Amateur with ponytail hayden hennessy pumps her pussy on a dick

Amateur with ponytail hayden hennessy pumps her pussy on a dick
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This story is a continuation of chapter 1 so if you haven't read it you should check it out. Otherwise Enjoy The next morning I woke up before Nick. I quietly got out of bed and started the shower. I noticed that the bathroom blinds had not been closed and the sun was shining in. From the window, I could see my neighbors as they left for work. I was messy still from the night before but I had dried up so I was a bit sticky.


As I got in the shower, I felt the hot water massage my muscles, which were aching from the over-exertion of last night. My holes that were stretched so far last night, seemed to be nice and tight again this morning as I washed them. I slowly worked the washcloth over my body relaxing in the steamy water. The sound of running water must have woken my husband up because the door to the shower opened and he stepped in. he embraced me with a firm hug and gave me a very passionate "I love you" kiss.

He took the washcloth from me and began washing my back and shoulders. "Did you have fun last night?" I asked. "I loved last night and I think you did too" he responded. As he handed the washcloth back over to me, I began to wash him and thought about what he said. The truth was I did love last night. I loved it and the fact that Nick allowed me such pleasures made me love him even more. "I think your right" I finally responded.

"Do you think we could do it again?" I asked him. He looked at me and said, "Well that all depends on whether you want it again lover." I smiled at him and gave him a big kiss. My mind began to think about future possibilities.

Over the next few months, Frank became good friends with us. He would join us a few times a month in our passionate romps and would spend the night at our house occasionally. Nick and Frank became good friends and could be found some afternoons hanging out around the house.

Frank seemed like the perfect man to have an open relationship with because he understood his place in the group. As Nick began to trust Frank even more he allowed me an even greater freedom. Some afternoons Nick would come home to find Frank and me watching TV waiting for him. He would pick me up and take us to the bedroom or sometimes even tell us to go ahead and he would join us soon after. After about 7 months with Frank being a regular in our house, I began to think about some other possibilities.

One night when it was just Nick and I, we sat in bed and watched porn. He had taken me earlier and my slit still had a little bit of his cum in it. As we sat and watched a particularly hot video Nick slipped his fingers into my juicy cunt and fingered me as we watched.

In the video men surrounded one woman. There were at least a dozen big cocks around her. During the video, every man there would fuck her. The idea of having multiple men always excited me and I could feel my cunt contract and drip around Nick's fingers.

He obviously noticed too because he started finger fucking quicker, sliding his long fingers in and out of me. I looked back at him and he kissed me deeply.

I kept watching as he nibbled my neck and fingered me. When the video had reached its climax the woman was being fucked in every hole and holding on to two big dicks.

I let out a quiet moan as I watched her being fucked. Nick whispered in my ear "I bet you would like that, all those hard dicks fucking you." I let out another soft moan and nodded to him. He looked at me with a grin and whispered "we will have to try that." As the video ended, he got on top of me and slid his big dick into my now drenched slit. It didn't take long for me to finish. When I woke up the next morning, Kathy was still asleep. I quietly got up and walked into the living room.

Thinking about last night, I called Frank up and told him what I was planning. Frank said he would take care of everything and he knew two good men that could play the part perfectly.

I told him that we were going to surprise Kathy two nights from now when they went out to dinner and that he should let himself and his friends in and get everything set up. After I said goodbye to Frank I erased the call from my phone and snuck back to my sleeping wife.

Six men surrounded me, six hard throbbing dicks. I felt one of the men reach out and grab my c cup and mention how nice my tits were to one of the others. The other men moved around me and began touching and teasing my body. One man was dueling me with his tongue while an array of hands felt from my big boobs down my flat stomach to my wet slit. I moaned as I felt one set of fingers enter my cunt. I could feel mouths working on my nipples and I could feel fingers penetrating each of my holes.

As the man kissing me finally broke from my lips, I let out a gasp as I felt the first of many dicks enter my wet slit. The man who was kissing me replaced his tongue with a hard dick, which I took hungrily in my mouth.

I licked and sucked his shaft as he fed me his hard dick. He laid his tight ball sack over my mouth, which I sucked and nibbled on lightly. When he had had enough of me, he moved away but was instantly replaced by another hard throbbing dick that was pushed into my mouth. As I sucked, I felt myself being moved around. One man slid underneath me and I could feel his huge dick press its way into my slippery ass. The man who I was sucking before slipped his wet dick into my juicy cunt and began to fuck me slowly.

The two men fucking my holes seemed to keep the same speed as I felt both dicks slam into me at the same time.

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My hands grabbed hard cocks and I jacked them slowly as I sucked on another. I could feel my orgasm building. Soon the two dicks deep inside of me would win and I would scream as I finally came. The two men fucking me gained speed as they both pushed harder into my holes. The man I was sucking slid his dick farther down my throat. Just when I was about to finish I felt a tongue and woke up. My wife must have been dreaming something very naughty because my tongue was making her crazy.

I licked and sucked her clit while she moaned and squirmed around. She kept squeezing my head with her strong muscular legs, which drove my tongue even deeper into her dripping slit.


I knew she was very close and I must have woken her to an orgasm because I heard her scream my name and shove her cunt in my face. I tongued it eagerly until she collapsed back into the soft bed. "I hate you," she said with a smile. "I know" I replied. I kissed her and told her she had better get going if she wanted to make it to work on time.

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I also reminded her of the dinner we had planned on Thursday. When she was leaving, I gave her butt a squeeze through her tight little shorts and gave her a kiss goodbye. Frank will like those I thought as she left. Her drive to work was filled with thoughts of her dream and how much she enjoyed her fantasy.

When she arrived at work, Frank was waiting outside the classroom. They entered the room and closed the door before she kissed him and he felt her up. Once in the classroom they made chatted before class and Frank helped her set up the board.

Every few minutes he would give her a spank and she would giggle like a little girl. When everything was set, Frank took his seat. She told him he should come by this weekend because she missed his hard dick. He told her he would love to come by but then the bell rang and the conversation ended. The next day she got the feeling something was about to happen. For some reason she suspected her husband of planning something.

He seemed more reserved last night and then this morning he told me to dress up for Frank today. She had done what he said anyways and was wearing one of her skirts and a nice push-up. They might have some fun before class with her looking like this she thought to herself in the car. She got to school a bit earlier and let Frank in as usual. Frank pushed her against the wall once in the classroom and kissed her neck.

His hands explored under her skirt, pulling aside her panties and rubbing her slightly wet clit. She moaned but eventually pushed him off with an exasperated "Frank!" He shrugged and said he couldn't help as he eyed her over again.

She could see his dick was getting bigger in his pants.


She smiled and told him to help her get ready. As they got ready, he squeezed her ass under her skirt. Every time he squeezed her cunt got even juicier. When the bell rang, they took their seats and she could feel her soaked panties between her legs. She shot Frank a dirty look before starting class.

When class ended, she said goodbye to frank, which involved a bit of tongue and a smack on the butt, and left for the parking lot.

She got into her car and called her husband. He answered and told her he would meet her at the restaurant. He also mentioned he might be late. When I arrived at the restaurant, I got a table for two that was located next to the bar. When I sat down I noticed a man at the bar glancing at me. I smiled at him and poked his buddy and pointed. One of them gave me a wink and I smiled again. I couldn't help myself, they were both handsome guys and I was still a bit horny from earlier.

I unbuttoned the top button of my blouse and spread my legs slightly just to give them a tease. After a few minutes of them staring and talking back and forth the man who noticed, me first walked over and sat down in the empty chair. He complemented me on my looks and told me he had lost his number. He then asked if he could have mine. I laughed at his cheesy line but bent down to get my pen.

As I did, his eyes followed my cleavage. I wrote my number down on a napkin and wrote under it "I'm married but my husband doesn't mind." He looked at me and smiled after reading it and got up to go show his buddy. Nick walked in a few moments after and sat down.

I didn't mention anything to Nick and soon after the two men left. We ate dinner and talked about our day. I told him about this morning with Frank and all he could do was laugh and say I don't blame him.

During my meal, I had rum and coke and the alcohol loosened me up a little more. After we paid, we walked into the parking lot and Nick told me he had to run back to the office to get something. He told me to head home and he would meet me there. Home was only a short drive from the restaurant and as Kathy pulled into the driveway, she noticed a strange car sitting in the cul-de-sac.

Kathy got out of her car and walked to the door, which was open with a note-affixed saying, "come in, your husband and I have a surprise -Frank." She pushed the door open and saw frank sitting nude in the living room. His dick lay between his legs semi erect. When he saw her, he stood up and went to kiss her.

She asked him if 'he' was the surprise, he shook his head and told her to take off her shoes. She did as he said and then frank led her into the bedroom. As she sat on the bed, two men came out of the bathroom, the same two men as from the bar. Frank told her they were friends of his and that they were all going to take turns fucking her.

Kathy was speechless but slid to the end of the bed and pulled one of the men over by his belt. She looked at frank and said, "You guys are too good to me." Before unzipping the man and pulling out a short but thick hard dick.

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She took just his head into her mouth and sucked it gently. The man had taken off his shirt and let his pants fall to the ground. Kathy reached up and ran her hands over his hard muscular abs before taking more of his stiff cock into her mouth. I can't believe what is happening. My fantasy is coming true. As I sucked on the hard dick in front of me, I could feel my slit moisten. The other man had started to undress and when his dick sprang free, I reached out and grabbed it to pull it closer.

I took turns sucking on the two of them. I noticed the other man had a slightly longer dick but it wasn't as thick. I easily took all of it down my throat. Frank had pulled me around and I was resting on all fours sucking the men. I could feel franks fingers probing my cunt and ass. He slipped on my panties and tossed them on the floor. Frank looked at his friends and said, "She's a good dick sucker isn't she." I smiled on the inside.

I was proud of my abilities and I'm glad these men appreciated it. Frank slipped two fingers in each hole and started to fuck me very slowly with his fingers. When I was nice and wet, he took his fingers out of my ass and started to tongue it instead.

He licked and probed carefully as he wiggled his fingers inside of my slit. When frank felt I was stretched enough he told one of his friends to try out one of my holes and see how I fucked. He told his friend to fuck any hole he wanted and at this notion, he shoved the full length of his long dick slowly into my ass.

The man with the thicker dick pulled it out of my mouth and I moaned feeling my ass slowly being stretched by the big dick in it. The other man slid underneath me so he could lick my clit while his friend fucked my ass.

I moaned feeling his tongue flick over my clit. I took his dick in my hand and jacked him off while he ate me out. I looked back and told the guy in my ass to fuck me harder. He didn't complain and slammed his cock farther into my ass. Frank sat back and watched his two friends pleasure Mrs.

B. He noticed however, her mouth was empty. He sought to fix this and made his way over to her face. She saw his thick cock dangling in her face and quickly took the familiar dick into her mouth.

Frank moaned feeling the expert mouth work his hard dick as he watched his friend fuck her ass. He pulled up her shirt and unclipped her bra letting her tits hang freely.

Kathy was getting close to finishing. Both of the men could tell because she had gotten more rigid and they could feel her holes pulsing. Kathy cried out and ordered them to fuck her harder. The man tonguing her clit slipped two fingers into her slit and fingered her while his friend fucked her ass even faster.

They didn't stop fucking her until she fell limp on the bed. Frank gently picked her up and held her in his arms. The man under her flipped around so his eager cock was positioned at her ass.

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Frank lowered Kathy onto his hard dick and slowly let him slide entirely in her. They laid Kathy on top of the man and he reached around, pulled her shirt off and grabbed her perky tits. Frank positioned himself in front of Kathy cunt and pushed the tip of his wet dick into her. She moaned softly feeling him penetrate her. The man holding her slid his hard dick in and out of her ass while she felt frank slide his dick in. the only man left, who had been fucking Kathy's tight ass lowered his ball sack into her welcoming mouth.

I was a little nervous on the way home. I didn't actually drive to the office I only circled the block five or six times. After 30 minutes had passed, I pulled into the driveway and made my way to the door.

I heard slapping noises and very distinct moans coming from inside the house. As I walked to the door, I noticed something run from the side of the house. I looked closer and didn't see anything more so assumed it was some sort of animal.

I walked into the house and could hear my wife finishing. I took off all my clothes and walked into the bedroom to find her filled with dick. I saw one of franks tight muscular friends holding my wife as he and frank fucked her loose juicy holes. The other man who saw me as I walked in had his long cock all the way in my wife's mouth. I walked up behind frank and put my hand on his shoulder.

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He looked back at me and slid his dick out of her. I saw her open cunt dripping from being fucked. My already hard dick throbbed uncontrollably. I moved in front of her cunt and got ready to slide in to my used wife's cunt. I could see a hard cock slamming in and out of her ass and I ran my finger from her ass up to her open cunt. Her juice had run all over her legs and down onto the man under her. I could see her sucking deeply on a nice hard cock but she was looking at me pleading me with her eyes to fuck her.

I pushed the tip of my hard dick into her and slid it easily all the way into her cunt. She threw her head back and yelled, "Fuck me Nick, please fuck me." I did as I was told and began shoving the whole length of my cock into her as hard as I could. Her wet fucked cunt made it easy for me to slam myself deep into her. I watched the other men as I fucked her pushing their dicks deep into her other holes. Even frank had found her open hand to hold his thick cock.

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My wife cried out as another orgasm rocked her body. After Kathy had finished the men slid themselves out and rolled her over. The man who previously had been stuffing his cock into her mouth slipped his dick into her open cunt. Nick looked at his wife's loose ass and slipped his own dick easily into her back hole. Frank felt his big dick being tugged by Kathy and he brought to her mouth. She opened her mouth and he stuffed it with his thick cock.

We all fucked her hard again feeling her holes pulse with each thrust. The man below felt himself getting close and cried out as he filled my wife with his cum. He pulled out and was replaced by his friend cock who eagerly fucked my wife's juicy cunt.

They continued to fuck her until Nick felt himself getting close.

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At this point, his wife was delirious and getting close to finish again, he could feel her wiggling pushing him deeper into her ass. Just as he knew she was finishing he let his load go inside of her and let her fall back to the bed. Kathy who was exhausted curled up on the bed. All of the men stood around her and admired the woman they had just fucked.

They all felt her plump ass and slipped a finger into her cunt and ass as they walked out. Kathy rolled over and thanked them as they were leaving.

Frank let his friends out and walked back into the room to find Kathy riding her handsome husband. Frank smiled before pushing Kathy down and sliding his own dick into her open ass.

They both fucked her holes until frank finished inside of Kathy's ass and fell onto the bed. He watched the woman he had just fucked ride her husband until she finished for the last time that night.

I tucked my wife in and walked with frank out of the room. We were used to seeing each other naked so there wasn't any awkwardness as frank began to get dressed. I asked him if he wanted to shower or even spend the night and he said he couldn't but thanked me for the evening. I smiled and told him any time. Frank left and I locked the door before returning to my wife for the night.