Arab Beauty In Head Veil Getting Banged On Table

Arab Beauty In Head Veil Getting Banged On Table
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My mother pleasantly smiled and replied "ohh not at all", and moved away from the door and said, "Please come on in" then turning to me she smiled. ."Honey can you help them with the bags?", I slowly nodded and walked passed them as I I went to the car and picked the four remaining bags and carried them I went inside, my aunt ,Allison and Kelly were already seated and sipping their soda.

I sat next to Allison and Kelly, they were 3 years younger to me Allison was 12 minutes older than Kelly.


They both were really chubby&hellip.both were nerds, and they were proud of it, Allison was into science and Kelly preferred technology, both wore big identical nerd glasses, and I guess both were at least a 38D. My mother came and sat down next to me and handed me my morning coffee, "well let's see, Em and I will take the master bedroom, and you two can take the guest bedroom, for the time being you can use one side of Brian's closet to put your stuff in".

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I smiled as I finished sipping my coffee and helped Allison and Kelly carry their bags in to my room ad quickly managed to clear out one side out of my closet out for them, Allison took the top half while Kelly took the bottom.

Then they left the room to unpack their other stuff to the guest bedroom.


Later my mother called out for lunch and announced that her and my aunt are going shopping right after and if there was anyone who wanted to join them, I reminded her that I have to pick up my new Audi s8+ from the dealership today so I was out &hellip.Allison and Kelly looked at each other when I said this&hellip.and Kelly spoke up "you bought an Audi s8+?" I looked and said, "Yeah with the performance package", Allison chimed in "how can you possibly afford that?", I grinned "I have my ways…well why don't you come with me to pick up my new car ?." both smiled excitedly and nodded their heads.

As my mom and aunt headed off, I hailed a cab and got in with Allison and Kelly in the back. AT the dealership they waited by the car while I got done with the paperwork, and as I stepped out Kelly shouted "shotgun!!!!" and jumped into the front seat as I unlocked the car.

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Allison got in the back shaking her head smiling, while I became the last to get into my new car. "So where do you want to go first?" Allison chimed in "take us to the most beautiful place in this city." I smiles and fired up the engine and pulled out of the dealers smiling "I know just the spot" and I drove up the hill and pulled up to a land that I purchased from my first pay check because it had the best view of the city.

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Both Allison and Kelly jumped out and ran over to look at the view while I waited leaning against the bonnet of the car, as Kelly turned to me "can anybody come here?" to which I replied "no I own this acre no one can come past the front gates…well not legally…" Allison turned to Kelly and smiled and then Kelly started walking closer, "close your eyes we have a surprise for you" I didn't ask questions, and simply complied and closed my eyes.

After a few moments Kelly spoke up, "you can open your eyes now" as I did my jaw dropped to the floor, Allison and Kelly buck naked holding each other with the only thing on their body was their glasses.

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Both of the slowly walked up to me as Allison locked her lips with mine, Kelly got busy getting me naked, and son I was pinned between my car and my cousins taking turns sucking my cock. Once I was hard enough Allison laid down on the grass and spread her legs wide "Brian I want you to be my first." I wasted no time as I got on top of her and slammed my cock in one motion burying my cock into her pussy to the hilt as I felt my cock ripping through her hymen of her tight pussy.

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Allison screamed I pain…and started to whimper as she started getting used to my cock, I took her legs and dangled them over my shoulder lifting her hips up so I can fuck her deeper. As I started fucking her in long deep strokes, Kelly came behind me and reached around and grabbed my balls slowly massaging them and whispered into my ear. "We want you to cum in our pussies, we are both very fertile right now and have no protection, and you have a free pass to knock us up".

That pushed me over the edge and I started to cum quite violently into Allison's pussy and after the first few spurts of cum Allison herself went into her own orgasm milking every drop of cum out of my cock.


I collapsed on top of Allison panting as she wrapped her arms and legs around me smiling as I regained some of my strength. I slowly pulled out of Allison leaving a trail of cum on her slit,and immediately Kelly buries her face between Allison's legs eating my cum off her sister's pussy while fingering her own pussy… an before long my cock was hard as steel Kelly noticed.

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And after taking once final lick from her sister pussy still oozing with my cum,she got between my legs drooled the mixture of my cum, Allison's cum and her saliva and my cockand rubbed it down making my cock all nice sticky and wet.

she looks at me with her hungry eyes, I took the hint flipped her under me and almost out of instinct Kelly spread her legs apart allowing me to get between them,and just slide my cock up and down her slit teasing her.mmmmm Brian,its my first time too" i smile as i grip my cock and slowly pushes it in.

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