Lusty Kasey Warner orally pleased and banged

Lusty Kasey Warner orally pleased and banged
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Chapter 2 Leliana the bard. Leliana had often wondered what it would be like if hawke would make love to her.She dreamed at how romantic it would be,to lay in his arms. She never dreamed it would be like this. Here she was on her back,naked,in castle Hawke with Ryder walking towards her with a lecherous look on his face,his massive cock and balls swinging as he approached,its head dripping precum.The short haired redhead beauty could only stare at the massive erection,her pussy getting wet at the sight.

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He pulled her by her fiery hair to his cock,pointing the dripping head at her mouth,smearing her red lips with his clear pre cum. 'Open your mouth,leliana.Suck my cock.' She finally opened her mouth and took in his cock as ryder pushed it in her mouth with gusto.Leliana's eyes widened as the taste of his cock hit her taste buds.STARS ABOVE!It tasted so delicious.Her nose wafted with the smell of his hot cum inside his sweaty jizz jars.She swore she could practically taste the sweet sperm just wanting to feed her.

Her lips latched hungrily on his cock,sucking more enthusiastically,her eyes clouded with lust.Hawke grinned.She was his now.Pulling off his cock,leliana went down to suck on his balls.She kissed each sperm filled orb with adoration and reverence.She proceeded to take each fat ball in her mouth,sucking hard on it.Between kisses and sucks she spoke to the his twin spunk orbs as if they had a life of their own.

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'(KISS).mmmmm,make a nice hot load for mama,boys.She gonna need a hot,thick load from you soon.Churn up that slimy,thick,seed for me boys.Mama's hungry and she needs some nice feeding for her tummy.' She kissed the balls hard,leaving her lip marks next to Bethany's own.Hawke had reached his limit with all her filthy talk. Bringing her face up,hawke began to cum. 'Eat it,you red haired bard bitch.SWALLOW MY LOAD.IT'S NICE AND HOT.' He sprayed her beautiful face with his sperm,coming out in thick streams and blasting her face and hair.Her short hair was slicked back and full of his cum like a shampoo.Her dark eye make up streaked down her face making her look like a whore.Her mouth filled with his cum which she swallowed down like wine,savouring the virile,hot,creamy sperm like a connoisseur of seed.

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It took an hour to clean her face of all hawke's cum.She ate the cum on her face,then wrung the cum from her hair into her hands to slurp up.She savoured each drop of sperm like a treat. Hawke pushed her back to the bed and speared her pussy,fucking her hard.His balls were back to full power and his sperm was ready.He began to kiss leliana hard as he fucked her,dominating her tongue as she took his cock.Her pussy gushed its juices onto his cock.Her ovulating eggs seemed to sense his seed and began preparing for impregnation.

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'Give me your seed,hawke.FUCKING GIVE ME ALL THAT HOT GUNK YOU'VE GOT IN THOSE BALLS OF YOURS.CUM IN MY PUSSY AND SPRAY ALL THAT HOT,SMELLY SPERM IN MY WOMB.FUCKING SEED MY EGGS YOU BASTARD!MAKE ME GROW HUGE WITH YOUR BABIES.POUR ALL THAT THICK,FERTILE,CREAMY SPERM IN MY WOMB.POUR IT IN AND WATCH ME GROW HUGE WITH YOUR OFFSPRING.JUST.FUCKING.CUMMMMM!' Hawke pushed into her hard and began Cumming,filling his new whore with his spunk.Her whole womb filled with sticky cum that seemed to clog it all over,leaving it all a thick,sticky mess inside.Her eggs bathed in sperm and were impregnated,ready to bear hawke's children.

#############9 months later############ Leliana suckled her two twin girls to her milk ladden breasts.Her daughters had her red hair and hawke's dark eyes.They suckled fiercely on her breasts,feasting on her warm,delicious milk.When they were done,she laid them in their crib,covering them with a warm blanket.

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She walked into her room to find hawke with a large bowl waiting for her.placing the bowl on the floor,he stroked his dick a few times before shooting hot,thick,creamy sperm into it,filling it up to the brim.The thick cum steamed from the bowl,it's smell making her mouth water.He pushed a spoon into it and nodded at her.

'Feed.My heirs need nourishment and you need more protein in your diet.Eat my sperm like the true cum slut you are bitch.' Leliana knelt and began eating her meal,taking a spoonful of thick,smelly,fertile sperm.She could feel the little swimmers in her tummy,looking for an egg to spear and fertilize.Twenty minutes later,she was done,her belly bulging at all the thick sperm in her tummy.She crawled towards Hawke and began to suck his cock in submission.

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Hawke smiled,triumphant. One more lady would he fuck.The queen Anora.It didn't matter she was married.The king was infertile and could not give her a child.He could.By fucking and impregnating her,he would secure his children's future.She would give them lands and titles and money.He would be king having quickened her womb with child.And by the time he was done with her,she would be only a slut for his cum,a whore for his cum and a breeding vessel,bearing his superior offspring and feeding on his sperm.