Brasileira lesbica Domina gostosa safada

Brasileira lesbica Domina gostosa safada
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"Get on your knees," he ordered her. And like any good slave she merely whispered, "yes Sir." She dropped quickly to the ground. Almost instinctively. Once down on her knees, on the filthy concrete floor she proceeded to quickly undoing his belt.

His bulging cock starting to push through his jeans. She knew what he wanted from her. She knew what to doo without ever being told. Before she could unbutton his pants, his thick shaft sprung out. Slapping her in the face. "That's it," he whispered.

"Open that pretty little mouth for me." With that, she opened her mouth wide taking his cock down her throat. He quietly stood there watching her as she devoured him. Sucking hard on his head and sliding it in and out of her lips.

Jerking him off as she continued to lick up and down his shaft. "Spit on it," he demanded. "Don't make me tell you. You know I like it when you get dirty with me." "Yes, Sir." "You're such a good little girl," he said mockingly. "Such a good little whore. That's all you are, my filthy, fucking whore. That's it, suck that cock." "I'm nothing but a fucking whore," she repeated. In just a few seconds she covered his cock with spit. Jerking him off as she sucked his balls in her pretty little mouth.

Licking every thick inch of his cock. SLAM!!! The back of his hand landed perfectly across her cheek, leaving a warming stinging sensation over her face.

"Did I tell you to speak," he yelled. "The only thing out of your mouth is 'yes, Sir' and spit. Do you fucking understand." "Yes, Sir," she cried. SLAM!!!

Again, backhanding her. This time rattling her jaws. Blood dripping from her lips.

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Yet, like a good little slave she continued sucking his cock. He looked down at her, laughing at the blood and spit mixture on his cock.

Red stains starting to cover her massive titties and thick, pink nipple. "That's my girl," he said. "Suck my fucking cock. Look up at me." Her pretty little face was smeared with blood and makeup. Her lips and cheek were swollen and pink from the slaps.

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"You're nothing but my little, fucking cum rag," he said. "And I'm going to cover that pretty little face of your's with cum.

You'd like that wouldn't you. You're nothing but a fucking whore." "Yes, Sir," she said proudly. He pulled his cock from her mouth and started pumping hard as she waited to receive her master's gift. His gift that would coat her face with a thick layer of milky white cum. "Open your mouth," he ordered. "Open your mouth wide." He jerked her head back as she opened her mouth. Without any hesitation he let go, covering his good little girl with his sticky juices. In her hair, over her eyes, down her pretty little throat.

He squeezed out the last few drops of cum making sure to slap her mouth with his softened cock, slinging more cum in her mouth. She reached up to wipe her face. SLAM!!! "Did I give you permission to clean up," he snapped at her. "I'm sorry, Sir," she whimpered.

"Such a bad little girl," he laughed. "So bad. You need to be punished for such an insult." SLAM!!! SLAM!!! Again and again, he backhanded her until she could no longer sit up on her knees. Her face was red and swollen from the massive beating.

Blood began to pour from her mouth and nose. Covering her beautiful titties and pregnant belly. "That's my girl, bleed for me," he said as if ordering her to bleed. "Thank you, Sir," she managed to say from behind the blood. "Get up," he ordered.

"I'm not finished with you yet." She did as she was told. Like always, such a good little girl. It was difficult for her to stand after her beating. She pulled herself up, blood still dripping from her pretty little face. As she stood, he threw a pair of clean, white knee high socks at her.

"Put these on. Then I want you to put your hair up in pig tails for me," he ordered as he lit a cigarette. Without a word, she did as he said. He stood there watching her, inhaling his poison and slowly exhaling. He enjoyed making her do things. The greatest part of their little games was watching. She watched him out of the corner of her eyes as she brushed her long, black hair out.

Anxiously waiting to see what he had in store for her next. She never asked though. She merely did what he told her. A good slave will never question her master's intentions. He turned away from her as he searched through their little toy box. She continued putting her hair up in cute little pig tails. He puffed away at his cigarette, watching her prepare herself for him. Beautifully curved back, shapely hips, nicely rounded ass poking out.


In the mirror, he could see her massive, blood stained titties and growing pregnant belly. So fucking hot! She was carrying his child and that was more of a turn on for him.

Such a sweet piece of ass, his filthy little whore and now she was getting all dolled up for him. He watched her sit back on the toilet, lifting her long, smooth legs and sexy little feet to the counter.

He couldn't help but laugh at her dirty knees.

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Finally, after several minutes, she emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but her socks and pig tails. So beautiful. He felt himself growing harder and harder. She noticed as well. Her eyes grew wide as she watched his jeans begin to bulge. "Perfect," he smirked.


"So cute, just like a good little girl. Sweet little pig tails, clean white socks, even your dirty little knees. Are you ready to be fucked little girl?" "Yes, Sir," she whispered like he ordered her. "Get down on your fucking hands and knees," he ordered her. "Crawl over here." She dropped quickly again to the dirty floor and crawled.

Head lowered to the floor, careful not to look up. He watched, rubbing himself as she scooted across the hard floor. Her hands and knees filthy from the floor. He watched as her titties swayed back and forth, swelling as milk gathered more and more.

"Turn and crawl," he simply said. No questions as to where. She had made that mistake once. She had merely asked where she should crawl to. And for such a question he made her cut herself, deep, bleeding for him.

So she turned and crawled around the room, dirtying up her socks. He didn't mind though, all good little girls should have dirty knees. She continued crawling around on the floor as he sat there watching her ass shake back and forth.

Her beautiful, soft, smooth pussy was swollen, leaking her cum down her thighs. She loved being used by him. He got up and walked over to her. She stopped, waiting to see what he needed. He slowly bent down beside her, sliding his fingertips down her back. She already knew it was going to hurt.

Her body tensed as he slide his hand between her ass cheeks. He moved slowly, deliberately. Knowing exactly where he was going to touch her. He moved his fingers across her aching pussy lips to her swollen clit.

Her clit was huge, throbbing, hurting waiting for his touch. With his other hand he pushed her head down to the floor. Rubbing her blood stained, stinging face in the dust.

Her inflamed cheek now covered in filth. Her ass bulging high in the air, he continued molesting her clit. Her sweet, young pussy juices poured out over his hand, running down her thighs. "That's it, you fucking whore," he laughed. "Cum all over yourself for me.

Fucking cum." With that, she let go. Cum squirting out over his hand and she let out a muffled scream. Her eyes tearing up from the pleasure she was receiving turned the dust on her face to mud making her choke as it ran in her mouth.

He lift her face, blackened from the filthy floor. "Did that feel good, did you like me finger fucking that sweet little clit," he said. "Look at this fucking mess you made. Such a bad little girl, aren't you?" He slid his hand between her pussy lips, scooping out her cum. "Such a fucking mess. Who's going to clean up all this pregnant, pussy juice," he said in a mocking voice.

He lifted his fingertips to his mouth and tasted her. "You're such a naughty little girl," he said as he rammed his fingers down her throat. He slid his fingers in and out of her mouth as if she were sucking his cock again. Poking deep in her throat to the point where she was gagging on her own spit, trying hard not to vomit, but licking up every drop of her sweet cum. She loved the way her pussy tasted, especially when he made her cum. "All good little girls should know what their pussies taste like," he said as he pulled his fingers out of her throat.

"Now get up." Again she did exact as he said. Being as pregnant as she was, it was difficult for her to stand. He walked slowly around her, admiring the sweet young ass before him. He took her gently by the hand and lead her over to the bed.

The soft touch of his hand didn't last long. She already knew that it wouldn't. It wasn't like her master to be nice. As soon as she was close to the foot of the bed he bent her over. Her plump, rounded ass stood up high. "Let me see your feet," he quickly ordered. She lifted her left foot up so he could see the bottom. "You fucking bad little girl," he scolded. "Now let me see the other." She lifted the other foot high.

"God damnit," he snapped. "You got your new socks all dirty. Now I'm going to have to fucking punish you." Her body shook as he slapped her across her ass. Leaving a thick, red hand print on her ass cheek.

"What am I going to do with you? You can't even keep your socks clean," he continued scolding her. He walked away for a moment, but she dared not move. He returned after a few seconds carrying a long, thin piece of wood. He teased her by tapping it on the floor as he walked closer to her. "You are such a bad little girl. Do you know what happens to bad little girl," he asked mockingly. "They get fucking beat. They get treated like the dirty little whores they are.

Lift your foot up." She slowly lifted her left foot again, knowing the pain she was about to feel. SLAP!!!

The wood came down quick and hard, slapping the bottom of her pretty little foot. She tried hard not to cry out, but the pain made her bury her face in the mattress. SLAP!!! Again she cried out. Trying so hard to muffle her tears in the mattress. She knew that it would only be worse if she cried out. He slid the thin piece of wood across the inside of her thighs.

Rubbing her pussy with the smooth stick. "You like that, don't you," he asked? "Yes, Sir," she whimpered. He slapped her sloppy, wet pussy with it.

It made a slurping sound every time he slapped her with it. "Lift your other foot now," he ordered. Again she did as she was told, knowing what he intended to do.

SLAP!!! Her legs almost gave out, they were shaking so hard. It was all she could do to keep from screaming. "Now, what can I do to you," he asked?

"It seems to be such a waste to have a pretty little girl like you bent over like this. What will I ever do?" She knew that he was toying with her. Every move is carefully planned, every slap carefully timed. With her master, they're are no accidents. Every toy used, every knot tied is carefully place to cause the most amount of pleasure and pain.

"Spread your ass cheeks open," he ordered. "Let me see that tight little hole." "Yes, Sir," she answered quickly. She reached behind her with both hands and spread her cheeks wide apart. Waiting for her master to use her. He slid the thin piece of wood between her cheeks, across her tight little asshole.

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Her body shaking uncontrollably as she felt the hard wood rubbing her hole. "You like that, don't you," he asked already knowing the answer? "You're such a filthy little whore.

Nothing but a little pregnant whore. You know what I'm going to do with my whore, don't you?" She held her breath as she felt him rub his hard, thick cock against her asshole.

Without hardly a thought she was cumming as she felt his stiff, heavy cock circling her tight little hole. She could feel his precum leaving a warm, thick trail as he lubed her asshole up. "For being such a bad little girl, I'm going to punish you," he laughed. "I'm going to fuck this sweet little hole. I'm going to make it fucking hurt. MMM! It's time you get that tight little hole stretched out." He laughed as he felt her body tense, making he asshole tighten.

But she had already cum so much that her ass was lubed with her own thick juices. His cock slid deep inside her. She couldn't help but let out a loud scream. He merely pushed her head deep in the blankets, burying her face, smothering her in the mattress as he pumped her ass harder and harder. "That's a good little whore," he said. "Scream for me," he yelled as he jerked her pretty little head back by her pig tails! She let out a scream as he continued raping her sweet little asshole.

Scream after scream as she kept cumming. Her aching, hurting pussy gushing cum, squirting down her thighs. "Fucking scream," he yelled. "No one can fucking hear you, no one even cares about a fucking little cum rag. SCREAM!" He grabbed tightly a hold of her cute little pig tails.

Riding her asshole like the filthy whore she was. He jerked her head back, making her look at him while he raped her. He just smiled back at her, watching her eyes swell with tears. He watched as her suckle titties bounced, slapping between her chin and expectant belly. Her screams growing louder as his already massive cock grew harder, stretching her hole wider.

"Get on your knees," he yelled. "I want to cover my good little girl's face with cum." She did as she was told. She dropped down to her knees, grabbing hold of his enormous cock.

She knew her master was about to cum. She jerked him off, quickly pumping his swollen cock in to her waiting mouth. All at once he exploded. Filling her pretty little mouth full of his cum. Drops spilling off her swollen lips. She greedily swallowed as much of his cum as she could. Letting the rest drip from her chin and down her huge titties. "You are such a nasty little girl," he said praisingly. "Thank you, Sir," she finally said, swallowing the last of his cum, sucking as much as she could from the tip of his cock.

She sat there, on her knees. She knew better than to move, for fear of the beating she would receive. Like a good little slave, she sat there, patiently waiting as her master dressed. Her fucking was far from over. Her sweet little pussy ached from cumming so hard, her asshole was stretched wide and burned, but there was still more to come.

She enjoyed getting fucked by him. She was longing to feel what was coming next. "You're going to be a good little girl from now on, aren't you," he asked. "Yes, Sir," she whispered from the floor. She didn't look up from the floor as she spoke.

She laid there in the filth, covered in sweat and cum. Her pregnant body shaking. He just stood over her, watching.

He bent down and grabbed her by her pig tails, standing her up. Her face still swollen and bruised, her ass red and stinging. He walked around her.

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Carefully examining her. Standing behind her, he leaned in close to her ear. Her body shook again as he whispered. "I don't believe you," he simply said. He took her by the wrist and lead her to the corner of the room. "Get on your knees and face the corner," he demanded. She did as she was told. She fell to her knees, hands behind her back, faced tucked in the corner. He stepped back, searching her body.

The bottoms of her feet were black from the filthy floor and that turned him on. Such a pretty little girl he quietly thought to himself.

He slowly walked up behind her. Her forehead was pressed tightly against the wall, but she could sense that he was there. She coward in the corner the best she could, but before she could breathe he grabbed her wrists.

Lifting her arms high above her head, he tied a thick rope around her wrists. Thick, rough rope. She could feel it as he wrapped it tight around her skin. She withered as she felt it cut into her, burning her. He simply laughed as he tied her up. Whatever slack was left in the rope he threw over the metal hook hanging from the ceiling, lifting her back to her feet. There he left her, hanging like a piece of meat. She drew a quick breath as he tightly fastened the huge ball in her mouth.

She felt the rubber stretching her jaws wide apart as he forced the ball deeper in her mouth. It was hard to swallow, so spit ran out from her lips. She was still facing the wall when he left the room. A few moments later returning. She desperately jerked, trying to turn her sweet little body around, but it was no use. "Go ahead and try," he whispered leaning in close to her.

"As a matter of fact, try screaming some more. Oh, wait, that's right. You can't!" Her eyes widened and she tried so hard to scream as the sharp pain coursed through her beautiful body. SLAP!!! The thick leather belt left long, red streaks across her back. Tears, sweet little tears rolled down her cheeks turning the dirt caped on her swollen face into mud again. SLAP!!! "I know that hurts," he said with a smile. "Go on cry. No one can hear you." SLAP!!!

Swinging harder and harder each time. Beating her pregnant body, leaving his marks across her back. "You like being my fucking little whore, don't you," he asked? Her body shaking as she orgasms over and over again.

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Her sweet pussy juice gushing from her body, leaking all the way down to her filthy socks. He loosened her from the hook and lowered her body back to the floor. He was gracious enough to free her wrists. Her tired body collapsed to the floor. Her soaking wet pussy still cumming. "That's my girl," he said. "Cum for me, don't you fucking stop until I tell you to." She continued to cum just as he had demanded.

She laid back rubbing her swollen clit, squirting more and more cum from her exhausted body. Just like a good little slave should.

She nodded her head in compliance with his orders. "Have you had enough yet," he asked, not really caring about the answer. He took another piece of rope and wrapped it around her neck. At first she tried to fight, but soon gave up realizing that he wasn't going to let go of her.

He jerked the rope, pulling her body over on all fours. He started walking away from her leading her body to follow. Dragging her across the filthy floor on all fours.

Making her crawl behind him. "All good little whores, know there place," he said. "Do you know yours?" She followed right behind him without question as he humiliated her.

Her hands and knees were filthy. Black and dirty as he drug her across the room. He stopped and turned back to her, looking down at her on the floor, he knelt down beside her. He gently caressed the back of her head. Then pressed her face back down to the floor. "Rub your clit," he ordered. I want you to finger that fucking little pussy of yours." She started rubbing and fingering her pussy.

Eagerly spreading her pussy open and raping her own pussy for him. Cum still dripping down her legs. "Now, I want you to be the nasty little whore we both know you are," he said smiling.

"I want you to piss all over your fucking hand for me. I want to watch you finger fucking yourself while you piss all over yourself." There was only a moment of hesitation and her body let go. He jerked himself off, making her watch him, as she pissed all over herself, humiliating herself for him. The warm liquid flowed from her pussy, down her thighs, staining her already filthy socks, yellowing the thick material.

Her hand soaked by the nasty liquid. He laughed, jerking hard at his cock as the piss puddled up behind her. "That's my nasty little girl," he said. "Such a good little whore." He stood up, leading her back to the bed. He released the gag from her mouth. She fell into the mattress whimpering about what he made her do. But before she could catch her breath, he flipped her over on her back so she was facing him.


Her pretty little face was dirty and blood-stained. Tears had streaked her face with mud. He merely looked at her and smiled. "This is how all good little girls should look," he said with a smile.

SLAM!!! Without warning, the back of his hand landed hard against her cheek. He simply smiled as the tears began to swell in her eyes. "That's even better," he laughed. He grabbed her pig tails, holding her head tight to the mattress. Then without hesitating, he slammed his massive, heavy cock deep in her pussy. Cum gushing out around his thick shaft. She let out a loud moan as he fucked his pregnant slave. Her tired body, to limp to move as he pumped her harder and harder. He stood over her laughing as she arched her back, still cumming like fucking whore.

With each thrust, he came closer and closer to cumming. "Say 'I'm nothing but your little fucking whore'," he said tiredly. "I'm nothing but your little fucking whore.

I'm nothing but your bad little girl," she whimpered. With that, he pulled out of her pussy, making a loud wet, slurping sound as her cum came pouring out. He pulled hard on his cock a few time and let out a loud moan as he let go. Spilling his hot, sticky cum all over her pregnant belly. Load after thick, milky load of cum poured out over her big beautiful titties, covering her face.

And without being told, like a good little slave, she pooled up as much of his cum as she could with her fingertips. Licking up every drop of cum she could. Doing her best to clean up her master's mess off her body.

"Thank you, Sir," she finally said. "Thank you for making me your filthy, fucking whore.