Twink nude massages and xxx gay thumbs twinks Kayden Ayden amp_ Ryan

Twink nude massages and xxx gay thumbs twinks Kayden  Ayden amp_ Ryan
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Chapter 1 At a little after noon, the engine of the Miata began to sputter alarmingly. Suddenly, smoke began to billow from beneath the hood, and Nikki let out a high shriek. Something had happened! Maybe the radiator hose had broken. And here she was in the middle of West Texas, with nothing but desert for hundreds of miles! Through the smoke, Nikki's panicked gaze suddenly fixed on something about a hundred yards or so down the highway. It was a rest stop! Saying a quick prayer of thanks, she applied just the slightest pressure to the gas pedal, praying again the coughing little car would make it just the extra distance.

"Come on, baby," she shouted over the sputtering of the engine. Roughly twenty yards from the rest stop the Miata gave up the ghost. Nikki had already eased the little car onto the shoulder of the highway, and now there was nothing she could do but let the car roll to a sad stop. Nikki sighed, and brushed a lock of her fine hair out of her eyes.

Oh well, she was going to think positively on this trip if it killed her. At least she didn't have far to walk to the rest stop. She could see her car from there easily--hell, she could see for a hundred miles in this country--and could flag down anyone who might come along. It was a Sunday afternoon, which meant traffic would be light, and it was punishingly hot, nearly 100.

But she had dressed for the weather, in a thin white cotton t-shirt and pink shorts, and she had a couple of bottles of Evian in a Playmate cooler. She could sit under one of the covered tables and just wait it out for a highway patrolman if she had to. So, throwing her purse in the trunk, she locked the car and, carrying the cooler and a dog-eared paperback her roommate had loaned her, she made her way to the rest stop to await her saviors, whomever they might be.

She didn't have long to wait. --- About fifteen minutes later, Nikki looked up from her novel to the sound of an engine. Walking to the shoulder of the highway, she saw what appeared to be a pickup truck coming her way. A few more minutes of waiting and squinting at the approaching vehicle confirmed the truth. It was indeed a pickup, old-looking and kind of beat-up, but with two passengers. Nikki immediately began waving both her long, tanned arms over her head.

"HEEYYY! HEEEEEYYYY!" The truck pulled into the rest stop with a crunching of gravel and two men got out of the cab.

One was tall with shoulder length hair, and well muscled, and wearing an old baseball cap, jeans and a t-shirt with some heavy metal logo on them. His unlikely companion was black, about the other man's height but extremely beefy.

Nikki thought of Earl Campbell. His t-shirt was black, with the Public Enemy logo standing out in bright relief. A quick tinge of nervousness--that quick fluttering of the heart--raced through Nikki at the sight of these two men, but she repressed it. Clearly the assholes at work were making her jumpy around anyone male.

And she needed help, pure and simple. "Something wrong, miss?" said the guy in the cap. His companion said nothing, but there was something in his eyes she didn't trust. She had seen that look at work. Oh well, the hell with it.

She refused to notice it and answered. "Yeah, my car overheated. I think it might be something with the radiator." "Hell of a place to break down," the man said, his eyes dropping to Nikki's legs, now deeply tanned under the sunlight. "Really," she said, "do you think there's anything you can do?" "Hmm. Well, we can have a look at it, I suppose. Could just be a busted hose. You got your keys?" Nikki dug in her shorts pocket for the keys.

In doing so she didn't notice the grin the two men exchanged. "Here you go," she said, and smiled her biggest smile, what her roommate called the "cover girl" smile. Couldn't hurt to try to be nice, she figured. "Well, this might take a sec, miss. You might as well get comfortable," said Baseball Cap, taking the keys. As they walked over to the Miata, Nikki returned to her bench and cracked open the novel. She looked up briefly when she heard the hood open and Baseball Cap say "Whoa!" as a cloud of smoke rose to the blue desert sky.

Then she sat and read while the sounds of tinkering commenced. After about five minutes she looked up and noticed the two men bent over the open hood. They appeared to be talking to each other.

The both cast a glance her way, and she managed a smile. They smiled too, but more at each other than back at her. She went back to reading. She was really getting into the story of the novel, and was therefore jolted back to reality by the voice of Baseball Cap. Jumping, she looked up to see both men standing right in front of her where she sat.

"Y-you startled me!" Nikki exclaimed, trying to sound calm. The butterflies were back. "Hmm. Well, miss, your car's a real mess, but it shouldn't be too much trouble to fix. Tank and I can do it right here, in fact." "Oh," she said, surprised, "but.that's wonderful! Th-thank you!" "Thing is," said Baseball Cap, "there IS the matter of, shall we say, compensation." He let his voice trai off.

His big black friend smiled again, showing a gold incisor. "Well, of c-course," Nikki said. Why was she stammering, she wondered. "I've brought plenty of money. Just tell me wh-what you need and." She stopped, confused. The two men were laughing out loud. "Wh-what!?" she blurted, confused. "What!?" "That ain't the compensation we had in mind, honey." At the sound of the name, and the clear implications of the statement, Nikki suddenly felt the butterflies in her stomach turn into a whole wasps' nest!

She felt her heartbeat quicken. This wasn't real, she thought hurriedly, maybe they're kidding! Her eyes darted quickly back to the road. No vehicles. No one for miles. No one at all.

"I-I-I d-don't know wh-what you mean, I-I." she managed. Fear was enveloping her like a shround. The looks on the men's faces turned deeply sinister. "Sure you do," said Baseball Cap calmly. "Purty lady all alone, needs the help of two young studs like us"--the other man laughed again while Nikki's gorgeous eyes grew huge--"I think there's much more suitable compensation than money to be had.

Right, Tank?" She stood and clumsily began backing up. "I-I don't think s-s-so." she said, trying to sound unafriad, knowing she was failing. The men moved towards her, slowly, like predators. Tears began to form in Nikki's big blue eyes. "P-p-please, wait," she heard herself stammering. It was hopeless. As her mind raced, she assessed her situation as best she could in her confusion.

No one for miles. If she ran into the rest stop's ladies room they'd simply follow her. And surrounding them all, the endless unforgiving desert. She simply had nowhere to run, and if she did, the big black guy looked as if he could tackle her in less than five paces.

It was a nightmare. A pure nightmare, all her worst sexual harassment nightmares rolled into one inconceivably horrific reality. How could it be happening? "D-don't," her soft voice began pleading.

She continued to back up, shaking her head pleadingly as the men kept moving forward, slowly and deliberately.

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"TAKE THEM SHORTS OFF, BITCH! NOW!" It was the first time the black man had spoken, and his booming voice sent a shock wave of fear through Nikki's jackhammering heart like a gunshot! Reason simply vanished. "AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA," she screamed, and took off at a run in the direction of the highway, tears now streaming down her perfect unblemished cheeks.

Surprisingly, the men simply watched her run off, laughing raucously. Of course, she realized as she was several yards down the road, they knew she had nowhere to go. And so did she. But she wasn't going to stand there, she just couldn't get raped, she couldn't! Her heavy breathing was racked with sobs as she continued her futile run down the lonely, san-baked desert highway.

Then Nikki heard an engine start. Chancing a glance over her shoulder, she saw the men had boarded their truck and started the engine. Her blue eyes grew saucer-sized with terror as the truck started towards her. Oh God!! They were going to run her down!

Nikki screamed again, a high pitched wail of despair that carried over the desert sands as the truck bore down on her.

Then as it neared to within six feet of her, Baseball Cap slowed the truck to her running speed and leaned out the window. "RUN, BABYYY! SHAKE THAT FIIINE FUCKIN ASS!" he shouted, and whooped with malicious glee as Nikki screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Then the truck stopped. Nikki kept running, though her breath was getting short. She contemplated turning into the desert. But the fear of rattlesnakes held her back, and the fact the truck was a four-wheeler made that option kind of pointless.

She continued sobbing and running, a helpless beautiful woman at the mercy of sadistic men, and no help in sight, anywhere. Then the ultimate horror. She heard the high screech of rubber on asphalt as the truck suddenly kicked into gear and sped toward her. Black spots appeared in Nikki's vision as exhaustion combined with abject terror and the certainty her life was over!

Then she heard the truck begin to pass her. For an instant, barely more than a fraction of a second, she felt she had been spared. A burst of hope made her kick up a bit of speed in her desperate run for life. But Tank had opened his door.

The truck was only moving at about twenty miles an hour, but when the passenger door slammed into Nikki's back she felt she had been hit by a train. Her slender body spun in circles as her breath escaped, and she fell flat onto the hot asphalt, winded and helpless.

In pain, fear and exhaustion, she mercifully lost consciousness as the truck's brakes squealed somewhere in the distance. --- Nikki felt her body being lifted and set down into the bed of the pickup. Her back throbbed horribly; she had not been hit hard enough to do any serious damage, but her fear had heightened the pain and she was still somewhat dazed. Through vision blurred by tears and pain, she saw Baseball Cap remove something from the toolkit next to her in the truck's bed.

"Tank," she heard him say. "Pull the plates and vehicle number off this cunt's car and burn the car. She won't be needing it now that she's with us." Shock registered in Nikki's brain and waked her from her dazed state. "NOO!

Please! Not my car!" she tried to scream, though it came out weakly. "Hey, whaddaya know," said Baseball Cap. "Our little twat's back with us." He slapped her beautiful face, stunning her. Flat on the truck bed, she sobbed pitifully. In a momemt, Tank returned. Nikki heard the clatter of metal on the truck bed, her license plates.

In the distance, she heard the crackling of flames, and knew her car and her belongings were afire, including her purse and driver's license.

A chill ran through her as she realized the enormity of what that fire was destroying. Nikki Connors had just ceased to exist, simply vanished without a trace.

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Her car would soon be a burned-out shell, giving no clues as to her plight. Whereever these men where taking her, they could keep her there as long as they wanted. And while she was there, they could, and certainly would, do anything they wanted to her. Nikki realized that unless a miracle happened, she too, like her car, would be a burned-out shell. Seconds later, she felt both men manhandling her arms, and the unmistakable ripping sound of a roll of duct tape.

The men savagely bound her wrists and ankles with the duct tape, while the beautiful woman lay there and prayed she could die. Then she heard the men board the cab, and the engine roar.

The truck lurched into gear, and they were off. --- Sometime during the ride, Nikki must have drifted off. The mixture of emotional turmoil had simply taken its toll on her stamina, and her body and mind had had to rest.

But now that was past. She started wide awake, and quickly noticed several things. It was night. They were in the desert somewhere. A campfire crackled nearby.

And she was no longer in the bed of the truck, or bound with tape. She looked around quickly, and her heart jumped and her eyes went wide with terror as she noticed her captors sitting not three feet away on a pair of rocks. Baseball Cap had a huge knife. And Tank had a gun. "Welcome back, bitch," jeered Baseball Cap. "Now the fun begins." The men exploded with laughter as Nikki's shrill, high scream carried over the endless desert. Chapter 2 "Wh-wh-what are you going to do to me?" Nikki Connors still could not believe what was happening to her as it was happening.

Only earlier that day she had been on the outset of her dream vacation, and now she was in the hands of two brutal men who were certainly going to rape her, and who knew what else?

They had burned her car, and with it her identification, any way of tracing her. She was theirs. Tears rolled down her lovely face and she began sobbing quietly as she stared at the men in fear and dreaded anticipation. "We ain't gonna do a thing, baby," said Baseball Cap with a leer, "just so long as you obey each an' every single order we give you. Is that clear enough for you?" Squeezing her eyelids shut and sobbing loudly, Nikki nodded. "I can't HEAR you, bitch!" "Y-YES!" Nikki managed through tears.

"Yes WHAT!" "Y-y-y-y-es s-s-sir," she said, opening her eyes again, almost in resignation. "STAND UP!" Nikki leapt to her feet. "Now undress." "Y-yes sir," she stammered, and began peeling off her shirt. "SLOWER! Jeezis," said Baseball Cap, sounding annoyed. "We want time to enjoy the show." In despair, the beautiful woman slowed down her motions, lifting the sweat-soiled t-shirt over her head.

Her firm A-cup breasts were held by a demure lace bra, and Nikki reached behind her to unclasp the bra. Then, weeping, she dropped the undergarment to the desert floor and stood there topless for her abductors in the moon and firelight. The men whooped and applauded, and Nikki's face burned with shame and shone with the wetness of her tears. This was only the second time in her life she had been naked before a man. The first was an ill-fated college romance.

Then, after she had joined her church, she had vowed to stay celibate until marriage.

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But that was ending, horribly, tonight in the desert, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. "Now the shorts," ordered Baseball Cap. Slowly, and awash in a new wave of humiliation, Nikki unsnapped the front of her pink shorts and eased them off her tiny waist. They fell with a light clump to the dirt. Baseball Cap made a slight motion with his knife, and the woman, after wiping her face, slipped her fingertips underneath the elastic of her panties and pulled them down.

She was now naked. Instinctively she moved her hands to cover her bush, and then Baseball Cap made a warning motion with his knife, and she hurriedly dropped her hands to her sides. Nikki was naked, on display for the inspection of these men who, for all practical purposes, owned her. Her perfect body gleamed in the firelight, theirs to take. She wept in her utter humiliation. "On your hands and knees, cunt!" Baseball Cap ordered, and Nikki dropped to all fours as fast as if she'd been kicked by a mule.

"Now crawl over to Tank." Slowly, sobbing aloud, the beautiful woman crawled like an obedient dog over to the black man, whose thighs might each have been as big around as her slim waist. "Now," said Baseball Cap, leaning forward and speaking softly in a tone t hat carried the threat of horrible punishment, "you're going to give Tank here the best blowjob any bitch ever gave anybody. You're going to be very careful not to bite him, and you're going to swallow every drop of cum when he shoots into your mouth.

If you don't do all those things I'm gonna take this knife and cut off your right tit." Nikki shrieked involuntarily. She had no choice, this she knew. Oh, this was horror, horror. She had never had a man's penis in her mouth; the thought was too revolting! But the men's expressions told her they weren't lying about the torture they'd inflict upon her flawless body, and so she had to consent.

"Y-y-y-yes sir," she said through sobs, and reached for Tank's zipper. "Wait," said Tank. She stopped, confused. "Ask permission, bitch." For an instant she was confused, then the horror of the situation solidified. Of course, they had to humiliate her time and time again. It wouldn't end. "M-m-may I p-please have p-p-perm-m-mission to g-give you a blow.a blow. blowjob, s-s-s-sir?" Nikki managed to ask, as her gorgeous blue eyes gleamed anew in the firelight with fresh tears. "Well, okay, bitch," said Tank almost jovially, "since you ask SO nicely." Fighting grief, fear, and revulsion, Nikki's long, manicured fingers reached for Tank's zipper.

Briefly the snap seemed to resist opening, then it came free, and the zipper slid down with ease. In a second, Nikki saw why. Underneath Tank's boxer shorts, already free through the slit in front, his erection practically towered before her bright, terrified eyes.

It was fully eleven inches long, with a thick network of blood vessels running all along the shaft. The head alone seemed nearly the size of a racquetball; thick with blood, it shone smooth as if polished in the light of the crackling fire. Nikki couldn't be sure if her fear-numbed mind was playing tricks with her as it seemed the hole of the urethra opened and closed slightly, as if trying to cry out in its perverse desire.

The man's cock, gleaming like a mahogany club, seemed like a weapon. A weapon he would wield in her sexual conquest and defeat. Tank laughed at the shocked expression on Nikki's classic features. "Well, bitch, you asked." he said with a hint of menace. Unsure of how to start, Nikki leaned forward nervously, then placed her pretty pink lips against the huge cockhead and kissed it. She kept kissing for a few seconds, then moved her lips down the shaft.

Then, swallowing the urge to be sick, she extended her toungue and licked up and down the shaft slowly, like a popsicle. Tank's breathing began to get louder; at least he wasn't getting impatient yet, she figured, so she must be starting well. Extending her tongue further, she now began licking faster, using the broad flat part of her pink tongue. It brushed against the cockhole and Nikki tasted something slightly salty there.

She didn't want to know what it might be. Squeezing her eyelids shut in both nervousness and to staunch a new flow of tears, the beautiful naked woman wrapped her soft, virgin lips around the head of her new master's cock.

Tank moaned slightly. With her right hand, Nikki steadied the massive tool at its base while she began moving her head up and down, creating a sucking rhythm and stretching her jaw to its fullest to avoid any contact with her perfect white teeth. Her lips gripped the cockshaft firmly as she sucked, and the flat portion of her tongue brushed rhythmically against the sensitive underside of the head. Tank's breathing grew rapid, then moans began to rise in his throat. Her fearful eyes never left his face as she sucked him, wary of any change that might show she'd done something wrong.

For five full minutes, her jaw straining with the effort of pleasing her captor, she sucked, sucked, and sucked. Then it happened. Tank suddenly grabbed her head and, with a fistful of her lovely hair, pushed her face close into his musky crotch. And he came into her mouth. Nikki had never tasted a man's cum, and it revolted her. Not the flavor itself, which, she was alarmed to find, was not so awful as she'd feared.

But the fact that she was being raped, forced into sex, with no way to escape, the fact that she was their plaything, their slave, all these things bore into her mind with despair and terror as stream after stream of hot semen emptied from Tank's balls into Nikki's beautiful, ravished mouth. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" groaned Tank, as Nikki, with a new stream of tears flowing in rivers down her high cheeks, swallowed his copious load. She tasted the sperm on her tongue, felt it flow down her esophagus into her stomach.

"SWALLOW MY CUM YOU HOT CUNT, AAAAAAAHHHHH!" Tank's grip on Nikki's hair relaxed, and she felt the stream of semen began to slow, then halt. For several moments she held his softening member between her stretched, pink lips, in case there was something more he would require.

But finally he pulled her free. She gasped to catch her breath, periodically gulping down the stringy remnants of jism that still nestled on her tongue and palate, and the big black man gasped above her, and finally caught his breath. "Think we may have struck gold here, motherfucker," he said to the other man, and laughed.

Sweat glistened on Nikki's naked form, although the night was cool. "This cunt is fine as SHIT!" Tank added.

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"Okay, cumdrinker," Baseball Cap barked at her, "my turn." Resigned to her fate, and knowing the longer she played along the longer she might survive her ordeal, Nikki obeyed readily. The fear had not died down--she knew it never would--but her instinct of self-preservation took over. She knelt before Baseball Cap and said, "P-please sir, may I have the p-privilege of sucking your cock?" "Why you certainly may!" Baseball Cap said with a huge smile.

Nikki reached for his zipper and opened his pants with slight difficulty, but soon she had his penis out and in front of her gorgeous face. He was smaller than Tank, but his cockhead glowed huge and purple in the firelight. The naked woman began the same kiss/lick/suck action she had tried on Tank, and soon Baseball Cap was yelling out as he neared orgasm. "AAH! AAH! AAH! YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKIN HOT COCKSUCKING BITCH! AAAAAH, FUCK!" he cried out, and he shot his load into her mouth. His cum was more bitter than Tank's, but there was less of a load, and with an effort Nikki swallowed the lot in a couple of big gulps.

He pulled his dick from her lips and she wept softly as her captor regained his breath and composure. She felt utterly, totally humiliated and defeated. She was wrong. There was more. Tank stood up, and Nikki noticed with shock and surprise he was erect again. "Stand up," he ordered her.

"Yes s-sir," she yelped and leapt to her feet, wiping tears from her cheeks. "Get into the back of the truck, bitch, and lie down." "Yessir, I'm going, sir!" She went quickly. In the bed of the truck, a large bedroll had been laid out. This was it. She knew now for certain, they were going to fuck her pussy, fuck her the way only a woman's husband should fuck her.

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And there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. Crying, she crawled into the truck bed and lay on her back, shivering in fear and the cold of the desert night. Tank crawled on top of her, and she thought, "He'll crush me, he's so big, oh God, please save me." But only stars gleamed back at her from the sky.

Tank pushed her thighs apart, and Nikki cried out as she felt his huge cockhead push at her vaginal opening. He had no condom, she quickly realized. He would make her pregnant! And what if he had some disease! Terror upon terror washed over the crying woman as the huge, dark cock began its violation of her pussy.

"AAAAAAAAAAIIIEE! AAAAAAAAA! IT HURTS!" Nikki shrieked! "OH GOOOOOD IT'S TOO BIG!" But Tank pumped harder, faster, and more and more of his huge tool pushed into her pussy, into her belly.

Seven, eight, nine, ten, all eleven inches! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAGGGHH!" she screamed. "RAAPE! RAAAAAAAPE!" Her cries only seemed to spur Tank on, and rape it was. He pumped harder, banging her soft, delicate ass against the truck bed. The cock was fully as big around as her wrist, and it plowed into her perfect, model's body with punishing force.

Nikki thought she felt something tear inside her vagina. She couldn't tell. Pain was her life. Fear was her existence. The fucking continued until she was too worn down even to cry out anymore, then, to her surprise, Tank turned onto his back, pulling her smaller, ravaged body onto his stomach. She lay there panting, his cock still wedged to the hilt inside her belly. Tank grabbed her ass cheeks and began pumping again, a slower rhythm, but just as painful.

She wept into his massive barrel chest as he raped her. Then, she felt the back of the truck lurch somewhat, and in a moment realized the other man had climbed into the back as well.


Before she could fathom what was about to occur, she felt the other cock press against her tiny, pink, puckered asshole. "Oh God.OH GOD!

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NOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Nikki howled like a madwoman as the head of Baseball Cap's dick inched its way into her virgin rectum. It couldn't be happening, it just couldn't!

They were both raping her at the same time! And sodomizing her!! It was beyond nightmare! Beyond hell!

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With a savage thrust, Baseball Cap plowed into her agonized asshole like a pile driver. "AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAGGGHH!!" she screamed and screamed. "IT HURTS, IT HURTS, IT HUUURRRRRRTTSSS!" But both men simply increased the force of the savage double penetration.

Her face was utterly drenched with tears, her voice reduced to a pathetic whimper: ".hurts.hurts.hurts." Suddenly, Nikki felt Tank jerk convulsively underneath her, and something warm filled her cunt. He had come, she knew it.

And she knew, without a doubt, that she had just been made pregnant. It was that time in her cycle; she knew it like the back of her hand. She had no fight left in her at all as the other man came deep inside her brutalized, bleeding rectum.

Spent, the two men lay panting, with the raped, defeated form of Nikki Conners sandwiched between them. Gradually, with their softening cocks still in her aching, throbbing holes, they fell asleep. Eventually, Nikki herself fell into an exhausted, nightmare-laden slumber as the cum dried between her legs and the tears dried on her lovely face.

Bathed in sweat, gleaming in the dawn sun, the naked body of Nikki Connors lay spread eagled, face down on the desert floor, her wrists and ankles tied to stakes. With her head raised to see what her captors were about, she pleaded, begged for release and mercy.

"P-p-please," the beautiful woman begged, "Wh-whatever you're doing, please, d-d-don't hurt me. I'll do any-anything. EVERYTHING! Whatever you want! P-please untie me! I'll suck you, I'll"--she said the word with difficulty--"f-f-fuck you, all you want." Baseball Cap emerged from the back of the truck where he and Tank had been rummaging around. She sight of him sent a shock wave of fear through her body. In his hand he held a long strip of thin metal, like a car antenna, she thought.

Thin metal wires had been wrapped around it to sturdy it. He knelt by her head as she buried her face in the sand and cried. "I know you're gonna do whatever we want.

Thing is, we're gonna do whatever WE want, too. And one of the things we wanna do is listen to a sexy, tight young piece of fuckmeat like yourself scream." She continued to cry. This was madness, this was hell! "Wh-why!?" she pleaded.


The man just smiled. "Oh, no," she began to gasp as she felt his coarse hand grip and knead her silky round ass cheeks. "PLEASE! NO! OH GOD! NOOO! DON'T WHIP ME! DON'T HURT MMEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sobs racked her mercilessly. "Nice," she heard Baseball Cap say. Then. The purest, white agony shot through her body as the metal whip lashed her ass. "AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!" Nikki howled. And again, the brutal whip came down. There were a total of ten lashes, but each had such force that the beautiful, pain-wracked woman fainted after the fifth.

Shortly after the final blow, she felt herself stirring, her mind and body awhirl with pain. Tank was rubbing some kind of oil onto her ass cheeks, and she felt the bleeding welts where the whip had come down. Oh God, how could they do this to her?

She felt her wrists being freed from the stakes, but the ropes remained on her. Her ankles were then untied, and those ropes were removed. Tank roughly flipped her onto her back, and almost instantly something warm, wet and familiar doused her pretty face. Baseball Cap had been excited to orgasm by the whipping he'd inflicted, and she'd been flipped to take a full shot of his cum on her perfect face. She thought she might die from the shame. But everywhere, her body was so charged with pain she couldn't even weep.

It was all she could do to keep her breath. "You liked that, whore, didn't you?" Baseball Cap said.


She wanted to scream, give into the horror and agony and let her mind go. But she knew she had to obey. "Y-y-yes sir. Th-thank you, s-s-sir." Hauling her to her wobbly feet, he then announced, "We're going to our place, a secret little place where me and Tank and some other boys spend their time when they wanna get away from the rat race.

It's about three miles that way, through the desert. I think they're gonna like you, baby! They're gonna like you a lot!" And he laughed. As what he said sank in, Nikki reeled in horror! More men! More rape! She couldn't bear it, she couldn't! Ridding herself of all dignity, she dove at his feet!

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"NOOO! Please. I CAN'T! Not that! NOT GANG RAPE! PLEASE DON'T LET THEM GANG RAPE MEEEEEEE!" Her speech gave way to heavy sobs. He leaned down. "Remember what I said, you obey," and he dragged her on her still wobbly legs to the back of the truck. She couldn't beg anymore; she just cried. Baseball Cap looked at her. God, she was gorgeous. Exactly the kind of stuck up cunt who wouldn't give a guy like him the time of day.

Well, now the shoe was on the other foot. He smiled broadly as he tied the ropes around her wrist to another rope, then tied that rope to the trailer hitch of the truck. For an instant Nikki looked at what he was doing in confusion, then, when realization set in, she begged, "Oh, no, please. I can't. I can't." The two men hopped into the cab, and Baseball Cap called out, "It's only three miles. You oughta be able to keep up!" And laughing, the men started the truck. Of course, she realized, that's why he whipped her then.

She could barely stand, let alone run. This was just more cruelty. She cried. Why? Why? The truck lurched into gear, and the beautiful woman was yanked forward and flew onto her stomach.

The truck stopped. Nearly winded, Nikki stood as best she could and the truck started again. It kept to a slow speed, and she jogged behind it, naked, enslaved, helpless.

But it would be three miles. And the hot desert sun was rising. And at the end of the line. Nikki tried to block her thoughts as the truck pulled her through the desert.