Indian bhabhi sex with devar enjoying it

Indian bhabhi sex with devar enjoying it
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A TEENAGE ESCORT - Pt. 1, The Training A long, detailed story for the girl who wants to be a very high end, expensive whore. Or the guy who wants to have one. My family was fairly poor, no, really poor.

As a child through high school I was teased about my clothes, shoes, everything other kids had that were nicer. By the time I got to 10th grade at 16 years old I was sick of it. My parents were wonderful just not educated and had lousy jobs. We never went hungry or anything like that but the teasing had scarred me to my soul. One thing I had going for me was I am pretty with a great body.

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That led to many of the mean insults from other girls because their boyfriends wanted to fuck me. Not date me, not the trailer park poor hot chick, but hot chick to slam a few times without being seen out with me.

For the longest time my studies were all I was interested in, having seen what being high school dropouts did for my parents. At a local Goodwill store, the ones where donated stuff gets sold for charity, I was looking at some clothes. It's really kind of awesome what you can sometimes find for a buck or two. This lady comes over to the rack I was at and says, "oh that would look so good on you." It surprised me because she wasn't one of the volunteers that work there.

"Uh, thank you but it's a few more dollars than I have to spend", I replied. "My name's Brendy", she said as she extended her hand to shake mine. "Hi Brendy, I'm Rhonda." She flashed a big smile.

Looking at her outfit took me aback, she was dressed in what must have been a very expensive dress, Fendi handbag, and beautiful stiletto heals. "Well Rhonda it is my pleasure to meet you". "You don't look like you shop here often Brendy", I commented. "Oh I buy a lot of stuff here for my girls, they go through a lot of clothes on the job." "How many daughters do you have?" Brendy smiles big again, "none, they work for me." Inquisitive now about what they do and why they go through so many outfits I asked her, "what do they do to go through so many clothes?" She shakes her head slightly and replies, "this and that, they use many for costumes, some get ripped up, some kept as souvenirs by their, uh, dates." I'm really curious now, uh dates…?

"Dates, souvenirs, ripped up, what do your girls do exactly?" She looks me dead in the eyes and says,"Rhonda, you're a beautiful young girl with an angelic sweet face and a super hot body, you could make a lot of money working for me." I'm interested in the idea of making a lot of money.

My brow furrows, "and what exactly would my job be?" "Well," she continues, "I have many gentlemen, very rich gentlemen, that want a nice young girl to spend time with, and they pay well. Looking at you I can say you'd make about $2,000 to $3,000 a week, cash. Does that sound interesting Rhonda?" My eyes get wide open, first at the amount of money then ask, "you say spend time with but for that kind of cash they must want more than company." "Most do but some not, they like the company of a young pretty soft girl, but yes, some want more… way more but they pay really, really well." My face is turning red and I'm getting a warm feeling rushing through my body.

I'm a virgin, only seen a dick a few times but used to sneak my parents porn movies when they were gone and rub my pussy. I've seen them enough to know how dirty people can get, licking pussy, sucking cock, fucking, ass fucking, 2 or more guys ravaging a girl. Now the clothes comment makes sense. In these movies there are schoolgirls, nurses, street whores, simulated rape, spanking, girls getting tied up, slapped around. "Gee Brendy, that's tempting but I have to be honest with you, I'm a virgin and though I've seen porno's enough to know about almost all sex I'm not sure I could do it, ya know?" And there's that big smile again.

"Oh Rhonda, a virgin gets $5,000 or more the first client they have. Depending on what you're willing to do you could get up to $10,000, but you'd have to really be at the disposal sexually to the client, maybe even more than one at the same session." "If I tried and couldn't go through with it what happens?", I ask.

"The client isn't charged and you go home, but won't be called again for an escort", she explains. I'm thinking about this hard, up to $10,000 for the first time, that's better than the shitty McDonald's some rich asshole punk in school would give me to try to fuck me.

And a regular weekly income of thousands, I could tell my parents I got an after school job, help with the bills, wear nice clothes and tell all those snotty bitches at school to fuck off.

This is the turning point, F-YOU snob cunts! "Look Rhonda, let's do a trial run to see if you want to do this, ok?" Trial run…? "I have a client tomorrow I take care of personally, his money allowed me to start this business and get other girls working for me," she says.

"He likes what is called a 'triple play', blowjob, fuck, and anal. You can come along and just watch to see how it works. He'll pay you $500 to play with your pussy while he does me and you said you like porn so it'd just be like live porn." "But I don't have anything decent or sexy to wear." "No problem, we're about the same size, I'll pick you up early and we'll raid my closet and get you set up." Looking at her outfit I bet she's got some really nice stuff I could wear.

"Ok, I get out of school at Lee High at 3pm, pick me up there ok?" "Sure sweetie, that will give us plenty of time to get worked up and ready, see you then," she says then turns and walks out to a red Mercedes convertible.

All that night and next day at school I'm anxious, nervous, and turned on. Classes seem to drag on forever. When that last bell rang I practically sprinted to the parking lot. Not seeing her car was disappointing until I heard this honk-honk.

Looking across the street was a limousine. The dark tinted window slides down and Brendy leans out and waves to me. You should have seen the looks on people's faces as I crossed the street and the driver opened the door for me. I was hooked, F-U snobs was all I could think. "Is this yours," I ask Brendy. "No, it belongs to our client, he's a very, very wealthy businessman. There are a lot of perks in this business Rhonda. Now let's go get you prepped, raid the closet, and enjoy a fantastic dinner then have some fun!" Next thing I know is we are at a beauty salon, an expensive spa as the rich call them.

"Come on Rhonda, it's time we get pampered." The doorman guides us in and it is awesome. In the front is a tray with champagne, he hands a glass to each of us. Quickly an immaculately dressed and coiffed woman smiles and says, "Brendy, so good to see you, and who is this beautiful girl with you?" "This is Rhonda, hopefully you'll be seeing her often." "Ladies, follow me please" as she leads us to the spa area. We enter dressing, or rather undressing rooms, and strip naked then wrap ourselves with warmed soft large towels.

I hear Brendy calling and step out of the dressing room. "Follow me Rhonda" she says then heads around to a large room. There are padded tables that have a hole where your head would be. Doing as she does I lay down on the table putting my face in that open area. It coddles my face. Soon two women enter and take our towels off leaving me naked. I feel warm oil being poured on my back and legs. Sliding hands start to rub me.

Good gawd this feels good!

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Scented candles are lit and low and soothing music is playing and this woman is massaging my body nearly putting me to sleep. This goes on for about a half hour before we are wrapped back into the towels. Again, following Brendy we go to another room. Here we get our hands massaged then dipped in warm oil. The two Asian women begin to work on our finger nails as our feet are soaking in a tub of warm oil then massaged.

I can't believe this, for the first time in my life I got a massage and am getting a manicure and pedicure. Sure, I've read all about spa treatments in my women's magazines but for a girl who wears $1 shirts this is unreal. Brendy is getting me hooked harder and harder, she knows the game. After we are done there two men, gay as hell, come in and walk (or prance) us to the hair salon area.

We are washed, conditioned, cut, dried and styled. When they turn me around to the mirror I almost cried. My hair looked like those bitches at school. Then we go to yet another room filled with mirrors and lights around them. Oh fuck, I'm going to get a professional make-up job. Thanks to the towel all the pussy juice that I was flowing didn't leave stains on the chairs.

During all this Brendy is talking so sweet to me and telling me how I could have this all the time. Yeah I thought, just got to suck and fuck to get it. No big deal I rationalized, to live this lifestyle I probably have to marry some fat ass and do the same with him. At least I could do it on my own terms. We left the spa and entering the limo more champagne was waiting. "Rhonda, we're heading back to my penthouse apartment to get ready. As the limo pulls up to this high rise building my awe grows.

Penthouse? The only penthouse I thought I'd see was the magazine on the porn rack behind the counter at the local zippy mart. A uniformed doorman opens the limo door, "good day miss Brendy," he says.

"Oh very well Jim, and how's that wonderful family of yours?" She really knows how to work people and I find it intriguing. To the exclusive express elevator we go up to her apartment. It was flashy but in a good way. "Oh come dear, let's get out of these clothes and take a bath." This bathroom was larger than my whole trailer. "Be careful not to wet your hair or rub your face sweetie. The dressing area is over here." I follow her. Seems like a lost puppy but my head is spinning from all this.

She opens these two large French doors to reveal a 'closet' that is a clothing store, shoe store, and accessories store combined. There are chairs and a table in there. Chairs and table in a closet? We undress and slip into the tub. She has scented oils and rose petals floating on top. It is odd that I have no shyness being nude around her. The tub is so large we don't even touch each other.

A light bubbling is coming out of places all over the tub and is invigorating. She pours two glasses of champagne, apparently rich people drink a lot of champagne.

My head is getting light, I'm not used to alcohol. "Our client likes everything smooth," she says as she grabs a razor. She moves over to me and lightly kisses me on the neck placing the razor on the ledge. I never thought about being with a woman but I don't recoil. Moving up my neck to my ear I feel tingling in my pussy. Her light kisses and tongue moves across my cheek and she is now licking my lips.


Her kiss becomes firmer then her tongue parts my lips. My mouth opens to her tongue and my tongue meets hers. There I am making out with this beautiful woman and liking it. Her hands are stroking all over my body making me squirm a little.

That good squirm of excitement. Backing away she gets the razor and pulls one of my legs up, lathering it with some good smelling gel. She shaves me from ankle to hip, very gently and sexy. Then the other leg. "Rhonda, stand up sweetie, I'm going to make you smooth everywhere." I do and her hands spread my legs exposing my pussy.

I'm not hairy at all and she carefully takes what 'peach fuzz' I do have off my body. While we were nude earlier I noticed she had already groomed herself. Stepping out of the tub she dried me off, again kissing me a little. Then she dried herself. "Let's get you some lingerie honey," she says.

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Back to the huge closet we go. She grabs a shopping bag off the floor and says, "here sweetie, I bought this for you earlier today," handing me the bag. It contained a pair of black thigh high lace stockings, a garter belt, black corset with push-up top (with my ample tits meant they were going to look huge), and lace thong panties.

"Put the stockings on first, then the garter belt and straps, then the corset, and call me at that point, I'm going to get us another glass of champagne." Sliding the stockings, pure silk, up my super smooth legs was thrilling. I had seen garter belts in Victoria Secret ads so knew what to do and the corset was already laced so I just pulled it on.

"Brendy, I'm at the point you said to call for you." She popped around the corner and handed me another glass of champagne.

I told her I was buzzed. "Not yet dear, but you will be…" Standing in front of her with my new lingerie I was still very comfortable being naked with her. Maybe I had a thing for women I didn't know before. My bare recently shaven pussy was exposed. She approached me and began deep kissing me, swirling her tongue around mine with champagne being exchanged in our mouths. I could feel her hand slide around my breast cupping it, pulling and pinching my hard nipple.

Next her hand slid down my tight hard stomach to cupping my pussy. Using her index and ring finger she opens my flower. Her middle finger gently touches my clit. My body shakes. Her kisses get harder as she feels me reacting to her touch. Nobody but me had ever touched my pussy and it was fantastic. Pressing firmer now rotating her finger on my clit I shuddered more. I could feel me getting wetter with every circle on my pussy button.

Lightly pushing me back I could feel my legs back up to a chair. "Sit down sexy girl." When I do she kneels between my legs and takes the glass from my hand placing both on the table.

She looks up at me with that big smile of hers, puts both hands under my thighs pulling me to the edge of the chair. I can't speak either out of fear or excitement. I just know this is the most exciting feeling I've ever known. Pulling each leg up behind the knees she spreads me and places each over the soft arms of the plush chair. I feel exposed but sexy, I had never worn lingerie nor feel the air on my pussy that was freshly shaven smooth.

Leaning into me her hot breathe feels good on my pussy. Soft loving kisses she gives all around my pussy and inner thighs. My head falls back as I feel her hands slide up the silk stocking covered thighs that are open for her. Her tongue licks with strokes at my closed vagina, with each lick I feel more sensation. Now her hands have reached my pussy, her fingers open the folds that protect the opening.

I'm totally exposed like I've never been and never knew how much I would want to be. As she pulls me open she laps at my obviously excited dripping cunt. My hips buck upwards slightly to greet her mouth.


Gently but with enough pressure her lips suck my pussy lips in one side at a time. I feel her wet (her saliva and my juice mixed) lips suck in and slide up and down each of my exposed pussy folds.

Becoming rhythmic my hips gently press into her as she gently presses her mouth onto me. Going from one side of my cunt to the other feeling her more firmly open my up and barely touch my clit was driving me to heights I never thought.

On one sliding stoke up she sucks my clit into her mouth and I nearly fall backwards in the chair. Brendy has my pussy pulled open, juiced like nothing I ever did alone, and had my clit which was hard in her mouth. As she slid one finger from each hand holding me open into my sloppy cunt her mouth sucked my clit into her harder. My breathing became so fast I was near hyperventilating. The tip of her tongue barely lapped on the tip of my clit.

Her fingers moved deep inside me. My pussy spasmed and Brendy felt it, she then started to ravage my clit with a hard sucking mouth and swirling tongue. It was all I could take and blurted out, "Brendy, I going to cum you are making feel too good." That just made her plunging fingers press up into what I later learned was the infamous 'G spot', suck my clit harder and tongue it faster.

My hips pressed into her mouth so hard afterwards I thought maybe I did something to hurt her. "Ohhhhh Brendy, it's happening, I'm going to cum harder than ever…" She continued and I shook as I came. Oddly, something I never did before and was worried after it happened, when I was having the best orgasm in my life I squirted something out of my pussy.

Shaking as I came down from the orgasm my mind raced, oh gawd did I just pee in her mouth? "Rhonda that was so delicious, I think you're going to be great in this business." I was heaving and breathing deeply. "Brendy I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened. Never have I had anything squirt out of me while having an orgasm, please don't be mad." "Sweetie," she said laughing, "you're a squirter, you get extra money for that!" "A what?

What's squirting? Why get extra money?" There's that big smile again. "You've seen porno and when a guy cums he shoots jizm from his cock.

Well, some girls do too when they cum real hard, it's much thinner but about the same thing. Clients will pay extra if you can do that while you rub yourself off, fuck you, fuck your ass, and if you can do it when they're sucking your cunt they will love you." "But that's the first time I ever did that and it was because of you," I say.

"You just have to learn to control it, and you will, you are the best girl I've had in a long time. Look at you, your body is perfect, you are a baby face beauty, and I'll bet you can be the dirtiest slut my clients ever had. You've got a big rich future girl!" Every time she tells me things she gets me more excited about doing this escort work.

"Now baby, let's have one more glass of champagne then we'll get dressed. The limo will be here at 8 to take us to dinner with our client. Afterwards we'll go to an exquisite hotel and do what we do. Ok?" "Brendy, if this job is anything close to what we just did I'm your best girl!" I clean up my pussy, it was a sloppy mess, and Brendy brings another glass of champagne. "Let's look through the closet to find you something super sexy but very refined to wear.

Go ahead and put on the thong panties I got you." Her clothes are so fantastic, we look on rack after rack, she wants to put me in the perfect outfit. The shelves of shoes she has is a huge collection. She already bought me sexy lingerie. "Rhonda, look around and you'll find many sexy dresses that still have the tags on, anything you want you can keep, same with the shoes." You got to be kidding me I thought, there were dresses with $2,000 price tags, shoes at $1,500, the clothes the bitches at school wear.

I found the perfect black short dress that went perfect with my lingerie. It did. "Oh sweetie, I know the perfect shoes to go with that," she says as she hands me a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps. We're talking $800 shoes… She dresses and looks immaculate, this kind of money you can buy whatever and look perfect.

But again for what clients pay you should. You may have up to 8 in a week, that's big money. We meet the limo driver in the lobby. Whisked away downtown to a Japanese restaurant that doesn't even have a sign outside. Brendy takes us back to a private frosted glass dining room. Opening the door is an amazingly handsome guy in his 30's I guess.

His eyes grow large seeing me follow Brendy through the door. Am I on drugs in some 'Pretty Woman' dream that I'll wake up in my trailer? "Hello Trevor, this is Rhonda and she's going to join us tonight, I didn't think you'd mind…" "Brendy, you devious person, you knew I wouldn't mind and you brought such a young exquisite beautiful girl. It will be of course my pleasure to spend an evening with you two wonderful tantalizing women. As you knew it would Brendy." We are sat by a tuxedo wearing maitre de like we were royalty.

Small talk goes on as wine is served, an appetizer, soup, sushi (yuck, not my liking at that point), and a small grill comes in. They cook lobster, shrimp, steak, etc. that all smell so wonderful. All the time the wine is flowing. My head was already airy from the champagne and the wine didn't help. If not for all the food I'd be a falling down drunk by now.

After dinner they bring in these small cups of dark colored liquor. It was sweet and delicious. Soon we were leaving in the limo. Very quickly we were at a posh hotel, doormen falling over to greet us, Mr. this and that the whole time.

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Shuttled into another private elevator my brain is scrambled. It's not just the alcohol, the whole day has been an experience I didn't know existed.

No doubt from all the stuff that I got and experienced it was a $3,000 day already, and that was before the money from the client. The elevator opens directly into the suite. Once inside the client goes to the main bedroom. Brendy comes to me to explain the events to come. "Once he comes out he'll be in a bathrobe, you will sit over there on the small couch and he will accompany me on the long couch.

We will touch then I will do a strip dance for him. While I do he will get hard and begin to stroke his cock, ok?" "Yes, I understand." "As he strokes his dick you will come up behind me and rub your hands over me, slowly undressing me.

Then I will do the same to you. We only go down to our lingerie, the rest will happen later, got it?" "Sure, I can do this." He walks into the room exactly as Brendy described. The music cues up on the sound system and Brendy begins her dance.

I get up and walk over to her sexy dance, already my pussy is getting wet again.

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As the music plays and she sexily dances we strip each other. As if on cue he opens the robe. He has a hard dick that must be 8" and fairly fat. Brendy and I continue and I'm getting more excited but still too afraid to take a dick in my cunt. The lighting is low but enough to see everything. Brendy pulls me to her side and buries her tongue in my mouth. We are there dancing slowly feeling each others bodies, kissing intimately, wearing nothing but our lingerie.

I'm in my black and she's in an almost identical outfit in white. Both of us are clean shaven from ankle to belly. She turns me so my ass is facing the client. Bending me over she exposes my ass and shaven cunt to him. Looking between my legs I can see he has increased his pace of jerking his dick. Oddly seeing his large dick hard was exciting. Brendy, now having my body bent over exposed pulls my cunt open. It isn't as soft and sweet as we did before, it is more forceful and dominating.

I don't mind, I'm getting more excited every second. Her hands open me up for view. Now it's two fingers each hand stretching my cunt open.

Her thumbs are now firmly tugging on my clit. My pussy juice is gushing. Grabbing the back of my head by the hair she shoves my face in her cunt. Bent over, pussy and ass at the view of the client, Brendy stretching my cunt and almost harshly massaging my clit with a thumb, she rips my head back and shoves my mouth on her pussy.

I hadn't licked her at her place nor licked any girl, but I knew what to do. She went back to having two hands work my pussy just feet from the client's face while bucking her hips and pussy into my face. Her taste was so good I knew I was dripping in cunt juice. She was also totally shaven smooth and the whole atmosphere was sex, pure hardcore sex. And I liked it. Just a moment later she did something I never thought I would enjoy.

Her sloppy fingers soaked in my pussy juice pulled out of my cunt. I felt her slide upwards. Remember, I'm bent over, my virgin pussy and ass open now exposed just inches from the client's face.

He's stroking his dick as I lap at the sweet cunt of Brendy, she takes one finger from each of her pussy soaked hands and enters my asshole. I jump in those expensive pumps I'm wearing.

A finger on one side and one from the other is now entering my ass. After a short time oddly my ass relaxes because I'm so turned on her fingers pull me open. Each hand then jams another finger in my bung. Again at first it hurts then becomes ok. Still looking through my legs as I'm bent over the client is jerking so fast and hard I can't believe he hasn't cum.

This continues for just a short time longer. Brendy pulls away from my lapping tongue and presses me down to my knees. Next she walks around me, my back to the client and her facing him. "Time to suck my cock Brendy" he tells her. I'm not sure what to do, I can't see them right now. Brendy instructs me to lay on my back so I stretch out and am now looking up her legs apart and staring directly at her luscious pussy.

"Finger my cunt Rhonda" she tells me. I reach up and insert two fingers into her. They slide right in because she was very wet. She bends over a grabs the client by the base of his hard thick cock and begins stroking him. He leans back on the couch as Brendy slowly strokes him. Able to look back now I'm watching them, learning. I slip two more fingers in her juicy cunt, only my thumb is out and it's furiously rubbing her clit.

Brendy then lowers herself on her knees with the client's dick just in front of her face. She takes her other hand and gently pulls my arm down pushing it down to my pussy.

The sweet smell of her wet cunt so close to me was more intoxicating than all the alcohol I had that day. Much to my delight Brendy then squatted right onto my mouth. She was grinding her cunt on my open sucking mouth.

My tongue darted in between her folds trying to taste all of her I could. Feeling her using my face as her sex toy was great. She lifts up just a bit. "Rhonda get on your knees beside me, I want you to watch me suck a cock the right way." Getting out from underneath her I get in position as she instructed.

As if on auto-response my hand moves to her pussy slipping four fingers inside. Meanwhile my other hand goes to my pussy putting three fingers in my gushing cunt. Brendy moves her mouth to the client's purple cock head. Gripping him at the base, using the tip of her tongue she lightly laps at the shiny precum oozing from the hole at the top of his dick.

I'm watching intently knowing I would need these techniques to be pro in this business. She next swirls her tongue around the ridge where the shaft and head meet. Moving from there using her lips and tongue she works the shaft. Up and down the bottom, top, and sides she sucks and licks his dick shaft. Looking at the client's face his eyes are almost rolled back. Brendy moves her attention his ball sack, licking all around at first then sucking one then the other nut into her mouth.

It looks very erotic as she is doing this his cock is twitching around in the air. Brendy reaches up and strokes his dick some more. Her hand strokes down and stays at the base slowly squeezing and relaxing her grip. Then her head lifts up and her mouth is open and directly over his dick. She lowers her mouth on him slowly and devours his large cock down to her hand. He throws his head back to the couch now looking up at the ceiling.

Brendy slowly pulls her mouth up stopping just before the head pops out. She removes her hand and slowly again now goes down where his dick meets his balls. Gawd, she sucked his entire dick all the way into her mouth. He raises his hips a bit forcing him into her mouth deeper.

Brendy is one great cock sucker, as good or better than any I've seen watching my parent's porn. She begins to move her mouth up and down his dick. Both my pussy and hers are getting so wet our juices are flowing down the inside of our thighs. As my fingers work each of us the slushing sound mixes with the slurping sound of her mouth fuck she's giving our client.

As her pace increases his hips buck a little more at her face. He grabs her head and soon he's face fucking her furiously. Faster and faster he shoves his cock deep into her mouth, it has to be getting into her throat. Occasionally he just gets full hilt into her throat and stays there pressing himself as deep as he can get.

Given the size of his cock that must be pretty deep. Brendy doesn't gag, I'd be gasping for air. Amazingly I see her tongue come out of her mouth to his ball sack. That's impossible I think but there I am getting a direct view of a great cock sucker deep throating a large dick and licking his balls at the same time. He pulls back and begins a fast paced fucking of Brendy's mouth and throat.

With my slick hand nearly wholly in Brendy's sloppy cunt I put my thumb into her ass. She must have liked it because she bucked back into my hand forcing it deeper in her pussy and ass. The client sat upright leaning over Brendy's head, still pumping her mouth. He was watching me fuck her cunt and ass with my fingers. It must have been a good look because he began to grunt and almost brutally stab at Brendy's throat.

Still holding her head by the back he groans and grunts louder. From the pornos I know what's coming, or cumming. So does Brendy, she bucks harder on my hand and groans herself.

Vibrations from her groans on his cock must have been the final turn on as he stiffens. He groans one more time then says,"oh yeah Brendy you great whore, I'm going to cum down your throat" as he presses her head into his crotch. Two seconds later he grunts and I can see Brendy' throat moving as she swallows his cum.

I'll bet it was a lot by the number of times I saw her throat moving while swallowing each spurt. His upper body falls to back of the couch, his dick still deep in Brendy's mouth. Brendy begins to shudder slightly, I wonder if I'm hurting her now. Nope, she starts to groan and buck her ass against my hand. M, M, M, MMM, MMMMMMM, I hear from her. I realize she's having an orgasm, and that sets me off.

I start my own groaning. In an instant I feel her pussy tighten then spasm. Mine was doing the same. Soon I felt a warm liquid flow out of her and down my forearm. She's a squirter too. It was all I needed and began my orgasm squirting my female ejaculation all over the carpet. Eventually both of us had girl cum covered thighs. "Damn, what are you girls doing, marking your territory?" It brings a laugh to all of us.

By now he had pulled his dick out of Brendy's talented mouth. I was startled to see he was still hard, I thought all guys went limp after an orgasm. Brendy sat up, turned, and deep kissed me. She hadn't swallowed all his cum and I was tasting cum from a man for the first time. As she kissed me his cum was swapped between us and flowing out of our mouths. He must have huge wads because I saw how much she swallowed and how much was being swapped between us.

And he was still hard, this client was like a machine, no wonder Brendy wanted to bring me along. Brendy pulled away from me and says to our client, "let's not waste all this girl cum." She stands up, turns around facing away from the client, I'm still aside on my knees. Next she straddles his body lowering her dripping cunt onto his hard dick.

She grips it guiding it first to a split opened at her sopping cunt then all the way into her well worked opening. It's a very sexy sight, her body facing me and a large dick sliding in her exquisite pussy. This goes on for some time then Brendy gives me another instruction. "Rhonda, get in front of me standing", so I do.

As her pussy is getting fucked she reaches out putting three fingers in my slippery cunt. In rhythm with his thrusts her fingers thrust into me. My legs are spread wide and she curls her fingers hitting my G spot. Again she slips her thumb in my ass, I'm beginning to really like my ass getting attention.

My legs start to tremble just a bit, I'm on the verge of another orgasm. No way, at best when rubbing myself off I had two, and they were several hours apart. "Don't cum yet Rhonda", she says as she pulls her fingers out of me. The client has his hands on her hips thrusting his cock hard into her pussy, looking around her at me. "Rhonda, kneel in front of me a lick my clit as I get fucked", Brendy tells me.

I'm so hot I drop to my knees and hungrily go after her clit. My tongue also meets the client's cock shaft as it pumps her pussy. The thrill of sucking her clit, licking around her pussy and tasting her juices from the client's dick was great. Really great.


My sucking and licking of her clit with the thrusting of his cock was taking Brendy over the edge. And it was the client. She starts groaning again in that tone that says she's going to orgasm. That sets off the client who joins in the groaning, they are both about to cum. I've got Brendy's clit in my mouth sucking it in and flicking it quickly with my tongue.

In a few more strokes they go off, cumming together. He floods her cunt with salty cum and it mixes with the sweet taste of her orgasm. A thought that ran through my head was why does a guy taste salty and a woman taste sweet? The thought quickly goes away as the client pulls out of Brendy's pussy.

She grabs the back of my head pushing it off her clit and directly at her pussy opening. I can feel her squeezing her inside muscles. Wads of his cum mixed with hers flows into my mouth. I gurgle slightly trying to swallow all their flow coming out of her. "You need to learn to swallow a lot of cum to be a top earner in this business", Brendy says. The gush seems to go on forever, I recall how much she swallowed giving him a blowjob and still had plenty to swap into my mouth while kissing.

Also recalled was how much she had soaked my hand and her thighs with her juice. Now the two added was a lot, but was very good to taste and swallow. Brendy went over to the bar and poured all of us a glass of champagne.

The client was half limp, even half hard he looked big. And after two ball draining sessions he should have a shriveled up dick. But there was one more performance to complete the 'triple play'. We talked and drank. "Brendy, as always, you are the hottest fuck ever. And this Rhonda you brought along was a great addition. Rhonda, you are so beautiful and innocent looking but you have the soul of a whore, and that's not meant as an insult." "Not taken that way, I appreciate your compliment", I say.

Brendy chimes in, "I met Rhonda at a store and immediately knew she was a star pro in the making. Though she's here on a look-see escort you can tell easily why I was so attracted to her." We finished our glass and the client was ready for the final 'play'. Brendy walked over to the bed and sat down on the side. "Rhonda, come lay with me." I walked over, Brendy stood up and deep kissed me for awhile.

She pulled me down to the bed laying on top of me, our legs intertwined. The client was on the couch stroking his cock again. Our kissing was intimate and sexy, not like any boy that had kissed me.

Brendy's hands were lightly stroking all over my body. This was all to take in. I'm a 16 year old high school girl that has had a pampered day and was for the first time having sex with someone other than myself. Brendy begins kissing my neck. She tongues my ears, never knew how good that would feel. Down my shoulders she reaches my breast. At 16 they are firm 34c's with light brown hard as diamonds nipples. She sucks one in her mouth while lightly tweaking the other.

While doing that her thigh is pressing firmly into my crotch making my pussy feel it. She licks the flesh of my tits then sucks on the other nipple. They are hard and sensitive to her attention. Slowly she kisses and licks me down my flat belly to my thighs. She's sucking and lapping at the girl cum that had flowed while we were together earlier. The client has jacked his dick to be hard and large again.

I could see him as he watched us. Going down one inner thigh Brendy moves to the other. Her kissing, sucking, licking gets more passionate. Moving up soon I can feel her breath on my hairless pussy. Soon after that I can feel her kissing my pussy. Reaching under my knees she pulls my legs up and back. I'm on my back, legs spread and pushed back opening my pussy. Brendy kisses my cunt. I reach down and hold my legs back freeing her hands. She moves her hands to my cunt pulling it wide open.

We were here earlier in the day but I wasn't as open and exposed. With two fingers on each hand she inserts them and opens my cunt hole. Her tongue laps every inch of my pussy. She licks and sucks my clit getting it hard like she did my nipples. The client is still stroking his cock. This guy isn't normal, he's hard always and cums like a freight train. As Brendy finger fucks my cunt and sucks my hard clit I feel a pressure at my ass opening.

Using both her thumbs she enters my ass. By now I'm somewhat used to having my bung entered. But she wasn't done, she was training my asshole for future money making use. Clients pay for the basics, every additional service earns more money, a 'full service' escort always makes more money. I can feel her thumbs pulling outward, she's stretching my asshole open. As it relaxes her mouth leaves my cunt. Her tongue swirls around the outside of my anal opening. Not for long, now she's darting it in and out of my butthole.

And she has a long tongue. The sensation is incredible, my hips rise off the bed and press into her face. She sticks her tongue in my hole while thumb fucking my ass as she also pulls it open.

My hand finds its way to my pussy. It's soaking again, how can I be flowing that much juice in my cunt? I'm so hooked now, sex is awesome and getting big bank for doing it is impossible to turn down. Hell, I'd be with Brendy even if I was going to earn any money. Brendy backs away, sits upright and tells me to flip around so my head was at the foot of the bed.

As I position myself Brendy backs up straddling my body and squats so we are now in a 69 position. My head is at the very end of the bed with her cunt on my face, her ass just barely past the edge at the foot of the bed.

She's grinding her pussy on my mouth and tongue while she grinds her mouth and tongue on my cunt. My hands are under her pulling open her cunt as her arms are under my legs and hands opening my pussy. We're mirroring each other's motions, fingers in cunt, suck clit, lick pussy lips, finger assholes, slurping like good whores at each other's privates.

Well, as a whore they're not so private. Brendy and I are moaning, groaning, slithering around licking, fingering, and sucking each other's cunts. A muffled instruction comes from Brendy, "Rhonda, use your fingers to sop up my pussy juice and use it to lube my ass real good." It was an easy task because she was full of her juice, girl cum, and the client's cum.

I literally used two fingers like a scoop and inserted the juices in her ass. After four or five times lubing her butt I heard the client get off the couch. At this point my mouth was all over Brendy's pussy. Her face was buried between my legs getting me so hot I was bucking and rotating my hips driving my cunt into her mouth. Obviously my view was looking up towards the ceiling well framed by the perfect butt cheeks of Brendy.

That view was soon lost. The client was directly over me and behind Brendy. Play number three was about to begin. I could easily see his cock, it was in his hand and as big as before. He began spanking Brendy hard on her ass but she seemed to like it. The harder he smacked her butt cheek the harder she pressed her cunt on my mouth. This went on for about five minutes, her ass was blood red.

Though I had lubed her ass with all our juices he spit in his palm and stroked his dick. The client stepped forward positioning the head his big dick at Brendy's anal opening. With one hand holding his cock and the other holding Brendy by the hip he pushed the head of his cock into her butt.

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I could see the initial resistance then opening to allow him into the first inch of her ass. It makes me more excited and my sucking of Brendy's cunt gets harder.

Once he had the head in her hole he stopped, but only for a few seconds. I could feel Brendy's thighs stiffen, she knew what was next. The client smacked both her ass cheeks then grabbed her hips. Violently in one stroke he rammed his rigid large cock into Brendy's bowels. He grunted and breathed like an animal. Using his strong arms he pulled her hard against his cock pressing his cock as deep into her as possible. Without pulling back he continued this deep thrusting.

His balls were slapping my forehead. Brendy was giving out muffled grunts as her face was buried in my cunt. I was eagerly sucking her clit and enjoying the juice flowing from it. My arms reached around her thighs and using my hands I pulled her ass cheeks open. We were in total ecstasy, all three of us. My cunt being sucked by an expert whore, me licking a sexy beautiful woman's pussy, and the client hard fucking Brendy's ass while watching us 69.

This was better than I ever imagined while diddling myself to porn. Brendy gives me a taste of what she was getting. While sucking my cunt she puts two fingers in my ass. As my hole muscles relax she inserts another finger. So far I'm ok, my cunt had so much juice flow my asshole was coated in slick girl goo. The client is still pounding her ass like an animal in heat.

Brendy seems to be enjoying it because she face fucks me and fucks my face harder. I'm enjoying it also, her on me, me on her, him in her ass ravaging her anal cavity, this was too good. I'm drunk on sex, a virgin, still haven't had a guy in my pussy, ass, or mouth, but I knew this was the life I wanted. Not a street whore but a high class escort. Feeling more pressure at my asshole it was Brendy pushing a fourth finger in my butt.

She was expanding them as she was pushing into me. I never thought my ass could take one finger, now her hand was half way in me. She's still taking a hard fucking of her butt and stretching mine. Our client feverishly stabs away at Brendy's perfect ass, grunting like a caveman. Oh gawd, I feel more pressure at my asshole.

My hips are raised off the bed, Brendy has my face soaked in her juice, the client is fucking her ass hard, and what more can happen? That's what I was about to learn. Brendy had her hand except thumb in my butt. Unbelievably my ass had relaxed and accepted the insertion.

Now her thumb was trying to get in me. Between her saliva and what had flowed out my pussy her hand was slippery as oil. She was pressing her thumb at my asshole, already stretched farther than I would ever had imagined. But Brendy was training me to be a top earner escort and knew anal gets the second highest pay. It will be a few days before I learn what top highest pay service is.

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As hot as this night has been with watching her suck off our client, lapping at her pussy while he fucked it, being in a 69 with her, now seeing her ass fucked while licking her as she was me, and having her whole hand in my ass was crazy fun.

Brendy's whole hand slipped in me after a few tries. She made a fist and slipped her hand and wrist pass my reluctant bung muscles. I was too excited to resist. She moved into my ass up to her wrist, slowed for a second, then rammed deeper into me with her forearm. Her arm had to be 6-8" deep in my butt, as she was still licking and sucking my pussy.

Our client was making that grunting 'I'm going to cum soon' sound. Brendy was close, he was close, and I was ready. Our client pulled Brendy hard back against him burying his cock deep into her asshole. Brendy had her arm half way up my never explored butt and I liked it, her mouth was very deliciously sucking my cunt, and she was grinding her cunt so hard on my face I couldn't breathe.

"Ahhh, that's it, I'm going to cum!" the client bellowed. He jerked Brendy's ass hard onto his dick. She was hard fisting my ass, sucking my clit, and I was sucking hers.

The client let loose a wad deep into Brendy's bowels. Brendy then flooded my face with her orgasm. That set me off, my ass clinched, my cunt spasmed and I squirted a third girl cum on Brendy's face. It seemed to last forever. As our client pulled out of Brendy's ass his cum flowed down her crack on onto my face, mixing with Brendy's cum. Slowly pulling her fist out of my butt, lapping all my orgasm juice out of my cunt, Brendy turns around facing me. She smiles at the sight of her and the clients cum covering my face.

Bending over she kisses me then begins to clean my face off. Clean as lick and swallow all that juice, hers and his. Brendy takes me by the hand and leads me to the shower. In there she washes my whole body in between kisses and sexy touching.

The feel of the expensive soap, her hands, and slithering of her body against mine makes the perfect ending of my first experience. She dries me off and we return to the main room. The client was gone. On the table was an envelope. Brendy opens it, counts out some cash and hands me $2,000. "Oh gawd" I say, "but I didn't do anything with him." Brendy smiles, "darling, you're going to make a lot of money, that's the extra he paid to see your young body and us together.

In a few days you'll have your first client and you'll make over $5,000. Trust me honey, you will be desired and pampered and rich!" Hmm, my first client, $2,000 cash, I can live good, help my parents, and say FUCK YOU to all those assholes that treated me like shit. I'm in!