Pierced Nose Indian Girl Sucking Fucking Taking Cumshot Inside

Pierced Nose Indian Girl Sucking Fucking Taking Cumshot Inside
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****Thank you so much for reading Chaps 1 & 2. I appreciate your ratings and comments. Chapter 3, Shannon The next time I saw Dano was Monday. We'd agreed that we couldn't afford a major distraction, so after a difficult night on the couch - the couch on which I first fell for my transgendered girlfriend - I drove her home early the next day.

I tried to study the rest of the weekend, but could not take my mind off of Danielle. Several times I picked up the phone wanting, needing, to talk to her, but I knew my internship potentials were also important. The midterm was brutal as old man Schute promised, but we felt confident we were well prepared. Dano was in his usual outfit: baggy jeans, t-shirt and grey hoodie.


Now that I know what treasures lie underneath, my eyes linger on the sweatshirt and back pockets. I also noticed that his mousy hair hid a gloominess in his eyes, I knew I was the only one who can lift her dark clouds.

'I'm taking the rest of the day off, wanna come over?' I asked, trying not to address the furled brows head on.

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Dan's spirit lifted a bit, 'Sure, how's tonight?' 'Not now?' It was my turn to be disappointed. 'No, my dad popped in town.' Oh, his dad, the reason for that scar under his left ear. 'What do you have to do? Can I tag along?' That seemed to have done it. 'Sure, Liam, you can help me get this over with and we'll go to your place.' I gave him a devlish smile, 'Bring your toothbrush.' Danielle giggled, Dan caught himself.

I leaned in close, 'Would you be my girl, Danielle?' Dan teared up, we gazed in each other's eyes for a while before we caught ourselves. He gave a grateful smile and said softly, 'you jerk, you made me cry in public.' An hour later we were walking up the stairs to his apartment.

His dad had his laptop and work stuff spread out over the tiny dining table that was also Dan's desk and occasional poker table. The next two hours were tense. His dad did not approve of his, well, anything. Suffice it to say Dano was glad to have gotten that out of the way until next Spring. I shook his dad's hand in parting, but I did not try to hide my disgust. We both sighed relief and crashed on the couch. 'Wow,' I said, but did not want to continue.

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Dano handed me a beer and we downed it in silence. Dan stood, asked for my hand and said, 'come, I want to show you something.' He led me to his bedroom, but made sure the front door is locked good and tight. My heart skipped, but sensed that it was not what I had in mind. He said, 'I want to show you me.' With that he took off his mousy brown wig and revealed a redhead. His beard was a paste-on also. 'Dan, I…' All I can do was stare.

'Wait, Liam, shhh…' She proceeded to take off the grey hoodie. From under the t-shirt, she unzipped a girdle. I felt a lump in my throat, what did my girl have to go thru to live a lie! 'It's ok, Liam, I want to do this.

I'm happy that it's you I'm showing my real me.' I felt a tear running down my cheek, I didn't wipe it off.

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I felt it drip off my chin and on to my jeans. Danielle continued to peel off her disguises. Stood before me was a beautiful redhead with soft curves looking at me with tender love in her eyes. Having had a hint of the torture she must've endured at home, I grabbed her and sobbed. She returned the embrace and was equally emotional.

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When my sobs calmed a bit, she wiped off her tears and sniffled, 'look at us, we are a wreck!' She certainly bounced back lots sooner than I did. 'Would you please grab us couple beers?' I jumped at the chance to catch my breath. When I returned Danielle was sitting in front of the mirror putting on her make up. I looked on as she transformed to a vixen with fiery spiky red hair. Danielle must've seen what the red hair was doing to me, 'Yes, I'll wear it like this from now on.' By this time the dark clouds had completely disappeared.

I guess when you've lived with oppression long enough you really know how to switch off the bads. She stood up and said, 'Now, what do I put on the rest of me, Liam?' She playfully shook her body.

I had to lick my lips before I can talk; I'd been staring at her gorgeous figure the entire time, like museum goers admiring an impressionistic painting, not daring to encroach.


Apparently, she saw my lusty glances and chose not to react until now. She knew I was ready for the taking. I looked at her: B cups topped with pink cherries. Soft belly curved to a womanly hip. Meaty but firm thighs above perfectly shaped calves. And ,as if she could sense my hidden desires, her toes were painted a deep maroonish purple. When she turned she showed off her lovely butt.

It's not a small ass, and just the right size and texture to grab onto and have some fun. If you remember Ginger or MaryAnn, you know the shape I'm talking about. 'I love it all, Danielle.' I breathed out, 'I can't take my eyes off of you.' 'All of me?' She slid towards me and untucked her clit. I held it in my hand and watched it grow. The pink shaft was topped by a purple smooth helmet.

I kissed it, but still felt pretty weird. Emotional connection is one thing, a penis in my mouth is quite another. I stroked it for a while, working up the guts to take it in. Danielle lifted my chin and whispered, 'it's ok, Liam, I understand, I can wait.' I gave her a grateful smile and kissed her. I reached up for her nipples. I kneaded her soft tits and teased her nipples that made her moan with pleasure.

I kept an eye on his stiff clit and decided to reciprocate her favors. I gave it quick kiss. Danielle looked down in surprise, but I was grateful she didn't say anything. I licked the crown and heard her sigh.

I took the crown in my mouth and closed my lips around the shaft. I started to move back and forth like how I've had it done to me. The sensation of shaft, the veins, the skins, the folds were all new and quickly became excitingly erotic.

I moved faster and faster and changed up the tightness of my lips. I loved how I made Danielle moan and grunt and squirm. My tongue flicked the folds and slit, and Danielle squealed and her knees buckled. I took her out of my mouth and chuckled out loud. I was now actually enjoying pleasing Danielle's cock with my mouth. My own pleasures were muffled moans. My one hand played with Danielle's tits, the other was stroking my dripping cock.

Danielle backed out of my mouth, and between breaths she panted, 'Liam, where did you learn how to do that?!' I smiled, 'You.' I love how she blushes! Danielle pouted, 'Get on the bed. I want to try something.' I laid down and smelled her lovely mustiness on the covers. My heart skipped a beat. She put her mouth near my stiff rod and swung her right leg over me. She lowered her hips and I hungrily took her rod in my mouth again.

I heard a girlish cheer then felt her lips around my cock. In and out, up and down, her mouth was stroking me to climax.

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After a few moments of sheer pleasure, both giving and receiving, Danielle said softly, 'put a finger in me, sweetie.' I was only too happy to oblige knowing the heights of pleasure I'd brought her two nights ago. I lubed my forefinger with some of her pre-cum and rubbed it all around her pink hole.

Danielle rocked her body with my massaging fingers and when I felt more pre-cum in my mouth I gently glided the finger in.

'Ahh, daddy, that feels sooo good!' She purred As I pumped my finger in and out her lips and tongue marched me to my own climax. I lubed up a second finger and put it in, Danielle screech in delight. I curled my fingers as I pumped her. Her head moved up and down even faster, her moans of pleasure were muffled by my stiff rod. Our hips moved in unison, her rod left a trail of pre-cum on my chest while Danielle lapped up all I was leaking.

She was now too excited to keep my rod in her mouth, she stroked me with both of her hands. She wrapped both palms around my member and rubbed it as if to start a fire, sounds weird and looked funny, but oh man, that felt good! With one involuntarily jerk of her hips, I knew Danielle was about to explode. I asked, 'where would you like?' She grunted, 'in your mouth, my love!' I was hoping that was not the answer, but you can't have an open relationship unless you are willing to do equal shares.

I took her rod between my lips again, he thrusting hips shoved it all the way down my throat, surprisingly, I did not gag, only had the sensation to swallow. I did so, and she screamed in pleasure, 'oh my god, Liam, I'm gonna cum down your throat, daddy!' Her hips bucked uncontrollably and I felt hot spurts slithering down my throat. Knowing I've made her happy and listening to her moan, I gave up all control, with her hands roughly stroking me and her tongue tickling my hole, I shot off a huge load.

'Liam, you are incredible!' She panted. 'I should've done this a long time ago!' I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed our third beer. We didn't say much, just trying to clear our heads and catch our breath.

I watched Danielle's fingers run up and down the bottle suggestively and felt a twitch down below.


She smiled at me and looked me over, 'well, someone is ready for more.' 'OK, you win.' I jokingly hesitated, 'But we gotta hurry, I made reservations for us tonight.' We took a shower together. With the water splashing over us, we kissed, we embraced, we played with each other's fun parts. I leaned down to suck on Danielle's cherries, and she stroked our cocks using the shampoo as luxurious lube. 'I want you to fuck me, daddy,' Danielle panted. 'I told you we're running late already!' I put my hands on my hips and put on my best dad voice.

I was slapping my rod on her butt cheeks. Danielle flicked my raging boner and batted her eyes, 'oh, please daddy, pleeease?' oh my lord, I almost came right then and there. I bent her over, she parted her cheeks to show her pink soft hole.

I realized that there's nothing that's NOT sexy about this kitten! I massaged her hole with a thumb and cupped her balls and rod with the other hand. Her gentle whimpering told me she's exactly where she wants to be.

I eased myself slowly in her. I grabbed her waist and got in a good rhythm. I reached around to stroke her rod. We were both warming up in this already steamy shower. She rocked her hips in sync with me.

The sounds of our bodies slapping against each echoed in this small bathroom. Within a couple minutes of this erotic choreography, looking at the water running down her shapely back and listening to her satisfied groans, I was ready to erupt. 'I'm cumming, Danielle!' 'I'm cumming, daddy!' She popped herself from me, turned around and wrapped our cocks with both of her hands.

Danielle stroked them quick and tight. I closed my eyes from the pure ecstasy. We both moaned loudly; the heat of the water made me a little dizzy.

I let out a guttural grunt and splashed my cream. As I did so, I felt several hot warm spots on my belly. I opened my eyes just in time to see Danielle's final ribbon landing on my chest. Five minutes later, in a trance of ecstasy and love, I sat silently watching Danielle slip into a dress finalized her to a goddess of womanly beauty who commanded all male libido and more than a few females' jealous rage.

I was about to give in to lust again when my phone rang out an 80's tune. It rings this song but once a quarter. I thought for a moment and picked it up. 'Hi, Shannon.' ****Thank you so much for reading Chaps 1 & 2. I appreciate your rating and comments.

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These are stories about a transgendered male and his hetero male buddy. If this is not your thing, please do not give it a negative rating because of it. If you do give it a negative, please give a reason why.

Thank you!