Sex with a rabbit toy

Sex with a rabbit toy
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The week had gone slowly for Alice as she was anxious to be with William. He had been shopping and Wednesday when she had been to his apartment for supper he had mentioned that he had been shopping and gotten some of the things they had talked about last weekend.

Things had gotten a little warm as they cleaned up after the meal but William had stopped it and made her finish the school work. He looked across the room at the cute, pretty and really beautiful woman sitting there studying. Man it has been a long time since he felt this way and he liked it. She looked up and saw him looking at her in a way that made her get all warm and fuzzy.

There was a sensation that ran through her body form toe to nose and it was not just a sexy urge now but something else. She was truly happy. Then she thought about Friday night when she would be back and he would show her what he had bought and that aroused different feeling in her causing her pussy to get all warm and wet. He saw the look on her face and wiggle of her butt in the chair. "Enough day dreaming young lady back to the books" and he smiled a very knowing smile.

She smiled at him and deep within herself thinking, he knows what was going on in my mind. The ticklish feeling flashed through her body and she smiled as she bent over the books again.

Friday came and she only stayed at her apartment long enough to drop of school books and change into jeans and shirt. As she was leaving her roommates asked where she was off to and she had only said she was going out with a friend as she disappeared out the door.

Her roommates were getting a little curious about her absence from the apartment last weekend and then she was gone without telling them anything. She had run down the hall bumping into a couple of the other tenants before stopping at Williams's door and knocked excitedly.

"Come in before you break the door down", crazy woman might as well tell the world we are having an affair or what the hell it is if some old goat is having sex with a, what, hell a child. Again the thoughts of what he was doing ran through his head, it's not right he should not be doing this. Then she was there running up to him jumping up throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him in a way he had not been kissed in a long time.

All his doubts vanished in an instant as his arms folder around her and hugged her tightly. The kiss was hard and her tongue parted his lips and entered his mouth quickly.

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His hand was on the back of her head and the kiss became frenzied. The feel of her breast and hips pressing against him caused his cock to twitch and harden. His hand moved down and cupped her ass and squeezed the cheek and she moaned softly.

His lips moved along her jaw line to her neck and hers moved and bite his ear. Her teeth bit his ear lobe and pulled hard causing him to pull back and bite her neck hard.

It seemed that they wanted to devour each other literally. The feel of his hands on her body stirred all the passionate needs in her again and she wanted him completely now.

Her lips moved down from the ear to neck and back to his lips and then she broke. "I want you now please, I can't wait any longer." Her lips kissed the base of his neck and her hand now moved to the front and tore at his shirt. Her urgent need had made him hot and there was no stopping now as both hands held her ass and squeezed her cheeks hard. It was this way that he carried her to the bedroom while she kissed and bite at his neck and ear.

He threw her on the bed and stripped off his shirt, shoes and pants leaving only his boxers before he bent down to strip her. His hands clumsily undid the buttons of her blouse kissing the bare skin as it showed paying special attention to the cleavage between her sweet tits. She was wearing a plain white bra and as she had not taken any of the new ones back to her place.

He unhooked the bra and as it opened up the small pert tits with the very hard nipples bounced up to his lips. The tongue first circled each nipple licking the tip. "Oh yes suck them, suck them hard now please" she begged him and as his lips closed around a nipple and sucked it deep she moaned loudly and shivered as the passionate sensations racing through her.

Then his lips moved down across her belly kissing sucking and licking. He could hear her moaning and begging for him to hurry. His hands were on her jeans opening and then pulling down off her legs. He stared down at her now laying there with only the white panties on and the fires of passion burned deep. He pulled down his boxers and his cock jumped up like a young stud.

He thought, god woman you made a new man of me and I love you for it. He picked up a foot and ran his tongue over the sole lightly causing her to giggle and twist. "Hey, don't, I want you to fuck me not tickle" and she used her other foot to rub his hard cock. He could not believe her using the word "fuck" so freely but it sounded hot coming from her and he move his lips up her leg past the knee up the inside of her thigh.

The taste of her flesh was salty as she had not showered and so she smelled of woman and he wanted to passionately eat her. His hand grabbed the top of her panties and forcefully pulled then down. Now she was naked and he quickly buried his face in her pussy. The desire in him could not be kept in control any longer as he licked the warm wet pussy lips with frenzy. His tongue parted the tight young lips and moved up to the clit which was now a hard little button.

She moaned loudly and bucked wildly as his licking and sucking sent the sensation of an orgasm through her.

Her moans and movements made him even more excited as he lifted her legs to his shoulder and then, with one hand, rubbed his cock head against her waiting lips. The feel of her warm wet pussy lips against the head of his cock sent the most wonderful sensations through him. He could not wait and pushed the head past her lips causing her to jerk with momentary pain. Then he pushed into her part way and started to thrust in and out until he heard her moaning with another orgasm.

The feel of his tongue had given her a small orgasm but then as his cock had started to move in and out of her young tight pussy she had a massive orgasm.

She now wanted it all and bucked her hips up to him forcing his cock to drive deep into her. As she bucked up to him he had dropped down on her and the result was his cock was now as deep into her as it ever had been. He felt the head hit the cervix and her body shudder as another orgasm caused her to moan then scream. The sensation was the best she had ever known and the scream just happened. Her orgasm had triggered his climax and his moan mingled with her scream as her pussy was filled with his cum.

He continued to thrust as long as he could but without the pill and cock ring his erection softened quickly.

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Soon his cock was soft and had slipped out of her. Then as he rolled to his side beside her, "Oh I am sorry but without the pill I just don't can't keep it hard very long and I hate to leave you hanging".

She did not understand his concern, "What do you mean, I had a great orgasm in fact I had several and I don't care about how long it is, I just love the feel of you cock in me and the cum".

She wiggled at the thought of that and cuddled up to him kissing his neck and ear. He lay there happy and content wondering what he had done to deserve all this. "So you went shopping and got me a vibrator and some toys".

"Yes, I got all sorts of things you asked about". "Okay let's see them" then she was getting up looking around the room. "First lets clean up and eat, and then we can look at what I got." With that they showered, together, playing with each other in a very familiar way as the washing was not scrubbing but more like caressing. The meal was good with talk of school and friends, which caused him some uneasiness as he felt like she was a daughter.

They were in the living room setting on the sofa with one of the bags of things he had bought. This feeling was strange to him as she was not his daughter but it seemed he was fucking his daughter or someone he thought of as a daughter.

Dam it, too much thinking and I will get this all screwed up. She is not my daughter, but the thoughts and feelings are really sexy. If she was my daughter I guess I would still be doing her like I am. They had dressed comfortable as they were staying in and she had put on some of the new clothes. She had on red boy cut panties and a red pushup bra that barely covered her nipples. The blouse was a red sleeveless one. The shorts were black very tight and pulled into her crotch but no camel toe as her pussy was too young and tight.

He smiled as she opened the bag and hauled out the vibrators and a couple of dildos. "This is a funny looking cock with two ends, how do I use it. Oh and what is this", as she picked up both a double ended dildo and a small silver vibrator.

"Okay easy now one thing at a time. That is a vibrator and you can use it on your clit or in your pussy and some even use it in the ass." He picked it up and twisted the end to turn it on and handed it to her. "Oh wow, that is a weird feeling, so show me" and she handed it to him. "Okay close your eyes and just feel and don't say anything", and then he touched her neck and move the vibrator down opening her blouse to expose the bare skin above her bra. He felt her shiver as she sat back on the sofa and let him move the vibrator lower over the top of her breast.

She loved the feel of the vibrator over her breast and she was getting wet again. He moves it over the outside of bra so it stimulated her nipples causing them to get hard and he heard a soft moan escape her lips. Then he edged it into the bra move it back and forth over and around the nipples of each breast. She was moaning louder and wiggling as her hands came up and opened her blouse completely then reaching in and pulling out each tit to rest above the bra.

"Oh god that feels so good, oh suck my tits please" and she reached up to grab his head. "No, not yet, you let me control what we do okay" and he ran the vibrator over the nipples and then down over her bare belly and pushed it under the waist band of the shorts. She loved the feel of the vibrations and as the vibrator moved down she got hotter and wetter. Then as he opened the shorts and pulled them and the panties down the vibrator followed until it hit the wet lips of her pussy.

Her hips bucked up and a loud moan escaped her lips as the orgasm ripped through her causing her body to quiver for a moment. He pulled the vibrator away as she settled back and regained her composure. 'Oh god that was great and so fast, I want that with me always and its small enough to put in purse so I can take it anywhere, how nice." She was already thinking how it would be to use at home or heck even at school. "Easy now, first you do not go around with it in your purse, what happens if you spill your purse.

I will only give it to you if you promise to keep it safely in your dresser drawer in the apartment, okay". "Oh alright but I can take it out someday right, I thought it would be exciting to do it at school." "Oh sure you want a moaning screaming orgasm in the lunch room, nice".

"No silly, but I was thinking of the library or study hall and I can do it quietly." "Well you better practice at home alone until you get the quiet part worked out because right now you are anything but quite when you have orgasm." He was thinking of the last one and how loud she had screamed wondering if the neighbors had heard. She reached up and kissed him with a soft loving kiss and again he had those thoughts of her being a daughter.

He was shaking his head to clear it as she picked up the double ended dildo holding each cock head in a hand. "So what does one do with a double headed cock?" as she moved one end to her mouth and licked it suggestively.

"Well this you can use to put in your pussy like a real cock and then you use vibrator on your clit as you move this in and out." "Fine but why are there two heads on it and look how long it is, that would never fit in my pussy." as she waved both ends at him. He smiled and thought, this is not going to be easy and he was actually a little embarrassed as he took it from her.


"Well, mmmmlet see how do I explain this, maybe we should start with some others." "No, you said you would explain it all and I want to know about this one, besides I think I have seen it on the internet, but I want you to teach me." She had seen just about everything on the net but she wanted him to teach her.

She wanted him to do to her all the things she had seen on the internet, besides it was a little fun watching his embarrassment. "Okay, ah, well see some women like to have sex with other women and this way they can each have a cock in them." He actually seems to be blushing and she smiled as she reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh you're so sweet your actually blushing, I think." A very special feeling filled her now and she could not understand or explain it. "Nonsense I am too old to blush." He had not counted on the power of a young woman. She had caused many changes in this OLD man the least of which was blushing.

"So each gets a cock in their pussy and they usually sit scissor fashion then move the dildo back and forth. Since I'm not a woman I have not been actually present just seen movies." He sighed and hoped she did not have a lot of questions and then asked himself, why did I get that one anyway. "Oh, well I can take it back to my apartment and get one of the roommates to try it with me right", she waited for him to choke on that as she smiled like a little devil.

"Oh god woman no you do not tell your roommates anything of the sort and further." He was cut off by a sweet kiss on the lips. "I was only teasing you I would never tell my roommates anything", she then thought about why he did not want anyone to know about them and again more questions without answers. "Ya well you have to stop teasing an old man like that, give me a heart attack." "Oh you're not an old man to me and I would never give you a heart attack" and again she leaned in and kissed him softly with the feeling only love produces.

"So this is only good for two women then." "Well not exactly, see I have seen it used by one woman where she puts one in her pussy and the other,……&hellip. well ah the other she put in her butt." "You mean she can get that in her ass?" She knew the words and was not afraid to use them but he had been again embarrassed or protective.

Again the feeling she was more than just a young woman he was having sex with. "There is no way you could get that in my ass." "Ya well that is something we are not going to talk about, so let's see what other vibrators are in the bag." He was very ill at ease talking about anal sex with her but she was of another age and nothing seemed to bother her.

"But you promised to teach me everything about sex and such and anal sex it part of that right?" She was not going to let him get out of telling her everything he knew about sex. She saw the expression on his face and realized she had put him in a difficult position. "It can wait till later so don't get upset, you look so worried" and again she kissed him softly. The feeling that filled him now was just too wonderful to deny and as she kissed him he enfolded her in his arms crushing her to him.

She had to push him back as she could not breathe. She looked into his eyes and saw something that warmed her entire being not just her pussy and she was truly happy. "Okay now here is a vibrator egg and this is put inside your pussy and the control is here." She stood up and took his hand in her hand and the bag with the other.

"Let's go to the bedroom where we have more room." Once there she stripped and crawled onto the bed taking the silver egg with her. "Here show me what to do", and she handed it to him with a simple smile. He crawled onto the bed up to her and then spreading her legs he touched her pussy lightly. He reached into the bag and pulled out the lubricant he had also bought and spread it on the egg before pushing it into her.

She wiggled her hip as the egg went in and was pushed deeper by his fingers. She softly moaned as the egg slipped into her and she could feel his finger touching her pussy lips.

She thought, oh god it feels so good when he touches me there and her whole body quivered. Then her body convulsed as he turned on the vibrator buried deep inside her. The sensation was mind blowing and she moaned very loudly while she bucked her hips up. She reached out with both hands and grabbed his hair and pulled him to her kissing him with great force. The orgasm was unending as the vibrator did not stop and her body quivered. He turned it off and she collapsed gasping. She breathed deep and fast just laying there as the reality of what had just happened finally hit her.

"Oh god that was the greatest. That was the wildest orgasm I have ever had and so fast. I can still feel that thing and ohhhhh I can move it inside me by flexing my pussy." She got a very sensual smile on her face as her pussy played with the egg.

He handed the control to her and she turned it on to slow making her give out a soft low and very long moan. She continued to enjoy the egg for several minutes as he looked through the other items in the bag. The sensations running through her were not new but the method of getting them was and she liked the idea of being so naughty. She was young and really on her own for the first time and she had found someone to show her the really naughty side of life, or so she thought. She thought it would be great to keep the egg in her all the time that way she could just turn on and off as she wanted, but the wire coming out of her pussy might be a problem and she chuckled.

She pulled the wire and then reached in and pulled the egg out, "here now let's see what else you got". She proceeded to look through the pile of things on the bed and picked up a small butt plug, "okay let me guess, it goes in my ass". "Yes and I suggest you use some lubricant if you're going to try" and he handed her the tube of KY jelly. "Okay but you put it in for me" and with that she got on her hands and knees wiggling her cute little ass in his face.

Oh man this is getting very weird but god does she have a cute ass. He put some jelly on his index and middle fingers then some on her bung before slowly pushing his index finger in. After he had gotten the index in completely he added the middle finger and twisted his hand. At first she did not feel like she was going to like this anal sex but then as the finger went deeper and the other finger entered she relaxed and the sensations of pleasurable sex flowed through her.

His other hand was playing with her pussy and soon sexual feelings were filling her body again. She was moaning and wiggling her hips and flexing her butt muscles around his fingers.

Then he took the butt plug and pushed it into her slowly until it was firmly into her. She was moaning as his fingers stroked her clit while the other hand played with her breast and nipple. The strange new feelings were exciting and so naughty, she was getting fuck in her ass, well almost anyway.

She loved the feeling of his hands on her pussy and breast. Then she felt his hips against her ass and as he pulled her hard to his groin she felt the thrill of another orgasm rush through her. He pulled the plug out slowly and let her relax laying flat on her belly.

She felt exhausted as she had had so many powerful orgasms. She could not believe how many ways there were to have an orgasm and how powerful they could be. She just wanted to lay there as she felt his hands on her bare back starting to massage her muscles. He looked down at the cute young body before him and all he could think about was touching it.

The hands seem to have a mind of their own and the kneaded and rubbed her back and legs and shoulder.


"Okay sleeping beauty I think you should take a shower." She had fallen asleep under the tender care of this man. "wow that was some evening what time is it?" "Well its only 11 but I let you sleep for awhile and before going you might want to shower." She did not really want to go but the shower sounded good as she felt very sticky. They showered together and she loved the way he washed her body so completely.

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She smiled as this time he paid special attention to her butt and made sure all the lubricant was cleaned off and out of her ass. They dried each other off and as she was drying him she cupped his soft cock in her hand then bent and kissed it. She then took the cock into her mouth and sucked on the head. "Oh wow easy mmmmmmm that is very nice but you do that and we will be here all night." "Well that is fine with me I want to stay here" and she could not help but wonder why he did not want her to spend the night.

"Your roommates will worry about you or will ask all sorts of questions about where you were", he still was concerned about what people would say about an 18 year old girl with a 66 year old man.

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Hell he had his own questions of what the hell he was doing. Then every time he saw her, touched her or she touched him all the question flew out the window. "I will just tell them I spent the night with a friend and leave it at that and if they ask I will just say "A FRIEND" and that is all, so there now can I stay tonight, please." She reached up and kissed him softly.

What could he say but yes. "Okay you can stay". With that she kissed his cock head and then proceeded to lick it and his balls. He could not believe what she was doing or how she knew what to do and then she took his cock deep into her mouth and started to suck.

He reached down taking her head between his hands he moved it back and forth. He threw his head back and moaned as she caressed his balls and then fingered the spot at the base of his cock that sent shocks through his body causing him to shoot what little cum he had, and it was not much, into her mouth.

She continued to suck and stroke his cock until it was soft again. She looked up and smiling she stood up, "I like the taste of your cock and your cum". "Oh nice and where did you learn all this?" "On the internet, you can see everything on some sites and it is very informative", and with that she squeezed his soft cock very gently.

"MMMMM, I do love your touch and you are a lot better informed about things than you let on young lady" and he pulled her close and kissed her softly on the lips. "Now it is time to put something on so go look at the things I bought you" and with that she hurried into the bedroom.

He had purchased a selection of many items and she tried several. She giggled at the crotch less panties and the bra that just push up the breast with nipples at the top edge. She walked around the room showing off several of the items until she settled on a pair of lace panties and a very thin sexy nightie. Then she went back to the collection of toys. There was a vibrator with a clit and anal stimulator along with some velvet cuffs.

She held these up and smiled at him. "So when do you plan on using these"as she waved them at him. He smiled and thought, god I cannot keep up with this woman's desires I am just too old but it is sure fun trying. Sitting on the edge of the bed he looked at her standing in the sexy nightie and said, "Sorry my dear but old William is a little worn out, I cannot keep up with your youthful desire, much as I would like to.

I am sorry but there just isn't much left in me tonight." She smiled and moved to him taking his hands in hers,"oh please don't feel you have to do anything now, I am sorry for being so demanding." She kissed him gently on the cheeks and lips. "Oh I hope to show you all the toys and well use them with you; on you, but I guess my age does make a difference." Pulling her to him and laying back she snuggled up alongside him with her head on his chest and arm up around neck and leg over his.

She looked into his face and smiled feeling safe against his warm body. She was spending the night with him and that was enough for now and besides he would wake in the morning all rested and she would have him then. He woke with a morning hardon which had not happened in a long time and he thought, mmmm nice to have that feeling again and even nicer to have someone close to enjoy it with.

The sleeping woman at his side was curled up with her back to him and rolling over he spooned along her back with his rock hard cock slipping into the crease between her butt cheeks. She wiggled a little and his cock was now between her legs and against the panties covering her pussy.

His arm was over her and he just pulled her in close. She woke as his arm pulled her close to his chest and she could feel his hard cock against her pussy. Flexing her thigh muscle caused his cock to flex and she knew he was fully awake and ready to fuck. Wiggling her hip back into him said she wanted more and he reached up under the thin nightie and cupped her breast then grasped the nipple between fingers and rolled it.

She moaned and pushed her hips back into his crotch harder then brought her hand down between her legs to caress the head of his cock. She wanted a special fuck this morning something she had seen on the net. "I want you to fuck me now like I saw it on the net, doggie style and then that little vibrator in my ass." The video she saw had the woman really wild and she wanted that as well, but then she forgot what good actors some of the porn stars are.

"MMM you sure seem to know what you want." He was not sure quite how to take her knowledge of sex that so far he was enjoying everything about her and this sounded like a good way to fuck. "Okay get on your knees", and he pulled her panties off and pushed her nightie up.

Then he parted her butt and lay down so he could eat her pussy and get it moist. She had the vibrator and handed it to him, which he turned on and rubbed against her pussy. After a few moments of licking and sucking on her pussy lips and clit he got up and parted the butt from behind and rubbed the vibrator against her tight little ass hole.

She moaned and wiggled her butt back trying to force it into her ass. "Easy now not so fast I want to enjoy this too." "I want it now so hurry up and stick that in my ass and then get your cock in my pussy." She woke horney and wanting sex in the worst way.

She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock and pulled it to her. She then rubbed the head against the swollen pussy lips and moaned deeply. As he pushed the vibrator into her she guided his cock between the wet pussy lips. Now she had to things entering her at the same time and she quivered all over with excitement. The vibrator was on a slow speed but still enough to cause her to have a small orgasm before it went to full depth and maximum speed.

After his cock entered her pussy he lost all control and with on mighty thrust he rammed it deep into her. This also caused the vibrator to be pushed fully into her ass. She was moaning and then crying and finally a small scream escaped her lips and orgasm after orgasm surged through her. She was not sure if it was one big long orgasm or several of them but no matter it was the most wonderful feelings.

Oh god I love the feeling of his dick in my pussy but the vibrator in my ass, oh god that is good, and her body quivered uncontrollably. "Yes you little bitch you, you know how to fuck good, dam you know a lot, oh dam this is good, yes." And he could not believe how great it felt to have his cock buried deep in her pussy and the vibrator against the whole length of it sending thrills through it in waves.

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Oh god I won't last, yes oh yes, and he shot a massive load of cum deep into her now very wet pussy. There did not seem to be an end to the cum as it continued and he could not imagine where it was all coming from. He had not pumped that much cum in a long time and now he was flooding her little pussy to over flowing. I was leaking out all around his cock. She bucked and started to squeeze her butt and pussy muscles in an alternating rhythm that made him moan even louder and stiffen then drive harder into her very wet pussy.

Soon his cock softened and slipped out but that was not the end as she quickly took hold kissing and licking it clean. She then looked up at him and smiled, "mmmm good morning".

He was spent and he had not even gotten out of bed yet. As he dragged himself out of the bed and to the shower he kept thinking that he had to get control of things but then she was right behind him naked and pushing him into the shower then grabbing his cock and kissing him passionately.

All reason escaped him and he grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up kissing her deep. This time no matter what his cock would not get fully erect and so they just hugged and kissed then washed each other in the most suggestive way. He cleaned her completely, every crease crevice and crack with special care to certain places.

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They dressed, ate breakfast and then she had to go back to her apartment. She had asked if she could take some of the clothes with her and he had relented.

As she packed some of the panties and bras in a bag her saw the silver vibrator and egg. Without thinking she just picked them up with the clothes thinking what fun she was going to have this next week.

After she left he had gone in to straighten up the rooms and noticed the vibrator and egg missing and shaking his head thought there was going to be trouble ahead. ** Author note** I appreciate all comments positive and negative. There will be at least two more parts as there are many toys to learn about and then show her roommates.