Homemade sex with shaved pussy teen POV

Homemade sex with shaved pussy teen POV
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I was forty five, divorced for the last eight years and was not seeing anyone.


I kept busy with running a construction company and found that it was easier to go home than to look for a friend I could connect with. Having tried dating a few times I was a little pickier than I used to be. My daughter Carol was seventeen, in high school and I would get her for every other weekend. Carol kept bugging me all the time to go out and find someone but I put her off saying I would when I found time to date. Carol was dating off and on but had no steady boyfriend.


I enjoyed her time with me and we'd go out to dinner or the movies a lot. Carol shocked me one day during our bantering by asking what I did for sex if I didn't date. "You don't really want to know about my sex life or nearly the lack of one." I told her. We had joked about sex as Carol was growing up and had our talk about safe sex, I had let my ex wife do the sex talk with Carol. Carol had asked questions about different things about sex over the years but nothing that was personal.

"Dad you are a great looking guy and I wish you would get out more, maybe get laid once in a while." Carol was blushing badly by the time she finished saying that. "I get it every once in a while." I told her. "Really, it must be very seldom as your truck is always at home when I come by." Carol and my ex only live a block away and I had no idea that Carol was keeping tabs on me.

"Whenever I'm down town and I have time, I go to a massage parlor and I get some relief there." I had Carols attention now, I could see her mulling over that fact and questions popping into her head.

Shit what have I started by telling her that, now she will want more facts. Carol always wanted to know the smallest detail of how things work and would ask questions until she understood things to her liking. Her curiousness always had us discussing all kinds of issues over the years but nothing where this was heading. Her first question I kind of expected. "So what happens at a massage parlor?" "Well you get a massage, like a rub and tug." I stammered trying to find a quick answer.

"You mean a hand job, Dad? So do you just go in there and pay for a hand job?" I knew now I had better explain some of the facts because she would ask until all the details would be out in the open anyway. I told her I'd go in pick a girl from a book of pictures, then pay for a room with or without a hot tub and choose how long I wished the girl for.

I told her once we were in the room I tipped the girl for services, sort of like a gift and that was all there was to it. "That's not as simply as you make it sound Dad. Can I ask some things about this or don't you want to talk about it?" Carol asked. I sighed because I knew Carol would not give up once she wanted to know something.

"Go ahead ask and I will try and answer your questions." "What are the girls like, are they old or younger? Are they different races? Do they take off their clothes? How much does it cost?" At this point I stopped Carol and said "One question at a time please. The girls I see are just your average girl.

I have some favorites that are black, oriental and white. They are eighteen years and older. A lot of girls are college students and use this for paying their education. In some massage parlors the girls are only allowed to take their tops off and some parlors they take everything off." I went on to explain how the cost of the massage worked and how the tipping helped in getting better results.

"Do you go all the way with some of them?" I didn't answer Carol, just grinned at her. "I take that for a yes. Do you get blow jobs?" I nodded. "Do you cum in their mouth?" "I always use a condom and then I do cum in their mouth." "Which do you like more, older or younger girls?" "That's a loaded question honey, but I do like girls that know what they are doing and that's not all of them. I have a few that I see regularly that are different ages, not just the hot young ones." At this point I decided I would turn the tables on her and find out about her sex life in order to get myself off the topic of discussion.

"How about you, have you lost your virginity yet?" "Dad, that's personal. And I guess what I've been asking you is really personal too. But no I have not gone all the way with anybody." "So what do you do on your hot dates that you've been on?" "Well I've given lots of hand jobs and a number of blow jobs." Carol was feeling a bit of pressure at my questioning and suggested we watch some movies.

We didn't mention our discussion about sex for the rest of the weekend. Two weeks later on her next weekend stay over she burst in with more questions. Carol wanted to know what I tipped for favors from the girls at the massage parlor and what the room cost was.

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I didn't know where Carol was going with this but I tried to give her all the answers I could hoping to keep an open line of communication between us. I asked Carol why all the questions. "Do you remember my friend Crystal that use to come over when we were little, well she needs help raising money for college and we got to talking about giving you sex for money and she said she would do it in a heart beat.

She doesn't have a boyfriend right now and she told me years ago she thought my dad was super hot. When I suggested that you could pay her instead of going down town to the massage parlors she was all for it, if you would agree to try her.

She has had a couple of boyfriends and has had sex with them so she has done it but isn't super experienced. What do you say Dad?" I remembered Crystal as a long leg skinny kid, but back then I really was not into checking out preteen girls and since Carol lives with her Mom I hadn't seen Crystal for years. She would be as old as Carol, seventeen was a bit young I told Carol.

"Please Dad, can you meet her and talk to her we really want to go to college together and her parents can't help her much right now." "Okay." I didn't know if I was thinking with my head or my cock but Carol gave me a huge hug. "Thanks Dad. I will get her to come over right away she's waiting for me to call her." A minute later Carol was on the phone with Crystal.


"She will be here in half an hour, okay Dad?" Crystal was here in less than twenty minutes and boy had she ever grown up. Crystal was maybe five foot ten inches tall, still had long skinny legs, still had small boobs and dirty blond hair. But she was beautiful with blue eyes, a little up turned nose and a wide mouth that was smiling non stop.

"Hi Carol, Hi Mr. Jones, I got here as quick as I could." she said. "Is everything okay?" Carol explained to Crystal what we had talked about and what she would be getting for being available to me. I had a raging boner already thinking of getting Crystal bare ass naked. "You've turned into a beauty." I told her. "I'd love to help your college fund and I'd love to get you into my bedroom.

Are you okay with what you will are going to be doing and with what you will get." "I can't wait, if it's as good as I think it will be maybe I'll be over every day. Can we start now?" "Your such a slut." Carol teased Crystal. "Are you okay with me taking Crystal to my room for a while?" I asked my daughter. "I set you up for this so go ahead and enjoy Crystal." I led Crystal into my room and remove her blouse and bra.

Her small titties where firm with puffy nipples that I fondled with loving care. After squeezing her nipples for awhile Crystal pulled my head to her titties saying. "Please suck on my titties." Who was I to refuse, I licked around her nipples and every once in a while I would nip her nipple.

I slid my hand down and undid her jeans and she helped to push them all the way off and stepped out of them. I pushed her back on the bed and admired her lithe form while I pull her panties off. Her pussy was covered in dark pubic hair. I lifted her knees up and spread them to the side, I could see her slit which was opened just a little giving me a glimpse of clit at the top. I kissed her telling her how lovely she looked.

I kissed my way down to her titties again and gave them a good licking while checking her pussy for moisture. I got my finger good and wet and moved up to her clit, her hips where pushing up to meet my finger.

I needed to taste her sweet pussy so I moved down her belly kissing my way to her sweet smelling pussy. As soon as I licked her clit she grabbed my head and held me tight forcing me to keep licking around her clit. Soon she was grating up and moaning, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." I slowed my attack on her clit and lapped up juices from the bottom of her slit to her clit until finally she pushed me away saying I'll cum again if you keep that up.

"It's you're turn now." As she helped me undress she sucked onto my cock as soon as it came out of my boxers. I almost came right there as she took me completely by surprise, her mouth was so fucking hot. As I stepped out of my clothes Crystal was play with my bum with one hand and caressing my balls with the other, she was bobbing up and down on my cock slowly.

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I wanted to bunny fuck her mouth fast but made myself slow down to enjoy every bit of feeling she was giving me. I could feel myself building to a huge orgasm when she stuck her finger up my butt hole and I exploded with a huge load of cum. Crystal choked but swallowed as much as she could. "Sorry I was going to warn you when I was going to shoot but you caught me by surprise by fingering my ass hole which felt great and I just came instantly." "I love to swallow cum it gets me so fucking horny." Crystal said.

' I need you inside of me, can you go again?" Before my cock started to get soft Crystal move over my cock and pushed her pussy onto my cock. Crystal move up and down slowly keeping me hard. I played with her firm puffy nipples while she used her pussy on me. Her pussy was incredibly hot and it felt as if she was sucking on my cock as she was pulling out.

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Crystal was moaning loudly and I knew she was getting very close to cumming as she was picking up speed. I fucked up into her hot pussy, Crystal was moaning loudly and started cummimg hard before I had was ready to cum. Crystal collapsed onto me and I held her as she enjoyed the after glow from her orgasm. "You didn't cum, how would you like for me to finish you off?" "Could I fuck you doggie style?" I asked her. Crystal flipped over and got on her knees and stuck her ass up in the air, clearly inviting me to go ahead and enjoy myself.

Crystal had this incredible tight little ass with a nice three finger gap in between her legs. Perfect ass to play with. I massage her ass cheeks working my way to her wet pussy.

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"Please, stick your cock in me already and fuck me me hard." she begged. I moved in closer and worked my cock into her hot little pussy slowly keeping myself from ramming away. I reach around and grabbed her hard nipples and rolled them between my fingers while pumping slowly and deeply into her pussy. "Go fast and harder." she begged.

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I kept the pace as steady as I could. I could feel myself building up to an incredible orgasm. I knew soon I would be ramming Crystal for all that I was worth. I squeezed her titties milking them, she was pushing back at me and she reached under us and grabbed my balls and played with them gently.

I couldn't hold back any longer, I fucked into her hard as she yell out "I'm cummmmming." With that I let loose a big load pushing as deep into her pussy as I could, feeling it pump into her and her pussy milking my cock for every drop was an amazing feeling. I pulled her onto my cock and held her tight as my cock twitched around in enjoyment.

After we lay spooned together resting until I slipped out of her pussy and she grabbed some Kleenex and ran for the bathroom. I got dressed and went looking for Carol. I found her in the kitchen making a pot of coffee and I gave her a big hug.

"Thanks." I told her. Crystal is a regular visitor to my place now and is building up a nice college fund.