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Men nude gay porn movie in tamil and male belly dance boy gay porn
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My cousin Dave was coming up to stay with us for the week during the Christmas holidays as his parents were going on a cruise. I hadn't seen him for a few years but last time I had seen him we had played on his PS2 and he had crushed me but I had had fun even if it was humiliating being beaten by someone who was 3 years younger than me.

When I got home I ended up buying a PS2 and playing huge amounts of CoD but Dave didn't know this so I was planning on pretending that I had just got my PS3 for Christmas and that was the first console I had had.

I then was going to own him. His parents dropped him off at about noon on Boxing Day and we all sat and ate a large roast before my aunt and uncle dashed off to get to their boat. "hey Dave come see what I got for Christmas" I said to him, practically dragging him from the table and through into the living room where we had the PS3 set up his 16 year old eyes lit up as he had thought he would be spending the next week without his games.

"Wow Katie this is great what games have you got?" I showed him the rack under the table (I had even removed most of them to make it seem more realistic that I only just got it) we spent the next few hours playing CoD while I let him beat me letting him think I was shit to make my victory even more sweet.

After a light dinner my parents went out for the night to a friend's party and we went back to the PS3 and kept playing we were playing until about midnight and we were getting along so well and I finally decided to beat him but I wanted to make this interesting. "Ok Dave this time I'm gonna woop your ass" I teased "Suuuure" "What you don't believe me?" I asked in mock hurt "eeeeerm no" he answered with a grin "Want to make it interesting?" I challenged "Sure be my guest, what do you have in mind?" Now, with it being Christmas we had been drinking, and as a joke I suggested "strip CoD" "Hahaha, bring it" he said calling my bluff "Fine" I said not wanting to back down "one item for one kill, until the time runs out, one of us is naked or won't carry on" "Deal" he laughed confident he would win.

We started the game and within the first minute I made my first kill causing him to pull off his jumper "luck sod" he grinned but as I got two more kills his smile faded as he took of his socks. However my smug grin also faded as he got the next two kills causing me to go bare foot.

He then decided to camp with a sniper but my knowledge of the map allowed me to get behind him and gain another kill so he was topless. But then he got another two in close succession meaning I had to strip of my shirt and jeans. Meaning I was sitting in my underwear luckily for me this distracted him allowing me to get in another kill so that he was down to his boxers. I noticed a twitching in his boxers unfortunately this distracted me as I kept looking down at the twitching and he got in a knife kill so I had to take off my bra.

At this point we both had equal points and only a minute to go. I ended it with 10 seconds left to spare as I shot gunned his face. He stood up and pulled down his boxes exposing his semi erect and rather nice cock.

"You hustled me" he complained "Obviously not well enough" I said gesturing at my boobs "Either way I want a rematch, a death-match one kill" "But you have nothing left to take off" "Ok if I win you have to finish stripping, if you win I have to do whatever you say" "Ok deal" I replied. We loaded up the map and started to play, I saw him crossing a street and shot but missed and before I had time to get another shot in he had turned and shot me.

"Damn" I cursed and stood up to pull off my panties before sitting back down with my legs firmly shut. "Ok so we have proved we are as good as each other." "You only won the first game due to the element of surprise" he retorted "Ok rematch first to 5 kills, winner gets." I paused for a moment thinking then an idea popped into my head I hesitated before saying it unsure how well it would go down but as I watched the sixteen year old's glances at my body I felt confident he would agree and not think I was some kind of weirdo "winner gets oral" I could see he was visibly taken aback by my forward proposal then he thought about the fact that we were both sitting next to each other naked "you serious?" he checked "Yes" "Don't you think it would be weird us being cousins and all" "It's not like we're getting married and having kids is it?" I countered "It's just a bit of harmless fun, I'll be honest you're a good looking guy and I like the look of that cock, and I've seen the way you have been looking at me" "Ok then you're on" as he said this I could see his cock visibly getting more erect I nodded to it "careful of that you need all the blood your brain can get" He blushed but his cock still got more erect until it looked like it was rock hard.

I grinned and turned away happy I could get that reaction from him as I booted up the game. I got the first kill but the next 5 kills were Dave's, obviously getting a blow job was a real motivator. I turned to him wondering how best to do it. In the end he decided for me "ok a deals a deal on the floor" he said grinning as he opened his legs motioning me to kneel in between his legs, his cock curved up pointing towards his face as he lay back into the sofa watching me.

I knelt down in front of him and took his cock in my hand, it felt nice, very hard and warm, it twitched with my touch. I leant down and licked it causing it to twitch more. I ran my tongue up the whole length of his shaft then I circled it round the tip I heard Dave groaning and took it to mean he liked it; I started pumping the shaft of his cock as I licked the tip.

Then I took the tip in my mouth and started to suck on it tasting the pre-cum that oozed out of the tip, my free hand started to fondle his balls and my lips started to glide down his length until I had to stop jacking him off and slid further down his cock until he hit the back of my mouth, "god Katie that feels amazing" he moaned. Then I pulled back grazing my teeth along his shaft causing his whole body to shake slightly with pleasure. then I pulled off and spat on his cock using my hands to spread it around I covered his cock in my spit, paying special attention to the tip rubbing and massaging it before once again taking the tip into my mouth and sliding down and pulling back grazing my teeth along again "fuck Katie that so fucking good" I repeated this faster and faster until I was ready then I slid down further onto his cock all the way to the balls, his cock hitting the back of my mouth and being forced down my neck.

I swallowed to pull him in deeper the contractions around his tip caused him to moan loader than before and then with a grunt he tried to pull out "fuck Katie I'm about to cum like right now" but my hands grabbed him tight and pulled him back in deep as he started to pulse and sent wad after wad of hot sticky cum into my throat "OH FUCK AH AH AH UMPH" he grunted.

I kept swallowing the cum which kept stimulating his super sensitive cock until he was milked dry, he pulled back out of my mouth with a slurping noise.

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His cock still wet with cum dropped out slipping over my chin leaving a pearly white line down it. "God Katie that was amazing.errm I just wanted to say thank you, you're the first girl to give me a blow job. well to do anything to be honest and I just want to say it couldn't have been better" Dave panted "You're a virgin?" "Yeah" he said blushing "In that case, rematch, the loser becomes the winner's sex slave until the winner cums" "Ha ok deal" he said setting up a game "same as before 5 kills?" "Yup" this game was much closer and it came to 4 all with the next kill deciding who was to be able to command the other.

I saw him with his back to me took aim but he noticed me taking aim and moved round a corner I shoot and missed as I was reloading he appeared round another corner right in front of me his gum aim right at me, so I knifed him.

"Blast thought I had you there" he said with a grin knowing that even being commanded this was going to be good.

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"Well first I want you to stand up; I want to know what I have won." He stood self consciously in front of me his dick semi erect. He was good looking, well toned and slightly tanned. "ok now come over here I patted the sofa next to me and as he sat down I swung my leg over him straddling him pushing his cock up between our stomachs I pressed myself into his body the warm flesh of my breast firmly planted against his hard chest.

My lips brushed against his, his cock twitched. This close I could smell him, a fresh yet musky scent. I softly pressed my lips to his he responded by putting his hands on my hips and then running one lightly up my back to my neck and pulling me in that be closer, my lips parted slightly as let my tongue slip through to brush his lips. He opened them slightly allowing my tongue to brush past his teeth and intertwine with his.

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I don't know how long we spent in this embrace but eventually I pulled away and I leant back running my finger down his chest.

I looked down then turned my eyes up to look at him.


The smouldering look had the desired effect as I felt his penis jump up. My hands slipped down and took hold of his shaft and I leant forward pressing myself right up to his ear and whispering so quietly it was almost just a breath "do you want it. You want me to be your fist." "Oh god yes Katie, you're so fucking hot" "You want to fuck your cousin's pussy you want to fill me with your cum.

you want to pound into me making me scream with ecstasy as you thrust into me." He couldn't reply and could only nod as I rolled us back and round so I was laying on the sofa and he was placed on top of me between my legs.

"Do it" I breathed into his ear nibbling the lobe gently before pulling away and resting my head on the arm of the sofa. I helped guide his cock in to my warm wet pussy and then with both hands grabbed his ass as he started to thrust into me.

With each of his thrusts I thrust back onto him forcing him in deeper and harder. His cock felt so large as he pumped it into my tight pussy. As he thrust in he lent down to kiss me I lent up to meet him. Our lips locking in a much more hot and heavy manner. My tongue explored his mouth as I also let him explore mine, every so often id pull away biting his lip as I did before leaning back into the kiss.

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Then burying my head into his neck to smell him and have a real feeling of pure connection with the way our bodies fit together so snugly.

As I started to feel my orgasm getting closer I raked my nails up his back and wrapped my legs round his pulling him even deeper into me. Then unexpectedly his hands grabbed me round the waist picking me up and thrusting me against a wall where he pressed himself into me, this new position allowed me to shift up the wall slightly as he pulled away and as he thrust back in to relax causing the force of the thrust to greatly increase.

by this point I was gasping for breath and his closeness pressing against me was helping I could hardly draw in a breath but I didn't want him to pull back I wanted his flesh pressed firmly against mine I wanted our bodies entwined in this embrace and then I felt the orgasm truly coming to a peak and waves after waves of pleasure washed over my whole body causing it to shudder and flail uncontrollably.

I screamed out in unbridled ecstasy "OOH GOD DAVE BABE OOH FUCK GOD YEAH OH GO YES THATS IT YESYES AHHHHHHHHHHH H H" it left me gasping for air but he didn't stop he swung my back onto the sofa and with one leg hanging of the side and the other raised over his shoulder he sped up thrusting into my sensitive pussy again and again hammering it into me with such speed it was like a machine.

My legs were spread wide open completely exposed to him. The force of his fucking was jolting my whole body my breast bounced up and down until I grabbed them with my hands brushing against my nipple sent another wave of pleasure shooting through me so I continued.


One of my hands was replaced by his as he kneaded the breast and rubbed the nipple, I could feel another orgasm building like a wave of pleasure filling up behind a dam waiting to burst and rock my body to its very core. Dave's grunting and groaning showed he too was nearing his climax. "Fuck Katie I'm gonna cum soo soon I need to pull out" "Don't you fucking dare I'm on the pill I want my cousins cum inside me fill me with your hot spunk" "You su.UGH OHHHH GOD, I'm cumming OH fuck YeeeeeeeeeeAH" and he was.

He stopped thrusting and buried himself deep into me his pulsating cock shooting his load into my cunt. the feeling of his cock pumping into me finally broke the dam and my body when into spasm, muscles all contracting tightening, tensing my whole body as my pussy violently contract repeatedly round his cock milking it dry.

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We lay exhausted as he pulled his cock out of me, it was immediately followed by a trail of cum leaking out of my pussy and round to my ass before pooling on the sofa.