Nackte ex freundin

Nackte ex freundin
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A Quickie on Vacation It was mid July and I decided to take the family to the coast for a few days, just a mini vacation.

Our Hotel was right on the beach, last minute reservations didn't afford us an Ocean view, but it was nice. I chose the third floor because the Continental Breakfast was on that floor.

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I always get up before the wife and kids, so I put on some board shorts, a shirt and shoes and went for some coffee. I planned on getting the coffee and heading out to the large patio overlooking the Ocean to sit and enjoy the view and a smoke. What I didn't plan on was the elevator ride.

I got the coffee alright and headed to the elevator. When it opened it was empty and I got on and pushed the G button. The elevator stopped on the second floor and the doors opened.


Two women got on and selected the G button also. By looking at them I could tell it was a mother and daughter.


The mother looked to be in her 50's, and the daughter probably in her late 20's. Both of them were way overweight and unattractive. But the thing that caught my eye was their tits. They both looked like they just woke up, hair all messy, no make up, and hardly any clothes on.

Neither one was wearing a bra, both of them had big tits. The daughter's nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin spaghetti strap top she was wearing. The top was a dark purple color so you couldn't see through it, but I could definitely tell what was under there.

She wore a pair of silky shorts that were stretched tight over her huge ass. Her mom was wearing a T shirt and long pajama pants. Two things surprised me right away. First thing was the daughter tits were so impressive I was tenting my board shorts. Normally these two would have been a total turn off to me, but I guess being that time of day I was kinda horny to start with.

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That's the only way I can explain that. I was flat out staring at the daughter's tits and the mother saw me doing it. I looked at the mother and she looked me in the eyes, then glanced down at my tent and smiled. She said, "You like what you see Mister?" Before I realized what I was saying, I blurted out, "Hell yes!" The mother quickly stepped toward me and I thought she was gonna hit me, but she reached around me and hit the Emergency Stop button on the Elevator.

The Elevator screeched to a halt with a sudden stop that caused the mother to bump into me as she was stepping back. She brushed her equally impressive big tits on me and said, "And how about these"? I said, "Yes Ma'am." With that she pulled her T shirt up over her massive tits and said, "Well you better get busy then." I just stood there for a second in shock.

I couldn't believe this was happening.

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But I reached down and took a hold of her right tit and weighed it and squeezed it softly. It was pretty soft and mushy, but the nipple responded immediately. I bent down and took the big reddish brown nip into my mouth and sucked it and swirled my tongue around her huge areola. After a few seconds of that and playing with her left tit, I looked at the daughter and she was rubbing her nipples with both hands and pushing those big melons together causing some massive cleavage to begin to spill over the top of her shirt.


Still having her mother's right tit in my mouth, I just moaned. The daughter said, "What about these"?

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Those were the ones I really wanted to get a hold of so I released the mother's tits and turned slightly toward the daughter. Immediately the mother dropped to her knees and began undoing my shorts.

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By the time the daughter raised her little thin top over her tits, and I got my hand on the left one, the mother had my cock out of my shorts and in her mouth. I thought, "Holy Shit, here we go." The mother could suck cock like a pro, wet n sloppy with a ton of suction. She could put a Hoover to shame. She said, "You better hurry Mister and give me that load!" I was so revved up, playing with and sucking the daughter's big beautiful tits, I grabbed the mother with my right hand on the back of her head and face fucked her hard for about 10 seconds and shot three big spurts right down her throat.

The dear ol' Mom cleaned me up rather quickly as I managed to get my left middle finger in her daughter's pussy. Working fervently to bring her off as I sucked her tits for what would surely be the last time. Just as the daughter began to moan and buck against my finger, The Mother reached over and pulled the Emergency Stop button. With the palm of my hand mashed against the Daughter's clit and my finger buried in her hot hole, the Elevator lurched back to life and she came all over my hand.

Fortunately the Elevator didn't stop on the first floor, giving me time to get my hand out of the daughter's pants and all of us had our clothes back in place when the door opened on the Ground floor.