Random hot brunette cumshot and neck and tits

Random hot brunette cumshot and neck and tits
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hi this is raju and my dad is in abroad and my mom is working in a bank her name is velamma.she is 40 yrs old and have some hotter looks she is very fair and have long hairs,pink lips,big huge melons and huge ass.Every men around our area are fond of mom and they have mom as their fantasy list they many tried to approach her but she is a devoted wife to my dad.Many men will die to fuck her hot body so beautiful she especially her huge melons she looks a typical south indian women she always wears saree and her melons are easily visible as they are so huge.Her sizes are 36-34-44 and her melons are 36gg melons and so huge round and circular.When she walks her huge ass giggles and her hair is so long which makes her so sexy.Dad visits once a year and stays 1 monthw ith us and he fucks mom day and night so hard and mom also enjoys good fuck but other days she is left so horny.mom dosent hav any affair with men but she talks to all the men in our area so welll and she sociallly behaves good withthem but those men are oozing their saliva to talk to mom.

There is a tailor around the street and mom visits him as mom is font of saree and she buys saree once a week and she wants to stitch a matching blouse to a saree so she went to the tailor the tailor is a gud man he is very friendly with all customers especialy women he knows well about womens body as he is a tailor.his name is Karuna and he is 50 yrs old married men he is avaerge looks and looks calm but i hav known that he too fucked many women as he is so sweet with them.He too is a big fan of mom too he tooo flirts with her cracks some sexy jokes and comments about her body parts.She went to him after some long time at about 2 pm he is busy with some works and his assistant is on leave today so mom went in and he invited mom hlo vela come in and mom went inside his shop it was very small room so is congested too and mom gave her blouse bit to him and told him to ready it by tomrw and he told her ok vela u can come tonight by 7 pm and get it and mom told him so thank uuu karuna.So mom went home and she took bath and had some sleep on other side karuna was thinking and stitching the blouse of mom how her big melons look lik and then he had a plan how about stitching it so tight so that she will hav to spent so time here so that he can fuck her today.so mom went to karuna and asked the blouse and he gave it to her.It was awesomely designed that the back side of the blouse is having some ropes and is claerly open so that her back is keenly visible.mom was amazed to seee it and h etold her to try it so that he can make some adjustments if ther.So mom went inside the store room so that she can try it.She closed the door but it cant be closed its tight she told him that the door is not closing and he told hert no will ccom in now so she removed her saree and blouse to try it.Now she found it so hard to put it was so tight and she called him and told that is so tight and he told her that the bra would be the cuase so tightness would remove it and try and mom also went in to try it and now karuna was waiting near the doors to see and now mom was removing her saree and now karuna peeped through the door hole and now mom was half nude and she wering a white bra and her huge melons are hanging inside it now she removed it and karuna was shocked to see it her melons are very huge and he had a hard erection now mom wore the blouse and now it seeemed so comfortbale to her and now she came out and now she told him that it is okay but a bit tight but it is ok but he told her that vela i an see that is some tight for u i can see it so i an see it whether it is good and mom and him went inside the room and now he removed the saree and now mom was shocked but now he started to remove her blouse and now mom was shocked to her that he started keep his hands hard on her melons and started to press it hard and mom asked him to stop it but she was enjoyin it now he kissed on her neck and told her that vela i lov u i was waiting to fuck u for long day u r soo beauty ur beauty made me to act like this.

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Now mom told him that we are married both so it is wrong wen some one sseees it so it is wrong.but he told her that it would be a secret between us u can enjoy this vela i wll give u more pleasure u want.Now mom told him ok and now he went and closed the door and now he now removed moms bra and was shocked to see it her melons are hanging out now he opened his mouth his moutha nd aasked her wow vela u boobs are so huge and heavy and wats its size and she told him it is 36g and now he started to press it so hard and now mom is moaning in pleasure and now ahahahahahahhshshsshshshshshshshhshhhshshhshhshahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhshshshsh now he kissed her lips and started to suck it and drank the honey from it.his hands were hardlyy presssing her melons so hard mom was filled with so much pleasure.now he removed her skirt and mom was wering a black panty and now he removed it and was shocked to see it her pussy was shaved and is so pink in colour.her milky thighs are so big and sexy her pusssy made him so hard.

Mom is standing full nude in front of a man who is not my dad.Karuna opened his mouth with moms hidden beauty wow vela if u r my wife I will fuck u whole day ur hubby is a fool to miss u.Mom smiled and told him u r right he left me horny but now on seeing u I gonna want to have someone as bf so that I can enjoy.Don't worry vela I am all urs I will give u all the pleasures.Mom now kissed him on his lips and she told him I luv u karuna.U r my hubby now on.Now karuna removed his dress and mom saw Hus erection and was shocked looking his boxer wow he is having a monster dick he now removed it and mom opened her mouth his cock is 11 inches and 4 inch girth like a iron rod black python.His balls are so huge like a cricket ball and now both are full nude now karuna started to kiss moms head and neck cheeks forehead and his hands started to press moms melons hard mom is filled with full pleasure.

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Now he kissed her lips and sucked it hard and it turned pink to reddish and sucked her juice and now he made mom to lie on the floor and he laid over mom and he started to suck moms melons her areola is so dark and big circular and her nipples are big like a grape and he sucked and pressed her melons and lucked it bite those nipples mom started moaning ahahahahahahhahabshshshsshshshhshshshhshshhshshs loud and he grabbed him so tight and now he manhandled her melons for 30 min and now he licked and pressed her sexy navel and kissed it and now he came near moms thighs he kissed her sexy thighs and licked it and now he came near her pussy and started to lick her pussy she was fully enjoyed and she orgasmed huge and shouted ahahahahahahahahshshshshhshshohoohoohjgkohohogogogoogogogoghahahahahahahshshs he licked it his hard tongue went in and he drank her juice he played with her pussy and now he stood up and removed her foreskin of his cock and made mom to kneel down and now mom took his cock in her hand and she said wow started to lick it lika ice cream now she started to suck it and she was so much enlighted how this cock gona fuck her today and she sucked his huge balls too now he made mom to lie down and he laid over mom and he started to suck her melons hard and he bite her nipples now he inserted his long dick inside her pussy mom shouted aahahahhahahhahshshshshshshhshshshshshhahhahahahahhahahahha and now he slowly started to fuck her mom enjoyed he inserted half of his dick inside and increased the speed now he is fucking in lik a pro and mom is shouting in pain and she enjoyed his fuck ahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahhshshhsshshhshshshhshshshhs she shouted faster fast hubby hubb hubby and she orgasmed but he is fucking lik a machine and lightning speed vey rude fuck he eate her melons and manhandled her melons after 45 min he realeased lot of cum inside her pussy the both of them kissed and took some rest and then mom sucked his cock and now her soft mouth made him erect the he started to fuck her again and again his cock went inside deepest aprt of moms pussy he fucked in her ass veery hard and spankled her ass hard he emptied all his semen inside moms hoes he fucked many times on that day in many positions and mom enjoyed it like a slut the after both ahd secret affaair he fucked mom regulary in our home daily basis mom enjoyed it lik a whore.