Machine lesbians toying each others pussy

Machine lesbians toying each others pussy
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As time went on, Autumn and myself went on to keep teaching, each at different venues. We had our fair share of student's and lessons to occupy our time but we always made time for each other during the week. We were sure to always go out and attend the social dances put on around town.

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After some undesirable events, she let me know that she was going to get back with her ex. I knew the history and wasn't really surprised. Didn't really hit me all that much. It was around this time that I stopped working in dance studios all together. The drop in the economy cut back on students and they let me go.

I figured it best to try and work things out on my own once again and keep it that way until it was time to move on to a new career. I put the word out that I was looking to host large group classes in town and one of my friends picked up on it. She got with some of her friends and eventually got a group of around 25 or so students that showed up on a regular basis.

Teaching this class a couple times a week would be enough of a pay day to keep my finances in order and even have fun on the side. I was thrilled to say the least. The classes went pretty well. However, I was having problems getting to some of the more advanced moves. I could walk of the students through the individual parts for both the male and female steps but there were times when it just wasn't the same without being able to illustrate the moves put together from two people that really knew what they were doing.

I was checking around with some friends that had taken lessons from me before and even a couple of other instructor friends but couldn't get anyone to help me out.

One day as I was headed to class, riding my motorcycle down there, I got a call when I was stopped at a light. I pulled my phone out to check it quickly and saw that it was Autumn. We still kept in contact from time to time and went out dancing on a few occasions, only downfall was that her tool of a boyfriend was always hanging around. He was into ballroom dancing too, but only socially so he wasn't as good. Kind of made me laugh sometimes getting to see him struggle through some of the more advanced steps with her while knowing I could breeze through them without a problem.

The light turned green, I pushed the phone back into my pocket and pulled over into a gas station so I could call her back. I stopped at the pump and got off my bike to go get a drink inside.

I had a little time to kill so I figured I'd have a cigarette and call Autumn back really quick. I came back out of the store, lit up a cigarette and as soon as I hit the call button, someone swatted the cigarette from my mouth. I looked up ready to hit somebody and then saw Autumn. "I was about to kill you," I said. "That's for not answering my call," she laughed.

I explained I was on my bike and I was just about to call her back as I picked my cigarette back up off the floor. We chatted idly and I explained I was headed to teach my class.

Then it hit me. "Hey, Autumn, are you busy right now?" "No, why?" "Well, I need some help with my class. You live close by.

Do you mind?" "What do I have to do?" "Just come in with me every now and then to illustrate some steps. It would only be a few minutes each time and obviously not every class. You live pretty close so it's not like it's a huge hassle." "Yeah, sure, why not. We can get something to eat when we're done.

It's been a while since we've hung out." It always appeared like she kept me around as a rebound or fall back in case she got on bad terms with her boyfriend again. I didn't really mind. I enjoyed having her around. She was fun to hang out with and great to look at.

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What warm blooded male would turn down time with a beauty such as her? Well, I'm straight so that should obviously mean I wouldn't.

I finished smoking, pumped my gas (it's great when three gallons fills your whole tank), and pulled out of the gas station with her following me in her car.


We got the place I was renting out for my classes and everyone was already there. I walked in and introduced her to everyone and explained that she was going to help me out from time to time so that everyone could get a look at the moves being performed well as a pair instead of me just showing the males and females their individual parts. I set up the music and went through a few of the next steps I was going to teach with Autumn.

After we got done, she took a seat in the back and just hung out while I went through the rest of the class, occasionally getting up to help the girls with their styling, something I really couldn't help them much with. I use a lot of personal styling and flair when I dance, but it's completely different than anything a female would use, so it was nice she could help out with that too. I wrapped up the class, collected my earnings for the day and Autumn and I headed out.

"Where do you wanna eat?" I said. "There some stuff at my apartment if you'd just rather go there." "Sure, that works for me. Saves me some money." Not really sure why, but I always footed the bill any time we ever went out and her boyfriend wasn't around. Maybe I was just a fool, oh well. Going to her apartment wasn't anything new. We had hung out there a few times before. I didn't think much of it. We walked up the couple flights of stairs to her place.

I was staring at her gorgeous ass the entire way up. She knew I looked at her a lot, especially her ass.

She did her part in flaunting it for me. I know she did it on purpose and it either humored her, or she got thrills from it. Either way, I wasn't complaining. We went into her apartment and I sat down on the couch as she worked out dinner. "When is your next class?" she said. "I have a private session with a couple tomorrow. I tried doing it today so I wouldn't have to make the 3 hour round trip two days in a row but they couldn't do it until tomorrow." "Well that sucks.

Would it be worth getting a room for the night up here?" "The only reason I get classes from people instead of them going to studios is because I'm cheap. Are you serious?" "Why don't you stay here tonight then?

It would save you the trouble." "That'd be great. Thanks" She finished fixing dinner and we ate, just talking and watching a movie on the couch. When we were done eating, she got up and cleaned up dinner.

I sat and finished watching the movie. I got up to go to the bathroom so I could wash up not even thinking about her not being in the kitchen. I pushed the door open and saw Autumn standing in front of the mirror toying with her hair in her bra and thong.

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"Whoops, my bad." "It's fine, nothing you haven't seen before." She winked at me in the mirror. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her hips. I pulled her back against me and pressed my already hardening dick into her sweet ass. I ran my hands to the front of her thighs and started to caress them slowly working my way in between them.

There was one thing this girl loved and that was being fingered and played with. I slid my hands between her legs and she parted her legs, moaning deeply as she parted her legs for me. That was a clear invitation. I slide two fingers under the front of her thong and lightly traced my fingers up are dripping slit. She never took very long to get wet. I went up and found her clit, working it around in circles.

She reached behind her and placed a hand on the back of my neck, pulling my face down to her neck. I started to kiss and lick and gently nibble on her neck and ear. Her body began to writhe under my touch as I kept playing with her. I moved a hand up to her bra and pulled it up over her hand not wanting to take the time with the clasp.

It had been a couple weeks for me and I was ready to get down to business. I tweaked on her nipples as I slid my two fingers deep into her opening as far as I could get them in. Her moans kept getting deeper and louder as she got more excited. I could feel her juices running down my hand. Her hips began to gyrate, pressing her ass into my dick more. She turned around, slipping my fingers out from inside of her.

She grabbed the back of my head again and our lips found each other. We kissed deeply, our tongues writhing around in the others mouth. My hands went down and cupper that marvelous ass of her. I pressed my dick hard against her crotch and she moaned into my mouth. She stepped back breaking up our kiss and took hold of my hand, leading me to her bed. Once we were next to the bed, she worked her thong off and held it up for a moment before dropping it, giving me a sly smile. I reached for the hem of my shirt, slipping it over my head as I felt her hands working on my belt.

She was down on her knees working my pants off. She slipped my pants down with my boxers in one swift movement. I stepped out of them along with my shoes. She picked up the whole pile and just tossed it aside. She dipped her head down and skillfully wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick, passing her tongue across the underside of it.

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She put her hands on my hips and slowly slid her mouth all the way down until her nose was pressed against my pelvis and my dick was in her throat. This girl had skill. She started bobbing her head back and forth on my dick, taking it all the way back to her throat every time, not once using her hands. I pulled her up off of the floor and laid her back on the bed. She spread her legs wide for me as I quickly dropped my mouth onto her awaiting pussy.

I slid my tongue up her slit and when I reached the top I pressed it against her clit. She clutched my hair as she let out a deep groan. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started to flick my tongue over it and swirl my tongue around it. This was driving her crazy. She was never one to hurry things along of if she was being pleasured. As I kept tonguing her clit, I slid two fingers into her pussy and started rubbing that spot behind her clit immediately sending her over the edge.

Her hips bucked, her grip on my head tightened, pulling me tighter against her pussy that was clamping down around my fingers. I moved up her body, keeping my fingers in her pussy, kissing my way up her stomach, then moving my mouth to one of her nipples.

I gave it similar treatment that I had to her clit, being sure to give both nipples equal attention.


By now, my fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy like a jack hammer. Her whole body seemed to writhe as I continued my way up her body until my lips found hers again. The next kiss she gave me was one of the most passionate kisses I had ever had. She grabbed my hand and kept working it around her pussy, placing my fingers in certain places she wanted them. I was no amateur, but she exactly what she liked and when she liked it. She always had a specific order of areas to touch on her pussy.

I must have spent the next 20 or 30 minutes just playing her pussy and my mouth kept working back and forth between her nice plump breasts, her neck, and her mouth. I withdrew my hand as she sighed and rolled over on her side to face me, pulling me in for another kiss. I pulled her hips back towards me and she raised a leg over mine.

I pressed my dick against her opening and slowly slid into her juicy pussy. Once I was all the way in, bottoming out inside her, I started to work my hips back and forth, starting off slow and easy then getting faster and harder. She pulled me closer to her and we resumed kissing as I was now fucking her as fast as I could, taking a firm hold of her ass, squeezing it tightly. She pulled away from me and got on her hands and knees. I got behind her and lined my dick up with her pussy and wasted no time in ramming it in her.

I knew she liked it hard. I slapped her ass a couple times as I kept thrusting in and out of her over and over again. She had gotten me so worked up, I didn't take long at all. I pulled out of her pussy and sprayed my cum across her ass and back. She turned around and took my dick back into her mouth and cleaning every inch of my still hard dick. Once she was satisfied she laid back and made herself comfortable before pulling me to her.

We started kissing again and my hand found its way back down to her pussy. I had a little better sense of what she liked so I worked the pattern just like she had shown me before I slid my fingers into her pussy to finger fuck her some more. She just laid back and moaned, enjoying what I was doing to her. She came a couple more times and I figured I need to get even. Her writhing and moaning got me really worked up again.

As soon as I pulled my hand away from her pussy, she pulled me on top of her and pulled my dick to her pussy. I slid in and start fucking her deep hard but slow thrusts, not wanting to get off to quickly. Apparently, I didn't have much of a choice, a short minute later I was ready to blow another load. I pulled out and this time sprayed it across her stomach and tits. I had no idea I could produce that much cum back to back.

This was insane. The orgasm completely drained me. This was something new to me, but my dick was still hard. We both got up of the bed and went into the shower together. We kept playing, me playing with her pussy and she just pressed her body up against the wall of the shower as I sucked on her nipples again.

Feeling I could give her a good long fucking now, I turned her around and bent her over at the waist. I pushed my dick in and this time I was pretty sure I was going to be able to last a good while. I started with fast hard thrusts and it was less than two minutes by the time I felt my cum climbing up through my shaft. I exploded across her back again.

Exploded, was the right word. Three long ropes of cum and a few dribbles flew out of my dick, spraying across her body. We washed each other off and went back to the bedroom.

I exhausted by this point and so was she. I must have fallen asleep as soon as I hit the bed. I woke up when my phone rang. My students were checking in to see if we were still having the lesson.

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I looked at the clock next to the bed and saw what time it was, I only had 25 minutes until we were supposed to have the lesson. They confirmed the location and I rolled out of bed to get dressed, feeling very well rested. I walked out to the kitchen and saw Autumn standing there drinking coffee and a pair of sponge bob panties and a sponge bob pajama top. "What the hell are you wearing?" I said "These are my pj's" "You look like a 12 year old" "Are you saying you're a pedophile?" We both laughed.

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I thanked her for letting me stay. She asked me if I had time for a quickie but I told her I was about to be late to my lesson. I said goodbye and headed towards the door, looking back at her as I walked out just shaking my head and laughing to myself about what she was wearing.