Mom And Step Daughter Alexa Grace Are Getting Closer

Mom And Step Daughter Alexa Grace Are Getting Closer
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Before I start writing. I kind of suck at writing sex stories! I would really appreciate it if I could get some positive feedback or helpful critique.

I got this account to write stories for my strange friends, there is three of 'em. But the first story I am going to be writing is for someone I've bee promising a sex story forever now.

And she's in love with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so you see how that goes. She wishes for her name to be kept a secret, so I'll call her by her middle name in this story. Enjoy! --- Everytime she exhaled, her chest ached. The cold stung her throat and lungs, and the cold dew on the grass was making her feet burn. It was dead silent, she tried to stop breathing whenever she took a step.

It was pitch black outside, she couldn't help but to ask herself, 'Can you do this? Can you survive this, Rosey?' She bit her lip and slowly stepped over a couple of branches, she was terrifed. The light from the house was shining into the woods, she knew they could see her at any time.

Next to dying, what she was fearing the most; to be caught the way she was. Topless. It was cold out, and trying to cover her C-36 sized breasts weren't as easy as she thought it'd be.

There was a perfect moment to grab her button up shirt when the man swinging a chainsaw fell over a fence.Why she didn't was beyond her. She mentally scolded herself for being stupid, when subconciously she knew that wasn't the reason she didn't pick her shirt back up.

Far off in the distance, she could hear the horrifying chainsaw sputtering. It was far enough that Rosey knew there was no reason to panic, they must've thought she went the other direction. With the easy thought on her mind, she began to run, not caring about how loud she was. 'Your gonna do it, Rosey.Your going to make it!' Her rose red hair whipped wildly around her face, a few strands stuck to her face from blood.

Soon, she came to a stop. She realized she had no idea where she was going, and the thought of running into someone half naked didn't thrill her all that much. Rosey leaned against a tree to lick her dry lips and let out a few sobs.

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It was the most frustrating situation she had ever been in. It also began to worry her that she heard the oh so scary weapon hault to a stop the moment she started running.

Then, she heard a twig snap behind her.

Her chest exploded but froze at the same time, she wasn't even able to breathe. Her irish green eyes darted around the darkness that her vision still hadn't adjusted to. Rosey took one step forward, and then felt a hand larger than her neck take a hold of her hair, and throw her to the ground. Rosey let out a blood curling scream when she landed near blood covered boots, and looked up to see a tattered apron, stained with her friends insides.

Sticks, mud and leaves prevented her from crawling away. She continued to scream as this massive man whom she could only compare to the size of a football player started to rev his chainsaw. The man she had come to know as Leatherface. Frustrated grunts came from under his mask as the chainsaw wouldn't start. Rosey sobbed and covered her face, completely forgetting about being bare.

It was just that; her large, perky breasts that reminded Leatherface it was always when in the middle of danger teenagers decided to have sex. So many people he had killed while having sex, he never once had the experiance.

As she held her breath, covering her eyes.Leatherface's lips twitched with joy when he began to realized what an opportunity he had infront of him. She had no where to go, she was half naked, and she was drop dead gorgeous. His child-like mind drove him to drop to one knee and just stare at her body, he also felt lucky that it was summer and she wore shorts. Her curves were sharp, they looked so easy to trace and hold.

She was physically fit as most of the teens he encountered were.She was extremely short, but had slender legs, beautifully toned and smooth. Her covering her eyes brought back the memories of when girls couldnt stand to look at him. He roughly removed her hands and stared into her eyes, filled with fear. He threw his other leg over her, now staring down at her, she began to sob again. It wasn't hard to see what was going to happen. In one swift motion, he threw his apron over his shoulder and started to unbuckle his pants.

In such a state of shock, she kept staring. Not making a peep. When his manhood finally had relief from not being contained, he sighed and started on her shorts.

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His legs kept her from moving, and she didn't dare raise her hands to him. He easily and slowly unzipped her shorts, staring into her eyes as he did so. Rosey felt herself become more confused than anything. She wondered why she wasn't scared, why she felt strangely aroused. It was almost torture, his thumb pressing down on her clitoris. He was making her wet, and he didn't even know it.

The corners of her mouth form a smile for half a second, she then stared down at his hand. Not very suprised to see an erection, and him continuing to pull her shorts down. Finally, he had her completely naked except for the necklace dangling between her breasts. She kept her wrists planted in the ground where he left them, even though he was no longer holding her down. Rosey found herself shrieking when he lowered himself down to her level, occasionally licking his lips while giving her a glare of desire.

He seemed to gently brush his fingers down the middle of her head, pushing her bangs back; then roughly tightening his grip to keep her head in the same place as he peeled her bottom lip down with his other hand, and rammed his tongue into her mouth. Rosey found no reason to scream, unless she wanted to feel more awkward and scared than she already did.

Cringing in disgust, she felt him let go and suddenly place his hands all down her body, as if inspecting her. His hand jumped from her youthful breasts, her now completely wet pussy, her beautiful tangled hair and then back again. She threw her hands to the ground in a fit, and stared into his baby blues, and snarled, "D-do it.J-just.Do it." He cocked his head but kept his eyes on her.

He parted her legs in a rough manner, pushing them as far as they would go, growling as he did so. Then, keeping her distracted by his animalistic sounds, he slowly pushed his erected cock into her, making sure she felt the pain. Rosey could make do with cringing in pain when he first started, then couldn't bare the pain as it was all the way in her, and shrieked in pain. She knew better than to try and attack him, so she intertwined her fingers through her hair and ratted it up, whining and sobbing at the feeling of her innocence being taken.

Somehow, under all the pain, she was being stroked and rubbed in a way she'd never felt before, she almost couldn't believe how enjoyable the tingling was. He slightly pulled back out of her, then pushed himself back in. His throbbing cock felt amazing inside of her, she could feel every movement he was making. The short squeeks of pain were now becoming short pants and breathless grunts. She felt her pussy heat up when he dug his hands into the mud beside her head and start to pick up his pace, his cock slid in and out of her with ease, she was extremely aroused, and the blood helped as a lubricant.

The horrid situation almost didn't bother her anymore, she didn't feel like her life was in any danger, at all. She had come to learn Leatherface as a mental illness, half the time he didn't know what he was doing was wrong.

It's what made the experiance so thrilling, she felt like she was seven again, touching her pussy for the first time. The overbearing feeling of knowing your not getting the tingle to its full extent, but still enough to make you think it's the horniest you'll ever be. Naturally, he thrusted upwards while fucking her; his pelvic bone colliding with her clit, and the tip of his penis stroking her sensative spot everytime.

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She began screaming like before, just as loud. Only this time, she had a hold on the colar of his shirt, begging and pleading him to go faster. Poor Thomas did the best he could. Rosey took a hold of the tie that was dangling on her breasts and threw him to the side. He was caught off guard, so he lost his balance and fell to his side, then rolled onto his back.

She immediatly crawled ontop of him, teasing his cock by dragging her wet pussy on it as she moved closer to his face. It wasn't like Rosey to make faces during situations like this, she tried her best to keep it straight.

Secretly, the teasing she was doing was driving herself crazy. It felt like a wet dream, the wet dream that you never get to finish; only she grinned from ear to ear when she realized she had the power. She could fuck the shit out of someone for the first time, feel her first orgasm. This is a time she knew she'd never forget. Gently, she positioned his stiff to her entrance and sat down.

She saw the discomfort on his face, the look in his eyes that said, 'Please.' Rosey started to buck her hips forward, slowly at first to see if it felt right.


She had never had sex before, let alone ride someone. It felt amazing to her, she could make sure it rubbed against all the right place, it was him she was worried about. Her concern was put to rest when he let out more of his crazy grunts and groans, some sounding like he was trying to say, 'Yeah.' She never thought she'd be the type to be turned on by noises, but she was.

Rocking back and forth on him furiously, she still had his tie in her hand, she slightly pulled it upwards, "Please," She begged in a baby tone, "Make more noise, for me, please make sounds. Let me know you like it!" It was almost painful how much she loved him grunting like an animal, she started becoming more aware of the scents of sex, it smelt like her pillow after she had a wet dream.

The thought made her crave more sexual attention, she pushed it farther and farther. She took his hand, it was massive compared to hers; and she placed it on her lower back, hoping he'd get the idea. Without missing a beat he reached up and took a hold of her tit.

It was suprising that a girl her size, could have such large breasts, and they appeared so perky. Very soft to the touch.


She was a little disappointed he took his hand off her breast to place it on her hip, but he made up for it by tightening his grip and forced himself farther into her. Without warning, every sexual sensation Rosey experianced multiplied x10. She arched her back and moaned loudly. The contractions of her still active pussy threw Leatherface over the edge, and he orgasmed with her.

She lifted herself off his manhood, but kept ontop of him.

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Wondering how the man she thought was going to kill her, became the most curious gentle giant she had ever encountered. Rosey then slid off of him, noticing his apron was on the ground beside them.

She took a hold of it and tied it around herself, so no one could see her bare.

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He was the only one she found fit to see her goods. Rosey wiped the sweat from her face, the summer air making it muggy out, she hadn't noticed untill she was finished.

"So." She chuckled at him, and brought her knees to her chin, "I had a feeling something was up when you first got a hold of me.You knew better than to just hold my waist but.I dont mind so much anymore." She twirled a lock of her red hair between her fingers.

His eyes were so easy to read. "Leatherface! Leatherface you hog bitch, didja get her!? Didja get that bitch!?" Was all they heard from the distance, Rosey immediatly jumped to her feet and leaned against a tree. Leatherface jumped to his feet as well, making the noises of a panicing child in trouble.

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He glanced at her, hunched over playing with his tie; trying to make himself seem less intimidating. He lightly raised his hands in a calming motion, letting her know it was ok.

He patted his chest, right where his heart was. At this point, she didn't want to leave but she knew she had to, "Hey." She softly said walking away, his eyes darted towards her, "I'll be seeing you again, ok?" He nodded ever so slightly as she took off running past the woods. The sight of society made her happy enough to drop to her knees.


Everything was ok in her head, she knew she'd be paying another visit to him again.