Mature babe loves to fuck her holes with vibrators and dildos

Mature babe loves to fuck her holes with vibrators and dildos
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My name is Meagan.


I am your average 14 year old girl, I don't like school but I go, there are people I like and people I don't. I come from a pretty normal family, my mom works in town at the bank, dad works with my uncle on his ranch, my sister Carrie is one of the popular seniors at my high school. It wasn't until my 14th birthday that I realized my family isn't as normal as I thought.


I was so excited! This last week seemed to drag by but it was finally here, my 14th birthday was tomorrow. I was excited because my family has a tradition, when you turn 14, you get invited to, "The Game." I didn't know anything about it, my family is really hush hush about it but I was finally gonna find out.

I got home and the house was empty, as it normally was after school, except for a wrapped box sitting on the coffee table. With a smile I grabbed the box and headed upstairs to my room. I sat my bag down and opened the box. It was a very cute white and blue sun dress, the card on the box said, " something for you to wear tomorrow, love dad." I closed the door slightly, kicked my shoes off and started to undress.

I stopped just for a minute to take a look at myself in the mirror. Now at 14 I considered myself pretty good looking, I was 5'3, shoulder length brown hair and i had a 34b chest. Compared to my sister and mom, who could pass for twins almost, who are 5'7, with shorter black hair and 36c boobs, I wasn't that impressive, but i would get there.

I slipped the dress on and spun around in front of the mirror to see how it looked. "Your tit's look fucking awesome in that dress," my sister said as she stepped into my room. I spun quickly not noticing she had come home.

"Thanks, dad got it for me," I said with a smile. "Come here, let me have a look at you," my sister said. I took a few steps towards her, still staring back at the mirror admiring my butt in the dress.

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My sister stood up, cupping both my boobs through the dress and gave me a kiss on the cheek, " like I said, they look awesome in this dress." I didn't think anything of it really, my sister and i have always been close, not in a way i or anyone else thought weird, just close.

"Your going to love tomorrow sis, it's a total thrill," Carrie said as she walked back out of my room. The rest of the day flew by, between talking to friends on the computer and relatives on the phone that were going to the party tomorrow.

At the dinner table, my dad told Carrie and me that we should finish up and get to bed early tonight, we would be leaving early in the morning, around 6am. We finished dinner, got cleaned up and headed to bed, I fell asleep with a smile, I couldn't wait for tomorrow. BEEP BEEP BEEP The alarm clock in my room went off.

Still blurred I rolled out of bed, stood up and started to stretch. As I was stretching two hands wrapped around me and grabbed both my boobs through my thin shirt I was wearing. "Your a weirdo Carrie," I said with a laugh.

Just then the light in my room flicked on and I heard, "Happy birthday sweetie," my mom said. I turned to see her and Carrie standing in my doorway. "yeah happy birthday hun," my dad said as he continued to grope my chest. "dear, let her get dressed, we have a long day ahead of us," my mom said. My dad let go of my boobs and told me to get dressed.

I couldn't believe that no one thought it was weird seeing my dad feeling me up, but I brushed it off as b-day humor and slipped my new dress on, grabbed my bag and headed downstairs. My mom and Carrie were wearing dresses similar to mine as we hopped into the truck.

Carrie and me were in the backseat and my parents were up front. "What was with dad in my room," I whispered to Carrie. "Oh that, that was nothing compared to the party and the game," she said with a wink. I was a little rattled now, not knowing what to expect anymore.

"So what exactly is going to happen this weekend," I asked Carrie. "I can't tell you anything about the game, that's uncle Pete's job, but I can give you a taste." With that she slipped her arms out of her dress, sliding it down to her belly.

She grabbed my hands and placed them on her boobs, grabbed my head and started making out with me right there in the back of the truck. She stopped kissing me, playfully bit my lip and grabbed my boobs through my dress, "that's just a little taste, oh and you might as well take that bra and thong off," she said smiling.

"Why," I asked.

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"There are no clothes at this party sweetie," my mom said, looking at us in the visor mirror. We pulled up at my uncle Pete's ranch around 12:30. we hopped out of the truck, grabbed our stuff and headed for the house. "There they are," my uncle pete blurted out, "nice to see your sexy ass back here," he said as he grabbed a handful of my sister's ass under her dress.

"The guys are waiting for you inside, but first, you ladies know the rules, take those fucking clothes off," he said with a grin. Without any objections, the both lifted their dresses up and pulled them off, standing there completely naked. "Good, now go inside, I will let the little one here in on whats going down this weekend." uncle Pete said. With that my mom, Carrie and my dad disappeared into the house.

"Now, Meagan my dear, its my job to tell you whats going to happen this weekend, but first, I told you to do something, so take off those fucking clothes, let me have a look at ya," he told me with a grin on his face. I didn't want him to ask again, so I slowly reached down, grabbed the bottom of my dress and lifted up and over my head.

I had taken my sisters advice and taken my underwear of in the truck so I was completely naked. "Nice, very nice, i'm glad to see the fresh meat takes care of herself, now come have a seat beside me and we'll have a chat." he said tapping the bench beside him.

I sat down and he put his arm around me, playing with my boobs and tweaking my nipple. "Now then, today is just a warm up my dear, basically what is going to happen is you, your mom, Carrie, my daughters Trina and Rose, your aunt Deb and your aunt Nicole, are going to get fucked senseless.

Your going to take it in every hole, and there is no pulling out at this party." he said with a wicked grin on his face. "This is crazy and wrong, but if Carrie and my mom are going to do it then I will to," I said, not wanting to become the family blacksheep.

"Good," Petes said. "Now, I will tell you about the game." I was worried now, if this wasn't the game I was afraid to find out what it involved.

"You see Meagan, the women in this family are, well, a little different. You see the women here get really excited and turned on at the thought of dying, so what we do for the game is we take the name's of the women, draw one, and that women will die tomorrow." I didn't know what to think.

"WHAT!! that's fucking crazy, your crazy." i yelled. "Now Meagan, all the girls react the same way the first time until they see it, but I want to be clear, if you try to leave, if you tell anyone, i will kill you myself, and we will still play the game, do you understand me?" he barked at me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I didn't know what to say, all I could do was nod my head in ageement.

"Good, well now that we have taken care of that, why don't you come over here and take care of this for your uncle Pete," he said as he pointed to his crotch.

I hadn't noticed but telling me about the game had gotten him really hard. He pulled out his dick and moved me over onto his lap.

I was nervous and confused now, i wasn't a virgin, i've had sex and i've given head, but i never thought in a million years i would do that with family. "Don't worry, i'm pretty excited so this won't last long," he said as he lined up the tip of his dick with my slit.

He started pushing really hard, forcing himself deep inside of me. It hurt at first, but after a minute or two it wasn't as bad. "OOooh yeah," he was groaning in my ear as he thrusted in and out of me.

I was starting to lose myself in it, Pete thrusting away, massaging my nipples with his tongue, but I was brought back abruptly when I felt the tip of someone's dick against my ass. "I couldn't let your uncle have all the fun now could I?" my dad asked jokingly. "dad I have never had anything in my ass, don't be rough with me, be gentle, PPLLEEEAASE!" just as I finished my plea, he thrust as hard as he could into my ass, " AAAaaaagh aagh," I screamed.

"Dad it hurts too much, please stop," i begged.

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I could feel tears forming the corner of my eyes. Just when i thought that i might pass out, my dad slowed down, trying to match the pace of my uncle.

It still really hurt but it was a bareable pain now. "Don't worry hunnie, it hurts now but after all the practice your going to get when we get home, it will feel good in no time," my dad said. "Thats if she gets to go home," my uncle added. Pete's breathing had picked up now and i knew it wasn't going to be long, just as the thought crossed my mind I felt him tense up, his dick started to throb and i knew he was coming in me. He thrust hard, pushing his juices deeper and deeper into me, I could feel the warmth of it deep inside me.

The sensation of my uncle cumming sent my dad over the edge, "OOoooohh oooooh yeeeaaaah," he grunted as he thrust hard into my ass and erupted as deep in my ass as my young body would let him. Throb after throb, squirt after squirt I felt it go deep into my butt.

Both men layed still for a minute before pulling out of me. "Not bad for fresh meat," my uncle said as he tucked his dick back in his pants and headed for the door.

"Meagan clean this off for me will you," my dad said as he stuck his dick in front of my face. Without him saying anything else I sucked his dick into my mouth as far as I could, cleaning off all the juices from his softening cock.

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"Good girl," he said as he pulld out of my mouth and headed back inside. I was sore and confused, I sat back against the bench and took a deep breathe. "Cheer up kiddo," Carrie said as her and my mom stepped outside.

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Both of them had cum on their faces and tit's, "yeah Meagan, most of us get it way worse then that our first time," my mom added. "Yeah I had to drink dad and uncle Pete's piss all night my first time," Carrie said as her and my mom helped me to my feet. "What do you girls say we go get cleaned up, grab a bite to eat and head to bed, just the three of us?" my mom asked Carrie and I.

"Sounds good to me," Carrie said, "the real fun doesn't start until tomorrow morning anyway, I can't wait." I said nothing, I just nodded my head and followed them back into the house, Hoping and praying that luck was on my side tomorrow.

Tell me what you think, it's my first story, and its fiction people so don't take it to heart. pt. 2 will be done soon.