Crying beautiful slave bends over and is spanked on her ass and back

Crying beautiful slave bends over and is spanked on her ass and back
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The Mom Incident It started as a normal day for Ginger, her husband went to work and her son was off to school. The house work was always there and she wasn't in the mood to clean today. Perhaps a visit to the new lingerie boutique at the mall was what she needed. Upon arrival at the store she was amazed at the cost of there merchandise, my god she thought $95 for one outfit.

It might be worth it as Russell her husband was more interested in golf these days then her. Ginger was short five foot tall, around 145 lbs which had settled in her tits which were 36D's and her ass. She had red hair, a great smile and as she had heard Russell's friends say breeder hips.

She enjoyed sex and not having any in six months was getting frustrating.

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Perhaps this outfit would spice her life up. After her purchase she stopped for a cup of coffee where the server tried to hit on her. Although she felt flattered he couldn't have been more then 17 or 18, slightly older then her son.

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He continued to make conversation and she noticed a slight bulge in his pants. Well at least he enjoys looking at me was her first thought. As she got up to leave he handed her a note which read, my name is Albert and a phone number. Smiling coyly at him she tucked the not in her bag, gave him a generous tip and headed for her car. Once in the car she looked at the note. I should call him what harm can it do she thought, besides he liked looking at my tits.

Dialing the number it rang three times before he answered with "Al here who is this"? Taking a deep breath she replied, "Hi I'm Ginger you gave me your number remember"?

Al was shocked this was great, "Hi Ginger how are you"? "I'm fine, why did give me your name and number"? Al took a few seconds before answering. "How else can we go out if we don't have each others phone numbers and names"? Go out with a 18 year old, Ginger what the hell are you thinking girl. "Well before we get ahead of our selves perhaps you can tell me a little about yourself".

For the entire drive home he told her about how he had just quit school and wanted to become a musician. He took any job he could find where he worked during the day so he could work on his music at night. He explained he played best when he smoked pot, but only did it on an occasional base. He hadn't had a girl friend in about a year and was looking for a date.

Ginger asked "Don't you think I'm a little old for you"? Al laughed, "No way what are you thirty two or three"? This was a great compliment as she was going to be forty four on her birthday.

She decided to lie and responded with "You guessed it thirty two". She told him she was married but things weren't going great and she needed outside interests. Al asked her what outfit she had bought at the boutique.

Without any hesitation she replies, "Yellow bra and panties with black garter belt and stockings, and six inch heels". "Wow I would sure like to see them on you". She was giggling and coyly "Whispered perhaps someday. They chatted for another few minutes, at that point Al asked her to come over to his place Friday night. "I'll have to get back to you on that".

They both said good by and hung up. It would be nice to go out on a date with a young guy she thought they have unbelievable stamina. How would I pull it off? From that point forward they talked at least twice a day. They became comfortable with each other and discussed getting together often. If only she could? The next two weeks went by with no opportunity for her to get away.

Wednesday afternoon fate stepped in. She was cleaning when the phone rang it was Russell. "Hi honey, what's up"? "Ginger they just asked me to go to our London office". "Oh really, when"? "They want me to leave Friday, for the rest of the month to work on the Galaxo merger".

"Well we'll talk about it tonight". They hung up and she thought well now Al and I may be able to get together. Thursday evening Russell packed for the long flight Friday and left at his usual time Friday morning.

Her son Terry and her sat at the kitchen table discussing the trip and perhaps they would go over for a long weekend in a few weeks. Terry seemed up for the trip. Once he was gone she called Al. She explained they might be able to get together if wanted to. His delight was overwhelming he was so excited he could hardly contain himself. When, what time, what day, finally she cut him off and explained she would call later with the details.

Before they hung up he asked "Any chance you can wear the outfit you bought at the boutique for me"? Her reply was "We'll see".

Terry got home from school at around two and was on the phone in his room for about twenty minutes before he came down stairs. "Mom, can I go with Stan's family to there cabin tonight"?

Well this was perfect both of them would be out for the weekend. "Sure honey, are they going to pick you up or do I have to drive you over"? "No they'll be picking me up, his dad wants to get an early start to beat the weekend traffic". "They'll be here in about an hour". "Ok go pack your stuff".

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No sooner had Terry left the house then she called Al. "Hi Al, I was wondering about getting together tonight, does that work for you"? "Sure does except my guitar player and I are putting the final touches on a new number we've been working on". "Why not come over and listen to us"? "Afterwards we can get pizza". "Ok give me your address". The next several hours she fixed herself and kept looking at the outfit. Oh hell put it on it makes you feel sexy so why not.

Besides it's not like your going to fuck him. Taking great pain to look her best she was ready to leave by 6:30. Once in the car she called him and they chatted until she pulled up at his apartment.

Parking the car she entered the building. She started looking for unit number 330. The unit was on the third floor at the end of the hall.

Taking a deep breath she knocked and the door opened. Al stood there in boxer shorts and nothing else. "Hi Ginger". He bent over and kissed her. "Come in, this is Frank". The two exchanged hellos, "Ginger please sit down". "You really look great". "Thank you". They were working on this particular part of a song and just weren't getting it right. Al went to the kitchen and brought back three large joints and beers, "We need to chill out for a while before we can get back to the piece".

Before she realized it they lit up. All three were smoking and talking about the music. Soon the pot was taking an effect as she was feeling very mellow and very horny. Al told Frank about Gingers visit to the boutique, "Have you seen the outfit she bought"?

"No" replied Al. "I sure would like to". Ginger giggled the guys got up and came over and sat next to her on the sofa. Al leaned into her and kissed her full on the mouth, there tongues inter locked. Frank was messaging her left breast and her nipples were rock hard. Al removed his tongue and Frank put his tongue down her throat while Al messaged her right breast.

She felt a warm wetness between her legs, this feels wonderful was her thought. This continued for at least ten minutes she was wet, hot and horny. Finally they all came up for air, Ginger was breathing very heavily as Al spoke. "Ginger did you bring the outfit"?

Smiling coyly she stood up and asked, "Bathroom please". As she headed for the bathroom she realized both guys had huge hard ons. She entered the bathroom and looked in the mirror, girl these guys are as horny as you are. They seem to have good size cocks and you did wear the outfit.

She kept asking herself if I go out there in this outfit they will realize I'm in the mood. What should I do? I hope they have rubbers.

Finally she made a decision five minutes later she emerged from the bathroom. Both guys gave her a big smile. Frank spoke first," Ginger come sit here between us". "Ok but do you like my look"? From the looks of the bulges she didn't need an answer.

She sat between them. Frank kissed her breast and immediately starting rubbing her clit through her panties.

She spread her legs so he could get easy access.

Al unhook her bra and it fell to the floor, her nipples were rock hard and her breathing had quicken as she felt a wave starting to sweep over her. She moaned, grabbed Franks hand as she started to spasm with delight.

Frank looked into her eyes, "Let's go to the bedroom". The three of them got up and went in the room. Frank kissed her passionately on the mouth "Ginger please take off your panties"? Hooking the waistband of the flimsy material she wiggled her hips and down they came. Before leaving the house she had trimmed her bush so it was nicely cropped. "You are beautiful", said Frank. Ginger looked into his eyes, "Honey fuck me".

Frank laid her on the bed and she spread wide as he got between her legs. He rubbed his cock head up and down her wet pussy several time and then gently slipped the head in. She felt a slight pressure then he was in. He had a large cock, bigger then her husband. "Go slow baby, I need to get use to that big cock of yours". He worked up and down slowly but continued to push deeper and deeper until he felt the bottom of her pussy. "Ugh oh" was all they heard from her as he was now balls deep and his pumping had quicken.

Grabbing his shoulder and pulling him close she whispered, "Baby shoot a big load deep in me please". She just kept moaning until the wave of passion overtook her and she climaxed violently screaming with pleasure. Frank exploded deep in her and it felt wonderful, hot cum was being pumped deep into her womb.

They both lay there waiting for there breath to slow down. Frank moved off and Al got between her legs, her pussy was leaking cum so his cock slipped right in with no trouble he went balls deep. "Honey you feel great pump slowly so we can enjoy it". Al rhythm was slow at first the started to quicken. Her pussy was milking his cock, he pushed deeper, and she felt him stiffen and cum exploded out of his cock, hot cum once again flooding her womb.

This caused another orgasm for her and she screamed and moaned with pleasure. Al rolled off, she was really leaking cum. "Honey give me my panties so I don't dribble all over the bed" Frank handed them to her and she pulled them on. "At least the cum will stay where you guys put it she said with a laugh". "Ginger you have one tight pussy it was great".

"Thank you Frank, your cock is really great". "Both your cocks are really great". "Right now my pussy isn't as tight as it was as its very wet". They all just sat there with big smiles. Ginger knew she needed that. "Ginger"? "Yes Frank" "How about a blow job"? "Well I suppose so on one condition". "Which is" "You both fuck me again". "You've got a deal". Ginger got on her knees, she took Franks cock and kissed the head, swirled her tongue around it and took it deep in her mouth.

It had been a long time since anyone had asked her for a blow job and she was going to do her best. She sucked it deeply while messaging his nut sack. She kept up a slow motion of in and out while her tongue swirled around the head. She felt a warm feeling between her legs, another orgasm was coming. He pace quicken, she sucked the cock as deep as she could, he grabbed her head and held it in place as he shot spurt after spurt in her mouth.

She swallowed once and pulled her head back so the remaining cum filled her mouth. His dick went lips, looking up in his eyes she opened her mouth to show him the load, closed her lips and swallowed. Al and Frank both smiled you like cum don't you"? Her response was "I sure do, Al baby would you like a blow job"? Al was on his feet with his cock in her mouth instantly. She sucked Al's cock just as she had Franks and as his cum filled her mouth she had yet another orgasm.

She thought she saw stars. They sat on the bed looking at each other; all Ginger could think about was I hope they can fuck me again. After about two hours of talking, Frank looked at her rolled on his back and said "Baby get on my dick". "I thought you'd never ask, she said with a laugh".

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She pulled her panties down and impaled herself on the rock hard cock. She was working it in and out, it felt wonderful as cum was still leaking out of her.

Feeling pressure on her rectum she realized Al was going to butt fuck her. His cock was lubed up really well and it slipped in quite easily. She started crying as his cock went balls deep into her ass. Now she realized the cock heads were touching each other only being separated by a sheer membrane. It hurt but felt great at the same time. They work up a rhythm she started moaning and crying at the same time.

Al came first and she felt her ass being flooded with hot cum, the feeling caused Frank to cum and her pussy was rewarded with another sperm bath. Which cause her to orgasm yet again really hard?

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As there cocks plopped out she looked like a well fucked women and they all laughed at the comment. She told them "I've never been double fucked in my life much less had my ass fucked". Al smiled at her "So what do you think" "Well I might be walking a little funny but I could get use to it if I practice a lot".

They all lay there together and dozed off. When she woke up it had to be six thirty in the morning. Opening her eyes she realized the time. "Oh shit I'm screwed", she sprang out of bed grabbed her clothes and was almost dressed before either guy was wide awake. "Guys I've got to go, I'll call you later" she was out the door and in her car in two minutes.

The entire drive home she kept reviewing the events of the previous evening.

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My butt is sore as hell and my pussy feels almost the same but I feel great, at least well fucked she thought. I didn't brush my teeth I can still taste there cum, in my mouth I'm such a whore, and she laughed.

Once home she checked the answering machine, well no messages. Then a shower clean clothes and coffee. She called Al and thanked him for a wonderful time. They joked about her walking and she told him yes in fact she was walking funny but could get very use to the feeling if he and Frank wouldn't mind practicing with her.

Al told her both guys were very willing to practice all she wanted. "I'll call you Sunday sweetie and she hung up. Sunday Terry came home and after a snack went to his room. She heard him on the phone but couldn't hear who he was talking to.

Since she needed a few things she called to Terry she was going out did he need anything and since he yelled back no she went out.


It took longer then she expected and didn't get home for almost two hours. After putting the groceries away she headed up stairs, Terry's door was closed but she heard voices. Knocking she opening the door her mouth fell open. Terry was on his bed watching his computer screen naked with his cock rock hard in hand. Sitting in the chairs were Al and Frank. They had rock hard cocks in hand too. Terry smiles, "Mom you're a porn queen". "I am"? "Sure are we've watched the video twice already".

"They were videoing me"? Al and Frank stood up walked over to her and started taking her clothes off. Frank smiled, "Were going to do some practicing".

Hesitating she said "My sons in the room". Frank spoke "He wants that pussy and ass too". "Really you do Terry"? As her bra feel to the floor she looked at her son, then her panties were slide down. They moved her to the bed where Al laid down cock straight up. Coyly she asked "For me"? "Sure is Ginger". As she lowered herself onto the stiff cock Terry said "Mom I want a blow job like you gave the guys Friday, ok"?

Since Terry's cock was already in her mouth all she could do was grunt yes. The three cocks worked slowly at first then gradually started to quicken the pace. Her sons cock twitched, he grabbed her by the head pushed his cock deep down her throat and blew a large spurt of cum down her throat. Pushing him back so the head was still in her mouth she continued to suck as spurt after spurt filled her mouth.

He spurted six times before it stopped.


His dick plopped out and she showed him the generous load of cum in her mouth then closed her lips and swallowed. The other two cocks were working her to a feverous pace and the fire between her legs burst like a dam. The orgasm was wondrous and a moment later her bowels were rewarded with a generous load of hot sticky cum. Thirty seconds later her hips were pulled deep on the cock and her pussy received a deep sperm shower.

The three lay there letting there breathing return to normal. Terry looks at her "Mom, the guys will be staying with us until dad gets home". "In the next few weeks you will be practiced with every day at least twice".

"Unless you have to go out all you need to wear are panties in the house". "Oh"? "We really like your tits bouncing around" Al chimed up with "The big wet stains in the front and back of your panties look really sexy too". She smiled "I could not do it without you guys, but this must be our secret, right"? "Ginger got up and headed for the shower, how do I get myself into these things?

Later we must discuss condoms. All they want me in is panties, guess I have to go shopping soon.