Young BBW Estella Bathory slobbers dildo before penetration

Young BBW Estella Bathory slobbers dildo before penetration
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Her Buick had been threatening to cut out for the last five miles, and finally it had given up. Jennifer peered through the rain drenched windscreen as she steered the silent vehicle to a stand still at the side of the forest road. She'd come all this way out for a college party and now her pride and joy, her little car had let her down.

She gave a frustrated grunt holding her hands up in disbelief. The windscreen wipers still screeched to and fro and she could just make out a window light not far into the trees. It was late evening and she'd seen too few cars to think one would be coming along very soon.

So she decided to make a dash for it. The light was deceptively distant and by the time Jennifer had reached the front door of the white building she looked like a drowned rat. I say building because she didn't think it was a house, it was too big.

It looked more like a county hospital or government building; white walls, flat roof, non-descript windows and doors. She gave a flurry of loud knocks, the rain soaking her to the skin. There was someone taking their time to walk down a long corridor on the other side. Jenny shouted for them to hurry. "Please I'm freezing out here." The man fumbled with some keys then opened the door. "Oh thank heavens, I'm soaked!" The tall man was understandably surprised; he had so few visitors, certainly never so late at night.

In front of him was a beautiful young woman. She had long straight brunette hair made jet black and shinny by the rain soaking. Her narrow face was pale from the cold, ruby red lips and white teeth brilliant against her chilled features. "Excuse me," she said as he stood there admiring her, then she pointed a long finger to the sky highlighting her problem, "the rain?" He remained silent still barring the door.

She was stunning; looking so sexy in her dishevelled soaked state; firm bust and tight waist on two long perfect waxed legs. "Are you going to let me in or what?" Jennifer asked, a little exasperated. The strange man finally stood aside and watched her pass him. He was dressed in a white coat and the young brunette noticed a worn name badge as a doctor might wear. She in turn looked ridiculous in a skin soaked summer dress, Jennifer struggling to peel the fabric from her ample tits and curvaceous waist.

He closed the door looking at the young woman walking away from him, tracing her thin legs down to two mud covered high heels. She turned and looked down at her ruined shoes. "I was at a party and my car." The man waved a hand, nodding in understanding. "Do you have a phone?" She asked mouthing her words carefully, thinking maybe he was a mute. Once again he didn't answer just led the way.

In his cozy study she tried over and over to get a dial tone from his ancient hand set. The man had disappeared leaving her to dry her body against the open crackling fire. "Maybe the lines were down, who knows?" One thing for sure he wasn't going to be much more help to her. "Oh! Er thank you!" she had almost yelped, startled by the man as he silently appeared, thrusting a hot drink in her hand. Once again he didn't speak and Jennifer sat down, legs together, dress riding up her thigh as she sipped the hot coffee.

She was feeling a little nervous now. She wished he would speak. "Maybe if." Thud! When she came round it was the blackness that scared her the most. She couldn't see anything. Could she hear? She didn't know if there were any sounds to hear. What was it over her face, on her body?

Wait, she couldn't open her mouth! In fact there was something in it; a gag maybe? She was standing; she was definite of that, her arms above her head tied together. But tied to what and how she didn't know. Her arms ached from the tension, her tip toes just managing to give her some support from the floor.She was in high heeled boots of some type.

And her body; was she still dressed? Or was it naked under a hot second skin? She heard foot steps descending. Then the sound of a door unbolting, making a terrifying crack. Someone was in the room with her. A hand touched her head and there was a scrape of Velcro and her eyes blinked in the light. "Mmmmmmmm!" She couldn't speak no matter how desperate she was to.

Her eyes darted left and right in panic. She was in a tiled clinical type room. She looked up then down. She was hanging by a rope to the low ceiling, her feet just touching a glistening black slate floor.

"Mmmmmmmm!" On the other side of the room was a full length mirrored wall. Her mind screamed. "Oh my God!" She could see herself reflected, hanging there, and behind her a table and other strange tubular devices. The tall man was also there dressed in the same white smock as earlier. But it was her own predicament reflecting back, that made her wriggle and gargle the most. Jenny was suspended, on tip toes in a skin tight one piece leather cat suit.

It ran from heeled stiletto boots up tight clad thighs over her imprisoned bosom to a horrid Gimp hood. She had a Velcro sealed mouth hole and only tiny mesh for her nostrils. Her eye slit was open but the Velcro cover hung at the side ready at any time to be put back in place.

Her long brown hair had been carefully fed through a hole in the back of the hood giving her a cute long pony tail. See could see her own wide terrified eyes staring back from the wall size mirror. Her mind was racing. "Oh Jezz no! Why, why me! Ohhhhhhhh please this can't be true!" The strange man wheeled a rickety trolley in front of her.

It was full of horrid devices. Some she had no clue about, others looked terrifyingly obvious. He made eye contact with her and she pleaded back with her own beautiful eyes. The man put his finger to his mouth tapping it in thought. He admired his taut bodied captive then began his work. Jennifer felt the chest flap restraining her bare bosom in place come loose. She groaned as her white soft sweaty melons sprang out at right angles forced through the two chest holes in her tight cat suit.

She had fine firm tits slightly too big for her tiny waist frame, the nipples dark and erect from the friction inside her suit. The man cupped both hard breasts; squeezing tightly, feeling the weight and texture under his fingers and thumb. Jennifer bit down on whatever was in her mouth trying in vain to pull away from his mauling. He moved behind her to grip them both from the rear; once again almost as if he was guessing the weight of some hard ripe fruits. His fingers and thumbs teased the nipples, tugging the responsive flesh, lengthening and hardening the tips.

She gave a long frustrated murmur through her gag. Jenny's ability to show her disgust was severely limited. Only her blazing eyes gave a hint of the awful indignity she felt. The girl's fantastic slim figure was brilliantly accentuated by the skin tight black suit. She looked like she had been dipped naked into tar; her curves and womanly bulges given nowhere to hide.

Her perfect legs now seemed to go on forever the heels giving her an erect tit thrusting posture. Either side of her, hanging down were two rings on thick ropes, like an Olympic athlete would use. He reached down to lift on of her long legs under the knee.

She kicked and it was a struggle but one at a time he fed her calves through the waist high rings so she was held legs open wide in a frog squat her inside knees now carrying some of her weight onto the rings and ropes rather than all through her overhead bound hands.

Jennifer's groin felt awfully exposed, the leather creaking as her thighs now struggled to stretch that wide. The man began to search on his old trolley, whistling as he went. Jennifer's mind was working overtime. "Was he a crazed doctor, oh no! An escaped mental patient maybe?" She tried to listen for sounds outside the room.

"Was she in a cellar?" The man worked slowly but methodically each action of eye popping intensity for the innocent cute girl. First he unfastened a flap under her crotch; this exposed two holes cut in the tight thong leather. One hole was over her tight little ass. She bit down and gargled as he slowly, carefully inserted a greased butt plug up inside her shitter. She bucked in horror but was totally unable to make any real resistance. Her anus was so tight she felt like he was inserting an arm the bulbous head fitting snugly inside her sphincter rim so keeping her muscles continuously stretched around the exposed shaft.

Running through the centre of the plug was a quarter inch rubber tube with attached pipe. She didn't realize at the time but this would make it easy to fill her ass with warm water, piss or anything else he might mix into a slimy solution. He then moved to her pussy. In this spread open position she would soon find there was no way to stop him licking and tounging her slit at his leisure, maybe even bringing a stool down under her so he could sit and take hours at a time.

But for the moment he greased a 6 inch ribbed dildo twisting the shaft up her tight pussy, bit by bit till her vulva almost swallowed the end. The penetrating phallus pressed against her butt plug making her feel embarrassingly full.

When he was satisfied her pussy was gripping it deep enough he then refastened the crotch flap, sealing it inside her. She groaned realizing he could leave these monsters in her indefinitely. Finally he unfastened her mouth flap and Jenny coughed and tried to speak.

Her jaw wouldn't close. Gripped between her pearl white teeth was a thick rubber o-ring. The hole was about an inch wide and Jennifer's tongue darted through, trying to form words. She gave a belly groan of sensation her sweet sound echoing around the room. The man examined the contraption making sure when ready she would not be able to resist a pipe been put over her tongue so he could feed her more vile liquid filth straight down her throat when needed. Satisfied, he re-attached the mouth Velcro, Jenny shook her head in frustration.

He stroked down her shiny leather clad waist, under her legs, across the groin bump where the dildo was buried until finally he reached her ass plug, with the tube dangling from it. She watched in the mirror with growing horror as he attached the tube to a canister hanging from the wall.

He twisted a valve and the canister came to life, hissing quietly to itself. The pipe began to flex as compressed air flowed down then up into the butt plug. Then she felt it.

The other end of the tube sticking out inside her cavity, it was attached to a deflated limp rubber balloon. Jennifer jerked and writhed as the rubber ball filled until rigid, like a fist inside her ass.

She felt her ass muscled squeal in vain trying to resist its growth into a fat hand size balloon. "Ooooooooooooohhhhhh, it's going to explode in me!" Her mind cried in terror. Thankfully the hissing stopped as he closed the canister valve, Jennifer now full of air filled leather balloon. This was in-turn accentuating the sensation of the deep buried pussy dildo. The man was finished for now. He sat, legs apart, on the chair directly in front of her.

Her eyes darted to his hand as he reached into his pocket pulling out her car keys. He flung them into a box of bits on the floor. He'd moved her car the silly bitch had run out of petrol. Well now it was safely hidden under a tarpaulin in the garage just above their heads. He stroked his groin but resisted the temptation to expose his hungry hard cock to her. After all he had lots time. Jenny shook her head in despair as he stood and refastened her eye flap back in place. She was buried back into pitch darkness, her slit aching from a ribbed, fat intruder; her ass belching and groaning from a pressurized leather balloon.

The man turned off the light plunging the room into black. He then locked the door as he left. She didn't know at the time but in the weeks to come she'd look back to this time of quite captivity as a long distant piece of heaven. It was the next morning when the police arrived at his door. The doctor spoke so little these days he found it liberating to actually talk with someone.

No, he hadn't seen a young woman. No not even a deserted car. The cops had listened patiently to him. He seemed eager to talk once he had started and eventually they had to bid him a hurried farewell. As they left they both gave a knowing look to each other. All that time on his own, with just his patients for company. It was definitely taking its toll on him.

"It can't be an easy place to work." Confessed detective Smith. The other nodded in agreement. "Yeah I think his last nurse had a breakdown, that's why he's all alone." Smith looked back."Hmm," he said as in thought. The doctor watched them go. He hadn't spoken for months, well not in conversation. Now he felt liberated. He wanted to talk again. He looked to the floor, to the hidden cellar beneath. "Yes," he thought in delight. "I'll talk to her.

I'll explain what I am doing. After all nurse Crow had understood. That's what had made her such a good assistant. Needing that green card she'd never really objected, well not until just before her breakdown." Jennifer had slept like the dead.

The silent man had returned last night and poured a sleeping solution into her mouth. She had spluttered and swallowed her body quickly going limp as she fell into a slumber.

Now she was awake again but still in total darkness.


Her ass ached from the large inflated sphere plugging her. She felt like she would crap it out eventually, her muscles slowly weakening her void wanting to release. He pussy felt numb the fat dildo buried completely in her hole. But it was he stretched thighs that made her moan the most. She had been hanging knees inside these rings for a full night, her calves limp, groin splayed wide the leather clad skin making her sweat heavily.

She heard him descending the steps then the door slamming open. Then he spoke. "Oh my dear, you look delightfully uncomfortable!" "He'd spoken!" She made a muffled moan shaking her head still unable to see.

The Doc unfastened her eye flap and she blinked in the cold electric light. She was limp and exhausted her tits glistening with sweat still pert round and full. The man reached out to cup one of her tits twisting the fine fat dome.

"The cops have been looking for you. But don't worry they've gone now, we won't be disturbed." "He'd spoken again!" The doc continued to grope her tit, Jennifer biting down on the gag in disgusts. "You are so slim and sexy my dear. My last assistant served me well, but the poor woman ended up as one of my patients upstairs before my experiments could be finished." Jennifer looked to the ceiling then back to him.

"Don't worry," he added with a smile." They're all locked up in their padded cells." Jennifer's eyes widened. Now he had her full attention. "My experiments are into sexual pleasure.

Your pleasure! I have had many hours to refine my research and I assure you even in the predicament you find yourself in your body will respond." Jennifer shook her head glaring back at him.

There was little else she could do to show her contempt and refusal. "Don't be embarrassed my dear. Being my assistant will be such an experience for you. Let me show you the type of eye popping sensations I have in store." The Doc slid his hand down her clad tummy over her aching pussy bump.

The flap was open a little and he could touch the flat end of the buried dildo. She bucked at the slight extra pressure nudging deep inside her. His finger touched a felt brass nut on the dildo's base. From his pocket he produced a long length of wire with a crocodile tooth on both ends.

He quietly explained his actions. "The dildo buried up your hole is metal with a rubber skin. The shaft has holes punched through the rubber to the metal and one at the tip like a man's cock eye. I'm going to stimulate your hot tired pussy, all along its tunnel." Jennifer began to shake. She could see the wire was like cable from jump leads. She wriggled as the teeth bit onto the now exposed brass nut the wire trailing from it as the doc attached it to a square box looking like a 30s radio.

He flicked a switch and there was a hum of electricity. Jennifer groaned as she felt a slight tingle inside her hot aching shaft. The man began to turn the large dial, and Jenny began to shudder.

She gargled a long agonised groan. The rubber clad cock came alive inside her the current low but terrifyingly real. The cock tip was pressing against her cervix and the electricity hummed at her womb entrance.

She began to writhe as he slowly increased the voltage her hips bucking her tits thrusting up, erect and proud. Her clit was swollen, the slow over night friction making it tender. Now the electricity buzzed the fleshy bud.

She couldn't speak but in her head her mind screamed. "Oohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, noooooooooo!" Her clit shuddering with pleasure, her thoughts wild and desperate. "Uggggggg no more stop turnnnnnnnnnn uggggggg!" The Doc could see her groin thrashing her limp calves now trying to kick. He knew she was trying to plead but he'd leave her gagged her now. He'd reached optimum setting on the dial, not enough to burn, but only just bearable.

"Poor nurse Crow had taken many hours of practice to find this ideal setting." He said proudly. "But you my dear are lucky; you will only experience the perfected fruits of her labours." He moved back to the jerking suspended girl, once again caressing a tit pinching her nipples feeling them arousing into hard ends.

"Good, nearly there." He said tapping the air cylinder on the wall. "Your body is aroused you dirty girl. Don't fight it, let yourself come." Jennifer hardly heard him her clit on fire her pussy hot, her nerve endings betraying her. "Oooooh God I can't hold outttt! Uuuuuuuugggg!" She felt her ass clenching, her breasts swelling. "Oh Nooo!" She began to convulse her pussy trying in vain to squeeze the electric cock out of her. She tried to scream, her clit unbearably tender, exploding in orgasm.

Her ass bucked her muscles clenching harder and harder squeezing the inflated anal ball. On the wall the cylinder made a ringing noise as a tiny bell indicated air was been pushed back against the valve as Jennifer's spasmed; pumping air back out of her own ass, rather like the warning bell when a tyre is fully inflated at a gas station. "Ding, ding, ding." "Yessssss my dear, that's it.

Take it, take it!" The Doc stroked the needle dancing pressure dial. "Ding, ding, ding." He knew she was coming; he could see it and hear the bell ring as her butt convulsed. Jennifer's thoughts were frantic and the current continued to coarse inside her.

Her orgasm was making spots before her eyes. She'd reached the point of total explosion her clit was now tender beyond belief. "Awwwwwwwwwww!" The power suddenly vanished and she hung totally limp, her ass relaxing allowing the ball to re-inflate, her juices trickling around the warm horrid dildo.

The doc undid her pussy flap and slowly extracted the cock. "Slock!" It popped from her hole the air making her open slit tingle. She wanted to piss so bad and the Doc must have known because he held steel bucket under her spread groan pressing on her tummy with his hand forcing the issue. "There, don't be shy, empty yourself in here." Jennifer closed her eyes as she urinated into the tin can.

"Good," said the Doc when she had finally finished. "Now I think you could do with a rest." Jenny's legs were giving way as he finally lowered them back to the floor. Her arms too were exhausted and as he unhooked her bound wrists from their ceiling rope she collapsed onto the floor, fat inflated ass pointing skyward the air tube like a human tail. He pulled her body upright firmly holding both hands; unfastening them, then pulling them behind her back to rebind them together.

She lay on the floor as he pulled a human sized crate from the corner of the room. He cleared the wheeled trolley table lifting the large box onto the steel surface. Opening the lid, he then lifted Jennifer into it. She tried to kick but her legs were like lead. The crate was about 5 foot long and she had to bend her legs to lay in it. Also it was only just over a foot wide so she had to lay on her side knees and tits pressed against the front wall; her ass, bound wrists and heeled feet against the rear.

The box had padding and she could rest her cheek on a firm pillow type material. There was a small slit allowing the anal tube to protrude from the box when the lid was closed. After he'd refastened the lid Jennifer was once again in darkness. He'd resealed her eye flap and her mouth was still filled with o ring gag her dry tongue darting through.

The doc looked along the front face of the box. He unclipped a panel at her chest height. The wood came away and Jennifer's magnificent breasts could be seen squashed together thrusting forward. "Push your tits through the hole." He ordered. She ignored him. "Do it!" He snarled menacingly. Her soft melons appeared like two tentative moles from their den.

She could feel his hands grasp them pulling under each tugging the tits as far out as possible. Jennifer pressed against the wood wall her arms and hands now having slightly more room behind her. She felt a strong cord been coiled around each tit, and pulled tight.

The Doc made her young tits bulge as he bound them together then looped the coil around the box. Now she couldn't pull her tits back inside if she tried. Finally he'd finished. Jenny felt trussed and imprisoned worse than before. Her tits were exposed and she couldn't see what he was doing to them.

He carefully greased her nipples then attached two metal tubes ends over them. She could hear the clatter and felt the cold touch of metal, and then finally he explained. "I'm leaving you for the time being to make some notes. I've attached your magnificent tit ends to two adapted milking tubes. Like what a cow might experience. You're my little cow now. I know I won't get any milk but the sensation of the mechanical sucking for hours will be an experience I'm sure.

You'd be surprised how aroused your breasts can get with constant unyielding attention." Jennifer struggled in the box but she was so tightly packed in with her tits now bound to the outside of the box she could hardly move. The Doc continued. The anal balloon is now on a new setting. The cylinder will inflate and deflate it every 30 seconds.

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"This will give you a nice fisting action in your ass." The Doc stood up. "Be good," he said tuning to the door, flicking a switch the cylinder and tubes bursting into life. He heard the suction cups begin to take long drawn out gulps on each nipple.

The gas cylinder hissed as it deflated; then moments later re-inflated rapidly, a gagged groan coming from Jennifer. He looked back and could see her nipples already half an inch inside the suction tubes the machine eager to draw milk from where there wasn't any. He could hear her groan again as the balloon expanded then collapsed like a fist opening and closing in her ass. His cock was twisting erect in his pants his desire almost overcoming him. He slammed the door behind himself pressing his back against it, body rigid as if he was holding his breath.

"No!" He said, in angry frustration. "Control yourself!" Upstairs he knew it was waiting. Laid in his desk draw, the one he kept locked. It was taunting him, he heard a gargle through the door as Jennifer was sucked and pumped over and over. "Oh God he'd have to put it on soon.

Why did it always get in the way of his experiments?" He took a deep breath and headed to his study. The suction cups just wouldn't stop. Over and over the greased rimmed airtight seals made her hard nipples stretch deep into the airless tubes. Jennifer groaned in her head the sensation so humiliating. She was been milked on her side in a fucking box! She tried to move hearing the tubes rattle a little as her entwined tits bounced. She didn't know what was the worst the evil sucking, the constant ass attention or the tightness of her cord bound boobs.

She felt like they were inflated like balloons, squeezed out of shape the milking attachments making her desperate nipples scream with sensation. "Oh heavens how long, how long can I take this?" Were her thoughts as she sobbed to herself.

********* Jennifer had only wanted to have a great night out. The party had been such a distance into the countryside. Too far for an evenings travel maybe; but she'd so wanted to go. She loved the attention she got from her male college friends on nights like that.

She knew she was sexy; with looks like that movie star with the double barreled name; or so she'd been told. Hell, she even had the same first name as her. But now she felt foolish beyond measure.

Her tight short summer dress and fuck me pink high heel shoes had made her so confident; a sexual predator even. And all though she'd been soaked by the rain she knew how steamy she must have looked in her clinging dress.

She remembered how she had wiggled her ass and bent down to adjust her heel straps. She just couldn't help herself. Maybe he would have helped her without encouragement but when men were involved and with her looks why not make doubly sure.

Had it been her actions that had tipped him over the edge? Was he a crazed sad loner jerking off deep in the woods; or had she unwittingly discovered more; a resident evil, waiting for its next victim?

She once again tried to adjust her body with no success. The gimp box felt like a furnace, her leather second skin glistening. The black material hugging her thighs creaked as she tried to move. The milking machine continued in a never ending chug the two tubes springing to attention at each suck. The rubber mouths on the tubes smeared with gel drew her nipples out, over and over; the skin on her wonderful domes firming till she had two hard melons.

Her groin was also hardening the tight bundle of nerve ending inside her pussy wall feeling the inflation then rapid deflation of the anal fisting balloon. Hours passed. She was half conscious when the Doc began to un-wind her tits from the wire cord which had been binding her to the box.

In her delirious state she'd not even heard him come in the room. The tit sucking was all she now concentrated on, at least her ass was numb. But not unfortunately were her tits. No; the nipples continued to feel like rocks, the teats swollen the tips screaming for attention. Her breasts became looser as the binds were unraveled and she tried to pull her bosom back inside the box, Jenny becoming more animated with the lessening restriction.

The Doc tugged on the tubes making her bite on the gag, thrashing. "They're really stuck tight don't you think my dear?" He quipped, pulling again without effect on the gripping monsters.

Jennifer kicked her high heeled boots on the box wall in protest. The box lid opened with a slamming of wood and she felt him lifting her out. He had very strong arms and easily picked the wriggling bound beauty up, allowing her to stand on her quaking heels. She still couldn't see or speak the gag now almost part of her body. Her legs gave way and she stumbled to her knees. The Doc helped her like the concerned physician, stroking the side of her rubber clad cheek caressing her long pony tail mane.

"That's right kneel up. Put your shoulders back." Jennifer didn't want to respond but a firm hand in the small of the back and another gripping her shoulder made her spring into a more erect posture. Her hard swollen tits thrust straight out the tubes now slightly vertical like two spikes on some bizarre Amazon woman's bra.

Jenny coughed as something was clamped around her neck. It felt like a wood plank and she realized her long neck was now in some type of stock. The Doc had indeed done that. Jennifer, arms bound behind her back was now knelt on the floor between two wooden towers. These upright struts were connected by a flat wooden stock that clamped just over her shoulders around her young neck. She could not move up to stand or down to pull away, forced to remain in her correct knelt position.

The man finally and with some disappointment turned off the milking machine. Jenny gave a thankful groan still in total visual deprivation. Also, the anal balloon had stopped inflating and deflating and remained passive, still in her ass, but now limp.

He then knelt next to her ear. "I'm going to remove your gag. But you must be good. Do you understand?" Jennifer nodded. "There's no one to hear you scream, so don't waste your breath. You mustn't scream is that clear?" Jennifer nodded again. "Just get this fucking gag out for God's sake" She thought to herself. She been gagged for almost 24 hours, she wouldn't do anything to risk him leaving it in any longer. She felt the bind been unbuckled and her jaw opened ever so painfully to allow the ring to pass her pearl teeth.

She didn't speak but closed her mouth her muscles aching the feeling of freedom exquisite after a full night and part of the day in oral bondage. She spluttered and coughed. Then suddenly gave her first unrestricted groan in days.

The groan raised in pitch as her tit end protested. The Doc was twisting the suction tubes the greased seals popping from her abused sucked flesh. "Plop!" The second came away, her fine hard tits looking misshapen; the few inched around the teats raised like the bell tower tips of some cathedral dome.

He slid a finger across the raised end of one. She groaned, still afraid to speak. Her eyes still covered with the sealed gimp mask.

"Hmmmmmmm yes, very tender and responsive." He announced pleased with his experiment so far. "Please," she said nervously and very, very quietly. "My ass, its ugggggg!" She didn't know how to describe it. It felt swollen and tender but at the same time disgustingly sensual. The doc told her to "sssssssh." "Never mind about your ass it's your tits that are getting the attention." Jennifer opened her mouth in a silent gasp as his finger caressed a tip.

Then she felt the Doc reached around her neck. She gave a shriek fearing the worse, but then panted in relief. He was unzipping her head mask. The tight rubber peeled away from her skin, the mask sliding of her head with a little difficulty until it slowly released her hair into a bedraggled tumbling brunette mane; framing her pale stunning face.

She clenched her eyes shut the light too bright to bear, and only after a few moments could she begin to make out images and shapes. She looked at the passive tall man his face blank and professional. Then she tried to look down but her chin rested on the wooden stock. "Awww God please, I don't wan." The Doc wagged a finger.

"Now be a good assistant and stop arguing." He said impatiently." You know how important this work is." Jenny then saw them! Knelt near the door were two straight jacketed figures. They were bloated faced men. She couldn't tell their age but their fat lipped mouths were ball gagged, arms bound inside the jackets, their eyes wild.

"Over here!" He snapped to them. The two men stumbled and crawled on their knees, obedient, grunting and snorting like animals. They'd watched the slim rubber clad woman been stretched and bent into position. She had a slim tight waist; that amazingly rubber clad rear with the pipe tail and those voluptuous milked tits.

Now they could finally see her beautiful face. She had high sucking cheekbones, her lips full and pert with the constriction. Her eyes were scared; fear and arousal in one and now they could hear her cute come hither moans and whimpers. The men were half crazed with desire their own bodies bound and restricted throats full of spittle as they drooled onto their ball gags.

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Each man was tugged into position by the Doc; both knelt in front of her inviting firm body. The Doc undid their gags one by one the drool running from their fat pink lips. "A woman doesn't need clitoral stimulation to experience ultimate pleasure." He explained pushing the bound men's heads towards her sore abused nipples." These poor wretches will suckle from you like they were your young.

The pain will turn to pleasure, trust me." The men's hungry lips enveloped her nipples and Jennifer screamed with sensation. "Aw no, no, noooooooo!" The Doc smiled, the men's mouths fast and hungry, slavering and sucking, oh the sucking! "Its revolting isn't it?" He said in delight. "These two dirty men. Both of them old enough to be your father by the looks of it." He stroked a gobbling mans head like a proud parent.

"Just vacant minds, sucking on your tits with such childish enthusiasm." He continued. "They don't care what you say, filled with only one desire: to suck until you scream! Please beg away." The men were gulping and tugging her tender ends the spittle smearing her boobs, the flesh glistening. The young woman was feeling like a farmyard animal feeding its young. "Ohhhhhhhhhh please." She moaned, biting her lips snarling. "Stop it no, stop it's too… ugggh!" She arched her back more as their heads battled to swallow as much flesh as possible.

Jenny's tits were swollen melons now the sensations on the nipple unbearable. She screamed and yelped her body surging with heat. The doc was behind her, his hands on her trembling rubber ass.

She sensed the balloon deflate completely as he withdrew it out through the centre of her ass plug. She felt her bowels twitch about to shit, but then felt another tube slide in, rubbing against her hot internal flesh. Jennifer concentrated on her tits, as the two patients devoured and tugged harder and harder.

Her flesh was electric the heaving bosom screaming for relief. In her groin her pussy muscles began to clench, her head was swimming with discomfort and revulsion. Then she felt a new sensation. The Doc was passing a warm watery solution down the rear tube using a large comic looking syringe. Her ass was bloating with warm liquid. "No, no, noooooooooo!" Jennifer screamed in abject humiliation and perverse arousal.

He was giving her a fucking enema while two old men gobbled her hard, wanton tits. "No, nooooo you filthy fucking oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh!" She couldn't continue, the pleasure washing over her suddenly like a dam had collapsed. She roared with tummy turning arousal. She felt her pussy moist, the desire to rub herself unbearable. She thrust her melons harder into the men's mouths shaking her head in embarrassment "Ah, ah, ah, you fucking…ah, ah, ahhhhhh" She was coming; screaming in disgust.

"Ahhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fukkkkkkkkkkk!" As her pussy tightened the Doc released the tube valve and Jennifer came; pumping dirty bowel water out of her ass tube onto the shiny cold floor. The feeling of orgasm and long over due bowel relief a horrifying but explosive combination.

She gave a pig like grunt of satisfaction. The Doc was sweating from the excitement. He'd had to pull the two men from the woman before they sucked her tits off. They'd needed to be slapped and punched into cowering submission. Jennifer was slumped in the stock and it looked like she might choke. He unlatched the wooden neck plank the woman falling onto her side, her ass still coughing slime her tits bright red, her face flush from a tit induced orgasm.

"Please no more, let me go." She moaned looking up at the Doc. He was making notes in a book and spoke without looking at her. "I never asked you're name," he said, his natural manner shocking her.

"It's Jennifer! Jennifer! And I really want to go." She replied in frustration but thankful he seemed to be in conversation with her. The tall man put his pen away. "I wish I could, but he won't let me!" "Who?" She coughed not expecting that reply. "Who fucking won't?" He stopped his scribbling his face showing frustration at her question. "The man in my top desk drawer." There was a silent frozen pause from Jenny. "Oh God!" She wailed realizing this man was as crazy as his patients.

She shook her head as he continued to explain. "The other doctor, he's not like me. He's only interested in one thing, his own pleasure. Achieving the ultimate sexual height for himself." He looked into her wide dismayed eyes. "It's sent him quite mad you know." He added. The man then gripped Jenny's arms lifting her. "But don't worry; he doesn't come down here much. I keep him locked away." Jennifer now noticed the steel door in one corner of the room. Her own padded cell!

She continued to beg as the Doc marched her into it, arms still tied behind her back. She screamed as he closed the sound proof door plunging her into darkness. In the pitch black she slumped to her knees. He wasn't going to let her go. He was going to make her come over and over. She knew it now. He was totally insane. Also she knew deep in her gut she'd meet this other doctor very soon.

Outside her door the two crazed men were still moaning in unrelieved sexual desire. The Doc could see their tight groin pads bulging. Suddenly he heard a voice from the room above. It was shouting, swearing, demanding to be released.

It was Dr Nooo! Jennifer decided to sleep the best she could. While stumbling around in the dark, arms trussed behind her back, she'd fallen over a metal framed bed. And after more searching in one corner she had also found a toilet. This cell was turning out to be a real home from home! The cell was so silent and she wondered if it was day or night? As she drifted off she imagined a search party above her head combing the forest.

She didn't know how many hours later it was when her eyes opened to a tapping noise. In the pitch black she struggled to face the noise. Tap! Tap! Tap! It appeared to come from the cell door. She heard a slow grinding noise and saw a dull glow of light from the other room. Someone had slid back a view hole in the strong steel door. "Jennifer" A deep husky voice called her name almost in a whisper.

Jenny sat up and then slowly edged closer. "Jennifer let me in." It continued almost as if in nursery rhyme. The bound stunner moved gingerly closer to the door. "I can't." She whispered feeling a surge of relief. Someone was trying to get her out! The voice replied. "Yes, yes you can, look the keys on the floor in front of you." Jennifer, arms still tied behind her back stopped moving, she was confused.

"What?" She looked onto the floor and saw something. Kneeling down she could see a key glimmering in the minimal light. "But?" She said in confusion, looking back up at the glowing door slit.

"Just pick it up with your pretty mouth," the voice explained," and pass it to me." Jenny's stomach began to turn as she left the key where it was and stood, edging even closer to the hole. "Why would I have the key?" She said alarm bells ringing in her head. The voice paused for a moment then explained still in a strong deep whisper. "He put it there, curse him. That fucking doctor! When he realized he couldn't keep me locked away any longer." Jennifer's eyes were fixed through the viewing hole trying to see where the voice was coming from.

Nothing made sense; in her head she repeated the question. "Why? I don't understand." "Oh Jenny let me in." It pleaded in a gentle childlike voice. Then realizing she was not responding it bellowed in anger. "Let me in you fucking bitch!" Jennifer screamed as a naked figure filled her view. It was the doctor she felt sure of that.

Tall, lean, but naked. Oh so naked: oiled and glistening his shaven cock looking monstrous, painfully erect, a firm nine inches of rampant meat.

I say she felt sure because his face was covered with a white leather mask, a red cross on his forehead the black of his mouth and eye holes making him look like a Halloween ghoul.

"Oh Jesus!" She screamed pulling back, her chest heaving in panic. He came up to the view hole, snarling his mouth drooling spittle. "Let me in. I want to play with you." Jennifer was now pressed back against the far wall. His fingers grappled at the door slit trying to tug the heavy frame off the wall. He screamed in anger unable to get to the lithe bound stunner cowering in the corner.

He began to rant in frustration unable to loosen the door. You bitch! Fuck, fuck! Ugggggggg my fucking cock it's killing me uggggggggg." "I have so many toys for you." He groaned.

He was thrusting a buzzing object through the hole. I was like a bundle of vibrating and flexing dildos all attached together. The heads glistened with jelly, the neon colors dull in the dark. "Do you like it my dear. I bet you fucking do you hot bitch." He was kicking and thumping the door as he teased her. "He can't keep me away from you forever. Let me in now and I'll promise not to make you scream.

Well not that much." The petrified girl curled on the bed and it was only after ten dreadful shivering minutes that she was sure the awful creature had gone. Jennifer was awoken by florescent light. Her cell was lit like day the wall brilliant padded white the ceiling too; the black of her high heeled bondage cat suit accentuated by the surroundings.

She blinked her eyes and tried to stretch her arms, numb from been behind her back so long. There was someone tapping at the door again.

"Ah morning miss." It was the doc, acting like nothing had happened; clean shaven, dressed in white, clip board under his arm. "Can you pass me the key please?" he said politely. Jennifer almost laughed. "No fucking way, you sad fucking psycho!" The doctor didn't get angry just sighed as if he knew already what the answer would be.

"I gave you it for your own good. I know you had a visitor last night. So did nurse crow in her cell. But alas I forgot to do her the same courtesy." He said this in a resigned voice looking down at the key on her cell floor.

Then he changed approach. "You've been so compliant up to know, maybe we could remove most of your binds." Jennifer paused for a moment.

She was locked underground, bound without hope of escape. She needed to get him off guard. "Ok," she said softly, "but I'm so hungry and thirsty." Once the doc had the key he entered carrying a tray. Jennifer sat while he unfastened her arms keeping her pinned to on her seat.

Then he backed away to the door not taking his eyes of her. "Now be a good girl and eat. We've got lots to get through today." She'd nearly finished her food and pitcher of orangeade when she suddenly whined with dismay; it had been drugged. Her eyes grew tired and she slumped onto the bed. It acted quickly and within a minute she was sound asleep again. The blackness of nothing slowly, ever so slowly receded.

She saw shapes then her mind played tricks. She had a strange sensation which she couldn't understand. She felt outside her body the sensation was on her groin now. She was moaning the feeling pleasurable, the dream arousing. She moaned louder the sensation of been restricted in some way. Slowly she was coming around. She drowsily opened her eyes the feeling on her groin more sharp and sensuous now. Not a dull sensation but now one of wet soft pressure. She was on her back in a white operating room, naked no longer in the gimp suit.

She looked up to see the doctor coming into focus. Her legs were splayed apart on stirrups bound at the ankles into a birthing position, and Jenny strained her neck to look down over her perfect hard tits to see what was happening between her legs. A face looked up from between her spread thighs.

It was a blonde woman, sexy lips and dark eye shadow, her eyes deep pools of oil, devoid of emotion. Her lips glistened, her pink tongue looking tired. "This is nurse Crow." The doctor announced." She has been orally pleasuring you for some time now." Jenny shook her head in denial. "That's disgusting, you dirty.I" The doc smiled. "You've been quite vocal while asleep my dear. Yes nurse Crow has been delving deep inside you with her eager tongue and believe me you've been enjoying it." Jennifer began to swear and try to break loose as the blonde bitch pushed her mouth over the girl's tender clit and continued her work." Jenny groaned with embarrassment arching her back.

She realised had her hands were tied over her head. She was trussed again. Her pussy was sweating with desire. The nurse had been keeping her on the edge of climax for some time waiting for the drug to wear off. Now the slightest pressure made the bound wench groan and spasm. The doc was opening his white smock his hard shaven pink cock springing out.

"I find humiliation heightens sexual climax." The doctor said as the nurse began to lick in earnest. While you climax I'm going to masturbate over your breasts. She'd seen that angry shaven cock before, now she could hear the flesh slopping as his hand tugged the foreskin back and forth.

Flup! Flup! Flup! Jennifer felt the hot mouth of the nurse sucking her wet pussy hole, teasing her wanton clitoral hood with her lips and tongue. Bringing her to an unavoidable climax. The doc was at her side jerking his hips in rhythm to his masturbation. He was angling his pink head over Jenny's wobbling tits.

As he did this he looked down at the nurse as she licked frenziedly, then back up to the eyes of Jennifer. "That's right," he said seeing her wild desperate eyes. "She's making you come isn't she." He began to grunt and buck his pelvis; at the same time the nurse thrust her tongue as deep as she could go down Jennifer's wet tube, pinching the girl's clit with two long nailed fingers. "Oooooooooooooooooooooo!" Jenny made a long animal squeal as she neared her peak.

The doctors cock tip began to spurt thick white come as coughed with exertion. He grunted like a pig as he thrust forward the slime spattering over her domes the stink of spunk filling her nostrils.

It was caking her nipples and dripping in rivulets down the curved side of her tits. She was revolted by the sight and smell; her own juices rubbing on the nurses face. She couldn't hold back any more. Her screams of pleasure filled the room.

She came herself, back arching off the table; her own pelvis grinding against the fat lips of nurse crow. The climax was startling in its power Jenny gasping and panting taking what seemed ages to slowly come back down to earth. The nurse knelt back exhausted from her efforts. Jenny looked into her dead eyes again wondering what happened last night when the docs alter ego came to visit the nurse in her cell.

She stood slowly and Jenny could see she was curvaceous with a large bust and wide hips. She wore white heels and a short mini skirt. She looked European, maybe some desperate Russian babe tricked into servitude by this mad man. However she appeared detached, not caring whose pussy she'd just licked so expertly. The doc had cleaned himself up sheepishly almost in embarrassment at having enjoyed his experiment. He straightened his coat and adjusted his pencil pocket then began again pulling a trolley closer.

Jenny could see a machine on top of it. It looked like a metal box with a rod protruding from a hole. On the end of the rod was a fat long dildo. It was ribbed and had storks at the top like it was a skewered slug. Jenny began to gasp for air. The doc smiled pushing the robot fucking machine between her splayed thighs. She gritted her teeth in anger as the rubber tip storks and all slid easily into her hot hole.

"You are now at what we call the plateau of arousal," he explained flicking a switch on the machine." From here you can orgasm many times, over and over. All that is needed is for the right pressure to be applied at the right places." The cock began to push forward at a steady rate, deep inside her, the vibrating storks flicking her flesh until they tickled at her cervix.

But they did this only for a second, as it then slipped almost out of her pussy before repeating the process, over and over. Nurse Crow stood near by with a vial of lubricant. But it wasn't needed, Jenny's pussy slurped and slopped as her own juices gripped and smothered the rubber intruder. The doc increased the speed ever so slowly on the pounding cock. He had serious hours of research ahead of him. The cock was unyielding in its mission. In and out over and over. Jennifer's body wriggled and bucked her hands tight behind her head.

She was groaning over and over the fat rubber intruder making her inner walls squeal with sensation, the eye storks buzzing like insect wings. The doc stood with his clip board monitoring the situation as the time passed. She'd being riding the robot cock for nearly two hours. Her pussy entrance was rimmed with foaming jelly her muscles almost totally slack allowing her juices to drip in a long trail to the floor below.

She'd come many times some slight whimpering tensing jerks other full blow thrashing squealing torrents. He cocked his head to one side. He'd thought he'd heard a sound. It was the feint sound of the front door bell.

His subject realized what it was and started shouting. He grabbed a ball gag from the trolley forcing it into her mouth, binding it tight behind her head. The sound of the door bell repeated over and over. He motioned Nurse Crow to continue with the robot fucking and then hurried upstairs.

At the front door Officer Smith was becoming impatient. He knew the doc was in there as he never left his exclusive hospital. He pressed the bell for the tenth time just as the door opened.

"Oh er, officer how can I help?" Smith was surprise by the greeting. The last visit he'd hardly said two sentences. "I'm sorry but the authorities are beginning to search buildings now." The doc shrugged his shoulders looking perplexed. "For the missing girl," Smith continued. "Remember?" Once again the doc just stood there dumb. The police officer pushed past the doc and headed for the study.

"I'm sorry doc but let's just get it over with?" The doc began to feel a hot flush coming over him. This officer Smith would ruin everything, all his research. The doc hurried after the cop who was now standing in his study. He remembered his top desk drawer, the Tazer gun just in case one of his patients ever escaped in the night and came looking for him.

"The visitor's book, you need to sign in." Smith folded his arms. "Stop jerking around doc." He said impatiently." I don't have the time for this." But the doc held up his hand understanding the man's urgency. "Yes, yes I'll just open my drawer it's in here somewhere, ah here it." ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!

Smith's legs buckled in on each other the man collapsing in a heap on the rug. Out cold. The Doc was shaking his thoughts not making sense. "What to do now? Better get some clothes, my research, and passport." Then he gave a shriek of realization. In his hurry to get the Tazer he forgot what lay next to it looking up with dead eyes. "Hello doc," said the white leather mask. "Time to put me on don't you think?" ****** Jennifer although gagged was still moaning like a whore the fat dildo slurping in and out of her excited shaft.

The doc had been right. At this heightened stage of excitement her body groaned in pleasure as she was force fucked by his mechanical intruder. She'd given up resisting long ago now it was just a matter of not hyperventilating between each building climax. Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh! Her groans were turning to higher pitch squeaks. She was almost coming again hips thrusting up to ram the cock in as hard as possible.

She heard the voice of the doc calling nurse Crow from down the corridor. And Jennifer gagged in horror realizing the woman was leaving the room. After each climax her ultra tender bud screamed for relief and the doc had always stopped the machine for a few minutes for her body to subside.

"Ohhhhhh god no you need to turn this thing uggggggggggggggggg!!" Her body was unbearably tender as her clit screamed. But the machine continued to pump in and out of her quivering pussy.

Any second she'd. She gave an animal roar as she bucked on the table her pussy yawning and spitting as she ground onto the rubber cock. Her insides were on fire. And as her orgasm subsided the pounding still continued. Seconds later she began to scream in hyper sensitive sensation. "Eeeieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" She wailed and bucked for an eternity or so it felt until her pussy was numb and her throat dry.

Then just as her mind began to loose its grip the power was turned off, the cock suddenly motionless. Looking up through exhausted half open eyes she gave a pitiful moan of despair. The doctor's alter ego stood there; stripped naked sweating heavily. His head once again in the white leather mask. The red cross on the forehead an obscene parody of what it stood for.

Dr Nooo's cock was erect slapping against his belly as he neared her. He had a leather harness wrapped around his waist which hooked over his balls and around his cocks base. She could only blink with her beautiful lashed eyes her mouth full of gag. The doc laughed as he jumped around her with glee. He was like an ape man yelping and grunting. He shook his head and wagged his finger as if to say what a naughty girl she'd been keeping him at bay so long.

He suddenly calmed himself and wiped his hand across his glistening chest. He hadn't said a coherent word yet and remained silent as he began to remove the untiring fucking machine away from her trembling body. Still not speaking he unclipped the brakes on her trolley table and began to wheel her out of the room and down the corridor. As he went he whistled over her gagged moans.

Jenny realized she was still on the same level as the cellar; in fact it was just a corridor away. The lights grew dimmer as she passed the heavy metal door and then the trolley bumped off concrete onto the shiny black tiled floor of her old den. She was back in the cellar. Jenny's eyes were blinking in terror her mouth full of fat red ball gag. There were already two people in the room.

Sat on a creaking wooden chair was Officer Smith. The young man was naked his strong physique bound to the chair. He also had a ball gag in his mouth and he was groaning. Jennifer could see his groin and shook in revulsion.

His cock when limp had been bent double and with elastic bands and using insulation tape bound tightly. His waist had a belt around it which appeared to be holding something in place on his seat. Jenny couldn't see it, but officer Smith had a fat vibrator up his ass merrily buzzing to itself held by the leather straps.

Poor Smith, the sensation and the view across from him were easily arousing his cock; which agonizingly wanted to unfurl but couldn't. The cop shook in discomfort his eyes full of terror his cock feeling like it would burst. Across the room the view he had to bear was one of irresistible arousal. Nurse Crow was hung naked by her arms and legs, suspended from the ceiling. The big titted blonde was facing down legs and arms in the position of a sky diver.

The doc had roped her large full tits attaching the two sucking tubes and already her pink nipples were deep inside the cylinders.

She also had a groin harness, a 10 inch ribbed vibrating cock rammed up her pussy and firmly secured. Her ass pointed skyward and a tube ran up to a gallon container slowly feeding some type of liquid into her rectal void as she wriggled. Nurse Crow couldn't cry out because she wore a black gimp mask, the one Jenny had come so used to. The eye holes were shut and the mouth hole was now a black double ended dildo. One side was sticking out like a raise elephant trunk the other end gagging down her throat.

The doc slammed the door, a numeric keypad looking them in. There was no escape. Jennifer couldn't accept what she was seeing. "No it was all a dream, yes a dream!" The doctor undid her wrists and legs but she didn't run.

Where could she get to? He undid her gag tossing it to the floor. Jenny starting a long rambling plea; hoping to negotiate with him. He gently helped her swing her long legs to the side, sitting up while she tried to get through to him. Then he helped her stand. He seemed to pay no attention to her convoluted excuses and plea bargaining.

Knowing this she began to laugh in despair, shaking her head the whole scene insane almost like an obscene circus. The doctor, his white mask in a constant sneer at her was like the head clown.

The cop was shaking his head looking at her with crazed eyes. She just stared back chuckling like a fool her eyes pitiful but compliant. The doc was delighted with his captured beauty. Tall, long firm legs, with an hourglass figure. And those hard full tits pointing out like twin domes.

Her hair hung around her fine neck, cute nose still upturned reminding him of the arrogant manner in which his alter ego had first met her. But now she didn't speak her white teeth hidden under quivering full lips.

"Good, it looks like you finally understand you little bitch, don't you. I can do what I want to you now and its best to just obey and take it. You shouldn't have hid from me the first time, now your experience will be all the more uncomfortable." "Oh God no, no." She said quietly looking up at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Please let me go." The Doc shook his head. Then he gave an evil laugh. "You know better than that Jennifer." The cop was thrashing and coughing through his gag. He had no back up. In fact he hadn't told anyone where he had gone. He could reason with the doc but this one was a mad man. "She's soo cute isn't she?" The doc teased running his hand up her waist cupping a firm tit. Jennifer was now resisting a little more the huge frame of the doc towering over her.

He looked at the man with an imprisoned bent double cock. "She's enough to get any man hard. Let's see how long you can resist when she starts moaning." He pulled both her arms behind her back binding the wrists her chest thrusting forward.

"I'm going to give this bitch's hard melon the attention they deserve.


Jennifer tried to squirm and shake as Dr Nooo wound corn around one then the other fabulous breast. He pulled the cord tight making her melons bulge and Jenny groaned in horror.

Orgie in Club Prive

"Oh God what are you going to do with meeee?" Then she screamed! He was looping the cord over a ceiling pulley and heaving down with his strong arms. Jennifer was been lifted by her roped tits up into the air. She screamed again her feet now on tip toe her shoulder back tits thrusts as high as possible most of her weight taken on the tit bound cord her toes giving the slighted relief. "Let's see you hang by your tits for a bit while I work on you." The insane Doc chuckled looking for his toys.

"Oh Jez let meeeeee down nooooooo!" Jennifer wailed. Smith was gritting his teeth in frustration. Watching the gorgeous girl hung like this his carnal lust rushed through him. He shook his head in denial his cock already trying to harden the pain increasing. The doc was concentrating on the tip toed girl tensed ass. The doc trailed his hand down over her curved, tensed ass his finger slowly nudging against her anus.

He grunted and she yelped as a finger slid into her leathery tight anus. He rotated it pulling her sphincter. Jenny felt the finger it seemed to be massive in her tight hole. She gave a long moan as the cords pulled on her heavenly tits and then she felt a second finger probing at her rear entrance. The pressure made her jerk forward, her anus dry and unyielding. The doc removed his digit and smeared a tube of jelly over his fingers.

He then repositioned his hand. "Now Jenny open up this time." She bit her lip as her anal muscles gave way to the lubricant. "Ooooooooo!" He had his two greased finger burrowing inside her rim stretching her. She yelped, unable to look down she tried to see over her shoulder her eyes wide with fear. He began to pump his hand against her peach ass cheeks, his two fingers fucking her ass with purpose. She could feel the wriggling probes thrusting and twisting inside her rear.

She raised her tip toes trying to stop his fingers going so deep her tits bouncing on the taut cables. "Oh, oh, ooh ugh,ugh,ugh!" She could sense he was reaching for something with his spare hand. The doc had a long twisted dildo and as he removed his loosening fingers he slowly began to ease this new monster into her ass. "I'm going to give you an internal examination with my hand later, but first we have to loosen you up." Jenny screamed and begged as he twisted the fat vegetable like monster deep into her ass.

Her tits were swollen the cord making them balloon out of shape. The dildo felt like a flag pole, deep up inside her. He gripped it at the base with both hands pumping it up into her. "Ride it, ride it!" He looked to the agonized cop his cock throbbing in its binds. Do you like this fat intruder up her ass? A bit like the one up yours eh. I bet that hungry cock of yours would love to replace it eh? The cop could only look to the ceiling in solace. He continued to thrust the dildo in and out of her ass making her toes almost leave the floor.

"Agggg!" Jennifer screamed as her hips rocked forward her suspended body pulling hard on the tit rope. "Oh god stop, stop please, let me down ugggggg!" She begged. The doc pulled the dirty long length out of her ass. "Soon," he said giving her cheeks a hard slap. He held his erect cock in his hand jerking the foreskin pulling it back to reveal the glisten purple head. His other hand was raised and he swiped down across her cheeks again. "But first a spanking and ass fuck I think!" Smith was in agony now.

His cock wanted to spring straight the scene in front of him unbearable. Jenny had bounced and swayed her tits bulging on tight cord as he had spanked her over and over. She was almost feinting when he finally stopped and positioned himself behind her.

She'd unbelievably not been penetrated by him in two days of captivity. Now she was sure he'd make up for lost time. She gritted her teeth as his long rod thrust up her ass his pelvis and rigid length lifting her body off the floor.

The sensation was one of total humiliation, his hot pink cock sliding into her lubricated tight shaft. She felt the tip so deep in her belly his pelvis pressing on her soft butt cheeks. Then more pressure his rod lifting her almost of her toes as he thrust as deep as he could go.

"Ug, ug, ug, ug!" The thrusts were bouncing her upwards each jolt relieving her tits for a moment before they pulled back taut. Each thrust searing into her tight rubbery shaft making her feel like his cock would erupt from her mouth.

"Ug, ug you dirty fucking bitch!" He grunted obscenities as he fucked. "Hanging by your hard tits, gagging at each deep ass thrust. Let me hear you beg for more bitch!" Jennifer screamed and shook, her body covered in sweat. His cock felt so deep like he was trying to climb up inside her. He tits were numb her shoulders and arms also loosing sensation The doc held her tiny waist as he thundered into her looking down watching his impressive length appear and disappear from her stretch anus.

"Yes, yes that's it bitch milk my cock, ugggggggg!" He began to thrust at enormous speed his hips a blur his cock like a pneumatic drill screwing up inside making her teeth chatter with the vibration. She felt him erupt inside her. The hot wet semen seemed to coat the inside of her tunnel and stick there like paint. His shots were rapid fire like a spitting coughing exhaust his cock emptying its load with animated relief.

He cock slopped from her ass like a dirty wet eel, officer Smith gargling in pain at the erecting sight. He stood back watching his semen drip from her ass. He moved towards Smith still talking to the suspended Jenny as he went. "The cop likes you I think." Dr Nooo teased examining his captives imprisoned cock then to the buzzing anal dildo he was forced to sit on.

Smith's eyes were wide in a crazy insane stare. He was loosing his mind! "Jennifer," he said sweetly." I'm going to let you down in a minute and I want you to service this cop for me." Jenny looked out of the corner of her eye shaking her head. "N, n, n no I w." The doc didn't let her finish.

He looked on the floor and finding what he wanted pushed the ball gag back into her mouth fastening behind her head as she thrashed. He then looked at the hanging Nurse Crow wriggling, bound, gagged and blindfolded. Her tit suction tubes were labouring to suck any more nipple and tits up them and nurse Crowe was in a lot of discomfort. "Hmmm, I think one of you is ready to help." He said moving away from Jennifer as she still hung on tip toe, now also gagged. He carefully lowered the nurse removing the tit tubes gently massaging the nipples back into shape.

Then the dildo stuffed in her pussy and the tube in her ass. Then finally her double ended mouth cock, nurse Crowe spluttering as her eyes and mouth came visible.

The nurse gave an embarrassed moan as her ass belched over a pint of fluid onto the floor as she tried to knell up. She whimpered her long nailed hands touching her ass in some vain attempt to stop the flow. "Good my dear, I need your assistance." He said helping her stand on quivering stiletto heels, the black floor glistening around her feet.

"Yes m, m, my Doctor," she stammered in a sweet feint voice the relief evident." W, w, what is required?" The docs white mask looked back at the writhing officer then the suspended Jenny. "Get the power clips and anal earth nurse. I want to make this bitches hair stand on end!" Jennifer couldn't scream, but her eyes screamed for her. The nurse took each tender nipple between her finger and thumb and carefully clamped them with strong crocodile clips, wires trailing from the metal teeth.

Jenny's tits bulged under the squeeze of the suspension cords, her nipples pointing towards the ceiling the clips looking like spikes on top of two upturned medieval helmets. She then felt a cold metal anal plug burrowing into her ass. This also had an electrical lead from it.

The Doc then carefully lifted her ankles, one at a time. Placing rubber stilettos sandals over her cute toes he stood away arms folded. "Now my dear, now all you have to do is hang there and enjoy." He burst into laughter then nodded to Nurse Crow. "Begin!" The current flowed into the young woman.

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" Her nipples felt like exploding the sensation of power almost making her pale tit flesh glow. Her body was convulsing the surging power feeling like a tidal wave pushing at her sphincter as it flowed the quickest way it could to the floor. Jenny's eyes rolled. Her mouth was full of ball gag, the world swimming. The current came in pulses making her body buck. Her tits juddered rapidly the suspended ropes vibrating with tension. "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" The doc took over at the control ordering the nurse to attend to the restrained cop.

Smith tried to wretch himself free but he was too tightly bound. His cock was black and blue with the effort of unfurling the pain incredible. The nurse was unbuckling the cock restraint, unwinding the tape and Smith almost swallowed his gag as his poor cock finally was allowed to spring erect.

Jenny was prancing on her high rubber heels. Her long legs did a crazy tap dance her arched back still struggling against the tit bound ropes. "ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" Smiths cock looked like a twisted trunk of an ancient tree. The nurse was slowly massaging his wrinkled bruised rod into a recognizable shape. The doc stopped the flow of power into the poor girl. She looked over her shoulder to him, wide eyed and sweating terribly. He was terrifying. So tall; glistening in sweat totally naked; his cock again hardening.

In fact she didn't think it had ever gone down. And she would have been right, so pumped up Viagra and lust he could and would fuck for hours. His white face mask grinned back at her, the eye hole black and evil. He undid her gag and as soon as her lips were free she began to bleat in panic.

"Please, please no more, I'll do it what ever you want just don't, no," she screamed the house down in gyrating spasm as he applied the final power. "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" She danced one last time her nipples almost smoking her back awash with sweat, legs finally bending in as she feinted. As she came round she knew with total gratefulness she was lying on the floor. Her poor tits were unbound, nipples swollen but unclipped.

Her ass was free of the anal earth and her arms were free to prop herself up. However she now had a leather dog collar gripping around her long sexy neck. She heard coughing and spluttering.

Officer Smith was sat in front of her. "Oh please help do something! Jenny cried looking up at him through spread thighs, over his bruised rampant rod. The doc pulled her towards the seated officer by her long dark hair. She yelped in pain but none the less shuffled forward until her head was in the cops lap. His fat cock looked so sore the head deep purple with bruising and arousal. She felt the doc push her head forward and she opened her mouth to swallow the desperate rod.

Officer Smith arched his back, the sensation of Jenny's hot soft lips touching his skin, swallowing him inside her mouth was amazing. She was coughing and spluttering but the doc wanted her to take more and more in. Jenny felt the cock bouncing around the roof of her mouth then sliding scarily deeper towards her tonsils.

She tried to push back but the doc was pinning her. Now the nurse was fastening something to her collar. Jenny began to panic but it was too late, she now had two leather straps either side of her neck attached to the collar.

The other ends were attached to the leather belt on Officer Smith, the same one that held the buzzing dildo firmly up his ass. The ass probe was still humming away and Jenny could feel a slight vibrating in the man's cock as it transmitted through his body. The straps had buckles on for lengthening and shortening and Jenny understood what they wanted to do.

"That it you bitch, slowly swallow it, come on." The two crazy medics pulled a strap each meaning every movement down by Jenny they could tighten and stop her from pulling back. Jennifer's eyes were bulging in panic. Every slight pressure by them on her head made her swallow a tiny fraction more. But she couldn't pull back.

Bit by bit they were making her take his full seven inches to his hairy base! Her nose was on his pelvis her throat so full that she knew she would surely choke any second. Them the first ass slap hit her.

She gulped and her head jerked forward taking even more cock, the nurse pulling the straps to stop her head pulling back. Slap! Slap! The doc was taking long deliberate strokes on her fat sweaty rear as she knelt, head in the man slap. She bit down unintentionally, stopping her self from choking completely. The cop bucked in pain. His hot rod was pressing on the back of Jenny's throat, now the girl's teeth gripping the base of his cock like they might bite it off. Slap!

Slap, slap! Now the doc and nurse stood either side of her rear taking swings one after the other. "Come on bitch, swallow, swallow. Yeah that's it, choke on it!" She felt the doc kneeling behind her pushing his long cock up between her thighs searching for her pussy.

Her lips opened to the pressure of his cock head his knees forcing hers wide apart as he mounted her slit. He began to slowly fuck up inside her tight hot pussy the thrusts forcing her already full mouth hard against the cop's pelvis.

The doctor reached around her lithe body to grip her hard tits, steadying himself, getting into a hard burrowing rhythm. He grunted in pleasure, Smith also making muffled grunts through his gag. The cop was almost coming. The doc thrusts hammered into the girl with such intensity he felt any second the doc pussy deep cock and his mouth deep cock would touch at the tips. Jenny herself was like a rag doll her hands gripping the chair legs, face forced to look down, and straps so tight now virtually only the buckles separated her collar from his pelvis belt.

When the cops came she had no way of pulling out or even swallowing properly. The man's cock had waited so long it hosed straight down her throat. Thick long spurts his ejaculation the more uncomfortable for the ass dildo his muscles were clenching and unclenching. Jenny tried to gulp the best she could. If her throat filled she'd be choked. The doc was sliding in and out of her to the edge of her pussy rim, before powering back in. Each long deep thrust angled upwards to put pressure on her g spot.

She was on the brink of feinting again. She felt the straps been unfastening and she pulled her mouth from the spent cock spluttering and spitting what was left as the doc continue to fuck her hard from behind. "Oh god, oh god, stop, stop doing this to meeee!" She wailed gripping the chair legs harder as her whole body banged forward with the cervix deep pounding. The doc pulled her away from the spent cop, keeping his iron rod deep inside her.

"Ugh, do ugh, you want to ugh, go back on the tit ropes?" He grunted between thrusts. Jenny shook her head, teeth gritted eyes closed. "Aw no, aw no, aw, not again uggggg!" The doc held her waist pulling her hips back onto his length, his pelvis rising to meet her slapping ass. He laughed between grunts. "Then stop arguing my little fuck slave." He was rutting hard against her ass his cock sliding deep to her limits.

Jenny was grunting with each thrust biting her lip clenching her eyes closed. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Smith appearing to be wrestling more with his chair. The doc was taking her doggie style on the floor his hands around her waist he wasn't looking over his shoulder instead concentrating on angling his cock high up against her virginal wall.

Jenny coughed and grunted his fucking making her all fours body rock and almost collapse. The nurse was stood like in a trance and she too didn't seem to notice the cop as his biceps bulged, the ropes stretching.

Suddenly he was to his feet his hand around the evil doc leather clad head. Jenny felt Dr Nooo's cock jump as he was pulled back screaming in rage. The cop was ripping the mask from his head the screams of terror from the doc worse than any Jenny had given that day. She felt the man crumple on top of her and she fell sprawling to the floor the man's cock shrinking, his body almost completely limp.

Officer Smith had the mask firmly in his hand the features looking even more evil in is leather contorting grip. "Fuck. Fuck!" Smith could only gasp with relief. As he had pulled himself up the anal vibrator had remained secure to the seat and even now was still buzzing to itself. The nurse stood with her hands over her mouth in shock. But she hadn't moved from her spot. The cop continued to curse leaving Jenny struggling under the dazed doctor.

"Hey help quickly we need to." Jenny tried to get him focused the doctor starting to knell up rubbing his head. Officer Smith still had the mask but wasn't jumping to her aid. "Fuck it, fuck it!" He continued to curse, the doc looking up at him. "I just .I thought." The doc seemed to be explaining his actions. Jenny was so confused. "But, but!" "Shut the fuck up!" Officer Smith yelled wiping his brow. The doc now standing looking dishevelled; a mere shadow of his rampant alter ego.

Smith still couldn't believe it. He thought this gimp mask had been shredded months ago. "It made me make a new one." Came the pitiful reply. Smith narrowed his eyes. He looked down at the mask then back at the doc. "Well I better keep this from now on." He said his temper fading. Smith had been coming here for months. The doc would have been busted over a year ago had it not been Officer Smith and his perverse pleasures that had originally investigated him.

The mental patients had been no problem fucking and experimenting on but "Jesus a college chick! Taken off the road!" He just knew she would be here. So he had made sure he covered this area of the search. He'd come back to sort out this mess when the doc had flipped thinking he was turning him in, and then somehow that fucking crazy mask had appeared again. "Fuck!" he yelled in frustration and anger at his own carelessness.

Jennifer was kneeling up her body covered in sweat, lips puffed, eyes dark and downtrodden. "You're, you're not here to save me?" She said in a whimper. "Fuck she's a bright one!" He spat sarcastically his cock starting to harden again as he tugged the foreskin. Her perfect figure, deep clench cleavage and all glowed golden with the sweat and artificial light. The cop had been kept waiting long enough. "Just keep on all fours honey its time to for you and me to get intimately acquainted." Epilogue: Officer Smith pulled into the drive of the sanatorium as the sun began to set.

He'd finished an hour early today as he now regularly did. His wife and kids would be waiting at home as always, but first he had his normal appointment with Jennifer.

For a few days it had seemed too close to call; that damn car being the biggest worry. But after he'd used his contacts to get it crushed and brought back on a pick up his fears had greatly subsided.

He halted the car in the new parking area at the back of the building. It had helped that this was due to be re-laid back then. A nice solution to his evidence problem he had to agree.

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The doc was expecting him and gave a dissatisfied thrown as he approached the car. "I have so many experiments to do," he said frustrated at this officer's constant distraction to his routine. Officer Smith patted him on the back as he got out of his car. "Sure doc," he said totally disinterested.

He said this every time he turned up. It had been six months without any leads and the case was now in the pending tray. The doc had done well to get her false medical notes; they'd even stand up to a pretty close inspection if ever needed. But even this crazed physician knew he needed Smith to just keep pointing the investigation the wrong way from time to time.

Smith felt his breathing becoming a little heavier. She'd probably be all gimped up as normal. Maybe he'd find her in the middle of a dirty experiment like deep anal fisting or just bound in the fucking box tit tubes sucking away like last time.

Any how it never failed to send him over the edge watching his cock slide in and out of that perfect ass as he took her bent double in some outrageous position. He smiled to himself noting that she was still a bit of a fighter even after all these long months. The doc watched him disappear inside the building. He paused for a moment then straightened his white coat. He heard the familiar voice; muffled, begging then cursing.

It was below him coming from the concrete. Apart from protection from the law the doc had something else just as important to thank Smith for. He'd never let him have that mask back and now, well it could scream all it wanted at him but it would never control him again. Well how could it? It was forever imprisoned in the trunk of Jenny's crushed Buick; buried deep under the new thick concrete car park.

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