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Super Hot Teen Model Masturbating Live on Webcam
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PART 2 I lay on the bed, hands tied to the bed post, trying to come to terms with the immense pain between my legs. The man gets up from the floor and stretches. "I'm gonna get a drink, you want something?" he says to me with a sneer as he exits the room. As soon as I can hear him on the stairs I struggle to free my hands. The knot holding my wrists together is too complicated and tight for me to get apart. I can't scream due to the wet underwear shoved in my mouth, so I lay on the bed, waiting for the no-name intruder to return.

Minutes pass like hours until he returns. He's carrying a duffle bag. He sets the bag down inside the door way and pulls out his phone. "Ready for your close-up?" he asks as I see the flash from his camera phone. I can feel tears start to well up in my eyes as humiliation sets in. "Kylie, you are so hot!" he says as he snaps another. "I bet there are a lot of young men who would love to see these pictures." He reaches between my legs and spreads my lips apart, taking snap-shots of my moist pussy.

Putting the phone down on my dresser he returns to the bed and pulls my underwear out of my mouth.


"Please… no more…" I beg of him. "Oh, there is much more to do. Now that your little cunt in broken in, well… I'm happy to say there is much more pleasure to be gotten from you. Now, if I untie your hands are you going to be a good girl?" "Fuck you!" I manage to say. *slap* Another slap across my face sends me reeling. "No, no, no… I fuck you, you little bitch. I guess that means you haven't learned that I'm in charge here yet." The man opens up his bag and removes a set of nipple clamps.

Crawling onto the bed and straddling my body he looks me right in the eyes. "God you are so fucking hot" he says as he gropes my breasts, pulling on my nipples until they are hard nubs beneath his rough hands.

Suddenly he reaches back and slaps my breast making me cry out in surprise and pain. He slaps the other one making me yelp again. Again and again he slaps my tits until they are red and tingling. "That's pretty," he mutters as he admires his work.

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"Now…" He places the first clamp on the right nipple and tightens it until I am begging him to take it off, then he does the same to the left.

The man leans down and kisses my collar bone up to my neck. "You like this." He breathes into my ear. With that he grabs the chain connecting the clamps and gently pulls up on them, making me gasp in pain. "You'll learn that with a little bit of pain comes lots of pleasure." He says as he pulls on the chain again.

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He returns to kissing my neck and it's all I can do to suppress the rising sexual tension inside me. He reaches up and unties my hands and climbs off of me. "Sit-up". Slowly I sit on the edge of my bed. My tits ache as the chain pulls down on my nipples. I want so badly to remove the clamps but don't dare for fear of being slapped again. He grabs the camera phone again and smiles at me. "I want you to cum for me Kylie." I stare blankly at him. I can feel myself go flush, trying to gather the courage to do as I have been told.

"Scoot forward and spread your legs so I can see that pretty pussy of yours." I scoot forward tentively and spread my legs. "Now, make yourself cum." Shaking, I reach between my legs and search for my clit. Gently I begin rubbing and stroking my pussy.

My eyes closed tightly to keep the tears from running down my cheeks. Slowly I can feel the familiar response of my body, the heat and moisture forming inside of my cunt.

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My breathing begins to get heavy as I focus on pleasuring myself. "Oh God…" I can hear him moan as he watches me. "Open your eyes and look at me." I do so and see him sitting on the floor with the camera pointed directly at me and stroking his own cock at the same time.

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"Put two fingers in your hole." I follow his directions and feel my fingers bathed in wetness. I'm getting close. "Now taste yourself…" Gingerly I lick my fingers. I'm sweet and salty at the same time. He reaches up and pulls on the chain again. The pain combined with the feeling of rubbing myself turns me on even more and I begin pumping my fingers in and out of my wet hole as quickly as I can. Instinctively my palm rubs against my clit.

"Tell me you're a slut." He says. I say nothing. He reaches forward and grabs my hand, stopping me just before I cum. Then, pulling hard on the chain he says, "I said, tell me you're a slut." The pain of the building orgasm is more than I can bear. "I'm a slut," I whisper. "Louder. Your audience can't hear you," he says waving the camera in front of my face.

"I'm a slut." I say, tears starting to flow again. "Good girl… now cum for me." I return to rubbing and humping my fingers bringing myself to orgasm quickly. In the middle of my orgasm, the man reaches up and yanks the clamps off my nipples, making me scream in a mix of pain and ecstasy. "Now that's the money shot," he says as I collapse on the bed. As I lay on the bed I can hear the video playing over and over again and he jerks himself off to the images.

Soon he stands over me and grabs one wrist, placing into a strap and hooks it to the bed frame.

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"Get some sleep, Kylie. You'll need your strength for tomorrow." He walks out of my room and I pass out from sheer exhaustion.