what they were doing when she came in from school or playing.

She was a voracious learner and loved new experiences. As she grew her parents had to be careful around romantic encounters. The simple fondle became increasingly harder to hide as their Little Piggy would follow them around and want to be in the middle of everything. They knew she would have a good chance of having the same strong urges they had.

So her parents protected her from sexual encounters as much as they could. So much so that she had few dates and no real boyfriends in school.

They insisted she live at home by keeping her engaged in her education, family vacations and planning her future. Little Piggy was just over 5 feet tall, short like her mother only not as full bodied yet. She was slim and athletic at only 110 pounds with little round breasts and a bubble butt. Soon she would be a twin to her mother, mousy brown hair, grey-green eyes and long legs.

That may have been another one of the reasons her parents sheltered her and guided her away from sexual situations and never giving her 'the talk.' But, now that she was 18 they knew it would only be a short time before her hormones and boys would change her focus and attention.

One day when they were alone her parents had snuck away to the bedroom and gave in to their desires. They were enjoying the long awaited quiet time when Little Piggy came home early from her classes at the college just up the road.

Hidden in their bedroom engaged as they were, they didn't notice. The house seemed empty as Little Piggy entered the living room and threw her books on the chair. She went to the kitchen to look in the refrigerator for something to snack on. Staring into the frig she wondered what to have when she heard an 'mmm' sound.

Her ears pricked up and she listened closer to see where the sound had come from. She heard it again. It was her mother's voice, muffled but clearly enjoying something. Little Piggy closed the frig and followed the sound to the hall when she heard her dad groan. She froze in her tracks. What are they doing? She heard her mother's voice again, 'Is that good baby? Do you want some more?' 'Yes' her father demanded.

Little Piggy felt a little flush and her heart started to race. The strange feeling in their voices seemed to peak her senses. She crept closer to the bedroom where she could see a sliver of light.

She squinted and peered through the gap left by the door. She almost gasped out loud when she saw her mom slowly put something long into her mouth from her dad's waist. She pulled her eyes away and blinked. She heard her mom go 'mmm' again and again. When she looked again she could see the big thing sticking out of dad's waist disappear into her mom's mouth and every time her mom would make the 'mmm' sound.

Her dad would push his waist out and grit his teeth like he was feeding her his thing. Little Piggy felt weak in the knees and her little fold between her legs twitched. She started breathing heavy in short gasps watching and listening. Her little fold twitched again and she put her hand between her weakening knees. She was hot down there and it tingled when she touched it. Her legs shot up straight and she jerked suddenly.

She felt flush in the face again and then she could feel the hand holding her fold getting wet. When she regained her composure, she backed away quietly and out to the kitchen. She looked at her hand and down at her groin. It didn't smell like pee, it smelled sweet not sour. Her knees were still weak as she wiped her hand. Her head was swimming and she kept seeing that image in her head.

She could still hear them in the bedroom getting louder and faster. Her parents were doing something she had never seen before. Her curiosity was driving her but she felt reluctant to ask them about it. The girls at college the next day were having lunch together when one of them took the daily lunch special, a hot dog, out of it's bun and stuck it in her mouth.

Little Piggy tried not to think of how it reminder her of what she had seen at home. The girl pulled the hot dog out of her mouth with a pop and the other girls laughed. She slipped it in between her lips and sucked it most of the way in and out a couple times. Little Piggy was flush now, her hormones changing something in the way she was thinking. She tried to laugh with the other girls but as she was uncertain of the premise it felt fake and forced. One of the other girls took her hot dog and did the same thing.

This time she made gurgling sounds and slurping sounds. Pretty soon the other girls LP sits with all had their hot dogs hanging from their mouths. Not wanting to be left out, LP gave it a try.

She picked up her hot dog and put it between her lips. Then she sucked in like she was eating noodles. When she did the hot dog shot to the back of her throat and she coughed the hot dog across the table onto her friend's plate.

This started the whole table laughing and giggling. They handed LP her hot dog back and insisted she try again. With a little encouragement LP was playing along with the other girls. She could suck it in and push it out, make funny sounds and most of all not cough.

When lunch was almost done they finished their lunches and talked about class and boys. LP still didn't understand why the girls were talking about boys or playing with the hot dogs like that and making sounds like her mother did the other day.

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She was blushing and all the images of yesterday and what the girls were talking about seemed to relate. It did look like dad was feeding mom a big hot dog.

Mom was enjoying sliding it in and out of her mouth like the girls and their hot dogs. The more she thought about it the more curious she got about the whole thing. On the way to class she asked one of her friends, 'That was funny, with the hot dogs, I mean. Have you every done that before?' LP's girl friend looked at her and said, 'My sister says all the boys like it when you can do it.' So, it does have to do with boys. 'Have you every seen anyone do it?' LP asked.

Her friend blushed. They were close to class now and had to stop talking. When they were settled in and seated LP felt a tap on her shoulder and instinctively reached back to take the waiting note. 'Meet me after classes.' was all it said.

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Later they met up and LP's curiosity was peaking after spending the rest of class thinking about her mom and dad, the hot dog and lunch and why her friend blushed when she asked her about it.

'Well?' LP said eagerly. 'My sister was practicing with a long hot dog in the bathroom. She was trying not to throw up when it was all the way in her mouth. I walked in on her and she spit it into the bathtub like you did at lunch with your hot dog.' Little Piggy laughed a little laugh and remembered how she coughed up the hot dog at lunch.

'Did you talk to her?' Her friend shook her head, 'She said boys like it when you can put their penis in your mouth and not throw up. Her boyfriend asks her to suck his dick, but she said it is too long so she needed to practice. Then she made me promise not to tell anyone.' Little Piggy thought for a moment. 'Is that why you blushed?


You blushed when I asked if you had seen anyone do it. Did you see someone do it?' Her friend blushed again, very red this time. She was fidgeting with her hair and rolling one foot around on the toes. 'I think so.' she said, 'After I saw my sister playing with the hot dog in the bathroom I waited until she was coming home from a date with her boy friend.' 'They were parked one house down. So I borrowed my dad's binoculars and looked to see if she was doing it with him.' LP was getting excited with her friends story, 'What did you see?

Did they do it?' 'Yes.' she said with a lowered voice, 'I think so. It was dark. She was laying down in his lap at first. Then the street light came on and I could see the back of her head. It was going out of sight behind the steering wheel and then it was back.' 'One time I saw her boy friend push her down with both hands.

Like he was mad at her. But then they were alright and they kissed.' LP wondered if that's what happened with her mom and dad. Her curiosity was still building as she thought of other questions she needed answers for. However, her friend's mom was there to pick her up and LP needed to get home to do her homework.

Today she came in as quiet as possible. She listened intently before making her way into the living room, depositing her books and heading for the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door and she heard that 'mmm' sound again. Immediately her little fold twitched. She closed the frig door and headed slowly and quietly down the hall again. This time the door was closed tight.

Her disappointment was palpable and she sunk to the ground right outside the bedroom. She closed her eyes and noticed she could hear them clearly. LP thought about the hot dog fiasco from lunch and noticed how similar the sounds were. As she listened through the door to the sounds they were making she could see the images from yesterday. Her little fold twitched at the thought of seeing her mom swallowing her dad's big penis. Now she was remembering playing with the hot dog in her mouth at lunch.

She moaned quietly as her mom let out a loud 'mmm' and gagged. LP could hear her dad groaned as her mom would slurp and kiss.

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LP had to put her hand into her little fold and hold on as it twitched and tingled while she listened to the sounds. The sounds got louder and faster and Little Piggy started rubbing her tingling little fold. This time she heard her dad grunt and her mother squeal with her mouth full.

At the same time LP felt a twitch shoot through her body and her little fold was hot and wet again. Her mom worked nights most of the time and dad worked days. That way there was always someone around to take care of Little Piggy.

Her dad said it was to keep your mommy busy cause she didn't sleep much at night. Mom would say it was because dad needed his sleep. Either way LP was never without love and attention. That night after mom had gone to work and dad had gone to bed, Little Piggy was sitting in bed pretending to go to sleep. She was still wide awake after an hour. She could hear her dad snoring and went in to get him to roll on his side. That usually helped stop the snoring.

She crept in to the bedroom but stopped suddenly. Her mind was reeling. Her curiosity building. She could look to see what dad's penis looked like. See if it was that much bigger than a hot dog.

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It looked pretty big from what she could remember. She looked around the room. It was dark enough that she would need a flashlight to see anything. Maybe she could just touch it without waking him up. After all he was laying on his back with just a couple blankets. He was still snoring as she bent down on all fours and crept up to the edge of the bed. She stuck her head under the sheet and like her nickname, rooted with her nose between the sheets sniffing as she went.

She hadn't moved very far when her father stopped snoring. LP froze and held her breath. Her heart was racing and she felt flush and a tingle ran up the crack of her butt. Suddenly her father snorted loudly and rustled. Little Piggy squeezed her legs and her eyes as tight as she could. She felt a warm drop touch her inner thigh.

Her father rolled onto his side right into LP's face. She couldn't hold her breath any longer and slowly breathed out. She sniffed the air as she took a breath in and could smell a strong musty odor. Her father was breathing normally again. She slowly started to root around again. This time very close to his waist that was now conveniently turned for her access. The air was thick and she felt something soft and warm roll off her nose as she probed around her father's body.

She turned her head and it rolled past again. It didn't seem as big as it looked the other day. She sniffed at it and it smelled like her dad's skin. Just as she was getting ready to use her hand to find out what it felt like she stopped herself. She's been standing on all fours for long enough, her hands would be too cold. She's gone this far she thought. She listened carefully to her father sleeping. Slowly she opened her mouth and rooting around with her nose and her tongue until she found the hot dog like penis.

She wiggled her mouth around it letting it fall into her mouth and on to her tongue.

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Her knees wobbled and the tingling in her folds made her strain to keep her composure. She had it in her mouth, mostly. Now what? It was a little bigger around than the hot dogs at school and not nearly as long.

She could fit the whole thing in her mouth without choking. The taste was kind of like licking her own skin. She could feel saliva pooling around her tongue and she swallowed out of reflex.

When she did she squeezed his dick with her tongue and lips.


She also felt it slide into her mouth a little further. Her father made a sound but didn't wake. LP was being very careful and was paying close attention to her father's movements in case he woke.

He quieted back down and returned to sleep. That's when she realized the penis was getting longer and deeper all by itself. It was starting to get bigger around as well. It started to swell up in her mouth. Saliva was pooling up again and she swallowed squeezing the dick. This time it jumped in her mouth and she had to pull back or it would have pushed its way down her tiny throat.

As she pulled back she heard her father groan again. He started to shift his leg up and pushed his waist towards her. This pushed his dick head right back against her throat. She pulled back again. This time he didn't move. The hot dog was getting longer now and it tasted salty at the tip.

It tasted good and LP caught herself before she let out a sound. Her father's knee and leg were extending out from his hip giving LP a place to rest her head. So, she adjusted her position along the bed side to take advantage of the pillow her dad's leg created. Her father rustled a little forcing the hot dog to wiggle in her mouth. Her folds were wet now and she was tingling all over.

Now she could feel how big his penis really is. She remembered her mother getting it all in her mouth and before she could stop herself she pushed against the huge piece of meat. It slide easily to the back of her throat where she had to fight the urge to cough. She had to pull back a little. That's when her father rustled again and pushed his dick right to the back of her throat again. She didn't dare cough or it would surely wake him up. LP could feel the penis pushing against her neck now.

Then she swallowed and the tip must have followed as she suddenly felt limp and the folds between her legs burned. The world was spinning and she wasn't sure what to do next when her father's hand flopped on to her ass. LP was slowly trying to pull away from the dick and extricate it from her throat. As she was trying, her father moved again forcing the head of the penis out of her throat momentarily before pushing it back into place.

Then she felt his hand grasp her ass. His hand was large enough that his palm was on her ass and his fingers could reach her folds under her panties. Her hot, wet folds throbbed under his grasp. She immediately shook and her breathing became rapid. As her father grasped her ass which pushed the dick further in. She pulled back with uncertainty working it out of her throat so she could swallow. When she did her father's hand gripped her folds sending shivers up her tummy and the dick deep in her throat.

She pushed back against his hand sliding the penis out. She could feel his fingers slipping around the wet panties over her hot folds. This time her father's hand poked her panties between her folds as he pushed the dick back in with his hips. She was stuck between his strong hand and the huge penis. She couldn't tell if her father was awake or asleep now.

He seemed like he wasn't awake but he was starting to move in a rhythm. Slowly squeezing her ass and folds while pumping the dick in and out of her mouth. Little Piggy began to shake and was weak all over. The room was spinning as she was mashed from behind and forced onto his big hot dog.

She barely heard her father groaning while he was pumping his dick in and out of her. His finger pushing through her panties and in between her hot wet folds. She was shaking constantly now and was sure she would pass out. Suddenly her father's other hand came down to her head and held her on the dick which was now more than halfway into her throat. He shook and jerked making the penis wiggle. She was awash with sensations. Her own groin pulsing with excitement.

Now her father's dick was squirting something over and over down her throat. She fought the urge to cough and gag by swallowing as quickly as she could.

The jerking and squirting slowed and she felt satisfaction in having her father use his dick on her like he does with her mother.

Her shutters started to subside as well as her father's. LP was trying to catch her breath as she regained her senses. She could barely breath with his penis in that far. She was slowly sliding the dick out of her mouth when her father suddenly let go and rolled over.

Pulling the dick from her mouth with a loud pop. She folded back on her legs and rested there for a moment before getting up and heading back to bed. She wobbled into her room and fell onto her bed. Her folds tingled and buzzed. She stuck her hands down her panties and rubbed her swollen sticky folds. It felt so good. She spread her legs wide to air it out and have better access. Then slipped off to sleep.